Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

I Have a Dream

1 Episode 1 Hey I admit that you're sexy.
I even admit that you're strong.
But the thing is What is up with your clothes? You're covered up too much.
Isn't there an option for choosing clothes? That would've been the first thing to develop if it was me.
Number 1.
bikini, Number 2.
belly dance, Number 3.
maid outfit with white lace.
And Number 4.
playboy, bunny fashion.
Just a little bit more.
- Why aren't you answering the phone? - I told you not to do that.
I told you not to bother me whenever you want! And I told you not to ignore my calls.
I hate you! We've been commissioned! - What is it? - Something totally simple.
- When? - Now.
Right away.
- But, something's off.
- What is? You always say it's simple, but it never is.
What is this now? 'It's totally simple'? That's totally suspicious.
You meet a person, accept something in return, and make a deposit.
That's all there is.
How simple is that? I have a dream.
An island two and half hours from Panama by ferry boat.
in the middle of the clear blue sea, the trees are lush, and a well of natural spring water.
This is my dream.
I see something near the third exit.
Just a moment.
I got you.
This little rascal is taken care of, too.
He wants to meet here? He probably thought it was safer to meet in a public area.
- But, Min Ja.
- What? - How much did you agree to accept? - Why? That punk sitting over there.
And that punk over there.
And over here.
There's four that caught my eye and they all have the same ear piece on.
What the heck is this? Are they police? Am I walking into a trap right now? I doubt they're the police.
What kind of money do they have to wear such fancy gadgets like that? They're not the police.
See? This little guy is worth over 300 thousand won.
They're definitely not the police.
So how much did you agree to accept? Five million won.
- I'm not doing it.
- We've already been paid in advance.
That's a measly 2.
5 a piece for each of us.
It's not worth it.
It's five million won after it's been split in half.
Five for you and five for me.
This is our first transaction for this month.
The competition in this business has become fierce.
You know that, right? Seriously.
- Man, unbelievable.
- Wow.
All right! It's been received and now it's time to throw it.
Look at that.
Damn it.
Hey If I catch it and dig around Just what company do you work for? Yes, this the WS Guard.
What? Where is it? WS Guard.
They're Sang Soo's thugs.
- I swear.
- Your rival.
Min Ja.
He may be the neighborhood's baseball star.
But people would never say he's Ryu Hyun Jin's rival.
In the last three months, one of our regulars went over to that side.
From their perspective, they think they're a Gangnam department store.
And we're just the neighborhood super market.
When is the client coming? In twelve seconds, the third section from the front.
So, what does he look like? His name is Go Sung Chul and he's 41 years old.
You came to meet the Healer, right? [Name: Seo Jung Hoo (Code name: Healer).
Occupation: Night courier.
[Monthly income: Zero - hundreds of millions.
[Current objective: To buy an island (64% of funds already attained).
- Hello.
- Hello.
Ah, number 703 is my house.
I'll go ahead and take this.
- Have a good day.
- Thank you.
Who is it? This is the parcel service.
Just leave it by the door please.
There's mail for you, too.
This looks like a police warrant.
This is certified mail so your signature is needed.
If not, would you mind picking it up at the post office later? - Hand it over.
- You have to sign right here.
What's wrong? I'm okay.
My heart is a bit My medicine.
Can you can you give me some water so I can take my medicine? I can't believe this.
Wait just a moment.
- Are you okay? - Yes, I'm fine.
I feel so much better.
Thank you.
Excuse me then.
Aren't you going to give me my mail? You got my signature.
You're Lee Jung Won, right? That's not me.
- Don't you know who I am? - It's not? How strange.
Why is that? Look here.
Hey! I'm sure that Oh Yang Hae lives alone in that apartment.
But, there was a pair of men's shoes there.
I could tell it was over 270 at a glance.
Seriously, I took a good picture of it.
People usually call this a 'scoop.
' Wait a minute.
Men's shoes were discovered at the home of top celebrity, Oh Yang Hae.
It's weak.
It's weak, it's too weak! I'm positive that these are Lee Joon Bi's shoes! An undercover exclusive! Signs of Mr.
'L' was evident at Oh Yang Hae's apartment? That's also weak! It's weak! You should've just given her your business card and land an interview while you were inside! Instead of shoes, you should've taken pictures of the sofa where his clothes might be.
And what if I get sued for breaking and entering? Are you going to pay for that trial fee? If so, then I'll go and barge right back in.
Just wait and see.
I'll dig through this whole apartment complex and find Lee Joon Bi.
If he brought his own car, the license plate will be 3389.
If he brought the company car, the license plate will be 5425.
It has to be one of these two! A reporter's instinct is You son of a.
What is it? What's wrong? Did Lee Joon Bi show up? Hey, Young Shin.
Young How is it that she's not even remotely scared of her own boss? Huh? She calls whenever she wants and she hangs up whenever she wants! Now she talks to me like I'm her friend or something! Wow! I'm going to show you what it means to be a gentleman today.
- Hey, you there! - You bastard! Say what? 'We're in pursuit inside the subway?' Do I have to go there and knock some sense into you fools? What? Healer? You think it's him? Are you sure it's the Healer? Is it that bastard? What does he look like? I sent you a picture! Describe him to me.
Are you sure? You talk too much! Look at his body not his face! His size, the atmosphere, the feeling! It's the same? Hold on.
Get him since he figured us out.
Get both of them! Go Sung Chul will talk if we break one of his fingers.
And catch the Healer no matter what! I'm going to see what that punk really looks like.
That rat bastard! I swear, I'm going to Where are you? Which subway station? [Name: Chae Young Shin.
Occupation: Online entertainment reporter.
He's the Healer? This guy? [Monthly income: 1.
5 million won plus part-time job.
Really? [Current objective: To become a famous reporter like Kim Moon Ho.
It's Reporter Kim Moon Ho! Reporter Kim Moon Ho has arrived.
It seems they're going to run this as a special.
Labor talks are going underway with Sa Mang Industry.
Sir, the press release is already out.
It seems the layoffs will proceed according to the company's plan.
and I don't think the previous employees will get their back pay.
What was offered for the laborers? Aside from the leader, they won't arrest any of the illegal workers.
Sa Mang Industry, please save the families of our workers! Please save us! Sa Mang Industry, the families of our workers are dying! They're dying! I'm Reporter Kim Moon Ho from ABS News.
Good job, everyone.
Good job.
Please save us! My daughter's husband is on the verge of death.
Please save us! Please get everyone to help us! What are you doing? You're a famous person, aren't you? I recognize your face.
- You're a famous reporter, right? - Do you have something to say? My son's name is Shin Hyung Chul.
He's a maintenance man for Sa Mang Industry.
He set himself on fire and he's at the hospital now.
I heard.
I don't know why he did that.
He's such a sweet boy.
He would never do something like that! So, I came to ask his boss but they won't let me in.
Please save my son! What are we to do? My poor son! - Sir, please help my son! - Manager Kang.
Take care of the press conference for me.
What are you talking about? - Jong Soo.
Follow me.
- Yes? - Sir Moon Ho! - Reporter Kim! Moon Ho! The gates are opening! Moon Ho! This is going to go out tonight! We have to record this! Moon Ho! [Name: Kim Moon Ho.
Occupation: Famous reporter.
[Income: Station salary + stocks + monthly rent + plus many other things = Cannot calculate.
[Current objective: To endure each day and.]
[to also find that child.
I'm Kim Moon Ho from ABS News.
May I see you for a moment? Thank you.
My name is Kim Moon Ho.
Are you feeling a little better? I came to see if an interview was possible.
I'm sorry, but he can't speak.
He burned his throat as well.
He can't talk.
He can only move his right hand.
So, he'll write if he has something to say.
He wrote something ahead of time so he could show this to a reporter.
It's been a while since he wrote this.
But no one came.
Please relay our story.
No one was willing to listen to us.
What the company is saying is all lies.
I'm sorry for coming so late.
- Where is the next stop? - Excuse me? What's the situation over there? The situation at the next stop, you say? The situation is not good.
I think Sang Soo's lackeys already anticipated our next move.
How many are there? Whoa did he order his whole team to move out? There's a lot.
One, two, four, seven Nine.
Sir, we're ready.
He has nowhere to go.
You said this was worth 5 million won! But all his dogs have been let loose? Then how much are they getting? Lady, you're losing your touch, you know that? Excuse me.
- Can they come inside this train? - That's the number nine line, right? It's probably the latest model that can run unattended.
Hold on.
- Hey, Mister.
- Yes? Those guys are after you.
What do I do? This can't happen.
- Starting now, you need to trust me.
- Excuse me? Trust me no matter what.
I'm the Healer.
I'll save you, okay? Okay.
Now, you're going to jump out on the count of three.
Jump jump out? One Two Three! What's going on? Three! - Come on, lady! - Oops, my bad.
What is going on here? Huh? - The package.
- Excuse me? Give me the package.
I need to check if it's real.
Mister, haven't you heard of my name before? The reputation of executing the contract exactly to the tee.
That Healer is me.
'Make the deposit after you check the package.
' That's my motto.
So, please give me the package.
The package must be checked before a deposit is made.
Please save me first.
Then I'll give you the package.
Even if those punks catch us, I'm sure they won't kill But I think that just might happen in this case.
- We need to run.
- You have no idea what this is, do you? Mister I mean, dear client.
Do not talk about the contents of the package.
They're going to kill me! I'm going to die so please save me! - Shit! Min Ja.
- Huh? Get rid of the train.
It's too bright.
Get rid of the train, huh? Then of course, I'll get rid of it.
There is nothing wrong with this train! By any chance, is the control room - What is this? - Take out your flashlights! Where are they? Follow them! When is the next train coming? In two minutes and ten seconds from the opposite direction.
How many are left? You think that will be enough? - What's going on? What is it? - Don't move! Two minutes and three seconds.
No matter how much I think about it This is not worth five million won.
Don't break those glasses because that's the last one.
Seriously, this lady One minute and twenty seconds.
One minute.
Fifty seconds.
Wait a minute.
Mister, time out.
First, let's move these guys out of the way.
Let's get out the way, too.
Hold on, hold on! You big lug, let's a take a break first.
Okay? Healer.
Hello? Hello? Just for a measly five million won.
Seriously, this is really not worth it! Min Ja! Our main point is simple.
There some useful sayings we can quote from the previous president.
Make it sound like the company had no choice but to fire them.
'You must understand where the company is coming from.
' 'It is not for the good of the organization if you reject that.
' This is short and sweet.
In any case, 54 percent of Sa Mang employees are getting fired.
The backlash will be significant.
What has the government been doing while all this went down? We're going to need a logical explanation for this as well.
Why does the government have anything to do with this? It is the union's fault for letting the situation get out of hand.
How is that union director getting paid when he's reasoning is so weak? This is how the editorial will by laid out.
'The reckless strikes of the union and incitement from external sources' 'have put struggling companies in a more difficult position.
' 'And the jobs of those not involved in these illegal movements have been threatened.
' 'Getting rid of the illegal strikes against Sa Mang Industry' 'will be a huge help in saving the economy and the people's welfare.
' Sounds good.
Let's go ahead with that.
I'll end it here then.
It's time for my wife to take her medicine.
Take it easy, President Kim.
You give me goosebumps.
I'll call again.
He has the package.
Did he check the package? It's been checked, Sir.
It's the right one.
You said another party tried to steal it in the middle? Who ordered it? Well It was Moon Ho, wasn't it? Yes, Sir.
He should've secured a better team.
The company he commissioned was WS Guard.
That company is the best in the business.
They have many employees and they're fully equipped with the latest technology.
Who's the one that took care of it from our side? His code name is Healer, Sir.
I hear that he works alone, Sir.
He has never revealed his identity to anyone.
And in return, it's rumored that he won't ask for the client's identity.
Other than the code name of Healer, there was nothing else I could find on him.
And? They're certain about the package? They're going to make the deposit now.
Please check.
Excuse me.
What about that problem? Min Ja.
There's a condition the client has added.
He wants to return to America this instant if possible.
But he thinks he'll get caught in the airport so he wants to ensure his safety.
That's the only way he'll hand over the package.
Please relay this to her If it's the Jaeil News Company, then sending me to America won't be hard.
- I can't relay that to her.
- Why? Because it's our principle to not know the client's identity.
Your principle is not the problem right now.
I'm about to lose my life here! Your life? Sir, it seems you tend to over exaggerate I'm dead.
Or I'll be left to rot somewhere for the rest of my life! Do you think I'm joking right now? Min Ja.
You heard him, right? [You have one new mail.
Go Sung Chul I think he knows that we're the Jaeil News Company.
Is that so? What shall we do? Does that courier also know our identity then? What's his name again? They call him the Healer.
Healer, you say? There cannot be a single mistake with any issues connected to the elder.
And in order to do that, whatever that may be, not even a single speck must come out.
'It's going to change to the press conference right away.
Just know that.
' Okay.
You should've come in ten seconds earlier.
I was taking my clothes off.
- Kim Moon Ho.
- That look.
I don't want to hear it.
I can't hear you.
Sorry, but we can't put in the section of Shin Hyung Chul.
- Min Jae.
- Just know that.
It's going to turn over to the press conference right away.
I edited the footage that Manager Oh recorded.
It's not even three minutes.
I only need 2 minutes and 40 seconds of air time.
You can't even do that? I'm going to get really upset then.
I made a promise.
I promised that Shin Hyung Chul's story would be heard on the news.
Go easy on me.
Then you can comment on it without the VCR footage.
The anchor is going to ask you questions.
'Did you meet the man who attempted to kill himself by fire?' And you're going to answer.
But you're going to say it exactly like this, 'I met him.
' 'So that a horrible situation like this may never occur again' 'Today's union negotiation's was worth embracing.
' And then throw to the press conference, okay? Kim Moon Ho, you go easy on me.
Okay? - We have ten minutes! - Good evening, ladies and gentlemen This is ABS News one, two, one two.
Yes, I can hear very well.
There are no comments, so check it again.
Yes, ma'am.
Kim Moon Ho.
Can you hear me? The Director is here.
I think he's here to check on you.
You know what that means, right? I'm not going to say it twice, Kim Moon Ho.
Don't make any mistakes.
People who work in that business are called couriers.
That's what what they call them.
They? If you say they who's they? So, they're people that need those couriers.
People with a lot of money or power.
Anyway, it's usually the higher-ups.
Don't just do it half-heartedly, be thorough.
Anyway, a courier called the Healer is the most famous among them.
His code name is the Healer.
I think he's a legend in that field.
And they say he makes anywhere from tens of millions to billions of won per delivery.
Then I guess it'll be impossible to meet him while you act like you're covering a story, huh? Who knows? I might be able to if you lend me a little bit of money.
I'll think about giving you ten million won if you bring home your future husband.
Really? Awesome.
Honey, this is my father.
Say hello.
Which one is better looking? It's nice to meet you, Father.
I'm your father-in-law after you get married.
Sir, I love Young Shin very much.
- And? - And if you give me ten million won in advance, I'll invest that money into Young Shin's beautiful future So, you'll use that investment money to meet the Healer? - And if you do meet him? - I'm going to interview him.
You know I'm pretty slick as a reporter.
Don't put it on like that spread it out evenly.
Dad, this isn't important! Think about all the cases this Healer handled.
I bet he knows every corruption and secret in politics, society, and the economy.
All I have to do is stick a straw in there and suck all that information out and turn it into a book.
Next thing you know, my book will be a best-seller for three consecutive months - and the media - Young lady, it's past seven o'clock.
Why are you saying that now? - Seriously! - You're making a mess! Hey! Young Shin! Take off the gloves first! I did.
Reporter Kim Moon Ho, I hear you met a man that attempted to kill himself by fire? Yes, I met him.
Sources say, that his actions were intentional because of the recent layoffs at Sa Mang Industry.
What do you think? I'm sure that's just one of the reasons.
However, there was a deciding factor that caused that man to take such extreme measures.
He was lying in the hospital bed, his body covered in third degree burns and this is what he said.
'No one would listen to us.
' 'Not a single line of our story was written in any of the newspapers.
' 'So, maybe they will hear me out if I do this.
' What did the company say in regards to this incident I'm a reporter at heart.
I went to interview that man after I heard what happened to him.
Before that, the layoff situation at Sa Mang Industry was not on our agenda.
- Reporter Kim Moon Ho, so - So He doused himself with oil and the first reason that caused him to set himself on fire is us.
The reporters.
This is my first dream.
To become a cool and sexy reporter like him.
I wasn't that good at studying so I graduated from a mediocre college.
My father has always been a realistic man so he abandoned the idea of me ever building an impressive resume overseas.
And I pretty much failed every newspaper company, TV station, and government exam.
Still, I'm very confident when it comes to guts and passion.
So, someday it will happen.
I'm going to become a cool, sexy, legendary reporter that the whole world recognizes.
But what if I can't no matter how many times I try? That's well, I'll think about it when that time comes.
The duck should be done cooking in the oven.
There's a plate there ah, never mind.
Just take it out of the oven and I'll take care of the rest.
Yes, Ma'am.
When did you prepare all this? It's amazing.
It's seems like the table is getting filled with more dishes every year.
That means my culinary skills are getting better.
But it's her anniversary, don't you think there's too many snacks? I wouldn't let her eat it.
She had such a sweet tooth.
I told her she would get cavities if she ate too many sweets.
Even so, how bad could it be? I just regret it.
That's why I want to take this chance and make tons of it for her.
It's okay, right? I wanted Kil Ahn to be with us.
Of course.
Kil Ahn should be here.
He's Jian's father.
Ah, the fried chicken! That was Jian's second favorite food to eat.
Why hasn't Moon Ho come yet? He always came on the anniversary of Jian's death.
I know.
Can you call him? Tell him I'm really upset and cranky.
Yes? Where are you? Your sister-in-law asked me to call you.
Moon Ho.
I don't think I'm going to make it.
What are you talking about? Did you forget that today's the anniversary of Jian's death? I know, but I don't think I can go.
Put in a good word for me.
Are you getting an earful from the station again? I heard you caused trouble on live TV today.
You know too much.
Are you in on this? Your sources are far and wide.
Take it easy.
There's a limit to my protection.
Make sure Myung Hee understands.
Bye then.
Moon Ho.
In any case I'm on your side.
You know that, right? Did I call too late? - What happened? - I was wondering why you didn't call.
It's nothing.
Based upon the results of the paternity test, you two aren't related.
I see.
How many times has it been now? The third time? Just who are trying to find? I'm not sure.
A person that I have to find.
Another day has passed.
To me, everyday is like a homework assignment.
I'm sorry.
I released all of my men from WS Guard.
That's fine.
The opponent had far more manpower than we did.
He had information that we didn't.
We were so close to getting him! Unfortunately, we lost Go Sung Chul.
Seriously, we were so freaking close! It was a just by minuscule margin That opponent isn't he the Healer? - You know of him? - I do.
Because I planned to commission him first.
Ah President? - Sir? - Thank you for your time.
Excuse excuse My time is interwoven with the past.
1980 and 1992.
I struggle and try to move on.
But on days like this, inevitably and in matter of moments I go back to that time again.
- Min Joo.
- Min Joo! - We are safely back again - And as fierce as ever.
To the people that are listening to this show.
Yeah, you! Record it, will you? Record it so we can jump far.
- Jump what? - Our words.
- Why? - Because it's worth listening to.
Today, you will be listening and we will be talking about President Chun Doo Hwan's behavior towards the media.
In the past two month, about two thousand journalists were kicked out.
So, what was the basis of them getting fired? That's exactly it.
Don't question it.
You'll get fired if you do.
- Fired.
- Fired! You were reprimanded for being a journalist and boycotts were held to get them fired.
The media should be free.
Copywriters and writers, they were all fired.
The government's negative and unfair Moon Ho when did you take your seatbelt off? But, isn't the media supposed to question you? Absolutely.
Questioning and exposure.
That's what the media is all about.
If strange or suspicious things aren't questioned or exposed - Is that supposed to be the media? - The media? No.
It's nonsense.
The suspect is around this area! I think he's going to make his move soon.
- Hurry up and move out! - Yes, Sir! Our friends are warning us right now.
It seems the police have figured out where we are and they're on their way to catch us.
I think it's time for us to pack up now.
Hey! Who are you? Catch that truck! Turn the car around! Moon Shik! To the person that's listening to this program.
Yeah, you! If you see that kid, will you relay this to him? Tell him that we're earnestly looking for him.
Where are you right now? Just what are you doing? Do you even know that we're looking for you? Huh? - Min Joo.
- Min Joo.
Where are you? I'm right here! Young Jae was awesome back there! Man, when that motorcycle flew in the air Did you see the way this guy was driving? Anyway, both of you were no joke.
Hey, don't touch that.
Who cares? Moon Ho, take a picture of us, will you? You know we can't leave any pictures of us behind.
It's dangerous.
Danger is our side dish.
It's the pollack to our seafood pancake.
Moon Ho, go ahead and take a good one.
- Hey, let's take a picture! - Get up quickly.
Moon Shik, come on! You guys are nothing but a bunch of country bumpkins! What picture? Look at him! - Smile, okay? Smile.
- Let's go! - Kimchi! - Tuna fish! Jian.
I'll make you a purple cake on your birthday.
Today is a pink cake.
Do you like it? Kil Ahn.
You're with our Jian over there, right? You You have to be next to her.
Then To Jian My time is stuck in the past.
That's why there is no tomorrow for me.
If I find that child Perhaps a tomorrow might come for me.
A leopard like that or a wolf might be nice.
I think I'll raise an animal like that when I go and live on my island later.
[Min Ja.]
There are a lot of things that I need.
First, I need to buy a decent yacht and a vacuum to get the salt water Why aren't you answering your phone? I'm eating right now food Remember that client that's trying to find a girl? To this point, I found three people for him.
He says there's more.
But I think this is the real deal.
He said she was adopted twenty years ago.
From the time she was adopted up until now, the timing is perfect.
Now this is a commendable task to take on.
Just sending him the DNA results will bring in cash.
Even if she's the wrong person.
This is what you call easy money! I'm also thinking of building a bamboo house on the island.
Then the items needed to build it will have to be flown over.
I guess I'll need to buy a bigger yacht.
And in order to do that, I'll need to make more money.
A little more.
A lot.
My second dream is to find my biological parents.
Aren't you going to sleep? I'm going to.
Did you close the window? I'm about to close it now.
Go to sleep! Aren't you tired of waking up late and rushing in the morning? I'm going to sleep.
Of course, my dad now is the king of nagging.
Still, I'm curious, as usual.
What kind of parents were they? Why did they throw me away? Well I don't resent them.
Because thanks to them, I was able to meet current dad.
I just want to meet them one time.
Even if it's from afar, I just want to see them once.
My mom and my dad.
Then I'll feel relieved to know that I'm a real person instead of a robot.
Sometimes I feel like everything is hopeless and gloomy.
But even though it's hopeless, I have faith.
Faith that your dreams will come true if you never give up and if it's meant to be, you will meet them.
So, what does she look like? Her name is Chae Young Shin and she was born in 1988.
She's not registered with any blog, SNS, or internet cafes.
I don't thinks she's normal.
She's quick to figure things out.
It's annoying.
That's my bag, isn't it? And you're a thief, right? She must be the one.
This client has commissioned us for the second time around.
Turn in your resignation and come to me.
I'll take care of you.
There's a case that I'm tracking right now.
Don't you think it's better to take care of it at the same time? Healer, you've become an outlaw.
Pull out this instant.
I think I need to stay with this girl a little longer.
I believe in that.
Fate, destiny things like that.