Healer (Hilleo) (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Because I'm Next to You

1 [Episode 4.]
You're awake, right? According to your heart rate, you're awake.
What's a night owl like you doing awake with the rest of the world? You're not actually going to work for that newspaper? You stubborn rotten piece of crap.
I told you not to do it.
You realize you're attempting to try working a normal job with normal people? For every person that can recall your face the danger you're in multiplies by 12.
Don't you realize that? Let's just act like we're dead for three months.
If you wait three months, detectives will let the investigation go.
It will be an unsolved case in no time, you stubborn kid! Min Ja.
The detectives are busy too.
They have lots of cases.
Chae Young Shin is totally bait.
There's definitely a fish circling around her.
I need to know if that fish is the one who framed me for Go Sung Chul's murder.
Or, if there is someone bigger behind that fish.
I have to find out.
It'll be four days at the longest.
If I can't find anything by then, I'll stop what I'm doing.
How do I look? Do I look like Reporter Park Bong Soo? Take your glasses off.
For you, it's a disguise to have no glasses.
You can't ever reveal your true self.
Don't do anything to call attention to yourself.
If someone swears at you, just listen.
If someone hits you, just take it.
If your boss says something, you must always respond with, Yes.
Yes? Park Bong Soo, you will write 60 articles per day.
You will finish quickly.
So so articles.
News articles I have to write 60 articles a day? - I have to? - Here.
- Do you see the real-time issues here? - Yes.
You put in this search term and write the article.
You write six per search term.
That makes 60.
The subject matter just get an idea from other articles.
The title, in general, should be thrilling.
That's how it's done.
I've written two versions of the article.
One aggressive and the other is sexy.
You can pick whichever one you like.
It's going to be big big.
You can print it once.
Just once.
If you want to print it that badly, put it on your personal blog.
You know I don't do that stuff.
Yeah? Then why not use this opportunity to make a blog? What's a good title for a blog? Okay.
Reporter Chae Young Shin's Vomit.
What is this? Director, are you scared? Our director is scared.
Chase celebrities like they're rats.
Shake them out and suck them dry.
But now that it's a politician, you're scared.
Is this even a story to scare anyone? Look look, look.
She's not even a star.
She chased a dream of being an actress and ended up being sexually assaulted.
- It wasn't just sexual assault - And she didn't commit suicide or get killed.
This isn't even a story! So, are you saying someone has to die for you to take a look? Of course.
Director Jang Byung Sae Check on your humanity! Don't you feel ashamed to go home and hear your kids call you 'Dad'? You better choose your next words carefully.
Very respectful Director The thing is I'd like get some sleep.
If you don't get this story out, you can't sleep? Because you're so passionate about justice? No, that's not it.
This actress, she tried to commit suicide.
She's staying at our house.
To be more precise, she's staying in my room next to my bed.
So, what? I just can't sleep when someone is in the same room as me.
I've been going crazy the past few days.
So, we have to get this story out quickly.
We'll take this story and threaten not threaten, but pressure them to investigate.
Then something will start and this woman won't get any ideas to kill herself.
Then we can send her home and at that point, I can finally sleep.
Do you understand what I'm saying? - Young Shin.
- Yes, Director.
Kim Eui Chan.
He's a candidate for Mayor of Seoul.
We can't use his real name.
I'll call him K.
Initial K.
The only person that can use her real name is the victim.
Do you want to do that? Huh, huh, huh? - What nonsense is that? - Exactly.
Don't do it.
And you punk, come over here - My ear, my ear be careful.
- Shut up, shut up, shut up! Why don't you just train your subordinate properly, okay? Work hard.
Director really! It would be good to avoid me right now.
This stupid damn photocopy machine! You little punk photocopy machine! Hey photocopy machine! Get your stuff together! I'm getting a new photocopy machine! What is this? I'll hold onto your cell phone.
The conversations in this room cannot be recorded or be leaked.
It's an unwritten rule.
Search thoroughly.
I have a pistol too.
Oh! Reporter Kim! I'm a fan of yours, Reporter Kim.
Do you know how much we all wanted to see you? Wow.
Now that I see you, you're much better in real life.
It's very nice to meet you.
My brother threatened to stop giving me allowance if I didn't show up.
It's an honor to meet all of you who work behind the scenes.
Oh Reporter Kim! Over there.
You haven't had dinner yet, right? The chef here is someone we brought over from France.
He won first place internationally in some sort of contest.
It's very tasty.
This is intimidating.
Powerful people like you all, meeting a lowly reporter like me.
And, you're even feeding me.
May I ask what this is all about? There's no question, you're a reporter.
You're different from politicians.
Look, he's going straight for the facts.
What is it? This fact? The fact is this.
Reporter Kim Moon Ho.
We've chosen you.
These people would like you to enter the political world.
I don't agree.
I want you to join my news company.
I always have.
I can't stand by and watch that.
Once Reporter Kim Moon Ho is released into the trade markets our news company will be in last place.
Let's stop talking nonsense.
What do you think? Reporter Kim.
Do you want to enter politics on behalf of us, the media? Currently, Reporter Kim is the best suited person for the job.
You're a star and good looking too.
This is very important.
What's more important is his uncompromising sense of what's right.
He has conviction in his beliefs and young people like that.
We're not very popular with the young crowd.
Reporter Kim, just bring them on over.
I have a question.
When you say 'we' and 'us' who exactly are you referring to? Mister Seo.
What should we get our Reporter Kim Moon Ho to do first? Why don't we start with Kim Eui Chan's Mayoral election? That's not a bad idea.
Since there's an election strategy inauguration soon - he can show his face there.
- Yes.
We must make use of his face and make many appearances.
Yes, we ought to make use of his star power.
Reporter Kim.
Trust us.
Step by step, we will get you on an elite course.
Let us dream big.
All of us together.
Then, Reporter Kim, as the election strategy teams' spokesperson, we can build our plan around that.
Good, good, good! - Let's have a drink.
- Okay! Cheers! You made quite an effort coming to Seoul.
Well, it was my case.
I had to come check up on it.
I could have emailed the file.
You said you've been after him for five years so I wanted to hear about it.
So, is it really this Healer person? Let's go.
The murder victim Go Sung Chul arrived at Incheon Airport and took the train.
He switched trains to subway line nine.
However, there was a problem with line nine.
Between stations Ga Yang and Joong Mi, the subway train came to a halt.
Somebody hacked the subway train.
- And brought it to a stop.
- What? You can hack a subway train? The security system was temporarily down at the station they got on the train.
Andsame time, next one please.
- Who are these punks? - Double S Guard goons.
Double? What the hell is that? Like Healer, they are night couriers.
They are possibly the largest in our country.
So are you saying they're working with Healer? No, I don't think so.
I think they were fighting over Go Sung Chul.
This is complicated.
- How did you find that out? - Let's see that.
I found this digging around social media sites today.
Someone on the train shot this video.
Because it stopped in between stations, this person took a video.
That is the victim Go Sung Chul.
I believe that's Healer beside him.
Also So, there were people chasing them.
They are employees of Double S Guard.
Send the video to my email.
- I want to take a close look.
- Yes, Sir.
A hacker that can stop the subway.
He's no joke.
By the way, is the police station safe? No one will hack the police.
Well other departments might, maybe.
Yoon Dong Won.
You diligent little punk.
When is this guy retiring? Yes, President.
Healer has turned off his tracker again.
I need you to find him.
Once you find him, don't do anything.
Just watch over him.
I know.
I know he won't like being watched.
This situation is not good.
I feel like I'm being watched.
For now, look for a girl named Chae Young Shin.
He said he'd be following her.
Director, I have a question.
No questions when we're eating.
Just eat your food.
Director, why were you fired from the news company back in the day? Hey you guys.
Watch out with her? She's going crazy.
You got fired for writing something your bosses told you not to, right? You got fired for fighting for the truth, right? - Stop it, stop it, stop it.
- What a waste.
I spilled it.
Hey! You know that's not that long ago! Do you know how old I am? Long ago? If it's not long ago you must still have something that's alive in your heart.
Right? Did an alien lay an egg inside me? What's alive inside me? I'm trying to have a serious talk.
Why are you being childish? No serious topics when we eat.
Just eat please.
- Here.
- Meat stench.
Then you eat.
Eat, eat! Our director has turned into a lame reporter.
That's why you're so scared of political stories.
Now, he can only write about other people's love lives.
Ah! This is so sad.
This is a tragedy Sad, sad.
I need a young person, a fresh young person.
Where's Park Bong Soo? He'll be right here.
- He's dropping by somewhere first.
- Huh? Why's that? Why? Why? He didn't even get consent from his superior.
Why? You look just like your dad.
After your father was gone it was hard me to look at you.
You like sauteed potatoes, don't you? Hurry up and eat.
Mother, you eat too.
I made the mackerel that you like.
Mom, are you going somewhere? Yes, I'm going somewhere.
Where are you going? Somewhere far.
When will you be back? Maybe - I won't be back.
- Why? I'm sorry.
Then, should I go looking for you? Sorry.
Hurry and eat.
I'll leave when you're done.
You better not skip private tutoring.
I'm going to go wait for you when you finish.
Okay? - Aren't you going to answer me? - I said okay! Hello? I don't know who invented red bean ice dessert.
I want to give that person a big thank you.
Mom, your son what grade is he in? He'll be going to grade 12.
He just does not study at all.
He doesn't listen to anything I say.
He makes me age! And your husband? Has he cut down his drinking? That guy cut down his drinking? He has so many excuses to drink.
It'd be easier for him to cut out rice.
By the way Jung Hoo, what's going on? You came all the way to the house.
This picture You said they're Dad's friends? You still have this? I don't have many pictures.
This is just one of the few.
What about these people? Mom? Do you know them well? I don't know them well.
They're his friends from college.
This person here probably worked at the news company with your dad.
The couple were both reporters.
The woman and this man were married.
You don't know where they are or who they are? No way, this was so long ago.
Look at your father, so young here.
Here I am, so old.
I fell for this face.
Do you have anything that had belonged to Dad? I don't think so.
You know how it would be for me to have stuff like that in this household.
I guess so.
I'll look around.
- Jung Hoo - What is it? Why does someone who doesn't like red beans always order this? I like red beans.
You push all the red beans over to me.
Because you like them, Mom.
There's lots left.
You still have to go.
Please just Ahhhh I apologize.
I'm late.
But, what's going on? Is it over already? No, everyone is still inside.
Go on in.
Oh! It's my subordinate! Your name is Park Bong Soo Bong Soo, Bong Soo! Are you leaving already? Because Reporter Chae is drunk.
How many times do I have to say it? I'm not drunk at all and I'm actually really good at holding my liquor.
I wish I could get drunk.
But, I don't get drunk.
You are drunk! Have I told you this? You know that a person's brain is divided into three levels of complexes.
It's been a while since she's brought up dinosaurs.
She's very drunk! Then you know what? I'll take her home.
Go back in.
Here, in the middle of the So, I'm saying the very center of the world.
But, there's meat for you inside.
Boss, let's let's get going.
- You want to hear my theory! - Yes, now.
Yes, tell me about the dinosaurs.
The director said you never know what Reporter Chae might do Don't take your eyes off her until she's in her house and in her bed.
Okay! Fighting! Therefore, all human life from.
that one center.
Here this big.
It's the size of a ping pong ball.
There's a dinosaur in there A dinosaur! There's one in your head too.
So, what does it do? This is basic knowledge to our existence.
You have to listen carefully here.
Everyone, focus.
Taxi! Mister.
Hold on one moment.
Hey Boss! Get in.
They get all angry and fight! Hurt other people and give them scars push them and con them.
This is all about living just for yourself.
Hey Boss, Boss, Boss.
- Boss, the taxi is here.
- Let go, let go! Let go! Let go! Let go! Why you - I'm not done yet.
- Let's justwait You dinosaur jerk! Yes, dinosaur.
Just get in the taxi for now.
Young Shin! Hey! Hey, hey.
hey! She can't even focus her eyes.
Young Shin has become rice cake rice cake! - How much did you drink? - Dad! I sometimes think about dinosaurs.
I feel sorry for them.
What could they have done, right? She drank a ton.
Who the hell is this? - Hello, I am - Oh.
This punk.
He's my junior employee.
His name is Bong Soo.
Bong Sook Yi! Bong Sook Ah! Boss Here, can you take care of her? Young Shin.
Let's go.
Why now? Why, why, why? It's fun Where we going? This woman you're strong! Hello.
My name is Park Bong Soo.
I am a direct subordinate of Chae Young Shin.
That's why I brought her today.
Also, I live in Incheon Now that I look at the time, the bus and subway aren't running.
I listened to her talk about dinosaurs 40 minutes in the taxi.
And, the taxi fare came out very high And, I have no money.
For one night can I sleep here? You're her direct subordinate? Then you must work closely with our Young Shin.
That's how a subordinate would learn from their boss, right? This is very sudden Where are we going? Look here.
I'm sorry.
No don't kill me! - Out you go.
- I'm very sorry! Bed! - Joo Yun Hee! - Yes? Have I told you? Apparently, humans are born with dinosaur brains.
Did I tell you my story? Tell me tomorrow.
You should sleep.
The next stage in human brain development is the mammalian brain.
This stage completes at around puberty.
It's the limbic system, for emotion processing.
The agony you're feeling now and this uneasiness I feel watching you suffer.
Didn't you say you were drunk? Get some sleep.
There's something important.
Next is the development of the structure that only humans have.
And that is.
the neomammalian brain, the frontal lobe.
This is what differentiates humans from dinosaurs and other animals.
As a woman of 25 years old, my brain development is complete.
But it's been how long since I turned 25 it's been a while.
Therefore What are you doing? Do I look drunk to you? Well, you do reek of alcohol.
Then, let's just say I'm drunk.
And create some problems.
Something only humans are capable of drunken antics.
From this point and on, the words we exchange should not be told to Young Shin.
Of course.
I will make sure Young Shin doesn't find out.
Since you seem to work closely with Young Shin we have a favor to ask you.
Is this a favor? Not really.
There are a few things I need you to remember.
There are at least three items.
- Three? - First! Don't let her drink.
That one is a little difficult.
- Young Shin has quick hands.
- Especially When she starts talking about dinosaurs that's a huge red flag.
Well, it's not like she drinks that often.
Maybe three or four times a year? But whenever she gets drunk, she gets in trouble.
Massive trouble.
- Second! - Yes, second.
Don't let her open cans.
Cans? She tends to get cuts when she open cans.
There's blood at least one out of three or four times.
- And never! - Yes, never Under no circumstance, do not let her witness any violence.
Violence? When Young Shin was a child there was an accident.
So, whenever she sees violence around her so, the thing is - She freaks out.
- Oh, it's She will have a hard time breathing.
What? Breathing? That's because, with external stress factors Hey! She gets chest pains and hyperventilates.
Those are the symptoms.
So if she simply even sees violence even if she's not involved, she will be sick? Don't dig deeper! Anyways, never ever go near violence, aggression or anything similar.
Make sure Young Shin stays away.
If you're asking.
Yes, I'm asking.
Yes, this is you asking.
This is a big stack of books.
When did you first file a police report? It was the 17th of last month.
On the 17th an actress hereafter referred to as J reported a businessman referred to as H for sexual extortion.
The next part will get more blunt.
You okay with that? I told you.
Just make sure you tell the truth.
Specifically, the reasons behind H's extortion includes someone Currently, in the majority party a key member K was also included in the report.
What about the names? You have everyone's full names.
Why don't you publish them? - Then your name will get published too.
- That's fine.
It doesn't bother me.
- I don't want to do that.
- Why? Are you afraid? Yes.
I am scared to death.
What are your plans once your name gets released? You don't care what happens to you afterward? You're not plotting a murder-suicide here.
It's only right if you survive while eliminating your enemy.
Dinosaur, the frontal lobe and a human being.
Oh? What's with that woman? Why are there so many women? Damn.
- President sent you? - Jung Hoo You know, it's Do you really think You think you can tail me unnoticed? No.
It's not that.
You know Here From now on, you should tail this guy instead of me.
Who the heck is this guy? Don't you even watch news? He's a famous reporter.
Your job is to watch him 24/7.
Report every location change.
But, our boss is feeling uneasy about your safety.
You even turned your tracker off.
It's not that I'm tailing you I'm just watching your back.
Excuse me.
Hey? Hey that's that's my spot.
Hey there.
I thought you couldn't sleep when someone else was in the room.
I am that someone.
I'm right next to you.
So, you should just go into your room.
This girl shows no fear.
- One, two, three! - Cabbage kimchi! Let's drink! Cheers! So, out of all of us, you're the first to own a house? Aren't you jealous? I bet you have so much respect for me now.
I'm turning green with envy! Congrats.
Your house looks amazing.
Our mortgages is more than half the value.
It'll be financially hard for us now.
Where's Jian? She was playing with Jung Woo.
I wonder where she is? Yeah, where is she? He must have a death wish! I can't give you any details.
And, I cannot tell you who K is.
- Reporter Chae isn't here right now.
- Where is Chae Young Shin? Someone saw her, right? She came to work, right? I haven't seen her.
Just pull down the story.
For now, just take it down from the website.
I have a bad feeling really bad.
The click rate is through the roof.
It's the best we've had ever.
The click rate is not the point! It even made the popular search list.
'Congressman's prostitute, actress J' Where the hell is Chae Young Shin? They are looking for you outside.
It's wreaking havoc out there.
Hello? Breakfast.
What what do I do? What do I do? The news article clearly reports it.
A key member of the majority party and Seoul mayoral candidate.
It's clearly Kim Eui Chan.
Is Kim Moon Ho in yet? Yes, he went into the editing room earlier.
- Listen carefully.
- Yes.
I'm listening.
If Kim Moon Ho gets a hold of this, things will get problematic.
I'll have him on another assignment.
You From now on, your mission is to make sure Kim Moon Ho's focus doesn't waiver.
But, Director how can I possibly dare to influence his focus? I don't have the confidence.
You are from the countryside right? Yes, it's Choong Chun.
If you can't cut it here should I transfer you there? No, Sir! - That edit isn't urgent, is it? - Why? A new story just came in President Yang of Woo Jang company is being investigated for fraud.
They're seizing his assets.
You know many prosecutors there.
- See what you can dig up.
- Why? The stolen item is a work of art.
This week's feature story will be on art.
I wanted to tie that story in.
Why did you come all the way to this editing room to tell me this? Why not tell me during the meeting later? Or, call me into your office? This is unlike you, Director Kang.
Just get on it.
I'll get the camera guy for you.
- Jong Soo, why are you here? - Yes? You two don't usually hang out.
That is because Is this about Kim Eui Chan? Is this story from a legitimate source? It's not your concern.
Who's picked up the story so far? It's Kim Eui Chan.
You can't do anything in one day, so This reporter is hiding the victim.
No wonder this piece is written boldly.
- Who broke the story? - Kim Moon Ho.
- Tell me.
- Yes? It's some small online news site.
They have a weird name.
Sunday or Someday? Don't bother yourself with it.
It's not for you to work on.
Politics Department will take care of it, so So, start on the President Woo story Find out how much art he was hoarding! Proper measures were taken with the media.
It should be resolved right away.
But, there are some places where it will not get resolved.
What about the breaking news? It shouldn't be breaking news.
It's a story that hasn't been verified.
He's someone who will be Mayor of Seoul.
It's obvious she's slandering him for political reason.
Yes that's what it is.
Baseless personal accusations like this and to disrupt public order like this is unacceptable.
We will take care of it.
Damn this.
How confusing.
Sexual assault? If my wife found out about this oh man.
Still, there will be something that sticks.
Rather than Congressman Kim President Hwang will be an easier target.
Don't worry about me.
I'll take these secrets to the grave.
That won't work, President Hwang.
- Excuse me? - What do you mean 'secrets'? Do you have some secrets? Not at all.
I don't have any.
You mentioned that the trouble making lady is missing? Yes.
Forgive me.
Who's the reporter again? She works for Some Day News.
Her name is Chae Young Shin.
Look into her for me.
She's probably hiding the lady.
Bring that lady to me and as for the reporter, keep her quiet.
Do what needs to be done.
Yes, Sir.
- Hey.
It's him, right? - Awesome! So loud! Reporter Chae Young Shin is not here.
Reporter Chae Young Shin's not Hey you! Just hang up and shut up.
I was told to hang up.
Can you damn! Reporter Chae Young Shin? I I am Reporter Chae Young Shin.
Can we have a quick chat? I am a big fan.
How is this possible? Pass the story to me.
It's unlikely you can protect your story and your source.
It'll be a shame to lose it that way.
So, give me the story.
I didn't peg him to be that type.
I'm usually good at reading people.
I never thought he would be like that.
But, he's a total hypocrite and a pretentious jerk.
- Why are you following me again? - Huh? I left something at your place.
I wanted to go pick it up.
Kim Moon Ho.
Is this how you became a star? You steal your weak subordinates' stories and make it your own to succeed? That's what you did? Since when did you speak informally to me? I did? There's no way I did such a thing.
Really! What do I do about this empty betrayal and deep anger? What should I do? Really? That story will be dangerous right now.
You're not unaware of the dangers of it, are you? Have you not fully digested the situation you're in? You don't know what you've done.
Or, how this will turn out.
You have no idea, right? What right does he have to speak informally to me? He's got no manners that jerk.
I don't need to waste my time on him.
Min Ja.
Hey! You dog! Where are you? I turned on my tracker.
There's a security camera up there patch in.
Why? Why? What's going on? What? Healer.
Those are Sang Soo's guys.
Those are the guys you fought with.
You're face is exposed right now.
What are you doing? Run! Reporter Chae Young Shin? - Who are you? - That's not for you to know.
You know Joo Yun Hee, right? Hey.
When someone asks you a question the polite thing to do is answer.
- Who? - You know who.
Joo Yun Hee.
Reporter Chae, you will now go with us to see Joo Yun Hee.
Do you understand? - Bong Soo.
- Yes.
Boss? I will I will stall them.
You need to run for it.
Go and call the police.
I think there is misunderstanding here.
Was it Joo what was it? Joo Yun Hee? If you can describe her for me, I can This one is unbelievable.
This one.
Get rid of him.
Why why are you doing this? Why? That hurts! That hurts! Just wait, just wait! Stop! - I'll go! I said, I'll go! - Forgive me! - Forgive me, please! - Leave him alone! I said I'll go with you! I'll go! Come over here.
Healer, you just took the hits, right? Good, get out of there now.
When our daughter was younger there was an accident.
She has trouble breathing.
It's because I was in so much pain I thought I had to die.
The place I got hit, it hurt so much.
I had broken my ribs.
I called the police.
They should arrive in ten minutes.
Get out of there now.
This lady is seriously This is not good, not good at all.
Healer showed up.
- Where? - Next to that woman, Chae Young Shin.
Just do as I ordered.
I can't resign yet.
This is very unjust.
Come looking for me.
I sent you a picture.
Find out who those people are.
Since 1992 that day to today we're on the same side.
Do you know how much I worried about you? Is Chae Young Shin that pretty? That guy is him Healer!