Heartland (CA) s11e01 Episode Script

Baby on Board

1 Previously on "Heartland" Face it.
You can't bring yourself to go to a wedding with me - if Peter's gonna be there.
- That is not true.
(Limo rumbles) Caleb, where's Amy? Where's Ty? - Amy's having the baby.
- (Laughs) What?! - Lou: Come on, come on, come on! - Peter: 'Kay, I'm coming! - What about the wedding? - Forget the wedding! Okay, okay, we're going! (Grass crunches, stifles tearful moan) (Baby cries) - Ty: It's a girl, Amy.
- Oh, she's beautiful.
- Yeah, she is.
- (Gasps) Hey Oh She's perfect.
(Baby coos) (Birds chirp) (Truck and trailer rumble) (Loud metallic clank, horse whinnies sharply) (Tires crunch erratically on gravel) (Truck stops, door opens) (Horse grunts nervously) (Semi rumbles loudly) (Grill rattles) (Driver grunts, part clanks) (Pick-up truck rumbles) (Horse grunts nervously, semi rumbles loudly) (Horse grunts and stamps nervously) (Trucks rumble loudly, horse whinnies nervously) (Airhorn blasts, horse whinnies shrilly) (Long horn blast) (Shank lead snaps, Semi honks repeatedly) (Engine guns, items clatter) (Horse grunts and stamps nervously) (Driver grunts, horse stamps nervously) (Latch clanks) - Whoa Easy (Wild whinny) Whoa! (Hooves clatter) Flame! (Flame whinnies) Flame! (Hooves thud, Spartan grunts softly) (Hooves thud rapidly, Spartan pants) (Hooves thud heavily) (Spartan grunts) (Hooves thud rapidly) (Door opens and closes) Tastes good, right? Yeah.
- (Coos happily) - Really good.
Look at you eating it all up! Good job! (Light kiss, chuckles) How was your ride? Excellent.
It cleared out the cobwebs.
- I actually feel awake.
- Oh, good.
Hey, I got a call from your mom last night.
Oh shoot.
Muah! Yeah, she's trying to get a hold of you two.
Yeah, I was supposed to call her back.
- Call her back about what? - Well, she's been texting me.
- Why? - Ty, you know why.
She wants come see her granddaughter, and I can't keep making excuses.
And she's losing her patience.
I really don't like being the go-between here.
Can we just invite her? Of course she wants to see Lyndy.
Amy, now is not a good time.
We're in the middle of sleep training, we're introducing pureed baby foods I only have a week left before I have to go back to work at the clinic.
I It's about time you got back to work.
You're lucky Scott's held that position for you all this time.
Hi! (Amy chuckles) Hi.
Have you gone to the dealership to talk to the guy about that truck? Uh, no, I've been kind of busy.
Ty, you can't put a baby seat in that old classic of yours.
Amy needs a dependable vehicle for when you go back to work.
Yup, he's right.
You need a new truck.
I've been using Lou's SUV while she and Katie are in New York.
And besides, if I'm in a bind, I can use yours, Dad.
No, that's too temporary, and it's not convenient.
Okay, we will buy a new truck.
Eventually! Eventually.
What are they feeding you? What is that? It's spinach, broccoli and banana.
- Do you want some? - No! That looks awful.
Georgie: Morning! Hi, Lyndy! Tim: (Under his breath) Awful (Truck rumbles outside) Are we expecting anyone? (Truck shuts off) Amy! I'll call you back.
- Hi! - Hey, Val! I've got a horse I want you to look at.
(High-pitched whinny) Driver: Whoa! (Agitated grunts) Easy Val: His name's Flame.
(Flame grunts nervously) S11E01 Baby on Board And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh You dreamer You dreamer Amy: Wow.
He's beautiful.
Val: Hmm.
More importantly, he's a high-end show jumper.
Incredibly expensive.
And unfortunately, the animal was traumatized in an accident with a grain truck.
Well, have you had him looked at? I've taken him everywhere for help, but nothing's worked.
I need someone to get him back to normal.
And Flame's "normal" is winning every event he enters.
Well, I can definitely work with getting him desensitized.
(Sighs) My trainers did that.
He's not afraid of loud noises any more.
He's even getting used to the trailer.
No, that's not the problem.
The problem is he won't jump.
Great, huh? A champion jumper that won't jump! Amy, you are my absolute last resort.
Can you do it? Yeah, if-if I have enough time, I'm The Okotoks District show is just a few weeks away - and I want him in shape by then.
- Val! - The way he used to be.
- A few weeks? I'm not sure that that's enough time.
If you feel you can't do it, then I'll just No I I can work something out.
(Flame grunts) I'll check in on your progress.
(Chuckles softly) (Tack jingles, Flame snorts softly) Tim: Yeah.
Okay, hang on.
Ty, I've got the salesman on the phone from the dealership.
He has the truck there.
Are we gonna go? Jack: I'll look after Lyndy.
(Engine starts up outside) Okay.
Could you just make sure that she has her nap? - I think I got it.
- Okay.
Okay, we're on our way.
(Light kiss) I'll see you soon, okay? Okay! (Baby app chimes) Oh! Uh, that's 20 minutes until her nap.
Okay, Jack? Tim: What is that? (Irritated sigh) It's my baby app.
It tells me when Lyndy needs to go to sleep.
An app.
That's insane.
When baby's cry, they're either hungry, they need to sleep or they need to be changed.
Or all three! 20 minutes.
No longer, okay? (Scoffing) An app (Door creaks open) - Well we're gonna make that (Lyndy frets, door closes) 21 minutes, you and me, aren't we? - (Coos) - (Mock gasp) Oh yeah, oh (Agitated whinnies and grunts) Whoa! Hey! Easy, easy You're okay.
(Agitated grunts) You're okay.
(Agitated grunts) Hey.
Just trot.
Just trot.
(Agitated grunts and whinnies) (Door bangs shut) There you go, right there.
There's a nice truck.
Announcement: Cal, got a call on line 2 I can't afford that, Tim! No way.
Ah, don't pay attention to the price.
My guy's gonna give you a great deal.
Trust me.
Ty: Hey! (Door bangs shut) Mitch! How's it going? Hey, Ty! Good, good.
Hey! Congratulations on the baby! Uh, boy? Girl? Thank you, yeah.
It's a girl.
It's a girl.
So you're, uh, working in Calgary now, right? Yeah.
Oh, I was just in town, uh, visiting a buddy.
I thought I'd stop by the lot.
It's my dad's truck, he wants me to sell it.
Announcement: Cal? You got a call on line 2.
Uh, so how's the new job? It's uh, it's good.
Yeah, it's-it's a nice change.
Uh, nice seeing you.
I'll see you around.
All right, see ya.
Uh, look, Tim, about this truck Good deal or not, I'm not ready to pay half this price, - so I'm gonna - You believe that guy, huh? Could you believe that? Acting like that after what he put Lou through.
It's in the past, Tim.
You gotta let it go.
(Flame grunts) - You're okay - Do you want me to hold him? - Sure.
- Yeah.
- You're okay.
(Light thunk) Ho no.
(Agitated grunts) (Hooves thud, Flame grunts) Ho (Agitated grunts) Easy (Agitated grunts) (Amy sighs heavily) This is gonna take a lot longer than I thought.
Agghhh! I'm sorry.
I'm just so tired.
Isn't Lindy sleeping through the night? She was.
But now she's waking up every couple of hours.
Pediatrician calls it sleep regression.
The last couple of weeks have been brutal.
Didn't you say Ty's mom wants to come? She could help out.
That's what I was hoping if Ty lets her.
- What do you mean? - Well, it's sweet.
I mean, he loves her so much, but I think he believes he's the only one that can take care of her properly.
What?! Ty's not a control freak.
No, not usually.
But when it comes to his daughter, look out.
(Sighs) Let me try.
Yeah? Okay.
(Flame pants softly) Good boy Good boy.
Easy (Exhales sharply, pats lightly) Good boy.
(Petting) Hoo Hoo (Flame grunts, calm) Oh, good boy (Grunts nervously) Shhh Shhh (Softly) Good.
(Birds chirp) Tim: Oh, good, we didn't miss dinner.
Do you ever? (Amy chuckles) Here.
Yeah That's way too much food on her spoon.
She's gonna choke.
Just just little bits, okay? Like this.
There you go! Jack: So did you see the truck? Uh yeah, but we can't afford it.
Tim: Guess who we ran into.
- Really? - Did he say anything about? About Lou? No.
He just talked about his job in Calgary and how good it was for him.
Whatever happened between Mitch and Lou is their business.
It's not ours.
Ty, I know you don't wanna hear this, but your mom called again.
Actually, she's coming in the morning.
Amy, I told you this isn't a good time.
I can only put her off for so long, Ty.
It'll be fine.
(Phone app chimes) She's just coming for a few days.
(Phone app chimes, Lyndy coos) We should go.
It's Lyndy's bedtime.
Come on.
We gotta stick to a schedule, so Come on, Lyndy! (Chair scrapes back) - Okay! Well, enjoy your dinner.
(Sighs) (Fire crackles) (Crickets chirp, owl hoots, Lyndy cries) Ty: (Sighs sleepily) It's okay.
I got this.
I got it.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh (Sighs) Hey, Lyndy, I know you're hungry.
- Daddy's gonna feed you, okay? - She can't be hungry, Ty.
I just fed her.
- When did you feed her? - I don't know.
I was half asleep.
Well, you gotta keep track, Amy.
You gotta write it down.
Did you pump? Is there a bottle in the fridge? Yes.
There is.
Okay, well I'll do this feeding.
You get some more sleep, okay? (Lyndy cries) Okay Shh, shh.
I'm gonna get your bottle, okay? Mommy needs her sleep right now.
(Items clatters loudly) Oh! Shh, shh, shh Mommy needs her sleep, okay? We don't wanna wake her up.
(Car rumbles to a halt) (Door clicks open) (Door bangs shut) Carrots, avocadoes and pears! Mmm good! Yeah! (Laughs) I think she liked yesterday's banana, spinach and broccoli better.
Well, we're on a new cycle now.
Carrots, avocadoes and pears.
So we're gonna try this for three days, make sure she doesn't have an allergic reaction to it, okay? (Lyndy cries, bowl clatters) (Laughs) I would say that was a reaction.
Lily: Hello! (Gasps) Wow! This place! Look what you've done with it! (Gasps) And you two the new parents! Hi, Mom.
How you doing? Oh I'm doing really good! Oh, but I can't wait to get my hands on the baby! There she is! Oh Just be careful with her head there.
Hello! Hello, beautiful! Oh, Mommy is tired.
Why don't you have a shower? I'll watch after Lyndy.
I would love that.
Thanks, Lily.
Uh, I'm I'm here, Mom.
I can look after her.
No (Baby app chimes) Oh, that's her alarm for her nap now, so Oh no, c'mon, I just got here.
Oh, she doesn't need a nap.
She's not tired.
I know what a tired baby looks like.
Well, she's been up for 90 minutes now and that's when we normally start to put her down, so Come on, Lyndy.
- 90 minutes.
Is there something scientific about that fact? Uh, yeah, actually, it is.
Amy and I read this book about baby sleep patterns and I have this app Oh, you got apps, you got books.
There's no hard and fast rules.
Every baby is different.
Uh, I know that, Mom, but they've proven that babies have natural sleep cycles and They do! They sleep when they're tired.
Not when some "app" tells them they should be tired.
They've proven it, Mom.
Look at you, uh? You're expert now.
(Both chuckle) I'm gonna ask you to go to the grocery store and get me some food.
Uh, wow.
What have you got in here? Hmm.
Where's your pantry? Uh, just beside the stove.
Don't leave her alone with the baby, okay? What? Why? Because she's in-inexperienced, Amy.
Lyndy will be fine.
I'm gonna be right here.
Lily: Well, I think all you have in this house are baby fruits and vegetables.
Mom, why don't you go to the store? I'll stay here and look after Lyndy while Amy showers.
'Cause I don't know where the grocery stores are in Hudson.
I'm gonna make everybody a really nice dinner, so I need everything on this list.
And while you're out I'm gonna make sure Amy has a nap.
Poor thing looks like she's about to drop.
Her 90 minutes are definitely up.
(Paper rustles) Amy's fine, Mom, okay? She just needs to watch the baby.
I'm gonna watch the baby.
I can't take my eyes off of her.
You're worrying too much.
I was a mother once too; have you forgotten? No, I haven't.
(Door creaks open) - (Door bangs shut) - Hey.
I'm really proud of you.
Thanks, Mom.
(Engine starts) (Truck rumbles away) Georgie: You're good at this.
You probably have a lot to teach me, all right? Okay Come here.
And stand.
(Flame grunts) Good.
(Flames grunts nervously, Georgie sighs) Too soon, huh? (Stair clunks) Okay.
We'll just take it slow.
That's fine.
Hi, I'm Lily, I'm Ty's mom.
You must be Georgie.
Nice to meet you.
I just wanted to say a quick hello.
- I've heard so much about you.
- Yeah, me too I mean, about you.
- Who's this? - This is Flame.
He's a champion show jumper, but he's recovering from some trauma.
Oh, really? Yeah, Amy and I are trying to get him to jump again, but right now he doesn't want to.
Well, sometimes the only way to get back into the action is to "jump" right into it.
But sometimes if you jump too soon, then it's easy to move backwards.
(Chuckles) Trust me.
I know something about that too.
Jack: Well, look who's here! (Laughs) Jack! Oh it's so good to see you.
Well, likewise! And you're looking great.
Thank you.
I feel great.
I should get back.
I can't stay away from that baby.
Couldn't you just eat her up? Both: (Chuckling) (Truck rumbles) (Birds chirp, door clicks open) (Door bangs shut) Gentlemen.
How you doin'? Beauty, isn't it? (Pail thumps) Dave Chalmers.
Ty Borden.
Good to meet you.
Yeah, it's my wife's, but she wants a van.
Kill me now, right? Never thought I'd see the day.
So 7 years old, it has hardly any miles on it.
Uh, she basically just used it to take our two boys to school and hockey practice.
Well, my wife and I just had a baby, so Oh, so you want an actual truck, and not a classic icon, 'cause (chuckles) that's what that is.
It's been a great truck, but You do all the work on it yourself? Yeah.
Yeah, I keep it running pretty smooth.
- Good for you.
- Thanks.
Good skills to have.
So, uh, what do you want for it? I don't know, I'm open to offers.
Take it for a spin.
You'll see.
It's a great truck.
I hate to sell it, but like I said, the wife wants a van.
(Chuckles) Good boy! See, you're getting used to them now, huh? Amy: Hey! Well, that's looking good! Thanks.
He's a lot more relaxed on the flat now, but I don't know if he's ready for jumps yet.
Well, why don't we give it a try, you know? Just see how it goes and if he doesn't like it, then we'll go back to the basics.
(Patting) All right, boy.
You ready for this? (Flame grunts, hooves thud) Nice! (SUVs rumble) - You're looking good! - Thanks! Val: Hi! (Doors open and close) Amy, this is Chad Hill, - Flame's trainer.
- Hi, Chad.
- Good to meet you.
- You too.
Just thought I'd stop by, see how it's going.
Well, it's a little early in the game to tell.
Val: Why is Georgie riding him? I hired you.
Well, Georgie always works with me.
(Rooster crows) Well, let's see if there's any improvement.
- Chad? - Yeah.
Val: I don't believe we've met.
Sorry, this is Ty's mom, Lily.
- Lily, Val Stanton.
- Hi.
Oh, how nice to meet you finally.
You weren't at the wedding, were you? N-No.
No, I wasn't.
I was ill.
That's a shame.
It was beautiful.
(Skittish grunts) Chad: Whoa! Whoa, boy! (Flame grunts nervously) Whoa! (Nervous, skittish grunts) Whoa.
(Hooves thud erratically) Easy Easy Whoa.
(High-pitched nervous grunts) (Nervous, agitated grunts) Uh, he's no better.
- If anything, he's worse.
- Val: Amy! Amy: Hold on! Georgie's been working with him and she's finally got him to a point where he's comfortable going over the jumps.
Well, you better show me.
(Grunting softly) (Nervous grunts) (Struggling grunt) Let's try it again.
You can do this.
(Clucks tongue) (Hooves thud, Flame grunts) (Hooves thud) - Good boy - Val: That was pretty good.
- I'm impressed.
- Thanks.
I'd like you to keep training with him and if I see even more progress, who knows? Maybe you'll be the one to ride him in the Okotoks show.
(Scoffs) Are you kidding me? You're letting this kid ride my horse? Chad, he's my horse.
Okay, I'm outta here.
(Stomps away) Um, Ms.
Stanton, I'm flattered, but I Flame is not ready to show yet.
Georgie and I still have a lot of work to do with him.
Then do it.
There are a lot of riders out there with way more experience than you have that would leap at this opportunity.
So you think about it.
(SVU honks) What do you think? Do you like it? - I got a great deal on it, guys.
- You bought a new truck? - I wanted to help you choose.
- I know, Amy, but I had to make a quick decision.
Wait, where's your old truck? You didn't trade it in, did you? - No.
No way I'd do that.
- Looks good! Tim: Yeah.
Not bad.
Pretty good shape.
Yeah, I guess it is kinda nice.
- Yeah, you like it? - Yeah.
- Do you wanna go for a drive? - Sure.
Hey, uh, Tim? Could you pick up my old truck? I'll text you the address.
(Incredulous) Seriously? Yeah, sure.
(Chuckles) (Truck rumbles) (Gravel crunches) (Lyndy coos and giggles) (Amy chuckles) (Warning beeps ding) (Engine knocks and sputters) What? Is there gas in it? Yeah, I filled it up.
- What's wrong with it? - I don't know! (Ignition sputters) Both: (Frustrated sighs) (Ignition sputters) (Lyndy wails) (Cutlery clinks) I can fix that truck, okay? No problem.
You shouldn't have to fix it.
You should get your money back.
See what you can do first.
If you can't get it runnin', then Tim's right, you gotta take it back to the guy.
You should've taken me with you.
I'm perfectly capable of buying a truck without your help.
Apparently not.
Lily great meal you made.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Must feel good to be back on your feet.
I've got some experience with what you've been through the past few years.
Well, who would like some dessert? I've got a lovely fruit salad (Baby App chimes) Um thanks, Mom, but actually, it's time for bed right now so I will put her down for bed.
Why don't you guys have some dessert? - Just stay and relax.
- No, uh, they're fine.
You're a guest.
Guests don't work.
She's used to us, Mom.
Thanks though.
And thank you for dinner.
Goodnight, sweetie.
(Fire crackles, dish clanks in kitchen) (Crickets chirp) (Sighs) (Footsteps creak on stairs) - Can I help? - Oh, fingers crossed.
Hey, do you remember your yum yum? My yum yum? Your yum yum.
You couldn't sleep without it.
His "yum yum"? (Laughs) Yes, it was his favourite blankie and he loved it, And it solved all of his sleep problems.
So I've brought you two something to try.
Oh Mom, I think that might be a bit of a hazard.
Just if it like wraps around her face.
No, it won't.
I read all the parenting chat rooms and they say that babies love them.
And new parents love it even more.
Well, thank you, Lily But we have to find our own way to get Lyndy to sleep, so um probably not.
But thank you though.
(Sighs) Well, um why don't you just relax.
Or if if you wanna go back to the house I mean, I'm sure it's probably a lot quieter there.
I'll do that.
(Receding footsteps) You know what else is a bit of a hazard? You should really have a gate at the top of these stairs so that the baby doesn't fall down.
I don't know, that seems way more dangerous to me than my Little Lambie blanket.
Oh, but maybe your app disagrees.
We're gonna get baby gates! It's just she's not walking yet.
(Footsteps thump heavily) (Ty sighs heavily, crickets chirp outside) (Fridge items clatter, front door closes) May I join? 'Kay.
(Cutlery clinks) So (Clears throat) Let's just get this out on the table.
You don't trust me with your granddaughter.
Our granddaughter.
(Crickets chirp, Tim sighs) You know, if there's anything I learned in rehab it's to be honest with yourself and with everyone else.
I used to have a problem with alcohol and a problem with pills.
I'm aware of that.
Yeah, it's a condition, I think that you mentioned at the table, you're very familiar with.
We have it in common.
We also have that beautiful little granddaughter in common.
Yes, we do.
So why aren't you helping with the bedtime routine? I thought you couldn't wait.
'Cause they kicked me out.
Amy and Ty, they don't want any help from me and they're not gonna take my advice.
Tell me about it.
I offered to help Ty buy a truck.
He ended up buying a lemon from some guy at the end of a driveway.
He thinks he knows everything.
Oh, I guess new parents, they think they know it all - even when they don't.
- But we didn't, right? We felt our way through.
Yeah, but you'd think that they would at least listen to experience.
Not a chance! All Ty wants to do is listen to that app! Oh my God, please do not get me started.
He'd ask Siri what to do with a baby before he'd ask me.
I mean, and most of it's just common sense, right? You know what would really be common sense? If they got a gate at the top of those stairs.
- I told them! - Right? Lyndy can fall down.
We'll do something about that.
(Cutlery clatters) Deal.
(Cutlery clinks) (Birds chirp) (Truck rumbles, tool ratchets, Ty grunts) (Sighs heavily) (Door opens) I've tried everything.
I can't this thing to start.
Go get your money back.
I'll come with you.
Thanks, Tim, but I don't need you to hold my hand.
- I can do it myself.
- It's still not working? What have you decided to do? I'm gonna have to get my money back.
Yeah, and make sure the guy pays for you to tow this lemon back to his place.
- Amy, where's the baby? - With your mom.
- What? No, Amy.
- Ty, she's great with Lyndy! You have to trust her.
I-I I don't.
I gotta go work with Georgie, okay? I've left the baby with your mom before.
- What? - I'll do it.
I'll do it.
You guys, you're crazy! Both of you.
(Disgusted sigh, receding footsteps) (Hooves thud lightly) - (Frustrated sigh) - Hey, what's up? Ty is driving me nuts.
How's Flame? He's a lot more relaxed.
I think he's psyched to do this.
Let's see.
(Clucks tongue) (Hooves thud) (Flame grunts) (Hooves thud) Good boy! (Hooves thud) (Flame grunts) Looks good! He's got it.
Do you wanna give it a try? Uh, I think we should keep the bond between you two.
Come on, I know you're dying to do it.
Look at Spartan over there.
Looks like he's jealous.
Hey, and you even brought your helmet.
(Sighs) (Hooves thud, tack jingles) (Spartan grunts) So he won't give you your money back? No.
He absolutely refused.
What's this? (Rattles gate) Tim: I just installed that.
The baby's gonna be crawling anytime.
You don't want her tumbling down those stairs.
Well, it doesn't open, so It works fine.
(Pops open easily) So how'd it go with the, with the guy? - Amy: Hi! - Ty: Hi, Lyndy.
Did you miss us? I think we're gonna have to go over and talk to that guy.
Let him know he's not dealing with pushovers.
Yeah, I agree, just talk to him, man to man.
Okay, look, guys, thank you, but I'll deal with it.
It's my problem.
You-you did that already.
It didn't work, so now we will.
Well, I'm gonna go back right now and I'm gonna talk to him about it.
Tim: Mm-hmm? (Baby app chimes) There's the 90 minute mark.
- Okay, Lyndy.
- 'Kay, bye, honey.
Time for your nap.
Okay (Lyndy coos) Yeah (Door creaks open) - You agreed with me.
- Yeah.
So? - (Door closes) - Let's go.
Guys, sorry! No refunds.
He test drove the truck.
He bought it as is! That's that! That's that, huh? Now we're all gentlemen here, right? We can work this out.
There's nothing to work out! All right.
Will you look at those two! Nice pair of long horns you got there.
- We've had 'em for years.
- Really.
I got a couple of those guys myself.
It's obvious you're a man who appreciates the finer things in life.
Now mine were given to me by an old friend.
He passed on, sorry to say.
Tell me where you got these from.
I'll bet there's a story in there.
You know what you need? You guys need some time to yourselves.
I'll tell you what.
I'll babysit and you guys - should go out for the evening.
- Really? Really.
Uh, that's okay.
Thanks though, Mom.
No, Ty, please! Do something nice for your wife.
Okay, let's go.
(Chuckles) Okay.
(Truck rumbles) (Gravel crunches) What? - I can't do this.
Uh - What? - Amy, my mom is basically unstable - Ty! And we're leaving our daughter with her.
Your mom will be fine! She's been fine.
We left Lyndy with her before, remember? (Sighs) Nope, nope.
I can't do this! I can't.
(Truck rumbles) (Lyndy wails) What, you're back? Did you forget something? Mom, the baby's upset.
You just left her in her crib.
I gave her the Little Lambie blanket.
- Mom! - No, she loves it.
She's learning to self-soothe.
That's really important.
(Furious) No, I told you, that's dangerous.
Ty, stop.
She's fine.
I don't get how you can just flounce in here, - acting like raising a child - Flounce? Is the easiest thing in the world.
Like you know it all.
Wow You're a know-it-all, with your books, your apps, your 90 minute theories.
I'm a mother, I know what I'm doing.
Oh, you were a mother? Is that what you were? Wow.
So this is what this is about.
You think I'm a bad mother.
- Fine.
- Mom! You know what? No, I'm- I will leave you two alone.
(Gate latch clicks repeatedly) (Gate rattles) (Hard thud) Damn baby gate! Both: (Giggling) (Snorts and giggles) Both: (Giggling) Hey.
(Silence) (Curtain swooshes back) (Door opens and closes) Hey.
I got your text.
What's up? (Paper rustles) You got my refund? How? Reasonable men come to reasonable decisions.
(Chuckles softly) Jack, I said I was gonna handle this, but thank you! This is amazing.
Uh, uh, Ty, hold up.
Have a seat.
Now I'm not real sure how to say this, but Now, watching you with your new baby is interesting, how seriously you're taking it.
(Sighs) Thanks, Jack.
I appreciate that.
At the hospital, when you had your pneumonia problem after you got back from Mongolia, do you remember that dream you kept having? Uh, dream You were pretty out of it, going in and out of consciousness.
Uh, wait a minute, yeah.
- I remember a house.
- That's right.
You said that your dad was there at your old house.
Yeah, he was.
Uh it was the house I grew up in.
We lived there until, uh, he left us.
He - I remember him telling me that, uh, I was just like him.
Anything else? He said I wasn't gonna be a good father.
Really? That's what he said in the dream? Yeah, I think so.
I I don't know.
(Laughs) Crazy, right? Well, crazy maybe but I think that dream is still kind of plaguing you, whether you know it or not.
(Uncomfortable chuckle) And because of it, you just might be overcompensating.
C'mon, Jack.
It was a dream.
A a hallucination.
Well, you said your dad told you you weren't gonna be a good father, but I think you already had that thought in your head somewhere.
And now you're trying extra hard to be the best father in the world, no matter what.
(Amused snort) And I really do admire you for it, Ty.
But you need to relax a whole lot and treasure this time a little bit more.
'Cause it's gonna go by fast, believe me.
And it's precious you don't wanna spend it all on worrying.
This is a beautiful thing.
Enjoy it.
You're waisting your time, Jack.
I got my money back.
I'm still not interested in your guy's truck.
Announcement: Line 2.
Got Autoparts on line 2.
(Door bangs shut) - Mitch.
So, I uh I got a proposition for you.
I didn't end up selling my dad's truck, and Tim here convinced me I could do you a good turn.
So if you want it, I'll-I'll sell it to you For? For a very reasonable price.
(Birds chirp, dog barks) (Ty grunts, bag thumps in trunk) (Trunk bangs shut) - Thanks for having me.
- Of course.
Listen, Mom I uh Before you go, I gotta apologize for how I behaved with you.
- I was just - You were worried.
You had every right to be.
I-I I didn't.
I appreciate your help, and I do have respect you.
And I know now, as a father, what you went through raising a child, and how much you love that child.
More than anything in the world! So enjoy this time together.
And believe me, if anything's gonna keep me on the straight and narrow, (Lyndy coos) it's this baby.
Oh, oh, oh - (Laughs) Oh (Lyndy coos) (Gasps) I hate to say goodbye.
Oh (Light kiss) Muah.
I'm gonna miss this little darlin' so much.
And you two, of course.
(Ty and Amy laugh) - Please take lots of pictures! - We will.
And thank you so much for helping with the sleep training.
Little Lambie did save our lives.
(Chuckles) I'm just glad that Lyndy liked it.
(Light kiss) - Bye.
- See ya.
- Bye, Mom.
- Mmm I love you.
Here, I'll get the door here for you.
(Door bangs shut) Come visit again soon, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- 'Kay.
(Lyndy coos, engine starts) (Car rumbles) Amy: Wave goodbye! Lily: Bye! Wanna go for a drive? We'd love to.
(Truck rumbles) Wait a minute.
(Truck decelerates) There were only two long horns here before.
They were brown.
Doesn't that black and white one look like Jack's? (Over-the-top) No! Why would it? (Sighs) I wasn't supposed to say anything.
I promised.
But the only way Grandpa got your refund was by giving Dave one of his long horns.
I'm gonna get that animal back for Jack.
(Chuckles) (Truck rumbles away) (Tack jingles lightly) You trust me now, right? Yeah, good boy.
Okay, bud.
We're gonna try something.
Good boy (Gentle pats) Shhh We don't need a saddle, do we? Good boy.
(Grunts) (Hooves thud, Georgie clucks her tongue) (Hooves thud) Ho.
Good boy.
(Clucks tongue) (Hooves thud, sand scatters) (Flame grunts) (Hooves thud) (Door bangs shut) (Flame snorts softly) Val: (Chuckles) (Flame snorts) So? What do you say? Are you in? I'm in.
(Sighs happily) (Patting) Good boy! (Truck rumbles to a halt) Amy: (Joking) Uh-oh.
Did it stall? Both: (Chuckle) (Sighs) Look, Amy, I gotta apologize.
I'm sorry I've been such a control freak, and I'm sorry I messed up our night out.
It's okay.
(Baby app chimes) (Annoyed sigh) 20 minutes is up.
We should get her home.
(Phone thumps lightly) It can wait.
(Seatbelt clicks open) What're we doing? You remember how we danced when we missed your high school formal? Yes, I do.
Well, a lot has happened since then, and we got a whole future ahead of us, and we need to enjoy every minute of it.
Mo-o-o-o-o-dern woman (Light kiss) Let's make a family