Heartland (CA) s11e10 Episode Script

A Fine Balance

1 AMY: Previously on "Heartland": It's called the Devil's Lake.
Give it a try.
(FLAME WHINNIES) Aah! (SPLASHES, GASPS) It's easier when the horse jumps with you.
Attila needs my help, Ty needs my help, and I have been hired to do a job, so I'm going! Yeah well, you're not going alone! TIM: I wanna go.
I need to spend some time with Amy.
Why all of the sudden do you need to spend time with Amy? That MRI, they found something.
A shadow, the doctor thinks it might be cancer.
I just heard the news.
The next village has been hit.
- Even harder.
- All right, we should go.
See what we can do to help.
TY: Amy, it's me, listen don't come, okay? It's too dangerous! TIM: Is this it? Are we there? (ENGINE RUMBLES) Hello? English should be mandatory like, just for all over the world, for travelling.
(ENGINE RUMBLES) (THUDS, TIM GROANS) AMY: My husband, Ty, he was out here last year.
I don't know if he told you or not, but he was in the desert, he wasn't in this area, it's like it's a totally different country.
Don't even try, the guy doesn't speak English.
- Dad - We've been driving for hours, he hasn't said a word.
When was the last time the guy took a shower? Dad.
I said, when was the last time the guy took a shower? - Okay, okay, okay, okay! - I'm saying, come on.
- Just - We can't breathe in here, and then we've gotta be overpowered by that.
You know, I hope we're almost there, because I don't how much longer I can breathe through my mouth! Dad! The centre's about two kilometres away.
We'll be there soon.
- Did he-what did - Great Okay, thanks.
(HOOVES THUD) (TACK JINGLES, FLAME WHINNIES) (FLAME SNORTS) (HOOVES THUD) Okay (FLAME SNORTS) Not bad, but how Flame performs on this rustic mish-mash is neither here nor there.
Honey, it's one thing to ride well on a course with no distractions, but it's quite another when there are other horses, other competitors, not to mention, a whole panel of judges watching your every move.
Now, you see, these are things your coach should be reminding you about! Ugh! But since she's decided to fly halfway around the world two days before your show, I guess it's up to me.
I was supposed to go away this weekend, gee! No, Val-Val, you can go away, we'll be fine! All right, look.
They're setting up the course tomorrow ahead of the event.
Go check it out, then you'll know what to expect, at least.
Definitely, I'm on it.
I'll also help you to remember what professional jumps look like.
- Val, Amy and I are aware of - Just stop.
And let me tell you what you and Amy are not.
You are not, either of you, taking this seriously enough.
Wow, it's even nicer than the brochure.
(ATTILA SNORTS, WHINNIES) Attila! Hey! Hey, Elton.
Are our bags safe here? Hey (LAUGHS) Altan, he looks so good! He is, in body, at least.
Back to perfect health, thanks to Ty.
Oh, that's great to hear.
I-I'm sorry, we can go get settled in.
No, no, no, no.
It's here you need to be.
Hey! Hi! (ATTILA SNORTS) (WHINNIES) Hi! Remarkable.
Hi! (LAUGHS) Hey (WHISPERING QUIETLY) I can't wait to start working with him.
Where's Ty? I've been told he's not here.
He was due back this morning.
I know, but he hasn't come back yet.
It seems that they can't reach the vet camps.
They've been trying, but all the lines are dead.
- What are you saying? - They don't know where Ty is, or what might've happened to him.
S11E10 A Fine Balance And at the break of day you sank into your dream You dreamer Oh oh oh oh You dreamer You dreamer (CELL PHONE BEEPS) (AMY AND TIM SIGH) I can't believe I forgot my phone.
Well, don't worry about it, Nothin' works out here.
Look, let's just take a minute, and think about this.
No, no! I think we should go to the Vets Without Borders camp make sure he's okay, just see if Ty's there! - No, Amy! - I can't get through to him, dad! He's probably on his way.
Okay, we take one of these roads we're gonna miss him.
I don't even know if you can call them that.
I say we just stay here.
- Bad idea.
- Are you kidding me? - You think we should go.
- Yeah.
No, that is not happening.
The lines went down at the camp, it was a power outage, I'm sure it happens all the time around here, Why are you two so quick to think the worst? I'm sorry, Manan.
It's time to go.
- What'd you just call me? - Dad, come on.
Let's go.
No, just a second, what did you just call me?! (ATTILA WHINNIES FRANTICALLY) It's okay, Attila, I'll be back soon, I promise.
I'm sorry! Dad, are you coming, or not? Oof! Ohhh! Ah! (ATTILA WHINNIES) (AGITATED WHINNIES) (SUV SPLUTTERS, RUMBLES) I can't believe the show is tomorrow.
- Hey, you're ready.
- (SIGHS) You know, Lou gets in today.
- Oh yeah? - Yeah You should come over, say hi, maybe stay for dinner.
Oh, you think she'd be into that? Yeah, of course she would.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Oh my god.
It's bigger.
And longer! What am I gonna do?! - Oh, hey - This is a disaster! More like a cruel joke.
Georgie, I can just adjust our jump.
Now that I've seen this, I'll just-I'll mimic it.
Or you could come to the real deal at my family's course.
I have my own course, you know that.
Fine, it's up to you, brown eyes.
Worse than here, Ty and Bata went to help.
- So when are they coming back? - That he doesn't know.
Who's doing all this damage? Poachers taking revenge on those who protect the animals they hunt.
Well, Ty knew Amy was waiting for him, - why would he go play hero now? - Amy? (SPEAKING MONGOLIAN) Does-does he know me? What is he saying? (ALTAN AND MAN SPEAK MONGOLIAN) Ty called you, left a message for you not to come to Mongolia.
I-I don't have my phone, I never got it.
- Of course you didn't.
- Dad (SPEAKING MONGOLIAN) (SUV RUMBLES) We're making good time.
It shouldn't take too long to grab the water, supplies and medicine, and make another trip back before nightfall.
How can they burn people's homes like that? It's disgusting.
(SUV RUMBLES, SPLUTTERS) Oh, I'm so sorry, I I don't believe this, but I've run out of petrol.
Uh, do you have any at all that you could spare? - Yeah, I think so.
- JAMES: Thank you so much.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate this.
Yeah, no worries, I've got a little canister here.
(LIGHT PAT) (GUN CLICKS) What the hell? Get in the jeep.
Both of you.
(GUNSHOT BOOMS) Whoa! All right, all right.
I don't like this, there is something wrong.
- I can feel it.
- Oh, I gotta agree with you.
No dad, I'm serious, we can't just sit here and wait for Ty to come back, we should go to the next village and make sure he's okay.
Altan, do you mind giving us a ride to the next village? No.
That's the first sensible thing I've heard you say.
No to van.
Faster on horseback.
No, no, no, that's not gonna happen.
If you don't ride, you're safe to stay here while we go.
I could ride before I could walk! Good, then go pick your horse.
These aren't horses, those are ponies.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) Dad! It's Attila! He followed us here? He must want to come with us.
He can't.
Can he? He's here.
He clearly feels he's got a job to do.
(ATTILA NICKERS, SNORTS) (ENGINE RUMBLES) (SLURPS) You Vets Without Borders folk, always sticking your nose where it doesn't belong.
And time you learned your lesson.
Poisoning animals, burning down homes, that's you teaching a lesson?! You know, there was a balance before you people showed up.
The locals kept their eyes closed.
We let them live in peace.
You destroyed that balance.
And killing endangered animals, that doesn't destroy a balance too? Ugh! Such a talker! Gag them.
(SPEAKING MONGOLIAN) So, how'd it go at the course? We're in crisis mode.
The actual jump is way bigger than what we thought.
We just need a little re-landscaping, that's all.
Yeah, so your Mom called.
And it sounds like she's got a bit of a crisis of her own.
She's not coming to the show, is she? She feels real bad about it, Georgie.
She really wanted to be there, but your Dad's on his way.
It's okay.
I guess dinner's cancelled.
It's all right, it's no big deal.
More important things to do.
(DOOR SLAMS) (HOOVES THUD) I can't believe you're buying that guy's line.
Attila has a job to do? The only job that horse is doing is slowing us down.
Dad, stop.
Don't you think it's incredible that Attila followed us here? If Altan's okay with it, than so am I.
And besides I feel like Attila needs me.
(ATTILA SNORTS) Whoa, hey! Hey! Whoa! Whoa boy, easy! (ATTILA SNORTS) Easy! (ROPE SNAPS, AMY GASP) Attila! Attila! Attila! (ATTILA SNORTS, HUFFS) (ENGINE IDLES) (HOOVES THUD) This is Ty's phone.
This must be their Jeep.
Ty? It's still running, where are they? What I'm sure there's a simple explanation honey, don't worry.
Ty! There was another vehicle here.
Look at the ruts.
They left at high speed.
I'm afraid that Ty and Bata were taken.
What? They were taken?! Kidnapped.
Maybe for helping the villages.
Which means that - poachers have them.
- What? Where are you going?! - To find them.
- How are you There's an old Mongolian saying: "A Mongol without his horse is like a bird without the wings.
They need each other to fly.
" You think this is the best time to be quoting Mongolian lore? This is Bata's horse.
That's why I chose him.
He will take us to his rider.
And Attila.
He followed us all the way here for a reason.
I believe he will lead us to Ty.
- Simple as that, huh? - Well clearly the horse already started his journey, no? No! No, this is crap! And you? What do you think? - (SIGHS) Dad - Nope! - This stops now, we're leaving.
- No, we're not, we can't go home, Ty's in trouble! We're not going home! We're gonna go back to the camp and we're gonna call the authorities, or whoever's in charge of this mess out here! And you! I don't know who you are, or who you think you are, but scaring my daughter half to death telling her her husband's been kidnapped! And now this story about the horses are gonna lead us to him! You don't have a clue! I know more than you think I do.
- I'm a Shaman.
- You're a Shaman? Yes, and that's the highest authority you'll find out here, Manan.
Well, I'm a father whose daughter is putting her trust and her husband's life in the hands of a stranger, - and I don't like it.
- Like it or not, I believe that your life is currently in my hands too, Tim.
(AMY SIGHS) (FLAME SNORTS, HOOVES THUD) (WHINNIES) - Ohh! It's okay, kid, just try it again.
I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
It's just bigger.
Don't lean forward so much, and keep your eyes up, keep a good rhythm too.
It gets him ahead of your leg.
What are you doing here? I figured if you wouldn't come to me, then I would come to you, so let's go.
Try again, I'll watch.
We're competing against each other tomorrow, why would you help me? Well, I'd hate to see you fall on your butt again.
Especially in front of the entire riding community.
- (SIGHS) - Come on.
Don't make me beg (LAUGHS) Okay, fine.
Come on, Flame.
(CLUCKS TONGUE) (HOOVES THUD) Yes! You did it! There you go! Good boy! (FLAME PANTS) (SIGHS HAPPILY) It took you long enough though, didn't it? (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (HOOVES CLOP) (LOW VOICED GROAN) So you're a shaman? Ty never told me.
Oh, he wouldn't.
It's something I don't share often.
But yes, the spirit gave my family the responsibility generations ago.
My father was one, my grandfather, my great grandfather.
Horses are one of the most respected animals in our culture.
Mongols know they must respect their spirit to be one with their horse, in perfect partnership.
Ty said you had a gift with horses.
But it's more than a gift.
You can find their spirit.
Their spirit? I-I don't know about that.
I've seen you with Attila, that horse had no spirit when you got here.
It's like it's been lost.
But you understand him.
That's why he followed you.
You're giving him back his spirit.
And that's why he will give you back your husband.
Yeah I sure hope so.
No one will hear you.
Now turn, and walk! - Please-just wait, wait! - Walk! Now! Oh! Oof! Yeah, sorry you don't get to say goodbye, but this is it for you.
Look, it doesn't have to be this way, okay? You brought it on yourselves.
(MEN SPEAK MONGOLIAN) (JEEP ENGINE REVS, GUNS CLICK) (GUNSHOT BOOMS) (JEEP ENGINE REVS) TY: Hey! Bata: Wait! Wait! (JEEP ENGINE REVS) Aaaah! TY: Wait! Wait! - Oh! - Bata! - Bata! Are you okay? - (SOBS) Hey! - Can I please be excused? - Mhm, of course, honey.
(CHAIR RASPS) (DOOR SHUTS) There she is! Hey Dad, sorry I'm late, we lost track of time.
That's okay.
Well, it sounds like that Dylan's helping you make some progress, that's good news.
I think so, he knows what he's doing.
And apparently Dylan's not the only one helping you out, Jack's was saying that Mitch well, he built you an entire course, or something? Yeah, he's been really great.
I don't know what I would've done without him these past few days.
He's coming to the horse show too.
- Huh.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- (PHONE CHIMES) Hmm! - (GROWLS) - I'm sorry.
It could be about the horse show, I need to get it.
- Okay, fine.
- Thank you! (HORSES SNORT) (HOOVES CLOP) (TIM SIGHS) (TEA POURS) You wanna say something, Manan? (SIGHS) Right there.
Why do you keep calling me that? Why do you keep calling me "man?" It's not "man".
It's "Manan".
Mongolian for "fog", or "shadow".
And you, my friend, are covered in both.
So much so that I can barely see you.
Shamans believe in balance above all else.
If we fall out of balance, there's trouble.
Bad things happen.
Harmful things.
My job is to recognize imbalance and fix it.
And you, Tim, you lost your balance.
You don't know me.
You don't know anything about me.
I know you're suffering.
All that darkness that surrounds you, that's within you, it's breaking you down.
And the sad part is, I think you're a man who chose to build his life around that darkness.
Maybe because you feel that you don't deserve light? You do Tim, you do.
Maybe the darkness chooses you, maybe you don't have a choice, you ever think of that? This, everything happening here, I didn't choose this, friend.
I came here because I wanted to be with my daughter.
And because I wanted to enjoy the time I have left.
How much time do you have? I don't know.
The doctors at home think that I might have cancer because they saw a shadow.
Tim, it's time to let your shadows go.
(CRICKETS CHIRP) (LIGHTER SNICKS) Come on! (RUSTLING) All right, come on.
Let's keep going, Bata.
Come on, let's keep moving.
(GROANS) - Come on! - No! No - Better to stay.
(MOANS) - Come on, Bata.
No, better to stay hidden.
Ah (COUGHS) (PANICKED BREATHING) What are we doing out here, man? What's this gonna do to our families if we can't make it home? Huh?! Amy's (SIGHS TEARFULLY) Lyndy's not gonna know I'm her dad.
She's not even going to remember me.
(COUGHS) Bata? (COUGHS VIOLENTLY) Bata? Just breathe, okay? - Breathe hey.
- (SIGHS) How are we ever gonna find them? Well, we can't give up now.
Nope, we've come too far.
We're gonna find 'em.
(SIGHS) I'm so glad you came, dad.
We're gonna find 'em.
And then we're gonna shower.
(LAUGHS) (SOBS) There's something I need to do.
Altan, I know you think that Attila's gonna stay with us, but I I wanna try ponying him again.
I just I can't risk losing him, too.
Hey (SOBS) (ATTILA NICKERS) It's okay, we're going to find them.
What good boy.
(BIRDS CHIRP) Why didn't you tell us about this last night? I don't know, it's creepy! They're calling me the "Mystery Girl" with a "sad homemade course.
" So did either you or Dylan know that these pictures were being taken? No, and I'm totally creeped out! Who took them, and why do they care who I am, or what we're doing? Yeah well, I'm more concerned with the who than the why.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey, look sweetheart, hey.
Let's put this out of our minds for now, okay? (SIGHS) It's too late.
What? Stop! It's not too late, you're gonna be great! I'm gonna be terrible, I haven't had enough practice.
You're gonna be just fine.
Now, we gotta go get you registered.
Come on, Katie! We'll go to your playdate.
- Let's go, GG! - All right.
I am so sorry I'm not the one to take you.
You'll be there though, right? Promise? My cheering section's gonna be a little low - without Lou or Amy there.
- Of course I will! Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss it for the world, I'm-Lyndy wakes up in half an hour from her nap, And then I feed her a snack, and uh then we go, it's plenty of time before you're up, right? - I will be there, I promise.
- Okay.
Muah! Ohhh! - You're gonna be so great.
- Thank you.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
(DOOR SLAMS) (SIGHS) (LYNDY CRIES) Whoa Attila, you're okay.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) Whoa Attila, whoa! It's okay.
It's okay.
Is everything all right? Yeah, Attila's just getting a little bit spooked out here.
I think we all are.
(ATTILA WHINNIES) Whoa boy, hey, hey.
Whoa They're right, this is the place.
(HORSES WHINNY) Let go of Attila's lead.
No, I can't lose him! Amy, let go.
It's so good to see you.
(LAUGHS) (SOBS) (BOTH LAUGH) I can't believe it (SIGHS) Look out, look out, look out! Arghhh! Okay, shh! Shh! What're you doing here? I just wanted to stop by to wish Georgie good luck before the show.
Yeah well, you're a little late.
She already left, and I can't go yet, because this one, hmm! She didn't like her breakfast, huh? Yeah, she didn't like her breakfast, yeah, that's what's happening.
Excuse me.
Uh well like, here, maybe she's doing that-you know, strange thing that babies do when they don't really know somebody, and Boo! Boo! What? Why don't I just here Here, if I just uh, it's okay, I'll-yeah, let me try.
- Seriously? - Just let me try.
- Please, by all means.
- Oh, oh, oh, oh! Yeah, here you go.
Go to the stranger.
Hi! Shh! Shh! Yes, yes.
See? You're okay.
You're okay.
I got her man, it's all right.
It's all right, why don't you go uh - Great, thanks.
- Clean yourself up.
Yeah, okay.
That's great.
Yeah, you like Uncle Mitch.
He shh! (LYNDY CRIES) No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Shh! Shh! See? See? She won't stop.
- It's okay, it's okay, no, no! - It's okay.
(HORSE SNORTS) "When in doubt, get Lamby.
It always calms Lyndy down.
" Get-get Lamby? What's a Lamby? (LYNDY CRIES) What's a Lamby? What's a Lamby?! Uh I-I-I don't know! I don't know, I don't know what a Lamby is! You don't know what a Lamby is, oh that's funny, because I thought you knew everything about my family.
I guess you don't, huh? ANNOUNCER: Now on the course, Dylan Westfield riding Arrow.
(HOOVES THUD) (ARROW PANTS) - How about this? Is that-no.
- It's a pig, Peter.
It doesn't even look like a lamb! Come on, get your head in the game! Honestly, did she have a little-like, a little blankie? There's a little white blankie thing that looks a lamb! - Oh, well, where is it? - Where oh! You know what, I think I Get the blanket, come on! Hey, look, here! What is this? Whatwhat That's it, I think this is Is this Lamby? - Ohhhh! - Peter, you you destroyed it.
(LYNDY CRIES) (HOOVES THUD, TACK JINGLES) (ARROW PANTS) (HOOVES THUD) (ARROW SNORTS) ANNOUNCER: That was Dylan Westfield riding Arrow, and that's the time to beat.
(AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) He was pretty good.
But I've seen you do better.
ANNOUNCER: Up next, Shannon Baker on Goldie Girl.
And the elf had the lamb for dinner (LYNDY WAILS) - Oh, stop, stop! - Sorry, I was Please, just stop, stop! It's okay, you know what? You go, okay? You just go, you go to the show, leave the baby here, at least one of us will be there to support Georgie, all right, it's fine, you can play the hero like you've been playing since I've been gone, so I'm sure you'll love doing that.
What is that supposed to mean? - Nothing, seriously, just go.
- No! - Okay, it's fine.
- Peter, you go.
I can't! I can't bring a crying baby to Why are we even arguing about this? You're her father, you should be there, - I can look after the baby.
- No, you can't! - Why not? - Because as much as you want to be part of this family, you're not on the registered babysitters list, okay? Sorry pal, but that's the way it is.
(SIGHS HEAVILY) Unhh! Wait, wait, wait.
Forget it, just put her in the crib, and go.
Hold on, hold on, hold on! Hold on! (LYNDY WAILS) It says it's in the drawer And it's this-yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! - Oh hey, yeah! - (GASPS) Lambys! - Isn't it? - Ha ha! Right? - Sorry, shh! Okay.
- Okay, yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
- Oh yeah! Good okay, listen, I'm going to go pack a diaper bag, - and we'll go, okay? - Okay.
All right? We both made a promise to Georgie.
- I'm driving.
- Okay.
Hey, look at that Lamby! Is that what you wanted? (LYNDY LAUGHS) - Yes! Yes! Okay, bud (HOOVES CLOP) (FLAME SNORTS) (SNORTS) (LOW HUM OF SPECTATOR CHATTER) (READYING BREATH) There she is.
ANNOUNCER: Up next, Georgie Fleming Morris riding Flame.
Hi! (SIGHS) Okay.
That time is enough to give Georgie third place.
The winner is Dylan Westfield riding Arrow.
- Not so bad yourself.
Well, thanks.
Okay, um, that website? Weird, huh? Paparazzi hiding in the bushes.
Yeah, not just weird, creepy.
And besides, I'm not exactly newsworthy.
You're kidding, right, brown eyes? With the way you ride, you're guaranteed to be a headline.
Good job.
(SIGHS) (BIRDS CHIRP) (HORSES NICKER) I just got off the phone with the Vets Without Borders camp.
Bata's gonna be fine, it's just a few cracked ribs, and some pretty bad bruising.
And the camp's now back online.
- That's good to hear.
- Yeah.
Look at what's going on out there.
It's like he's a different horse.
Attila's officially healed, both body and spirit.
ALTAN: He found his balance, now he can go on living.
(SIGHS) I'll take good care of him, I promise.
- Well, we should go.
- Yeah Let's get home to our little girl.
Sounds good to me.
Altan, thank you so much.
For everything.
Thank you, man.
You coming, Dad? Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.
You uh, you talk about balance.
It's not something you talk about, Tim.
It's something you find.
How do I find it? (FOOTSTEPS RUSTLE IN THE FOLIAGE) (HORSE WHINNIES IN THE DISTANCE) The yin and the yang of our Mongolian flag.
You can have darkness, Tim, but you need light, too.
It's the balance between them that can change lives.
This-this bird - what is it? - It's a Saker Falcon.
Our country's official bird.
I saw one this morning.
Then you're a lucky man! They live in the Steppes.
To see one in the desert is more than rare.
(SIGHS) The bird's a warrior.
A symbol of bravery.
Keep it to balance out the dark.
And remind yourself to be brave enough to let the light in.
(CLINKS) Thank you.
You're a good man, Altan.
(HORSE WHINNIES) (SIGHS) (BIRD SCREECHES) (TRUCK RUMBLES) Whoooaaa Courage is found Courage if found Whooooaaa I won't let you down I won't let you down (TIM GRUNTS) (DOORS SLAM) - Come on, you guys! - Hey! Hurry up! (LAUGHS) - Let's go! - I'm comin'.
- Hey! - Georgie: They're here! Oh, somebody's here, somebody's here! - How was your trip? - It was something, I'll tell you all about it, but first, I wanna see you! - How are you, sweetheart? - There she is! - We missed you.
- Oh, I've missed you so much! Oh, you girl, yeah? (LYNDY COOS) Hey Jack.
Good to see you.
- Peter, hey.
- Hey.
I got Lou's message, I am so sorry, - thank you for stepping in.
- Georgie, how are you doing? Hey, good, and you? - How are you doing? - Good.
I'm-I'm really good.
Hey, Tim? I just wanted to say, uh thank you.
There was a moment there where uh where I thought I I'd never see this place again.
And I'm home now because of you and Amy.
So I just wanted to say thank you for going with Amy.
Well, I wasn't gonna let her go alone.
I'm a Dad.
You'll learn soon enough that that's what Dads do.
For as long as they can.
(LAUGHS WRYLY) Yeah! Okay (LYNDY COOS) Aw, Lyndy, happy? It's just so good to be home with my little Dada.
- Did she just say dada? - Did you just say dada? - She said dada! - She did, I heard that.
Aw! Did you hear that? Whoooaaaa Courage is found Courage is found