Heartland (CA) s13e04 Episode Script

The Eye of the Storm

1 AMY: Previously on "Heartland" Can you believe it? We're standing in our living room right now.
I'm gonna be looking at this view, - drinking my morning coffee.
- It's pretty amazing.
You guys have gotten way too big for your boots.
And it's gonna come back and bite you.
It's gonna bite you hard.
Mount Royal University, turns out they are still accepting applications.
(EXHALES) Mom put you up to this, - didn't she? - No.
Yes, yes of course she did.
Why do you pretend like your sister never existed? JACK: That's not true.
Well, you never talk about her.
Not even with your own family.
I why I don't get it.
Because it was my fault.
The reason June died was my fault.
TY: (SMALL CHUCKLE) I know, I know.
(SMALL CHUCKLE) We made the right call, Ty.
- Really? - We did.
It's not like it's forever.
Telling our contractor to stop building our home feels pretty final to me.
Well, it's not.
And Lee knows that.
We just need time to get back on our feet.
And clients will return.
It'll all be back to normal.
You'll see.
Amy, there's only one reason we can't afford to build our home right now.
It's me.
I wanted to take Kirk on as a client.
- I didn't listen to you.
- That's not true.
Well, it's not not true.
- Can I get a coffee, please? - Sure thing.
- Here, drink this.
- What's going on? I need you caffeinated.
Georgie's out for a ride we need to talk to her as soon as she gets back.
It's game time.
(SIGHS) Right.
Um, listen, I know this trip is all about getting Georgie focused and everything, maybe we shouldn't ambush her, okay? Her college application.
Why do you have it? I found it putting away laundry in her room.
- Shoved under her bed.
- Huh.
Doesn't laundry usually go in drawers? No.
Peter, the-the pages are blank.
She hasn't even started to fill it out yet.
I mean, this is this is her last chance to apply anywhere for fall.
And she is missing it.
We have to talk to her.
Can I get dressed? - Yes.
- Okay.
- I'll wait here.
- I'm sure you will.
- Okay.
- Okay.
(PATRONS CHATTER) - Coffee, please? - WAITRESS: You got it.
Ty, don't.
(SIGHS) What do you want? - Look, we need to talk.
- No we don't.
Yes we do.
I want this to stop.
Okay? Those anonymous posts, the negative comments? I know you wrote them.
You need to take them down.
I don't need to do anything.
Look, okay.
I'm sorry.
This has been all a big misunderstanding.
If you can just please take them down.
That would be great.
I-I appreciate that.
Oh well, since you said the magic word.
I told the truth.
And people need to know who you two really are.
In fact - hey, listen, every one! - Hold on! These two, right here? Almost killed my horse.
- Kirk stop! - And this one.
Horse whisperer?! More like horse killer.
- That's enough, all right! - Ooh! Ooh! Tough guy, now? Are we? Get out of my face, okay? - That's enough! - Violent, also! See that, folks? Hey! Time to leave.
- KIRK: Tim - Time to leave.
KIRK: I'm just trying to get a cup of coffee.
That's all.
What the hell is wrong with you? Huh? (WARNING ALARM SOUNDS) Environment Canada has issued a severe storm watch for the Foothills area.
Funnel clouds have been reported in the Bragg Creek region.
And potential tornado activity could continue as far east as Millarville and perhaps Hudson.
Residents in this area shaded in red are advised to prepare themselves and stay vigilant as this storm approaches.
We need to get back to Heartland.
And at the break of day you sank into Your dream You dreamer Oh, oh, oh, oh You dreamer You dreamer So, how much time do we have? A few hours, it's hard to say.
Honestly, Jack, I've looked everywhere.
Will's horses have just disappeared.
Well, if that's true, then the storm is coming right through here.
Horses are better than any weatherman.
So I found all the window boards.
Well, that's a bit extreme, isn't it, Jack? When you hear "funnel cloud", you can't be too prepared.
Now, I'm gonna need some help in the barn.
- Yeah.
I can do that.
- Me too.
We need an extra set of hands at the dude ranch.
Right, Peter? Yeah.
Yeah, you should come with us.
JACK: Okay.
That means Tim, Ty you're on house duty.
Start with the windows.
Mom, I'm coming with you guys.
No, honey.
You'll be safer at home.
Please, the storm doesn't scare me.
You okay, Luke? I'm fine.
I just wanna help.
All right.
Well, why don't you look after Lyndy while we prep the ranch, okay? - Okay.
- All right.
Less talk.
More action.
All right.
There you go.
AMY: All right, Lyndy, you stay here with Luke.
(WHISPERS) Come here.
- Hey.
- What? I just wanna make sure you're still on board with our plan.
- On board? What? What? Now? - Yeah, of course.
We can prep for the storm and talk to Georgie.
Two birds, one stone.
We're not gonna coerce our daughter into making life choices in the middle of a tornado, Lou.
It is literally now or never.
You're leaving tomorrow! Oh.
Can we just deal with one storm at a time here? Okay, fine.
Yeah, we can talk about it if it comes up in the natural course of conversation.
It has to be organic.
Don't force it.
Yes, absolutely.
TY: Amy, wait.
Listen, we need to talk about what happened at Maggie's.
Do we? Kirk shouldn't have called us out like that.
And you shouldn't have let him push your buttons.
I told you not to go over there, Ty! - Amy, I was defending you! - And I appreciate that, but - Did you hear what he said?! - Yeah.
And what were you gonna do?! What were you thinking, huh?! You gonna go over there and just start a fight - in the middle of the diner? - Amy, I wasn't thinking! Okay? Kirk makes me crazy.
He was insulting you.
- What did you want me to do? - No.
You know, I do not wanna have this conversation right now.
We have way too much to get done.
TIM: Ty! Windows.
All right! (REMI BARKS IN THE DISTANCE) (BOARDS THUD) (SCREEN DOOR SHUTS) All right, tools are packed.
The wind's picking up so we better get going.
Georgie, let's go! Come on, girls, let's go! I should really be staying with Amy and Ty if they're gonna be letting the horses go.
Let them go? Why would they do that? It's what you do during big storms.
We're gonna be back in plenty of time to help, okay? Let's go.
Can you get the door? Thank you.
(DRILL WHIRS) Hey, are you okay? (SIGHS) I'm fine.
Could ask you the same thing.
Oh, I'm all right.
This isn't my first storm, you know.
I meant about June, Grandpa.
We haven't talked about what you told me.
You know, I shouldn't have said anything.
Just forget it.
Besides, this is definitely not the time.
We-we're fine.
Don't cut your parents' visit short for me.
Yes, we'll stay safe.
I promise.
I know.
I wish you could be here, too.
- Lou! Can I have the - Yeah.
I gotta go.
I love you.
Okay, bye.
(BEEPS PHONE OFF) The "I-word," huh? Things are good between you and Mitch, I guess? Yeah.
Yeah, they're really good.
And you and Jen? Things are good there, too? Uh, yeah.
Um, guys, what about these planters? They're like a million pounds.
They're fine.
But I'm loving how motivated you've been today.
- Right, Peter? - Yeah.
And speaking of motivated how's that college application coming? It's due soon, right? You know, if you need any help hashing things out, Peter and I are always happy to help.
No it's okay.
- No help needed.
- Okay.
Okay, hon.
Real organic, Lou.
(DRAWER BANGS SHUT) Hey, Ty, there is still work to do out here.
We gotta-we gotta move those jumps out of the ring.
I'm sorry, I can't right now.
I gotta put this paperwork away.
Look, I know where you were coming from this morning.
Trust me.
It was all I could do not to punch Kirk myself.
But - it's not how you fix this.
- I know.
But I hope you know it still needs to be fixed and soon.
It can't go on like this.
Your business is non-existent.
- Your house plans are cancel - Tim, I know.
Okay? And I know what I gotta do.
Well, good, do it fast.
For Amy's sake.
She didn't asked for any of this.
Any of what? - Tim.
- Yep.
What is going on? There's something I gotta do before this storm hits, okay? Kirk posted another comment.
This time using his real name.
He's threatening to take out a restraining order against us.
Are you kidding me? Amy I gotta do something.
I'm not gonna sit back and let this guy bury us.
Yeah, but what are you gonna do? I'm gonna go and I'm gonna talk to him.
- Ty? - I'm just gonna talk, okay? I'm gonna talk, I'm gonna clear the air.
Make peace.
Okay? Before he posts anything more.
I don't like this, Ty.
The storm is coming.
There is time, okay? I got this.
I have to do this, all right? It's the only way to make him stop.
We need you here.
Ty? Amy, this is gonna break us.
Okay? I need to fix this.
Or we'll break.
- Okay? - Okay.
Give me a hand with this stuff, huh? Tonne of it up here.
Hey, what's with you? Nothin'.
I don't know why you're prepping the cellar.
The Storm might not even be that bad.
- Amy, where's Ty? - He went to go see Kirk.
What? Now?! Oh, that-that's not gonna turn out well.
(EFFORT GRUNTS, DOORS THUD HEAVILY) Jack, come on! Last time we were all here together was when Georgie had that broken arm, right? Agh! I think you're right.
That was a long ago, huh? And I caught a fish even with my cast.
That was a fun day.
(LOU GIGGLES) You know, I think that story says a lot about you, Georgie.
And just how determined you've always been.
And I know that you're gonna take that determination with you when you do whatever it is you do next.
Thanks, Mom.
(ENGINE RUMBLES) (CUTS ENGINE, DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) (WIND GUSTS) Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing - on my property? - Look, I don't wanna fight, Kirk.
I just wanna talk.
I wasn't joking about that restraining order.
I won't be harassed.
I'm not trying to harass you, okay? I just wanna solve this.
There's gotta be something I can do.
There isn't.
So go.
I've gotta deal with my horses before this storm hits.
How is Sarge? Our horse has made a full recovery.
It would set my mind at ease if I could just take a look at him.
You know, make sure he's all right.
Do you really think I give a damn about the state of your mind? Huh?! All I care about is seeing you gone.
Now! - All right.
- Go! (DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) (STRESS EXHALE) (WIND GUSTS) REPORTER: and a revised extreme weather alert is being issued for the area.
Funnel clouds have touched down - It's getting worse out there.
- Yeah.
Listen to this.
Residents are now urged to take shelter immediately.
Your local community centers are open to Lou.
You guys just No, stay there.
Get in a cabin.
I have to call Ty.
Amy, we need to turn those horses out.
And we don't have much time.
(WIND GUSTS) (HORSES WHINNY) Come on! (HORSES WHINNY) Go! Go! Ha! (HORSES WHINNY) No! Jack, stop! Get back! Stay back! No! Don't let him go! Please? Don't! Get up! Get up! Get out of here! AMY: Luke, it's okay.
No, isn't! Ty told me that horses can't survive on their own.
It's okay, they are much safer outside in a storm - than in the barn I promise.
- JACK: Luke, listen! If anything happens to Boots, I'll never forgive you.
Ever! (WIND GUSTS) Come on! (ENGINE RUMBLES) Hey, Amy.
I saw I missed your call.
I'm heading home now, okay? Listen, this was a mistake.
I shouldn't have come I (WARNING ALARM SOUNDS) REPORTER: This is an Alberta emergency alert! Environment Canada has updated the tornado alert.
Come on! Move.
Safety warning in full effect.
Residents are advised to seek shelter immediately.
KIRK: Come on now! (HORSES WHINNY) Damn you, move! Move! Kirk! (PAINED GRUNT) (HORSES WHINNY) - Kirk! You okay? - Yeah.
Come on! Let's go! Let's go! Gotta take shelter! Let's go! - Luke! Wait! - Ty left a message.
- Luke! - He's on his way.
Luke! Grandpa, there is no cell service down there.
I gotta tell Ty where we are.
This isn't a game! - We have to get down here.
- No! - Luke, get back here! - Boots! TIM: Jack! - It's okay.
No, it's okay.
I can't.
Grandpa I can't get a hold of Ty.
Amy, we have to go.
But he doesn't know where we are.
These kids need you strong right now.
(WIND GUSTS) - Give her to me! - Luke! - Boots! - Luke! Hey! I know you're scared, okay? But we have to be brave.
Come on! You need to be strong.
Remi, come on, let's go! Let's go.
(REMI BARKS) Remi! Come on! Remi come! Come on! Come on.
Let's go! - (BARKS) (STRUGGLING GRUNTS) Please, Amy.
I gotta go find Boots.
- No! - He's all alone out there.
No, it is too dangerous, okay? He'll be fine.
Jack, you never told me you had a home office down here.
This where you've been writing your memoirs? (WIND GUSTS OUTSIDE) (DRAMATIC WHOOSH) (JUNE GIGGLES) (APPROACHING RUNNING FOOTSTEPS) Jack! Get out, Jack! It's private! Oh, come on! You don't have any secrets! Oh, is that what you think? Oh Jack! Jack No! No-no! No! No! No! Give it back! Jack! Jack! (JUNE GIGGLES) Okay.
(OVERLAPPING ECHOED LAUGHTER) Hey, get off! I'm fine! (HORSES WHINNY) We need to get the horses out of the barn now! Would you just go! You're not gonna be able to handle them alone, Kirk.
Okay? Especially Sarge.
I can help.
I don't need your damn help! We need to move.
(WIND GUSTS) (DEBRIS THUDS HARD AGAINST THE WINDOW) (FRIGHTENED GASP) Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Wow! Hey, you know what? Katie is right.
It's been a long time since we've all been here together.
We should make the best of it, right? Isn't there board games here somewhere? Yeah.
Georgie and I are gonna sit this one out.
'Cause we have some stuff to talk about.
That's actually a great idea.
What kind of board games you got? Let's hope it's "The Game of Life".
Okay! Seriously, Mom.
Can we cool it with the college talk? - What college talk? - You're not subtle.
Can't you just give me time to make my own decisions about my own life? No.
Georgie, because time is up, okay? Dad hasn't hounded me once since being home! Because he actually believes that I know what I'm doing.
Georgie, your dad isn't just here just to have fun vacation with the family, okay? He's here to help me stage an intervention.
An intervention!? Okay, that's a pretty strong word but I don't believe this.
Ever since coming home from Europe you have been floundering, okay? You used to have so much purpose and direction.
And then Phoenix got sick and Kim walked away Kim did not walk away.
I did.
But ever since then it's like you've stopped caring.
About show jumping or college or anything.
That's not fair.
Sweetheart, we're just- we're just concerned.
Especially since you didn't handed in your college application.
How do you know I didn't handed it in? Daddy coming? Daddy should be here soon, Sweetheart.
I hope not.
He'd be taking his life in his hands driving right now.
(WIND GUSTS OUTSIDE, OBJECTS CLATTER) - I have to get Boots! - Hey! Luke! You've gotta stop! You've gotta stop! - Let go of me! - Listen! Listen to me! You cannot go out there! Do you understand?! You'll get hurt or even worse.
What do you care? You don't even like me anymore.
Not since I found that stupid box.
- (YELLS) Get away from that! - (GASPS) (HORSE WHINNIES NERVOUSLY) Easy boy! Easy! (WOOD CLATTERS) - Here! - I got it! I got it! Don't let yours get away from you! Come on! (HORSE GRUNTS) Come on, pull 'em out! Come on, horse! Stay away! Stay away! (HORSE WHINNIES NERVOUSLY) Come on! Sarge! Here we go! Let's go! (WIND HOWLS OUTSIDE) (SOFTLY) Grandpa.
You need to know that I loved my sister very much.
Growing up, it always felt like me and June against the world.
Especially against our father.
He was tough.
He was he was a tough man.
Real old school when it came to discipline.
I tell you that.
He drank a fair bit.
And that's when you really wanted to steer clear.
June and I we we tried to avoid him as best we could.
I got into rodeo.
And she came down here.
I set up that desk for her.
So she could get some peace away from Dad.
Writing and drawing that that was her passion.
But she also loved horses.
She had a way with them.
I saw so much of her in Marion and now in you.
I got a chance to rodeo in the states.
Nashville, Tennessee.
But she knew that me leaving meant she had to stay, help Dad on the ranch.
But she wanted me to go.
She she was so sure I would win it all.
I I just didn't realise that that would mean losing her.
(SPINNER RATTLES) (TIGHT EXHALES) I still can't believe you guys went through my things.
That's your take away from this? For all you know I could've submitted online! - Well, did you? - No Sweetheart, we're just worried about you, okay? You've always been so goal orientated.
Now we feel like maybe you don't know what you want anymore.
We just wanna make sure that you're on the right path.
I can't win with you guys! What is that supposed to mean? When I'm driven and motivated, you say I'm too intense.
And now, that I'm taking a break, I'm not intense enough! There's a difference between taking a break, and getting completely left behind.
- I won't get left behind! - If you don't hand in that application, you won't eligible for late admission.
- And what happens then? - I don't know, okay?! - Okay, calm down - No.
I don't have all the answers.
But is that so bad? Can you guys really tell me, that you've always stayed on "the right path"? - This isn't about us - No! You can't sit there and tell me that you haven't questioned what you wanted in life.
Because last time I checked, you two are divorced, so you've been known to change your minds.
BOTH: (LAUGHING) - It's a good point.
- Yeah.
It's true.
(SMALL CHUCKLE) Grandpa, how did June die? She was helping our dad pick rocks from the field.
We used this old homemade stone boat, it was pulled by a team of horses.
That day, June was driving.
It was her first time.
(HORSE WHINNIES) Team got away on her.
She was dragged.
(HOOVES THUNDER) I'm so sorry.
With June gone, Dad's drinking got worse.
Until he was pretty much addicted, and almost cost us this ranch.
You know, I didn't ask to be a rancher.
But it was on me to keep Heartland running.
I didn't have a choice.
Besides, I owed it to June.
She loved this place so much.
- And you didn't? - No.
Up until then, I wanted out.
Took a little time but I eventually realized that even in death, June had given me a gift.
She gave me this ranch, this family, this life.
She made me who I am.
I don't know how you can blame yourself for her death, you weren't even here.
Driving the stone boat was my job.
I was gone.
She took my place.
And it got her killed.
C'mon, Jack that doesn't mean it's your fault.
If I hadn't left, she would be alive.
(WOOD CLATTERS, WIND GUSTS OUTSIDE) And that is something I have had to live with for a long time.
(WOOD CLATTERS, WIND GUSTS OUTSIDE) (HORSE WHINNIES) TY: Switch him around! - I've got him! - Come on! I got him! I got him! C'mon, Sarge! TY: Let's go, come on! Come on, boy! Move! Come on, Sarage! Come on.
Come on, Sarage! Come on! Let's go! (WOOD CREAKING) We gotta get out of here now.
I'm not leaving without Sarge! Come on, Sarge! Do it for Carla! Do it for Carla.
(SMALL LAUGH) What's this, Grandpa? June's journal.
She took this with her everywhere.
She was always real secretive about what she put in there.
But one day she did show me this.
I decided to make that the symbol for Heartland.
Guess it was my way of keeping her here with me.
They did in "The Wizard of Oz.
" Aw we're okay, honey.
It's nice, you know.
Being together.
I'm not asking you guys to get remarried or whatever.
(ALL CHUCKLE) I just miss being a family like this sometimes.
You'll go back to Vancouver.
- Georgie will go to college - Or not which is fine could be fine.
I wanna go to college, Mom.
Then what's holding you back? I don't know.
Maybe I'm sad like Katie that things changing.
College just seems really final.
Why? Saying I wanna go to college means saying goodbye to competing.
What? No it doesn't have to.
It does if I wanna compete at the level that I reached at Euro-camp.
Europe was amazing.
I thought it would take me to the Olympics.
But when I got back, everything kinda fell apart.
It made me realise that that dream was silly.
And college isn't silly.
College is real.
Georgie, you don't have choose one or the other.
If anyone can juggle show jumping and freshman year, you can.
Your mom's right, sweetheart.
You can handle anything.
From psych 101 to competing to meddling parents (SMALL LAUGH) (EFFORT GRUNTS) Kirk, wake up! Kirk, wake up! Hey! - Hey! Wake up! - What?! Come on, I can't move! I know.
I need your help to get this off of us, okay? We gotta push on three! - Okay? - Okay! One, two, three (BIG EFFORT GRUNTS) - I can't.
- Come on! Push harder! One, two, three (BIG EFFORT GRUNTS) Ty! (PAINED GRUNTS) Come on! Come on! (TIRED GRUNTS) (LOUD CRASHING) Come on! Go! Come on! Inside! (WIND HOWLS OUTSIDE) What? Jack, what is it? It's June's last entry.
She wrote it on the day she died.
(READS) "Dad's letting me help.
I'll be out in the fields today.
Just like Jack! He's down in Nashville and I know he'll win big because this is Jack's chance to shine.
" I can't I can't do it.
I'm sorry.
(READS) "I was proud to help Jack in my own small way, working with his horse before they left.
Someday I'm gonna help other horses, too when I run Heartland.
(AMY'S VOICE TURNS TO JUNE) Jack wants rodeos and travel, but I want this place.
That's my dream.
The secret I whisper in the dark at night.
The secret I haven't told anyone.
They'd say "impossible"! A woman rancher! But now I have a chance to show Dad and Jack.
Prove I can be as good as both of them.
(TURNS BACK TO AMY) I was sad to see Jack go, but he's given me such a gift in leaving.
" Jack go! Don't you see, Grandpa? Following your dream allowed June to follow hers.
You gave June her big chance.
Big chance for what? Well, Jack, June died doing what she loved to do.
Wouldn't we all choose to go that way if we could? She didn't resent you for leaving, Grandpa.
She was happy.
And I think somehow, she wanted you to know that.
(LEAVES RUSTLE IN THE WIND) (DOOR CREAKS OPEN) (EXHALES) Oh Why is it every time you're around, something horrible happens to me? (SMALL CHUCKLE) (SIGHS) Look at this.
Hey Kirk you you mentioned a name in the barn.
Carla? Who is that? My wife.
Sarge he was her horse.
Last winter.
I'm-I'm sorry to hear that.
That damn horse.
Every time I look at him, I see her.
That's why I wanted to sell him.
Get rid of him.
But you saved him, Kirk.
Yeah, I did, didn't I? (SMALL CHUCKLE) Funny, huh? Hey.
Ty you saved him, too.
You saved them all including me.
You were the hero today.
I know that.
I'm gonna make sure everyone else does, too.
(DOOR OPENS AND SHUTS) (RELIEVED EXHALES) (DOORS CREAK OPEN) Well, looks like the house weathered the storm.
I can say the same for you.
Very funny.
I'm fine.
Hey, Luke, you better go find Boots.
Well, if that horse has blown away, - it's on you.
- Boots! Grandpa.
C'mon, missy.
Let's get a little fresh air.
Grandpa I I'm sorry I didn't mean to push down there about June.
June's words were something I've wanted to hear my entire life and I can't thank you enough.
(PHONE VIBRATES) Ty I'm sorry.
You better talk to him.
(PHONE BEEPS ON) Ty, are you all right! Yeah! Yeah, we're okay.
Yeah, we're fine.
- Yeah.
I'll clean it up.
GEORGIE: Mom! Dad! Let's go! Yeah, We're coming! Hey listen, thank you so much for helping me navigate everything with the girls today.
No, you were great.
So were you.
It's hard to believe last time we were here, we were about to break up.
But we put on a brave face for the kids, right? I think we still do.
I agree.
I'm proud of us.
You know, I mean it's not the most conventional set up, but somehow, we make it work, right? I think so.
(SMALL CHUCKLES) I really love you, you know.
I love you, too.
(PHONE VIBRATES, CHIMES) - I should take this.
- Yeah.
(BEEPS PHONE ON) Mitch! Hi! Yeah.
I know.
It's a-it's a disaster.
It's still super windy here, but (DRILL WHIRS) LUKE: Look! Jack! I found Boots! Yeah, I knew he wouldn't be far.
You are one lucky guy.
AMY: Ty! (TRUCK RUMBLES UP) (SHUTS ENGINE OFF, DOOR SLAMS) Hey! You're hurt! Did you fight? No.
We didn't fight.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
I'm fine.
In fact I have a feeling we're both gonna be fine from now on.
BOTH: (LAUGH) I look around to find the way it all began The years, they've turned Like the heart of man But I'll say that I'm grateful For the time that has past And I'll stay right where I am Well, I raise my glass With the unfortunate ones We're broken and tired How are things looking up here? Not too much damage, really? Of course, I guess, there wasn't that much to ruin.
Those things you said about your dad.
I had no idea.
That his drinking could've cost you the ranch.
That you were, you were dealing with that.
Marion never said.
Well, she didn't' say because she didn't know.
What's it to you, anyway? I don't know.
Guess maybe it just sheds a little light on why you took such a hard line on me and my addictions all those years ago.
Why you wanted Marion to cut me out of her life so completely.
I guess maybe I just understand you a bit more.
Yeah, you think so? Yeah.
Yeah, who knows? One day I might understand you completely.
(SMALL LAUGH) Well, be careful what you wish for.
(HORSES WHINNY) Win or lose it's a hell of a game The roads we choose They all end up the same So rest your hearts On the family name We'll find our way Back to home (HORSE WHINNY, HOOVES THUNDER) We'll find our way Back to home