Heartstopper (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 [light music playing.]
Mamma Mia? We've seen that four times this year.
Oh, you think of something, I'm going to dish up the pizzas.
[Nellie whines.]
[cutlery clattering.]
I've got it.
Pirates of the Caribbean.
It's a classic.
What do you think? Yeah.
That sounds good.
[Orlando Bloom on TV.]
Let me.
Remember that summer, we had to watch this every evening? - It wasn't every evening.
- It was.
I could quote it word for word by the end of it.
I knew it was because you loved Keira Knightley.
- Mum.
- What? She's a very pretty girl.
- Please stop talking.
- [Kiera Knightley.]
I don't know.
Sorry, blacksmith's hands.
I know they're rough.
I mean, yes, they are, but Don't stop.
I was about 14 when I realized I was bisexual.
I had a best friend at the time, and we were completely inseparable.
And one day, we shared a kiss, and I didn't feel weird about it.
I didn't feel like it was an odd thing to do.
In fact, it felt incredibly right.
I always felt like I had these feelings for girls up to that point, but all of a sudden I started having feelings for guys too.
And that's when I realized, I'm bisexual.
[mellow music playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
This is a conversational lunchtime gathering we've got going on here.
Elle? Are you looking at Timothée Chamalet's Instagram again? - No.
- [Darcy.]
What are you doing then? - [Elle.]
- Probably texting Tao.
I can text my friends if I want to.
Texting Tao again.
Interesting indeed.
What are you implying? - What do you think I'm implying? - [Tara chuckles.]
I think I have a crush on Tao.
- [shrieks.]
I knew it.
- I literally knew it.
Shut up! It's not like I can say anything to him.
He's my best friend, and definitely doesn't like me back.
- You don't know that.
- I definitely do.
- You don't even want to try telling him? - No.
Can we talk about something else? - Ugh.
- Yeah.
- Watch out, dick-nozzle.
- [boys laughing.]
If you want my attention that badly, why don't you throw something at me again? Like your last remaining brain cell? - Ooh.
- That's not even Wow.
- I think you hurt his feelings.
- Good.
[pleasant music playing.]
[horn blows.]
It's never gonna work.
I always see you coming.
One day.
One day I'll get you.
Mind the door.
That's the one that locks you in if you let it shut.
You realize this is the room? The room? Our special room.
We got locked in and had our first kiss.
What's going on? Are you okay? Tara, Darcy.
I know it's nice to sit and gossip with your friends, but you're both late for rehearsal.
Come on.
[both giggle.]
There's still one person that doesn't know we're a couple.
Like, literally the only person in a 50-mile radius, I swear to God.
- [instruments tuning.]
- [girls chattering.]
Like, I never would have guessed that you were gay, but it's so cool and brave of you.
[Miss Hyder.]
Okay, eyes on me please, girls.
Sitting up.
Watching me, please.
With confidence, please, everybody.
Come on.
- [bell ringing.]
- Don't forget, ladies, we'll be at Truham all day next Thursday to practice for the spring concert.
Wait, we have another concert with them? Darcy, I announced this weeks ago.
I think Truham and Higgs should just combine into one giant school.
Yeah, same-sex schools are a pointless idea generally.
I'm saying that as an absolute lesbian.
[girls giggling.]
- She's so gross.
- [girl.]
Lesbians are so disgusting.
What is their problem? I swear people weren't like this before we came out.
Want me to throw cheese at them? I've got leftover cheese from lunch.
It's not like they're saying it to my face.
Why do you have leftover cheese? It always pays to be prepared with anti-homophobia cheese.
I had a question.
Yeah? I just wondered, like How did you realize you were gay? Oh.
Uh I guess I've always been sort of aware of it.
Even when I was really young.
I didn't understand it at the time, but It's always been boys.
I'm guessing you didn't feel the same when you were little.
Well, no.
I don't know what I am.
You don't have to figure it out right now.
I didn't just wake up one day like, "Oh, look, guess I'm gay now.
" [chuckles.]
Well I'm sorry for being all confused.
- I was the one who said sorry too much.
- Oi! [Charlie.]
Do you want to kiss? Would that help? Wow.
- Just a suggestion.
- Wow.
- If you're not interested then - Okay.
Hang on.
It's a good suggestion.
[dogs barking.]
[indistinct conversation.]
[Nellie whines.]
Don't be sorry.
Growing up bisexual is constantly second-guessing yourself.
One day you'll have a crush on a guy, the next day you have a crush on a girl, and you're sitting there going, "Which one is it? Make a choice.
" And then you realize, there isn't a choice.
It's a combination of the both.
Like, you can have both and it be okay.
[school bell rings.]
I can't believe you get the whole day off to rehearse for this.
Sometimes playing a musical instrument has its benefits.
When is the concert? Friday night.
- Can I come? - What? Why? Because you're performing.
You don't have to come.
You've probably got more interesting things to do.
Charlie, come on! Your drum kit still isn't set up.
- Please come in at one, two - [Tara.]
Hi, Nick.
- You're in the orchestra too? - Yeah.
I have literally no musical ability.
Charlie tried to teach me the drums once and I am absolutely crap.
[Tara chuckles.]
You and Charlie getting along well then? [Nick.]
Uh Yeah.
Actually Well We're sort of going out.
Are you? I mean, we haven't made it official or anything, but Yeah.
Please don't tell anyone though.
No, of course.
- Funny how things turned out between us.
- What do you mean? I mean, when we were 13, I thought we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend forever.
[both chuckle.]
So did I.
Are you and Darcy out to your friends, then? Since I, uh, posted on Insta, everyone kind of knows now.
Um, some people were surprised, a couple of people already knew - Darcy! - [laughs.]
Triumph at last.
Come on, girls.
We're running through it again in a minute.
We're here all day if you want to meet us for lunch.
Yeah, that'd be nice.
[Miss Hyder.]
Okay, everyone.
From the top! Oh, my God, we've found another one.
You can't tell anyone.
She won't tell anyone.
Yeah, I, um [Harry.]
Not having lunch with your boyfriend? [Tao.]
No, I'm waiting for your mum, actually.
Classic! [Harry.]
Yeah, whatever.
I'm not really out yet, or anything.
Do you want to be? I don't know.
I mean, I don't even know what my sexuality is.
That's okay.
Tara didn't know she was a lesbian until we'd kissed, like, six times.
It was two times.
[all laugh.]
Oh, my God, do you know what we need to do? Double dates.
Us and Charlie, tomorrow night, before the concert, milkshakes.
- I like milkshakes.
- [Tara.]
Don't feel like you have to come out to anyone before you're ready.
Being out is hard.
A lot of people will see you in a different way, and it is a lot to deal with.
Can I ask you something? Yeah.
Are you, like definitely gay? Or do you think you're bi, or I mean, when we were 13, I think I did like you.
I mean, I think I have liked girls before, so I wondered if you felt the same.
I'm definitely gay.
Kissing you was actually one of the things that made me realize I don't like kissing guys.
Okay Um - Happy to help.
- [Tara and Darcy chuckle.]
Uh, see you tomorrow? Yeah, that sounds really good.
Um You're kind of the first people I've told about Charlie.
Really? Yeah.
And does it feel good to have told someone? Yeah.
Really does.
You can't come in here.
Nick's coming round.
I didn't realize you were in a committed relationship.
What? We're not He's not Shut up.
So not ready to tie the knot yet then? [laughs.]
Shut up.
Even if we were together [knocking at door.]
[soft pop music playing.]
What? What? You're staring.
- No I wasn't.
- Yeah, you were.
- Do your homework.
- [chuckles.]
You know, I was talking to Tara at the rehearsal today Yeah? - You heard she came out, right? - Yeah, she put it on Insta.
I told her we're together.
What? I told her we're going out.
Oh, my God, that's amazing.
You're amazing.
Are you sure you wanted to? Um, yeah.
You didn't force yourself because I'm out No, I wanted to tell them.
[Nick grunts.]
So, how about the concert tomorrow night? You really don't have to come.
- It'll be boring.
- No, I want to support you.
[laughs softly.]
Um Okay, but if you change your mind, that's fine.
And Tara and Darcy want us to go and get milkshakes with them before it starts.
Like a double date.
I've never been on a date.
Me neither.
Want to go on one? Yeah.
[both laugh softly.]
Um I'll I'll see you tomorrow.
[cell phone chimes.]
[chuckles softly.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Ooh, ooh.
Oh! [Tao.]
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
Whoa! [both chuckle.]
Since when were you coming to this? I thought it was bribery to get me to come to his boring concert.
- You're here for the milkshakes then? - I said what I said.
Come on.
Do you ever play film music? - [Tara.]
Yeah, sometimes.
- Well, then it's not boring.
Why'd you agree to come then? Because I'm a very nice and supportive friend.
No, he came for the milkshakes and the milkshakes only.
- I said that to you in confidence.
- How did you two become friends? I was friends with Charlie first and Tao came along as a package deal.
- [exclaims.]
- [laughter.]
[rolling tongue.]
Rude! You're lucky to have me.
You make a cute little pair.
So, we're ordering a second round, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- We can go and get them.
- [Tara.]
Can I have a strawberry one? - Strawberry.
- Banana again.
Oh, my God, no, that is a crime! I cannot believe you're disrespecting bubblegum flavor in front of me.
Let me try yours.
See? I make good choices.
- We should swap.
- No, you made your choice.
Okay, well, we can share.
We are on a date.
Is that the official rule of dating? Sharing drinks? Yeah.
We should go on a date, just us.
I mean, if you want to.
It's all right if you don't want to.
Actually, no, sorry, that was stupid.
We should.
I'd like that.
[laughs softly.]
After we'd kissed, like, six times - It was two, but sure.
- Tara agreed to be my girlfriend.
That's a really cute story.
You two seem good together.
Yeah, I think it's because we're friends too.
Seems obvious.
You should be good friends with the person you're dating.
That makes sense.
Tao, can you come help us carry the glasses? Yeah.
- What are you doing? - What do you mean? You're clearly trying to set something up between me and Tao.
We thought if we could hint to him that you'd make a good couple - But I didn't ask you to do that.
- But you like him, so I don't want him to know that.
Just because you two came out, doesn't mean I also want to share all my secrets.
Friendship is more important.
If he knew, things would change, and I've had to deal with enough changes in my life lately.
I don't want anything else to change.
Sharing stuff like that changes everything.
Not always for the better.
Bubblegum's more interesting.
It's more interesting.
- Not interrupting anything, am I? - Um, what? No, we were just chatting.
Okay then.
[blender whirring.]
You take those back, I'll wait for the last two.
- Are you sure? - [Tao.]
- Thanks.
- [cashier.]
Here we are.
Is this some sort of "no boys allowed" conversation? Did you know this too? The me and Tao thing.
Um Yeah.
So this whole thing was just a setup? We thought it would be fun to go on a triple date.
A triple date? Yeah.
You and Tao, Tara and Darcy, and You and Charlie? Yeah.
You two are together? - Yeah.
- [gasps.]
Charlie! I'm so happy for you.
I mean, I'm happy for you too, but you didn't have to witness all the months of intense pining [Charlie.]
Elle! Do Tao and Isaac know? I think Isaac guessed, like, almost immediately after we got together.
And what about Tao? Not yet.
I'm going to tell him.
I need to find the right time.
But he's the only one who doesn't know.
Um Just so you know, the concert's starting in 15 minutes.
Oh! [indistinct conversation.]
- I really love you.
- Aw, I love you too.
[indistinct chatter.]
Tara, Darcy, hurry up, you're late.
Sit down, chop chop.
Thank you.
Uh, can I have less chatting, more tuning, please? Thank you.
Don't look at her, you'll catch the lesbian disease.
[Miss Hyder.]
It went well last time, but we'll do it better today, aren't we? Come on, put your foot under.
[both chuckle.]
Take it.
And that one.
[clears throat.]
And then, um I'm glad you came.
- It seemed like you didn't want me to.
- No, I did.
I just I thought you were trying not to be rude.
I just I like being with you.
Also, we've been hanging out a lot and If people guessed we were together, if they started saying stuff about you then Well, I really don't want you to have to deal with that.
I, um I've been researching about being bisexual.
Uh I think that might be me.
But I I'm not sure.
Has anyone seen Tara and Darcy? I'm about to open the doors for the audience.
I just want some peace and quiet.
The door! [handle jiggles.]
[Darcy groans.]
Oh, no.
No signal.
Can't believe this is the second time we've been locked inside here.
- Sorry.
- It's fine.
Didn't want to do the concert thing anyway.
Talk to me.
Everything's changed.
- Since we came out? - Yeah.
Do you regret it? No.
I just wasn't prepared for things to change.
I didn't I didn't think so many people would suddenly think I'm a completely different person.
- They don't think that.
- They do.
It's different for me.
You came out years ago.
I'm not loud and confident about being a lesbian.
I could barely say the word lesbian when we started going out, and now I've got people on my Instagram, like, "Oh, my God, you're a lesbian.
" People giving me funny looks in the corridors.
I wasn't prepared for any of it.
I don't know how to behave anymore and I just want to live my life.
You're so confident about your sexuality, and I still feel like I know nothing.
Hey, I don't know anything either.
I don't know anything about anything.
I just want to live my life.
We can do that.
You seem gay enough to me.
Shut up.
I think it will get easier.
I know.
- [Nick.]
Tara! - [Charlie.]
Tara! Tara? [Nick.]
Tara! Homophobia.
We're in here, we got locked in! - Darcy! - Tara! Tara! [Tara and Darcy.]
We're in here! In here! Hey.
You guys are supposed to be on stage, like, right now.
Hurry up! [Tao.]
You know I can't run, it's not my fault! [Tara.]
Thanks, "boy I kissed one time.
" No problem, "girl I kissed one time.
" You going to be okay? Yeah.
I'll be okay.
You? Yeah.
[instruments tuning.]
[upbeat music playing.]
[music continues.]

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