Heartstopper (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 You're being very loud.
I have my headphones on.
You're still hitting the drums loudly, - I can hear it through the wall.
- Fine.
Are you angry at anything in particular? Or have you decided to finally have a rebellious phase? Did something happen? Didn't you hear about Harry Green's fight with Nick and Tao? Both my fault, by the way.
I'm like 95% sure they were both Harry's fault, and I wasn't even there.
What's going on? Before I met Nick, I was sort of going out with this other guy.
I liked him, but he made me feel like I was ruining his life.
Like he didn't want me to even exist.
And now Nick's lost all his friends, and he's getting into fights because of me.
And I just feel like maybe I do just ruin people's lives.
And it would be better if I didn't exist.
You're not ruining my life.
I could make us some pizza for dinner? Would that help? I'm not very hungry.
I might just eat later.
I heard Harry got suspended for fighting, so That's good.
He said he doesn't want to talk to you.
Okay, Year 10s.
Before we start today's lesson, I've been told to remind you all that the Truham-Higgs Sports Day is on Friday.
So make sure you've all signed up for an event by Thursday.
We could all do the javelin again, - like last year.
- You're on the rugby team.
What? So? The rugby team always do the Sports Day rugby match.
So, I I don't think we can do the same event this year.
Did you want to get lunch together? Um I can't.
Come in.
Charlie! How's it going? Um I think I'm going to quit the rugby team.
Why? I just don't think rugby's for me.
Have the boys been giving you a hard time? - Do I need to talk to anyone? - No.
It's just me.
Where's Charlie? I thought he'd be here.
I thought he was eating with you.
- Charlie avoiding you too? - I'm avoiding him.
- Why? - Because I'm pissed off with him.
Charlie's my friend.
I was worried about him joining the rugby team and becoming friends with you because I knew that he'd get picked on by some of the idiots in your year.
And guess what? He did.
I'm done trying to protect him when he's forgotten I exist, like I deserve to be appreciated.
If he'd just told me that you two were going out, like Maybe I would've done things differently.
Maybe I would have stayed more low-key and Harry would have left us alone.
I think Charlie might be nervous about telling you because he really cares about your opinion.
Because he loves you a lot.
Well, I'll believe that when I actually see it.
Why's he avoiding you? I think maybe he's finding it hard having to lie to people about us.
He's not angry about me being in the closet or anything, like He knows I'm not ready to come out, but Look I've known Charlie since we were 11, and he's always had a tendency to believe that him just existing is annoying for other people.
I sort of got that impression.
He's not going to force you to come out.
Which is good.
He would literally never tell you this, but he probably wants to be something more than "secret guy you kiss sometimes on the down-low.
" And if you can't give him more than that then I mean, that's fine, but it's always gonna make him feel a little bit crap about himself.
You should talk to him.
- Yeah, so should you.
- No.
I'm gonna stay pissed off with him for a bit longer.
You should try rugby.
It's good for releasing negative emotions.
Well, it's four in the morning ♪ Things are getting heavy ♪ And we both know that it's over ♪ But we're both not ready ♪ Spring can be ♪ The cruelest of months ♪ But bringing in your life ♪ Yeah, we're promising so much ♪ It feels like years since I was back here.
Are you sure you want to go back to Truham? Because you don't have to.
We could all pretend to have sprained ankles, or something? All three of us? What, did we have some sort of group ankle-related accident? Okay, I could have a sprained wrist, or like a back injury or something.
We can figure out the details.
I I want to do this.
Whoo! Sports Day! Sports Day! Whoo-hoo! Elle! Hi.
Oh, my God, it's literally like old times.
Don't say that.
I thought I'd never have to come back to this hell-hole.
We could go hide in the library.
I don't even want to be here either, honestly.
I haven't signed up for an event.
If Ms.
Singh catches me, she's gonna force me to do the high jump or something.
Tao, it's fine.
I'm fine.
Truham students, Higgs students.
Welcome to the day I know you've all been waiting for, Truham and Higgs Sports Day.
I'm sure that every single one of you is ready to give it your all, or at least I hope so because if you haven't signed up for an event - Hi! - Hi! Ms.
Singh will murder you.
- Where's Charlie? - Haven't seen him.
With the rugby team.
The match doesn't start until the end of the day.
She's just informed me that she won't murder you.
But she might ban you from watching the Reds versus Blues rugby match later today, an even worse fate, if you ask me.
So, good luck one and all, and go do sports! - Mr.
Ajayi? - Charlie.
There aren't any Sports Day events going on in the Art block.
You'd better not be about to ask me if you can stay in here all afternoon.
You've been coming in here for lunch a lot recently.
We having a repeat of last year? Isolating yourself, not talking to anyone? No.
All right, I'm not going to make you go because I'm a nice teacher.
When I was at school, I thought that hiding from it all was safer, easier.
But sometimes the loneliness was just as bad.
Don't let anyone make you disappear, Charlie.
Hmm? Tao Xu! Oh, no.
You are the only Year 10 who has failed to sign up for an event.
Yes? You'll be doing the 200 meters for Team Blue.
You need to be by the starting line in three minutes.
Wait! What? No No protests.
That's the only event with space left.
But, miss, I can't run.
He really can't.
- Can't you? - Well, not Not fast.
Swap bibs with me.
What? Why? You hate running, I'll run it for you.
It's fine.
I'm just I'm just sorry.
Year 10s and 11s doing the 200-meters Sorry for everything.
it's time to assemble by the starting line.
I hope you've got your running shoes on.
You obsessed with me or something? Starting positions, please! On your marks! Get set! - I forgot he can run really fast.
- Come on! Whoo! Go, Charlie! - Whoo! - Whoo! Whoo! You don't get to have an opinion about anything I do.
You want me to go around telling people about you and Nick? Do you want me to go around telling people about me and you? That's what I thought.
Except, I wouldn't do that because I'm a decent person.
I understand that you're figuring out your sexuality, but you don't get to make me feel like crap anymore just because you hate yourself.
So leave me alone.
Just leave me alone.
Competitors for the Year 11 high jump, it's your big moment.
Please put a spring in your step and head to Ms.
- I'm so sorry - No, I'm sorry.
I should have been a better friend I shouldn't have gotten angry at you.
I made it so hard for you to tell me.
I should have been looking out for you as much as you were looking out for me.
- Movie night on Saturday? - Yeah.
I have a long list of movies I need you to watch.
I'm probably going to hate most of them.
I know.
Me and Elle were gonna go exploring around all her old classrooms.
- Want to come? - Nah.
You go, I'll be fine.
Come on, Isaac! You've got this, Tara! There's something that I ♪ Wish I would've told you But you just don't seem ♪ To wonder what I'm doin' When you're close to me ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ There's something on my chest ♪ I wish I would've said ♪ I think it over and it might be true ♪ I'm only overthinking When I'm close to you ♪ I'm only overthinking When I'm close to you ♪ Yes! Whoo! I'm only overthinking When I'm close to you ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ There.
- Didn't it take you four months? - Yep.
I was in here every lunchtime.
- Are you doing landscapes this year? - Yeah.
Mine's really bad.
It's on the drying rack.
Oh! I know, it's bad.
It's not, it's It's really not, it's just I don't think it counts as a landscape if it has people in it.
Is it awful being at Truham without me? Yes.
Everything's awful without you.
I'm okay now.
I promise.
I was going to tell you something.
What? You've got the wrong team's face paint on.
- That's Charlie's fault for swapping bibs.
- Just wipe the face paint off.
Ah Ow! Okay, it's not coming off.
Come on.
I want to go find my old locker.
Now, I know tensions are high, but it's finally time for you to sit back and watch some teenagers crash into each other and fall over repeatedly.
That's right everyone, the Red versus Blue rugby match is about to begin.
Now, can someone explain the rules of rugby to me again, please.
It seems to make no sense.
- One, two, three, Reds! - Reds! Yes, boys, come on! Let's go play! Easy.
You okay, Nick? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
Team Blue are doing pretty well.
Yeah, but Team Red has Nick Nelson, so they're basically guaranteed to win.
Nice work, Nick.
Come on, Nick.
Nick! Sir, aren't you going to tell Nick that he has to do the match? Nah.
I'm good.
I don't want to break up.
I know people have hurt you.
And you feel like I'd be better off without you, but I need you to know that my life is way better because I met you.
- You don't have to say that.
- I do.
And I'll keep on saying it until you believe me.
Look, I don't care about getting into fights or pissing off my mates or anything like that.
It's all worth it to be with you.
You are the kindest, most thoughtful and caring and amazing person in the whole world, and if you really want to break up, then I would respect your decision, but I want us to be together.
You're my favorite person, I need you to believe me.
I believe you.
I believe you.
Winter, spring, summer, fall ♪ A moment's fine But I wanna feel them all ♪ I wanna feel them all ♪ We're in the corridor.
So what? You free on Sunday? Yeah.
Why? Now can you tell me where we're going? No.
I don't think I've ever been in this direction.
We're nearly there, I promise.
Wait Seagulls? Oh, my God, the beach! Yeah.
Oh, my God! Whoa.
Trade it for a moment in the sun ♪ All that other noise Is just a waste of time ♪ You're the only music on my mind ♪ I'd trade it for a moment In the sun with you ♪ - Whoa.
- What was that for? You're such a dweeb.
I was thinking What if I came out? Do you really want to? I really want to.
I know I've been pretty unsure of everything for a while, but, like, I'm definitely bisexual.
And I don't want to have to sneak around pretending we're platonic BFFs.
I'm not saying I want to have a public announcement or anything, but I want to tell the people who matter.
And I want you to be able to tell people too.
Oh, my God, I like you so much.
And I love liking you.
I like Charlie Spring in a romantic way, not just a friend way! What? I never thought this would happen to me.
Me neither.
Nick? Yeah? Does this mean we're boyfriends? Yes.
Was that not already established the last ten times we made out? Oh.
Yeah? I don't know, we never, like, confirmed it.
Why are we like this? Wha Wha What are you doing? There we go.
Come on.
You're my boyfriend! I'm your boyfriend! We're boyfriends! - Don't you dare drop me! - I won't drop you.
- Oh! - Stop it! Okay.
I think we're wet enough now.
I'm home! You look very smiley.
Have you had a good day? Yeah.
Yeah, it was really good.
- Mum.
- Mmm? You know Charlie's my best friend? If you're asking if he can come on our holiday, the answer's "no.
" No, that's not what I was going to say.
He's my boyfriend.
Charlie's my boyfriend.
I I still like girls, but, um We I like boys too.
And me and Charlie, we're We're going out.
And I just wanted you to know.
Oh, baby.
Aw, thank you for telling me.
I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn't tell me that.
You don't have to say you like girls if you don't.
No, I, um It's definitely not just guys.
I, um It's called bisexuality.
- If you've heard of that? - I have heard of that.
I wasn't born in the 18th century.
How long have you known? Well, um Me and Charlie started going out a couple of months ago, but I started liking him way before that.
Oh, I love you.
When I'm melting into you ♪ 'Cause I belong in your arms ♪ I belong in your arms ♪ So now we're going to tell people? Yeah.
Feelings are good ♪ Nothing to say ♪ Something, something, something ♪ Is on my mind ♪ 'Cause the world goes on without us ♪ It doesn't matter what we do ♪ All silhouettes with no regrets ♪
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