Heavy (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Ricky Wayne ~ Jessica

At your age, at 35, looking forward, there's a very high chance that you're not gonna live to a normal life expectancy.
His addiction is the worst I've seen, ever, in my life.
[Retching] I've got to know where my next meal's coming from.
The minute I eat, I'm thinking about the next meal.
Before that meal gets there, I'm eating a snack.
He's in serious trouble.
I want to be left alone! I think Ricky Wayne is depressed.
I was the last one to see her alive, the first one to see her dead.
I don't want my dad to have to bury me.
I don't want my kids to find me laid out somewhere.
I want to do something about it now.
You need to take this very seriously.
They're gonna have a rude awakening.
[Sobbing] Just 'cause you only eat eggs on the weekends means nothing.
You know what you eat through the rest of the week? Crap! Crap! So if you want to dig your own grave, go ahead and dig it.
I took one look at these people, and I'm like, "wow" - Over there.
- [Retching] "They're pretty far gone.
" They're gonna have to make a complete lifestyle change.
I eat when I'm happy.
I eat when I'm sad.
I'm a food addict.
Is it gonna happen for everyone? [Screams] Come on.
No more chocolate cake! You are gonna make it to where you want to be.
That depends on what's deep down for each of them.
[Sobbing] Leave me alone! [children playing in distance] Come on.
The trampoline? Y'all, are you serious? Okay.
[Grunting] [Laughing] I do feel my weight is a problem.
It's a problem, because I can't play with the kids like I want to.
[Laughter] Hang on a second.
Let me catch my breath.
[Panting] They wear me out.
My mom was very young when she had me, so my grandparents ended up taking care of me.
So my grandmother, she made sure we had more than enough to eat and we had dessert at every meal.
This is my pantry.
The minute I eat, I'm thinking about the next meal, and in between that meal, before that meal gets there, I'm eating a snack, so I'm having a snack in between meals and snacks in between snacks.
This is my weakness, cherry filling, pineapples, cake mix, and two cups of melted butter.
I could eat that all, literally.
Any activity that I do, walking, breathing, everything is compressing on my lungs, heavy for my heart, and I'm toting it around, and I want it gone.
Until you are overweight, you will never understand it.
There's no off switch to my brain with food.
You know, it's a hunger.
I just can't stop it.
- What's going on? - Doing all right? - Yeah.
- Come on in.
His weight has taken over his life.
He's just so into the overeating and the overcooking.
He doesn't know any other way.
You're fixing three boxes? Well, there's three of us.
But you don't need a whole box.
Well, no, no, I mean, I don't eat a whole I mean, no, but once you've dad'll take it he'll take it for his lunch.
This is six servings right there.
I know, but he'll take it for his lunch.
But why three boxes? That's how my mother cooked.
[Laughs] My weight issues started when I was a baby.
They were so excited that, at ten months old, I was eating steak.
What ten month old with teeth are eating steak? Once I started getting older, my weight started to affect me more.
It grabbed a hold of me in my late 20s.
I eat when I'm happy.
I eat when I'm sad.
Regardless of how I'm feeling, I'm just gonna eat.
I did get the single Patty this time.
You said you weren't gonna get it, 'cause you yeah, it was a lot of burger.
- It was too much to eat.
- It was a lot of burger.
- I really, really hope he gets some self-discipline to conquer this, you know, and get it under control and do more for himself.
I'm food addict.
With my weight, it's just it's holding me back.
[Laughter] I think my wife just she's depressed.
I mean, because of the size that she is.
I want her to learn to eat right, cook right, 'cause all it's gonna do is, it's gonna benefit her.
It's gonna benefit me.
It's gonna benefit these kids.
There's diabetes, heart attacks, and heart disease throughout my whole family.
I don't want my kids to find me laid out somewhere.
I want to do something about it now.
The last time I had a full examination was probably a little over a year ago.
And my doctor discovered that I had high blood pressure.
Nice to meet you.
How are you doing today? She's in the super obese category, but just into it.
Does that bother you don there at all? No.
Take a big breath in and out for me.
[Breathing deeply] Most people who are this weight can lose a significant amount of weight.
The question is, can they keep it off for the long run? Because that's what really reduces the risk of medical problems like high blood pressure.
You shouldn't have high blood pressure at age 28.
You shouldn't have anything else, really, at age 28.
I think you're at some significant risk.
You need to do something about it, and you need to start right away.
Nice to meet you.
This is my blood pressure medicine.
One of my antibiotics I take.
I got a muscle relaxer I take.
When my legs are hurting me real bad, I take these pain pills.
My circulation is bad.
My legs swell.
The lymph fluid, it swells up so much that it finds a place in my skin to come out, and it constantly leaks, so I have what you call a leaky leg.
I think Ricky Wayne is depressed.
His mother died in 2001, and he was very close to her.
He helped to take care of her.
I think emotionally, it depressed him, and then from there, he's just kind of been spiraling.
If I don't get a handle on it, if I don't get help, I'm gonna die.
I don't want my dad to have to bury me.
- Ricky Wayne? - How you doing? I'm doing fine.
How are you? I'm pretty good.
You know, I don't have just one foot in the grave.
I'm waist-deep in my own grave.
[Knocks on door] Come in.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- How do you do? - I'm good.
Ricky Wayne McCartney, he's in serious trouble.
At your age, at 35, looking forward, there's a very high chance that you're not gonna live to a normal life expectancy.
High blood pressure is an indicator that there's something really wrong.
It was hard to do it by myself, 'cause I figure, if I'm doing it, everybody has to do it too, and nobody's on me like they used to be on me.
Ricky, this is your problem and your body.
You have to be the one to accept responsibility here and start to make the right choices.
Not tomorrow.
It's not worrying about things from the past.
It's got to be today.
[Sobbing] The reason I'm going to lose this weight is so that my kids will see me longer, so that I will be here, and I'm gonna make that change, you know, for the better.
My mom, she just laid down, and she died.
I was the last one to see her alive, the first one to see her dead.
I don't want to put that burden on somebody else.
[Beeping sounds] Wow, this place is looks like it's unreal.
Are you ready to go see your room? Yes, very excited.
[Laughs] Whoo, it is hot today.
I'm really embarrassed because of how out of shape I am.
[Panting] I know I'm out of shape, but I just get so winded not even just doing that much.
[Knocks at door] - Yes? - Hi.
My name is Britney.
- How's it going? - Doing pretty good.
What these individuals are signed up for is a six-month program.
Are you ready for this? Yes, sir.
Okay, 'cause you know what? I'm ready to work with you, man.
For the first month, they're going to a facility that is a controlled environment.
Everything will be monitored.
Do you have any phone, credit card? The steps to turning around their lives is not just about getting on the treadmill.
Do you mind if I check in here real quick, just make sure? Gonna have a team of specialists.
We're gonna have trainers.
We're gonna have dieticians.
We're gonna have psychotherapists.
So far, Ricky, you look good, man.
Hopefully, through this experience, we're gonna prepare them a lot more for what they have to face.
We're gonna have some good times, hard times, but it's gonna be extremely exciting, okay? But I don't think these people really have a clue what really is up ahead of them.
- Let me get one more up top.
- All right.
And we're gonna make this rock, okay? - Hey.
- Hey, guys.
How's it going? Are we ready? I'm ready.
Just pick up our leg.
All right, bend your elbows.
Pull through.
Take it back.
The individual is gonna be paired up.
Yeah, talk to yourself.
Let me see that eye.
It makes you see that you're not the only one that has to think about the first workout that you haven't done in years.
How many can you get, how many? There's 9.
Can you get 15? My first impressions of Jessica, she was slow-moving.
It was kind of hard to know what to expect of her.
Abs in.
Waa! 16.
The thing about Ricky is that he's been a big guy his whole, entire life, you know, which is why he's able to actually carry his weight so well.
I need you to blow down the brick house.
There you go.
One thing I like about Ricky is that he tries.
Exhale on the way down.
He has what we like to call the tiger eyes.
I want to see the eye of the tiger.
There you go.
[Grunting] - [Sobbing] - Ten.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
I need three more.
Come on.
Don't you stop.
Let's go, Ricky.
Let's go.
These 30 days are not gonna just be 30 days of hell.
[Sobbing] This is gonna be 30 days of, hopefully, a new life.
All right.
Let's go.
[Gagging] Let's go, guys.
I was really nervous when they said that we were training at the pool.
Is it the same deepness the whole I had to go swimming, and I just flat-out told them that I didn't know how.
I'm not gonna be in here with you.
I can be in a pool and wade around and all that kind of stuff, but as far as the swimming part, it's gonna be really bad.
Come on.
You got 30 seconds.
In, out.
In, out.
Right now, how's your leg doing with the it's fine.
It looks like it's real swollen, but Ricky has a open wound on his leg.
They knew we weren't going to be getting in the pool.
They knew we were going to be having some issues with getting him really moving.
All I want you to do is twist, and I want you to exhale.
[Exhales heavily] Being just so much a water person and seeing somebody else getting in the pool today and doing activities in the pool was just, like, killing me.
I want to be in that pool so bad, man.
We'll get there.
When we told him that he couldn't go to the pool, he didn't like it whatsoever.
Drop those to the side.
There you go.
Rest on my shoulder.
There you go.
It's okay.
[Panting] What is that on your face pouring down there? That's sweat.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, it is.
Means we're doing something.
Today was, you know, kind of a shock.
We worked out in the pool.
I am sore, sore for being in that pool all day.
You know, the first week, I knew it was gonna be really, really hard, but it was harder than what I thought it would be.
- Pound it down.
Come on.
- Say it.
- Four.
- Four.
Drive through that front heel.
Front heel.
Front heel.
When you're working out, you have all these things that are going through your mind.
You know, "can I do this? Am I gonna be able to finish?" There you go.
Come on.
The trainers are pushing us to where, you know, I feel like I'm gonna pass out.
Ricky is a big drama queen.
He does not give enough in his workout sessions.
[Sobbing] I was really nervous.
Just, where is he gonna go? Which way is he gonna go? I'm not sure.
Is he gonna quit? Go.
Come on.
This is what it's gonna take.
You're gonna have to get a good beating in that body.
The other trainers are there to help us, but it's like they're sort of like the enemy too.
- Oh, God.
- One more.
Jessica shocks me every time, because she'll be crying in the middle of the set, and there's a lot going on.
There you go, Jess.
One, two, ten.
Those are tears of joy, right? - It hurts so bad.
- Jess, come on.
She is looking for someone to give in to her cries.
And it's not gonna be me.
What do you think we're having for dinner? I don't know.
All right.
Most difficult thing so far has been the food.
It's a little different.
Yeah? My mind last night was just thinking of probably 1,000 different ways to escape from here and go break into a fast food restaurant.
Is it 'cause of the texture or it, like, makes me sick to my stomach.
And come on.
There you go.
We're not done.
Come on.
Oh, God.
- And, and, and - Pull your belly button in.
Oh, yeah.
Felt that.
Show yourself.
- [Sobbing] Five.
- Five.
Come on.
No more chocolate cake.
- Six.
- Six.
Give me some effort.
Throw this ball at me.
I can't really see myself as being thin right now.
But I'm just taking it day by day.
Good job.
Good job.
All right.
Let's do this.
Your weight is now 540.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll take it.
Yes, sir.
Jess, your weight is now 285.
Hold up.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Listen to David.
Jessica's insecurity levels are pretty high.
She's not very confident in herself.
So we lost a pound of fat, but we gained a pound of muscle.
We're still progressing, right? She really needs to figure out that she can do this.
Don't let that bother you.
You trust me? You didn't gain a pound, right? Every pound.
We'll take every pound.
- Good morning, Ricky.
- Morning.
How you doing? Good to see you.
Mark Jones.
- All right.
- Pleasure.
Thank you.
"I feel like I caused my mom's death.
" Is that what you wrote? Tell me about that.
My mom was real sick with her diabetes, her lupus, and it was a week before Thanksgiving, and, you know, I took her up the stairs, helped her up there, and put her in the bed, and the next day, you know, I looked at her face, and she was blue, blue.
Ricky Wayne has struggled with emotional ups and downs, and it is a problem with unresolved issues.
How do you think you caused your mom's death? If I'd have left her in the chair, she'd have still been alive.
I see.
Thought I'd have longer with her.
That guilt over his mother depressed him, and as a result, he went to food to medicate it and feel better about himself.
Let the self-hatred go.
Let the guilt go, the self-punishment.
[Sobbing] I can't.
Yes, you can.
There you go.
Cry it out.
It was just like a part of me was gone.
I think that's a major part of my problem.
I can't get past that.
What's up, Ricky? You know the first thing I look for when I'm trying today I do not give a [Bleep] About any of this today.
- Okay.
- I fucking don't.
- Do you care about yourself? - I don't care about myself.
You what I could do right now? I could take a fucking knife and stick it in my eye, because I just don't fucking care.
Just leave me alone.
Leave me alone! Just leave me alone.
Leave me alone! If that's what you want, then that's what you're gonna get.
I don't care.
I don't care about your muscles.
I don't care.
I don't give a fuck.
Just get out of my face.
I want to be left alone! Ricky Wayne, I mean, one day, this guy is the happiest man on the face of the planet.
Then, the next day, he's a completely different person.
I just need some time today just to sort some stuff out, and I don't want to Ricky is vocal.
He has ups and downs, and they are quick.
I think that has a lot to do with what emotionally is going on for him.
You go take some time by walking around, taking a walk or on the treadmill, and you can still just be alone.
I need you to show the rest of the team that you're still willing to work, even if it's on your own, okay? Okay.
I think that Ricky overreacted.
He's used to always having things his way.
You will feel so much better.
After you do that workout, you can go cry.
We'll go cry together.
You can go cry in your room.
But that workout is more important, I'm telling you, than anything.
I know.
You know, I had to tell him that it wasn't all about him, that it was about us doing it together as a team.
[Breathing heavily] - Mm-hmm.
Don't stop.
I want to stop.
I want to stop.
Don't stop.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry for this morning.
I won't ever let you down again.
I promise.
All right.
We're gonna do this together.
[Line trilling] Hello? - Hey.
- Hey.
How are things going? Well, they're going good.
Going good.
Just trying to [laughs] Really? - You there? - Yeah.
Don't get upset.
It's all right.
- My grandmother was about 40-something when she was diagnosed with diabetes and died at 58.
She had a diabetic stroke, and all she could say was, "I love you," and, "help me.
" I'm not going through that with him.
I love you, baby.
I miss you.
Miss you too.
[Sobbing] Fighting us with diabetes.
I hate that.
The sooner I can get this over with and focus on me and get me accomplished, you know, the better my family can be.
- Guess what.
- What? - You got your swim trunks on? - No, but can I swim? - Doctor released you.
- No way.
For real? - Uh-huh.
[Laughter] Big moment for us has been him getting in the pool.
Oh, it's so on right now.
Are you ready to go? Yeah? Whoo, I got goosebumps.
Look at that.
He had some issues with his leg.
He couldn't get in the pool, which was what he was most excited about.
Oh, my God.
Thank you so much.
[Yells] When he got the opportunity to finally go to the pool, it was like angels were shining on him or something.
Pace yourself.
You got it.
I'm really more motivated now.
Hook that arm, Rick.
Hook that arm.
There's so much that got taken away from talking with the therapist, and I think I've needed that for so long.
Pull that body through that water.
There you go.
I see it now.
I see that I can accomplish this.
I'm just getting the help I need.
There you go, baby.
Touch that wall.
Hello, hello.
Ricky Wayne, your weight is 528.
- Whoo.
- 528.
I lost 12 more pounds.
It was just kind of a shock.
I can start telling the difference in how I feel.
29 more pounds and I'll be under 500, so I know it's doable in the next two weeks.
And your weight today is 281.
- I know I worked hard.
- You damn sure did.
- I worked hard for that.
- There you go.
There you go.
Is seeing results, but her results are slow.
"Lose it" on three.
Ready? One, two, three.
All: Lose it! And I think that Jessica really, really needs to step it up.
Okay, hop on.
I'm gonna be in there.
Was very nervous about doing the exercises again in the pool, because I actually had to not have my feet on the ground.
Ready? - I can't do it.
- You can do it.
You can do it.
I can float and be on top of the water and doggy paddle but not actually really swim.
- Let's free style.
- Free style.
Free style swim.
I've always had that fear of drowning.
So jump, slide, and pull away.
And back to the ground.
Catch your bearings and again.
To be 28 and just learn how to swim, that's pretty crazy to me, but it was liberating.
There you go.
Pull yourself.
Pull yourself through that water.
David made me feel comfortable, and I'm really proud of myself to actually finish.
That felt good.
I'm proud of myself.
That's what I'm talking about.
Any time I have any emotion, that's the first thing that I head to, is that big white box in my kitchen.
I've definitely learned a lot of stuff about myself being with the therapist.
I've got to talk about things that I never would have told anyone.
I love my mom, but she chose other things in her life besides me.
Besides you.
It was very hard for me to talk about some things that have taken place.
- So one of mom's ex-boyfriends - my uncle.
- Molested you at what age? I was ten.
Nine, ten.
You think that someone so evil should never get forgiveness, but that's how you let go.
Because you have to forgive them and forgive yourself for holding that so long, holding you back from everything that you've missed out on.
Very good job.
Keep it going.
Get your abs in.
Ten! - Nine, eight, seven.
- [Sobbing] It's been a struggle this past few weeks, but it's like everything has totally changed for me.
My stamina's gotten better.
I'm stronger.
Challenge yourself so I can help you.
There we go.
My energy level has gone up tremendously.
- Come on.
- [Yelling] 16, 17, 18, 19, 20.
Five, four.
Finish your workout.
Finish strong.
- 18, 19, 20! - Good job.
Jessica is at the point right now where she's giving 200%.
And give your 15! Come on, Jessica.
Be strong.
I don't think I could have done it without having a partner.
We do push each other, and sometimes he challenges me and tries to show off a little bit, and I have to show him up, but, you know, he's been great.
And that is some work.
I would have never imagined me accomplishing what I have accomplished.
I'm very proud of myself.
Good job.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Good job.
[Laughs] - Hey.
- Hey, Jessica.
Hey, y'all.
- How's it going? - I feel good this morning.
Nothing's hurting, so [Laughs] So, Jessica, your original weight was 289.
And today, let's see where you are.
Step up.
Jessica, you're at 272.
- Another six pounds.
- Holy cow.
[Laughs] In a week's time, I've never lost six pounds, so it being just half a week, just Wednesday, freaking amazing to me.
Thanks for pushing me when I needed you to push.
Group hug.
Group hug.
I'm proud, and I'm definitely taking that, running with it.
Hey, hey.
When you came to us, you were originally at 555.
Let's see where you are today.
507, baby.
[Cheering] Yeah! Again.
You did it again.
I lost seven more pounds this week, which I was really surprised, and I've been kind of freaking out a little bit.
- Is that a 50-pounder? Is that all the weight on him? Try to put that back on you, on your body, and chug it around? - Holding the 50-pound weight, it was just kind of surreal how that was all over my body.
- That's pretty awesome.
- Never again.
I am nervous about going home.
You know, being here, I haven't had to worry about bills and everyday life.
Jessica is facing balancing kids, finances, and a husband with diabetes.
She has to look in the mirror and say, "I'm worth it, and I deserve more time.
" I'm scared of going home, 'cause I know there's gonna be times when I go out with family and friends they're not all gonna want to eat healthy.
My fear for Ricky is that the moment he leaves here, he'll go back to exactly what he was doing before.
He has a lot of mental problems that need to be ironed out, and I am concerned he is going to fail.
And you get up every day, and you go to the gym, and you be proud of what you do.
I'm gonna miss you.
[Sobbing] - What's up? - Dude.
- Hey.
- Uncle Bubba! Man, look at you, son.
You look so good.
Oh, I'm proud of you.
Man, look at uncle bubba.
- See my pants? - Yeah, I see your pants.
Holy crap.
Look at this, Ricky Wayne.
I lost 48 1/2 pounds.
How you feel, though? I'll show you how great I feel.
You know, the best thing you can do, they were telling us, when you go grocery shopping, stay out of the middle.
Just everything that you need, that your body needs, is on the outside perimeter.
What I'll do is, I'll make my own stuff.
That's not too healthy.
- It's on the outside.
- No, buddy.
Morbid obesity is not a laughing matter.
Ricky has family that love him and support him.
Sometimes it's not always the right kind of support.
At home, Ricky will face his enablers.
It's good to be home.
Hey, Jess.
How are you? Hey.
How are you? Good.
You sore? - Yes.
- Good workout yesterday? - Oh.
- 263.
- How does that feel? - Awesome.
Me being home, being put back into reality, that was the hard part for me.
Get in the room.
Get in the room.
[Whining] You can watch mommy in a minute through the window.
[Crying] Jessica's struggle with a healthy lifestyle, I think she still has to deal with things day to day that maybe most people really wouldn't want to have to deal with.
[Panting] Isabelle, we're not gonna go do anything if you don't go back in there.
[Crying] Isabelle, mommy has to finish.
Come on.
[Crying] - Keep pushing, okay? - Mm-hmm.
Reach down and go get it.
Like, every time I go into a workout, I have this, like, major anxiety.
Oh, God.
Keep going.
[Sobbing] Every day is a fight.
The result wasn't what I wanted to see.
I mean, I feel like I'm giving my all, but now I'll have to push harder.
[Sobbing] Think they got those thought they had 'em around here.
Maybe I'm in the wrong aisle.
- Hey.
- Hey, Britney.
It's me, Ricky.
I'm having some trouble here.
I'm trying to decide whether to get some lunchmeat that's 60 calories with 15 calories of fat, but it has 390 milligrams of sodium.
Ricky, he has a fear of eating.
He has a fear of overeating.
He has a fear of not eating the right things.
I'll ask the dietician, but I would go to the less sodium.
I think he is overwhelmed, and typically, what that can stem to is some kind of binge.
It's hard, because having an eating disorder, that temptation is always gonna be there no matter what.
It's, like, you know, being a drug addict or alcoholic.
You can live without alcohol.
You can live without the drugs, but you cannot survive without food.
[Sighs] Try not to lock your knees up, and work just a little rock.
Last set.
It's extremely hard.
You know, I have a ways to go.
Come on, Jess.
But you just have to have to the want to you have to grab a hold of it and not let go of it.
I'm happy with that.
I'm not gonna stress about it.
Stress is out the window.
Jessica has developed into this just entirely new personality and new outlook on life.
I'm gonna let you lead me.
I'm gonna get behind you.
The past week has been so much better.
It's been a lot helpful since the kids have been back at school.
Reach down and go get it.
Doing good.
- Whoo-hoo.
Four pounds.
Heck yeah.
Her weight loss has been slow, steady, realistic.
- Oh, God.
- Good.
It's great hard work.
To the monkey bars over there.
It's a big accomplishment for me to get down to where I'm at now.
There you go.
The fat is going away, but the skin is not.
I mean, I can actually pull on it.
It's very uncomfortable.
Morbidly obese people can lose weight very rapidly, but they start to accumulate extra skin.
It's annoying having skin there, and Jessica's extra skin, that certainly limited her physical activity.
I want to see it gone.
I'm gonna go to the doctor.
What is mommy gonna have done? - Belly.
- Yes.
So you get to run faster.
Mommy will way run faster.
[Beeping sounds] Arrival pack.
Of course, the card for spa sandals.
The activity schedule.
Ricky Wayne had to return to the facility.
He was having a hard time learning the right food choices to make, what to put in his stomach, how to actually prepare it.
We'll have to show him some more of these tools over the course of a longer period of time.
I'm gonna take the stairs if you don't mind and of course not.
His family environment has definitely affected what he thought he was capable of.
I think he needed more support and help and more education.
I don't think he was ready to go home.
I feel like I'm in kindergarten all over again, learning how to color in the lines.
Sometimes I get out of the lines.
This is Ricky Wayne's last chance at a new lifestyle change.
Yay, I'm home.
It's a lot of different emotion going on, you know? Scared, excitement.
There's no turning back now, but whatever it takes to get me better.
[Heavy breathing] How many more you got with good form? - I can go to 15.
- All right.
When Ricky got back to the facility, he was at a complete halt, but he really went for it.
He did not hold back.
Your weight today is 479.
- Ricky is doing great in the losing-weight department.
We got you at 464.
Yeah I feel like a million dollars.
I'm happy with how everything's going.
I've got tons of energy, endurance.
My body's changing so much that I just thought, "I look better.
I feel better, so, you know, let's change up the hair.
" Beautiful.
Now take that knee deeper.
Strong wire.
[Breathing heavily] I really hope, this time, that he does take with him the tools that are necessary for him to become successful in life, 'cause it's critical.
It's critical at this point, because he's had more help than anyone else.
It's either sink or swim, live or die.
I do think I'm more prepared, but, you know, in the end, it is a constant battle.
It's an everyday thing, and I have to be on guard, you know, at all times.
Ricky Wayne spent most of the time in this program in a controlled environment.
He's already gone home once and had to come back.
Oh, man.
Made a big, huge sign in the front yard.
It says, "congratulations, Ricky Wayne.
" He has to show that all the help has been all worth it.
This is his last chance to make a true lifestyle change.
Hey, everybody.
I'm home.
[Cheers and applause] It's gonna be a real challenge, but I am home.
I got four more weeks till the final weigh-in, four weeks of hard training.
I'm ready to get started.
Hey, girl.
How are you? - Hey, it's going.
- Look at you.
You look so good.
- We're at that last-month mark, testing where their habits lie.
Can they, without the weigh-ins, the check-ins, can they make it this month really relying on the knowledge and the tools that we've given them to really keep pressing forward? I'm trying to keep that concept out of my mind of starting over.
I'm very proud of myself, but as far as the workouts, I want to be able to really push myself, and I know I have a ways to go.
The real challenge for Jessica will be, when things get hard in life, how does she climb that mountain on her own? It's a little scary to implement healthy living in everyday life with my kids and my husband and just being the mom that I should have been.
With the journey that she's been on, the way she's been able to prevail over the obstacles that she never thought she would ever do, I hope that the tools she's been given, the assistance she's been given has been enough.
- [Grunting] - There you go.
Two, three.
Ricky has had some fallbacks.
This 30 days will be a real challenge for him to find balance.
The step forward that they take this month is on their own.
- The final weigh-in is right around the corner.
They have to be ready to get everything out of this that they can.
Come on, Ricky.
Make it hurt.
- Whoa.
Look at you.
- Oh, my God.
[Laughs] Yeah.
So what do you think are the biggest challenges that you faced after leaving the facility and going home? It was a little bit of a a little shock.
When I was at home, I was like, "what now?" It was definitely not easy.
A lot of tears, and a lot of sweat, and a lot of pain.
So let's see what we got today.
This is the moment of truth.
All right Jess.
Step on.
This is the moment we've all been waiting for.
- You started at 289.
- 289.
- What was the prediction? - She gave us 60 to 70 pounds.
Today you weigh 217, which is 72 pounds.
- 72 pounds! Yes! - Holy [Bleep].
72 pounds of hard work at home.
Y'all are the ones that sat there and said I had the fight in me, and I stuck that in my head.
Thank you.
Losing 72 pounds, that is the biggest thing I have ever done.
Love you guys.
[Laughs] I'm more outgoing, more outspoken, more confident.
I even feel sexy now, and that's amazing.
I've never really felt that before.
Why, hello, stud.
- Look at you.
- Thank you.
How you doing? Kidding me? - You all right? - [Laughs] How do you feel, man? You're looking good.
If you could take every positive word in the dictionary, that's how I feel.
You have an amazing change.
We can see it.
You can see it.
Step right on for me.
Ricky, 555.
5 pounds was your original starting weight when you came to see us.
You are at 427.
8 today.
You're 127.
7 pounds lighter.
[Laughs] - Group hug.
- Oh, God.
[Yells] Yeah! [Both yelling] That's what I'm talking about.
You were at 555.
5 pounds.
Would you say that's heavy? Dude, "heavy" is not the word for that.
That's, like, tonnage right there.
That's tonnage.
Would you ever want to go back to that place? Hell, no.
I have an addiction.
I'll have it all my life, but I've got I don't call 'em tools.
I call 'em weapons.
Battle the war, you know.
I'm gonna keep doing it.
This is good.
T's been life-changing, life-saving.
I've prayed all my life for this, for just a chance.
This might give me a second chance.
That's all it takes.
Oh, my God.
You look so amazing.
[Laughs] When you go through this rocky road of emotions, it's very important that you have that person to share that with.
Me and Ricky Wayne, we will never give up on each other.
You look awesome.
Look at you.
Me and Jessica, we're gonna be we're friends for life.
We're bonded.
We're family.
Wonder twins.
Freaking no limits.
- Heck yeah.
- [Laughs] We're gonna run the mile and a half.
It's gonna have to be less than 21 minutes.
I've decided to join the police academy.
I have my interview today and also my physical test.
Give me a straight line right here.
The old me was a person that was always afraid of everything, always hid behind everyone and anything.
This has been a life-changing experience for me.
I know I still have a ways to go, but I'm very proud of myself.
I never would have thought that I would go from being a person that sat behind a desk all day to somebody that's very active.
This is for me and my children.
I'm not letting anything hold me back.
Proud of what I've accomplished, and I'm actually seeing the world through different eyes.
We'll have you out here every time we get one of these stuck.
We'll have you push it out.
How's that? My mobility now compared to six months ago is actually, I'm more of a rabbit now than a turtle.
Are you ready to try swimming underwater? Yes, ma'am.
Right now, I'm just focused on me and just kind of, you know, taking it day by day.
Six months ago, I was basically heading down a dead-end path.
Didn't put much value towards my life.
Now how I look on life is tremendously positive.
I have a better quality of life.
Come on, push it.
You still got one more lap to go.
This is what your body is made for.
Your body needs to know that you are alive.
I'm definitely doing that.
I'm letting my body know that it's alive.
You know, six months ago, I was sitting in front of a computer ten hours a day eating junk food and watching my life go by.
That old person, he's gone.