Heavy (2011) s01e05 Episode Script

Kevin ~ Flor

You cannot carry that amount of weight around very long and sustain it at 600 pounds not possible.
He's taking in extreme amounts of calories.
Sometimes, I don't know what's too much.
No matter what the situation is, I'm gonna eat.
With my first child, I gained 100 pounds.
My eating affects everybody in my family.
Are you taking any medications? They found that I had diabetes.
You have children.
If you intend to be around for them, I think you need to do something right now.
And if I were to die, my kids would probably end up like me or worse.
When you say "justify," Kevin he's the epitome of justification.
There's another one in here, Kevin! I promise you, I did not buy 'em.
Flor her whole family is overweight, obese We are enabling ourselves.
So changing traditions for this family big deal right now.
What each individual here is gonna have to do is give in.
You're here for your family.
You're here for your kids.
You're here for your life.
We're here to make a change.
Let's go.
Every morning when I have to put on tennis shoes, this is what I have to do.
I can't bend down, so I have to keep this stool here.
Once I lose some weight, I'm really looking forward to be able to tie my shoes.
This is what 318 pounds has done to me.
This is what it looks like when you allow food to take over your body.
I'm working full-time and going part-time to school.
Get your feet off there.
My husband helps me out a lot.
By the time I get home, he's already started dinner.
I was 40 when we got married, so I was just looking for somebody that would be a good companion for me, and so weight's never really been an issue for I don't guess for either one of us.
She's been through a lot and things that just would cause somebody to go into depressions and overeat.
After my parents divorced when I was one, my mom came to the U.
To live with her parents.
She would call me fat, and "you're just so fat," and, "stop eating.
" After so much being told that, "you're fat, you're fat," it's, "okay, so I am.
" I had three children with my first husband.
Within the nine months that I was pregnant with my first daughter, I gained 100 pounds.
How can a woman gain 100 pounds in pregnancy? After I had my other two children, I just couldn't keep the weight off.
Those thoughts of how I didn't make my marriage work, about how a horrible a mother I am because I don't spend a lot of time with my kids because I'm always working, every time I would feel like that, I just ran to food.
That was my comfort.
Big Kev is all they always called me, big Kev.
That's the name that kind of went from I guess High School to now big Kev.
I like food.
I like to eat it.
Here you go, man.
I don't know sometimes, I don't know when to stop or I don't know what's too much.
Depending on how hungry he is, Kevin may eat two plates or three.
Ah, ah.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Slow down.
Slow down.
You just can't be stuffing all that in your mouth.
My eating affects everybody in my family.
My obesity affects everybody in my family.
I realize that I'm gonna put my kids on the same track I'm on.
My earliest memory of being overweight was probably around 14, 15.
My mother started saying things like, "well, it's getting hard to find you clothes.
" Once I got married, I picked up a lot of weight.
And the test said I was very healthy I have two young kids and a teenager who I'm raising he's my nephew.
My daughter says, you know, she wants me to teach her how to play basketball, and my son, he's getting more active, and he likes to run around and Throw it.
Throw her the ball.
I want my family to do things that everybody else's family does.
They should have the father that's fit enough to enjoy life.
Okay, is that first down? Yep.
We went through all types of, you know, weight-loss programs.
I tried to motivate him by making him walk with me or exercising with me.
But I don't think Kevin really saw himself as being overweight, as being obese, but it's taken a toll on him.
You want some pizza? Move over some, Carvey.
Right there.
I'm a middle school teacher.
I'm a coach as well.
Football and basketball.
We gonna do what? Block him.
We gonna stay with him till he comes back.
I don't want to fail my kids as a coach, you know, or fail myself as a person.
I love my family, and I want to be here with them.
- Jerry, do you want a piece? - Yes.
I think as a family, we say, "yeah, you can have that twinkie.
" I'll just take the other half.
Hand me the ranch? We need to find ways to lose weight and be able to learn how to do meals.
I want to learn how to teach my kids.
Me and George have started thinking about having another child, which the kids are excited about.
The only way that can happen, according to my doctor, is, I go down to 240 pounds.
I really need to be healthy.
The last time I went to the doctor, they found that I had diabetes, so it's not something I'm looking forward to.
Hey, you don't want to put extra pounds on there.
Are you taking any medications? Now take a big breath in and out for me.
Flor is short and heavy, with diabetes and sleep apnea.
I mean, she's at risk.
Her husband's considerably heavier than she is, 466 pounds.
They're probably bouncing their bad behavior off each other a little bit.
When you have a partner who's obese as well, particularly if the partner is doing the cooking, that's sort of reinforcement for the wrong things, so I don't see her making progress independent of him, not from what it sounds like.
You already have diabetes, which is fairly recently diagnosed in your case.
It can lead to renal failure, soft-tissue infections.
People get amputations because of it.
The obesity is likely to cause other medical problems, for instance, heart attack and strokes.
It's just like a slap in the face.
I don't want the next thing to come with this to be that I have a heart attack.
When I found out I had diabetes and I went to the emergency room, they checked me in, and I think I went into, like, a semicoma for about a week.
Oh, wow, I'm getting nervous now.
What was it? Is it high? It's 191 over 103.
- That's high today.
- That is high.
596 pounds is that correct? So you've put on about 300 since High School? Yeah.
Oh, yeah.
Do you do more than one plate when you eat dinner? Um, once upon a time, I did, but lately So where are all of these calories coming from? He's taking in extreme amounts of calories, even though he won't really admit to that.
Step up here first.
- Can you get up on that okay? - Yeah.
You cannot carry that amount of weight around very long and sustain it at 600 pounds not possible.
You should not have, at 39 years of age, high blood pressure.
You should not have type two diabetes or sleep apnea.
- You have young children? - Mm-hmm.
I think if you intend to be around for them, you're gonna have to get your weight down.
It's as simple as that.
I think you're taking in a lot more than you realize you are.
I mean, I love my children, and I and I want to be there for as long as I can.
And I don't want my kids to live in fear of their dad dying like that.
I'm ready to lose this weight.
It's time for me to take the rest of my life back for me and my family.
It's been a cycle of pregnancies and then a cycle of stress.
I love you too.
I need to enjoy my kids.
And if I were to die, my kids would probably end up like me or worse.
It's time.
It's time for me, at least, to take control of my life.
I know it's not a competition, but I just want to make something good of this opportunity.
I am very nervous.
I don't even know what I'm getting into.
Let me just show you around through the grounds a little bit.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
It's a beautiful area.
You are welcome to use our hyrdo-bikes, which are right here.
They're kind of like bicycles on pontoons.
This is comfy.
- David Richardson.
- Kevin Jackson.
Kevin Jackson, nice to meet you.
How you doing, Mr.
Richardson? - Hi.
Are you flor? - Yes, ma'am.
I'm Britny.
First week is gonna feel like boot camp to these bodies coming in.
Nobody's fully prepared.
And I do have to ask one real good, pertinent question.
What's that? Do you have any food with you today? No.
During the first month, the controlled environment's gonna be very strict.
We gonna be taking away any snacks, any foods, anything that would unfocus them from what they are here for.
Is this your bag? Yeah.
Do you mind if I go ahead and check through it at all? Go ahead.
I can't find any food in here? - No.
- Okay.
Man, it came out of my classroom.
I promise you, I did not buy 'em.
There should be another one in there, 'cause I didn't eat 'em.
There is another one in there? There should be another one in there.
Please don't tell me there's another one in there, Kevin.
There's another one in here, Kevin! I purchased those things before I even got here.
Kevin, you want to live? You love your family? Yes, I do.
- You love your kids? - Yes, I do.
Don't lie to me.
He tried to lie.
So I had to make a point.
Well, let's go with me real quick.
- All right.
- Come on down.
We're gonna speed-walk a little bit.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Come on, truck it.
What you got for me? I thought you were here.
I thought you were ready for this.
No more candy.
No more chocolate.
You're here for your family.
You're here for your kids.
You're here for your life.
We're here to make a change.
Let's go.
There you go.
Come on, come on.
What did you tell me you were here for? - To live.
- What else? - I love my children.
- What else? I love my family, and I want to live.
There you go.
- Whoo! - What's up, Mr.
Kev? - Unison! - Hey, hey, how you doing? - How you doing? - We're in sync in here.
All right, you all ready to rock? Just to loosen 'em up right here.
With Kevin and flor, this is an opportunity to have someone there to root you on and for them to root the other person on.
Really make 'em tight.
Give me abs.
Give me abs.
Give me abs.
Give me abs.
Bring it down.
I heard about Kevin first, through David, so I was like, "this guy's gonna be trouble.
" For all the reasons that you wanted, push.
Oh! 20.
The first time working out with him, he's been, "ill try.
I'll try.
" Can you give me eight more? Yeah, I'll try.
Definitely encouraging that he's not gonna say no.
I hope that it's getting into his head that he wants to do this.
Come on, push.
The first workout with flor, I could definitely tell that she had a lot of spunk to her.
One, two.
Up on your toes.
She knew that it was gonna take a lot of work.
She may not have the stamina, but she definitely had the heart.
Heart rate got up there a little bit, huh? How are you feeling? Not good? Okay.
Nice, deep breaths.
The muscle burn, the heart rate spiking there's gonna be a lot of pain the first week and they're gonna have to get their bodies to where they can do this.
At least you got a good, awesome workout in before you actually let it loose.
You're so close.
You're so close.
Five, six.
Don't stop, don't stop.
There you go.
Abs in.
Push up.
Come on down and back up.
The first two days, all I did was puke.
It was scary.
Kick, kick, kick, kick.
All the way, all the way, all the way.
Come on.
Get to this wall.
Get to this wall.
Those first days had me ready to jump out the damn gate and get away from here.
Come on.
So I was like, "what in the hell have I gotten myself into?" Ten.
Keep going.
Five more.
Five And halibut and green bean.
Are you allergic? I just don't eat it.
There you go.
Look at that.
The food situation all that [Bleep]'S got to get straightened up, because we doing these hellified workouts here and we basically we're running on nothing.
They're not on a starvation diet.
They were used to eating 10,000 calories a day at home.
So certainly, it may feel like deprivation, but in reality, they are getting a healthy, balanced menu.
So we've got six.
Now take ownership.
Count it.
It wasn't easy putting the weight on.
It's not going to be easy taking it off.
But we're going down the right path.
- All right.
- All right? Let's keep it going.
Come on, miss flor.
- 3 pounds.
- Yes! - That's a solid 3 pounds.
- Yes! I think they're gonna be bigger than yours.
Look at that.
Kevin, let's see what you got.
Today, 576.
That gave me a very good feeling, chip away at it bit by bit and piece by piece.
- Good job.
- Appreciate it.
Why don't you just tell me more about yourself, of what negative experiences you've had in life.
In our family, you just don't talk about things.
So the first thing that comes to your mind.
My stepfather molesting me.
I was probably, like, in Maybe fourth grade.
- Fourth grade? - Yeah.
I never told my mom during that time.
I didn't know that I could just say something and make it stop.
I've said to myself, "you ruined my childhood.
You're not gonna do this to my adulthood," and yet he did.
When a child is abused, it ruins them, and it affects the way they see themselves.
She would just self-medicate it, which led her to food, because that's what she was in control of.
You'll feel better.
I'm glad.
I feel relieved.
I'm just gonna use that to encourage me to accomplish what I need to do.
Sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint, sprint.
9:42, 9:43.
Sprint, sprint.
You know, I love myself, and I had forgotten about that, and I think that's why I've gained so much weight.
Flor, he's catching you, flor.
Let's go, flor.
Let's go! I put it to, "oh, it's because I've had kids," or, "oh, it's because of this or because of that.
" It's just, somewhere in my life, I've lost me.
You got it, flor.
I know you do.
Seven, eight.
Oh, my goodness.
Every day, it's a challenge.
Five, six, seven.
My goal was to lose at least 20 pounds every month, and I can see myself doing that.
Ha! Yes.
- Ha! - Yes, sir.
Good job, good job, good job.
So todayStep on.
Let's see your weight.
- 297.
- Good job, flor.
I'm finally out of the 300s.
I feel so much better.
I'm accomplishing so much.
Very good job.
Okay, Kevin, let's have you step on.
- 560.
- I got my goal.
- You got your goal, man.
- I got it.
- You got your goal.
- I got it.
I'm seeing some good, positive results when I hit that scale.
I feel good.
I just can't explain it.
- Your goal, man.
- Yeah! Four, three, two, one.
- Good job.
- Oh, my goodness.
Good job.
Good job, Kev.
Come on down.
Let's talk, guys.
Let's talk.
Y'all did work really, really hard, and we're very proud of you.
So we're gonna have you take an option of a reward.
All right, flor, you can have a movie or a phone call home.
Which one would you like? Good.
My husband, he said, "first time you get "a chance to call, call me.
" And I chose not to call.
You gotta you gotta be a little selfish right now, 'cause in order for you to even be there for your family, you got to help yourself first.
So there's nothing wrong with that.
Head and chest up.
Eight, seven.
These 30 days are to focus on me.
Thinking of being back at home started to get overwhelming.
I'm not going back to that mentality.
Slow, slow, slow.
Flor is dealing with a lot from her past.
She's dealing with a lot from her present.
Two One.
I really hope that she can get it together before it's too late.
It is a lot of pressure, because if I don't get healthy, I could die.
16, 15, 14 Pump those arms.
Pump those arms.
There you go.
Get up on those toes too when you get up.
Pull that water.
Pull it.
You're gonna get somewhere.
Pull! Whoo! Y'all are looking good.
Two more.
14 I know it's burning.
Don't stop.
Come on.
It's incredible to see the transformation that Flor's doing right now.
Four more.
Four more, flor.
22 Her stamina is really starting to come along.
I want to do the bike again.
I'm afraid to touch the water, because there might be snakes.
The talk with the counselor helped me a lot.
15, 16.
There you go, flor.
Gut it out.
This is my time.
It's not something I'm gonna get ever again.
Really want to control that breathing.
Flor is on it.
Flor is killing it.
Okay, guess what? What? - We're going back up.
- All right.
But, um, Kevin gets really tired and emotional.
Another one, for ten.
When he first started, he would work out really hard.
Oh, man! It burns.
Right now, his workouts are going down.
You don't think you're gonna eat tonight? Kevin is breaking down from the types of food he's having to eat, and he's letting it bother him.
Oh, my God.
Maybe I am breaking down a little bit.
Maybe I am cracking up a little bit.
You know, I'm got a lot weighing on my mind right now.
I don't care about the reasons.
I don't care about the excuses.
What I care about is the success.
Weight loss is not just about physical weight loss.
It's about weight loss that's internal, resolving everything in your past that could be a hindrance to you.
- I lost two sons.
- Two sons? Two sons.
So you lost two children.
- Mm-hmm.
- Tell me about that.
My wife called me.
She told me something was going on with her.
She was in labor, and I was like, "well, it's too early to be in labor.
" Unfortunately, a few days later, he was born and died.
Two weeks later, the second one came, and he died.
A long time, she blamed me.
- Who blamed you? - My wife.
She thought I hated her for losing the boy.
She thought you hated her? 'Cause I didn't say anything.
But the truth is, I didn't know what to say.
One of Kevin's greatest challenges is that he stays distant.
I didn't know I didn't know what to say.
I didn't know what to do.
Creates frustration, anger, and he gets overwhelmed, and then he goes and eats, and I believe that's Kevin's main issue.
I had a talk with the therapist today.
I'm just trying my best to maintain my sanity and take it day by day.
Come on, Kev.
Come on, Kev.
Plow through.
Plow through.
The workouts this week definitely have been difficult.
Oh, these are the easy ones.
I can't expect a miracle in 30 days.
Nice! You are at 290.
- Yes.
- Whoo-hoo! Good job.
Okay, you are at 552.
2 pounds.
Do you think you've done everything it takes to move forward? Yeah.
Do you feel like you've cheated in any type of way? No.
Then you have nothing to be worried about.
He said to me that he did everything at full speed and, you know, didn't miss a beat.
That wasn't the truth.
Hey, guys, we're gonna go ahead and check everybody's room right now.
Uh, we'll start with you, Kev.
There's a rumor that a couple of the subjects are eating other people's food.
If it's true, I'm gonna be highly upset.
- Kevin, you got any contraband? - No.
- What's this? - That's steak.
That was part of my dinner.
- Steak? - Yes.
And I thought I could save it for later, maybe eat it later on.
Kevin definitely has an addiction to food.
What about these? Those aren't mine.
- Whose are they? - I don't know.
He's an addict.
An addict is an individual who becomes super manipulative to get what they want.
I go in that gym, and I go hard every time I go into that gym.
I'm not taking nothing off no bar.
I haven't even been getting my salad.
I haven't even been asking for the vegetables.
Today I ate those are the biggest things we need.
It's hard to eat the food, and the salad has gotten on my nerves.
It just sounds like crap to me.
We're talking about an individual that, when you say "justify," he's the epitome of justification.
Can you get the steamed veggies? Steamed veggies? If he doesn't get his mind right and stop these justifications, he's gonna have some problems.
There you go.
Pace it, pace it.
Pace it, pace it, pace it.
You can do it.
Flor, you can do it.
Let's go.
Mountain climbers.
There you go.
I hadn't thought about my schedule in three weeks.
Good job, flor.
Keep it up.
When we got to the training today, I started thinking, "what am I gonna do when I get home?" You got to be able to push yourselves when you're at home.
No one in your family needs you more than you.
I went in with 100 things going through my head, and the trainers noticed right away.
Let's start fresh.
Okay? We're gonna start fresh.
This is where we got to dig the deepest.
When everybody is at home that's gonna be trying to get mom to do this, mom to do that, that's when you got to dig the deepest and say, "no, guys.
I need to finish my workout.
" This is what it's gonna take right here.
"I'm not gonna stop.
My time is not up.
I'm not gonna quit.
" Yes, yes, yes.
Kevin's making progress.
He's starting to open his eyes a little, which is really exciting.
As time goes on, my attitude gets better, because I know why I'm here: Man, I'm not gonna live much longer if I don't get this weight under control.
Very good job.
Keep it going.
Come on, baby.
Come on.
I'm surprising myself in the ability that I have, the power that I have in my body.
I'm changing, physically and mentally.
You sure you want to do this? Yes.
Just do it.
So I've decided my hair has to start all over again.
So you want to be a trendsetter.
No, I just want to be me.
Well, you about to be you.
It feels Like I don't have anything.
You don't.
It feels like relief.
Come on.
Let's see.
Yeah! All right! Hey, hey.
Flor Let's see where you are today.
You're now at 287.
So in a month, you've lost 20 pounds.
20 pounds that's a little under a pound per day.
You got be proud of yourself.
Come on.
Hey, Kev.
What's going on? - What are you doing here? - I'm going home.
You're going home.
You know, last week, I was kind of frustrated.
You know, I only lost 2 pounds last week, and I was, like I was really looking forward to busting that 550 mark.
You originally started at 596.
Let's see where you are today.
Yeah-heah! - Yeah.
- Wow.
You know, 50 pounds in 30 days is is is is a big feat.
Oh, you want to put that back on there? Naw, dude.
Did you want to put that back on there? Naw, I'm just I'm just lifting right now.
Losing weight is not an easy thing, but it's not something that's impossible to do.
See y'all later.
- Bye, Kev.
- Bye, buddy.
Flor has way too much on her plate.
I mean, she has a family.
She has a full-time job.
She's still in school.
Stress is definitely gonna affect her getting up to work out, and she's definitely gonna struggle.
Kevin's lost weight in a controlled environment.
The real issue at hand is still his addiction to food.
Kevin has a lot of weight to lose, and if he doesn't lose it and lose it now, he's gonna run the risk of death.
My family needs to get prepared, because there will be changes.
I don't want to go back to 300 pounds.
There's no way back.
Being secluded for 30 days, I think it was a time to focus on me, time to putting the responsibility back at me.
Oh, my God.
Look how skinny you are.
You're tall.
You're skinny.
You know, 50 pounds in 30 days is a big deal.
I'm not gonna set any goals for myself.
I'm just gonna work out, you know, and do the things I need to do.
Well, come on, Kevin.
Let us see you.
His pants falling down.
- Hey oh! - Hi, daddy.
What are we cooking? This is for the kids, not for you.
Kevin he has issues that he's gonna be dealing with when he goes home.
Pork chops.
All right.
I'm changing things gradually when it comes to my meals.
I really think this is too much, but I'm gonna give it a go.
I don't want to cause so much change to where I get confused.
You can't go cold turkey as soon as you come home after losing 50 pounds.
His addiction cannot take over and stop him from getting progress.
- Daddy.
- Thank you, Jesus.
All right, treadmills.
Always do quick start.
Let's go.
A couple-minute warm-up.
Come on.
One more.
Coming home was an adjustment process for me.
Come on.
- That's it.
Oh! - One more.
When I came back, I was not sure if I could do it.
It was very stressful.
Last one.
There you go.
Trying to make it a lifestyle change, it was a challenge.
No, see, this one's 160 calories with only 8 grams of fat.
How much is that? It's brown rice, and it's natural, and it tastes good.
Before I left, we had already decided that we were gonna start eating a lot healthier.
Can I put that right there? Yeah.
Is that good? Am I eating within moderation? Yes.
Am I still eating some of the foods that I ate before? Yeah.
Get some of these, all right? That's it, though.
I'm 39 years old.
I'm not gonna just take everything that I grew up on away from me and go cold turkey.
There's no way in the world I can do that.
Come on, last one.
Flor's schedule is demanding: School, work, family.
Every second in my life is very accounted for, and to me, it's like, "okay, I just need to get through this.
" What was your last weight? - So you still lost off here? - Yes.
All right.
All right, let me ask you a question.
Can a person gain 14 pounds in seven days? I'm taking this seriously.
This is changing my life.
But I got kind of frustrated this week.
The kids at first were, "oh, we're gonna do it, mom," you know, my husband also.
And they don't.
When we go to eat, it's kind of hard.
Why don't you cut it in four pieces? Or three.
Flor's family tradition is eating out, is spending time over food together.
Do you like the brisket, Maggie? I've had a lot of guilt because I take the responsibility that I'm the one who said, "oh, it's cheaper to go get you the burger than it is to cook you a healthy meal.
" Family time is food time.
That has to change for flor to change.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey, how are you? How you doing? How you doing? How you doing? I'm doing good.
And I didn't understand it at first.
I gained, like, 14 pounds.
Was that was that because you were in a different well, it was because we in southeast Texas and it's a lot denser here, the humidity and everything.
You can't fluctuate a few pounds of weight going from one altitude to the other.
I'm not truly convinced that Kevin's 100% committed to this program.
I didn't eat, like, you know, three or four legs of chicken either.
Yeah, you only had They weren't big chicken legs.
Kevin has a lot of excuses.
What is this? That is donuts, and those are not mine.
They're not whose are they? No, they are my nephew's.
I don't think he fully understands that, yeah, there's sacrifice.
You you are accountable, and you wanted help, and you were asking for help.
What's your goal this week? Lose some more weight.
Lose some more weight, lose some more inches, and stay focused.
Nothing is easy right now, you know, 'cause I'm a busy person; I have a lot of different things going on in my life.
But I know that the gym has to be in front of all All right Because if I don't make it to the gym, all of those things that I'm doing and all of those things that I want to do are gonna fall by the wayside at some point.
Let's go, let's go.
I do understand the burden it is to be a coach.
You do have to put a lot into that.
Get it.
But it's gonna be hard to get back to where he wants to be.
Two more.
And if he really wants it, he'll find a way.
Step on up for me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's a good surprise, if anything.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it is.
It a very good surprise.
I really do not like scales.
You know I'm pissed today.
I know.
You think I'm not? Today I want you to write down exactly what you eat, and you're gonna bring it to me each morning.
We are never having a week like this again.
I'm trying to eat the right foods and I'm trying to work out every day.
It took me 20 years to get where I was.
And I always have to be careful what decisions I make, because my kids are watching every step that I make.
The reason that I've been trying to focus on you guys is, I want you guys to be losing weight at the same time so you're not at the point where I've been, where you're afraid to get a heart attack.
It's hard to tell your kids, "you know what, you need to lose weight.
" I'm upset at myself because I haven't gone and made the effort.
So what are you gonna do about it? I'm just gonna try my best to lose the weight.
You have to make an effort of actually working out when we go as a family.
Us doing it together makes a difference for us.
I'm gonna do it no matter if you guys do it or not.
I am.
It's gonna be their choice.
And now my focus has to be me.
Her family is still trying to catch up to her, so will they boost her forward? Or will they pull her back? Come on.
Come on.
Three more.
I need three.
Come on.
Surprise visit.
Hey, guys.
How's it going? What's up, Dave? How you doing, man? What's going on, Kev? Can I get a weigh-in with you real quick? Yeah, come on up.
Okay, so 508.
About a 5-pound gain from two weeks ago, but a 1-pound loss from last week, right? Yeah.
So you're heading back to the right path, but there's a multitude of things that you can still do to keep yourself losing 3 pounds a week.
Even if it's 3 pounds, I know you can do it.
Your body is asking for it.
Come on, Kevin.
21, 20.
I know I have a long way to go.
I'm not about to say, "okay, well, I'm done.
" But I feel like there's something that I can do.
Good, Kevin.
I lift till I can't lift anymore.
I lift till I'm screaming and I almost have to yell.
Don't do that to me today, dog.
- One more.
- Oh! I find that the more weight that I lose, the stronger I get, the more agile I become.
At 492.
How'd you do it, sir? Come on, all the way down.
Having an addiction, having a problem, it's hard.
It's very easy for him to put this weight back on because his body was used to having it.
He just has to lose weight, or he's gonna fail.
Your ball.
You ready? You ready? Use that wrist.
Let it pop.
Make that wrist pop.
I want to try and extend my time as long as I can.
What you want to do is just continue to just lose the weight.
Hey, there you go.
All the way down.
There you go.
Deep lunge.
Come on, Kevin.
This last month is crucial.
I could really see Kevin facing a tremendous amount of challenges.
Good, Kevin.
The biggest one is gonna be his ability to justify.
Come on, Kevin.
Five more.
Flor she doesn't have enough hours in the day.
School, work, kids, herself.
Come on.
All the way up.
Her whole family is overweight, obese, and when somebody isn't going to the gym with her, that holds her back.
And am I gonna be able to control myself, or do I just avoid all my family? One more.
Am I mistake-free? No.
There's now way in the world I'm gonna be mistake-free.
My biggest fear is just gain my weight back and all the hard work I've done, you know, just kind of put it to the wayside.
At the final weigh-in, I want to see very steady progress.
I want to see that scale change, because it should.
I'm about to go and get my final weigh-in.
And I'm nervous.
- Hey, Kev.
- Hey, what's going on? How you doing? I'm doing well.
- Can't complain.
- Doing well, how about you? I mean, I've had my bad days, but I'm finding ways to keep it going, keep the weight loss going.
You were at 596.
You don't really know over the last few weeks where you've been.
Where are you at today? I haven't the foggiest idea.
All right, step on for me.
All right.
Today you're at 507.
And the last time you weighed in, you weighed in at 490 pounds.
So that means there's been about a 17-pound weight gain.
You have a great family that supports you.
You're a role model.
I don't want to see you go backwards.
Kevin has a long way to go, and this is just the beginning.
And I want to see him find more help.
I want to see him admit to himself that he can't just do this on his own.
Get some more off of you, man.
I am.
I am.
Keep it off of you, man.
You deserve it.
I am down 90 pounds.
But I still want to lose more weight, and now I feel like it's something that I can do.
Yeah! Yeah! Look at you.
You were in the facility for a month with us.
But you went home for five months and did this.
It was scary to be here and then to say, "here.
You can fly," you know? It was like, "no, I don't have wings.
" Okay, flor.
Step on the scale.
Final weigh-in here.
Today you are at 242.
8, which is 65.
8 pounds.
8 66 pounds.
Inches lost Hold on to that for me.
- 77 inches.
- 77 inches.
All those inches came out of me.
That's the amount yeah.
I feel very proud of what I've accomplished.
Yeah! I see myself a person that can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.
That's giving my kids their mom back.
This is my opportunity to get my life straight.
Yeah! Six months ago, I was a depressed, overweight person.
I couldn't even tie my shoes.
Now I feel amazed.
I really feel like there's nothing I can't do.
We've actually become very active as a family.
You all right, dad? You okay? They have to understand that it is not an easy journey, but all I can do is set the example at this point.
I'm up here.
I'm up here.
I'm up here.
Come on, come on.
I'm up here.
Everybody is gonna benefit from my weight loss.
The players are gonna benefit because I'm gonna be an even more energetic coach.
Come on, hands out.
Let's go, 40 seconds.
89 pounds is a lot of weight.
No question about it.
Coming down 22% of your extra body weight is a great start, but you got to do better than this.
I want to see you getting thinner, and I want your diabetes to go away.
I am very happy that Kevin has made significant improvement, but he's still got quite a long road ahead of him.
Six months ago, I was beginning to think that maybe I might not make it.
It was a struggle sometimes even to get up out of my bed.
Now it's me, on my own, losing my weight.
You got to keep on going.
You got to keep on striving.
I'm someone's father.
I need to be there for them.
This has become a lifestyle for me.
I feel I have no limits to what I can do.