Heels (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

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Previously on Heels
Right over there, we're
gonna have three people
from the South Georgia
State Fair Commission.
If they like what they see,
about a month from now,
y'all are gonna be performing
for 10,000 folks.
Jack's ego is gonna be
the downfall of the DWL.
Your life ain't so perfect.
And that daughter
you can't fuckin' stand
too bad I wasn't around to pay
for that abortion too.
Tricia's my new valet.
Why are you doing this?
It's nothing personal. It's business.
Now, before we get started,
I got something important I wanna
I have a confession to make.
I been cheatin' on you with Bobby Pin.
You do not get to change things.
Hey! Hey!
Ace has just injured a fellow wrestler.
And that's why I challenge
- Jack and Ace
- Motherfucker.
for the DWL championship belt
in a three-way ladder match.
Willie, we got the fair.
And the score's gone final in St. Louis,
15 to three, the Braves
losing to the Cardinals
for the third night in a row.
We'll send it to Ted in the studio
for all the lowlights from this one
after these message
Yo, do me a favor.
Can you finish up that hallway?
Yeah, yeah, I got it.
Jack wrestled well tonight.
Man, we are losing money.
We are losing so much fuckin' money.
I'm such a fuckin' failure.
You built an incredible place
where so many people find joy.
Not anymore.
It ain't how you played
the game, Willie.
It's the score at the end.
Check the scoreboard, what's it say?
Says I fuckin' lost.
I still struggle with the realization
that I have to integrate the damage
of the mistakes of my former life,
the drinking life,
the things I said and did,
with the day-to-day
good guy living and striving
I got to do now without hating myself.
Because the yearning and the hopeful
and achieving me, knows
all about his mistakes,
still got to do stuff.
Can't be weighed down
constantly so I'm useless.
But my tendency is
to misremember my mistakes
or make like they weren't as impactful
'cause they don't fit
the current mold of me
being a good dude.
Thing is, if I forget them,
diminish them,
if I don't use them as, you know,
fertilizer for a better me,
I'm liable to revert
to the same terrible impulses,
same terrible outcomes.
Have gratitude for your regrets.
They're there to remind you
to be a better version of yourself.
After leader shares,
we have anniversaries.
Today we have one,
and Diane has one year.
- Let's go, Diane!
- Diane, come on!
- Let's go, Diane!
- Yes!
Let's go, Diane! Let's go, Diane!
Let's go, Diane! Let's go, Diane!
Let's go, Diane! Let's go, Diane!
Let's go, Diane!
Hey, Jack, it's Constance Garrity
from the South Georgia
State Fair Commission.
I wanted to get your thoughts
on how we might increase ticket sales
for the appearance of the DWL.
Preshow sales are tracking way behind
from where we were last year
for both "The Houdini Extravaganza"
and the "Second City Circus".
So not to be alarmed,
people do love magic and the circus,
but we'd really like to connect
on how to goose ticket sales,
so when you get a chance,
could you give me a call
so we can scheme?
I'm not worried yet,
but I'm getting there.
Okay, thank you. Have a great day.
This is my song for you ♪
This is my song, little one ♪
- This song is for ♪
- Goddamn keys.
Every single day.
Jack, check your coat out here.
I got these Tile things
so when keys seem lost,
they aren't really.
Hey, come hear my song for Baby Shelby.
Uh, can it-can it wait for tonight?
- I gotta work.
- Well, that'll be the encore
since you're gonna hear it
today at her baptism.
It's on your phone calendar.
There's a barbecue after.
Don't worry, I already got a present.
I gotta meet Willie.
I gotta do a podcast.
Postpone Willie.
I can't. She called in a favor.
Postpone the podcast.
I gotta sell 10,000 tickets
to a state fair,
and I needed to get it done,
like, yesterday.
Dad, wanna practice cornhole?
They're gonna have it at the party.
Uh, you know what, buddy?
I gotta work, but at the party,
you and I are gonna take on
all comers, okay?
- Get it.
- Okay.
Ace is Baby Shelby's godfather.
First song I wrote since
our wedding song, by the way.
I will be there.
I will hear your song,
and I will bite my tongue
when Ace promises to reject the devil
on Baby Shelby's behalf.
Did you pack proper church clothes?
I can't cancel this podcast.
Nice toss, buddy.
This guy Dick Valentino's
coming in from Atlanta.
Podcast has huge numbers.
He'd trash me if I blew him off.
Jack, do what you gotta do.
Just remember,
for the people who love you,
all you really gotta do
is show up on their big days.
Being on time helps,
but blowin' them off doesn't.
Thanks for starting without me.
Sorry, man. I just got a text.
I gotta be elsewhere in about an hour.
- Mm.
- Morning, sir.
- Something to drink?
- Yeah, let me get
a Diet Coke with a lemon, please.
No worries, I have to get back
to a christening, anyway.
Oh, nice, man.
World needs more believers.
I believe that I am building
an independent wrestling promotion
that has no equal.
I'm on my way. I want you on that way.
Okay, well, I haven't seen you
around the DWL in a while.
I got YouTube. I got it
right here on my phone.
Plenty of DWL clips
that prove that you're
their best wrestler.
Apocalypse is pretty damn good.
Jack has nobody who can
meet your kind of skills.
Jack is a dictator,
but he is legit good,
and Ace was being scouted for a reason.
Oh, Ace.
Ace is just a tall blond bro
that dumb women wanna fuck, okay?
Fuckability's got a short shelf life.
Take it from somebody who's
gotta rub testosterone gel
into his armpits every morning.
Thank you.
The DWL is on a respirator, pal.
And fuck Jack.
Why do you wanna end Jack so bad?
Because I don't like
when people talk shit
about my promotion.
It actually affects my promotion.
So I get it. You're after
me to get to him.
No, I'm after you because
my audience will eat you up.
Oh, you are laying it on pretty thick.
Dude, you know what I know?
You should be a star.
And right now, you aren't one.
Now, again, I apologize.
I'm sorry I made this so brief.
Thank you for coming out.
Money talks.
Bullshit does too.
Why don't you come wrestle
with me in Jacksonville
and decide for yourself whether
my bullshit is worth your time?
Because Jack's hasn't been.
Won't ever be.
Thank you so much.
- Gully.
- Yeah?
Opportunity is opportunity
and money is money,
but if you ever drop cash on me
like I'm some B-team
stripper from Follies,
I promise you a dance with the devil
that your ass won't be around
to leave the fuckin' tip.
Jesus Christ!
Don't whip up some
imaginary disrespect thing
when I came here
to tell you you're great
and I threw $1,000 on the table
to indicate my interest.
I don't go to strip clubs
because I respect women,
so I don't know how they
throw money around down there.
But if you come work for me,
I will put all your money
in a big fuckin' manila envelope,
I will wrap it in a bow,
and I will show you loyalty
the likes of which
you've never seen before.
But don't tough guy me.
Doesn't take muscles to be
an effective tough guy.
Just takes a quick temper
and a big family to back you up.
And on that, the Irish, we got
a massive fuckin' head start.
Pick that shit up, Kevin.
Let's go!
You got my number! Call me!
Hey, I owe you one, Randy.
You got it.
Clearly, the setup
for the state fair will be different,
but this is what 10,000 looks like.
This is why we drove out here, Willie?
We drove out here to discreetly obtain
South Georgia University's
alumni email list.
You were late. I was not.
How much Randy hustle you for this?
Nothing. He likes me.
Not much as I do. Thank you.
We can fill it. I'll make sure.
You gotta decide about Bill.
Don't really have much of a choice.
I mean, you always have a choice.
He cut a promo in our ring
like he was a goddamn plant.
Biggest pop I've heard in the Dome
in the past fuckin' century,
and if you tell me
how to walk that one back, I'm all ears.
Okay, well, I don't know
how you walk it forward.
What the hell, Jack?
Bill sneaks in the ring
and now he's running things?
When's the last time he wrestled?
He's dangerous, Jack.
He's a drunk and a pill popper
and a terrible human
I told you I don't want
anywhere near us.
Your dad would never take this gamble.
My dad built a Coliseum
that was so goddamn expensive
that he buckled.
- Yeah, okay, well
- Right?
He left me holding the bag, right?
And now I'm trying to fix
- what he fucked up.
- I wasn't
And thank you very much for
bringing up my dad for a second.
If we're gonna talk about pride and ego
and all the different ways
that the DWL never became
what he wanted,
why do you think that was?
Do you think it was
a world-class allergy
towards input?
Right, because I-I think
that my dad's Achilles' heel
was more along the lines
of a reflexive fuckin' readiness
to wallow in self-pity anytime
anyone hurt his feelings.
Now say that like
you've thought about it.
Tom was complicated,
but Tom was a great man.
Look, he built something out of nothing,
and it launched Bill.
And Bill barely ever even
acknowledged what your dad
and the DWL did for him
despite getting his start here.
More than a start.
Bill could never show up.
Not for one night, not for one
fuckin' exhibition to chip off
just a little piece of his fame
for us while we struggled.
Bill forgot us.
But now, in the midst
of his well-fuckin'-earned desperation,
he wants to help us
and you wanna bank on him?
You wanna fuckin' rely on Bill?
Bill Hancock's the only wrestler
who ever came out of Duffy
and made a fuckin' name for himself.
And now we can use him
to build back up the league
to make it what we want,
what my dad wanted.
So we just forgive and forget?
Nobody said forgive. Nobody said forget.
I'm trying to do business here,
and you were the one
who told me to ask Bill
for help and take my emotions out of it.
So which one is it, Willie?
Your dad saw the potential
in Bill as a wrestler.
I saw the potential in Bill as a person.
Your dad was right. I wasn't.
I told you what he said to me.
I told Ace our dad knew he was home
when he shot himself.
Ace told me I was gonna
kill myself just like our dad.
People say stupid shit, Willie.
We're-we're in the business
of bringing entertainment to the masses,
and Bill brings a whole lot
of mass to the masses.
He brings so much more than that.
I can handle it.
Not sure I can or will.
- Looking good, Bobby.
- Hey.
Yeah, itching to start physical therapy.
Yeah, you'll come back stronger.
Yeah, thanks.
Trying to see it as a gift.
There's a lot of time to think now.
You know what I've been
thinking about lately?
When will Jesus come back?
Nah, I ain't never thinking about that.
Your name's Apocalypse.
Nicknamed after the movie.
- Uh-huh.
- My dad was in Vietnam.
Oh, making a movie? That's dope.
No, he-he was in Vietnam.
Doing what?
The fuck you mean, "Doing what?"
I'm asking a question.
You said after the movie.
I was named after the movie.
What movie?
Apocalypse Now.
- What's it about?
- The Vietnam fuckin' War!
Oh, sorry, I'm some kind of douchebag
that doesn't know
about every fucking war.
You graduated high school.
Not with flying colors.
It was a bad war. We lost.
Respect. That's the shit, man.
Not really. He was just a cook.
A fat-ass fuckin' fat asshole of a cook.
He served, so to speak,
but he didn't serve, serve.
Plus, he was a real prick my whole life.
But I guess when you father a kid at 58,
you're probably tired.
Look, man, the Apocalypse,
that thing that you are not named after,
that's what happens when the world ends.
That's why I brought up Jesus.
I thought that that was the Rapture.
No, no, no. That's for believers.
Believers go straight to heaven.
Then Jesus comes back
and judges the rest, you know.
This has got nothing to do with
what I'm trying to talk about.
I gotta watch more documentaries.
Gotta learn more shit.
I got this new robe
from Jack and Ace's mom.
Flashy and shiny, huh?
- Yeah.
- Whoo. Talented lady.
Yeah, but this inside material,
this sateen-like shit,
hurts my fuckin' nipples.
Oh. Get Blistex.
It's, like, the enemy of chafing.
No, Blistex is gonna leave a stain.
I was thinking.
I got no idea why men got nipples.
- Ooh. I never thought about it.
- You should.
It's on your body, and you got
no idea what it do.
This is a legit inquiry.
That's what I'm saying.
Milk ain't in 'em.
Ain't coming out of 'em.
Why are they there?
Well, maybe it's an evolution thing.
Like how you got grown-up teeth
above your baby teeth, right?
Awaiting the call.
Yeah, you know, my mom
still has all of my baby teeth
in a little purse on the nightstand.
- Yeah, moms are the best.
- Yeah.
Oh, that's it.
Maybe God knew that one day,
women would be, like,
running the workplace, right?
And there'd be more stay-at-home dads.
So men got nipples not just in case of,
like, a total gender revolution
but also in case of emergency, man.
Like a famine, right? Or a plague?
Or what if all the women
are out fighting
in some new Vietnam,
getting their bodies
blown to bits so democracy
could survive like men
used to do, only now
all the future men
need to be home, right?
Bursting with nourishment
from their nipples, dude!
- That would be so cool.
- Yeah.
To have little kids
sucking on your nipples.
Yeah. Yeah, right?
Hey, y'all have got to be
the most brain-damaged
individuals I have ever met.
And I've met some
demented motherfuckers.
I mean, I've dated demented people,
I've helped demented people,
and I've fought demented people,
and if those demented people were here,
they would rejoice in
knowing that there exist
far more demented people than they are.
Don't go easy on the birthday boy!
Hey, would you let 'em
play without coaching?
You're either coaching,
or you're letting it happen.
Hut, hut, hike!
I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready.
Whoo-hoo! That's my boy!
Way to chuck it, Ace!
See what you did there, son?
You threw it to where he's running.
That's the thinking, kiddo!
- Yeah, Ace has got a cannon, eh, Dad?
- Oh-ho!
Dan Marino times two, Jackie boy!
Hut, hike!
Instincts, Jack. You can't teach that.
Hey, his footwork's
even better than yours was.
Yeah, strong, athletic, handsome.
- Goddamn.
- Cocky as hell.
Confident, Jack. Poised and confident!
That kid's got flair.
Look at the proud papa.
Let's see it again, guys!
Twenty-four! Thirty-seven!
Come on!
No, I won't be late.
Yes, tell Melanie
I'll wear a fucking tie.
What's up, godfather?
Nothing, just sitting here
thinking about what a bad
judge of character you are,
having me be the backstop
to your child's religious upbringing.
Uh, on that note, uh,
I need you to say a few words
during the ceremony.
The fuck kind of words?
Uh, something about baptisms
and babies and shit.
I-I'm not sure. Just church words.
Hey, you said my role was ceremonial.
Yes, and the ceremony is today.
Mel told me to tell you,
like, a week ago,
but-but I must have taken
too many chairs to the head
and-and forgot.
But, uh, you just gotta kick it off
and introduce the congregation
to the baby.
Bro, I barely know the baby!
There's nothing to know.
But-but you do know church.
You-you've been going your whole life.
But I haven't paid attention very much!
Look, it's just a few words
off the cuff, all right?
You're a wrestler. Just-just riff.
Talking shit in the ring
is very different
than riffing in church.
No. Good versus evil.
Crowds in the stands,
dudes in funny costumes.
Just don't power-bomb the pastor.
Ugh, after what happened with Bobby,
I don't know if I should be
giving any speeches.
Number one, don't expect it to be great.
Number two, go fuck yourself.
Will do.
You got this, God-daddy.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, Mama, you all right?
Take these bags to the car, please?
This is Dad's stuff.
It's taking up too much space.
You can't just throw out Dad's stuff.
I'm not throwing it out.
I'm donating it.
What if I want some of it?
He left it to me.
Hey, what's going on?
Just waiting to head
over to the christening, you?
Yeah, I gotta do
a little interview thing first.
Why are there so many cars
in the parking lot?
Rented to a jewelry show.
Hey, Jack, I wanted to rap
with you about, um,
where I'm slotted at in the fair.
Sure thing. Can it wait
'til the barbecue?
Sure. Sure can.
Hey, and, uh-uh, just to
No, no, I get it. I get it.
Places to be, baby.
If you're gonna smoke, can you
do it in the back, please?
You're one of our faces.
We got fans in there buying jewelry.
I was thinking about quitting anyway.
- Hey, Jack.
- Yeah?
Bill's in the office.
Course he is.
Feet off my desk, Bill.
You gonna threaten to beat me up again?
No, I'm gonna make good on the threat
from the first time,
but I got some business
to attend to, so you just sit tight.
I saw Dickie Valentino.
Fuck you say to him?
I said, "Welcome to the DWL, Dick.
Bet when you were born,
your parents never imagined
your name would be
synonymous with cock".
He laughed. We're old acquaintances.
Jack, the state fair's
only a month away.
Fans are blowing up my socials.
Barstool wants to promote my comeback.
Came to tell you I'm all in.
You and me, we can grow the DWL
into something compelling,
something beautiful, a new story.
We don't need your help right now.
When you were on top,
my daddy needed your help,
and you offered fuckin' nothin'!
That's the compelling story.
Zero fuckin' gratitude.
Our friendship had more nuance
than you've been told.
You dad never asked for help.
Couldn't stomach that
I got picked and he didn't.
And I did come back to help
before I got fired.
Came back to give Ace
a chance at the big time.
You view it differently,
but come on, man.
There's a hundred Ace Spades
from Oklahoma
to the Florida Panhandle alone.
I had a goddamn golden ticket
to give to your brother.
We know how that went.
But fuck it. Let's rise up together.
Make this thing great!
Great in a way it never was!
After the fuckin' screw job
you pulled last weekend,
how am I supposed to trust you?
'Cause that was inspired.
And without me, there's
nothing to talk about.
I got the state fair
following me on Instagram,
but there's a year's worth
of promotion and prep
if we're gonna put this thing over.
I'm promoting it just fine.
With Dickie Valentino's podcast?
I wrestled that douchebag
back in Atlanta.
Fucker broke my wrist
in an "I quit" match.
Guy's a snake.
Reckon you know one, being one.
Watch your back is all.
There's gonna be no talking
about the state fair
'til you talk to Willie.
Fuck's she still wound up about?
- Hey, Dick.
- Hey, Jack!
Sorry that I'm late.
I forgot we had this little
old lady show going on.
That's all right.
There's a lot of fine
craftsmanship here.
The lady in the corner
has got a sweet booth.
Check this out. Sapphire and silver.
Can we record in my office?
Hey, Willie. You got a sec?
Hey, Ted.
Afternoon, Crystal.
Beautiful day for a beautiful ceremony.
Why don't you go in and
grab us a good seat, right?
One in the back so we can
slip out when it goes too long.
- All right.
- What is it?
Uh, listen, I-I really
don't wanna bother Jack.
Bother him. That's his job.
I was just curious, uh, if he told you
what my role at the fair was gonna be.
Told you last week to ask him.
I know I'm-I'm probably not
Ace's valet anymore,
and Bobby's gonna be out
for God knows how long,
so I just feel like I don't
really have a place right now.
Sounds like you already got your answer.
Whose fault is that?
Fault-fault about what?
If you're gone, it's your fault,
Miss Ad-libber. You did this.
I didn't mean for Bobby to get hurt.
I don't wanna be Dragon Lady here
'cause I know we women,
we gotta stick together
in a rotten old world
run by idiotic men,
but you decided you didn't
like what was written,
so you decided to change it.
You lit the match.
Don't be pretending
you don't know how fire works,
'cause you do, darling.
And by now, you should also know
we all just answer to Jack Spade.
Oh, man, my foot is cold.
You should've wore a sock.
Let's talk about this main event.
Appears to my eyes like
Wild Bill is back in the mix.
That has yet to be decided.
I think his actions
in the ring decided it, Jack.
Folks around here, they're invested.
He laid down some pretty wild attacks,
and Jack Spade doesn't let
fighting words go unanswered.
Yeah, he used some
of those fighting words
against your brother,
Ace Spade, as well.
So Ace, he's got to be
in the main event.
It's all still percolating.
What the hell are we
promoting here, Jack?
Seems to me like there's a beef
brewing between you brothers.
I'm sure you remember
from your wrestling days, Dick,
that when you've had the belt
as long as I have or you did,
people gonna attack you from all angles.
Even your own kin.
Which is what's gonna make this
state fair so darn explosive.
Depending on who's in it.
The problem is,
I can't tell my listeners,
Dick Valentino's listeners,
who's in the main event.
It seems to me neither can you.
I got the belt.
You can tell 'em I'm in it.
This past fall, Jack,
your promotion gained a level
of Internet infamy when you
defeated your brother, Ace,
in 15 seconds with a hold
that appeared to these eyes
to be really painful.
And then Ace burst into tears.
Now, your daddy, King Spade,
was known around these
parts as a great wrestler,
but he also had a tenuous
grasp on his composure,
and that brought with it a great sense
of real danger to the ring.
Come clean with me, Jack.
You got some of your old man's anger?
I thought we were here to talk
about the future of the DWL.
We got an hour, Jack. We'll get there.
Now, this is just me,
just thinking out loud.
Remembering your father, well, he was
I'm just gonna say it.
Your father, Tom, he was one
tough somebitch, Jack.
Always had to have things his way.
So when I get the news that
your father kills himself
I'm not fuckin' talking about that.
My apologies for cussing.
It's okay, Jack. It's a podcast.
You ever listen to my podcast?
I never miss it.
It's called "No Questions Barred"
for a reason
because I use my platform
to get people to care.
They support me
because I tell them the truth
about this business we all love,
but also about its cost.
Your father's death and
how it made you feel,
that's interesting to my listeners.
It's not interesting to me.
This is my song for you ♪
This is my song, little one ♪
This song is for beginnings ♪
You don't know much ♪
But you'll get there ♪
Soon ♪
I can smell what you had for breakfast.
You never told me
she could sing like that.
I did tell you. A million times, I did.
When I first saw you ♪
Oh, shit.
You were perfect to me ♪
God damn it.
You made me love the mornings ♪
They're nothing like ♪
They used to be ♪
Today we welcome baby Shelby
into a life infused with God's love.
God wants you to feel his love,
and he wants you to flourish.
Let's all pause for a moment
and reflect on a time
when God's love has
helped you to flourish.
And now the godparents
would like to say a few words.
Ace, we'll start with you.
Uh, Jim asked me to, uh,
say a few words a while ago or so.
Uh, Jim and I have known
each other since grade school,
more specifically
grade school detention.
Uh, we've been inseparable
ever since we were kids, and
now Mel and Jim are
baptizing their own kid.
Baptism is a lifelong journey.
Um, a winding road of, uh,
mistake making and learning and growing.
You know, if you're a lot like
this congregation and
especially me, uh, you're gonna stumble,
you're gonna get scuffed up,
and you're gonna wrestle
with some demons.
Some real, some imagined,
some put upon you, and
some you put upon yourself.
Shelby this is the start
of your story,
a story that says you gotta inherit
a lot of original bad stuff.
But we wash that off today.
Know that if you make a mistake,
it don't mean you can't
keep turning the page,
revising your story,
saying your sorries, and starting anew.
I mean, that's what life's about, right?
Writing a story
we could all be proud of.
Even if it's got some bad
or boring chapters in it.
Like it or not, you're a part
of the Duffy story now.
The Duffy family.
I can't wait to watch you grow up.
Folks, uh, I present to you,
Shelby Warren Kitchen.
Aw, welcome, sweetheart.
Welcome to the world.
All right, Thomas. Nice and easy.
- All right, easy.
- Just a nice, easy toss.
Let's go, Thomas!
- Oh!
- Oh, nice shot.
That was a great share the other day.
Thank you, Annie.
It's so great to have you with us.
Thank you.
I was worried you wouldn't show.
I mean, what's a baptism
without a super awkward godfather?
Hey, you did good, all right?
Did bad to that poor fucker.
I saw. Fuck happened?
He got his leg broke.
I know that.
Hey, he-he's a good dude.
You, uh, apologize to him?
Come on, Ace. It's me.
That dude got fucked up bad,
and-and you can't tell me
that's what Jack wrote to happen.
Ma'am, here you go.
You're welcome.
Mm. You look sad.
Willie said your broken leg is my fault.
- What?
- She's right.
No, it was no one's fault but mine.
I went off-script.
I provoked a volatile person.
I-I'm sorry, Bobby.
I-I'm really sorry that I did that.
Look, if you wanna get
in the ring with the big boys,
you're gonna run the risk
of things not going your way.
No, I shouldn't have lit the match.
Well, you shouldn't even
be a valet anymore.
I mean, you gotta bulk up a little bit,
but it's nothing a couple protein shakes
and a lot of grilled chicken can't fix.
Deep down, you're a wrestler.
Jack and Willie don't think so.
Yeah, well, you know,
my mom always says,
"You're under no obligation
to accept someone else's
assessment of you".
I wish your mom was my mom.
No, 'cause then we'd be related.
You want another beer?
No, I got it. I got it.
- Thank you.
- I'll be right back.
They say the facial recognition
software is better,
but I-I don't see
any reason to upgrade
- Hey there. Hey, Pastor.
- Hey, Jack.
- That was a lovely sermon.
- Oh, thank you.
What part did you enjoy most?
Well, had to be Staci's song.
I heard that it was great.
Uh, sadly, um, I-I had
some business to attend to.
The DWL never sleeps.
I hear congratulations are in order.
The state fair, huh? That's big stuff.
You know, I've been going
since I was a kid.
I saw all the big acts there.
Well, tell me, what
does it take to pull off
an event like that
on such a massive scale?
Blood, sweat,
and enlisting the help
of terrible people
who may undermine your hard work.
Well, that just sounds
like running a church.
I'm already thinking
way past the state fair,
which, of course, is a great
opportunity for brand exposure.
But we got the talent,
but you gotta you gotta
print new merchandise, and, you know,
sometimes you gotta
spend money to make money.
Well, church folks like me, we just beg.
There it is. We're not too dissimilar.
Excuse me. I need a refill.
Staci, that was just so great.
Oh, thank you, Annie,
for always saying that.
- You got the voice of an angel.
- Thank you, Eddie.
And he would know that if he
ever came to church with me.
People buy cars on Sunday, dear.
Not all day.
Oh, dadgummit.
Hey, Bobby, uh, I got this, man.
- Oh, man. Thank you.
- What do you want?
- That'd be great.
- Just leave that stuff.
I appreciate it.
Uh, just, uh, some chicken
and ribs would be great.
- And then some corn.
- Okay. Okay.
That's perfect. Thank you, man.
- That it, or
- And, uh,
just some ranch sauce,
if you don't mind.
On the corn or
Oh, just, like, uh, everything.
- Even the barbecue?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay, tell me when.
- Mm-hmm.
When. Perfect.
- Okay.
- Thanks, man.
Uh, I you know,
I'll take this to the table.
Oh, thank you, man. Appreciate it.
Hey, Bobby, uh
I-I-I I'm sorry.
Just I'm sorry. No excuses. I'm sorry.
No worries.
Look, man, if I could go back and
Yeah, no need.
You know, it's a new day.
It's all good.
But thank you.
Hey, Crystal.
Uh, nice words today for the baby.
Thanks. Yeah.
She's a, uh she's a great baby.
Really is.
That's a lot of ranch.
Uh, it's-it's Bobby's.
I like ranch.
I can take it.
- Thanks, man.
- Yeah, man.
- Uh, hey, Jack.
- Hey, Rooster.
How'd the podcast go?
Well, I was wondering if you, uh,
settled up on a lineup for the fair.
I would love to throw my name
in the hat for the main event.
Now, you know I will deliver.
- Didn't say you wouldn't.
- Haven't said I will.
Rooster, it's seeming
to me we just keep
we keep having the same conversation.
Actually, Jack, it seems the same,
but each time, it's a little different.
You enjoy your night.
What the fuck? Jesus Christ.
Ted lines up for his
final toss of the game.
Oh, wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!
I wanna watch! I wanna watch!
Come on, Mama. Come on.
Okay, here we go. Here we go.
Lining up his shot.
Yeah! That's my man!
That is a motherfuckin' shot, man!
Yeah, while you were
no doubt playing real sports,
I was drinking and playing cornhole.
Thank you guys for coming. Take care!
Oof, I think both of my arms are asleep.
Hey, let me take her.
Please. I would love you forever.
So this is your life now.
By design, my friend.
It's by design.
You ever find yourself missing
Wrestling? No.
Uh, I mean, I miss you and the guys,
but, uh, I reckon I never
felt more like myself.
Hey, y'all mind if I
just hold her for a second?
You're her godfather, for Christ's sake!
You mind if I
Uh, yeah.
- Just careful.
- Yep. Yeah.
- Here.
- Oh, okay.
Is this how I'm supposed to, uh
Watch her head and neck.
We-we need her brain to work.
She's the future.
She's so sleepy. She's beautiful.
Hey! Fireflies.
Thomas, for your science project.
Maybe we can all go out there
together and get some.
Nah, there'll be some tomorrow.
If he doesn't want to
It's supposed to rain tomorrow.
It's your project, buddy. Grab a jar.
I almost got one!
Look at you. Good job, baby.
Wow! Good one, Mom.
Saw some.
Come on, Mom! Hurry!
I got it. I got it!
Got one!
Catching a cold?
You know, I would've thought
after you were up there
preaching today,
"bless you" might have been
a knee-jerk reaction to a sneeze.
Bless you.
I'm really sorry for
ad-libbing at the match.
I shouldn't have done that.
I shouldn't have been mean to you.
I shouldn't have.
You got a real good thing going
in the ring and in life.
It's special.
Like you.
And I'm
No, you can't stay later.
Yes, I saw your text.
You think using a tampon
makes you a grown woman, act like one.
Being a grown woman means
getting used to being told
to do something you don't wanna do,
dealing with the frustration that comes
when you realize you're not
in a position to change it,
and then absorbing that
in the hopes that you can
transform it into something
more useful later.
I'm leaving the Dome now.
I expect you to be home
when I get there.
Tell Amber's mother I said hello.
Fuck, man! Fuck.
Saw your car in the lot.
I don't give a fuck. You can't just
What the fuck, man?
Texted you a few times.
Don't care.
Left you a couple messages.
Didn't listen.
Came by earlier, but you were gone.
You came by to kiss up to Jack.
Will you relay something to Ted?
He's got a phone. Call him.
Look, it wasn't right, what I said.
Wow what?
That's how you're gonna put it?
Yeah. It was not right.
Well, anyone can tell you
it was not right.
It not being right is
an indisputable fuckin' fact.
- Yeah.
- Yeah. And?
I'm not sure what that look is.
State your purpose for being here.
- I wanted to see you.
- For what purpose?
Are you trying to say you're sorry?
- Yes.
- Then say it.
I said what I said was not right.
That's a statement about the past.
If you wanna apologize
in the present, then do it.
I mean, shit, what I said was not right.
It was a terrible thing to say.
I've let my life get
a bit out of control.
Don't shift to self-pity. Your
your behavior,
where you go to impulsively
you need to reflect on that
with deep fuckin' concern.
It's ugly. Scary.
Oh, that's something, coming from you.
You never scared easily.
That's 'cause you're a sniper
in your own right.
But that's what I like
about you, Willie.
Don't fuckin' touch me.
A long time ago, when you were here
and we were more
familiar with one another,
you were more open to being kind.
Not anymore.
Fuck off.
I am sorry.
I would like to say I have no idea
why I said those things,
but I have an idea.
I seem to enjoy unraveling people.
Worked for me in business
but not really in life.
I'm sorry for what I said
and how it hurt you.
Piling up new words on top of old words
can't make the old words unsaid.
It's just
I've been simmering
on some shit for far too long,
and I figure it's time
for some divulging.
Not to deflect.
To shade things in.
I think I
no, I know I
Spit it the fuck out!
I was kind back-back when
I was here a long time ago.
I was kind then because I loved you.
And I thought you loved me.
Then one day you just dropped me.
Decided I was a dead end.
And it crushed me.
It-it fuckin' crushed me.
Sorry that wasn't spit out faster.
It took, what,
shit, a couple decades
to consolidate into a cogent thought.
Tom was being scouted. He asked.
We were all here building
something together.
Opportunity came to you and Tom,
and you both decided, without me,
that it was a better bet
you being Tom's valet
when you're already mine.
You thought I didn't have
what it took to go all the way.
Clearly, I was wrong.
But then you kicked
me out of your bed
and that hurt worse.
And I was like, "Fuck it.
That's what you want.
You're wrong, but fuck it".
And I hung on to it.
I hung on to it real, real good.
I'm sorry about all that.
Thank you.
But I guess piling up new words
on top of old words
can't make the old words unsaid,
even if the word is "sorry".
Or can it?
Don't go getting fuckin' witty.
If you think the two things
are the same, they aren't.
I'm just trying to apologize.
I hurt you long ago. I'm sorry.
But I thought I
I thought the action,
the fuckin' action
speaking louder than words
of me letting you stay in my home
and keeping your fuckin' shit there
and trying to be a fuckin' oasis to you
in the midst of all your
other chaos was, I thought
an indication
that I, as a grown, adult woman
wanted to be there for you
in your life as a friend.
Despite the stupid decision
I made to be Tom's valet
when I knew it would lead
to us breaking up.
I appreciate that. Have. Well, I do.
But my daughter had nothing to do
with what I did or said to you.
That's why I'm apologizing.
You may hang up or press one
for more options.
Hey, Gully. It's Rooster.
I'm in.
Those things gonna survive?
Don't know. It's an experiment.
I'm sorry I missed your song.
Me too.
How'd all your stuff go?
Uh, it-it went okay.
Trying to navigate
whether to bring Bill in
for the state fair.
I got a shit ton of tickets to sell.
I don't like that man.
I don't like what he brings out
in me or you or anyone.
What if he brings out a crowd?
Some things may not cost
what they appear to cost
'til it's too late.
I'm boxed in here. I gotta sell tickets.
I gotta figure out who wins.
I gotta write the script.
It is what it is, Jack.
Every week, who's gonna win?
Who's gonna lose?
- You just want us to win.
- I just want us to stop
having the same fuckin' conversation.
Well, I didn't know
we had a limit on them.
I didn't know when I said,
"Don't get a gerbil",
you'd turn around and tell
Thomas he could get one
and then a gerbil fuckin' shows up.
Hey, Staci, it's just a gerbil.
It's not just a gerbil, Jack.
It's me expressing something to you,
you ignoring it, and deciding
you don't give a fuckin' shit about me.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- No whoa.
You said you'd handle
the squirrels; you didn't.
I put the christening on the calendar;
you scheduled other shit.
I say no gerbil; voilà, fuckin' gerbil.
I spent two hours trying to catch
that stupid fuckin' desert rat
after Thomas dropped it,
and you couldn't catch fireflies
for two precious seconds.
I'm sorry about the gerbil,
the squirrels,
and the fireflies.
Jack, I think I just want
part of our life to be
proceeding towards something unified.
Are we talking about Machu Picchu?
It's about me. I need
I need a thing.
Our family's a thing.
It's a great thing.
It can be a great thing and still
Yes, when I'm with you and Thomas
and we're doing stuff,
like, the three of us,
I feel like I know who I am.
I'm in a family.
And whenever we're doing stuff
like going to church
or-or fishing or being
outside catching fireflies
that they're probably
gonna suffocate in a jar,
I feel like I
I feel like I'm building something,
an amazing family, yet it
Lately, it's like I'm just observing.
And yes, it's supporting you,
but I don't wanna feel like
it's all I can do,
just observe and support.
It's not.
I admire that you know what you wanna do
and that you do what you gotta do
in between what you wanna do
because you love us.
And I appreciate
all you're doing to provide,
but I don't think I'm made out
to just be a spectator.
Me neither.
I don't feel
I don't feel remarkable.
Well, you are.
And you're kind,
compassionate, you're forthright.
You're always putting others first.
Yeah, well, that's just behavior.
That's not, you know,
specialness of character.
Today the pastor asked us
to recall a moment
where we were flourishing,
and I thought about how since
Thomas went back to school
and I finished painting
the bedrooms and the kitchen
and how when you're at work
or the Dome, I just
I don't feel like I got a
handle on flourishing.
I went to college.
I'm a clerk at a grocery store.
Maybe I have too much time to think.
Or just more than I expected.
See, that's one of the reasons
I fell in love with you.
I love the way you think.
The way you are.
I don't wanna mix up me
with Thomas's needs.
He needs time with you
with your phone off.
A day without plans.
I hear you.
And I know it's a cliché,
but I'm burning the candle
at both ends right now.
I understand, but we need more.
We need more than just
an exhausted and depleted you.
We need you to build us up too.
And Thomas needs more from you.
He needs more from you
than an example of a guy
who works hard and burns
the candle at both ends.
I could take him by the lawn shop
and show him what
eating shit looks like.
Jack, I think the whole
unifying thing is just
I would like to be a voice
you appreciate hearing.
I would love to think
that when I have an opinion,
it's valued with the intention of it
being something good for us.
I don't want to be a scold
or that kind of person.
No. You're not, okay?
You're a beautiful wife,
and you're my best friend.
Confident, Jack. Poised and confident!
That kid's got flair.
Look at the proud papa.
Let me tell you right now,
Ace Spade is gonna be
the first kid from Duffy
to start quarterback
for the Georgia Bulldogs,
and then he's going straight to the NFL.
Oh, come on, Tom.
Don't put expectations on the kid.
It's not expectations, honey.
Destined for greatness, this kid.
Ace Spade is the Can't-Miss Kid.
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