Hellbound (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[traffic noise]
[cars honking]
[light music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
Our set menu includes Americanos,
any drip coffee or latte…
[barista] We have
your drinks ready, ma'am.
-Thank you.
Hey, wait a second.
Don't watch without me.
Thank you.
[man on video] Firstly…
an angel appears to prophesy.
The angel says
the name of the recipient first.
They are then told when they will die,
and that they are bound for Hell.
When the time comes,
the executors of Hell…
are going to fulfill the prophecy.
If you're watching this
for the first time,
-you may find it shocking.
-[man sighs] He looks completely normal.
But why is he bullshitting everyone?
-I couldn't believe it either.
-Wait, people actually believe this crap?
Yeah. There are actually
a lot of people who believe it.
He has a bunch of videos
that back him up on his YouTube channel.
[scoffs] Okay, yeah.
Con men like him can exploit people
because of idiots like you.
-Don't take this seriously, all right?
Wait, you are taking this seriously,
aren't you?
Watch it again
and see if you still feel the same.
[man] This is all CGI!
No, it's not.
[ominous music plays]
[background chatter]
[ominous music continues]
[stifled sob]
[inhales sharply]
[light music playing]
-[thump in distance]
-[thumping continues]
-[people gasping]
[loud thumping]
-What is happening?
-What's going on?
[breathes heavily]
[loud crash]
[people clamoring]
[intense music plays]
[people screaming]
-[creatures growling]
[whimpering loudly]
-[people clamoring]
-[creatures growling]
-[intense music playing]
-[tires screeching]
[panicked scream]
[low growling]
-[car alarms blaring]
-[car alarms blaring]
[car alarms blaring]
[car alarms blaring]
[tense music plays]
[glass screeching]
[people screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[low growling]
[tense music continues]
[screaming continues]
[creatures grumbling]
[tense music rises]
-[music stops]
[indistinct chatter]
[intro theme music playing]
-[man] Hey.
[detective] You punk!
Where do you think you're going?
[man] What the hell?
-Don't move!
-[man] Damn it.
-You startled me. Take him away.
-It wasn't me! I didn't do it!
Don't be too harsh on the kid.
[scoffs] I didn't expect that.
[lead detective] All right, moving on.
We will now begin the case briefing
on the Hapseong Station murder case.
-It occurred on November 10th, 2022…
…at a coffee shop near Hapseong Station.
These terrifying creatures appeared
out of nowhere and murdered the victim…
[plastic rustling]
[lead detective] Um… Uh, the body ran…
I'm sorry. Sorry,
they burnt the body and ran.
And we're currently working on
tracking down the suspects.
We have yet to find any evidence
at the scene.
[man grunting]
[lead detective] We still need to wait
for the full autopsy report.
-[lead detective] However,
it is clear that
the body was burnt to a crisp
-at a very high temperature.
-When did it start?
-Here are the preliminary results…
-You didn't miss much.
…of the autopsy.
We don't have the full results yet,
but the body seems to have been burnt
at a very high temperature very quickly.
[man] It's blowing up the Internet.
[lead detective] By reviewing footage…
The chief must be real anxious about this.
…the victim's plate number
and were able to identify him.
Joo Myeonghun, age 36.
He lived in a studio apartment that is
15 minutes by car from the coffee shop.
His ex-wife,
who he divorced two years ago,
was his only family and he had no kids.
It happened in broad daylight,
so we have got tons of witnesses
and video evidence
to work with for this case.
Here's one of those clips.
-[car alarms blaring]
[detective 2] What is that?
-[crashing in video]
-[car alarms blaring]
[lead detective] We can
clearly see a strange creature
brutally murdering
the victim in this clip.
What is that?
[lead detective] But we couldn't find
any physical evidence at the scene.
"Jung Jinsu. The New Truth"?
What are these?
Hey, Kyunghun!
Stop looking at your phone! Come on.
He's gonna cover it all!
[lead detective] Let's talk
about "The New Truth."
"The New Truth" was formed in 2012,
-and it's recently become--
-[chief] Ah, that's enough.
[detectives muttering]
All right, everyone listen to me.
Eyes up here.
The media, the press, and the Internet,
they're all going wild over this case.
-You all need to do your job properly!
-[detective] Yes, sir.
Strange rumors about the case are already
going around among kids out there.
-But is that thing even human?
-Just bring it to me!
We'll find out what it is
once we have it in custody.
All right, Unit One, go do some legwork
and find out more about the victim.
-Yes, sir.
-Unit Two, go check the scene.
Interview anyone who was
at that coffee shop.
Make sure you don't feed the reporters,
you understand?
Otherwise it'll just spread rumors.
And Kyunghun.
-Team up with Eunpyo and find out more
about the New Truth
or whatever their name is.
We know they're having
a gathering near the crime scene.
It looks like these people are somehow
related to this case, all right.
-So you two go and check them out.
-Yes, sir.
-[chief] Do not incite them.
It's better not to mess
with religious groups.
-Now, everyone, get to work!
-[detectives] Yes, sir.
[chief] Kyunghun.
Can I have a word with you?
-[Kyunghun] Yes, sir?
-[door closes]
Look, feel free to let me know
if you need some time away from the field.
[scoffs] I'm a detective. What else
would I even do with some time off?
Well, at least try to be on time, then.
[Eunpyo] "The New Truth."
"Is an organization for religious studies
formed by Chairman Jung Jinsu in 2012."
Doesn't really have a long history.
Only been there a little over ten years.
What are you reading?
Oh, this? An online encyclopedia.
It says here, "They have never disclosed
the exact number of their members,
but it's assumed that its radical members
have formed the Arrowhead."
Wait. "The Arrowhead"?
You mean those punks
that leak ex-cons' identities online?
They're in the New Truth?
As far as I know…
the Arrowhead isn't just active online.
I've also heard of them
being involved in petty crimes.
-That's interesting.
-[Eunpyo] It says here
that an angel-like figure appears
and tells you when you'll go to Hell.
"Angel" and "Hell"? I mean, come on.
Are they saying it's divine retribution?
Yes. "An angel prophesizes
the time of death of an individual,
and when the time comes,
executors of Hell demonstrate total
damnation, and then quickly disappear."
You know, they say
it's some kind of warning to everyone.
So are they saying
what we saw earlier is God's work?
[Eunpyo] Their doctrine is full of holes,
but they attract people
through the use of video evidence.
Kids these days learn everything
from online videos.
[sighs] God's work or not,
I hope what they say is true.
Why do you say that?
Think about it.
Any time we track down evil bastards
and manage to bring them in,
the court always lets them go
on stupid grounds.
[exhales deeply]
I'm sorry.
My job is to catch them.
Whether their victim
is good or bad, doesn't matter.
Whether they killed
to save the world or for fun…
No matter what their reason might be,
we catch murderers.
That's all we need to think about.
[police sirens blaring]
This way, this way.
[eerie music plays]
[officer on radio] Patrol team
moving to sector four.
Code two-one moving to sector three.
Code two-one moving to sector three.
Patrol team report position.
[Kyunghun] I didn't expect
to see you at the scene.
[investigator] Hey, Kyunghun.
The team leader is away on vacation.
And since of course
all eyes are on this case,
I didn't have a choice, I had to be here.
[clicks tongue]
You find anything?
Nothing. The witness testified
that the creature excreted bodily fluids,
but no traces anywhere at all.
There aren't any footprints either.
Only thing we got are bloodstains.
Look over there.
All of those belong to the victim.
Hmm. [clicks tongue]
I heard the New Truth
is having a gathering here.
Over there.
That might be them.
They've been talking
into a microphone for a while.
-See you around.
-All right.
[Eunpyo] See you later, sir.
[Jinsu] We need to listen
to God's voice starting now.
This person, who lived in a village
-in South East Asia…
-Excuse me.
…had received a prophecy from an angel
that he would go to Hell five hours later.
[screaming in video]
[people clamoring]
[Myeonghun yelping]
That was exactly five hours
after the prophecy was made.
[tense music plays]
[shocked gasps and muttering]
And then… a few days later,
three bodies were found
buried in the man's house.
They were missing persons
from unsolved cases.
This was taken in Japan seven years ago.
The person had multiple counts
of fraud and also assault.
[Jinsu] Nicaragua six years ago.
Guilty of child exploitation and murder.
These very similar looking bodies
were all killed in the same exact way
as those you just saw
slaughtered in the video,
and they were of criminals.
Narcotics manufacture,
robbery and theft,
forcible rape, arson…
Why do people sin?
Those who claim they value humanity,
and that each individual owns themselves
make excuses for themselves.
Because they had a tough childhood,
because of structural inequality,
because they have a mental disorder,
because they were under the influence
of drugs and alcohol…
[breathes deeply]
The concept of sin…
exists because humans choose to sin.
As a result of denying that fact,
humans, have forgotten about guilt,
remorse, repentance, and redemption.
God has found a way…
to directly present to you
a perfect demonstration
of exactly what Hell is like.
Why would God do this for us?
telling us to be more righteous.
[man] Chairman Jung,
you did wonderfully today.
Thank you for saying that. Travel safely.
Chairman Jung Jinsu?
Oh, you must be newcomers.
[Eunpyo] Police, actually.
Here you go.
[Jinsu] Um, thank you.
What brings you here, Detectives?
We're investigating the murder case
that occurred earlier today.
-What murder case?
-[man] Yeah?
I guess you're talking about
the demonstration.
It's funny once you start
investigating God's deeds.
I understand.
In your eyes, it's still a murder.
[man] Hee-jung, I got this. Give it to me.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
[Jinsu] So how may I help you?
-[Kyunghun] Heejung! Hey!
-Hey! What are you doing here?
Let me go. Dad, let go of me!
What are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be at the academy?
[Eunpyo] Hey, Heejung.
It's been a while.
You're so tall now.
I was just leaving, relax.
After class, you go straight home,
you hear me?
I hear you.
Chairman Jung, I'll get going.
-[Jinsu] Okay. Bye, Heejung.
Thank you for today.
[Kyunghun] What do you think you're doing?
Heejung once told me
her father was a police officer.
What a coincidence.
Does your organization
take advantage of minors?
[Jinsu] Of course not.
I got to know her through volunteer work.
But since you don't find it appropriate,
I'll be sure to tell her to refrain
from volunteering from now on. Okay?
Well, uh… anyway,
we'd like to ask you a few questions
regarding the case if you have a minute.
I'm sorry,
but I have an interview scheduled.
Do you mind if I answer them on the way?
-[Eunpyo] Not at all. We'll follow you.
-Let's walk, shall we?
Come on. Let's go.
[announcer] Thank you for waiting.
The train will be departing shortly.
Is this how you usually commute,
Chairman Jung?
You don't need to address me as Chairman.
Why don't you just… call me by my name?
The members wanted me to have a car,
but I much prefer
to use public transportation.
I suppose that you were…
probably expecting me
to be some sort of cult leader
that takes advantage
of people or something.
But that's not who I am.
I'm sure you have
a lot of questions for me.
How can humans ever hope
to get to the bottom of God's plans,
or even understand His will?
Have you always been
a part of a religious group?
Ah, not really.
I grew up in a Catholic orphanage,
so I guess…
religion has always been in my life.
Chairman Jung!
Take my seat.
[soft chuckle]
No, it's okay. There's no need for that.
Oh, no. I insist.
-[Jinsu] Thank you for your kindness.
-[soft sigh]
[student 1] Hey, that's Jung Jinsu.
The chairman of the New Truth!
-[student 2] Is he really here?
-[student 1] I can't believe it.
[student 1] What's he doing here?
As I matured with age,
I really wanted to die.
life didn't interest me at all anymore.
I was looking forward to turning 20
and pondering how I should end my life.
Why 20, specifically?
[Jinsu] Once you turn 20,
you get to leave the orphanage
with some financial support.
I was determined to end my life,
but at the same time, I didn't want
anyone to see me leave this earth, so…
There was this Tibetan plain I went to.
[ominous music plays]
[heavy breathing]
[Jinsu] I saw eagles scavenge dead bodies.
[power surging]
[heavy breathing]
[ominous music continues]
That was the moment I found
meaning in life for the first time.
[Jinsu] From that day on, I traveled
everywhere to find traces of God.
After looking for ten years,
I got to understand
God's purpose a little.
[engine revving]
And that's how I came to realize
what I was meant to do.
Some people are saying that the New Truth…
is closely associated with the Arrowhead.
Is that true?
I can't tell you
how much I regret that claim.
It's unfortunate, but there are those…
who misinterpret our doctrine
and have radical ideas.
Letting the world know of God's wish
for us to live more righteously.
-That's the only goal that matters to me.
-[Kyunghun chuckles]
What's so funny about that?
Upholding righteousness
and justice in fear of damnation…
Is that truly righteous and just?
What else would make
humans repent other than fear?
Can you think of even one other thing?
According to you,
God must think humans
don't have autonomy over themselves.
That's an interesting point,
Detective Jin.
I heard from Heejung…
that your wife
was murdered.
I can't even imagine
all the pain you had to endure.
What could the murderer
be doing right now?
Wasn't he released back into society
after serving his sentence?
Do you honestly believe true justice
can be served through man-made law?
Do you think the murderer feels remorse?
[woman] Chairman Jung?
[soft chuckle]
Hi, I'm here to do the interview with you.
Hello there.
[phone buzzing]
[Jinsu] That's my number.
Please feel free to contact me
if you have any other questions.
Have a good night.
[Jinsu] Follow me, please.
[scoffs] That's where he lives?
He's something else, isn't he?
Yeah, but be honest…
did you really expect
a cult leader to be ordinary?
[lock rattling]
[Kyunghun] Heejung.
[Heejung] You don't have to wash it, Dad.
I'm gonna wear it tomorrow.
We need to talk.
[sighs] I'm not a fanatic or anything.
I went to a few of his lectures
out of curiosity.
There's nothing for you to worry about.
I never missed school because of it.
Are we done now?
[mouse clicking]
[inhales deeply]
[Jinsu] I heard from Heejung…
that your wife
was murdered.
I can't even imagine
all the pain you had to endure.
Do you think the murderer feels remorse?
[breathes heavily]
[somber music plays]
[police sirens blaring]
[officer on radio] Patrol cars
coming in from town, stand by.
[indistinct chatter]
[Eunpyo] Please, wait.
Let go of me!
[screaming] Let go of me, you bastards!
-Let go! Let go!
-[officer] Sir, please.
Grab him!
-[officer] Stop!
-Let go, you son of a bitch!
Stop, Kyunghun.
I told you not to come here.
Let go!
Kyunghun, are you out of your mind?
Let go of me!
I'm her husband!
Just let me see her.
Just let me see her!
Let go! Let go of me! [screaming]
[police sirens blaring in distance]
[camera shutter clicking]
[sobbing] Honey.
[soft sobs]
-Kyunghun, please.
[Kyunghun wailing]
-[reporter 1] Why did you do it?
-[reporter 2] Tell us why you did it.
[reporters clamoring]
[reporter 3] Sir, over here.
Look over here, please.
[reporter 4] Do you have
any remorse at all?
That's enough!
[reporters clamoring]
[suspenseful music plays]
You shouldn't be here.
Kyunghun, please.
You should go.
-You can't be here.
Pull yourself together!
Please, Kyunghun.
-Think about Heejung.
You need to overcome this.
Think about your daughter! Please,
Kyunghun. Just think about your daughter!
-[chief] You gotta take care of Heejung.
[reporters clamoring]
-[chief] You have to get through this.
[somber music continues]
[breathes shakily]
[solemn music plays]
[objects clatter]
I'm going home.
[vendor] It's still pretty early,
isn't it?
-It's been a slow day, so…
-[vendor chuckles]
I'll see you tomorrow. Good night.
[vendor sighs]
I should close early and go home too.
[dogs barking]
[door creaking]
[gasps] Eunyul.
My gosh, why are you still up?
-Happy birthday to you ♪
-Hayul, you're awake too?
- Happy birthday to you
[Eunyul and Hayul]
Happy birthday, dear Mommy ♪
Happy birthday to you ♪
Blow them out.
-[Hayul cheering, giggling]
Thank you, my love.
-[Hayul giggles] Love you, Mommy.
-Thank you.
Thank you, Eunyul.
[ominous music plays]
[creature grumbles]
Park Jungja.
You will die in five days at 3:00 p.m.
you are bound for Hell.
-[electronic pop music playing]
God has demonstrated damnation
here in the middle of Seoul, South Korea!
Humans have refused
to understand God's will
no matter how relentless
He's been in His pursuit of us.
Knowing how foolish humans are,
He finally demonstrated damnation
in a major city
in broad freaking daylight!
But look how people react to it.
"Cult"? "Terrorism"? "CGI"?
You're pathetic, hopeless idiots! Ha!
What more do these morons need
to see with their own eyes to believe it?
[annoyed groaning]
It's being investigated.
How funny is that?
Do they investigate a judge
when they sentence someone to death?
Are they gonna go up to God…
[mockingly] "Uh, hi, God."
"Uh, we're here because
you are under arrest for murder"?
Listen to me.
What in the fucking world do you think
the police should be doing right now?
Joo Myeonghun!
They need to find out what
this sinner had done wrong!
They need to clearly show people
that not a single person in this world
can avoid facing
the judgment of God almighty!
By the way,
why do you think
God demonstrated damnation
right in the middle
of a major city, like Seoul?
It's because this is where we are.
The Arrowhead.
The Arrowhead!
The Arrowhead!
When God decides to release an arrow,
we, the Arrowhead, should fly
and hit a target, okay?
To where?
It's horrible! I hate this shit!
Let's listen to novelist
Kim Gwangjin talking a lot of bullshit.
Screw this guy!
As the public's trust
in the government continues to decline,
people are drawn
to things like personal vendetta.
Some people are trying
to give a special meaning
to mysterious events
and say justice is being served.
And many are conforming to the idea.
I'm reminded…
of all the terrible things
that happened back in medieval theocracy.
You shouldn't let others control
your own thoughts…
[rhythmic instrumental music plays]
I mean, seriously? You should
not think for yourself, you idiot.
What gives you the right
to have an opinion on this?
God has been kind enough
to show us His will!
You bastard! I assure you,
very soon, you are going to Hell!
Remember, everyone.
What God truly wants from us
is not to wait until God's punishment.
Once God lets us know where we should go,
we must head in that direction.
That is the autonomy
that God has generously bestowed on us!
That's why…
the Arrowhead really needs to exist, okay?
Now, now, now, now, now, now…
it's time for me to show you
our accomplishments.
I am so excited!
-[girl] Beat him up! Fuck him up!
Please don't kill me.
Please don't kill me. I have a family.
[girl] Shut the fuck up!
Hey, mister, I just don't get you. I mean…
Did you think blabbering like that
would make you look smart or something?
-[moans] I'm sorry.
[boy 1] You fucker!
Ask for forgiveness, you piece of shit!
[whimpering] I'm sorry.
I… I denied God…
I mean, I denied God's will!
-And believed…
-[girl] Boring!
-…worldly values are the only ones…
-[boy 2] I can't hear you.
Come to your senses!
Look at this guy trying to look cool.
More hitting for him!
[screaming in pain]
[boy 1] My turn. My turn!
-Please, stop.
-Who gives a shit about your opinion?
-Admit that you just wanted to look cool.
Ask for God's forgiveness!
-[boy 2] That's right.
-I'm so sorry.
-I just wanted to sound smart.
-[boy 2] We can't hear you.
I'm so sorry.
I know, I should've known my place
and kept my mouth shut.
-[boy] What an idiot.
-Please don't kill me.
[sobbing] I'm so sorry.
Great job!
It's a shame he decided not to thank us
for leading him back to the right path.
We have way more important things
to worry about.
Let's just let it slide for now.
The more important matter is…
[imitates drumroll]
Joo Myeonghun!
We should find out all the evil deeds
this sinner has done,
and let the world know what God's will is.
Thanks for watching today's show!
The Arrowhead! The Arrowhead!
The Arrowhead!
Good morning, Detective Jin. How are you?
What brings you here
this early in the morning?
Well, I'd like to talk about
the Hapseong Station murder victim.
Uh, I don't know anything.
Don't be like that, Detective Jin.
Does he have any priors?
I don't know. That's all I can tell you.
Why do you care
about a dead man's criminal record anyway?
Everyone on the Internet wants
to find out why he was damned.
Shouldn't the press
be correcting fake news?
This is why people
never respect reporters.
As if any of us
would ever respect the police.
Anyways, just let me know
if you find out anything, all right?
Call me!
-Joo Myeonghun?
-[phones ringing]
How can we investigate someone
when there's nothing to convict?
[Eunpyo] I get what you mean,
but that's not how filing a claim works.
What do you mean
we should investigate the victim?
If there's anything we should investigate,
you should file a police report.
Hel-- Hello?
What's going on?
What are these calls about?
That guy with the skull mask
must have a lot of sources.
He exposed the victim's identity.
What about those kids?
We arrested some at the scene,
but they're refusing to testify.
Was that a live broadcast?
Those reckless little punks.
They're teenagers,
so they're either fearless or stupid.
What about the novelist? How is he?
There. He's here with
his lawyer for the statement.
I guess he doesn't need hospitalization.
[sighs] All right.
Talk to those kids with Wonpil.
I'll talk to the victim.
We should've brought in
that guy with the skull mask.
-[Eunpyo] I'll see you later.
-All right.
Hi there.
[Hyejin] Hello.
I'm Detective Jin Kyunghun.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Min Hyejin from the Sodo Law Firm.
Dude, it's not that high.
[groans] So freaking hungry.
No, no. Really, I think
we can just get the fuck out of here.
[boy 3] Idiot. get down from there.
-[boy 2] Hey, leave me alone.
-[boy 3] Come here!
-[boy 1] Hey, it's the cops.
-[girl] You're so loud!
-Back in your seats.
-You forget why you're here? Huh?
-[door slams close]
-[mocking] Ooh…
-[Wonpil] You little shits…
-Wonpil, they're just kids, okay?
-[boy 1] So freaking cool.
[Eunpyo] Don't get on our nerves
and behave yourselves, all right?
Ooh! Look what they're doing,
they're playing good cop bad cop with us.
Shut up, you shithead.
-Just stop talking for a second.
-[boy 1] So serious all of a sudden.
-[boy 2] Seriously.
-[girl] Shut up!
I had a lecture…
[keyboard clacking]
…so I was on my way
to the underground garage.
They attacked me out of nowhere.
I think I passed out
after being hit in the head.
When I came to, I was tied up.
Well, do you remember how many there were?
I think… there were at least ten of them.
[keyboard clacking]
[Gwangjin] So were you…
were you able to arrest them all?
[clears throat] Uh… Well, almost.
The problem is…
they're mostly minors.
Okay, listen up.
You may think you're not subject
to prosecution because you're minors,
but you're old enough to be penalized
under juvenile criminal law.
-Huh? What are we gonna do?
-[mocking laughter]
If you want to mitigate your punishment,
you'd better give me the names
of all those who were involved.
Hello, juvenile court! [laughs]
[boy 2] Hey, Mr. Po-po is
being serious. Look at him.
do you think the world will be the same
by the time we go to court?
Can't you see that the world is changing?
You know you go to Hell
if you do something bad, right?
Well, what you guys did was just terrible.
[girl scoffs]
do you really think
you know more about sin than we do?
Have you ever read about God's will
in the doctrine of the New Truth?
[ominous music playing]
I hope you don't think
this is just another crime
committed by reckless teenagers,
Detective Jin.
This is just the beginning.
As a person who has been following
the crimes committed by the Arrowhead
for years, I can assure you that
those religious fanatics
can do much worse for their cause.
We really don't have any idea
how we should deal with what's to come.
Well, we also think
this case is different from other crimes
the Arrowhead have committed before.
Please contact me any time
if you find something strange
or come across anything
related to the New Truth or the Arrowhead.
Oh, one more thing, Detective.
You know that strange creature…
Have you found out
what it actually is yet?
Is it really… something sent by God?
It's not. Am I right?
[awkward laugh]
[groans] Those punks are relentless.
They must believe
that the world has come to an end.
Actually, what was the word they used?
"Complete," maybe?
I don't know. They said
it's getting better, so I guess we'll see.
How'd it go with Heejung?
-She okay?
-[inhales deeply]
Well, I wouldn't say she's okay.
She smiled.
So does that mean
things are getting better between you two?
[sighs] Something just doesn't feel right.
I have really no idea
how she actually feels.
[sighing] I can't figure it out.
That's what being a parent
to a teenager is like.
Just think of it as a good sign
when you see her smile.
[phone buzzing]
[Hyejin] Hey.
Um, I'm almost there.
I'm walking up the stairs.
What's the rush?
Who is here?
What's wrong with him? [scoffs]
Minyong, can we remove the graffiti
on the wall?
-Of course.
-Hyejin, that's not important right now.
-What's wrong with you?
-Just go in there.
[lawyer] Hello, Ms. Min.
I'm Min Hyejin. I heard you asked for me.
[Jungja] I did.
I'm bound for Hell, so…
I'm bound for Hell.
-Show her.
-[lawyer] Here.
[Eunyul] Mom, look.
[ominous music plays]
Park Jungja.
-You will die in five days at 3:00 p.m.
-What is that?
It's a decree.
-[key clicks]
-[video pauses]
[Jungja] They said
that's what it's called.
The New Truth told me I received a decree.
[sighs] The New Truth, huh?
My son said they'd be the best ones
to talk to about it.
[tense music plays]
So what did they say?
They'd like to broadcast it.
You know, the demonstration.
I… I'm sorry. I didn't get that.
What did they say to you?
They'd like to do a live broadcast…
[sharp inhale]
…of when I go to Hell.
[man] Those crazy freaks!
[shaky breathing]
[ominous music plays]
[Jungja sobbing softly]
[closing theme music plays]
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