Hell's Kitchen (2005) s14e16 Episode Script

Finale: Season 14 winner is announced

1 This season 18 chefs arrived - How 'bout that? - Whoo! And were quickly reminded - There he is! - That Hell's Kitchen You'll be landing down there.
- Oh, [Bleep].
- Oh, my God, we're gonna die.
Is not for the faint of heart.
No! In the most demanding season ever Chef Ramsay pulled no punches - Ow.
- Pushing these chefs to their limits Testing their skills at every turn - You got to be [Bleep] kidding me.
- Where's the food? Go, go, go, go! Lettuce? Bye-bye, Randy.
And rewarding those who excelled Well done.
- Well done.
- Yes! Yay! With unforgettable adventures.
Those pirates are awesome.
Fire in the hole! Oh, my God! And while the intense competition [Bleep]! [Bleep]! Left some chefs broken Why you got to do this to me? It spurred others on to fight back.
You second-guessed me every time I'd say something to you.
- What the [Bleep], man? - You can't even burn? You never got your [Bleep] together, Monique.
You don't have the balls to take over.
16 chefs have made the long walk out of Hell's Kitchen, and now, just two remain.
Step aside, gentlemen, because tonight, it's ladies' night.
Ooh, sexy.
Meghan All right, guys.
Lobster, butter.
Go, go, go.
The executive chef from Roanoke, Virginia Give me the polenta, give me this, and give me those chanterelles please.
Has been a front-runner from the beginning - Nicely cooked, Meghan.
- Yes, Chef.
Impressing Chef Ramsay with her culinary skills.
The best dish I've tasted so far in this competition.
This is a holy [Bleep] moment.
Her no-nonsense style in the kitchen This is my space.
Don't touch my space.
I'm about to nominate myself so I can go the [Bleep] home so I can stop being embarrassed.
Has demanded her teammates' respect.
Meghan has a big, harsh whip.
Put it over there, 'cause that's where the [Bleep] meat is.
That looks like [Bleep].
Watch the [Bleep] salt.
I'm a badass in the kitchen.
Not many people can hang with me.
Make sure everything's hot, everything's seasoned, all right? Her opponent, T T stands for terrific.
Great job.
The line cook from Atlanta, Georgia, is a chef driven by passion I want a cigarette and a W.
Can you provide me with that? Demanding the best, not only from herself Faster, harder.
I just got to keep going.
But from her teammates as well.
If you let us down, I swear to God, I'm gonna beat you.
Guys, come on.
Don't give up.
- Christine, don't give up.
- I'm not giving up.
And while their approach may differ, their results are equally impressive.
Great job.
I can see it's cooked perfectly.
- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
And tonight, these two kitchen warriors I have to prove myself in this moment.
I am definitely opening that door.
Will lay it all on the line to win a life-changing dream job.
Who will claim the Head Chef position at Caesars Atlantic City and the $¼ million salary that comes with it? - All right, let's go.
- Come on.
Get it in gear.
Find out right now on the season finale of Hell's Kitchen.
I don't know what the [Bleep] is going on over here.
Tighten it up.
Tighten it up.
Stop it.
Everybody stop.
And now, the conclusion of Hell's Kitchen.
There is someone I'd like you both to meet.
Oh, God.
She is a former winner of Hell's Kitchen.
Please welcome Christina Wilson.
Oh, no way, Christina.
Final two.
Welcome home.
Christina, I love you.
- Good to see you, my darling.
- Good to see you too.
- You guys ready? - Yeah.
- You think so? - Ready.
This is when the fun starts.
Christina will give you some advice on competing in that last service the biggest service of your lives.
And Christina is gonna do exactly that in Las Vegas.
No way! I have one more thing to say to you.
What the [Bleep] are you waiting for? The plane's leaving in an hour.
Vegas! That's a door.
This one time at Hell's Kitchen Chef Ramsay said T and Meghan were in the finals.
Oh, my God! Ooh.
I'm so excited right now.
I almost, like, just swallowed my tongue.
Oh, my God.
I'm a finalist in Hell's Kitchen.
Come on.
Come on.
- Right here.
Throw your bags in.
- Awesome.
This is, like, the best Vegas trip ever.
Oh, my God.
Oh, look.
It says, "HK - Where? - "Congratulations, Chefs.
" - Right right there.
- Oh.
- Aw.
- Oh, awesome.
I'm in Vegas, and with Christina.
I did something good in my life to deserve this.
There he is.
You see? I'm telling you.
He's everywhere.
Feel him over my shoulder.
Oh, my God.
- This is crazy.
- Wow.
This place is just sparkling.
T, would you like a chocolate strawberry? I would like a strawberry.
Oh, man.
Am I really here? I'm not gonna feed it to you.
My dream is, like, on the verge of, like, completely coming true.
"Hell's Kitchen finalist.
" "Welcome, Chefs.
I hope you like Paris.
" Do we like Paris? "Please use these folios to work on your final menus.
Good luck.
Chef Ramsay.
" Awesome.
I'm definitely preparing the menu of a lifetime right now.
After a late night working on their menus, the next day, Meghan and head to Gordon Ramsay Steak for a private lunch with former Hell's Kitchen winner and Head Chef Christina.
Hey, welcome.
This place is just immaculate.
It's, like, super sexy, super sleek.
This is where it all happens.
It's gorgeous.
You know, that final dinner service, for me, anyway, was a lot of adrenaline.
It's not all about who finishes first.
It's about who was creative and who thought about, "does my menu fit the shoes I'm trying to fill?" You're in a position now where you really have to motivate people, and that's gonna be a big thing for Chef.
He wants to know that you can run a team.
You got to get your team on your side.
Pick a good team.
You know, Christina gave me new inspiration to just go back to Hell's Kitchen and want to rock this [Bleep] out.
All right, guys.
Good luck.
- Have fun.
- All right, thank you.
After their whirlwind 16-hour trip to Vegas, the finalists return to Los Angeles.
- Good evening, ladies.
- Hello.
Right this way.
And find that Chef Ramsay has sent one of his cars to pick them up.
Oh, my God! You want me to get into the Rolls? Me? Right here, right now? In the Rolls? Is this a Rolls-Royce? Ah, no.
This is Chef Ramsay's Rolls-Royce.
He wants me to bring you to his home.
Ramsay's home? Um Get out! Is this happening? We're going to Chef Ramsay's house? We're here.
Oh, my goodness.
Can somebody pinch me? Hello.
Very nice to meet you.
- I'm Tana.
Nice to meet you.
- Meghan.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Tilly.
I'm Meghan.
- You too.
- Good to meet you as well.
Chef Ramsay's daughter is super cute, super sweet.
- After you, please.
- Thank you.
His wife is gorgeous.
Very inviting, very comforting.
Gordon won't be long.
He's just caught up on the phone.
This is pretty damn cool.
Eats and treats, the finest champagne.
Has it been really hard? Definitely challenging.
Well, this is to you guys.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
- Yay.
- It's very, very exciting.
We better go find out where Daddy is.
I'll go find him.
See you in a bit.
Well, let me show you guys around a bit.
We've got an amazing view from here.
- Should we have a look? - Okay.
It's so nice, because you just see all the lights, and it's just beautiful.
Oh, my God! The final two chefs, Meghan and T, have supposedly been brought to Chef Ramsay's house for a relaxing dinner.
It's so nice, because you just see all the lights, and it's just beautiful.
Oh, my God! Let's go, T.
Let's go, Meghan.
But it turns out that there's something completely different on tonight's menu.
Lights, people, screaming.
All: T, T, T! God, they're yelling my name! Like, it's crazy.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's something I seriously need to clear up.
Ah, this is not my house.
It is, however, the place where both of you will be competing in your final challenge.
You have one hour to create five outstanding dishes.
Oh, my goodness.
I want you to follow your sous chefs into the kitchen, because your one hour starts Now.
Off you go.
I have this on right now.
The second that chef coat goes on, the beast comes out.
T, you're on this side.
Meghan, you're over here.
In this final challenge Gonna get my fish together.
The finalists will have just 60 minutes to prepare one cold appetizer, one hot appetizer, one fish entrée, one chicken entrée, - and one beef entrée.
- Oh, yeah.
Um, you want the herb in it? Ah, yeah, I finish it with parsley.
I didn't overcomplicate things.
This is how we eat at my house.
Go big or go home, pretty much.
- Okay, T, under control? - Yes, Chef.
- Just under 20 minutes to go.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
Yes, Chef.
- Under control? This is it.
I need to win this challenge.
T is tough, but she's going down.
Oh, my God.
Just under five minutes to go.
Five minutes heard.
Absolute finesse all the way.
Go, Meghan! All: Five, four, three, two, one.
Let's go.
Ladies and gentlemen, Hell's Kitchen's finalists, Meghan and T.
Well done.
Tonight, each of our esteemed judges will be scoring each of your five dishes on a scale of one to ten.
First up, a young chef who's worked at some of the top restaurants across Europe.
She is currently my head chef at London House in England.
Chef Anna Kelly.
So good to see you.
Good to see you.
This is what I call a mock fish and chips.
Tuna, some lotus chips, and a very fresh avocado mousse.
Anna, how's that taste? That is delicious.
Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
Meghan, please.
Describe the dish first.
I have a toasted scallop carpaccio with a citrus vinaigrette, green apple, and tarragon.
It's very nice, very fresh.
- Thank you.
- But the seasoning probably could have been a bit better.
Anna, the score.
Meghan's dish first.
Out of ten, what would you give that please? Uh, it's a seven.
A seven.
Strong start.
And for T's deconstructed fish and chips? T's dish, I think, was better, so I would give it an eight.
An eight.
Yeah! - Well done.
- Thanks.
- I'm exuberated if that's a word.
- Nice.
The hot appetizer is being judged by the executive chef of San Francisco's Fleur de Lys, Hubert Keller.
Good to see you.
And Meghan is hoping that her miso-marinated abalone - The sauce is good.
- The sauce is delicious.
- Comes really nicely together.
- Thank you.
Will top T's Rosemary lamb and grilled vegetable tabbouleh.
That looks beautiful.
Tabbouleh, lamb, of course, is a great combination.
I mean, it's a really nice, refreshing dish.
Chef, out of ten, what would you give that please? - Eight.
- Eight out of ten.
That's a great mark.
And for Meghan's, ah, abalone? I would say nine.
- Nine.
- Thank you, Chef.
Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Chef, thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
With both chefs performing well on the appetizers Ladies, we are tied at 16 each.
It's time to move on to entrées.
Chef Nancy Silverton of Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles - will be judging the fish - Hello.
Weighing in on Meghan's bacon-wrapped trout Really delicious.
My only criticism I was surprised to see the skin left on the trout.
Absolutely right.
And T's seared red snapper with polenta cake.
It has just the right amount of heat.
Not too spicy.
That was delicious.
Let's start off with T.
I definitely give it a solid nine.
Solid nine.
That's incredible.
Meghan's dish please.
Meghan, delicious also.
An eight.
- Thank you.
- An eight.
Good scores.
Nancy Silverton, ladies and gentlemen.
T, you have a one-point lead.
25 to 24.
Judging our chicken dishes this evening, owner of San Francisco's Boulevard, Chef Nancy Oakes.
Hi, Gordon.
You look gorgeous.
Up first is T, looking to hold on to the lead with her pan-roasted chicken and creamy lentils.
- Wow.
- Mmm.
This is a very professional dish.
It's delicious.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
- Very nice.
Very nice.
With a strong showing from T - Good job.
- Yes.
Meghan is hoping to score big with her roasted chicken and taro root risotto.
It's lovely.
It's really appetizing.
Cooked very nicely.
Meghan's first.
Um score out of ten.
A solid nine.
A nine.
T's chicken dish.
How much will you give that? I have to give you a nine too.
Ah, T, you are in the lead by one point.
It's only one point.
It all comes down to the beef entrée.
I have a killer steak dish coming, so I feel good.
Our next judge one of the most influential and well-known chefs anywhere in the world Chef Wolfgang Puck.
- Hello.
- How are you? Huge fan of Wolfgang Puck.
How could you not love him? He's so cute, it's not even funny.
I'm hungry.
Let's start off with T.
- Please.
- All righty.
A lot going on here.
For you, I've prepared a pan-seared fillet, and it's been finished with a blue cheese butter, assorted mushrooms, with a little pancetta.
I love it.
The beef is cooked very well.
So I think it's a nice dish.
Brilliant, brilliant.
Try Meghan's now.
I have a New York strip, sweet corn puree, and a little bit of queso fresco chimichurri sauce.
You know, this is a really hard thing.
- Both dishes are cooked perfectly.
- Yes.
All right, Meghan, I give you an eight.
T needs minimum seven to tie and eight to win.
Ooh, that's a difficult decision to make.
In this final challenge, the chefs prepared five dishes in one hour.
It all comes down to the beef entrée.
The last dish is now being judged by Chef Ramsay's good friend and world-renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck.
Both dishes are cooked perfectly.
With Meghan scoring an eight on her New York strip, T's pan-seared fillet must score seven points to tie Ooh, that's a difficult decision to make.
And eight for the win.
I you know what? I would give T an eight too, because I love the flavor.
And with that, T is the winner.
Yes! Amazing.
If we had to go to dinner service right now, I'm gonna go press play.
Thank you.
Now, Meghan and T, it is time to choose your brigades.
Please welcome back chefs Alison, Adam, Christine, Josh, Randy, Nick, Milly, and finally, Michelle, ladies and gentlemen.
- T.
- Chef.
You won the challenge, so you get first pick.
I need someone that's gonna turn and burn in the kitchen and is not gonna shut down.
I'm gonna go with Milly.
- Yeah.
Way to go, baby.
- We gonna burn it up.
It feels great to be picked first.
T knew already that I'ma burn it down for her.
I'ma put it all on the line.
Ah, Meghan? I think I'm gonna choose this person because they have a lot of finesse, a lot of technique.
So I choose Michelle.
Wow, wow, wow.
Great to see you, Michelle.
I'm gonna go with Nick.
I'm choosing Alison.
Welcome back.
I'm gonna go with Adam.
Whoo! How you doing? Meghan.
Meghan, you've had my back this whole competition; it's my time to have yours.
We're gonna win this one.
T, first and last pick.
I needed to hit Meghan where it hurt.
I knew at all costs that I did not want Randy on my team.
No, no, no.
Christine all day.
Randy, welcome to Meghan's team.
- Yeah, all right.
Thanks, Chef.
- Come over.
T and Meghan, head back to Hell's Kitchen and get your brigades up to speed on your menus.
Yes, Chef.
Well done, both of you.
Thank you.
Bye-bye, guys.
With the teams chosen It's good to be home.
T and Meghan head back to Hell's Kitchen to go over their game plan I did all the, um, station setups, even the pass.
What's coming off of what station down to the [Bleep] garnish.
For the most important dinner service of their lives.
Meat these are two things I need you to nail - this rib cap, - Yeah.
and you have a bone-on veal chop.
Oh, heard that.
T, I think she is the underdog, but she really upped her game tonight, and I think her menu is definitely really solid.
This girl has something to prove.
Bold flavor statement.
That's what I'm going for with this menu, really bold flavor statements.
- Yeah, I'm excited.
- Word up.
While T and her team appear to be on the same page There's this one piece of paper that I need to find.
Meghan is having trouble even finding the page.
I mean, like, literally, I just, like, wrote and then rewrote and wrote and wrote.
I'm a little nervous because I have a vision in my head of how this is supposed to work, but, you know, they can't read my mind.
Crab cakes are seared or fried? Think they're gonna be fried - for, ah, execution reasons.
- Yeah.
I agree.
Sturgeon? Really? Wow.
This is gonna be a [Bleep] money menu.
We obviously all want you to win.
Swear to God.
Yeah, we're all on your side.
Because everybody out there is everybody that I want to [Bleep] beat.
Let's crush this.
After a late night of reviewing menus and making battle plans Energy, guys.
Meghan and her blue brigade and T and her red team get an early start in their kitchens All right, we have all the, ah, salt, pepper, everything setting up? All right, guys, while you get organized, I'm gonna go pull the food, okay? Preparing for tonight's all-important dinner service.
If you guys don't hear me, if you guys don't understand something, just ask.
- Standards are here.
- Yep.
Think standards are, like, here.
I'm prepping for a dinner service of a lifetime.
This is a this is a big one, but I'm confident that this menu is the right menu, and the food's gonna taste amazing.
- Randy.
- Yo.
Short rib? Have you taken it out and flipped it? I think everybody is gonna be energized and pumped up, and if they're not, I'm gonna [Bleep] light a fire under their ass, and they will be.
They're gonna be, like, you know, a garnish on the side.
- You got your ravioli down? - No.
What's going on here, girl? What's this? What happened here? Uh You should've toasted them straight on the sheet pan.
My team is really setting me back.
We just haven't worked together, and it's really showing right now.
- Damn.
- At this point in the game, I can't afford to have any liabilities.
This is my life on the line right here.
What am I slicing? - The tuna.
- Oh.
- Meghan, T.
- Yes, Chef.
Meet me, both of you, in my office.
- Yes, Chef.
- Let's go.
- Oof.
- Yes, Chef.
I don't know what's happening.
We're ready to go.
What else is there to do? - Take a seat.
- Thank you.
I have one more little thing for you both that you both have earned.
Meghan, my darling, that's for you.
- Oh, my goodness.
- Executive Chef jacket.
- T, my darling, that's for you.
- Oh my God.
Please, ah, put them on now.
- Yes, Chef.
- Thank you, Chef.
Let's go.
It's go time.
This is my life.
This is my chance.
I'm just I'm ready to win.
All right, let's go, guys.
Good luck.
- All right, baby.
All right.
- Ready on go.
- Marino.
- Yes, Chef? Open Hell's Kitchen please.
Let's go.
Thank you, Chef.
Hell's Kitchen is the place to be in Los Angeles for this much-anticipated showdown between T and Meghan.
- There you are, sir.
- Ah, thanks.
Of course, the finalists' families are in attendance along with other VIPs.
At the Chef's Table in T's kitchen, actress Tiffani Thiessen will be dining, while Meghan's kitchen will host grammy-nominated recording artist Lisa Loeb.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
- Hey, it's so nice to see you.
- Good to see you, Lisa.
How do you do? Thanks for having us.
Guys, first ticket in.
I need two ravioli, two scallops.
- How long? - Five minutes.
- Five minutes? - Yep.
All right, guys, first order.
Two scallops, two crab cake.
Yes? - Yes, Chef.
Heard, Chef.
- I need two crab cake salad, yes? - Yes.
- Thank you.
Tonight, these are my cooks.
I'm going to run service tonight, and it is going to be flawless.
- Make sure you get that toast on the side.
- Yes.
Like, almost, like, make it - sideways to get it yeah? - Okay.
Got it, Chef.
It feels really awesome that Meghan chose me to be on her team, but she can be aggressive sometimes.
And if you have someone on your ass all the time, then you're gonna bring your team down.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Michelle, what are you doing? They need more relish.
You know what I mean? While Meghan pushes for perfection, over in the red kitchen, a tenacious T Talk to me on scallops.
Milly, I need those scallops.
Is pushing her brigade to get out their first order of appetizers.
I need scallop salad whenever you're ready, Christine.
Christine has always had a good start with appetizers.
I'm just gonna lean on some people a little bit more like I'm the [Bleep] mob.
I'ma lean on you.
I need you to come through.
- Behind, T.
- Thank you.
Christine, I need salads for two portions, Christine.
Christine, come on.
Really? You can't even handle making a salad.
This is no the best way to start dinner service.
Scallops are in the window, Christine.
Get it in gear.
Christine, right here.
Thank you, Christine.
All right, go ahead.
Thank you.
While T keeps a watchful eye on Christine, over in the blue kitchen - All right, Chef.
- Bring them to the pass.
Thank you.
Michelle is ready with her second attempt on the first appetizer order.
Thank you.
Keep it going.
- Finally, yay.
- It looks good.
I love the fried beet combination with the roasted beets.
With Meghan All right, guys.
Hold together.
- And T - Keep it going, guys.
Keep it going.
Both getting their kitchens off to a solid start on appetizers I've got two matzo balls walking to the pass.
T is looking to Adam and Milly to deliver the first entrées of the night.
Guys, priority.
One chicken, one rib cap.
I'm ready whenever the rib caps are.
Guys, can I walk garnish for chicken and a rib cap? Yes, walk garnish.
I'll be up in 45 seconds with my rib cap.
I'll do everything in my power to ensure that T wins tonight.
Walking one rib cap.
I'm gonna pump it out.
We're gonna turn and burn today.
This feels very rare.
I need you at the pass.
Adam, this meat is rare.
Take it back.
- Adam, focus.
- I got you.
I got you.
Adam, rib cap.
Chicken's dying.
- How long? - It's gonna be up to a minute.
- Minute and half.
- One minute heard.
There's a lot of stuff going on in the head over here.
- I need a rib cap.
How long? - All right.
But I'm gonna step up to the plate, that's for damn sure.
Here you go, Chef.
It's [Bleep] raw.
- Adam.
- Yes.
That rib cap is raw.
- I need a rib cap.
- Still? - Adam.
- Yes, Chef.
Second time.
Yep, that happened there.
I kind of [Bleep] the bed on those two, ah, rib caps.
What are you gonna do? You're dying now.
I need you to regroup, Adam.
Got you, baby.
Got you, baby.
- Adam, regroup.
- No worries.
I'm regrouping.
This is slow.
This is slow, slow, slow, slow, slow.
I'm at a critical point right now.
I have to do something, or it's gonna be over for me.
It's nearly an hour into the final dinner service.
- Adam.
- Yes? That rib cap is raw.
- I need a rib cap.
- Still? And Adam's second raw rib cap This is slow.
This is slow.
Has put T's kitchen in neutral.
You're dying now.
And T is forced to handle her first major stumbling block Adam.
Of the night.
Switch to garnish.
Nick on meat.
- Heard.
- On meat, Nick.
On meat.
I wasn't really having a problem with it, but whatever.
I don't care.
You know, you can't help but think, "Well, you're not my boss.
" Nick, I need three rib caps all day.
On the fly.
Adam is really mediocre, but at the end of the day, I'm not gonna get frustrated.
I'm just gonna push him even harder.
We can't stop cooking right now.
I need one rib cap, one chicken.
Yes, Chef.
Rib caps, I need two minutes.
While Nick tries to clean up Adam's mess on the meat station - Come on.
- Over in the blue kitchen - I need you guys to listen.
- Okay.
Meghan is orchestrating entrées.
One trout; One short rib, no mushroom; One chicken.
- Yes, Chef.
- Heard.
I am making sure that every little [Bleep] detail is perfect.
- Alison.
- Yes.
What is this? - Take these down.
Put 'em right here.
- All right.
Meghan has a lot on her shoulders, but if there's no trusting your team, then there's no way she will succeed.
- Meghan.
- Yes, Chef.
They have to now start coming to you.
You're spending - way too much time on the line.
- Yes, Chef.
- You're the chef, yeah? Not the sous chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Bring them to you, okay? - Got it.
Chicken coming to the pass.
- Thank you.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hey, fish guy.
I need the trout, yeah? - Coming right now.
- All right.
Let's go.
Come on.
Left, Chef.
Very hot.
Come on, let's keep going.
Let's keep going.
With Meghan taking Chef Ramsay's advice Nice-looking trout.
The blue team is pushing out consistent entrées.
Come on, let's push, push, push.
Meanwhile, back in the red kitchen Ready to go.
- I got chicken walking right now.
- Walking rib cap.
Nick is delivering the refire on Adam's rib cap.
All right, thank you.
Helping to get entrées back on track.
Nick, beautifully cooked rib cap.
I like Nick a lot.
I want to do the best for T.
This is, like, her life basically on the line, and I don't want to see anyone fail tonight during service.
There you go.
Guys, on order, I got two salmon, two chicken, two rib caps.
Adam, how long on garnish? Talk to me.
I'm just gonna make an honest admission.
I don't know what the [Bleep] going on over here.
I was better on meat.
I was doing - All right dude, just just - If you want to flip me and Nick back.
- just do your thing.
Do your thing.
- I will, babe.
It's just reheating.
Adam couldn't get it together.
Nick, switch to garnish.
Yeah, definitely played some musical stations.
- Get out of the way.
- Talk to me on garnish.
Two minutes out.
- Two minutes out? - No, 30 seconds.
This takes 30 seconds.
- All right.
I got it.
- Where's the bread crumb? Musical stations is a game basically where one person is in the weeds and they're [Bleep] up, and you have to scurry over there really fast and try to bail them out of the weeds.
As Nick picks up Adam's slack on yet another station, - Thank you, Nick.
- I got you, girl.
Back in the blue kitchen, Meghan All right, guys, I need two chicken, one short rib.
Is counting on Randy to deliver on the meat station.
- Okay.
- Bring it.
That's raw chicken.
Slice another one, Randy.
Randy, like, really? This is a time to do your best.
I just I don't get it.
- Those are gonna be overcooked.
- Overcooked? - Yes, they're going to be overcooked.
- Okay.
Those are going to be overcooked.
- Those are not.
- Fire me two new.
- I do not want that chicken overcooked, - Heard.
- okay? So you got to back off.
- You said "Overcooked"? - Overcooked? - It was over.
Back off a little bit, yeah? Randy's problems with the chicken entrée have stalled the blue team, and the impact is being felt in the dining room.
Hey, how long has it been since we put our order in? Meanwhile, back in the red kitchen - Christine.
- Yes.
Switch sides with Nick.
I need you on garnish, Christine.
Thank you.
T's strategy of rotating chef stations continues.
So two mac and cheese.
Christine, where's my truffle mac? I need my truffle mac.
It's coming right now, T.
T, mac and cheese.
I'm walking my chicken.
It's it's like a liquid.
It's just like I I don't get it.
You're failing me on hot apps, now you [Bleep] up garnish.
I need the food, Christine.
Come on.
Chef's Table.
Chef's Table.
Time out.
Adam, I need you to slide over to garnish.
- Christine you support.
- I have two coming right now.
- You drive.
- Heard.
You support.
You drive.
Come on, guys.
Let's go.
I have no choice at this point but to move everyone around in the kitchen.
Christine, Adam I got to keep them cooking for me.
Come on, Christine.
Come on.
Trying to figure out the [Bleep] is going on.
- Tighten it up.
Tighten it up.
- Got you, baby.
While T tries to keep her team focused and moving forward Keep cooking.
Let's roll.
Over in the blue kitchen Randy, one chicken.
How long? Uh Randy is still trying to get his chicken right.
- Randy.
- Yeah.
- Where's your chicken? - What? Where's your chicken? Why is this sliced? Randy puts the sliced chicken back in the oven.
Not good.
I can't use this when it's when it's already sliced.
Okay? I don't understand.
I'm still, still, still confused about the chicken.
- Okay.
- You can't use these? No, I cannot use them.
You cannot slice meat and put it back in.
Josh looks upset.
Come on, Randy.
You slice a meat like that and throw it in the oven? You can't do that.
The chicken's gonna dry out.
Meghan, how long for that chicken please? Bring me that chicken.
Randy, you need to step up to the plate.
I'm not going down in flames.
- Hey.
- Meghan.
Meghan, Meghan.
That is it.
Okay, stop it.
Everybody stop.
It's two hours into the most important dinner service of the finalists' lives, and Randy's major foul-up on the chicken You cannot slice meat and put it back in.
Meghan, how long for that chicken please? Bring me that chicken.
Is threatening to derail Meghan's night.
- Hey.
- Meghan.
Meghan, Meghan.
That is it.
Okay, stop it.
Everybody stop.
- Hey, Michelle.
I need you over on meat.
- Yes, Chef.
Randy, I need you on desserts please.
Frickin' irritates the hell out of me, but you know what? It's it's her kitchen tonight.
Yeah, I'm just gonna do what I'm told.
I mean, we're all here to help Meghan out tonight.
- How long? - Give me another minute please.
While Michelle tries to get up to speed on the meat station I just need to know what's going on over here.
Back in the red kitchen - Got your garnish? - How long, Christine? T is putting pressure on Christine to deliver on garnish.
It's one table at a time.
It's not a race.
Keep pushing.
I've lost all confidence in Christine, but I'm not gonna let her know that.
When that person believes that someone else believes in them - Gonna walk with the garnish.
- Christine.
Walking with garnish.
Their confidence might shoot up just enough to get the food out.
Chef's Table.
Thank you.
- Buon appetito.
- Thank you, ladies.
- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.
- That's gorgeous as well.
- Yes.
With T's leadership paving the way - Keep it going, guys.
- Heard that.
The red team is closing in on their final tickets.
Let's finish strong, guys.
Finish strong.
Back in the blue kitchen How long on the chicken? Two chicken right now.
Meghan is doing her best to recover from the backlog Randy caused on the meat station.
Two chicken.
Putting Michelle on there was a very good move.
Those chickens came out beautifully.
But I know that I need to finish strong.
- Fire on two sturgeon, two short rib.
- Yep.
Come on, T.
Strong finish.
Come on.
Guys, last three tables.
Let's run it.
All right, guys, last ticket.
Josh, give me that two sturgeon please.
Always be cooking.
Two salmon, two chicken? With entrées flying out of both kitchens Good job.
Well done.
- Thank you.
- Prego.
That looks so beautiful.
Walking with short ribs.
The teams push to finish dinner service on a high note.
- Wow.
- Short rib looks awesome.
- It got rough.
But we finished.
- Absolutely we finished.
- We killed it.
- And we finished.
My team wasn't perfect, but guess what? We kept rolling.
We rolled.
Good [Bleep] job.
I'm proud of myself, and I proved to myself that I am worthy.
Girl, you rock.
Win or lose, I've taken so much from this competition.
I don't think that either of us, T or I, can say that we lost.
Hell's Kitchen is closed.
First of all, well done, both of you.
Meghan and T, you've made my decision incredibly difficult.
I've got a lot of thinking and reading to do.
Both of you, please say good-bye to your brigades.
You did amazing.
I love you so much.
Good-bye, T.
- Get ready.
- Good luck.
- Come on, Milly.
Hug it out.
- You got it.
Good luck, girl.
Good luck, T.
Good luck, Meghan.
It's you, Meg.
No picking me up this time.
This is it for me.
I have the drive.
I have the heart.
This is to prove to myself that I am a badass.
All right, T, well, what's said and done is said and done, and I'm [Bleep] glad that I was in the [Bleep] finale with you.
You really are.
You're a [Bleep] beast.
Thank you, man.
You can teach technique.
You can't teach putting your heart on that plate.
The Head Chef position is so close, and hard work hard work will pay off.
What a crazy experience.
It's not over yet.
Not yet.
Might just begin.
It's just suddenly dawned what T stands for terrific.
Great job.
Five out of five.
Thank you, Chef.
You've cooked it beautifully.
I mean, it's absolutely nailed.
Adam, I need you to slide over to garnish.
- Christine you support.
- I have two coming right now.
- You drive.
- Heard.
You support.
You drive.
Guys, dig deep.
We got to push.
- The dish is stunning.
- Thank you.
Definitely a five for five.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
The best dish I've tasted so far in this competition.
You cannot slice meat and put it back in.
- Hey, Michelle.
- Yes, Chef.
I need you over on meat.
Randy, I need you on desserts please.
T, I'm in awe of your determination and heart and everything.
- It's just it's a - I have to, man.
- I mean - It's good.
It's good stuff.
Oh, [Bleep].
T speaking.
T, I've made my decision.
Could Meghan and yourself meet me in my office? Thank you.
Yes, Chef.
Let's go.
Ramsay calls, we go.
Megs, good luck.
Good luck, T.
We came, we saw, we conquered.
Hi, Meghan.
Hi, T.
How are you, Chef? Meghan, strong in every challenge.
Strong in every dinner service.
You were born for the kitchen, let me tell you.
T, you were a outspoken leader in the kitchen, a natural leader, and more importantly, you thrive under pressure.
Yes, Chef.
I've made my decision.
Meghan, T, please step up to your doors.
I didn't get this far by luck.
Every time I was knocked down, I kept persevering, and now I'm ready to walk through that door.
- Good luck.
- Good luck, Megs.
My heart is racing.
My stomach is in my throat.
This is gonna be a defining moment in my career, because I'm opening the door.
I am definitely opening that door.
The chef whose door opens will become the winner of Hell's Kitchen with a salary of $¼ million.
Meghan and T, place your hand on top of your handle.
Are you ready? - I'm ready, Chef.
- Absolutely, Chef.
On the count of three, I want you to turn your handle.
One Two Three.
Are you ready? - I'm ready, Chef.
- Absolutely, Chef.
On the count of three, turn your handle.
One Two Three.
Oh, my God.
T, great job.
Great job.
Come here.
That was so close.
Get that head up high, okay? Yes, Chef.
To go up against Meghan, it was an honor.
I'm thankful for the opportunity.
I'm thankful for the experience.
From this, I'm truly a better person.
I'm thankful.
- T.
- Congratulations.
I love you too.
Good job, girl.
You know, maybe the time that you want it, maybe you're not ready for it.
I don't consider it like I lost; I consider it like my opportunity hasn't opened yet.
Eventually, it will come, just not today.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Coming down those steps and seeing everybody so excited and so happy for me, that was the best.
That was the absolute [Bleep] best.
I love you.
At the end of it, I get to my mother.
Just going through the ups and downs with her in my whole life.
I'm so proud of you.
Seeing her at the end of the tunnel was just Yeah.
Ladies and gentlemen, your winner.
Give it up for Meghan please.
It's been an amazing ride, and I've learned a million things from each and every one of you.
And, ah, I'm just so proud to have worked with you guys.
And, um, you guys have taught me so much about myself as well.
Um - Cheers, guys.
- We love you, Meghan! Meghan has every quality I look for in a head chef.
She's passionate, determined, and has an amazing palate.
But most importantly, Meghan is a born leader who makes every chef in her kitchen better.
All right, guys.
There's my mark.
Talent like hers comes along very rarely, and I have no doubt she will be a great success in Atlantic City.
Good job.
Well done.
Well done.
- You coming back next year? - Can I? - You coming back next year? - Chef, I'll do whatever you want.
- Oh, jeez.
- You know that.
- T, well done, my darling.
Tough one.
- Thank you, Chef.
We got one more challenge tomorrow.
- Tomorrow? - Come on.
Come on.
Meghan's the bomb.
Don't forget pastry chef.
- Uh-huh.
- Just saying.
Tomorrow, nobody waking you up early.
Oh, thank God.
By half 5:00 in the morning? Whose idea was that, by the way? - Josh, what was your favorite challenge? - I liked the blind taste test, Chef.
- The blind taste test.
- Yeah, that's my favorite.
- What, the dunk tanks? - The dunk tanks, yeah.
- Man.
- Favorite challenge? I liked the taste it and make it.
So I should be asking your favorite punishment.
There's been so many of them.
You know my favorite challenge? Getting Cameron's jacket.
"You intimidate me, Chef.
" We talk we talk about that every day.
Every day.
Every day.