Hell's Kitchen (2005) s16e01 Episode Script

When the Wall Comes Tumbling Down

1 (male narrator) In a world where chaos reigns I've had enough! (narrator) And all hope is lost Hang your heads in shame.
(narrator) There is only one man I expect some [bleep] respect! (narrator) Brave enough to face the flames.
I just want some food now.
(narrator) Get ready for a thrill ride unlike any other.
Don't sit there with your [bleep] mouth open.
I'll put something in there.
I ain't [bleep] scared of you.
You're so [bleep] weak, it's ridiculous.
I'm not even [bleep] talking to you.
‐ Come at me.
Ah! ‐ Mmm! ‐ Ah! ‐ Oh, my God.
‐ Congratulations.
‐ Hello, Vegas.
(all) Whoo! (man) Riding the wave.
Ugh! I just cut my [bleep] hand.
‐ Ooh.
- (both) Medic! ‐ Hey, look at me, Koop.
‐ Koop, Koop.
Hey, Koop.
‐ Oh! ‐ Are you okay? No.
‐ Do you want to start crying? ‐ No, Chef.
You're embarrassing me in front of one of my heroes.
Well, I apologize for that.
‐ Ah! ‐ Aah! Aah! (Gordon) Come on! (all) Oh, my God! ‐ Are you [bleep] kidding me? ‐ Listen! Put me up.
I don't give a [bleep].
Go home now.
Don't come at me and start to [bleep] yell! ‐ You are lying.
‐ [bleep].
Do you have any idea what the [bleep] is going on? I'm sorry I cut my finger off, Chef.
‐ Medic.
‐ Right here.
‐ Where? ‐ It's not there.
Oh, my God! [dramatic music] (narrator) Assembled from across the country, the newest crop of Hell's Kitchen chefs have just arrived in Los Angeles Hi, Aaron, hi.
(narrator) And they waste no time getting to know one another.
Y'all all ready to be yelled at? Bucket list: yelled at by Chef Ramsay.
I can't believe how ridiculously confident everyone is You better bring it, 'cause I'm bringing it.
When they really don't know what they're about to go into.
That voice is like nails on a chalkboard.
Oh, my God! Grandpa, I can't wait to dust you in the kitchen.
Take it easy with the grandpa lines.
I'm bringing the experience to the table.
I mean, I'm a very, very young 47.
(woman) Where are we going? ‐ Hell's Kitchen.
We're going to Hell's Kitchen! (narrator) The new recruits are clearly excited to get their first look at Hell's Kitchen.
(man) Oh, no.
(narrator) But it appears that Chef Ramsay has planned a detour.
Right! ‐ Oh, no.
‐ [shouts marching cadence] I can't do a pushup to save my life.
Oh, man! I see tanks, I see fences, and I'm like, "What the [bleep] is this?" Where are we? Let's go! Move with a purpose! Come on! Get off of that bus! ‐ Get off that bus right now! ‐ Pay attention.
Over here.
Get behind your duffel bag.
I thought I was signing up for Hell's Kitchen, not the Army.
Let's go! Find your bag and stand behind it! You're gonna get into uniform! Is that understood? (all) Yes, sir! I want to see commitment! Uh, this isn't gonna be good.
To my right.
Your left.
Um okay.
I surrender.
Why is there a tank coming at me? Good morning.
(all) Good morning! Oh, my God! I could not believe that was Gordon Ramsay.
He just looks so good in person.
Before you can enter Hell's Kitchen, I need to make sure that all of you have the discipline that is needed to survive, and I can't think of anyone better than the U.
Army to prepare you, 'cause I've arranged for all of you to go through a very special boot camp.
If you survive it, I will be convinced that you are ready for the challenges that lay ahead of you.
I didn't sign up for this.
Like, I am not a military person.
At all.
I can't handle that.
‐ Is that clear? - (all) Yes, sir! ‐ I can't hear you.
- (all) Yes, sir! ‐ Sergeants, they're all yours.
‐ Yes, Chef! In your bags, you will have uniforms! Pull them out.
Let's go.
‐ Move it! Move it! ‐ Come on! Come on! Let's get it done! - Let's go! Move out! ‐ Move out! (Gia) I'm ready.
I'm first.
I know I'm mentally and physically ready.
You know, look at me.
Line it up! Let's go.
Keep going.
Keep going.
(Jessica) Seeing these obstacles and I'm like, "All right, there's a balance beam.
‐ All right.
I can do that.
" ‐ Low crawl.
Low crawl.
(Jessica) There's a crawl thing.
I can do that.
(drill sergeant) Don't be scared to get dirty! But I didn't know what the [bleep] these hurdle things were for.
(drill sergeant) Let's go! Pick it up! Go, go, go, go, go! Next up.
Go, go, go.
‐ Here we go.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" ‐ Here we go.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" ‐ We're singing a song.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" ‐ Marching along.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" ‐ Here we go.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" ‐ Singing a song.
- (all) "Hell's Kitchen.
" Left face.
‐ Oh, my God.
‐ What the Your toughest obstacle is right behind me.
(Johnny) I am so ready to climb the wall.
I am a freaking monkey.
Be very, very careful.
In my head, I'm thinking, "[bleep]! "I don't know how I'm gonna do that, and are we gonna have to help Pat get over this thing?" Are you ready? (all) Yes, Chef! That's what I thought you'd say.
Oh, my God.
(all) Whoo! I am like, "Holy [bleep].
They're gonna kill Chef Ramsay.
" That's all that's going through my mind.
‐ I was like - (all) Whoa! "I need to go rescue him.
" You've now shown me your commitment and desire to succeed in Hell's Kitchen, so you've earned the right to face your first big challenge: your signature dish.
Now, all of you, get into Hell's Kitchen, because your 45 minutes starts now.
Hurry up.
[cheers and applause] [Ohio Players' "Fire"] Fire Uh‐huh The way you walk and talk Really sets me off to a full alarm, child Yes, it does The way you swerve and curve Really wrecks my nerves And I'm so excited, child Unh, uh When you shake what you got And, girl, you've got a lot You're really something, child Yes, ya are Well, I can tell by your game, you're gonna start a flame Love, baby, baby, uhn The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smoking, baby, baby Ooh, fire ‐ Let's go, baby.
Let's go.
‐ Anybody see forks? Anybody see fresh herbs anywhere? (narrator) After being warmed up by a mini Army boot camp, both the men's team and the women's team are now focused on the job at hand Get these girls cleaning the kitchen.
Let's take this win home.
(narrator) Making a great first impression in front of Chef Ramsay Oh, yeah.
(narrator) With their signature dish.
20 minutes to go, guys.
You're at halfway, yeah? ‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Thank you, Chef.
(Gordon) Let's go.
(Aaron) It's tough for someone my age.
I'm young, so I got to sit there, and I have to prove myself.
You know, I look like, you know, I'm fresh out of middle school.
Just under five minutes to go.
Use your time wisely.
(man) Is this front burner open now? Take the win, boys.
‐ It's getting down, man.
‐ Hurry, hurry.
Coming behind with hot pans, ladies.
(man) Coming down right behind you.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.
And plate.
[applause] Ladies and gentlemen, before we go any further, I do have a major announcement.
The winner of Hell's Kitchen will become the head chef at the stunning multimillion dollar restaurant Yardbird Southern Table and Bar at the luxurious Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.
[cheers and applause] Man, to pick up, and move out there to Vegas, and to run one of the best restaurants there at the Venetian? Come on, man.
That's exciting.
(Gordon) Trust me.
This is a career‐changing opportunity that comes with $1/4 million.
(all) Whoo! Wow! (Gordon) Okay, listen carefully.
Each dish will receive a score of one to five.
The team that accumulates the most points clearly wins the challenge.
Let's go.
Young man, young lady.
Both of you come up.
(narrator) First up is New Jersey culinary instructor Pat facing off against catering chef Gia.
‐ Gia, where are you from? ‐ New York.
New York.
Who got you into cooking? Me, myself.
I just started a family and wanted to make my family happy.
Generally the idea when you start a family, you want to make them happy.
So you didn't start training with anybody? You just woke up one morning and decided to cook? My husband didn't like leftovers, so my friends would come over, and they're like, "Gia, people will pay for your leftovers.
" You charge your friends and family for leftovers? No, no, no.
[laughter] Your friends are prepared to pay for your leftovers.
I am so excited to get under that dome.
What is that? That's shrimp and grits with cheese and bacon on top.
Here's the thing.
It looks a little bit messy, clumsy, but it actually tastes quite nice.
For me that's a four out of five.
Good job.
I'm so happy, because so many guys was popping so much junk on that bus today.
It just felt so good to get that four.
Pat, how old are you, Pat? ‐ 47.
‐ 47.
My age.
Yeah, we look similar.
Well, I got a couple of inches.
You have a couple of inches where? Stomach.
In the stomach.
[laughter] What's under the dome? Have a sea bass with a light citrus risotto.
Not a bad job.
I mean, I'm gonna give it a three.
Thank you.
(narrator) Second up for the men is Michigan cook Aaron, but before Chef Ramsay tastes his dish, he has one very important question.
What the [bleep] are you wearing? [laughter] The whitest pair of legs I've ever seen in my entire life.
I'm from Michigan.
It's cold there.
Can I just remind you this is a cooking competition, not a golfing competition, right? Yes, Chef.
Do your parents know you're here? Yes.
Yes, they do, yes.
Right hand up to God: "I swear my parents know I'm here.
" I swear my parents know I'm here.
[laughter] (narrator) After having a bit of fun with this young‐looking 22‐year‐old, Chef Ramsay moves on to his signature schnitzel.
I mean, I'm struggling to fault it.
Four out of five.
Good job.
‐ Thank you, Chef.
‐ Well done.
(narrator) It's now up to Bronx pastry chef Wendy, as she tries to keep pace with her roasted heirloom tomato soup.
Wendy, it's stinking of garlic, so two.
Two out of five.
(narrator) With the men taking a slight lead, single mother and sous chef Heather is hoping to make an impact with her seared rib eye.
Temperature absolutely spot on.
Midway all the way through.
Looks delicious, tastes delicious, and that, young lady, is my first five of the night.
Thank you, Chef.
That is what I call a signature dish.
(narrator) On the heels of Heather's perfect score, Brooklyn executive chef Paulie tries to impress Chef Ramsay with his biscotti encrusted scallops with polenta cake.
Paulie, it's a five.
I am ecstatic.
Thank the Lord.
I feel so proud of myself.
Yeah! ‐ Well done.
‐ Thank you, sir.
(narrator) After a flawless round, South Carolina assistant restaurant manager Devin tries to continue the hot streak with his bacon‐wrapped scallops.
I'm struggling right now to give that a one.
‐ Yes, Chef.
- (all) Ooh.
‐ Young lady? ‐ Kimberly.
Kimberly, current position? I am the Executive Chef and Catering Director of a Latin‐infused sushi shop ‐ in New York State.
‐ Stop, stop, stop.
‐ Latin‐infused sushi? ‐ Yep.
We do Latin‐infused sushi.
It's all about fun and fusion.
‐ Absolutely.
‐ [bleep] fusion? So what Japanese delight do you have under there? Absolutely nothing.
What? There's not a Latin‐fusion ‐ Japanese ‐ No, sir.
‐ No.
‐ What's under there? It is a pepper dough pasta with clams in a red tomato sauce with lots of garlic and wine, because it's all about me, and I love garlic, and I love wine.
Homemade pasta? No, unfortunately not.
Obviously fresh clams.
I used one can of canned clams.
[audience groans] ‐ Kimberly.
‐ Yes, sir? That is a mess.
One out of five.
You cannot make the words "canned clams" sound good ever.
Oh, damn.
(narrator) With the men clinging to a small lead, it's now up to Los Angeles sauté chef Matt to try and add to it with his Dove breast bolognaise.
Hold on.
Bolognaise, but the word you said beforehand was dove? Dove breast.
Yes, Chef.
‐ As in ‐ Dove.
‐ As in the bird? ‐ The bird, Chef.
‐ The pigeon.
‐ The pigeon.
The one that everybody would be scared to cook with.
[laughter] Never even made it before, but So let's get this right.
I'm your guinea pig? Well, if I can execute something that I've never did, and it still came out, that's what he should be looking at, you know.
That'll set the tone for the whole competition.
Describe it.
Well, it's very gamey.
[dramatic music] Oh, [bleep].
[laughter] (narrator) It's the middle of the signature dish challenge.
I have a nice dove breast bolognaise.
‐ The pigeon? ‐ The pigeon.
(narrator) And Chef Ramsay is mystified by Matt's choice of protein.
Never even made it before, but Let's get this right.
I'm your guinea pig? ‐ Oh, [bleep].
- (all) Oh! You have absolutely [bleep] the word "bolognaise.
" One out of five.
Thank you, Chef.
(narrator) After the dove disaster, the women are hoping kitchen manager and mother of four Aziza's salmon will have a much better fate.
It's the kind of dish you want to eat in the dark.
It tastes good, but it looks dreadful, so two out of five.
(narrator) With both teams now tied, can Genaro's dish rebound for the men or be just another lame Duck, not dove, right? Duck.
Duck breast.
[laughter] Genaro, that completely ducked up this dish.
‐ One out of five.
- (all) Oh! (narrator) With a chance to pull her team into the lead, up next is event chef Ryan.
‐ Where are you from? ‐ I'm from Traverse City, - Michigan.
‐ Why Hell's Kitchen? I did this for my four‐year‐old daughter.
I want to show her that you don't have to work at a job that you hate.
You can find what you love to do.
Coming from a fellow mom, I think she understands.
You have to do whatever you can to succeed.
What's under the dome? I have seared scallops with some seasoned Rice Krispies for texture.
‐ Uh, Rice Krispies? ‐ Yes.
I mean [laughs] It's delicious.
Five out of five.
Good job.
Really good job.
What the hell just happened? Who taught her to cook like that? It's really annoying when, like, cute little girls cook really well.
(narrator) The women have their first lead, and Long Island banquet chef Shaina is hoping to keep them on top with her salmon en croute.
Three out of five.
- Good job.
‐ Thank you.
(narrator) With the men trailing, it's time for Koop, a former auto factory worker turned chef, to do what he can to keep the Blue Team in the race.
And why pork cheek? It was just different.
I like to play on what somebody knows and hopefully they like the concept and will try the new thing.
It's a very strong four.
Good job.
‐ Thank you, Chef.
‐ Very good job.
(narrator) The Red maintaining their lead.
Next up is Jessica, a single mother of one and university chef, to dazzle Chef Ramsay.
[spits] [laughter] Oh, God.
I'm gonna struggle to give this a one out of five.
(narrator) With Jessica's risotto being a huge failure, can Philly‐based sous chef Andrew put the men's team in the lead again? And where did you train? I went to Le Cordon Bleu School in Pittsburgh.
Cordon Bleu.
Expensive one, that.
[exhales] Yep.
Describe the dish.
It's a pan roasted halibut with roasted mushrooms, butter poached leeks, and a shellfish broth.
So the mushrooms are terrible.
Two out of five.
(narrator) It's the final round, and with the men trailing by two Johnny's looking to score big with his rib eye.
‐ And the current job? ‐ Head Chef.
‐ How many's in the brigade? ‐ Just one.
Just me, uh You're the head chef, but you're ‐ the only one in the kitchen? ‐ Yeah.
So of course you're going to be [bleep] head chef.
You got it.
What's under the dome? Under the dome we have a steak and farro with green beans and grape tomatoes.
You've nailed the rib eye.
The protein has to be one of the best from the Blue Team.
That's a four out of five, Johnny.
‐ Well done.
‐ Thank you, Chef.
Good job.
First name is ‐ Heidi.
‐ Heidi, where are you from? Auburn, Maine.
And current job now? Current job an executive chef in Lewiston, Maine.
What's under the dome? Underneath the dome is a ricotta gnocchi.
Wow, and you made all them by hand? Yes.
Yeah, rolled 'em myself too.
A little bit too much arugula, 'cause it's all over the place.
Your gnocchi's seared nicely on the outside.
Fluffy in the center.
Um Three to win, Heidi.
This dish gets a four out of five.
‐ Well done.
- (all) Whoo! Thank you, Chef.
Thank you.
Thank you, Johnny.
First blood, bitches.
First blood.
We got it.
For winning the first challenge tonight, ladies, I'm sending you all out on an unbelievable night on the town.
Yeah! Trust me.
You're riding in style.
If you think you've seen a stretch limo before, believe me, you've never, ever seen anything like this.
Basically I'd call it a nightclub on wheels.
[applause] I've also arranged for you to have a unique dining experience at the delicious Takami restaurant.
Yes! Trust me.
First‐class sushi.
The most amazing views.
You're gonna love it.
One more thing.
Do you know what, ladies? This restaurant's so amazing I didn't want to miss out, so I'm going to join you for dinner.
Whoo! Yes.
I cannot tell you how excited I am.
Now we're going out to dinner with Chef Ramsay.
Best first night ever.
Well done.
Blue Team, all of you will be spending the evening here in Hell's Kitchen doing backbreaking chores.
I want this dining room set up beautifully.
Once you've de‐cluttered the dining room, I want you to bring in all the tables, all the linens, all the crockery, all the glassware, and all these risers where our audience are sat must be folded, loaded up, and transported back out of here.
This sounds like a [bleep] insurmountable task.
‐ Got it? ‐ Yes, Chef.
(narrator) As the women enter the dorms happily Wow.
This is beautiful.
Oh, my God.
(narrator) The losing men's team slink along behind them, but discover that a surprise waits for all.
Holy [bleep]! What is this? Can we open this? ‐ No.
‐ Oh, my God! [all gasp, scream] Oh, my God! Oh, my God! That is the greatest present I could ever get.
It's, like, the best feeling in the world, hands down.
This knife is ill.
Winners get great rewards in Hell's Kitchen, and they get to eat dinner with Chef Ramsay.
‐ Oh, my God.
- (all) Whoo! Who's DJ‐ing? Oh, my God.
Never been in a limo that big.
First of all, it was a Hummer.
That was, like, the best day.
It was, like, really fun to be chauffeured around.
It felt good.
It's like of things to come.
It's going to be a lot of that to come.
Shout out to Ryan with that five.
And five over here.
[whooping] [laughter, chatter] Yeah, baby.
Ladies? ‐ Hi.
‐ Hi, Chef.
Follow me.
Let's go.
Come through, ladies, please.
Isn't this beautiful? I couldn't believe it.
I felt like VIP.
The view was amazing.
You can't get better than that.
Ladies, if there's one piece of advice I can give you guys is to stay focused.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Game plan? ‐ Get the guys out.
‐ Get the guys out? (all) Yes.
Good job.
Thank you, Chef.
(narrator) While the women are living the high life with Chef Ramsay, back in Hell's Kitchen Hi, guys.
Let's go.
(narrator) The men get their marching orders from maître d' Marino.
We have a truck outside with all my tables and all my chairs.
‐ Yes, sir.
‐ Yes, sir.
Oh, this is a pain in the [bleep] [bleep].
I can't believe we lost that first challenge.
Guys, you lost because somebody invented pigeon bolognaise.
You know what? I could go for some dove breast too.
I could go for a pigeon Big Mac.
Everybody's kind of rubbing it in, you know, and it's just, like, really piss me off.
I knew it was a risk.
I'm not a dumb-ass.
Like, I know what I was doing.
I get it.
The bolognaise sucked.
You know this competition's not how you start.
It's how you finish.
So I can't think of two more talented chefs to help take you to the next level.
Please welcome winner of Hell's Kitchen, Christina and Scott.
[whooping, chatter] So nice to see you.
(Gordon) So nice to see you too.
Ladies, well done.
I'm going to leave you in the safe hands of two phenomenal chefs.
Good night, guys.
‐ Congrats, ladies.
- (all) Thank you.
I'm a fan of Scott's, but Christina is my girl.
Statistically, the person that wins signature dish doesn't win the show.
Did you win signature dish? How'd you do? No.
I did poorly.
No, it's not how you start.
You got to keep building.
Just, you know, listen, and pay attention.
Talking to them made me feel better.
Y'all can fail, but you still won.
I can fail too, and I can still come out a winner.
(all) Red Team.
(narrator) As the Red celebrates their first victory with Hell's Kitchen champions Just bring it down and start getting it closer to the boys.
(narrator) The Blue Team is having an entirely different evening.
(Pat) I'm not going to be able to carry these.
‐ Nah, it's not that heavy.
‐ It's not heavy.
Give me that thing.
I'm the old man of the crew, and this is just ridiculous.
I definitely need the young guys to step up during the punishment.
All right, Here come the big boys.
This is definitely my workout for today.
It's [bleep] up, man.
I'm here busting my ass.
Pat's not gonna be able to hang with us.
Just look me in the [bleep] eyes.
(narrator) Matt goes toe‐to‐toe with Chef Ramsay.
Unfold your [bleep] arms and don't give me a [bleep] scallop unless it's cooked perfectly.
Cook it or [bleep] off.
Let's go, gentlemen.
Pick it up.
(narrator) Both teams are anxious to get into the kitchens and prepare for tonight's grand reopening of Hell's Kitchen.
(Gia) What else do we need for fish? We need a large spoon for basting.
It is definitely game time.
I am ready to get this going.
I'm ready for Chef Ramsay to start calling out orders.
I'm ready to get my hands dirty.
Thank you.
Like, literally saw like you were using a saw.
We are going to kill service tonight.
‐ That's money.
‐ Okay.
Money, boys.
That's good.
(Gordon) Ladies, good afternoon.
(all) Good afternoon, Chef Ramsay.
Everybody line up, please.
Let's go.
Gentlemen, line up, please.
We are definitely going to finish dinner service.
‐ Is that clear? - (all) Yes, Chef.
If there's one key message fight back.
What do I want you to do? - (all) Fight back.
‐ I can't hear you.
‐ Fight back! ‐ Let's go, guys.
(all) Yes, Chef.
‐ Marino? ‐ Si, Chef? Open Hell's Kitchen, please.
‐ Let's go.
‐ Grazie.
(narrator) For tonight's grand reopening of Hell's Kitchen, the dining room is filled with VIPs and foodies from all over the country.
Can I get the Beef Wellington, please? Tonight's our night.
No one's going home right, gentlemen? ‐ No one's going home.
‐ Let's go.
(narrator) And in addition to Chef Ramsay's legendary menu The New York strip steak, please.
(narrator) A tableside appetizer of handmade linguini and clams will be served by Ryan and Kimberly for the Red and Aaron and Koop for the Blue Team.
And that's it.
‐ Thank you.
‐ And good luck.
Blue Team, you're out of the gate first.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Let's go.
One scallop, two risotto, two capellini.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Heard? Yes or no? - (all) Heard, Chef.
‐ Let's go.
I could nail risotto in my sleep.
You know, Italian kids don't eat little rice cereal.
You eat risotto, so this is in my blood.
I need one risotto.
Here, Chef.
What has he done? Hey, Blue Team.
Hey, come here, you.
Pat, how do you manage to make a risotto look like a bowl of vomit that's been dipped in oil? How do you manage that? Pat.
He's a culinary professor for [bleep] sake, and he can't even get risotto right? Now get that [bleep] out of here.
Right, Chef.
Ryan and Paulie, why don't you do risotto? I got risotto.
(narrator) While the Blue Team looks to Paulie to get the hot appetizers back on track Let's push.
(narrator) Over in the red kitchen First table, ladies.
Four covers.
Table 32.
‐ Two scallops, two risotto.
- (all) Yes, Chef.
(narrator) Chef Ramsay looks to Heidi on appetizers ‐ Two scallops, yes? ‐ Yes, Chef.
(narrator) And Jessica on fish to get the women off to a strong start.
Jessica, let me know when you're walking, okay? I just flipped them, so give me a minute to get the other side browned.
I scored a one on signature dish, so tonight I can redeem myself from yesterday and be in his good graces.
‐ Walking.
‐ Walking with risotto.
‐ Heard, walking.
‐ Risotto, Chef.
Here you go, Chef.
‐ Who cooked those? ‐ Jessica.
Nice sear on the scallops.
‐ Lovely.
‐ Thank you, Chef.
Yay! So far I'm doing okay.
You're going, John, yes? (narrator) Thanks to Jessica and Heidi, the women deliver their first order of appetizers in a timely manner.
(narrator) Over in the blue kitchen, Paulie delivers his re‐fire on Pat's botched risotto.
I got the risottos.
Service, please.
(narrator) And the men get their first appetizers out as well.
It's really good.
That's delicious.
On order.
Blue Team.
Table 20.
One kale salad, two scallops, two risotto.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Yes, sir! ‐ All I need is a minute‐half.
‐ I got the risottos.
It's a stressful station, but I think I got this.
‐ Did you put cheese in yet? ‐ Yeah.
‐ Mascarpone? ‐ Yeah.
Pat has this inability to leave me the [bleep] alone.
Put a little more salt in.
And he's trying to help, and he's really hindering.
More salt.
All right.
I got this.
Scallops right here, Chef.
How long? Coming around hot.
Behind, Chef.
They're badly done again.
Blue Team! Oh, [bleep].
That's you, you, you, you, and you, and you over there.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Taste the risotto.
Here it comes.
‐ Salt.
‐ Yeah.
It's too salty.
Pat, I didn't ask for help, so stop helping.
So I want now two risotto, two scallops.
I want [bleep] kale salad.
‐ Is that clear? - (all) Yes, Chef.
(narrator) While Paulie attempts to make another risotto without Pat's salty interference Two minutes.
I'm on scallops.
(narrator) In the red kitchen the women continue to push out appetizers.
Walking with two risottos, Jessica.
Following you with the lobster.
Come on.
We got it.
We got it.
(Gordon) Service, please.
(narrator) And are moving on to entrees.
All right, ladies.
Here we go.
Two salmon.
Two New York strip.
‐ Heard, Chef.
‐ How long? ‐ Five minutes on that strip.
‐ Okay.
(narrator) Meanwhile, back in the blue kitchen, the men are still trying to get out their second order of appetizers.
Where are they? Coming right now, Chef.
No, no, no.
Can't do it Dude, do what you want then.
‐ He's calling for 'em.
‐ Just [bleep] basic stuff now.
He tried to grab 'em.
I can't serve 'em up raw, Chef.
They're not raw.
They're not raw.
‐ They're not raw? ‐ They're not raw.
90 seconds, and they're done.
Golden brown and delicious.
It's not rocket science.
‐ Come on, guys, please.
‐ Yes, Chef.
Let's go.
Walk those scallops.
Right here.
Scallops in my hand, Chef.
On your right.
Oh, no.
It's raw.
Hey, come here.
Who cooked these scallops? If I don't get a straight answer, I'm gonna kick you out.
Go ahead, man.
You sold 'em.
‐ Wow.
‐ He cooked 'em.
I tried to push him on to sell 'em.
So you cooked them? He told me to sell 'em, Chef.
I kept telling him, "No.
" You can look at the cameras ‐ in here.
‐ Cameras? Matt, you got to be out of your mind, bro.
Come here, you.
Come here.
‐ I told him 100 times "No.
" ‐ Come here, you.
‐ Come here.
‐ Chef, come on, man.
Look at me.
Just look me in the [bleep] eyes.
[bleep] the camera.
‐ Yeah, I understand ‐ Look at me! (narrator) It's 45 minutes into opening night, and Matt's mishap with the scallops (Gordon) It's raw.
(narrator) Has Chef Ramsay looking for an explanation.
‐ You cooked them.
‐ He told me to sell 'em, Chef.
I kept telling him "No.
" You can look at the cameras ‐ in here.
‐ Cameras? Wow.
Come here, you.
Come here.
Look at me.
Just look me in the [bleep] eyes.
[bleep] the camera.
Unfold your [bleep] arms now, and don't give me a [bleep] scallop unless it's cooked perfectly.
‐ Do you get it? ‐ Yeah.
I understand Look at me! And [bleep] the attitude.
Cook it or [bleep] off.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ And if I hear you talk about a [bleep] camera one more time, I'll stick a GoPro up your [bleep] so you can see how [bleep] you are.
‐ Got it? ‐ Yes, Chef.
[bleep] idiots.
Come on, guys.
Come on.
Let's go, my boy.
(narrator) Back in the red kitchen, Chef Ramsay is looking for New York strip.
Two salmon.
Let's go.
Walking salmon.
Salmon on your right.
Strips are walking, ladies.
Yeah, good.
Shrimps up, Chef.
Service, please.
Very nice, Heather.
Thanks, Chef.
Whoo! Knocking out the boys.
We got this.
We got this.
We're not getting screamed at.
Let's keep plowing through and get this done.
‐ Looks great.
‐ Here you are.
Bon appétit.
(narrator) Over in the blue kitchen On order.
Four covers.
Table one.
Entrée: two sea bass, ‐ two New York strip.
‐ Heard, Chef.
(narrator) The pressure is on Devin on meat.
Six minutes, I'll have two New Yorks up.
(narrator) And Genaro and Matt on fish to deliver on their first order of entrees.
‐ I got the sea bass actually.
‐ All right.
I'm here to see if I'm a great chef.
It's to test my skills.
I know who I am.
I know I'm [bleep] good.
Where's the bass? Right here, Chef.
In my hand.
This is good.
Sell it.
Sell it.
Two New Yorks.
Walking hot.
‐ Two New York strips, Chef.
‐ Bass.
Walking with the sea bass.
Coming through.
It's [bleep] raw.
Who cooked the bass? [bleep].
You two come here.
Genaro, Matt, one cooked to [bleep] and one's raw.
It's the same table.
Why? Come on, man.
Who cooked it? Who cooked the bass? You got Dumb and Dumber standing there looking at each other like, "Hey, you tell him.
" "I don't know.
You tell him.
" "I don't know.
" "I don't know.
You tell him.
" Answer the question.
I would not have shipped that.
So how did it get up here? I can't tell, so I don't know who brought it up.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here, Matt? Biggest douche ever.
Who brought it up? I did, Chef.
Get it back in the [bleep] pan.
Yes, Chef.
He walks away.
Hey, you and you [bleep] off out of here.
Get out! Have you ever heard anything so stupid in all your [bleep] life? Hey, the rest of you come here.
Yes, Chef.
One more mistake, I swear to God, I'm going to kick you out.
‐ Is that heard? - (all) Yes, Chef.
‐ Let's go.
‐ Let's go! (narrator) While the Blue Team attempts to regroup [bleep] me.
(narrator) In the red kitchen After two salmon, two Wellington come back to two lamb, two sea bass.
Walking with the Wellingtons.
(narrator) Entrees are making their way to the pass ‐ at a blistering pace.
‐ Let's go.
Walking with the garnish for the salmon.
Behind you.
‐ Walking salmon.
‐ Walking with the lamb.
I'm walking with the sea bass.
Salmon on your right, Chef.
[bleep] hell.
Hey, who cooked the salmon? ‐ I did, Chef.
‐ Salmon's cooked beautifully.
Thank you, Chef.
You got this.
Go, Jess.
Yeah, let's get it.
Let's get it, Red Team.
Good job.
Thank you.
Service, please.
(narrator) While the Red Team continues to do amazingly well for an opening night Beautiful.
Go please, John.
We got this.
[bleep] yeah.
(narrator) The remaining members of the Blue try to work mistake‐free.
We're not [bleep] giving up on this one.
Two sea bass.
How long? I'm rising up with sea bass.
Let's go, guys.
‐ Are you walking or not? ‐ Yes.
[bleep] Paulie? ‐ Yes, sir? ‐ The sea bass is raw.
Not undercooked.
It's raw.
Come on.
What the [bleep], bro? Where are we at? Where are we at? Hey, where are we at? Hey, hey, hey.
[bleep] off, will you? Get out.
Get out! We'll finish it.
(narrator) It's two hours into the grand reopening of Hell's Kitchen, and while Paulie has tried to do what he can on the fish station The sea bass is raw.
(narrator) Chef Ramsay has had more than enough.
Get out! Get out.
Get out! Absolutely [bleep] useless.
My team acted like they've never cooked before in their lives.
(narrator) While the men failed miserably, the women ‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Last table.
Two chicken.
Two New York strip.
(narrator) Are just one ticket away from delivering one of the best opening nights in the history of Hell's Kitchen.
‐ New York strip.
‐ Walking with two.
We got it, ladies.
Let's go.
Come on, ladies.
Two chicken.
How long? Walking behind.
Chef, chicken.
Garnish for the chicken.
‐ Service, please.
- (all) Yeah! Yeah, ladies.
Ladies, clear down.
Well done.
Everybody back to the kitchen.
Yes, Chef.
Let's go.
You're following me.
Chef, may I grab my jacket? No.
‐ Stay there.
Stay there.
‐ Yes, Chef.
Let me just sum it up: pathetic.
If you could hear the red kitchen tonight just like you.
Opening night.
You would have heard a team in there.
We're gonna regroup, Chef.
Oh, yeah.
You are gonna regroup, but here's why.
I need two nominees to [bleep] off.
All right.
Let's just get this over with.
We need to cut the [bleep] dead weight out of our kitchen.
All right, everybody sit down.
You got to nominate two.
Every person nominates Paulie and Pat.
Put Paulie up against Pat.
Devin, go.
Paulie and Pat.
Come on.
The app station.
That to me is not how you [bleep] cook good food.
Pat, you want to nominate people? Fish station.
(Pat) Based on that he threw the fish station out first.
I'm not one to lay down and just take this nomination, because it was the fish station that really screwed us up.
‐ Genaro? ‐ Paulie and Pat.
Paulie, who do you nominate? I'm just saying myself and Pat.
I take responsibility for my actions.
You know, I'm a grown [bleep] man, and I didn't work up to par.
I don't feel right about sending Paulie to this block, man.
I think we're cutting our legs out if we send Paulie home.
Paulie is probably one of our strongest chefs here, and, you know, he got stuck with Fat Pat.
Paulie is such a good guy, and he has so much honor that he's willing to put himself on the board.
I don't think Paulie should be going.
He's too valuable to this team.
Y'all want to get smoke in before we have to go up and face him again? I don't know what this team is thinking.
I don't know what this team is thinking right now.
Are we all in agreeance with Paulie and Pat going up there for nominations? Why aren't we putting Matt up? Matt, I'm sorry, but the fact that you got in his face and disrespected He told me to come here though.
‐ He said, "Come here.
" ‐ No, but you, like you tried to, like, tough it out.
I got a military background.
I just was talking to him, you know.
Like, that's how they talk to you.
You know, I'm gonna be here.
You're not getting rid of me.
I don't care if they're mad.
They can be mad.
[bleep] take your tampon out.
Who comes to this competition and treats [bleep] Gordon Ramsay like that? That is the god of cooking right there, and you get in his face like you're going to be in a fist fight with him? Matt is some disrespectful little punk.
Ah! If we don't come together with two names as a team, then we're letting him down again.
We thought we made a decision.
Now everybody's rethinking their decision.
Gentlemen, we're dividing right now.
We just came together as a team with two names.
We did not come together.
We just failed.
(narrator) While the women delivered one of the best opening nights ever, the men were ejected from the kitchen and instructed to nominate two chefs for elimination.
Blue Team, have you reached a decision? - (all) Yes, Chef.
‐ Was it a team effort? - (all) Yes, Chef.
‐ Andrew, Blue Team's first nominee and why.
Our first nominee tonight is going to be Pat.
He sent you up one risotto that looked it might have been deep‐fried.
Blue Team's second nominee and why.
Um Our second nominee, Chef, is going to be Matt.
‐ Matt.
‐ He was in charge of the fish station tonight, and it was awful.
Matt, Pat, step forward please.
Pat, what were you doing tonight? I definitely had some, you know, misstep coming out of the gate.
But bottom line, the fish station I think destroyed the whole service.
(Gordon) Matt, who cooked those scallops? It was kind of a mix of both of us.
‐ You and Genaro? ‐ Genaro, yes, sir.
There's no such thing as both of you cooking them.
‐ Yes, Chef.
‐ Are you the weakest chef ‐ on the Blue Team? ‐ No, Chef.
Who is? It's him.
It's Pat.
I feel like Pat is one of the oldest ones, and he should be able to command the kitchen.
You can't blame me for your execution.
I did the best I could, you know, for being the first time.
‐ You know, I feel like ‐ That's the best you could? ‐ Is that you? Your best? ‐ That's not the best, Chef.
You screwed the fish.
He fries risottos.
My decision is [suspenseful music] Matt get back in line.
Pat, give me your jacket, and get out of Hell's Kitchen.
That is all.
‐ Pat, the door's there.
‐ Mm.
I'm definitely angry that I'm getting sent home tonight.
I'm pissed.
The whole Blue had a horrible performance tonight, and they all call me out because they're expecting me to be, like, super chef.
Now the hardest thing is going to be going home and facing my class.
I think I'm going to take a little vacation and hide out for a couple of weeks.
Listen up.
First night nerves and all that [bleep].
Do me a favor.
Grow up.
All of you.
Get some sleep, and get out of here.
Tonight I [bleep] up, and in such I risked my reputation with Chef Ramsay.
That's not going to happen again.
The Blue Team is, like, little bitches, and I love it.
We're here to take the guys out one by one and then dominate this competition.
At the end of the day, I'm here for me.
Honestly, man, I'm gunning for everybody now.
I could give two [bleep] less about 'em.
My plan is step my game up so [bleep] high that they can't even question putting me on the block no more.
(Gordon) Pat is Italian and couldn't even cook risotto.
What a meatball.
Ciao, Pat.
(narrator) Next time on Hell's Kitchen [laughter] I'm ready to see a wiener schnitzel.
(man) Oh, there it is! - (narrator) When Gia ‐ Ah! (narrator) Has a little too much fun with the men Oh, my God.
What's going on? (narrator) Will it change her allegiance [distorted laughter] Enough to sabotage her own team in the kitchen? ‐ Are you on fish? ‐ Yes, I'm on fish.
Red Team, she's sinking Hell's Kitchen.
Bitch, we're a team.
Hey, Hell's Kitchen first.
(narrator) And will it tear the Red Team apart for good? This is killing me.
Like, I want to sit in the corner and just cry.
- (narrator) Next time ‐ What is going on? (narrator) On a treasonous episode You're embarrassing me in front of one of my heroes.
[bleep] [bleep] [bleep].
(narrator) Of Hell's Kitchen.