Hell's Kitchen (2005) s17e09 Episode Script

Catch of the Day

1 MALE NARRATOR: Previously on "Hell's Kitchen All Stars".
This is the new Elise.
No more playing nice now.
NARRATOR: The hostility between Elise and Michelle - (BELL DINGS) - Hit an all-time high.
I'm coming for you.
I am not scared of you.
NARRATOR: The next morning Welcome to the Hell's Kitchen Jungle.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: The chefs hunted for ingredients - Lentils.
- Nice one.
What do you got? - MAN: Corn.
- To cook with their exotic meat.
You ever cook with this before? I'm from New Jersey.
I don't get this stuff.
Who the hell eats boar? NARRATOR: At judging, Chef Ramsay brought in chefs Jon Shook and Vinnie Dotolo.
Welcome back.
Yeah! GORDON: It's good to see you.
NARRATOR: Elise's venison and yam puree - Perfect.
- NARRATOR: Was the only dish to score a point for the Red Team - GORDON: Great job.
- NARRATOR: While Van I think the dish plays really strong.
Thank you.
My southern charm's bringing it home! NARRATOR: And Robyn - Robyn, well done.
- Thank you, Chef.
NARRATOR: Locked in the victory for the Blue Team.
- Nice, Robyn.
- Whoo! NARRATOR: At dinner service I'm ready on scallops.
Yeah, can I walk? I got you right now, buddy! NARRATOR: The Blue worked in perfect harmony Coming down.
Walking salmon.
We're a beautiful symphony right now.
NARRATOR: And ended the night on a high note.
- This is an energetic service.
- ALL: Yes, Chef! - So good.
- NARRATOR: In the Red kitchen Oh, no.
NARRATOR: It was a night filled with mistake after mistake - Who sliced that? - I did, Chef.
NARRATOR: As Michelle didn't check the chicken I'm sorry.
NARRATOR: Barbie didn't cook the duck - It's raw! - Oh, [BLEEP].
NARRATOR: Amanda forgot the pork Amanda, you have three pork all day.
- What? - Yeah.
I didn't hear any of those.
NARRATOR: And then sent it up raw.
This has been the worst service ever! GORDON: [BLEEP] off! NARRATOR: When it came time to send someone home Michelle sent him a raw chicken that she doesn't want to take accountability for.
Well, I didn't cook it.
She did take accountability for.
NARRATOR: The Red Team nominated - Amanda.
- NARRATOR: Along with Barbie.
- NARRATOR: Ultimately, it was - Amanda.
NARRATOR: Who had to say good-bye to her dream of becoming the head chef at Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
(MOODY INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) And now the continuation of "Hell's Kitchen All Stars.
" - Good night.
- ALL: Good night, Chef.
I don't know why my name even came out of Elise's mouth.
She goes up and tells Chef Ramsay that I'm not accountable for my mistakes.
She's straight up lying, so I'm just calling her out on her [BLEEP].
Hey, Elise.
I literally looked you straight in the eyes and said, "I take responsibility for that chicken.
" And you went up there and told him that I'm not accountable for my mistakes.
You don't take responsibility or I looked at you straight in the eyes.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
That's 'cause you voted her down as the bully because players on the team Now she's mad.
No, it has nothing to do with that.
Then what is the problem, Elise? You didn't take responsibility for tonight's dinner service.
How is this dinner service my fault? I'm not gonna argue with you 'cause it's not worth my energy.
- How is it my fault? - Bye.
Oh, my God with the boop, Elise.
Yes, I definitely booped her again.
MICHELLE: I don't want to have any hard feelings with you, Elise, because I don't have any hard feelings.
I'm here to win.
Be honest from now on.
You are not on our side I was working two stations tonight! Now you're gonna have to put your money where your mouth is, and you haven't thus far.
- I've been doing that.
- You do a lot of this, but I thought you were done arguing.
- I am done.
- Then shut up.
But she's not gonna talk and think I'm not gonna defend myself.
Boop that.
Michelle walks around with her nose in the air as though she's, like, the greatest chef that ever graced Hell's Kitche, and I'm just waiting to see the proof in the pudding, like, but where the Like, where? Where-Where-Where is it at? No more "I didn't cook this.
" No more "I'm not taking responsibility.
" I took responsibility! Like, I'm not gonna sit up there and lie to try to kiss ass or be cliquish.
- Who lied? - I need zero friends here.
Who lied? I'm not here for friends.
Who the [BLEEP] lied? Bring that energy tomorrow in the challenge, and maybe you can win a point.
How about that? Elise, you need to start worrying about yourself.
ELISE: Oh! If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black.
No one agrees with you, Elise.
I just want the fighting to stop.
ELISE: If I was you, I would stop talking [BLEEP] already.
Good morning, Elise.
- It's a great morning.
- It's not.
ELISE: I'm gonna be up on you every day! Okay, Elise, whatever.
You talk all this junk.
I'm the strongest member of the Red Team.
You're not.
Because your numbers ain't backing up the [BLEEP] you saying.
This shows how immature you are.
This shows how immature you are.
Your numbers ain't backing up [BLEEP].
Elise, you're a [BLEEP] bully.
I'm not even talking to you! I'm not talking to you.
- I don't care.
- I'm not talking to you, Nick.
NICK: I don't care.
Stop trying to fight her battles.
Here comes Nick with all of this mah.
Move to the side.
We ain't even talking to you.
Boop! But I can say whatever I want.
I can say whatever I want.
Bye, bye.
- Fine.
Check the scoreboard.
- Check that [BLEEP].
The girls' team's losing.
Bye, Felicia.
"Bye, Felicia.
" He said, "Bye, Felicia.
" Yeah, girls' team is losing, but my scores aren't.
Oh, yeah? Well, guess what? You're still on their team, honey.
- Yeah.
- Boop! Boop! Boop! Boop! ("FIRE" BY OHIO PLAYERS) MAN: Fire Uh, uh When you're hot, you're hot You really shoot your shot You're dyn-o-mite, child, yeah The way you squeeze and tease Knocks me to my knees 'Cause I'm smokin', baby, baby Fire Kids, morning.
Line up, please.
What the hell? - Is that a boat? - Oh, my God! It's a boat.
GORDON: All right.
Who would like to go fishing today? Oh, God, I'm ready.
Dana, ever fish? I just sit on the boat and drink, Chef.
- Yes.
- (LAUGHS) Isn't that the point of fishing, to just get drunk? Now, all of you today will be fishing But not in a boat like that.
- Great.
- Oh.
Is it a row boat? What is it, a kayak? GORDON: Today, you'll be fishing right here in Hell's Kitchen's very own lake.
- Oh! - (LAUGHS) - Oh, wow.
- Wow.
I've chosen five unique, different types of fish.
You'll find the name of the ingredients written on lures, just like this.
On that is what? ALL: Portobello mushrooms.
Portobello mushrooms.
Have a quick meeting, and decide who's cooking what fish.
- I want to do the snapper.
- I'd rather do the char.
- I'll do cod.
- I want the sole.
- I want a red snapper.
- I want grouper.
- Are you ready? - ALL: Yes, Chef.
Follow me.
Let's go.
NARRATOR: In today's challenge, the chefs will search for lures listed with ingredients to use with their fish dish.
They will then hook their lure into the fish's mouth and throw it to their teammate across the lake.
Easy, don't chuck it.
NARRATOR: Each chef will continue their search until they have seven ingredients or their time runs out.
On your mark, get set, go fish! Let's go! Come on, think about your dish.
Think about your ingredients.
I already know I want to do a potato-scaled Dover sole, so the first thing I'm looking for is potatoes.
MAN: What do you got, Van? What do you got? - Yukon potatoes.
- Stick it in there.
Stick it in.
- Come on, Van.
- Stick it in! Nice and deep! - (LAUGHS) - Get it in deep.
- Oh! - Sorry, Van! ROBYN: I don't mean to drop your fish, but this [BLEEP] is wet and heavy, and it's, like, slapping me in my face.
- (GRUNTS) - ALL: (LAUGH) Oyster mushroom.
WOMAN: (SCREAMS) Oh, my God! (LAUGHING) ELISE: This is disgusting.
WOMAN: All right, well done.
- (LAUGHING) - Oh, my God.
NARRATOR: Both Van and Barbie safely collected six ingredients.
All right.
Next up, grouper.
Go fish! You need a starch, Robyn.
NARRATOR: But things are gettig a little more dangerous.
- GORDON: Watch out, Van! - MAN: Ooh, damn! This is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life.
- MAN: Good job, Robyn.
- GORDON: Well done.
Go fish.
Let's go! These people can cook, they can handle knives, but they can't catch a fish.
- Oh! - (LAUGHS) GORDON: Next round, red snapper.
Fish coming back! - Oh, yes! - You did that on purpose! Yes! That's a hot mess.
Oh, it's okay, Elise.
It's called water, and you'll be fine.
Forty seconds to go! Elise, there's seven ingredients on the Blue side.
You only have two things on the board! Ugh! I don't feel sorry for Elise right now.
Most of us got seven ingredients, which is actually a lot.
What's up there? MICHELLE: Asparagus.
I don't want to lose, but at the same time, it's kind of like karma.
ELISE: I cannot find [BLEEP].
- Elise, what are you doing? - I'm trying to find something! Oh, my [BLEEP] goodness.
GORDON: Twenty seconds remaining.
Elise, just pick something! There's no [BLEEP] acid.
You're gonna screw your team, Elise.
GORDON: Five, four, three - [BLEEP].
- Two, one, and stop.
Man! NARRATOR: With all the chefs armed with their chosen protein Ooh, look at that grouper.
NARRATOR: And up to seven other ingredients I'm gonna make, like, a pesto, the lemon and the ginger.
That sounds good.
NARRATOR: They will have 30 minutes to create a winning fish dish.
Come on, guys, be smart and thoughtful about your dishes.
Make sure your fish is scaled.
Ooh, sorry! You all right? - Yeah, I'm okay.
- Sorry.
NARRATOR: But not everyone is confident.
ELISE: Mine is gonna be a struggle because I only have a few ingredients.
Elise ends up with three ingredients, and the complaining just won't stop.
ELISE: I'm gonna try to be as creative as I can, but I'm at a disadvantage.
Oh, boy.
What are y'all doing for your dishes? Concentrating on them.
Just wanted to see what was going on.
Just under 19 minutes remaining.
Come on, guys.
Make sure your fish's cooked perfectly, guys, okay? - Perfect.
- Blue Team, we got this one.
VAN: I'm feeling good.
I picked some good ingredients.
You going for the scales? Yeah, potato-crusted Dover sole.
GORDON: That's nice.
Now, how you sticking them on there? A little butter.
My sole has soul! This thing's a work of art.
- Good.
- Come on.
GORDON: Ten minutes, guys.
Here we go.
- Are you okay? - [BLEEP] mess.
VAN: I threw my fish down.
This thing starts falling apar.
That looks like a sloppy, hot mess.
- You all right? - Do you need any help, Van? - Ugh.
- Van? - Van? - [BLEEP] hell.
NARRATOR: There's less than seven minutes left in the Catch of the Day fish challenge.
- [BLEEP].
- Are you okay? [BLEEP] mess.
NARRATOR: And Van's Dover sole is looking like the one that got away.
- Are you all right? - Do you need any help, Van? - Ugh.
- Van? - Van? - Hell.
I'm frustrated right now.
I had to throw the first piece of fish out, but I got another piece of fish.
I'm about to get it on.
I could be screwed here if I don't pull this off.
- Just under two minutes to go.
- [BLEEP].
- Got to start plating.
- Come on, guys.
Finish strong.
- Get out of here.
- Sorry, sorry.
Come on, Robyn.
GORDON: Five, four, three, two, one, and stop.
GORDON: Well done.
Now, I do have something very important to tell you right now.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) I'm sending today's winning team to Las Vegas.
- Oh, [BLEEP].
- Wow.
I just want to get out of this place, and I am just freaking out.
I want to go to Vegas.
We got to win this one, y'all.
Listen carefully, all of you.
I can't think of a better judge to help me today.
His outstanding restaurant, Providence, is a fish paradise and has earned two Michelin stars.
Please welcome Chef Michael Cimarusti.
(APPLAUSE) - MICHAEL: Thank you.
- MILLY: I'm super excited.
Michael Cimarusti, I'm a big fan of his.
- Are you well? - I'm doing well.
How are you? Fairly well, thank you.
MILLY: I love seafood.
He has a beard like mine, and he's not afraid to show it off.
The beard game is strong.
Right, let's start off with the battle of the cod.
Let's go, please.
- Come on Jennifer.
- Let's go, Nick.
Oh, the New Englanders are up here.
I see y'all.
JENNIFER: Nick, go fish.
This Massachusetts girl, I got a few things up my sleeve.
Jennifer, why don't we start off with you.
Chef, it's pan seared cod and then some candied pecans and haricot verts with soy sauce.
Nice balance Salty, sweet, I get that And it's seasoned well.
Thank you, Chef.
The fish, she nailed beautifully.
Glistening in the center.
Crispy skin on top.
- Jennifer, well done.
- Yes.
All right, Nick.
Describe the dish, please.
Chefs, what you have is a pan roasted cod, some crispy prosciutto, and a lemon chive beurre blanc.
So you decided to take the skin off the cod.
Yes, Chef.
I'm not a fan of cod skin.
What? I would definitely go with Jennifer and the Red Team.
- Nice job, Jennifer! - Nice job, Jennifer! Nick, you know what, I'm gonna go pack.
Next up, the battle of the grouper.
Let's go.
- Come on, Robyn.
- Confident.
GORDON: Let's start off with you, Robyn.
Describe your dish to Chef, please.
I have a seared grouper with salsa verde on the bottom, topped it with the avocado crema.
I like the creaminess of the avocado with the fish and the salsa verde Good job.
Thank you, Chef.
Michelle, please describe your dish.
MICHELLE: Chef, I have a cast iron grouper.
The broth on the bottom is cucumber lemongrass.
You know, when you have a big block of fish like that, you really have to, like, season aggressively on all sides.
I got to give it to Robyn.
- Good job, Robyn.
- Good job.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Yeah.
What the hell, Robyn? Like, why couldn't you produce these good dishes when you were on the Red Team? You have to go to the Blue Team and then beat me? That's all right.
NARRATOR: The score is now tie, and the Red is hoping that Elise has pulled off some magic with her snapper and her three additional ingredients.
It kind of feels like two dishes.
Rather than being a red snapper dish, it's more of a quinoa dish.
I only got three ingredients, so I'm at a disadvantage.
I'm so sick and tired of hearing Elise and all these excuses.
GORDON: It's all right, Chef.
She put herself at a disadvantage.
You're right, Chef.
It was my fault.
So the asparagus I expected two or three ways, and that would have helped bulk up the ingredients that you're missing.
Milly, please describe to Chef.
What we have here is a Caribbean red snapper and cinnamon yams.
- Mmm, I like that.
- GORDON: Mm-hmm.
You've put so much flavor into that piece of fish that it just sort of, like, stays with you.
I got to give it to Milly.
Thank you.
(APPLAUSE) Elise, you can't blame anyone but yourself for only choosing three ingredients.
Boop! Boop! Boop! Have fun.
In the dorms.
NARRATOR: The Blue now leads by one, as Benjamin's arctic char with peas and pancetta - Love the presentation.
- Thank you, Chef.
The fish is cooked beautifully.
NARRATOR: Faces off against Dana's Atlantic char with chorizo hash.
MICHAEL: The hash is very delicious.
Good flavor with the chorizo and the celery.
GORDON: Absolutely on point.
Chef, this is a tough one.
I think I have to give a point to each.
Yes! - A point to each.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.
NARRATOR: With the Blue maintaining their small lead We're still in this.
NARRATOR: It all comes down to Barbie's Dover sole with creamed leeks The fish is cooked pretty well, I think.
- Thank you.
- Good job.
NARRATOR: Versus Van's potato scale Dover sole with bacon and Swiss Chard.
MICHAEL: This dish works.
The potato scales are awesome.
Thank you.
Yes, Van.
So this is a tough one, Chef.
I can't even right now.
I can't.
I can't.
WOMAN: This is so nerve-racking.
I just have one question for you.
Yes, sir.
- Are you feeling lucky? - I'm feeling lucky, baby! - Because you're going to Vegas.
- Yes! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) - MILLY: Let's go, V! - VAN: Whoo! Yeah, baby! Thank you, Chef! Hell, yeah, I'm feeling lucky, Chef! - Whoo! - ALL: (LAUGH) Let's go, Blue Team! We're going to Vegas, baby! Yes! Yes! JENNIFER: (SIGHS) I guess I got to unpack my bags.
All of you join me in thanking Chef for giving up his day to be here to judge this competition.
- MILLY: Thank you.
- Thank you, Chef.
- Thanks so much.
- Take care.
Good luck, guys.
Thank you.
Blue Team.
Well, we know you're going to Vegas, but what you don't know is, you'll be staying overnight at Caesars Palace.
GORDON: Incredible.
And if that wasn't enough, we're gonna get on the world's tallest Ferris wheel.
Five hundred feet.
The LINQ High Roller.
- Nice.
- All right, one more thing.
Ladies, this is quite a big thing.
- You want to go like that.
- Ear muffs.
GORDON: Arriving in Vegas is important, so you've got your own private plane.
Oh! Thank you, Chef! Get out of here, and have some fun.
ALL: Whoo! Whoo! - Yes! Yes! - Whoo! MILLY: Oh, my God! I'm about to go to Vegas for the first time! ALL: Whoo! Yeah! MILLY: Milly out.
Wheels up.
I'm gone.
(IMITATES VROOMING) ALL: Whoo! Oh, ladies.
You five are in for a slimy, difficult day.
Slimy? Today is fish delivery day.
Oh, [BLEEP].
GORDON: Hundreds and I mean hundreds, of pounds of the finest fish available.
I want them descaled, filleted.
Hey, come on.
It's not all bad news because there is a very special lunch for you.
- I'm sure, Chef.
- Yeah.
Head to the patio.
JENNIFER: I had my bags packed, my outfit ready.
Oh, I'm so bummed.
I thought we had it.
I really did.
Yeah, I did too.
MAN: Say what? - Whoo! - Whoo, baby! Yeah, baby! - Just look at this.
- Wheels up! - Let's go, y'all.
- Here we go, baby.
MAN: Let's go, boys! MILLY: Never been on a private plane.
Thank you.
Wheels up.
It's party time, so I'm gonna party.
- Whoo! Ballin'! - Ballin'.
See you later, coach.
I am flying private planes from here on out.
We just rode straight through a cloud, bro! We ride through clouds! I would like to thank my hands for being so great.
Thank you, Milly's hands.
Thank you, Milly's hands.
- This is gonna suck.
- Yikes.
DANA: Ugh.
Another delivery.
Like, haven't we finished doing deliveries in Hell's Kitchen? I don't understand.
It's a never-ending task.
- That's not gonna work.
- You need a hammer, do you? - Yeah.
- We need something.
Is there anything else around? - You get it drunk first, Chef.
- (LAUGHS) Here we go.
JENNIFER: Oh, my God.
Fish delivery day.
Deliver me from this punishment, please.
- Hey.
- Oh, my God.
- Welcome to Hell's Kitchen! - (LAUGHS) Hey, Michelle, I'm scared to jack this up.
Here, we can do it together.
Push the tip of your knife down so you stay on the ribs, and then just go and get the line going first.
I love this teamwork.
You feel these bones right here? - Yeah.
- And hold it at the end.
Oh, okay.
You got it free.
Thank you.
Michelle, we're turning it around.
- Yeah.
- I'm tired of fighting.
You just keep going like this.
You have to remember the How come Dana's going that way? 'Cause Dana wants to pull a lot of pin bones.
- What? - And she flipped it over.
Why are you commenting on what I'm doing? ELISE: I feel like there was a little bit of unity.
I'm even talking with Michelle, which is progress 'cause I had nothing to say to her.
It seems like everybody's jelling, and then Barbie throws salt and shade and stuff, and I don't I don't really even understand.
- Let me get it ready for you.
- You want me to show you? No, I got it.
Please don't take the tail off.
I need it.
Thank you.
I just was taught to cut fish a different way than that, so I'm gonna do it the way that I know how to do it.
I was just taught by a master sushi chef.
I'm hoping that Barbie comes back from the dark side 'cause I can't deal with her throwing shade much longer.
- What is your problem? - My I don't have a problem.
Is it an ice cream sundae? Chef Ramsay's made his protein shake.
It looks so good, but I know that it's not.
Look at Dana go.
- Mm-mm.
- Oh, my God.
I'm gonna puke.
Oh, my God, that is Ugh.
BARBIE: I am not feeling like drinking that shake.
I'm gonna get through this any way I possibly can.
She's throwing it up? WOMAN: Putting it in the trash can, cheating.
MAN: Here.
Because Barbie threw it in the bin, the whole team, you have to finish.
What? We have to finish it? It's not that serious.
It's not that serious? ELISE: I've had enough of Barbie.
She's a lunatic.
Send her ass packing.
I'm just gonna get it over with.
- Ugh.
- Thanks, Barbs.
You're an [BLEEP].
- Oh.
- Ugh.
- Ugh.
- Oh.
(UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC) - Chef Christina! - ALL: Oh! Hello, hello.
Welcome to Vegas.
You guys ready to take it all in? Chef Christina won our season, and now she's Chef Ramsay's right-hand woman.
MAN: Oh! (CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) Anything she has to say, I'm taking notes.
- Guys, look at that! - Whoo! - Oh, ho! - Look at that.
- I love it.
That's awesome.
- Shoot for the stars, baby.
- Oh, watch your step.
- Whoo! - Wait until you see the view.
- Oh, I love it.
Take a look at the Strip, guys.
- Awesome.
- Wow.
For one of you guys, this is gonna be home.
Can't wait to move here.
MAN: I've never seen this many lights.
I've never seen this much energy.
- I love it.
- This would be your family.
BENJAMIN: That's where I want to be the chef at.
That's the Hell's Kitchen I want to be the head chef at.
MAN: I already see myself there at Caesars Palace.
All righty.
NARRATOR: After a punishing day that left a bad taste in the mouths of most of the Red Team, the Blue Team is back from Las Vegas, and both teams have begun prepping for tonight's Asian Fusion menu.
Let's put the black cod down below.
- Who's the red peppers for? - That goes in the papaya salad.
Oh, my God.
It's Asian Fusion night.
I'm just hoping it doesn't turn into confusion night.
That shallot fired there, is that for the Soft shell crabs, Chef.
- Get another one on.
- Yes, Chef.
In the event we burn the first one, yes? Yes, Chef.
New York Strip, render that fat down.
- Yes, Chef.
- Why not get two on, yes? - Yes, Chef.
- Okay, let's go.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
- All right, Marino.
- Here, Chef.
Open Hell's Kitchen, please.
Let's go.
Right away.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) NARRATOR: It's a star-studded affair in Hell's Kitchen tonight, and the dining room is filling up with enthusiastic patrons - ALL: Cheers! - NARRATOR: VIP guests Here we go.
Here we go.
- Here, this is for you, sir.
- Hello.
NARRATOR: And two Chef's Tables Oh, wow.
Front row and center.
Good luck, Blue.
Come on! NARRATOR: Who are all being treated to Chef Ramsay's new Asian Fusion menu.
Five-Spice Duck Breast.
The soft-shelled crab, and try the New York Strip, yeah.
What to drink at? Where the drink? - Hi.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
Huge fan.
- Congratulations.
- How are you, sir? - Welcome.
- Good to see you.
- Likewise.
- Hi.
- Hi, I'm Barbie.
- Hi, Barbie, I'm Cheryl.
- I wanted to meet you.
I love watching you on "Dancing With the Stars.
" Thank you.
Thank you for having us.
BARBIE: You are so amazing.
Black girl power.
I had to say that.
BARBIE: Thank you for coming.
Oh, my God! Like, ugh! This is more amazing.
I love watching you on TV.
- Welcome to Hell's Kitchen.
- Thank you.
This is so cool.
Let's go, ladies.
Two twos, yes? ALL: Yes, Chef.
Two salmon, one cod, and one lamb.
Two salmon, one cod, one lamb, Chef? - GORDON: Barbie.
- BARBIE: Yes, Chef? Can you push the team, please, yes? Yes, Chef.
Chef Ramsay comes over asking Barbie to lead, and I'm like, "She don't know how.
" So I got to take this over, 'cause I'm not about to watch her sink our ship.
Two salmon, one cod, one lamb, y'all.
Two salmon, one cod, one lamb! - Yes.
- Two salmon, one cod, one lamb.
One cod, one lamb, followed by two salmon.
WOMAN: Okay, sounds good.
- Six minutes to the window.
- Six minutes heard.
Six minutes heard.
I am on Team Petty, and Elise is, what is it, the team captain? Five and a half minutes.
Two salmon, one cod, one lamb.
Two salmon, one cod, one lamb.
Five and a half minutes to the window, heard? Come at me? Come at me.
Do you know what's coming up next? Two duck, two strip, two strip, two sole.
Two duck, two strip, followed by two strip, followed by two sole.
- Two duck, two strip - BOTH: Two strip, two sole.
Two duck, two strip, two strip, two sole.
Over there, look.
- You got this? - Yes.
- Yes? - ALL: Yes.
Okay, we get it.
All right, we got this.
Okay, Blue Team, let's do one four-top, yes? One sole, one New York Strip, one cod, one lamb.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
- Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
- Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
Yes! Thank you.
ALL: Strip, cod sole, lamb.
Strip, cod, sole, lamb.
- Robyn, pleasure.
- Robyn, it's a pleasure.
Oh, my God, Robyn is such a ham.
I won three challenges and three services.
- Hey! - Come on.
And I had to fight for my life in here.
I think it's great that she's personable, but she needs to focus on why she's here, and it's not to be Miss Congeniality.
It's supposed to be to win "Hell's Kitchen.
" I heart all of you.
Maybe I'll hire her as my sous chef.
Robyn, what are you doing? I'm pulling out the pin bones.
I need three minutes.
Robyn, hurry up, will you? Fanning around.
How long for sole, New York, cod, lamb? I'm walking garnish in one minute.
I need two more minutes on this cod, guys.
Okay, so let me tell you something, Blue Team.
We're slowing down.
Hey, pick your heads up.
Don't stop.
- Let's go! - No, we're not stopping, Chef.
Two cod, two salmon, two strip.
Two cod, two salmon, two strip.
There are not two strips, there's one.
Two and a half minutes to the window, yes? - Yes? - Two minutes.
JENNIFER: It's always the same stuff.
It's like Elise thinks that she's the queen bee, and Barbie thinks that she does nothing wrong.
As part of the Red Team, it sucks for all of us.
Two salmon, two cod, two strip.
Garnish is in the window.
- One strip.
- It's one strip, Elise.
Two salmon, two cod, one strip.
Well, drive it, Barbie! Don't give me an attitude.
Either you're gonna drive the tickets or I will.
- Stop! - I'm not doing it tonight.
You have guests in the kitchen.
Knock it off.
Elise is not gonna run [BLEEP].
Not today, sister.
Not today.
Where's the cod and the salmon, New York strip? - Coming in.
- Walking, Chef.
All right, come here, you guys.
Come here.
Oh, Lord, here we go.
Hey, come here, you, come here.
All of you, all of you! [BLEEP].
Back to the bread.
What's happened? - Uh - That is ice cold.
Touch it.
- That's cold now.
- Oh, wow.
- That's cold.
- It's cold, chef.
If you're not ready, don't send it.
Yes, Chef.
Pretty much five times a day, I say that Barbie sucks.
- Barbie - Take the time you need.
- I am.
I will.
- Barbie, can I help you No.
Please don't.
I'm going for number six.
Barbie sucks.
- Barbie, please don't.
- We're okay.
We're okay.
- We're on track.
Let's go.
- We're okay! We're okay! We're good.
Let her bounce back.
She can do it.
Thank you.
We're okay.
GORDON: Does this go? How long to table three? One sole, two lamb, two New York strip.
Heard, Chef.
I'm five minutes out.
Come on, Van, talk, talk, talk, talk.
- Five minutes, Chef.
- Let's go.
ROBYN: Come on, Van.
Open up that mouth.
Ah! - How you looking, Milly? - I'm looking good.
- Sole, right behind you.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, the lamb's beautifully cooked.
Thank you, Chef.
New York Strip, [BLEEP] raw.
It's just going in slow motion like whoo You slowed me down.
It's raw in the middle.
You can't [BLEEP] serve me that.
- Yes, Chef.
- Back in the pan.
Yes, Chef.
Raw steak.
Oh, my [BLEEP] [BLEEP].
Can you give me a time? Go and send the lamb.
- I need five minutes, Chef.
- [BLEEP] hell.
Dude, you have, like, 13 steaks over there.
Are one of them cooked right? Boop, as Elise says.
You got another backup? You got another one? Yeah, I got another backup.
Give me five minutes.
Chef Ramsay come over.
He give me that little slap on the head.
Walking steak right now.
And it's turn up time.
GORDON: Service, please, John.
Pick it up.
NARRATOR: Milly's steak is finally meetig the diners' high expectations.
I have to say that my steak is really good.
NARRATOR: While over in the Red kitchen.
- Hi.
- NARRATOR: The jury is still out.
- Salmon garnish.
- Here, check on them, now.
Yes, Chef.
How's it going? And how's your duck? - I can fix that for you.
- I have another one.
- I can make it more done.
- I'm gonna cook you some more duck, okay? - Yes! - Barbie, he said no.
You guys are I'm so sorry.
Are you all enjoying your meal? ELISE: Barbie is a nutcase.
- She's like, "I'll cook it for you!" - And he's like, "No, I'm good.
" - "I'll cook it for you!" - "No, I'm good.
" - "I'll cook it for you!" - "No, I'm good.
" I'm like, "This [BLEEP] is getting weird.
" Barbie, he said no.
Like, they see the crazy in you like we all do.
Please fire one duck garnish for me.
Why am I firing a duck garnish? Because we don't cook for ourselves - He said he didn't want it.
- Our guest wants - He said he didn't want it.
- Fire duck garnish, please.
Come on, ladies, please? You're a liar, but it'll all come out.
- Listen.
- It's annoying.
It's, like, weird.
Don't even.
- Close the door.
- Yes, Chef.
I walked up to the Chef Table and asked them how everything was, and one of our guests said that he preferred to have his duck cooked Sure.
Okay, fine.
- She's a liar.
She's a liar.
- Go ask the table.
She's mad because I was driving the tickets tonight.
- She wasn't.
- You two sort it out.
In here.
Sort it out in here now, your differences.
Yes, Chef.
We don't cook for ourselves.
We cook for our guests.
- Don't start.
You're a lunatic.
- It's done, okay? Don't put your hands in my face, and don't [BLEEP] call me a lunatic.
You're cuckoo, like, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest crazy.
You right.
You absolutely right.
On order.
Chef's table.
One cod, one salmon, one New York strip, one duck.
- Heard? - Yes, Chef.
- Yes, Chef.
- Heard it.
Cod's going in, guys.
I got New York strips.
Van, do you need any help? - Heard, Van? - ROBYN: Come on, Van.
I'm in front of Dan, my idol.
All I know is, you better not mess this up.
- We're good.
- Heard.
I'm walking my duck and my steak right now.
Where's the salmon? Van, please connect with me! I'm getting a little bit [BLEEP] off now.
I'm bringing it right now.
We have it.
Yeah, but that's your job to [BLEEP] bring it then! - Not me chase you! - Yes, Chef.
Let's go.
Take that.
- It's coming right up.
- I'm standing here waiting! Slice the devil.
Slice the beef.
- He's yelling about your entrée.
- Yeah.
Not my entrée.
It's a little bit too [BLEEP] laid back over there.
Oh, my God, I'm so anxious.
- Look! - Okay.
Van, you must've had a longer night in Vegas than I did because you're movig super slow right now.
Turn the [BLEEP] up, bro.
Come on, just put it down.
I'll do that.
- Put it down.
Go, go, go.
- It's hot.
That's over.
I trusted you, Van.
Where's the [BLEEP] bounce back? Van is shut down! NARRATOR: The restaurant is filled with VIPs and one very hungry Chef's Table.
- Look! - Okay.
NARRATOR: And Van's constant screwups on the fish station - GORDON: It's over.
- NARRATOR: Has Chef Ramsay asking Where's the [BLEEP] bounce back? Enough's enough! Van is shut down! Watch this.
Mine's delicious.
How's yours? Hasn't arrived yet, has it? Do you need Do you need more salmon now? I have one left.
Refried salmon? Already here, y'all.
You ain't got to worry about i.
I got one in my back pocket.
- Okay, go.
- And the salmon.
- Thank you.
- Thumbs up? Thumbs down? - It's very good.
- The last table, let's go.
Two Dover sole, two salmon, two New York strip.
- ALL: Yes, Chef.
- How long? I got six minutes on that one.
Another 4 cover, table 15.
Last table.
Two scallops, one sole, one lamb.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Let's finish strong, guys.
- Yeah.
- Duck, Chef.
Duck's nicely cooked.
This is hot.
Oh, there it is.
Scallops are really good.
Oh, my God.
Red Team, fire desserts.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
- Service's off please, Nick.
- Yes, Chef.
Line up.
I'm gonna keep this brief.
Now, both teams did finish service, but I was surprised by the amount of pain it took to complete service.
That's why the losing team tonight is The Blue Team.
- [BLEEP].
- And the Red Team.
I want both teams to go back to the dorms and come up with two people that you'd be stronger without.
ALL: Yes, Chef.
Get out of here.
VAN: I'm nervous.
I know my service wasn't perfect.
It could easily be me up there, you know? I don't know, this is so This sucks, this sucks.
(SIGHS) This is really horrible.
MILLY: Van, out of all of us, I think you have the most struggles in service.
Van, I think that you can improve on communication in the kitchen.
His fault is that he just gets quiet.
Even when I'm vocal, I'm quiet.
I'm not putting myself up there.
I'm gonna say Robyn.
- What can I improve on? - Being frazzled.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
ROBYN: So I see how it is.
I know I was new to the Blue Team, so they got to put me up.
I'm doing nothing but getting better and better, and that's obviously a threat to these boys.
This is total bromance going on.
- Robyn? - I'm basing it on tonight.
Van and Milly, that's it.
- Y'all tripping.
- That's what I see it.
I agree.
Tonight, I had one New York come back.
I'm being real.
The finesse ain't there.
[BLEEP] that.
Like, I'm the weakest person on this team? It is what it is, man.
MILLY: They think it ain't a person like me deserve to work for Chef Ramsay in Las Vegas.
That's what it is.
They don't They don't think, like, "It's no way, like, a guy like that from a neighborhood or the way he is" No! [BLEEP] all that.
This is about food.
I know if they put me in the kitchen with anybody in this building, I'll whack them, period.
- Be quiet! [BLEEP].
- This is ridiculous.
(GIRLS TALKING AT ONCE) Somebody was running their mouths running off tickets.
- She didn't have (INAUDIBLE).
- Can you wait a minute? - Can you wait a minute? - I never fired it.
Can you wait a minute? [BLEEP] off right now.
I am so sick and tired of the [BLEEP].
I'm tired of the [BLEEP].
Do the vote.
Well, you're the only one about to speak.
We're done.
Elise because of the argument.
I'm not the weakest link on the team, though.
We're better off without the attitude, though.
But Barbie, the two of you were literally fighting.
We all got yelled at for what happened between you two.
This didn't work at all.
There was more problems in the kitchen tonight than that.
I don't think y'all would be better without me, but that's fine because I know I'm a better chef than she is.
Every single time you've been on the meat station, that [BLEEP] is [BLEEP] moo, cluck-cluck, like that kind of raw.
That [BLEEP] was clucking.
You have not had a good service yet! - You're a lunatic.
- I'm the lunatic? Barbie is a crazy old lady, not just like, "Girl, you crazy," but like bat[BLEEP] crazy.
Up here, something is wrong, Barbie, you need help.
Did she just call me crazy? You gonna cry tonight, Elise? No, because you're gonna go home before me.
- Yikes.
- Are you kidding me? You're full of [BLEEP].
You're a liar, and you're a schemer.
You're a cheater.
You'll never win.
Even if you make it past tonight, you'll never win.
You're not gonna beat me out.
- (LAUGHS) - You'll never win.
So I'm not worried about it.
She just wants to throw people under the bus.
So this is not a bus ride.
It's a train wreck.
- You're a train wreck.
- Choo-choo.
Choo-choo, [BLEEP].
- Choo-choo.
- (SCOFFS) - Nick.
- Yes, Chef? Blue Team's first nominee, and why.
Our first nominee is Robyn, Chef.
She's still a little unsure of herself, and to win this competition, you have to be absolutely positive that you're gonna win.
Blue Team's second nominee, and why.
Our second nominee is Milly, Chef.
Milly had one of the poorer performances in service tonight.
When we in there on the line, y'all ain't never got to worry about me.
- I'm not arguing with you.
- Don't.
Blue Team.
I want to hear from somebody else.
Robyn, Milly, Van, step forward.
Thirty seconds.
Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? Because I'm a hard worker, I got creativity, I can cook, I have a gift to make people happy with food, and I just feel like I could win this.
Stay there.
Thirty seconds.
I'm passionate, hard-working, loyal, I'm honest.
I don't think I deserve to be up here right now, Chef.
- Robyn, back in line.
- Thank you, Chef.
Thirty seconds.
Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? I have the most passion, and I want this more than life, period.
I'm confident when I taste my food, and I run it to the pass, I don't even got to check to see if y'all like it or not because I know for a fact that it's the right standard, and it tastes great.
My decision is (SIGHS) Milly.
- Get back in line.
- Thank you, Chef.
Oh, my God.
Van, come here.
Yes, Chef.
Young man, keep your head up, focus, - and continue on that journey.
- Thank you, Chef.
WOMAN: Bye, Van.
VAN: Hell, no, I'm not the weakest chef on the Blue Team, but I'm not gonna sit here and argue about it.
I definitely came here this tie to let my cooking speak for itself, but it didn't work out.
Move on to the next one.
I just want to make people happy with food.
I'm not done yet.
What the [BLEEP]? Dana, first nominee and why.
Our first nominee is Elise, Chef.
Sometimes, she bullies members of the team when we're trying to get food out of the kitchen, and we weren't really hearing the call because she was fighting.
Red Team, second nominee, and why, please.
Our second nominee tonight is Barbie.
She does not get along with the team, and she's had several poor performances in service.
And you can't cook meat.
Your [BLEEP] be clucking at the [BLEEP] pass.
Cluck! Her [BLEEP] be clucking.
- And a moo.
- Moo.
Oh, yeah.
Her [BLEEP]'s mooing too.
You're right.
She could milk that [BLEEP] if it was still alive.
Barbie, Elise, step forward.
30 seconds.
Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? I made some mistakes, but I will not make those mistakes again.
I have tried to get along with my team.
My team does not want to listen.
They do not want to humble themselves, and they do not want to be honest with themselves.
30 seconds.
Why should you stay in Hell's Kitchen? I'm the strongest member of the Red Team.
I've been in the top of the challenges, unlike Barbie.
My decision is Elise.
And Barbie.
Get back in line.
So let this be a warning to all of you.
When I tell you what your weaknesses are, you need to correct them quickly.
Otherwise, you'll be gone.
Now, [BLEEP] off, will you? DANA: That was intense.
I don't even know what happene, but grrr Barbie is still here.
BARBIE: This is not happening again.
This cannot happen again.
We need to trim some more fat, and I'm not fat.
MILLY: Listen, Blue Team.
I am not any of your friends.
I will be your employer, if anything.
Thank y'all for showing me who you were, Blue Team.
GORDON: Van's always had one of the loudest voices here.
Tonight, not only did he lose his voice but also his dream of becoming my next head chef.
NARRATOR: Next time on "Hell's Kitchen All Stars" - You're stupid.
- Oh, he's brutal.
NARRATOR: When Hell's Kitchen closes for a star-studded event ALL: Let's go, Blue! NARRATOR: Will one chef go on a power trip? Milly! Come here right now.
Nick, I don't know what you're doing, bro.
I need it cooked perfectly.
No more of this [BLEEP].
Man, get the [BLEEP] out of here! NARRATOR: Does Milly get the last laugh? Watch this, Nick! I got something for you, boy! Nick, scallops are overcooking.
- Milly! - (LAUGHS) NARRATOR: And will the women finally take their chance Please don't try to [BLEEP] me off.
I don't trust none of these broads.
NARRATOR: To get rid of the most hated all-star of all time? Are they all burnt? - No.
- What the [BLEEP] is this? - Oh, my God! - I'm not being nice anymore.
NARRATOR: Hell hath no fury like an Elise scorned.
Y'all are a clique.
Y'all are all full of [BLEEP]! - NARRATOR: All next time - Fire.
NARRATOR: On an explosive episode I'm feeling a little moist.
NARRATOR: Of "Hell's Kitchen All Stars.