Helstrom (2020) s01e04 Episode Script


Church organ playing ♪
[indiscernible praying]
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
It has been a month
since my last confession.
‐ Go on.
[sighs heavily]
‐ A couple months ago, I was sent here
from Rome with a mission.
I'm supposed to report to
the Archbishop here if I find any,
disturbing and unnatural behavior
from this man
and his family, but
it's complicated.
‐ Take your time.
I'm here to listen.
‐ The Church always tells us that
our faith is our strength.
That it alone will save us
from the darkness.
But sometimes life has a way
of testing our faith
through what we experience,
what we feel.
So if I'm having doubts
about what I've seen and felt, then,
who am I to pass judgment on anyone else?
[wood creaking]
[heavy breathing]
‐ Sorry.
But is there a sin anywhere in there?
‐ Excuse me?
‐ Have you had any lustful thoughts?
‐ I‐‐
I'm not sure, I mean, he‐‐
Everyone's had thoughts before.
FATHER: Do you like the way
he makes you feel.
‐ Uh, um‐‐
FATHER: Between your legs?
I can make you feel that way.
Yeah, you're a fighter.
I haven't had one like you in centuries.
Theme music playing ♪

[indiscernible chatter]
Baby Huey's Hard Times playing ♪

‐ Cold, cold eyes upon me they stare ♪
People all around me
and they're all in fear ♪
They don't seem to want me
but they won't admit ♪
I must be some kind of creature
up here having fits ♪
From my party house,
I'm afraid to come outside ♪
Although I'm filled with love,
I'm afraid they'll hurt my pride ♪
So I play the part
I feel they want of me ♪
And I pull the shades
so I won't see them seein' me ♪
Havin' hard times ♪
In this crazy town ♪
[indiscernible chatter]
[cell phone buzzing]
There's no love to be found ♪
Havin' hard times ♪
In this crazy town ♪
Havin' hard times ♪
There's no love to be found ♪
From my party house,
I feel like meetin' others ♪
[knocking on door]
[music stops]
‐ Let me guess. You're here for him?
‐ Daimon called and said‐‐
‐ Ugh.
That figures.
Such a shame.
‐ I'm sorry, what?
‐ Well, let's be honest,
you could do so much better.
‐ Well, looks like you could, too.
Daimon told us you were attacked.
I'm very sorry,
but we're here to help.
[car approaches]
[car door opens]
‐ Ohh!
[bell dings]
You have a really lovely place.
DAIMON: Thank you.
It was, uh, it was a lot of work.
‐ And a lot of Mother's money.
When she went crazy, we took it.
‐ Ugh. Uh, what I think she means is that
when I got power of attorney,
I split the family trust,
to take care of us.
‐ Including Victoria.
[rattling, keys jingling]
Been too long.
‐ Or not long enough,
depending on how you look at it.
‐ View looks pretty sketchy from here.
‐ I, uh, made a quick stop.
Double chocolate. Huh?
Hands down the best in Portland. Alright.
Don't everybody jump at once.
‐ Henry, this is Gabriella Rosetti,
my associate.
This is‐‐
‐ The man they call Caretaker.
I've heard nice things.
‐ Yeah.
DAIMON: Uhh, okay.
So, I‐I know this, this sort of
formal meeting isn't everyone's
favorite morning activity,
but Ana and I have
reason to believe that
our father may be back.
‐ So you were right.
He's been alive all this time.
‐ No.
He's taken a new form.
Reborn somehow. I‐‐
But it's him.
DAIMON: He's strong.
He's marking people for possession.
And he's clearly targeting us.
ANA: Got the drop on me.
Won't happen again.
The only question is,
how do we kill him?
‐ We can't.
Simple laws of nature.
Energy can't be destroyed,
but it can be transferred or contained.
‐ Well, from what
Ana was telling me last night,
he was lying in a crypt
for 20 some‐odd years.
But what kept him contained?
‐ Another demon.
A Keeper tasked with that very job.
‐ You can't be serious.
‐ Where do we find one?
‐ We already have.
The skull, Ana.
You felt it, didn't you?
It's the only thing strong enough
to contain your father's‐‐
DAIMON: Ana, we're having a meeting?
‐ Um, that skull is in San Francisco.
Thank me later.
Damn it, Yen.
‐ Hey, you don't have to call a car.
I can drive us to the airport.
‐ Us?
‐ Well, I'm gonna,
I'm gonna come with you.
‐ Oh, that's gonna be a no for me.
‐ Look, I know you're pissed, right?
But this is, this is your thing.
The whole "we need to be
on the same page" deal.
‐ I meant us. As in you and me.
Not the whole J‐V squad in there.
‐ Okay, well, I'm not surprised
you'd pick on Hastings and Gabriella.
But you can't call 'Taker J‐V.
That man is definitely Varsity.
‐ You didn't see it last night,
the thing that he's turned into.
He would shred them like paper dolls.
‐ That's what you're afraid of.
‐ I'm not afraid of anything.
Not anymore.
‐ Well, I am.
And if Dad comes back for you,
I'm going to be there.
Besides, I love me some San Francisco.
Mm‐mmm. Mm‐mmm!
It is foodie heaven.
GABRIELLA: That's impossible.
People don't just come back from the dead.
‐ The irony of the whole Jesus thing
is lost on you, isn't it?
‐ You can't just contain someone's soul.
‐ Well, my experience would beg to differ.
Yours would too, Louise.
‐ I'll speak to my own experience,
thank you.
‐ Forget the fact whether or not
it's possible to capture someone's soul,
it's immoral.
‐ I can't argue with her there.
‐ Their father isn't like,
like other demons,
hopping from person to person.
No. He is a monster!
And his soul, if he ever had one, is dead.
The only thing left is pure evil.
‐ If what you're saying is true,
then what does that say
about his children.
Church organ playing ♪

[indiscernible prayer]
[indiscernible prayer]
[grunting, thudding]
[grunting, thudding continues]
CARETAKER: Calm down, now. Calm down.
[grunting, thudding continues]
Hold on, hold on, hold on.
He's still a little squirrelly.
‐ Did you follow me here?
‐ If I'm gonna do business with someone,
I'm gonna do my homework.
‐ Business?
‐ Come on.
There's something you need to see.
‐ Growing up, I never pegged you
for an art buff.
You could barely even draw stick figures.
‐ Well, you don't have to make it
to sell it, genius.
And I deal in antiquities.
‐ So, ancient stick figures.
‐ Are you always so insufferable?
‐ Uh, no. Just when I'm with you.
‐ Chris?
‐ Like, how, how much is this worth?
Like, 20, 30 grand?
‐ $2.3 million.
‐ Seriously?
Who buys this stuff?
‐ It's the same idiots who send cars
into space for fun.
‐ What?
What is it?
‐ Yen's not here.
And the alarm wasn't set when we entered.
‐ Holy shit.
ANA: It's gone.
‐ What?
‐ The skull. It's gone.
We need to find Yen.
[children shouting, laughing]
[bell dings]
‐ That coin you used.
Did it exorcise him?
‐ It wasn't a coin. It was a talisman.
It's, uh, made from the remains
of a Keeper demon.
‐ The Keeper demon.
You mentioned that back at the house.
‐ Rare bunch.
They, uh, rebelled against their own kind.
Now, that talisman bought us, uh,
maybe an hour if we're lucky.
‐ Then what are we doing here?
[bell dinging]
MAN: Coming.
‐ Finn.
So they finally let the jack
out the box, huh?
‐ Their mistake.
What're you doing here?
‐ I need a room.
Second floor. With a view.
‐ Folks upstairs clear her?
‐ They don't need to.
She's with me.
‐ Self‐park or valet?
[keys jingling]
‐ Valet.
‐ I take it this is not a regular hotel.
MAN: Get the straps.
[gate rattling]
‐ Do you know him?
[Tate screaming]
What did you see?
‐ Robbery of some kind.
I couldn't make it out.
‐ Luckily, you don't have to.
‐ Okay, well,
Yen had to do something.
We've got a ton
of expensive artifacts in there.
‐ You're not trying to justify
what we just saw.
‐ Why would he take the skull?
‐ Why did he kill that guy?
We have to call the police, Ana.
‐ While we get wrapped up
in a murder investigation,
there's an unstoppable monster out there,
growing more powerful by the moment.
‐ Are you hearing yourself?
‐ We need to stay on track.
‐ That man is a murder victim.
Do you feel nothing?
‐ He was disgusting,
just like his brother.
‐ So you did know him.
‐ Only by reputation.
Now, you can help me clean up
or you can leave,
but you can't lecture.
‐ You're talking
about disposing of a body‐‐
‐ Then leave. I'm fine on my own.
I always have been.
‐ All right.
‐ Come on.
‐ It's been smooth today.
Even she's been quiet.
HASTINGS: Was she sedated
for blood work?
‐ No.
And I swear, she didn't look
like that this morning.
‐ She's deteriorating.
Vitamin D levels are lower than ever.
Get the chair.
And notify the outer guard.
We've getting her some air.
GUARD: Unit 3 to Dispatch‐‐
[monitor beeping]
WOMAN: brain activity.
There's some agitation.
‐ Who are all these people?
CARETAKER: They've been marked.
[gurney rattling]
Step aside. Watch out.
[indiscernible chatter]
GABRIELLA: Father Crow.
MAN: This way.
‐ This place is run by a group
called The Blood.
For centuries, they've been
fighting and keeping track
of different things
that move in and out of this world.
The most dangerous ones,
we find a way to contain.
‐ You're treating demons with drugs.
‐ We put them in comas.
Over the years,
we found that the best way
to deal with these people
is to keep them safe and asleep
so they won't suffer.
It also strands the monster inside them.
This is the most humane way
to deal with them.
‐ And you're a member of this group?
‐ Yes.
I am.
‐ How long do you keep them like this?
‐ Forever.
[bones cracking]
‐ You've gotten stronger.
‐ Survival of the fittest.
‐ That you are.
Toughest I ever met.
[bones continue cracking]
You ever talk to anyone about it?
‐ About what?
‐ About what happened
on the road with him.
‐ Memory lane is a dead end for me.
‐ What we're doing here,
I can't help, but notice
that you don't seem phased by it at all.
[exhales deeply]
‐ More cleaning. Less talking.
The sooner we finish, the sooner
you get back to Mommy Dearest.
[door closes]
HASTINGS: You can't feel the sun
or the air.
How is this affecting you?
MOTHER: Memory is a powerful thing.
I can remember the sun warming my skin
or how a cool breeze
would give me goosebumps.
[exhales forcefully]
The thought of it
calms me.
‐ And
when was the last time you felt that?
‐ Oh.
A long long time.
I was with someone,
in love, you know.
We were eating strawberries by the lake,
playing with the children.
‐ Daimon and Ana?
‐ No.
Those are her children,
not mine.
My babies
were adorable.
They used to hug my legs,
fall asleep on my breast,
bring me things to play with.
I adored them.
Until they were taken from me.
‐ Who took them?
‐ Some memories are too painful.
[exhales forcefully]
I prefer to think of the sun.
‐ Something is different about you today.
‐ They say death's a release.
And it is.
But there is nothing in the world
like being alive.
‐ Who or
what, in the world are you?
‐ My name is Kthara.
And I am just like you, Louise.
A woman betrayed by all she held dear.

[exhales forcefully]
ANA: A crate won't hide the smell.
Hah, there used to be a big cooler here,
you know, the wheelie kind?
‐ Mm. For all the camping that you do?
‐ Yeah. Something like that.
[distant rattling]
‐ What‐‐
[rattling continues]
‐ There's someone here.
‐ I thought you locked the door?
‐ You were so busy
blabbering about something.
‐ I'll go and check it out.
‐ You can't go out there.
‐ Yeah. Obviously.
Can I help you, officer?
‐ Who the hell are you?
‐ Ooh, that's a very layered question.
Um, took me years to figure that out.
How about I start with my name?
I'm Daimon.
‐ Cut the bullshit.
Where's Chris?
‐ Uh, Chris Yen?
‐ Yeah.
I'm his boyfriend.
Guess he didn't mention that part, did he?
Starting to make sense, though.
All the late nights
he's been spending here.
‐ Oh, uh no.
I‐‐ you've, I think you've got
the, the wrong idea.
‐ Bet.
‐ Uh, Chris is not my type.
And he's not here.
‐ Then where is he?
[rats squeaking]
‐ You couldn't have picked anywhere else?
I don't know,
a day spa,
a gourmet cheese shop.
[eerie whispering]
‐ What kind of operation is this?
You're calling him in at all hours
of the night. Weekends, too.
He's never home. Never gets to relax.
Never answers his damn phone.
‐ Derrick‐‐
‐ No.
Look, you've known Chris
for a long time, and I get that,
but that doesn't give you the right
to treat him like shit.
‐ You know what,
you're right.
I'm sorry.
I know this must be really hard for you.
This is a really fickle business,
but I do take full responsibility
for everything, so‐‐
‐ About damn time.
So where is he?
[Ana smacks lips]
‐ I sent him on a last minute
appraisal overseas.
These rare Mongolian coins.
Bottom line, he didn't want to go,
but I did not give him an option.
And he told me to tell you,
and I forgot, so I'm sorry about that.
He'll be home soon.
‐ Is that blood?
ANA: Oh, damn it.
You nicked me.
Yeah, my brother and I
were just moving an old weapon,
a 15th century Swiss halberd,
and he dropped it.
You clumsy dork.
Uh, yeah, must've caught my sleeve.
I didn't even realize.
‐ You should get a bandage on that.
Go wash it out.
‐ Mm‐hmm.
‐ This kinda stuff needs to stop, Ana.
If not,
you can tell Chris I'm gone.
[door closes]
Your bullshit is flawless.
It's scary.
‐ That guy's a pushover.
Time for Yen to upgrade.
‐ So what kind of job
does Yen do for you, exactly?
‐ Isn't it obvious, Sherlock?
We, uh buy and sell rare artifacts.
‐ At all hours of the night?
‐ Yep.
We're really dedicated.
‐ To the business of selling artifacts.
‐ And appraising them, yeah.
Why are you being so annoying?
‐ You seem defensive.
‐ Well, Yen's my partner,
and, uh what we do is
none of your business.
‐ It is when I'm helping cover up
a murder he committed.
‐ But you're not helping.
You're just nagging.
‐ What would you have done if Derrick
hadn't believed you about the blood?
I know that you're lying to me, Ana.
About Yen,
about the body,
about what you've been doing,
and I know it has nothing
to do with the art business.
‐ So why the third degree, then,
if you already know?
‐ Because I want to hear you say it.
‐ You sure about that?
‐ Yes.
What are you and Yen doing?
‐ He helps me kill people.
‐ Does Esther know what you're doing?
[Caretaker scoffs]
‐ You do realize I don't answer to Esther.
Or you.
‐ Esther said this place,
how it runs is my call.
‐ Until it's not.
Florence Williams. Age 34.
She had friends. Nice‐looking parents.
And in room thirteen, Edward Thompson.
He had great‐grandchildren‐‐
‐ I read the files.
‐ These people have lives. Families.
‐ Families who think they're dead.
Who've already mourned.
‐ But Daimon can save them.
‐ You know what happens
when Daimon "saves" them?
Hmm? Sure, they go back to their families.
But that demon,
that thing inside, is set free.
‐ No, it's exorcised‐‐
‐ No, it goes back to where it came from
it connects with its friends,
it plots, it gets stronger,
and it comes back to kill.
‐ Putting people in comas
is not the answer.
You're treating symptoms,
not fighting the disease.
‐ Just what do you think Daimon's doing?
That's no cure, either.
‐ I'm gonna go check on Father Crow.
‐ This asshole helped his brother hunt
and murder women.
They were brutal.
And they had enough money that
they could buy their way out of it
if they ever got caught.
I'm careful.
I do my research.
I make sure every person
I take out deserves it.
Don't make that face.
‐ I'm just trying to understand.
‐ Well, I just explained it to you.
‐ You're not correcting an injustice.
With that mindset, the beneficiaries‐‐
‐ Gonna stop you
right there, professor.
This is not one of your lectures.
‐ Yeah, I know.
I know that. I just‐‐
[inhales sharply]
I don't want it to be true,
that you're capable of killing someone.
‐ Of course I'm capable.
So are you.
So is everybody,
given the right circumstances.
‐ It is different for us.
With our bloodline, what we are,
and what you've been through.
Call it what you want,
but this isn't for anyone else but you.
You get something from this.
A sense of satisfaction,
a rush of adrenaline, I‐‐
‐ You think I'm like him.
‐ I didn't say that.
‐ It's different.
I hunt people like him.
I kill people like him.
‐ And with that logic, you give
someone else the right to hunt you.
‐ Let them try.
[eerie whispering]
[Yen gasps]
‐ No.
That is not okay!
You can do your creepy ass shit,
but dead spiders are not okay.
That's not okay.
That is not okay.
That's not okay.
[low growl]
‐ Please.
You've done so well today.
We don't want to sedate you.
‐ I won't go back in there.
‐ This isn't a negotiation.
‐ What did you change?
‐ Nothing's changed.
‐ Was it your friend?
The one I tried to kill?
[patients shouting]
You've done something!
I won't go back in there.
You can't make me,
you conniving bitch!
HASTINGS: Stop this.
Tell me what's wrong.
‐ You wish to bargain?
Take it away and I'll take away
that cancer I gave you.
How's that for a bargain?
‐ Get her in there.
‐ No. No!
[patients shouting and banging at doors]
‐ What are you doing?
‐ Oh God.
‐ Ana, please talk to me.
‐ I don't take pleasure
from this,
just pain.
That's what these things give off.
So I take it in,
and I use it
to put a stop to the people
who spread that kind of pain.
What kind of person
would I be if I didn't?
‐ I thought that
all of his things were gone.
‐ They're not his.
The box was a gift from Mom, actually.
For little girl things
like earrings and toys.
But I started using it
for Dad's presents
that he would give me
when he came home from,
from his business trips.
Of course, I had no idea what they were.
I just thought it was his weird way of
showing me that he loved me.
Giving me things like
a bracelet, necklace, a watch.
Mom hated it.
She hated everything about it.
And because I was a little kid,
I thought that meant that she hated me.
‐ She didn't.
‐ I know.
When you and I went back to clean
the house out after all those years,
I found the box in the basement.
She never got rid of it.
No matter how much she hated it
or what it stood for,
she was too crazy,
too weak,
to throw away all the horrible shit
that monster gave her little girl.
‐ Did you ever think
to try and find the
families and return‐‐
return their items?
‐ You think anyone wants
to find out their loved one
was murdered by a serial killer?
I'll bury the box with him
when I kill him.
[monitor beeping]
‐ I think we should up the dosage.
NURSE: Yes, doctor.
[Father Crow grunting]
Lord, please.
[Gabriella panting]
‐ I know how this looks,
and I'm not happy with it, either.
‐ You could stop this now.
‐ No, I can't!
And neither can you.
Look, you seem like a good person.
But if you don't have
the stomach for this,
you still have a choice.
‐ So do you.
‐ No.
My family's been part of this
for seven generations.
It's in me.
There's no running from it.
And believe me, I have tried.
‐ Does Dr. Hastings know about this place?
DAIMON: So, uh how do you,
you know, get rid of it? Normally.
‐ Mm. I don't. That's Yen's thing.
‐ So what do we do?
‐ Dump him in the Bay, I suppose.
‐ That's too risky.
‐ You don't have to come along.
I got it.
‐ I think there might be another way.

[heavy breathing]

[heavy breathing]
[thunder rumbling]
‐ You're making great progress.
I'll see you next week, all right?
‐ Dr. Hastings,
may I have a word?
‐ Thank you.
What is it, Gabby?
‐ How much do you know about The Blood?
‐ What did Henry tell you?
‐ Did you know about the hotels?
All the people they keep in comas?
‐ He took you there?
‐ Why didn't you tell me?
‐ Gabby,
there are things which are simply
out of our control.
The Blood are ancient. They have
their own methods, their own ways,
and they have nothing to do with us‐‐
‐ Why are you defending them?
‐ I'm not.
I absolutely do not agree with‐‐
‐ You know I have to report this.
The Vatican needs to know.
‐ What makes you think they don't?
‐ The Church‐‐
‐ Is an institution.
And like any institution,
it has a lot of moving parts
and a lot of flaws.
Which is one of the many reasons
we parted ways.
‐ That's it?
You've just written it all off
as "the institution"?
Did none of those lessons
ever mean anything?
‐ Of course they did.
They had this saying
when I was a novitiate:
Our faith is‐‐
‐ Our strength.
‐ That much is still true.
I just put my faith in people now.
‐ We can't just stand here
and let those people die.
‐ If we save them,
that demon comes back
and hurts someone else, right?
But if we don't
and everyone else is safer
for a little while.
Question is, at what cost?
What do you think is the answer?
This isn't simple, Gabby.
We save who we can, how we can.
The Blood have their way,
and you and I have ours.
We can disagree on methodology,
but at the end of the day,
there's only one enemy.
Remember that.
[airplane rumbling]
‐ Ana, what're you doing, I drove.
‐ I'm going back to my hotel.
[sirens wailing in distance]
[indiscernible announcement on PA]
‐ So where do you think Yen went?
‐ I don't know.
It's really not like him.
‐ You sure you don't want
to stay at my place?
I'm just saying because I‐I thought
the last few days have been
eventful and might not be a bad idea.
I felt like we'd do all right
for ourselves together.
‐ Thanks,
but I have had enough Kombucha
for a lifetime.
‐ Yeah. That's fair.
‐ Easy there, Traitor.
I come in peace.
No need to fight while there's donuts.
I hear these are the best
you can get in Portland.
‐ Magoth?
‐ Surprised I'm back?
‐ Just a little sooner than I expected.
What's the hurry?
You got a kegger tonight?
‐ Have you spoken
with your sister recently?
I'll take that as a yes.
She told you the truth, didn't she?
About what she does.
‐ What do you want?
‐ We would like to make a deal.
He only needs one of you, so
let us take Ana off your hands.
‐ I presume you're talking
about my father.
Care to tell me what he needs
one of us for?
‐ Not really, no.
‐ Then you're no use to me.
So after I send you back
to where you came from,
you're gonna tell him from me
that if he wants something,
he can come and get it himself
instead of sending random assholes
to my house in the middle of the night.
‐ Give us Ana
and we'll spare your mother.
An innocent victim in all of this,
wouldn't you agree?
‐ You could free her?
‐ Your sister for your mother.
Do we have a deal?
[bottle shatters]
‐ Not so fun being crushed, is it?
[Ana grunts]
Thank you.
‐ So that's what you do.
I'm kind of impressed.
‐ How did you know to come back?
‐ My hotel room wasn't available,
so I just thought I would
save a few bucks.
‐ Says the lady
in $3,000 shoes.
‐ While I take care of the kid, can you
just help me clean up a little, please?
‐ I'm not cleaning shit else today.
[patients shouting]
[continues screaming]
Dramatic music playing ♪

[eerie whispering]
You're Nobody
'Til Somebody Loves You
by the Mills Brothers ♪

‐ You're nobody ♪
'Til somebody loves you ♪
You're nobody ♪
'Til somebody cares ♪
You're nobody ♪
'Til somebody ♪
Somebody loves you ♪
So go out, look about ♪
And find yourself somebody ♪
To love ♪
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