Hemlock Grove (2013) s01e12 Episode Script

Children of the Night

Ah fuck.
Ah! Come on, come on, come on.
Agh! Hey, Tom.
The latest one, was it was it Christina? Deputies found some torn clothing and a ID for a Jennifer Fredericks at the site.
- Jenny Fredericks? - You know her? No, no.
Shelley does.
She's the only real friend she ever had.
That means Christina's still out there.
You wanna say something to me, or you just gonna eye fuck me? Tom, I know that you feel right now more than ever that you have a job to do, but with everything that's happen I'm not one of your patients, Doctor.
As a friend.
Maybe you should go home for a little while.
I'll go home when Christina's safe and Peter Rumancek is dead and in the ground.
Come on.
When I was a young girl, there was a game I used to play with my cousins wicked little beasts of the first rank.
Game was called wolves in the wood.
"Play with" perhaps misstates it, implying my consent as part of the proceedings.
At any rate, after the moon had risen, they would spirit me out to the forest, an enchanted place in the fuller sense of the word, filled with mysteries and nameless dangers prowling in the dark.
They would lay me on a bed of moss.
I can feel it on the back of my neck to this day.
I was to lay perfectly still as they circled through the trees on tiptoes, growling deep in their throats and warning me there were wolves on the hunt with a taste for little girls.
The slightest movement on my part would give me away.
I'd be gobbled up in a blink.
Mm, of course I was terrified for life and limb.
Did my utmost to escape this monstrous fate.
But the harder I concentrated on not betraying myself, the more impossible it became not to smile.
A great cry would then go up: "You moved, you moved!" and with yips and howls they would descend on me, cover my body head to toe with kisses.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
That's all right, sweetheart.
Are you OK? Is your dad home? No.
Uh, do you want me to call him? No, no.
He's probably out wondering where you are.
Well, please don't tell him I'm here, OK? Yeah.
Did you want to come in? I thought I heard a noise.
It sounded like someone screaming.
I was just making some tea.
Hey, sit down.
Do you want a cup? I have tea all the time.
Yeah, OK.
Stupid fucking bitch.
So, do you want to tell me what's wrong? Why'd you leave the hospital? It wasn't safe there.
Why do you think it wasn't safe? I don't know.
Just a feeling, I guess.
Like when you're in a dark room but you can still feel a hand in front of your face.
What are you afraid of? That it's coming after me.
Sweetheart, I'm sure that's not true.
Well, I-I had that feeling, and I just had to get away.
I had to come here.
Why? To warn you.
Because I think it's after you too.
Is that the bacon grease? Oh, good.
You did good.
What are you gonna do with that stuff? What's that? It's a weapon, from my mother.
We have her blessing, for what it's worth.
You have your spells, she has hers.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Just try not to poke your eye out with it.
So how are you gonna find it? It'll find me.
I asked how to do what it did to turn on the wrong moon.
I'm closer to it now, I can feel it.
And I can feel it feel me.
When I go out there tonight, I won't have to go far.
It'll be waiting for me.
I need you to come by here.
It's not really the best time right now.
This is just really important, and I need your help.
I'll be right there.
I gotta go.
She needs my help with something important.
- Well, what is it? - I don't know.
- I'm going.
- Hey, hey, do you really think that's the best idea right now, with everyone out there looking for you? I'll hide in the fucking trunk.
I'm going.
It's OK.
We'll handle it.
- What the fuck is this all about? - Just stay calm.
Sheriff? You here to help? Help with what, sir? What are you doing here? It can come back.
It always comes back.
I don't think it's coming back here, sir, and the Fredericks, they could use some time alone.
You understand.
Tom? That thing loaded? Don't fucking touch it.
- Sheriff - Go home.
Come with us, OK? Still warm for whatever use that brings you.
Lod isn't going to like this.
They want Norman's share, they'll learn to.
They knew where they were sending the little gollywog.
This was irresponsible and reckless.
First you leave the Willoughby girl here to be discovered.
Mm, tsk, tsk, tsk.
- Not my handiwork.
- Regardless, it's sloppy.
This was not some junkie or transient like the others.
She will be missed.
What is this really about? Oh! You liked her! Perhaps you can send the next of kin something that almost resembles a flower.
Fuck you, Olivia.
For years I've been your janitor, making your messes go away.
The blood on my hands because of you.
You couldn't leave this one alone? I could.
I chose not to.
You don't do it for me.
You do it for yourself and your little project.
Being my janitor protects you from Norman.
The only people who are gonna miss her are Lod, and now they know the consequences of crossing me when you need protection from them.
Of course, you could always just tender your resignation.
Why is it that you're the only one who hasn't asked me what I'm really doing? Because I don't give a flying fuck.
- You should.
- And why is that? Because it will change the world.
Yours included.
The only thing I care about us producing is money.
As long as you continue, the rest is a sandbox for you and your PhDs.
I think you'll find the world doesn't change so easily.
We will see.
Do you know who it is who's killing these girls? Stop being a pussy.
Clean it up.
I can't move.
It's hard to breathe.
That's because your neck is broken.
Oh, Doctor.
If only you'd listened to me.
I'm listening now.
We're both part of something bigger than us, you and I, bigger than the not-so-different people we work for.
The only difference is I don't threaten it.
She's right.
I can't quit when I'm so close.
I'm so sorry.
Do you want to pray? No.
A lighthouse guiding a lone vessel through evil waters if ever there was one.
Full stop.
He reminded himself, comma, again, comma, that whatever sacrifice of personal conscience was required of him, comma, even his humanity, comma, was of scant consequence to his penance.
Full stop.
- Tom? - Norman.
How you doing? What's that thing I said about not being a patient? Yeah.
It's not the usual luggage people come in with.
I'm here.
Don't push it.
Oh, no, I'm glad you're here.
Why didn't it come for me? Tom, I know you think that in some way you were responsible I'm not here for me.
I'm just here to tell you that another girl's gonna die, so if you have anything to say to any of the girls in your life, now would be the time.
Letha? - Are you OK? What's going on? - Hey.
I'm really sorry.
I was on my way to meet you guys when - something came up.
- Well, who's here? Don't freak out, OK? Who's here? Please, can you just stay here? Thank you.
Hey, Christina.
I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you.
- This isn't a good idea.
- Roman, she's really scared.
- Well, we're not just gonna - It's fine.
- What? - It's fine.
- Hi.
Under the waves till the birds steal the liver I grew Fall asleep in the breeze Yo.
Baby on board.
Christina, you know I won't let anyone hurt you, right? I know.
You know nothing's gonna go wrong now.
Right? I'm sorry I told everyone you're a werewolf.
Don't mention it.
I know you're scared.
I am too.
Why do you think he's coming after you? It's hard to explain.
Yeah, yeah.
I know the feeling.
Oh, pull pull up over there.
- What, the convenience store? - Yeah.
- Why? I gotta take a piss.
Just do it, will you? Yes, ma'am.
All right, what the fuck's going on? - I think Christina's right.
- About what? I think he's after her next.
- How do you know? - It's just a feeling.
He may even know her, he may come before sundown, so we need to be ready.
What are you looking for? Fuck.
This'll do.
Oh, shit.
My brother lost his house because of your father.
Why don't you tell your brother to be a fucking man, huh? Card declined.
Uh I got cash.
Want me to call your mother? No, thanks.
I'm fine.
What the fuck did you do to this guy? We had a misunderstanding.
I've seen your misunderstandings.
I'm sorry about this and him.
No one knows he's a bigger asshole than I do, but we really need this, and I'm broke till payday.
Lots of people broke because of this asshole's family.
How about an IOU? I'm good for it.
I- O-fuck you, Rumancek.
I'm sorry.
I haven't said that much in my life, but I am.
I insulted a lot of people, and, uh, you would have been right to kick my ass.
I'm a spoiled prick and I would have deserved it.
Look, if you wanna take a swing at me now, I won't stop you.
- Whew - Everything all right? Yeah.
Why wouldn't it be? The boys are in the chapel.
Are they going to stop it? Well, they have some ideas.
Letha's home and fine.
Your mother your mother and I are complicated.
I'm sorry that it meant lying to you.
I've been lying about it so long I almost forgot there was anyone who still believed it, but doesn't make it any less crummy.
You're a lamp.
You shine on people.
You're either gonna show what's best in them or what's most crummy.
You always got to see the best of me because there you were lighting the way, so it's even worse how you had to learn about my shit-heel side, but that's your tragedy, and nothing breaks my heart more.
You're always gonna be surrounded by people who don't deserve you.
Something else I gotta tell you.
Um the last victim it was Jenny Fredericks.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I- I know what she meant to you.
Oh, sweetheart.
Shelley! SHELLEY! Shelley! Are you sure we're safe here? As safe as we're gonna be.
Nothing's gonna hurt you.
I won't let it.
You know I kissed you once.
It was right when you moved here.
It was my first.
I never told anybody that, not even the twins.
They lost their virginity the summer before.
It was all they ever talked about.
I wanted the experience.
You know, it's what writers do.
That's why I researched how to turn.
But where do you start? What do you mean turn? As far as I know, you're either born one, bitten by one, or in the rarer cases, a person chooses it.
They drink from the paw print of one.
Look at him.
What do you think would drive a person to that? You wouldn't try it? Me? I think I see enough monsters in the world already.
It's like I said: experience is a writer's material.
And you had so many stories, and I wanted my own, and I wanted to be as free as you.
I wasn't optimistic.
I mean, who thinks something like that is gonna work? I felt pretty silly.
And then it came the harvest moon.
Jesus Christ.
- Get her out of here.
- What's going on? Roman? Come on, you need to get out of here.
You need to get out of here.
Stay back.
You need to let Peter do this.
Do what? Where is he taking her? - I need you to come with me.
- OK.
Get on your knees.
- Get your hands off me! - No! No! OK? Don't move.
Can you control it? Last night, was it something that happened, or did you make it happen? Did you make yourself turn, or did you hear did you hear your other name? Answer me or I'll choke the life out of you.
I decided to.
I wanted to.
If you decide to turn tonight, you're gonna die.
Are you gonna kill me, Peter? Yes.
Do you hate me? No.
I don't hate you.
Why her? Why did you go to her? I knew you were in here.
I saw from the clinic window you go in and then I went to look.
Because when I saw you in here with your ugly fucking thing in that whore! - Roman, let go of me! - Stop, OK? Stop! Listen to me! It's her.
She's the fucking vargulf.
It's fucking her! I wanted more than anything to feel her fear on my tongue and her bones crunch beneath my teeth and her blood run down the fur on my neck.
It's OK.
You can kill me as long as you don't hate me.
And you should do it now while you still can.
It's already happening.
You haven't got a lot of time.
I can't turn it around any more than you can turn around night and day.
You do what you have to while it's still day.
You made me.
- I'm yours.
- God help me.
Oh! Oh, oh I can feel it coming 'cause I'm getting wet.
So this must be what it feels like to come.
I've never heard my other name.
In the summer, that place came back to haunt her dreams.
- Go into it! Go further! - Go, keep going.
- Keep going! - Keep going, - Chrissy.
Do it.
- Do it! All their dirty little stories, all the things they did, those fucking cunts! All the things they expected of her but filled her with so much fear she couldn't even dream about them! She hid it all away in a hole.
You're going to lose your soul.
But the more she filled it, the more she hid from those whispers, the stronger they became.
That's the thing with whispers.
You know, you put a thousand of them together and you get a howl.
And so the night before the harvest moon she made a choice.
She went down the hole.
She didn't know.
And she's very, very sorry for everything that happened.
No! Peter! - Peter! Let me go! - No! - We've gotta stay away! - Peter! Peter! Roman, let me go! Peter, stop! Peter, stop! PETER! NO! PETER! PETER! NO! PETER! PETER! PETER! Run! Come on, you little bitch! Come on! Roman, it's locked!