Hemlock Grove (2013) s02e01 Episode Script

Blood Pressure

Where did he go? Thank you, Papa Joe.
Travel safe.
Guess who? Hmm, man! I've missed you, coz.
I didn't think you were gonna make it.
I ran out of gas in Altoona.
I got followed into a ladies' room at a truck stop outside of Youngstown.
I had to give a serious ass-kicking.
But I am here now.
Oh, man! Joe used to bounce me on his knee when I was little, and he was old as the hills and twice as wrinkly, even then.
How's your life? I show up every day.
It's lonely with you guys gone, you know? Mom and I are headed out West in a couple of weeks.
Why don't you come with? Caffeine and drizzle? What's left for you in Hemlock Grove? Maybe.
Let me think about it.
Man, would you look at all these old farts? - Who is that guy? - I have no clue.
Looks like he's got booty on his mind.
Ew! At a funeral? Have some respect for the dead, for Christ's sake.
- Hey - Hi! Hey! Hi.
You have to come meet Aunt Sonya.
You wanna come? OK, I haven't peed in 200 miles, but I'll catch up.
OK? All right, come.
Here he is! Get a good look, you sick bastard? You don't remember me at all, do you? Our families shared a campsite in the UP when our dads got work cutting trees.
Summer of '96.
I used to watch you swimming in the creek.
That's creepy.
I was nine.
I was just looking out for the safety of all you kids.
Andreas Vasilescu.
I used to drive the Dairy Dream truck.
I gave free ice cream to all the Roma kids.
- That was you? - Orange Creamsicle.
Still addicted.
My Uncle Tobar fell out of a blue spruce that summer and landed on his chainsaw.
I remember them taking the pieces away.
To little girls who grow up to be beautiful women.
To silver-tongued men with sweet, dangerous smiles.
Yes, yes! Bye.
- What was that about? - She has a girl for you who will scrub your floors and bear you many children.
What girl? Pretty.
Clean floors are nothing to sneeze on.
You would have been a good father.
A good husband.
I know it seems impossible now, but someone else will come along.
Letha's gone.
Let her go.
Let's get something to eat.
Hmm! Used to be, the burial of a man of Joe's stature would have brought a thousand Romani.
Today, how many? A hundred? All you kids want to do nowadays is move on, become real Americans.
It breaks my heart.
Well, times are changing.
The world's different now.
The world's always changing.
Doesn't mean it's getting better.
Don't forget who you are or who your people are.
How is your mother anyway? Tell her I'm always thinking of her, wondering if she's lonely.
Freeze! Do not run! Do not attempt to resist arrest.
We have a warrant to search the premises.
Lynda! Keep your hands in plain sight! Lynda! We have warrants for the arrest of specific individuals.
- Stop struggling.
- Ow! Get off of me! - The fuck are you doing? - Stop resisting! - Peter! - Come here! They got Lynda.
My Harley's parked behind the house.
"Credit card fraud, check kiting, manufacturing counterfeit handicap placards, selling muskrat meat as USDA certified ground beef, trespassing as a circus clown.
" What was she planning to do with the baby elephant? She knew a guy.
Your mother's led a colorful life.
It's total bullshit that her bail was denied.
Lynda's not a threat to anybody.
Law enforcement is making a case that the Romani are an organized criminal enterprise.
His mother's not organized, trust me.
These charges are small-time.
- They're Mickey Mouse.
- Doesn't matter.
They're coming after her under federal RICO statutes.
It's how the government sends the message it's keeping America safe.
Your mother could be facing serious time.
- How much? - Depends on how much of this the prosecution tries to make stick.
She's being extradited back to Hemlock County to face charges.
You can stay with me.
At least, she'll have family close by.
It's good that she'll be back in Hemlock Grove, right? Mixed.
The judge is a twat, but I know the prosecutor.
- We could try to plea down.
- She can't do a stretch.
She's not Black or Hispanic, and the Aryan slime just want to finish off what Hitler did to our people.
She has no one looking out for her on the inside.
My retainer's 20,000.
Um Can that be paid in installments? Up-front.
That's what "retainer" means.
I don't have $20,000.
I don't have $20.
I don't have shit.
Well I've got about $500 stashed and a bunch of junk jewelry we can sell on eBay.
- So basically, we're fucked.
- Basically.
It's not like you don't have friends in Hemlock Grove.
Maybe this is an opportunity.
A time to mend fences.
Peter? - Peter? - What? What? We're gonna figure this out, cousin.
Lynda's gonna be fine.
Godfrey Industries has increased its profitability for the last 17 quarters, leading the field in biotech, pharmaceuticals, and genetic engineering.
I am pleased to report we are, for the fourth year in a row, the largest privately held corporation of its kind in North America.
Couple of thoughts.
Anybody been to Maui? No one? I just got back.
It's even more beautiful than they say.
Say hello to Healani Kaulakakui.
Roman, I don't see how this is relevant.
I fucked this girl.
I fucked her a lot.
Can I say that here? You can say what you want Godfrey Industries is a leader in three-dimensional organ printing, right? Pioneered it.
We're in clinical trials on the beta version for regenerating gallbladder function.
But the target demographic for that technology will be dead soon, which puts a big dent in repeat business.
We should be focusing our genetic engineering on enhancing the youth experience.
Bigger, better, tighter, longer, thicker I guarantee you, Healani Kaulakakui never wants the party to end.
Perhaps we can discuss this later during sidebar.
Gentlemen, thank you for your time.
Quick question about the quarterly earnings report.
Table 47.
Miscellaneous R and D.
What's that? R and D that's miscellaneous.
Seems like a lot of zeroes are being spent on miscellaneous.
- What for? - It's extremely technical.
You'd need an advanced degree in paleovirology to even begin to understand.
Any of you guys got an advanced degree in paleovirology? So, millions of dollars of my money is being spent, and no one knows on what.
Now, that just doesn't feel right.
My mother's gone.
From now on, you'll be dealing with me.
And this runaround bullshit isn't gonna fly.
You feel me on that? Roman, you're a bright young man.
Together, there's no limit to what we can Let's take this to your office, shall we? I've always had an understanding with your family.
I keep Godfrey Industries profitable, I'm given a free hand to run things as I see fit.
How much are you skimming? You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
That was uncalled for, unfair, and wrong.
I asked a question in there.
I expect an answer.
Until I get one, I'm putting a freeze on all further funding.
- You don't have the authority.
- My mother and Norman didn't give a shit about whatever it is you're up to, but the joyride's over.
Everyone has secrets locked away behind closed doors somewhere, Roman.
I'm certain you'd like me to keep yours.
Oh, you don't want to squab with me, Pryce.
It won't come out well for you.
Good morning, Olivia.
"Good morning, Dr.
I feel like a million bucks! I'm feeling stronger every day.
" It was three months ago.
It's week 14.
Let's see how we're doing.
I'm feeling as if this recuperation is never gonna end.
Thanks to you, I'm talking like I shuck corn for a living.
Learning how to speak all over again takes time.
Patience, I know, I know.
Just spare me your daily "ode to self" where you remind me I was clinically dead, in a coma for two months.
How much longer do you intend to hold me as your gimp hostage? Open wide.
You're in a grim mood.
Damn, I'm good.
We need to talk about Roman.
Why? Did he ask about me? Not exactly.
Let's check your lingual dexterity.
Up down left, right.
Johann, talk to me.
Let's have a look at your leg.
Oh, there's still significant muscle atrophy.
An inch and a half difference.
To be expected after shortening the adductor magnus to harvest the donor tissue for the lingual transplant Johann, damn it! Your son's been playing master of the universe.
He's throwing his weight around, snooping through the books.
He threatened to terminate me if I don't explain some of our more sensitive expenditures.
He has no idea how critical your work is to our family.
To him.
He must be starting to get hungry by now.
I wonder how he's been satiating.
I shudder to think.
You just can't get enough of me, can you? First you pay, then we play.
It's all there.
You want me to start a new crop? Start tonight.
- It'll take a few days.
- Twice as many next time.
Nice digs.
Look, I know things were bad when I split - Fuck you.
- Just hear me out.
- Not interested.
We're done.
- Please.
Lynda's in jail.
I need your help.
Be mad at me.
But this is Lynda we're talking about.
Sounds like she fucked up.
Not my problem.
She was always good to you.
She's not gonna make it in there.
What do you want me to do about it? I need money to hire a lawyer.
So you came here to beg.
Can you please loan me $20,000? I'll pay you back.
I always liked your mother.
She baked cookies.
My mother never baked cookies.
I can shoot you the dough.
I'm not gonna do that.
I'm not giving you shit.
Maybe you forgot I saved your life.
Shelley saved yours.
I think about her all the time.
- She might still be out there.
- She died alone.
And when Letha died, and I needed you, you tucked your dick between your legs and ran away like the little fucking bitch you are.
Get out of my house.
Roman, please Get out of my house.
Today, I said goodbye to Letha and her baby.
The baby I never got to hold.
It's been hard these weeks, to accept the fact that they're both gone.
But spreading their ashes over the Allegheny brought closure and resolution.
Maybe this is my way of saying goodbye to you, too.
You were like a daughter to me, Shelley.
I wish I believed in heaven.
Then I'd have hope of seeing both my girls again.
Love always, Uncle Norman.
Oh, Christ.
Imported from Ecuador this time of year.
So much for my carbon footprint.
Norman, it's so sweet of you.
Did I, uh, know you were coming over? No.
No, I I wanted to, um, to surprise you.
You know I hate surprises.
I'm a mess.
You want to give yourself a break.
Been to hell and back.
There's this doctor that I want you to see.
He's he's an expert in seizures.
Johann has everything under control.
You put too much faith in Pryce.
I already bit my tongue off once.
It was extremely unpleasant.
I have no intention of having another seizure and repeating the experience.
You know, I I thought that we could get you out for a walk.
I do not want people staring at me leaning on a cane like some damn invalid.
I could bring my new car around and take you for a ride.
Get some wind in your hair.
You know, the leaves are turning, it's - Come on! - Pryce will pitch a fit.
All right, let's do it.
Good girl.
Honest to God, Olivia, you're as beautiful as the day my brother brought you home.
What keeps you hanging around, Norman? Why not take your millions, buy yourself a jet, go somewhere exotic with a 25-year-old? Everything I want in life is standing right in front of me.
You're all I have left.
Am I? What about your nephew? Has he been to see you? He's busy with other matters.
Thanks for the flowers.
Hey, you! Well, it was worth a try.
He's a fucking prick.
You want something to eat? No, I'm not hungry.
Can I borrow the car again? Please.
It's on the street.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Peter! Stay out of trouble.
You're the guy, right? Who's watching over you? Saint Sebastian.
Let's get this motherfucker done.
I wanna see the money first.
It's all gonna be there when I count it, right? "He that is already corrupt is naturally suspicious.
" So are we gonna do this thing or what? Yeah.
Follow me.
You're the first gadji to sample what my people once referred to as "Saint Sebastian's Arrow.
" Yeah, I heard of that.
Then you've lived a large life, my friend, not many people have.
What the fuck is a "gadji"? It's what Gypsies call outsiders.
I'm dropping ancient knowledge here, shared only by my people, but now, I'm sharing it with you.
Totally down with ancient knowledge.
Like the pyramids What was that shit about? Gypsies, man.
Gypsies Egyptians.
That was us.
We built that shit.
And to think I consider myself a student of history.
The way of the arrow, like the true purposes of the pyramids, was lost in the mists of time.
But I brought it back, figuring out a way to refine it.
Making it 10,000 times more potent.
- Sounds dope.
- Comes on hard, you peak, then you settle down fast and easy.
Like an arrow flying through time and space.
Twenty large is a major investment.
- Our boss was hesitant at first.
- But your weed man - Our client.
- vouched for you, so we're taking a shot.
You will not regret this.
This isn't even a drug, really.
It's more like a a biomorphic portal into another dimension.
Long as it fucks you up.
And gives our boss a profit on his capital.
Gentlemen I give you Sebzilla.
Tilt your heads back.
Ow! Shit burns! Good.
Yo, I don't feel anything.
Better not be playing with us, holmes.
Chill, it'll happen soon.
Yo, what the fuck? Dude.
We don't roll like that.
- What the fuck?! - I'm fucked up.
Oh, shit! Fuck! Who wants a beer? Mix two parts ionized water, do not use tap, and one part SEB.
Never leave it in direct sunlight.
Shake well before using, and keep out of reach of children.
I'm gonna throw in some eyedroppers because I like you guys.
You do this thing right, you're looking at a street value right around a hundred grand.
That's a 500% return.
- Which is a beautiful thing.
- My man! The street is clear.
You two better bounce.
What did you do, Peter? I just worked the most beautiful little con.
We're getting the lady lawyer on the case.
I feel like shit.
I can't believe you brought them here.
What were you thinking? You know, actually, one of those numb-nuts wants to change his name to Tony Montana.
This isn't some kind of fucking joke, Peter! You turned on the wrong moon! Come on, D.
I did what I had to do.
Yeah, but at what price? You have no idea how fast this can destroy you.
- You'll never see it coming.
- Take it easy, OK? You could end up a vargulf.
- It might already be too late.
- OK, I get it.
I'm sorry.
It was a one-time thing.
I had to walk home because of you.
You couldn't have squeezed them for 25? Eat.
The cochleae and myelin sheaths of the neural portion and auditory system are now fully developed.
Demonstrates extremely high integration.
The subject is building unique lattice works of iron, nitrogen, and phosphorus.
Is the fore portion of the cranium adapting well to the enlarging frontal cortex? Good.
She's rapidly approaching extrauterine viability.
But we will want to ramp down To increase longevity.
I want her ready for extraction in two weeks.
It's beautiful.
I dropped the cash off with the lady lawyer.
She said some of the statutes on the warrants might be expired.
Yeah, I've got a good feeling about this.
I gotta go.
Fire marshals are continuing their investigation into a suspicious fire at a warehouse in the west end Announce yourself.
Uh, your sign says you're looking for a driver.
Not just a driver, a tow-truck driver.
- I've got my class four license.
- Yeah, so do a lot of people.
I'm looking for somebody with a good eye and a steady hand.
There's a whole art and a science to it.
No sense letting perfectly good roadkill go to waste.
I'm sorry, are you looking for a driver or are you looking for an animal stuffer? An operator.
We got two trucks and only one driver.
- I like the flying cat.
- That's my pussy-bird.
You ever drive a hook-'em-up truck before? Yeah, a couple times.
Well, you can't be any worse than the last idiot.
Pays 12 bucks an hour.
Works for me.
You'll need to fill out some paperwork.
A man and his son were found dead at the bottom of Nickelson Gorge.
Authorities believe that Robert Dexter of Ellenville, New York, and his infant son had been hiking along a footpath at the top of the cliff and lost their footing.
Hey! However, the cause of death is still under investigation.
Hey! I'm talking to you! - You don't toot the whacky? - What? I don't hire dope fiends, atheists, communists, nancy boys, PETA whack jobs or Jews.
Yeah, got it.
Fill these out.
Be back here tomorrow morning at 6:30.
And, uh, don't be late.
Can I buy you a drink? You look lonely.
I have a drink and I have a date.
You can have both those things and still be lonely.
Hey, friend, she's mine.
You hear something? Sounded like whining.
Yeah, that's, uh, that's the guy.
That's my date.
He said, "Hey, friend, she's mine.
" Is that true? You belong to him? No.
But the thing is, he's got a little anger management issue.
And this guy, this date, this hypothetical person with the short fuse is he showing you a good time? Not really.
OK, cocksucker You know, you better watch out.
Come on.
I'm so fucking wet.
Get out.
Are you fucking kidding me? - Get the fuck out! - What the fuck's your problem? It's been another very long day, Mr.
You can go.
Lucy will be here soon.
Sync & Corrections by Darcade