Hemlock Grove (2013) s03e07 Episode Script

Todo Santos

Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Pick up the phone.
Oh, God.
Hello, Olivia.
Oh, God.
Thank God, Johann.
You're alive.
Yeah, no thanks to you.
Look, I get it.
You aren't exactly compos mentis.
You were desperate, but if you want my help, you're going to have to muster a little more self-restraint.
- I'm sorry.
- No more physical assaults.
- Understood? - Yes, of course.
After your little homicidal display, I couldn't sleep.
So I've been up all night, on your behalf, and I'm close to figuring out the bugs on your transfer.
- Well, that's wonderful.
- Agreed.
Let me throw on some clothes, and I'll be over ASAP.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I still need a few more hours.
Oh, and by the way, exactly what "other motherfucker hanging in the closet" were you referring to last night? Olivia? Mm.
You brought this on yourself, Isaac.
I thought you were different than the others, but you're all the same.
All the same.
You leave a girl hanging.
Well, at least today's Tuesday.
We could have been happy.
Why did you have to fuck everything up? Goodbye, Isaac.
There's no dignity in dying.
Goodbye, Isaac.
Hello, Chango.
- What's your take? - I just have one thing to say to all the flat-earthers and anti-science kooks out there, put the crack pipe down.
Of course we've been to the moon - This can't be the right place.
- The address is on the invoice.
Those fucking morons in dispatch.
Tell me if that needs a little paprika.
All right.
There you go.
Is there a Shelley Godfrey here? I'm Shelley.
We've got a delivery for you.
Uh here.
I don't have any money.
Oh, it's prepaid.
I just need your signature.
Blankets, toilet paper, toothpaste, toothbrushes, batteries, flashlights, mittens.
"Stay warm.
I love you, Roman.
" He sent this? Looks like we got us an angel.
Imagine my surprise when I found out that the crazy lady with the knife is the fiancée of the guy that you handed over.
And your cousin.
Don't you think that's funny? What do you want? That chickenhead attacked me on my turf, in front of my people.
How the fuck does she know so much? She'd already be dead, but you stepped up, and you did the right thing.
So I'm gonna give you one last chance.
Get a leash on her, or you both get murked.
She won't be a problem.
I'll take care of it.
No more warnings.
Get the fuck out of here.
A multifarious amount of green algae incorporates arsenic into complex organic Mi mama love-a mia Mi mama love-a mia Mi mama love-a mi What are you doing here? I live here.
Stay back.
Pryce here.
I've apprehended an intruder in my quarters.
Send security right away.
Keep your hands where I can see them.
This must be some sort of neural ghosting from the previous consciousness transfer.
Acute anterior phenyl discord, being an indicator of synaptic receptor obstruction.
Quite so.
My presentation in Geneva clearly states Mac-nam.
Third door to the right.
Doctor will see you now.
Subject appears to be suffering from cognitive dysphoria - Tiny fingers.
- And dissociative personality Tiny, purple lunchmeat - Fragmentation - resembles substructure which suggests complications from prior experiments.
Full stop.
Where am I? Doctor from big tower.
Why is this? You have no memory how you got here? Well, I'm not surprised, given the amount of Rohypnol in your system.
Roofies? You were drugged.
Like for sexing a woman? Also used by the muggers who attacked you last night.
Attacked? Thankfully, you had the presence of mind to come here.
We admitted you for observation.
- Am I okay? - Oh, yes, by the grace of God, but I still want to see you back here next Tuesday for a follow-up.
Everything's fine.
Get this man some clothes, and see to it that he gets home safely.
Ongoing clinical observation of the subject will be required to determine the underlying cause and extent of these pathologies.
Full stop.
You look like you've got ringworm.
What do you want from me? I'm losing my mind.
You don't exist.
Oh, my God.
What is truth? What is fable? - Where is Ruth? - And where is Mabel? If one is aware that one is losing one's mind, one can't really be losing it, right? What are you asking me for? I don't exist.
Go away! Shoo! Skedaddle.
Is that Isaac's phone? He left it to me in his will.
You were right.
This creep who took up with your daughter is not a good person.
Here's the plan.
First, we go drill this Queequeg Antwerp a new asshole.
- "We"? - Then we go to the tower, and we drill Pryce a new asshole.
New assholes for everybody.
Gonna be a beautiful day.
Uh, you can Hey.
Where is it? Where is it? Go long! Go long! Hi.
I'm big, but harmless.
Don't be scared.
I'm not.
Welcome to Rooster Poot.
"Poot"? Yeah.
It means, uh Have we met? No.
Is there somewhere we can speak alone? My name's Shelley, by the way.
I know.
How did you come to live in such a place? Well, it's a long story.
I'm not sure I'll ever understand it.
It must seem quite awful here.
Actually, I find it quite beautiful.
Really? Wow.
You like to read.
My name is Annie.
I'm your sister.
It's true.
Your half-sister, actually.
I know my dad had a reputation as a bit of a playboy It isn't a father we share.
- It's our mother.
- No.
I would have known.
When I was born she was very, very young.
Not married, so You're so beautiful.
It must have broken her heart to give you up.
She told me that it did.
And my brother.
Does he know? - Yes.
- He never told me.
He just found out, himself.
You know what I noticed in your brother's house? Not a single book.
And a house without books is like a mind without thoughts.
Why have you come? You were gonna kill him in public? How stupid can you be? Fuck you.
If you mess with him, he will come after you, and you will end up in the ground, next to Andreas.
Is that what you had in mind for your honeymoon? - He was wearing the watch.
- Fuck the watch! The watch came from a fucking assembly line! Hey, come on.
Just give me time, okay? Hell, I'll find out who did this.
Where have you been lately? And why do you keep ducking my calls? And where the fuck is my car? I told you.
We woke up and Andreas was gone.
I waited.
I stayed, and he didn't come back, so I caught a ride home with one of the other guys.
I figured he'd find his way back, eventually.
So why didn't you tell that to the cops yesterday? There was nothing to tell.
So everything was cool that night? - Yeah.
- You guys have fun? - What difference does that make now? - Because I want to know! What did you do? Did you get a stripper? Yeah.
Yeah, Roman sent them up as a gift.
" So there were more.
Two, more? Yeah, there were two.
The cops called me down to the station.
They played that 911 recording of the guy who found Andreas' body.
So? So whoever made that call sounded like he was trying really, really hard to disguise his voice.
How do you know they're disguising their voice if you don't know - who it was in the first place? - Because he sounded like a fucking robot.
Why are you trying to defend this guy, anyway? I'm not! I know that there's something you're not telling me.
Either you're trying to cover for someone, or you're trying to protect my feelings, but don't.
Because I'm strong, and I can take it.
We have never hidden anything between us before.
Don't let this be the thing that breaks us apart.
Three boxes of assorted week-old bread and five crates of sweetie frosted rice flakeys.
- Not very much.
- Well, it's enough to eat well tonight.
Let's get moving.
Shelley's mom.
How'd you find me here? Tell him he doesn't get to ask the questions.
Never mind about that.
I don't know what you're up to, but I'm not buying the Mother Teresa act.
I know what you've done.
So how'd it feel? Did you hear the bone snap? Come on.
Admit it.
It was a little bit exciting, deep down, wasn't it? Would you stop it? Stop what? - Did you hear your victim scream? - No.
That was 20 years ago.
Still dead though, I imagine.
- I served my time.
- You skipped out on your probation.
I was just a kid.
There's an outstanding warrant for your arrest.
Ma'am I'm taking good care of Shelley.
- Oh, I just bet he is.
- And I'm feeding people.
Trying to make my life worth something.
Do you think I give a fuck about your life? I suggest you get into your beater, and get gone permanently.
- But Shelley - I ever hear her name in your mouth again, and you will beg to be incarcerated to get out from under my shit rain.
Walk away now, and I will consider not telling my daughter what a vicious, fraudulent little prick you really are.
You coming? You okay, boss? Yeah.
So what happened to the story we came up with? Hmm? Look, the cops came and visited Destiny yesterday.
How long do you think it's gonna be before they land on us? We need to get our story straight.
Should we go over it again? We met at the warehouse.
We said hello to Shandor and the guys, and then we went to the cabin, and we got blasted.
Let's say we ordered a couple of strippers.
We'll say Roman sent them up.
You know, at least we can stick to that.
- Two whores.
- No, strippers.
All right, two strippers.
They worked out on each other.
- Roman brought 'em, and then - No, no, no.
Roman wasn't there.
He sent them up.
They brought a tough guy, 'cause those girls, - they always come with security - No guy.
Just the women.
They came.
We partied.
You know, they left.
We played cards.
We crashed.
When we woke up, Andreas wasn't there, and we waited for him.
He didn't come back.
That's not so hard, is it? Who the fuck are you? Walking in here, telling people what to do.
I told you, you and Destiny, you can both go and fuck yourselves.
Destiny figured out that Milan is involved.
Yeah? How'd she do that? I don't know, but she went after him last night.
You better put a muzzle on that bitch, otherwise Come on! I'm already taking serious heat from Milan, all right.
He's gonna come after all of us if we don't get our shit straight.
"Our shit.
" Yeah.
I'm calling the shots, now, so you and your problems You need to step the fuck away.
Health, youth, and vitality are essential, as is a strong mind.
You don't want your prodigious intellect uploaded into a cortex with insufficient capacity.
What's that fucking brown nose up to? Quiet.
You wouldn't be bullshitting me, now would you, Johann? Because we know how that plays out.
Olivia, we've been over this.
Game recognize game, homie.
What's your hustle? A successful outcome is in our mutual best interests.
- Whatever the fuck that means.
- I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is that you find an upir host.
You stand a far better chance of reducing neural transfer rejection.
- What's that? - Nothing you need worry about, if you listen to my instructions, to the letter.
- But where are you gonna find - No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Not me.
I'll do the transfer procedure, but you're going to find your own host, and you're gonna have to move fast.
You're gonna be trying to find a viable candidate from a demographic that's been ravaged by disease and homicidal violence and whose already small number is certainly dropping precipitously.
I don't know any upirs.
I don't even like upirs.
And I'm sure I needn't mention that because of your condition, it would behoove you to get on it sooner rather than later.
Sooner rather Sooner rather than later.
Got it.
It It seems Where am I gonna find an upir that fits the bill? You gotta know somebody.
Hey, remember that guy you used to cheat on your husband with? Norman? He's dead.
Not Norman.
Guy you were cheating on both J.
and Norman with, if one can be said to be cheating on the man that one's already cheating on one's husband with.
Benson Charles.
I had all three of them dancing my tune.
Ended badly.
Caught that fucker cheating on me.
Got to let that go, girl.
Water under the bridge.
Might even get a good laugh out of it.
How I found lipstick on his drawers.
Cocksucker red.
Cocksucker red? That's funny.
I should get one of those.
Then I ask him, "What happened to Shandor and all those other people?" And he tries to tell me, "Oh, maybe work was slow and Shandor gave him a few days off.
" When he saw that wasn't sticking, he said, "Hey, we're Gypsies.
We disappear.
That's what we're good at," and I said, "Yeah.
Maybe you're good at being full of shit.
" Andreas is dead.
All those other people are missing, and they expect us not to notice.
What the fuck? Hey, babe.
Hi, girls.
I'm just here for my bowling stuff.
There it is.
Baj sit.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Yeah.
I know.
- You told me at the funeral.
- Oh, yeah.
I still am.
Thank you.
I just wish I was there with him at the end, you know, but at least he was surrounded by his friends having fun, right? Yeah.
What kind of fun? Uh Roman brought a stripper.
- I thought Roman wasn't there? - Yeah.
That's right.
He wasn't.
So how many strippers were there? Uh strippers Peter said "three.
" Three.
That's it.
Three's a lot of strippers.
There were two.
Two-two were there, but then one left, and then another one came Two more came back.
So what about this sex tape everyone's been talking about? Who-who told you that? - How did you find out about that? - I heard you whispering about it on the phone the other night with one of your asshole buddies.
It was a home movie kind of thing.
What did Andreas have to do with it? Was it like a porn thing with the strippers or something? I don't know.
- Was Andreas in it? - I don't know.
I didn't see it.
I just heard about it.
When was the last time you saw Andreas? - At the funeral.
- Alive.
At the party.
At the party, and then he must have gotten up before I before I woke up, 'cause I didn't see him.
So, I Babe, I'm sorry.
I got to go to the toilet.
Yeah, you go to the toilet.
Andreas made his choices.
I knew what I was getting with him, but I just thought we would have a little more time.
It's weird, but the worst part of this is knowing that Peter is lying to me.
Well, you guys were so close.
Well, we shared everything together.
Our whole lives.
Us against the world.
When can I see you again? Soon, I hope.
You are coming back, right? Where is your friend Aitor? I'd like to meet him.
He's probably out on runs.
I think you'd like him.
I know I would.
Well, then you'll just have to come back and meet him yourself.
Just promise you won't disappear.
You're a blessing to us all, Shelley.
God loves you, especially.
Never forget that.
I only got a few minutes.
I'm late for a board meeting.
What's up? I'm gonna tell Destiny the truth.
All of it.
We've already discussed this.
You can't do that.
It's not an option.
I don't care.
I'm sick of lying, and she's gonna find out anyway.
- Peter? - No.
- You've got to trust me on this.
- No.
I'm done.
You do what you want, but don't drag me into this hole you're digging yourself into.
You're gonna lose her.
You know that, right? - Mrs.
Charles? - Yes? Olivia Godfrey.
Ben and I were friends many years ago.
I'm afraid the wake was yesterday.
- What? - Yesterday.
Well, but here you are.
No sense standing out in the cold.
Do come in.
I was just putting up a kettle.
Would you like some tea? A wake? Benson had quite a few female friends.
It was a weakness of his.
But we all have our imperfections.
It's what makes us what we are.
And what we are is very much the same.
Oh, I'd already guessed that.
Benson's taste in the ladies ran exclusively to upir.
I'm actually going to miss his lame alibis and dumb excuses for all his various trysts and liaisons.
It was rather entertaining.
This one's a keeper.
We're done.
Not so fast.
I'm sorry.
Would you mind telling me how Ben died? Oh, ironically, Ben was supposed to go to Toronto for some sort of emergency conference about this dreadful surge in upir-on-upir violence.
Ironically, Ben was murdered by one of those things - on the way to the airport.
- Dear God, no.
To be honest, my doctor's surprised I even survived the shock of losing him.
You know how those shrinks are.
Anything to keep you coming back for those 45-minute hours.
Oh, it was my cardiologist.
Congenital heart defect.
Rare in upirs, apparently.
Well, I could go at any minute.
I do hope they find some answers up in Toronto.
This really is getting scary.
Well, who was all gonna be at this gathering? Oh, all the heavy hitters in our tribe.
Invitation's around here somewhere with all the details.
You really are an inspiration.
All alone, and so very brave.
Well, Ben would have expected nothing less of me.
What is your emergency? There's a man on the sidewalk passed out.
- I don't think he's breathing.
- What's the address? The Nestor building one Hope Road.
I don't know the number.
Paramedics are on their way.
Is the man injured? All I know is he won't wake up.
Could you play it again, please? There's a man on the sidewalk passed out.
I don't think he's breathing.
What's the eminent Dr.
Pryce got you working on these days, if you don't mind me asking? Amphibious adaptation and breeding habits in estuarine environments.
Which ones? All of them.
Why? Because Dr.
Pryce told me to.
Where have you been, anyway? I've been out with the flu, but I'm-I'm better now.
You shouldn't have come back in if you're still sick.
I'm not contagious, and Pryce needed me to gather some data for the quarterly meeting.
Yeah, well take your non-contagious contagion elsewhere, would you? That growth in this sector has exceeded our projections for three of the last four quarters and is a full 27% above real revenue for the same quarter of the last year.
After a standard cost of materials rise of 3%, - an admirable 19% - Something troubling you? You look unhappy.
If I want a shoulder to cry on, I'll call you.
Peter got himself jammed up with some idiot Gypsy friends of his.
I never understood what you saw in that boy.
- Unless - Unless what? Well, I've always wondered if your relationship was more than He is a very handsome young man, is he not? That's way out of line, Pryce.
Way off base.
No need to get defensive.
It's not an illogical assumption.
Well, it's a wrong assumption.
You make it sound like I'm accusing you of a high crime.
Is my mother dead yet? Not since the last time you asked me, yesterday.
pharmaceuticals that Godfrey Industries has pushed through clinical trials It'll be strange to live in a world without Olivia in it.
developing products portfolio will be the key to creating awareness in our customers that there is relief available for those diseases that previously they may have been unaware they were suffering from.
It should be noted that 38% of our cumulative expenditures for this quarter have been attributed to marketing.
Roman, for the love of Christ, get down! Drop your weapon! Well, well, well.
Clear surgical suite four, stat, and have the full-clearance emergency OR team standing by, and the consciousness transfer apparatus wheeled in and booted up.
Move! Time is short! Jesus fucking Christ.
The body was depleting blood supply and draining brain function, what's left of it.
If I can keep his frontal lobe viable long enough, by pumping super-oxygenated blood through it, we could get a glimpse into his short-term memory.
Increase blood flow to 1,000 cc's per minute, 1 amp epi, and drop the pump temp to 34 Centigrade.
Capture venous return, oxygenate it, then send it back.
God damn it, Blinsky, do it! He said he was off with the flu, but this is No, no, no, no.
Not the flu.
Do you smell that? The rotten egg smell? Sulfur.
I detected that earlier, in the board room.
Spivak must have gotten his clutches on our young friend.
I can capture the electrical output of Trevor's visual cortex to an enhanced computer visual system I've been developing.
The technology's still in alpha testing, so it'll be a crap shoot.
Damn it.
It's just as I feared.
Trevor's brain is no longer capable of disambiguous thought.
Now, what's needed is a healthy mind to boost the signal, to function as a router, of sorts, that will amplify the neural impulses, giving clarity to whatever's left of memory.
- I'll do it.
- No.
The procedure is not without risk.
We'll use a janitor or some other undocumented worker, in case of malfunction.
There's no time for that, doc.
Hook me up.
Let's do it.
You like? Hmm.
Built to last.
Legs from here to there, pleasantly conjoining where they conjoin.
Real Deal Holyfield.
Is that all your Neanderthal gender can think about? - What about her mind? - I thought it was gonna be your mind.
This is just the vessel to hold it in.
It's just plain disrespectful, the way you're objectifying her.
So is this little slice of heaven coming home with us or what? Are you serious? She could hire herself out as a can opener with that overbite.
Hold that thought.
Hold it! Hold it.
Burst suppression alpha coma.
Intermittent delta.
Approaching flatline.
- You're losing him.
- I can see that, Blinsky, you idiot.
I'm standing right here.
He's gone.
One eye's operating in the complete absence of electro-cerebral activity.
I'm gonna need to do an immediate enucleation.
Blinsky, get me a number four ocular retraction speculum.
They're all in the primary lab.
Shall I go get them? No, no.
There's not enough Goddamn it.
Why do I have to do everything myself? Out, vile jelly.
God damn you, Spivak.
Johann Pryce.
Oh, you're looking well, which is most unfortunate.
Do you know in all the years we lived in the same shitty little town, never once did you invite me over to your lab? But then, you were a world-renowned scientist, and I, a humble country doctor.
You fucked up, Spivak.
You got a lot of my board members killed, but you missed Pryce and me.
Oh, well, thank you for your clarification of the completely obvious, you obnoxious little turd.
I've mapped your genome.
I know everything about you down to your base nucleic couplings.
Then you get two gold stars next to your name and can be the hall monitor these last days.
You're a sulfur-based life form.
Unique? Yes.
Capable of surviving under the harshest conditions? Yes.
But an Earth-based life form made of flesh and blood and quite mortal.
Circle gets the square.
We're gonna find you, Spivak, and I'm gonna kill you.
You sick JÃ rmungandr fuck.
Good luck with that, golden boy.
Oh, and by the way, thank you for fathering Nadia.
She has been very, very useful to me.
You have no idea.
And nice facility you got here, Johann.
Trevor, hmm, gave me a cook's tour before he met with your board of directors.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, my, uh my fellow upirs, thank you.
Thank you for coming.
Who is that? Norville Knox.
Revolutionized hemodialysis.
Created synthetic immunoglobulin.
Holds dozens of patents.
He made a fortune in med tech.
Worth north of a billion.
What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a piece of that action.
nor is it contained to North America.
Five upir killed in Sydney, Australia.
Last three days.
Hundreds more.
Moscow, Madrid, Tangiers, Montevideo, Mexico City.
It is a global problem, and it's accelerating exponentially.
We need to determine how and why.
It would appear that we are falling sick and devouring our own.
I have no explanation for any of this since no specimens have been properly examined, thus far.
So I am at a bit of a standstill.
If you had a big cock and his money I'd rule the world.
Blinsky, I need you to run the pattern recognition comparisons against NOAA satellite images.
That rooftop could be anywhere.
Anywhere it's winter.
Which, at this time of year, narrows it down to Northern America, Canada, Northern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, and I know where it's winter.
Oh, and, Blinsky, before you get started, cancel my dinner with Randolph.
And please send flowers along with my apologies.
It's going to be a long night.
Go home, Roman.
Data still needs to be analyzed.
If there's anything further, I will call you.
All right.
Destiny? Well.
I didn't expect to see you again.
I came to say goodbye.
That's what you said last night, before you fucked me like a honey badger.
I thought we could part civilly, like adults.
- But - So what does that mean? "I'm leaving," or "Please, daddy, fuck me some more?" I wish I'd never touched you in the first place.
I hate myself for it.
You should, but yet here you are, showing up looking for seconds.
Okay, so what about you? You claim to love Miranda and care more than anything for the child you fathered, but you carry on with me like they don't exist.
Yeah, well, as far as I'm concerned, we're done.
I'm done.
Over and out.
By the way, I hate roses.
They're only good for covering up the smell of the dead.
What does she want? Let's just Just be quiet.
Maybe she'll go away.
Where the fuck is Peter? I thought he was with you.
He's not here.
- He's been hiding from me.
- Search the place.
He's not here.
You know he's been lying and lying to cover for his lies? Ever since he came back to Hemlock Grove and you two dusted off your little sister act.
- Not my problem.
- Yeah, it is your fucking problem, because I know you're involved, and I want to know how.
You're out of your mind.
Who were the strippers you sent? What were their names? - What? - I want to talk to them.
I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, but you're starting to piss me off, so why don't you turn yourself around, and go the fuck home? Tell me how Andreas' body was found.
How should I know? There's a guy on the sidewalk passed out.
I don't think he's breathing.
What did Peter What did Peter tell you? It was you.
You were the voice on the tape.
- What did he say? - Nothing.
He was covering your ass.
I figured it out all by myself.
What did this guy on the pavement who wasn't breathing look like? Did he look like Andreas? Did he look like Andreas with a fucking bullet in the back of his head? Was the reason Andreas wasn't breathing because of you, you fucking piece of shit? Fuck it, and fuck you! Andreas was too stupid to be allowed to live.
All those people died because of him.
- Bullshit.
- Have you seen that guy Shandor lately? Do you know why they closed down the warehouse? - All of them dead because of Andreas.
- Lies.
I didn't have anything to do with his death.
- Peter did.
- No.
You're lying! - Andreas wasn't like that.
- No fucking choice.
It was that or more people were gonna die.
Peter was trying to protect you! I'm not fucking listening to you.
- I fucking hate you.
- Peter was protecting you, and I was just trying to help him out, so don't you come into my house, and walk over me with your "fuck-you" shoes, and tell me what I did or didn't do to your lowlife, piece of shit boyfriend.
Roman, please.
We've got to take her to a hospital.
Roman, please.
Call 911.
Hurry, please.
What are you doing? How could you? How could you?! Will you kill me, too? "A fire devours before him, and around him a tempest rages.
He summons the heavens above and the Earth, that he may judge his people.
'Gather to me these consecrated people who made a covenant with me by sacrifice.
' And the heavens proclaim his righteousness, for he is a God of justice.