Here and Now (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Haven't you always wanted me to be open to the unexplainable? Farid, I don't know.
It's all just starting to look a little manic.
(CHUCKLING) You're perceptive.
Do you pick up on anything about me? You need to destroy the thing in front of you.
You ready for what's coming? (UPBEAT MUSIC) Hey, what the fuck are you doing? One word, and this pic goes viral.
We have to destroy Madison and her fucktard she-goblins.
Do you remember that night you and I went for beers? I could've gone home with you that night, couldn't I? Are you okay? (POUNDING) (GROANING) I'm fine.
So what do you say, want to stop by the office? Ramon.
(SCREAMING) You dreamed my mother, and I think I dreamt your birth mother? Can you go now? This is very important for my Oh, my God.
Just get out! Look, I'm serious.
I don't ever want to see this guy ever again, okay? Look, I don't care what you say, all right? I'm going home.
Sweetie, stay here.
We'll figure it all out together.
You are reliving your thing with Uncle Ike, all right? This is different.
I am different, all right? There's clear evidence that I have porous mind and I pick up messages.
What I have to do is - figure out what they mean! - Dr.
Shokrani used the word "psychosis.
" Some of the things that I have seen have turned out to be real, okay? I'm your son, Mom.
Why do you listen to him and not me? The doctor is very concerned that you - might feel that you - (RAMON LAUGHS) The doctor sees his life in my game.
Of course he's gonna wanna keep treating me.
He's not what you think he is, all right? So fuck him and fuck his fucking pills, Mom.
You can't just quit the medication.
You have to taper off.
Well, then I'll taper off, but I'm done! Are we fucking clear? You shouldn't be alone.
At least call Ashley or Duc.
No! And nobody call me, email me, or text me, all right? Just don't fucking bother me! Yup, you're having a flare-up.
I know that.
Fix it.
Wait, you giants of modern medicine still have no cure.
You can make the blind see and the deaf hear, and you can't help me stop shitting? It's just colitis.
Yes, you have a chronic condition, but, hey, it's treatable, it's intermittent, it's not terminal.
You're lucky.
You managing your stress? I wasn't stressed till I started shitting.
Hang on.
It's simple: When you have symptoms, you power down for a while.
I refuse to let this stupid disease keep me from achieving what I want to achieve.
Meds: prednisone, Asacol.
(SIGHS) Nine massive pills every day - Mm-hmm.
- for the rest of my life.
- Right.
- It's not fair.
Put your pants on, get outta here.
You're good.
- Oh.
I thought you might be Ramon.
- What's going on? (SIGHS) - He refuses to stay with us.
So irresponsible.
We weren't expecting you.
Is everything okay? Everything's great.
Uh (SIGHS, TSKS) - Peace offering.
- Oh, Ashley.
(CHUCKLES) You didn't have to.
Yeah, I did.
You're the only mom I have, even if you are a white supremacist.
(BOTH LAUGH) (WHISPERS) What's this? - (LAUGHS) - Open it.
You may not choose them for yourself, but - Are you kidding? - (CHUCKLES) These are spectacular! - (GASPS) - Here, let me Hang on.
I got it.
I got it.
I know you wanted me to be a social worker, and you were super disappointed, but, you know a social worker wouldn't get you these.
You still think I look down on you for what you do? It's not true.
That's ancient history, and I'm so proud of you.
(WHISPERS) Thanks, Mom.
- (SIGHS) - (CHUCKLES) These are the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had.
- Mm-hmm.
- (LAUGHS) - I love them.
- (LAUGHS) Oh good.
You look fantastic.
Do I have a place to wear them? (LAUGHS) Fuck it.
Wear them to Whole Foods.
This is Audrey Bayer.
What's wrong? Is is Ramon okay? AUDREY: I don't know.
He left.
Can we meet today? Are you available at one o'clock? Yeah, of course.
(DRYER HUMMING, THUMPING) Any luck? I got I got sidetracked.
You kept my postcards and concert tickets.
(SIGHS) We should probably throw them out, I guess.
Prince at the Warfield.
Remember? I remember everything.
Those are sexy.
- Don't.
- Seriously? I can't compliment you? We know everything in the adoption file by heart.
Let me see.
There must be a sentence something, a detail from the, uh, orphanage, Saint Laura's.
I can't find anything.
It's weird, you know? We couldn't even get them on the phone.
We didn't have time to talk.
We had to get him out of there.
Malnutrition, dysentery skin infection, his eyes were full of gunk.
Yeah, but it's weird.
This is pointless.
Probably, but If Ramon's not here, there's no reason for you to stay.
I'm gonna keep looking.
Do what you want.
You're a free man.
- (SIGHS) - (DOOR SHUTS) Can you be any more self-righteous? (PHONE RINGING) (ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) RAMON: Hey.
Hey, I heard it happened again.
Can't anyone in this family just leave me alone, man? Nothing's private.
I mean, one second and everybody fucking knows everything.
Oh, yeah, it's so hard when people care about you.
Don't be an asshole.
Speaking of assholes, how's yours? Yeah.
I heard.
(CHUCKLES) You little fucker.
I told them not to adopt you.
Mom still thinks I'm Ike.
(ON PHONE) They just won't accept that what I see is real sometimes.
Man, I had to get the fuck outta there.
Well, what are you gonna do? Do you have a plan? Kind of.
I'm gonna go see Carmen.
- My Carmen? - RAMON: Oh, ooh.
Your Carmen? Ah.
Ducy, you like her? (LAUGHS) What are you going to her for? I can help you.
A reading.
What do you think? It's always a competition with you.
Dude, I'm fucking gay.
MAN: Ramon, your order's ready.
Hey, um, my hot dog's ready.
I'll call you later.
I gotta go.
Okay, yeah.
Don't do anything that makes me look bad.
RAMON: So, um, should I tell you why I called you? No, let's just see what I get first.
- Okay.
- Can I hold your hands? - Oh! - What? What? I'm kidding.
Intuitive humor.
- (BOTH LAUGH) - Funny.
Gimme gimme your hands.
Come on.
(CHUCKLES) - You caught that? - The little buzz? Yeah.
That's interesting.
Yeah, I feel fire.
There's energy boiling around you.
Fire and dreams.
Does that make sense? Yeah, that's exactly what I wanted to tell you.
The fire could be literal fire, but it also feels like creative fire and it's connected with big changes.
Do you know what I mean when I say "creative fire"? Maybe my my game? Is that it? Maybe, but I mean that creation which is also destruction.
When things have to be destroyed so that they can make way for something new, like like a cocoon.
Don't fight it.
What's happening has to happen.
I certainly can't make it stop.
Tell me about your near-death experience.
What? - Um, I never had one.
- Are you sure? Look back, because I feel I feel strongly that you crossed over and came back.
(SIGHS) If I did, I I don't know anything about it.
You are connected to some major energetic forces.
It runs in your family your family of origin, and this goes back - way back in time.
- To Colombia.
When you have these dreams, are you awake? Yeah.
This meeting must remain strictly confidential.
My license could get revoked.
Of course.
No one knows I'm here.
What whatever information you can share.
I'm willing to take the risk, because I have tremendous affection for your son.
I think Ramon's an extraordinary being.
I agree.
So let's stop these hallucinations.
Should we? It's possible that his visions - Visions? - may contain keys to unlocking repressed trauma.
From his childhood? Or from his infancy.
I also believe Ramon may have what some call "porous mind.
" So he said.
What is that? It's the ability to share information without being necessarily Dr.
Shokrani? Look.
Second time today.
Ramon would probably interpret that as a message from the universe.
You see it that way too? I definitely see it as more than a coincidence.
- Mm-hmm.
- Don't you? It's so obvious.
I'm not sure we'll ever agree about that.
We won't be needing your services any further.
Excuse me? Ramon has only gotten worse since he's been seeing you.
I don't believe you can help my son.
Something is speaking directly to him and to me.
Shokrani, You're not well.
No, Ms.
Bayer, you're choosing to be blind, and Ramon's the one who will pay.
I suggest you seek help.
Please stay away from Ramon.
Thank you so much.
Woman Is she is she the buyer? KARINA: That's Ashley.
- Great.
Can I speak with her? - Sure.
- Um, Ashley, this is Sharon Chen.
- Mm-hmm? She wanted to meet you.
Do you have a minute? - Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Ashley Collins.
- I'm in love with your boutique.
(CHUCKLES) I'm in love with your jacket.
Thank you.
It was it was a sample sale.
Could I ask you some questions about your business? - Sure.
- Is it the storefront that generates most of your profit here? No, it's mostly a showcase.
The real action happens on the web site.
So you have a you have a strong Internet presence? We do.
We get to know our customers, help them with styling and personal shopping.
That's the fun part.
You say, "We," but isn't it you? Do you do all of this yourself? Well, Karina is a big help, but yes, mostly me.
It's very impressive.
Um, are you Excuse me.
Sir, what are you doing? Oh, it's okay.
You'll like this.
Black Lives Matter.
I appreciate that, but no thank you.
I'm doing this for you.
Why No thank you.
Do you have a problem with being black? It's okay.
I I just I have a problem with people sir.
Sir, I'm not cool with you walking into private property and posting things without permission, but I do appreciate your support.
I'm standing with your people.
What kind of bullshit self-loathing Nazi are you? - You need to leave now.
- Careful.
You make me sick to my stomach.
I need Get out, now.
Race traitor! We got a race traitor here, everybody! Yeah, I'm gonna make sure everybody knows about it too.
You disgust me.
(THUMPS) Read it.
RAMON: The waking dreams are they a real thing? Do they happen to other people? Oh, yeah.
It's documented by Aristotle, but with you, I feel your dreams have purpose.
You have a purpose.
You're seeing some sort of truth or messages in these symbols, right? Everybody's symbology is different, so what do the symbols mean to you? I don't know.
I almost know, and then they just slip away.
Yeah, 'cause your head's full of shit.
(CHUCKLES) - Thank you.
- (BOTH LAUGH) I can't read a clear thought from you, and I'm usually pretty good at that.
You meditate? No.
(SCOFFS) No, no, no, no.
It'll help you listen to yourself and to whatever's coming in.
(CHUCKLES) The answers are in you, Ramon.
You're it.
You can figure them out.
(WHISPERS) I will.
- GREG (ON PHONE): Hey, buddy.
- Yeah? I'm making salmon cakes.
Come over for dinner tonight.
Too busy.
Thanks, but no.
We're talking about an hour.
You don't have an hour to come hang with us? Nope.
Client's here.
Gotta go.
- (PHONE RINGING) - (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Those are some shoes.
A gift from my daughter.
You're beautiful.
- Oh stop.
- (LAUGHS) Do I have to? Is there something? Oh.
Big news.
You heard from the governor? He signed off.
We're out to 10 more school districts.
Already? Isn't that premature? We should test on a small scale first.
- This is small scale.
- Steve.
Look, I love the Empathy Initiative.
It's such a beautiful thing.
It's the right project at the right time, and we need to get it out there for you and for everybody as soon as we can.
We need this.
I'm very grateful that you brought it here.
You don't have to flatter me.
No, I'm not flattering you.
You always think I'm trying to flatter you.
You still don't see how big this can be, do you? I do see, but if there are problems anywhere, we should take care of them first.
We find the problems through implementation, okay? The more we explore, the better.
Refine as we go.
Seems kind of backwards but I get your point.
Do you get my point? I do, I do.
We'll go through this with a fine-tooth comb, - before it goes any further.
- Thank you.
You're welcome.
- This is fun.
- STEVEN: Yeah.
There's a song arising Just you wait and see Won't you take my hand and Shake the world with me? (WATER TRICKLING) - (LINE RINGING) - (SIGHS) It's Duc.
Is - CARMEN: Hello? - Carmen.
Hey it's Duc! - Bayer-Boatwright.
- CARMEN: Duc! What's going on? Oh, nothing.
You didn't sense I would call? Mmm.
Heckling the intuitive? Aren't we past that? DUC: Uh, wait, no, no, sorry.
I don't know why that just fell out of my mouth.
Um sorry.
What are you doing? Oh, I'm just bookkeeping.
So thrilling.
What are you doing? (CHUCKLES) I'm just wondering if you felt like doing something, maybe going somewhere with me, of course.
That sounds pretty general.
Sorry, I I can be specific.
Um Hike this afternoon? Unless you don't like hikes, or afternoons, or this afternoon is bad.
CARMEN: Yes, hike.
Yes, this afternoon.
Yes, you.
Wanna pick me up? Um, yes! Uh, yeah, I don't want you to pick me up.
I'm good at picking up.
Uh, I drive a Tesla.
CARMEN: Congratulations.
Um, okay.
Uh, all right.
I'll pick you up.
- Okay.
All right.
- CARMEN: Three o'clock? Okay.
Okay, bye.
I'm a fucking genius.
Tell me.
KRISTEN: Do you know what silver nitrate and sun exposure does to the skin? - (CHUCKLES) - (KNOCKS ON DOOR) It's time to hear you, taking you on RAMON: Dad.
- GREG: Hey.
- What? I, uh, was at New Seasons.
I picked up a few things for you.
Oh, man, that is so cool.
Thanks, Dad.
- All right, bye.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You wanna come over for dinner at the house tonight? I'm cooking.
I can't.
I'm busy.
Yeah, but thanks, Dad.
- All right? Okay, bye.
- Oh, hold on, hold on.
Look what I found in the basement.
One of your flipbooks.
Remember your flipbook phase? - RAMON: Yeah.
- GREG: You were, like, eight or nine.
Pretty cool, huh? Thanks, Dad.
Come on, come over for dinner.
I I I can't, Dad.
I'm actually busy, but, um Hey.
Um, I didn't I didn't realize you were entertaining.
Yeah, I kind of told you so.
All right.
Bye, Dad.
DUC: Hey, you're good at this.
CARMEN: Oh, you thought I was - a fragile flower? - (GROANS) No, we're from Portland, dude.
This is what we do.
- We hike.
- Bike.
Yeah, we ski.
We kayak.
We climb rocks.
Uh water break.
I know this trail like the back Oh.
You feel okay? Of course.
So, you're seeing Ramon? Am I? - He's my brother.
(CHUCKLES) - Right.
Do you talk about your clients? No, so he is one of your clients.
I can't remember.
- Hey.
You don't feel okay.
- No, it's it's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's just Excuse me.
I Hey.
- We can go back.
- No, no, no, no! Aah (WHISPERING) Okay, so you map out the escape route, and I'll lock down the silver nitrate solution.
Uh, I think it should be the other way around.
- It's my idea.
- It's my swastika.
I don't know how to read maps.
(SIGHS) Look, you better not get this wrong.
- I don't want to go to jail.
- I've been.
It's really not that bad.
You know, there are hundreds of millions of neurons connecting the brain to the digestive system.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm, but in Japan, the belly, the hara, is considered the seat of the soul and it's the source of all of our spiritual and physical power.
Duc, we're human.
We have bodily functions.
It's nothing.
Easy for you to say.
You're not the one with your ass in the undergrowth.
While you were pooping, I farted.
Does that help? (BOTH LAUGH) Yes, a little.
(SIGHS) Do you honestly think I think less of you because of your intestines? I don't know.
Ah, I don't know.
I don't know what you think of me.
You make me nervous.
I I spaz out around you like a high-school freshman.
I mean, don't you see it? Can't you sense it? I'm not that wasn't a lame psychic joke.
- It was - Okay, look.
Don't you know why I'm here? Maybe you feel sorry for me.
No! Duc Okay, I think you are physically beautiful.
(SIGHS) I think you're very interesting with a million moving parts and contradictions, and I was so happy when you called, because I would get to know you better.
Um Okay, your turn.
Oh, motherfucker.
- Uh - (SIGHS) Watch out! There's a drop-off.
What? (SCREAMS) - Oh! Oh! (DUC GROANING) Jesus.
Duc, are you okay? Yeah.
Okay, I've got rope.
I'm gonna tie it off and you can climb up.
I I can't.
My foot.
Son of a bitch.
Hang on.
I got a signal a few miles back.
I'm gonna go get help, okay? Okay.
Aah! You again? This is the fifth time today.
(LAUGHS) You're like a magnet.
You keep pulling me in.
It's all in your head.
Not my head.
(BOTH LAUGH) That's What? Stop laughing at me.
(LAUGHS) I'm I'm laughing at us.
My place.
- Are you coming with him? - CARMEN: Of course.
- DUC: No.
- Are you fucking kidding me? Take my keys and drive my car back.
- Malcolm will come pick it up.
- No, we'll get it later.
Carmen, please.
This is ridiculous.
- You're pissing me off.
- Sorry.
I'll meet you at the hospital and take you home.
No, I'm good.
Thanks, anyway.
Will you stop? Time to go.
Duc, don't do this.
WOMAN: We're en route now, ETA - Alterna-mitzvah? - Yeah.
What? Mom makes up rituals, so can I.
- I think it's very creative.
- Thank you.
- ASHLEY: And we're celebrating? - Moi.
- The one you left behind.
- (ASHLEY LAUGHS) Kristen, we see you all the time.
Yeah, but you don't see me, see me.
Look, all you have to do is just show up and say something nice.
- Is that so much to ask? - (PHONE RINGS) (ON PHONE) You've reached Audrey.
Leave a message.
- (BEEPS) - Audrey, I made family dinner.
Um, we're waiting for you, but it's getting cold, so we're gonna eat.
You should call me back.
- Hey, we'll clean that up later.
- You will.
Why? 'Cause I cooked? Well, yeah.
(CHUCKLES) This is not a business deal.
This dinner is a gift from me to you.
You don't have to do anything in return.
- Score! - I know I don't have to.
I want to as my gift from me to you.
There's too many transactions in relationships.
"I'll do this for you if you do this for me.
If you cook, I'll clean.
" It's just so fucking Western.
- (WOMEN CHUCKLE) - Listen, this meal is a token of love.
You don't owe me anything for it.
I swear I know I don't owe you.
Tell you what you can do.
- ASHLEY: What? - Talk to me.
- How was your day? - Hmm.
Uh well, oh shit.
Today, um I found myself at the crossroads of American weirdness.
A flaming white liberal attacked me in my own store for turning down a "Black Lives Matter" sign.
We're all doomed.
- Seriously.
- Mmm.
Maybe not.
ASHLEY: What the hell kind of future will Hailey have? Keeps me up at night.
Yeah, no.
No babies for me.
I will not bring a kid into a world this fucked up.
Well, you know the world has always lived on the point of extinction.
Safety has always been an illusion.
All right.
My parents grew up during World War II.
They lived through it.
80 million people died.
Two million died in Vietnam, and your mom and I lived through that.
It felt like the whole world was exploding.
There were riots in the street, bombings, lies from our government.
Yeah, but it's not the same.
I mean, it's way worse now that it's ever been.
It's not an academic abstraction, Dad.
I completely agree.
It's isn't abstract or academic.
- It is real.
- Mm-hmm.
But it's history.
It's the way life is.
Periodically, the human race faces absolute disaster medically, politically, environmentally.
Unfortunately for us I believe we are living in one of those periods.
So, what the fuck are we supposed to do about it? I don't know.
I've been struggling with that myself.
I don't know.
I suppose we just keep going.
We, uh We try to be good to each other.
- We have a little hope.
- Have dinner with Dad.
- Yeah.
- Ugh.
I can't do it.
Well, it's either that or spiritual death and armed insurrection.
Come on, Farid.
You love Lebanese food.
For two hours, can we just enjoy our lives? Hmm? Not gonna kill you.
Bunny rabbit.
We have a reservation.
Shokrani, for two.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) I hate to ask, Mrs.
Shokrani, but would you consider removing your scarf? Huh? It's for everyone's safety.
(SCOFFS) Farid.
Her scarf has nothing to do with anyone's safety.
There was an incident.
I'm very sorry, but we just want to make sure all our guests are relaxed and comfortable.
Oh, including racists.
It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.
- (GASPS) This is bullshit.
This is bullshit intolerance.
- (WHISPERS) Please, sir.
- I'm leaving.
This is fucking cowardice.
- Cowardice! - (CHATTER STOPS) What the hell is wrong with you? What, do you expect me to put up with this self-hating bullshit? He's just trying to protect his business.
Is this the person you wanna be, a woman who takes off her beliefs the minute they ask her to? This isn't about me or my beliefs.
You explode at the smallest thing.
Hey, do you think this was small? I was scared when you put your hands on me.
- Don't be absurd.
- I was scared for me, and I was scared for you, Farid.
If you saw this behavior in one of your patients, - what would you say? - I'd say, "Hand this guy a medal.
" No, you would up his medication.
AUDREY: You know what I like about you? Everything, I hope.
You're not scared of me.
(CHUCKLES) STEVEN: You know what I like about you? You're scary.
STEVEN: Mmm! (WHISPERS) You're too far away.
- So she threw him out? - I think so, for the night.
There was, like, a huge fight, a lot of yelling.
(SCOFFS) I bet Mom just went off the deep end about some tiny, stupid thing.
You guys are too tough on your mother.
I'm just saying she overreacts.
She gets overinvolved.
She over-everything's.
- That's kind of her thing.
- (LAUGHS) - Why aren't you harder on me? - ASHLEY: You're the opposite.
Yeah, she's like two inches away, and you're, like, way down the block.
(LAUGHS) Kristen, come help with the kitchen.
(BOTH LAUGH) - It might be the kids.
- Oh.
It's late.
Are you planning on doing anything today? (GROANS) I'm already awake.
Where are you going? I am going to work, then I'm going to the Moon Mart to pick up things for Amir, even though I don't have time and he's your uncle.
The Moon Mart? - I dreamt of that place.
- Wow! I'm sure that's super meaningful.
I'll go.
(CHUCKLES) Are you joking? You hate that place.
No, no, I'm gonna go.
- (GROANS) - (PHONE CLICKS) There's a list on the fridge.
So, what, you're not wearing your scarf anymore? Oh my God.
This is what they want! For you to live in fear.
For us to police ourselves.
What hypocrisy! You hate the scarf! (PHONE BUZZING) Oh fuck.
- Yeah? - RAMON (ON PHONE): What's up, Ducy! Can you come pick me up? Maybe we can go to the dark spot tonight? What the hell is a dark spot? I have to brush my teeth.
Kristen's in the other bathroom.
I'll be done in a few minutes.
I'm running late for class.
Fine, whatever.
I slept with Steve.
You know revenge, it's cheap.
(FAUCET RUNS) - Feels pretty good.
- (SCOFFS) At first.
KRISTEN: They Instagrammed a second ago.
(SING-SONGY) They're at the pool! You know, if we get caught, we're fucked.
It's not like we're hurting them.
They actually want darker skin, so we're kind of helping them.
But you're sure it's the right concentrate? - 'Cause if it's too much - Yes! - You ready? - Shit.
You took down all the pictures of you wearing that, right? Yes.
Of course.
That's the first thing I did.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) I got this feeling on the summer day when you were gone I crashed my car into the bridge I watched, I let it burn I threw your shit into a bag And pushed it down the stairs I crashed my car into the bridge Oh, look, farm animals.
Super cute, whoever you are.
I don't care Uh-huh! Whoo! - Oh yes! Come on! - Nice.
(GIRLS LAUGH) I crashed my car into the bridge I watched, I let it burn I love it, I love it, I don't care Oh, where you going? - Bye.
- Okay.
- Bye! - Mwah! - Losers.
- We'll miss ya.
Confidence, speed, aggression.
Use those natural reflexes.
Just remember, simultaneous attack and defense.
You're up.
Come on.
Let's go.
- (SIGHS) - That's progress.
- Nothing.
It should've worked by now.
- Shh.
Wait for it.
(SIGHS) - (GIRL SCREAMING) - Oh, shit.
- Fuck! - What did you do with this shit? What are you talking about? Fuck you! What the fuck is happening? Why are you saying, "Fuck you," - to me, you bitch? - Look at this! (SHOUTING AND SCREAMING) No, this isn't happening! Oh my God! I fucking told you! - What? - I told you.
We actually did it.
- Oh yeah, yeah, turn this car on.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
GIRL: Shit! What are you talking about? You're doing great.
You kept your shit together with the lunatic.
You didn't freeze up.
Krav Maga is working.
You're too impatient.
It's not enough, because that guy was aggressively close.
And especially if Hailey's around.
(SIGHS DEEPLY) Well, you know where I stand.
I'm going to meet my club at the range for practice.
You wanna come? What kind of club? Women who want to protect themselves.
We're not the only ones.
(PHONE RINGING) (GASPS) You're supposed to be in meetings all day.
- It's lovely.
- You're lovely.
(WHISPERS) Not here.
(INHALES SHARPLY, SIGHS) So Uh, uh okay, okay.
(CHUCKLES) This is the professional me talking to the professional you.
I want to put you on TV, so you can promote the Empathy Initiative.
That is a terrible idea.
They used me.
I'm not gonna let that happen again.
Well, I wouldn't let that happen either, but I watched.
You're incredibly effective in front of a camera, and you cut through that TV crap like a knife.
You could tell the whole world about all the good we're doing at the Benjamin Foundation, and you could announce the Empathy Initiative at the same time.
(INHALES SHARPLY) I'll think about it.
Don't worry.
I I have your back.
I know you do.
I'm done being professional.
- Tonight, will you - Yes.
- We could go out to dinner - I don't care.
Get out of my office.
I'm sorry.
GREG: Albert Camus, Myth of Sisyphus.
You read it.
What do you got? Anything? Questions? Huh? Justin.
Will you read the first two sentences, please? "There is but one truly serious philosophical problem.
"And that is suicide.
"Judging whether life is or is not worth living amounts to answering the fundamental question of philosophy.
" All right, well (CLEARS THROAT) somebody give me one good reason - I shouldn't pull this trigger.
- (CLICKS) - No.
- (STUDENTS CLAMORING) Don't! Please! Don't! Don't! Man: No, no, no, no.
'Cause it's a toy.
- Exactly! (LAUGHING) - WOMAN: Oh jeez.
Because it's a toy.
(CLICKING) It's an an air pistol.
Not loaded.
See? Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
That was evil.
You're fucking crazy.
Not crazy.
Camus tells us that if we are aware that life is futile and chaotic, then dying is as meaningless as living.
If we accept the absurdity of our existence, if we willingly toil up that mountain, day after day, pushing that rock up, knowing that it will tumble back down and that we will do this, again and again, for eternity - what does that make us? - Idiots.
Yes, exactly.
Thank you, Julia.
We become the absurdist hero seeking meaning we know is not there, living life to its fullest in the face of a consistent and continuous struggle and inevitable failure.
- Take some time off.
- Oh, come on.
It was clearly a toy.
The students thought you were about to blow your head off.
It was a prop.
It was drama.
These kids walk around with their eyes open, but they're sound asleep.
Today at least they woke up.
They were curious.
They used their brains.
They engaged.
You've been exhibiting erratic behavior for some time, Greg.
The conference, the class where you said philosophy is bullshit, encouraging them to punch Nazis.
- Well, yeah.
- And now, in today's political climate where shooters are active on campuses and young people fear for their lives you show up with a gun.
Well (SIGHS) not the best judgment.
I'll admit that.
You're on six months' leave of absence.
Get your shit together.
Six months' leave? What a gift.
(SPEAKS FARSI) Your uncle used to own this store? Yeah, we lived upstairs.
Could you wait here a second? (SPEAKS FARSI) (SIGHS) I found this in the basement, things your uncle left behind.
FARID: This is junk.
I don't want it.
I have enough to throw out on my own.
Take it anyway.
You never know.
Debit or credit? (GUNS FIRING) INSTRUCTOR: You loaded the magazine? Yeah.
Uh, it's hard.
I wrecked a nail.
Magazine in the gun? Rack the slide.
And adjust your grip.
Relax your shoulders.
(GUNFIRE CONTINUES) This thing is clunky and heavy.
You get used to it.
- Aim low.
That Glock will kick.
- Mm-hmm.
(SIGHS) I can't believe I'm doing this.
INSTRUCTOR: Breathe out and squeeze the trigger.
(CASING CLATTERS) - You hit the target.
- Nice.
Why can't I answer the phone? Because these are bad men calling from Tehran.
They are looking for us.
They're gonna come, take you back and hurt you.
Do you understand? (RINGING CONTINUES) (EMPHATICALLY) Don't ever touch that phone.
- (SCREAMS) Mommy.
I haven't seen a sky like this in forever.
If you could not talk, that would help me not think.
I'm trying to meditate.
What's that supposed to accomplish? - What are you looking for? - I don't know.
An answer.
A sign.
I knew it on my way out here, - but you beat it out of me, Duc.
- Baby.
(WHISPERS) You're such a bully.
(RUMBLING) - (DISTANT HOWLING) - You feel that? What the fuck? Was that an earthquake? We should go home.
No, hey, let's just hang here for a little bit.
Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty Sound of their breath fades with the light I think about The loveless fascination Under the Milky Way tonight Lower the curtain down on Memphis Lower the curtain down all right I got no time For private consultation Under the Milky Way tonight Wish I knew what you were looking for Might have known What you would find Under the Milky Way tonight Under the Milky Way tonight Under the Milky Way tonight (MUSIC FADES)