Hernán (2019) s01e01 Episode Script


Tenochtitlan, Year 1520 Hernan Cortes has captured Moctezuma.
His plan is to take control of the city.
However, disturbing news come from the coast.
Spanish soldiers have just landed in Veracruz, under Panfilo de Narvaez's orders.
Their mission is to apprehend Cortes.
Soldier Your helmet Harquebusiers! You are ready, good.
Is everybody here? Captain! Where is she? She did not want to leave.
Here, it brings you luck.
We must go.
Why do you have to go? Why do you fight against Spaniards? They are my enemies, although they are Spaniards.
And you have to leave Alvarado in charge of the city? - I know what I am doing.
- No, you do not.
Alvarado is lousy.
He only knows to command with the sword.
We will lose Tenochtitlan! Marina, it is late to do anything.
Pick up your bedroll and let us go.
You could die in Veracruz.
I need you by my side.
Come on.
If you tell me to, I will go.
But to be with you is not to be by your side You made it very clear.
- Be ready! - Soldiers, ready! May God be with you.
- Let us go! - Soldiers be with God! March forward! Come on! Hurry up! - Where are you? - Bastard! - Show yourself, you coward! - There he is! Panfilo.
Surrender and you will save your life.
Give me your sword.
Attention! Captain is coming! Look what you have done to me! You must be thankful for not killing you.
But we still have time, Panfilo.
Soldiers of the King! I know you are here.
Following the command of the governor of Cuba who called me brother once you have come all the way here to arrest me as if I were a thief.
But you must know that I am the Captain of the first town established in these lands.
Its Council decided that.
Accordingly, I I am the law here.
He is Xicotencatl.
Lord of the war of Tlaxcala.
Camaxtli is here! My men! His warriors are the fiercest all over these lands.
And they are with us.
By their side we have seized the most wonderful city, you have ever imagined.
Its king, Moctezuma is shackled in my palace Come with me.
Come with us to Tenochtitlan.
Gold runs all over its markets and decorates its roofs.
Follow me, not because of fear but because of the dream which brought you to these lands.
Grab your swords and carve out your names in the glorious history of Castile! Captain! Captain! Captain! Long live the King! Long live the King! Release them! - Captain! - Yes? Cristobal de Olid is with you? - Do you know him? - I came from Cuba looking for him.
- Join us.
- Thank you.
What is going on? The roofs of Tenochtitlan are not covered with gold.
Death! Death! Listen to me! I've seen it! Death! Listen, I've seen it! Death! Death! - Listen to me.
- What is going on? I have seen it.
Death everywhere.
In my dreams, I have seen the city The sun was covered by a flock of dreadful crows.
A voice has ordered them to descend to devour the corpses.
Whose corpses? Children, old people women, the streets, the statues The whole city was bathed in blood.
What city was that? Tenochtitlan.
I have to talk to the Captain.
Madam, he's resting.
- Make your rounds.
- Yes, sir.
Come in.
We must go back to Tenochtitlan as soon as dawn breaks.
- Why? - I had a vision.
I have dreamt of Mictecacihuatl, the goddess of Death.
Hernan Something wrong is happening in Tenochtitlan, and the gods are warning us.
I believe in God.
And in the will of men.
Not in omens.
I warned you.
Leaving Alvarado in charge of the city was a mistake.
The city is in charge of whom I decided! Potonchan, one year earlier Do you think they want to hurt us? I don't know.
Come on! Come on! Go back! Damned Indians! Bernal, Bernal! How are you? Are you alright? I am fine, Captain.
Your lord is calling you.
Heal him.
They look like people, but they are gods.
Some are attached to large hornless deer.
They have canes that roar like lightning and spit fire.
And they bring some horrible yellow-eyed beasts, which can destroy a man's hand to bite.
They are terrible gods, and there is nothing we can do.
Then, we must give them offerings before they crush us.
We have feathers, precious fabric, food Do you think that would be enough? My lord Women.
We did not see any women among them.
You And you You You And you.
Take them with the others.
Come on! Come on! My lord, this servant wants to talk, if you allow her to do it.
What is going on? I want to be one of the chosen ones.
Are you mad? My lord is very fond of you.
If you choose me I could give you something very valuable.
Do you have something that might interest me? This belonged to one of them.
And they are not gods.
They are men and die just like us.
Did you not say their bodies were attached to deer? My lord, I do not understand.
Greetings from my king.
Don Carlos, lord of Castile.
I welcome you with joy.
Take a rest from your journey and eat with me.
He said he welcomes you with joy.
You may rest from your journey.
And you can eat with him, Captain.
Food! Come on, hurry up.
Woman! No, no.
It is tasty.
And it is hot.
It is hot like devil's ass.
Water! Chocolate.
I offer you these things, the wealth of this land, our treasures And I also offer you these women, so you can do whatever you please with them.
They present you those things.
The best of their land.
Their wealth, Captain.
And these women, so you can do whatever you want with them.
Tell him the feathers, the food and the women are fine.
But we want more of this.
We want more of this shiny thing.
What do you need that thing for? The feathers are from Quetzal, worthy of a king they worth more than gold.
He tells you to take all what you want, feathers, women Tell him we just want the gold.
You can keep the feathers, we just want gold.
We do not have any more.
There is no gold in these lands, and the little we can get, we send it as a tribute to lord Moctezuma.
He says they have no gold in their lands.
And the little they get, they send to lord Moctezuma as a tribute.
Moctezuma? Who is Moctezuma? Moctezuma is the lord of the Mexica.
Moctezuma is the lord of the Mexica.
Do you want gold? His city is full of gold There is plenty of it! If you want gold, his city is full of it.
Plenty of gold, captain.
The streets are made of gold, and the roofs The streets and the roofs are made of gold.
The city is full of wealth.
It is even better than we ever dreamed of.
What is the name of that city? Tenochtitlan.
I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
What is your name? Lool Beh.
Flower of the path.
Enough is enough! From now on, your name will be Irene.
It is the name of a saint.
You will get used to it.
And your name will be Marina.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Captain, they are all baptized.
Thank you, Pater.
Let us start from the beginning.
Marina is the most beautiful Indian.
Choose wisely whom you will give her to.
He does not have to do that.
He is the Captain, he chooses first.
Do you want her? Not for all the gold in the word.
I have no intention to relate to these people.
Stand up.
She is yours.
Thank you.
Stand up.
She is yours, my friend.
Cut the hogwash.
Return to Tenochtitlan, 1520 Why are there no canoes in the lake? Where are the people? I do not know.
Is this normal? Where are the roofs covered with gold and the welcome company? Do not worry about the gold.
There is plenty of it.
For everybody.
I do not give a damn about the gold.
I came here to find Captain Cristobal de Olid.
Do you know him? - I am honored to call him friend.
- Where is he? In our barracks, not far from here.
Do not worry about him.
He knows how to take care of himself.
Just like you, as far as I can say.
It comes true.
My dream came true.
My dream.
The temple Marina! Ask her what happened.
Mother what has happened here? Tonatiuh Tonatiuh the Sun.
That is how the Mexica name Alvarado.
I know.
Open the door! Open the door! What the hell has happened? - Alvarado went insane.
- What do you mean? Explain yourself! He did not listen to anybody! It was a carnage! He broke into a party with the troops and committed a massacre! - What about Moctezuma? - He is fine.
He is in his chambers.
He and the other prisoners are fine, Alvarado did not do anything to them.
Captain, I did not take part of the carnage.
Believe me.
I refused to do it.
I am coming! Cristobal! - Juana! - Cristobal! Juana! I cannot believe you are here! What is this? What did they do to you? I am fine, I am fine.
Do not worry.
Get the dog out of here.
Out, boy! I want to know what happened here.
What did you do, Pedro? Stand up and tell me! I did what you ordered me.
I imposed order on those Indians.
No, I did not order you to kill children and helpless elders.
They were going to do a sacrifice.
- Three children.
- Since when do you care about children? You are right.
I do not care about three children nor 700 virgins.
But you gave the order: "sacrifices are forbidden".
You said that in front of me.
Was there no other way to control them? I learned this from you in Cholula.
It was a challenge.
A provocation.
If I had not stopped them, they would have risen up in arms.
And then? Huh? Hernan? What would have happened upon your return? The palace would be surrounded, your men would be dead, and Moctezuma would be free.
You do not hear a soul in the city.
There is only fear, Captain.
A lot of fear.
Things will not resolve by killing, Pedro.
I will remember that next time.
I should cut your throat, take your belly off and let your mangy dog eat your guts.
Luckily for you, I have never killed a friend.
If Moctezuma is your friend then give him my head.
The Mexica disobey us openly.
- They have not brought food in days.
- What about the Market of Tlatelolco? They have closed the city to merchandise.
And if we already had scarce water and food you have come with more mouths to feed.
- And more arms to fight.
- I do not care! - Gentlemen, do not yell.
- I do not care.
There are 200 warriors outside for each one of us! Captain.
There is one responsible here.
What do you mean, Olid? You should You should show the Mexica that you disagree of what he did.
Execute him by garrotte for the whole city to see.
- Are you mad? - Sir, he is a Captain! - He deserves an honorable death.
- I agree.
- Behead him.
- Olid! It will not do any good.
You have to hand Alvarado over the Mexica so they sacrifice him themselves.
And also Moctezuma so they let us leave Tenochtitlan.
No one is going to leave this place.
All right? At least, hand Alvarado over.
If you do not do it, the whole city will turn against you.
I will not give them the best man we have.
And much less surrounded as we are by enemies.
He will be punished when I say so.
- Sandoval.
- Yes? - Take his position.
- Yes, sir.
How many outrages are you going to allow him? How many? Why do you always let him to get away with murder? Make way! How could you ask me something like that? Hand him over so they could tear his heart out? You know how terrible is that for us! I know.
I was a slave since I was a child.
That is what slaves are for.
I have seen how many of them were sacrificed and every day I woke up thinking I could be the next.
Veracruz coasts, one year earlier Do you remember when we climbed to the top of the castle in Medellin? Yes.
Of course I remember.
You always said you could look at the sea, but that was impossible.
I also told you, you would come with me beyond your eyes could see.
What do you think about this place? - Do you see that palm over there? - Yes.
Do you? The first who reach it, wins! You have to feed and give water to the animals.
Water! - Horses! - They understand, but they are afraid of horses.
Come on.
Come on.
- Come on.
- No! - Come on.
- No! If you do not learn the easy way, then you will learn the hard way! You! Put that belt away, or upon my faith I will skin you with it.
Yes, Captain.
His name is Caliph.
His father was the pride and joy at the stable of the last Nasrid king of Granada.
He is fierce, but kind.
Very kind.
Like all the savage creatures.
Touch him.
Do not be afraid.
Pet him.
- Captain! - What is going on? The sentry said someone is coming.
It must be a noble of these people, because he comes in a palanquin, with servants and warriors.
Well, if they come, we will have to welcome them.
- Prepare the horses and the dogs.
- Yes, Captain.
What was that? A provocation or a sign of respect? It is a sign of respect to the Earth, Captain.
My lord, it is an honor to greet you I am your poor servant Teuidle.
I have come to offer you these gifts by orders of our great Mexica leader.
I am sorry, Captain.
What he is speaking is not Maya.
I do not understand.
I came with dignity to you by orders of my lord, Moctezuma Xocoyotzin.
Moctezuma? Moctezuma Xocoyotzin II! Put it there.
If these are the things Moctezuma can live without then what will be in Tenochtitlan? My lord I know what he said.
I do not get it.
I know what the Mexica messenger said.
Jeronimo! Come.
Come here.
Come here.
Do not worry.
- I would give a kingdom to understand you.
- Yes, Captain? What does she say? The Mexica messenger brought word from Moctezuma.
He said you can keep those gifts and go back to the sea, you do not go to Tenochtitlan.
Do you understand their language? When I was a child, my mother sold me to the Maya, but I was born Nahua.
She understands the language of the Maya and also the Mexica.
Young girl You are worth your weight in gold.
Tenochtitlan, one year later My lord, Moctezuma I have come as soon as I could to make sure you are fine.
I know food is not plentiful at the palace these days.
Forgive me.
My lord Moctezuma.
I have come as soon as I could so my heart could see you are safe from harm.
I did not order Alvarado to commit that massacre.
And I condemn it.
I beg you to forgive this atrocity.
In the meantime, the best thing for all is that things keep the way they used to be.
I brought more men from Veracruz.
I have told them about the greatness of the Market of Tlatelolco.
About the glory of Tenochtitlan.
But there is no soul in the city and the market is closed.
Tell them to open it.
Let the merchandise go into the city.
Merchandise? Like gold? Merchandise like gold? Yes.
Also the gold.
Like gold and some other things.
I cannot give orders to my people from here.
He cannot give orders to his people from here.
Be patient.
Your freedom is closer than ever.
You will be free again soon.
If you cannot release me, at least release my brother Cuitlahuac.
He could carry my orders to my people.
He asked you to release his brother.
He will carry his orders.
Get him ready to leave.
Hernan, do not.
We have to give in to something.
Besides, we do not have any food.
Translate what I have said.
Cuitlahuac can leave.
You make a mistake.
Are you talking about Cuitlahuac or about something else? Mexica From now on, Cuitlahuac is our lord.
He will guide us in war.
My brothers Today we must take revenge and kill The Spaniard invaders and their bitches, the Tlaxcaltecas, will not have one day of peace.
I will tear off Tonatiuh's heart with my own hands! I will put the head of their captain in the Tzompantli and I will offer him to our god, Huitzilopochtli! Here and now!