Hernán (2019) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Bernal! Bernal, stop! Go on, get up.
- Father, no, please! - Come on.
Throw it in.
Come on.
You must, son.
Wolves have to be killed.
At this rate, we will have to melt the gold to make more bullets.
I shall tell the Captain to start with your share! What is happening, soldier? Sebastian? Sebastian? Say something.
Talk to me! Do not worry.
I will go for help.
Sebastian? If it is jade, it will break, Gold melts also, Plumage rips too If it is jade it will break Gold melts too Let me pass.
I must see him.
The captain needs to see Moctezuma.
The tormentor wants to see his prisoner? What for? Please.
He wishes to know how he is.
My father is descending to Mictlan.
No! Do you want the captain to force his way in? He’s not dead.
He’s alive! What are you doing to him? My father is dying and you are responsible.
Thanks to you, his people turned their backs on him.
- She said that you - I do not care what she said.
If we do not treat him, he will die.
Tell her my physician will come to look after him.
And if any of her family stand in the way I will lock them up far from their father.
Physician! Out of the depths I have cried to thee, O Lord: Lord, hear my voice Sir, let me go.
And kill that son of a bitch.
- You saw him clearly? - Yes, Captain! At the exact moment he killed Sebastian.
He’s alone.
I’m sure of it.
Let’s go up there.
- Where is he, Ortiz? - Captain The stone came from over there.
Give me the helmet.
Stay alert, eh? Move the cannon somewhere less exposed.
Come on! Get down! He has changed position, sir.
May you be killed by the plague! Stay still! You will get us all killed.
If we cannot use the cannon, we forfeit that flank.
And that dog knows it.
I also believe there is just one man.
With no other warriors to cover him.
Sir, let me go out and get him.
If there is a need to go and kill Mexica, I will go.
I think I’ve earned the right.
You will die.
And you will get him killed too.
I am already dead, Captain.
And he may be soon, too.
- Do not talk nonsense! - Nonsense? Only by imagining that I am dead can I stand this hell.
How can you stand it? Fine.
You may go out.
But under cover of darkness.
Try to take the marksman down at first light.
You will need bait up there.
Count on me.
Come back alive.
Both of you.
- That is an order! - Yes, Captain.
Come on! - We are safe here.
- Good.
What do you write in that book of yours? Anything about Sebastian? I write about all of us, sir.
Why do you write so much? Well, I don’t know.
I suppose some day what we are doing here will have to be explained.
What we did in Cholula, too? You are bleeding, Captain.
Take this.
Read me something.
Pardon, sir? Something from your writing.
Read! "Today we reached a place we christened 'Island of Sacrifices'.
” "The sad spectacle before us filled us with rage.
" "There were arms men’s skulls, everywhere dismembered women and children.
" "Captain Cortes says that God has brought us here, to end this depravity.
" It has nothing to do with God, Bernal.
If God were behind this voyage He would have stayed our hands long ago.
Beginning with my own.
Forget about Cholula.
Some things are better forgotten.
Give me that.
Try to get some rest.
I will take this watch.
The road to Tenochtitlan.
One year earlier.
Halt! Let’s see.
If we are here, Huejotzingo seems the most logical route.
Tell him.
If we are here, Huejotzingo would seem the best route.
I approve.
They are our friends.
He thinks it is a good route.
They are friends.
I do not approve.
I say we must go to Cholula.
He disagrees.
We must go to Cholula.
No, no no.
I don’t understand.
If they are allies would it not be better to go through Huejotzingo? And convince them to join us? But Huejotzingo is your ally.
Should we not go there and convince them to join us? If you wish I can send some of my men to Huejotzingo for food and reinforcements, but we must go via Cholula.
He can send people to Huejotzingo for food and warriors but we must go via Cholula.
Marina Why? Why? Cholula is a sacred city.
And the most prized among Moctezuma’s allies.
Nothing happens here without the Caciques’ approval.
It is a powerful city.
If you take it, you will enter Tenochtitlan easily.
Cholula is a sacred city.
And Moctezuma’s best ally.
Nothing happens if the governors of Cholula do not approve.
If we conquer the city we enter Tenochtitlan.
Very well.
We will heed his advice.
Come on! He is the son of God.
- Heaven? - Heaven.
He protects us all, guides us shows us the way.
He is his son.
- Jesus Christ.
- Jesus Christ.
- Jesus Christ.
- Jesus Christ.
Take that off now! The people of Cholula are friends with Moctezuma.
They must all be killed.
I don’t understand a word you are saying.
You must kill them all.
The young so they do not take up arms and the old so they cannot advise the young.
Captain! Come.
Sheathe that sword! I am Cuitlahuac, Lord of Itzapalapa and I bring a message from my elder brother governor Moctezuma.
He is Cuitlahuac.
Brother of Moctezuma.
He brings a message.
My elder brother, governor Moctezuma sends you these gifts to take back to your lands.
Moctezuma sends this tribute.
Thank you for your generosity.
It is very generous.
But, in exchange he asks you to turn around.
You may not reach Tenochtitlan.
But he asks that we turn around.
We cannot reach Tenochtitlan.
We are too many.
The leader fears he cannot welcome us properly.
If Moctezuma came to my house I would give him my finest room and the best food from my kitchens.
You would not be so generous if Moctezuma visited with all his warriors.
Not if he visited you with his entire army.
Tell him we simply want to see the city everyone speaks so highly of.
For that you have to come with our enemies? He does not want you to come near with his enemies.
- Do you think the mighty Moctezuma fears us? - Yes.
What is happening? Whatever you say we will continue on.
And we will enter Tenochtitlan.
The brother of a great leader does not negotiate with a whore.
He will not talk to a woman.
Well then, we have finished.
Turn around and go far away.
You are not welcome.
They will not welcome us.
Was that a declaration of war? He didn’t say.
Then we must find out.
There it is! Cholula.
It is wonderful.
And full of churches.
Like Rome.
- The devil’s Rome.
- Come on! Move! Bernal.
If they will not come out to greet us, I say we go in.
What do you think? Not to welcome you is an offence.
They do not want you.
Do not move! He’s just a servant! Speak! My lords are very busy, they cannot receive you.
His lords are busy.
They cannot receive you.
But we have prepared your quarters so you may eat and rest.
My lord thanks you but he prefers to speak to your lords.
They will see you later, when they have completed their duties.
When? They will see you later.
When they have completed their duties.
They have prepared food and a place to rest.
But the Cholulteca lords will not greet us now.
We have been patient enough, gentlemen.
Only the foreigners.
The Tlaxcalteca cannot enter.
Tlaxcalteca cannot enter.
They do not trust them.
Only the Castilians.
It would be absurd to argue with them.
But tell Xicotencatl I want him to explore the paths.
I am wary of what is happening here.
Very well.
My people, here! I do not know, but he is very nervous.
These are our quarters? Here? It’s like the animals’ manure heap.
There is no meat, nor fish.
What is going on here? Ask where the people are! There is no more food? No more food? What is this? Why one offence after another? What is this? Why do you offend us? We cannot offer you anything more.
We do not have any more.
They have no more.
We need more corn! And water for the horses.
- We need more - Wait! I demand to meet your Lords.
No one has ever greeted us with such contempt.
Tell him! Captain! This place is a death trap.
We should divide the troops.
Alvarado! There’s no room.
Most of the troops will have to camp outside.
Tell them.
Bernal, go with him.
- Yes, Captain.
- Alvarado! - I do not want conflict.
- Calm down.
Come on! Come here! Black sapote.
It’s sweet.
Thank you.
Tasty! Where did you come from? I don’t understand.
Which is your mother land? My land? My land is very far away.
My land.
Far Where? Come.
Look! My house is here.
Across the sea.
And our ships brought us here.
You like it? You want it? For you.
Why are you with the foreigners? You are very pretty.
Are you a slave? Or a lady? Why do you ask, madam? Who knows? Perhaps it does not matter today.
Perhaps tomorrow it will.
Hey! That is not a toy.
Give it to me.
Hey! - The Cholulteca are preparing to attack.
- What did you see? Youths laying traps for the horses.
The women and children are leaving.
- Shall we attack first, sir? - I say we leave Cholula.
Let’s change route, Captain.
We can reach Tenochtitlan via Huejotzingo, that was the original plan.
No! No! No! Fleeing will only show Moctezuma your cowardliness.
Moctezuma will think you a coward.
Tenochtitlan too.
- Turn back, Captain.
- Let us attack! - How many deaths do you want? - Enough! Find the lords of Cholula and bring them to me.
I came here to offer my friendship.
You have shown me only contempt.
You have conspired against me.
You planned to attack me.
Very well! Very well! You deserve only one thing.
Priests of the devil! Sebastian! Come on! No mercy! What are you doing? Captain, he’s only a child.
Leave him.
I know him.
Take the sword.
That’s an order! We have to kill them all.
Wolves must be killed.
No! We are soldiers of God Bernal.
We are leaving.
Sebastian, help him onto my horse.
We have to get moving.
Soldier? What do you say Bernal? Will you be able to describe such beauty in your book? Tenochtitlan, one year later Come on.
It is time.
He’s on that rooftop.
- What’s wrong? - Not the right angle.
We’ll surround the dog.
- Split up! - I will go behind.
- Go with him.
- Come on.
Talk to him, Marina.
What do you want? To speak to your Lord.
To talk to my Lord, you have to talk to me.
I will, though you are a mere woman.
He will speak with a woman.
I have come for my brother.
We shall look after him.
He comes to take his brother away.
They will take care of him.
Take care of him? You stoned him.
Humiliated him.
Betrayed him.
On your knees! Tell him the man responsible for the slaughter has been removed.
And punished.
Tell him that too.
The captain responsible leads no more, we have punished him.
But you go unpunished.
And Tonatiuh did the same as you in Cholula.
He says you did in Cholula what Alvarado did here.
For all the children you may kill the women and elderly you pierce with your weapons the war will not end.
Even if 32,000 Mexica die for every Castilian we will not surrender.
We shall weep for our dead and carry on fighting.
I, Cuitlahuac, Lord of Iztapalapa promise to keep fighting until not one of your men can feel his heart beating.
Come on.