Hero Mask (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Analyzing incoming visuals.
We have a match.
I want to remind you that
these men are criminals, but they're
also crucial material witnesses.
It's imperative
that they're captured unharmed. Got it?
James, they're heading into the crowd!
The fool.
Don't fire!
I knew it.
That bastard took a GPS round
without asking.
James, the main street.
I'll forward the location.
It'll be about 10 minutes if I leave now.
-I'm borrowing this.
Is he going to ram him?
They're headed for the crowd!
This is James Blood.
Mission complete.
Damn, I'm freezing.
Oh, that's warm.
Oh, the hero's back!
Heard you fired off your gun!
-Here comes the hotshot!
-I don't want to hear it.
-You took equipment again.
-Coming back from a triathlon?
-I won!
You're the laughing stock of the station.
--doesn't mean it's okay!
You're not supposed to fire your gun
without clearance.
That's enough already.
Why are you on my case--?
-What I'm saying is--
-I can't hear you because of the water.
And the GPS round you fired
-is something I developed.
-Oh, James.
-People will think I had a part in it.
-You got to a sauna?
It worked out, so what's the problem?
No, it didn't.
-I'm telling you this for your own sake.
-Keep it to yourself.
What are you doing after this?
I'm going to get my things and go home
before he finds me.
Before he finds you? What are you--?
Welcome back.
You should've left before he found you.
When asked about the bribery allegations
made against LIVE Corporation,
the company's chairman, Steven Martland,
stated that the reports are baseless--
Did you not know?
You're not supposed to hurt
material witnesses.
I think you saw
that I had no other choice--
Why did you fire your gun
without permission?
I always tell you not to jump the gun.
-But I had no choice in that situation--
You had a choice when you took equipment
from the station without the paperwork.
-James, how many years have you been here?
-Seven years.
Yes, it will be eight years.
You should know what kind of organization
we're running here by now.
This is a police organization
responsible for
maintaining peace and order in society.
And we are the bureau in charge
of the dangerous cases
-which require careful countermeasures.
-Which require careful countermeasures.
That is our job at the SSC.
Everyone here recognizes your abilities.
Your clearance rate is off the charts.
It brings me pride as a fellow SSC member.
-Thank you, sir.
Reckless actions puts others in danger.
I called you in here because I'd like you
to do something about that.
The SSC is an organization in which
you are an individual member.
Yes, sir
Here's the paperwork.
You get to fill it out.
It's been 30 years since our founding.
Our work has greatly evolved
over the years.
Our tasks and responsibilities expanded
along with the transfer of authority
ten years ago.
I believe this present case
exemplifies this.
We, the prosecution, need to understand
our citizens now more than ever.
This is all the documented evidence?
I didn't know.
I didn't know that research
would lead to this.
The professor is?
I prepared myself
when you first reached out to me.
I'm sorry
for dragging you into this dangerous mess.
It's fine.
I can't turn back now.
I'm putting you under our protection.
Do you understand what that means?
Are you prepared to take the stand?
You don't need to worry about that.
This can't be allowed to go unpunished.
And one more thing:
I will be requesting help from
someone in the SSC for this case.
Can they be trusted?
Yes, he can be trusted.
Thank you.
A number of these reports mentioned
the prosecution. Does that mean?
You'll likely be working
with Monica again.
Monica? I feel like
we're always asking for her help.
That is her job, after all.
It's actually more like her hobby.
Did she go home already?
-I'm done for the day.
-Good night!
Monica! Monica! Monica!
Sarah? What is it?
It's Monica.
Monica is
Monica has passed away.
It must be difficult.
It was her birthday.
There's so much
I still wanted to talk to her about.
I'm so sorry.
Back when I first joined the prosecution,
she would often scold me.
She really looked after me.
I still had
so much to learn from her.
Where did he go off to?
Are you talking about James?
I didn't realize you knew him.
Monica would talk about him often.
I see.
There he is.
This is
the infamous
I'm Sarah. Sarah Sinclair.
I heard a lot about you from Monica.
Sarah worked with Monica.
She talked about you as well.
I'm James Blood.
I can't count the number of times
she's had to help me.
Without her
I wouldn't be where I am today.
I still can't believe she's gone.
She was too young.
I wasn't done bothering her.
Monica really took care of the two of you.
The cause of death was heart failure.
She really was too young.
What is it?
When Monica
There was something unnatural
about the way Monica collapsed.
I'm sorry for putting it that way.
It's hard to express in words.
It's like she was swallowed by the crowd.
From the festival.
And also, she
She was carrying a bag!
But it was gone.
My memory is a bit vague
from all the confusion, but
Have you told anyone else this?
No, I didn't have definite proof.
But I've been constantly reliving
the last moments of her life
over the last few days.
And I couldn't shake
this unsettling feeling.
-Which is?
-She collapsed.
No, she was knocked over.
In other words
She was killed?
It may just be my imagination
but I couldn't accept the alternative.
Was she working on something dangerous?
I don't know, she never shared very much
about her own work.
But I've been allowed
to organize her desk.
I was hoping I might find something.
Sarah, if you find anything,
I want you to reach out to the SSC.
Thank you.
We'll need to look into this right away.
It's been too long. You've done quite well
for yourselves, haven't you?
What I've made is nothing compared to you.
Pardon me.
What were you mixed up in?
Come on!
I figured the surveillance footage
would be a dead end.
It's almost impossible
to tell anyone apart in this crowd.
What is it, Sarah?
There's something I want you to see.
Okay, I'll
I'm already on my way.
James, James, James.
James, James, James.
Subtitle translation by Zensho Yamamoto
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