Hey Arnold! (1996) s05e10 Episode Script

Stuck in a Tree/Rhonda Goes Broke

MAN: Here we go.
HELGA: Arnold.
Hey, Arnold!
Hey, Arnold!
Move it, football head.
ALL: Hey, Arnold!
KID: Hi, Arnold.
Who's there?
It's me. Eugene.
ARNOLD: Eugene,
where are you?
EUGENE: Up here.
I'm in the tree.
Well, what are you
doing up there?
Oh, just hanging around.
That's nice.
EUGENE: Actually,
I'm stuck.
Yup, stuck. (LAUGHS)
I got up this morning
and thought,
"What a perfect day
for climbing a tree."
And it was!
Until I got up here
and remembered
I have a tremendous
fear of heights!
I've been here
for hours
just hoping someone
might come by
and help me.
You're the first person
I've seen.
Don't worry.
I'll get you down.
Thanks, Arnold.
You're a pal.
Arnold, hang on!
I got you.
Well, I guess
we're both stuck now.
Yeah, I guess we are.
Don't worry.
I just know someone
will come along
any minute to save us.
Right. How long
did you say you waited
until I came by?
Oh, not more than
two or three hours.
(SIGHS) Yup,
any minute now.
ARNOLD: Eugene,
can I ask you a favor?
Could you stop
saying that?
You've been sighing
like that and saying,
"Any minute now,"
every minute
for the last hour.
Gosh, Arnold,
I'm just trying
to be optimistic.
But every time you say it,
it just makes it seem like
we've been struck up here
even longer.
Oh, it hasn't
been that long.
At least it's
a beautiful day.
(SIGHS) Yup,
any minute now.
HAROLD: Stupid bush,
get out of my way!
Hey, Harold,
up here.
Huh? Well, what are
you guys doing
up in that tree?
We're stuck.
Arnold and Eugene
stuck in a tree
S-T-U-K in a tree!
You're so stupid.
You're so stupid.
Yeah, it's real funny.
Now, could you just
help us get down.
Sure I could help you,
but you both have to
give me a nickel.
Okay, Harold,
we'll both give you a nickel.
Great! Two nickles,
that's 15 cents.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, I found this ladder
leaning up against
the water tower.
There was a guy up there,
but I didn't figure
he'd mind
if I borrowed it.
HAROLD: You guys
are so stupid!
Getting stuck in a tree.
Oh, I'm so stupid.
It's okay, Harold.
At least you tried.
How are we
supposed to get down?
Maybe if we try
and reach that branch.
Forget it, Harold.
We've been
up here for hours
trying to figure out
how to get down
and there's no way.
Well, what are we
supposed to do then,
just wait here?
I think we have to.
Oh, what a
Don't worry, Harold,
I just know someone will
come by to save us.
(SIGHS) Yup,
any minute now.
How long has it been now?
Well, judging by
the position of the sun,
I'd say it's been
another hour at least.
Oh, we're gonna be
stuck here forever.
No one comes to
this part of the park.
It's okay, Harold.
I don't wanna die.
Hey, look,
someone's coming!
Hey, up here.
Help me, mister!
Oh, he can't hear us.
Maybe if we throw something,
we can get his attention.
Oh, that's
a wonderful idea.
Well, at least
we got his attention.
Stupid woodpecker.
I read somewhere that
if a woodpecker
lands on your head,
it's lucky.
Shut it, Eugene,
just shut it!
KID: Chocolate.
ARNOLD: Chocolate Boy!
Here! Chocolate Boy!
We're stuck.
We need you
to go get help.
Yeah. Yeah. Get help
and chocolate.
Go to the fire station,
tell them we're
stuck in a tree
and we need
help getting down.
Tell them Eugene
sent you.
They know me.
They've rescued me
many times before.
Go directly
to the fire station,
tell them
we're stuck in a tree
and whatever you do,
don't stop for chocolate.
"Go to the fire station,
tell them we're
stuck in a tree,
"don't stop except
for chocolate."
No. Go to the fire station,
tell them we're
stuck in a tree,
and don't stop
for chocolate.
"Go to the tree,
tell them we're
stuck in a fire station
"and don't stop
except for chocolate."
No. Listen carefully
and repeat after me.
Fire station.
Fire station.
Stuck in a tree.
Stuck in a tree.
Don't stop for chocolate.
Don't stop for chocolate.
That's it.
Now repeat it
back to me.
Go to the fire station.
Stuck in a tree.
That's it.
But first stop for chocolate.
No, don't stop for chocolate.
Don't stop for chocolate.
Right. You got it. Now, go!
Go to the fire station,
stuck in tree,
don't stop for chocolate.
Go to the fire station,
stuck in tree,
don't stop for chocolate.
Stuck in fire station,
don't stop
He's not coming back,
is he?
Oh, sure he is.
Just minutes from now,
he'll come back
riding in a fire engine,
siren singing,
with a whole bunch of
smiling firemen to save us.
(SIGHS) Yup,
any minute now.
How long has it been now?
About another hour,
I guess.
We'll never get
out of this tree!
Oh, I'm so hungry!
Hey, I just remembered.
I got four pounds
of leftover egg foo yung
in my backpack.
Wait! What?
What are you doing?
Don't give it to him,
he'll drop it.
He's a jinx!
Oh, don't worry,
I'll be very careful.
Don't worry, guys,
I just know
Chocolate Boy's
on his way here
with the fire trucks
to save us.
HAROLD: Oh, we'll never
get out of this tree!
Take it easy, Harold.
Why should I take it easy?
I'm gonna end up living
in this stupid tree
with you two,
eating tree worms
and bark,
picking splinters
out of my butt every night.
I'm never gonna grow up
to go to college
or get married.
I mean,
who am I gonna marry,
that squirrel?
We're going to
get out of here.
What if we don't?
Stop shaking
the branch, Eugene!
You stupid old fool!
Sorry, Harold,
but I wanna look nice
for tonight's celebration.
What are we celebrating?
Today is our anniversary.
We've been living
in our tree for 70 years.
Seventy years! No!
Don't worry, Harold,
any minute now
Chocolate Boy is
gonna come with
the fire department
to save us.
What are you talking about?
It's been 70 years!
He's not coming back!
I told you,
I can't clean out
the bird nest tonight
I'm playing poker
with the boys.
Oh, nag, nag, nag.
That's all you do.
Take my advice,
don't get married.
Especially to a squirrel.
Hey, look!
There goes the gang!
HAROLD: Too bad
they're all deaf,
otherwise they could
hear us and go get help.
Gosh, you'd think
eventually he's
run out of gas!
It won't be
that bad, Harold.
We'll have lots
of fresh air
and stars at night,
and all the woodland
for our friends and family.
If you don't
shut the heck up, Eugene,
I'm gonna pound you!
Ouch! Ouch!
Stop hiccuping, please!
Stop hiccuping!
I can't take
the hiccuping!
Stop it! Stop it!
Calm down, Harold.
Hey, I stopped! (HICCUPS)
I'm trapped!
I'm trapped and hungry!
A little scared?
No, I'm not scared!
We're gonna be fine.
You just have to
have a little faith
that everything
will work out.
Look at Eugene.
He's looking
on the bright side.
I know, Arnold,
but that's because
he's living in his
own little pretend land!
Just try having some faith.
If we think positive
and stick together,
something good will happen.
Arnold's right,
we're going to
get down from this tree.
Come on,
clap your hands
if you believe.
Every seed
Turns into a flower
Every minute
Turns to an hour
Uh! Stop it!
Stop it! Stop singing
that idiotic song!
That's it! That's it!
Harold, seriously.
Someone's going
to get hurt.
Eugene, I'm gonna
break your face!
Cut it out,
both of you!
It's a life-saving rope
You asked for it,
you little
Harold, stop!
Gosh, I guess we should
try and pull him up.
That would be good.
Pull him up?
I'm trying as
hard as I can
just to hold on.
Well, if you can't pull me up,
then at least don't let go.
I don't think
I can hold on.
He's too heavy.
You have to have faith.
Just believe you can do it
and you'll be able to.
Listen to Eugene, Harold.
You can do it.
Okay, I can do it.
I can hold on!
I won't drop Arnold
and he won't fall
and break both his legs.
I know what'll help.
An inspirational song!
So, never let go of hope
It's a lifesaving rope
And like the seed grows
Dreams come true
Just because you're you
You! ♪
Hey, I think it's working.
I think I can
hold him now.
I told you,
all you have to do
is believe.
Yeah, all I had to do
was believe.
(SIGHS) I bet
any minute now
we're gonna be rescued.
EUGENE: I knew
everything would
turn out all right.
Chocolate Boy
came with the firemen,
and we're safely
in the cherrypicker.
Here we go! Whee!
Gosh, first we're
stuck in a cherry tree,
now we're stuck
in a cherrypicker.
Isn't life funny?
HAROLD: Oh, Eugene,
I'm gonna pound you!
ARNOLD: Harold.
Arnold. What a boob.
What an annoying
little smarty-pants
What a nerd.
What a goof.
How I hate him
And yet, I love him.
The way he's always
thinking of others
before himself,
the way he feels
and cares so deeply,
the way those adorably,
unruly yellow tufts of hair
stick out all willy-nilly
from that wise
and wonderfully weird
football head of his.
Oh, Arnold.
Bane of my existence.
Blight upon
my tortured heart.
If only you knew
my true feelings
for you.
Only until now
I've been too shy
to tell you the truth,
too bashful to
come out and say that
I love you, Arnold.
I love you.
my father said,
"Cost is no object
"and you'll need a scarf
when we go to Aspen anyway."
And he bought me
the most expensive one
right on the spot.
Gosh, this scarf
feels soft
as a lop-eared
bunny rabbit.
That's because
it is rabbit.
It's from a very
exclusive uptown salon.
Almost as exclusive
as where I vacation
in Aspen.
Right, Peapod Kid?
Oh, yes, Aspen
is very exclusive.
Yeah, exclusively
yuppies and snobs!
That's exactly the kind
of comment I'd expect
from a common
Nadine, is that you?
I'll be out in
a second, Rhonda.
I don't need to
use the toilet.
I need to call
the fashion police.
Didn't you wear
those shoes yesterday?
I guess so.
Well, if you're going
to be seen
hanging out with me,
you need at least
a three-day rotation
for your footwear.
Come on, Pokey.
You're holding up the line.
Some of us
have places to go.
Fifty-five cents?
Aw, they raised
the bus fair another nickel.
What a tight-wad.
Yo, we're not all
made of money like you.
I know.
I'm home. (GASPS)
I thought we had
that couch
re-upholstered last month.
Rhonda, you're home.
Darling, we have
terrible news.
Maybe you should
sit down.
Or stand if you prefer.
I don't know how to
break it to you
so I am just
going to tell you.
The Lloyds are broke.
Completely broke.
Our stock account
has dried up,
we had to sell
the house, cars,
No, this isn't happening.
What will people say?
It won't be so bad, princess.
When your father and I
first got married,
he has to sell
one of his yachts
to finance a multi-
continental honeymoon.
We made it
through that crisis
and we'll weather
this one, too. (SOBS)
But where will we live?
Arnold's house.
It does have a
sort of Bohemian charm.
Please, Daddy, tell me
we are not moving here.
So, you're moving here.
Oh, you're gonna
love this place.
It has all the amenities
you'll ever need.
Like this phone
for instance.
Goodbye. (COUGHING)
I have a very bad chest cold.
Very contagious.
Need to make a call?
And, of course, you'll
all enjoy the use of
the community bathroom.
Ah, I always look forward
to my weekly shower.
I left a little back hair
in the drain, sorry.
You might want to
clean it out
before you
And this sentimental charmer
is your room.
Not only is it
bright and airy,
but it also includes
your very own private
Murphy bed!
Good morning!
I thought I told you
not to sleep in here!
And give me that Salami,
it is tomorrow's dinner.
So, welcome to
the Sunset Arms.
If you need any help,
just ask Pooky.
He is the brains
of the operation.
Pooky, don't run,
remember you're
Too late.
Let's get some sunlight
into the room now, shall we?
Why don't we
step out for a little
fresh air, darling?
Hi, Rhonda.
I heard you were
moving in.
Don't be ridiculous.
We're simply
remodeling our house
and this is
the only place
we could find
on such short notice.
I'd appreciate it
if you kept it under wraps.
If people knew
I was living here,
well, they might
get the wrong idea.
I mean, it is a dump.
Rhonda, I live here.
Yes, well this is
fine for an artistic
type like you,
but I have
an image to maintain.
I lead by example.
my grandpa told me
that your family
is in financial trouble.
Oh, your grandpa
is such a joker.
That'd be a sad day
when Rhonda Wellington Lloyd
goes completely broke.
Oh, Arnold,
I'm completely broke.
Arnold, please,
please, I beg you,
don't tell anyone
that I'm po
Uh-huh. (SOBBING)
Rhonda, no one cares
if you're poor.
Arnold, if so much
as a peep gets out,
I'll be ruined!
Promise me you won't tell.
Promise me!
Promise me! Promise me!
Okay, okay, I promise.
Thank you, Arnold.
I'm sorry I shook you.
Now all I have to do
is keep up appearances
and no one
will have to know
that I am po
Please, not out loud.
Hey, princess,
what are you
so sweaty and
out of breath about?
(PANTS) Not that it's
any of your business,
but I just finished
my morning aerobics.
I need to be in top shape
for my skiing trip
in Aspen.
Excuse me, ma'am.
There is the problem,
your shoe's got
a busted heel.
My heel's not busted.
These shoes
are brand-new.
They are called
Single Heeled Striders.
They're featured
on the cover of
this month's
Outrageous Miss magazine.
Arnold knows.
He's style-savvy.
Yeah, it's all the rage.
Rhonda, what's going on
in your house?
Whatever are you
talking about?
I kept getting a message
that your phone's
been disconnected.
Well, that makes sense.
My father is having
a new satellite
cyber phone installed.
It's the latest
cyber phone technology.
Arnold's getting it
at his house, too.
Cyber phone. Right.
Don't be shy.
Dig right in.
There is plenty of grub
for everyone.
Uh, no, thank you.
So, Buckwald,
what business did you say
you were in again?
Uh, I don't really
have a job per se.
I dabble in
international finance.
Well, I don't know
nothing about that
but if you could tow
the 12-pound sledge,
I could put you to work.
I'll think about it.
I claim this dining room
in the name of Spain.
Hey, that's my sock.
Well, at least
she cooked
the stain out of it.
So I see.
Get it away from me.
Abner, bad boy. Go away.
Excuse me, miss,
could you help me
I can't take it anymore.
I want to
move back home.
I'm afraid that's
not going to happen
anytime soon, princess.
We're down to
our last dollars.
Great. How am I
supposed to buy lunch?
Well, I once heard of
people finding
empty bottles
and redeeming them
for actual cash.
What was
that called, honey?
I believe they
called it, um, recycling.
Yeah, that's it.
Maybe you could
do that for lunch money.
Please, you two
may have lost
all your dignity,
but I certainly
haven't lost mine.
There is no way
I am going to
recycle bottles and cans
to pay for my lunch.
Uh, Rhonda,
what are you doing
in the dumpster?
Dumpster? What dumpster?
The dumpster
you're sitting in.
Oh, this dumpster.
Well, there's
a really good reason for
why I am in this dumpster.
It's because I am
looking for
my contact lens.
It must have popped out
when I was throwing out
my very expensive
European mineral water.
No biggie. My father
will just have to
buy me new contacts.
Looks like he'll
have to buy me
a new sweater
for Aspen, too.
I am surprised that
you are still
going to Aspen, Rhonda.
Why is that?
Because the word
at the Country Club is
that your family
is completely broke.
My father is thinking of
buying your house
and turning it into
low income
condominium units.
Fine. I admit it.
I'm poor.
P-O-O-R. Poor.
I don't have nice
new clothes anymore.
I can't afford
lunch or bus fare
and now my family
has to live
well below
our acceptable
comfort level
in that dumpy
old boarding house!
I never thought
I'd see the day
Rhonda Lloyd
was broker than me.
Oh, how the mighty
have fallen. (CHUCKLES)
Please, Mommy, can't we
go home and be rich again?
I am sorry, darling,
we can't. That part
of our life is over.
Now, princess,
you must buck up.
After all,
your mother and I
are making do.
Why, just yesterday,
we played tennis
at a public court.
Oh, no!
Why? Why?
Rhonda, dinner is ready.
What's the point of eating
when you're poor,
after all I'm only
going to die
of misery anyway.
Come on, get up.
Anything's better than
sitting there
pealing the wallpaper.
Maybe I don't know
what else to do.
When I was rich,
I could go to the movies,
or shop for shoes,
or do other
fulfilling activities.
Now that I am poor,
there's nothing to do.
What's the fun in life?
Where is the
excitement I crave?
I hate this place.
I hate this stupid place.
And I hate being poor.
I only know
how to be rich.
Being rich is
the one thing
I'm really good at.
Listen to yourself.
I mean, just because
you're not rich anymore
doesn't mean
you're a different person.
You were Rhonda
when you had money
and you could still
be the same Rhonda
now that you don't,
unless being rich
is all you're about.
That sure is
a unique looking
dress, Rhonda.
Where'd you buy it?
Oh, it's just
a little something
I whipped together
last night
in my spare time.
Hey, where'd you
get the produce?
I found the nicest
little garden
growing outside
the boarding house.
Pesticide-free, too.
Hey, Rhonda,
what are you doing?
I am power-walking.
It's the healthiest way
to get home.
Besides, it beats
riding that smelly old bus.
Hey, Rhonda,
do you mind if I
power-walk with you?
I don't see why not
just as long as
you keep up
and don't slow me down.
BUCKLEY: Hop in, darling.
I'll drive you home.
Where did you
get this car?
Turns out our stocks
bounced right back.
We're rich again.
Oh, and I bought you
another scarf, princess.
You'll need it
when we go to
Aspen tonight.
I'm rich again!
I'm rich again!
What was I thinking?
Hold up a sec, Daddy.
I just wanted
to say thanks, Arnold.
I never could have
made it through
my poor period without you.
You taught me a lot.
What's this?
A tip.
It's the least
I could do.
I know how you po
How people
in your position
appreciate these things.
Ciao, doll.
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