Hidden (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[engine rumbles] [water rushes] [water thunders] [she breathes heavily] [clocks ticks] [door opens] [foosteps thump softly] Dad? The blue hour, that hour between night and day, not one thing or the other.
I never understood it before, but now It's cold out here.
The east wind always brings trouble.
It brought me back.
- Like I said, trouble.
- [chuckles] [he takes a deep breath] I'm glad you're home.
Sure? I thought Ellen and Beth were doing fine without me.
But you were always my favourite.
I bet you say that to all of us.
I am proud of you, you know that? I know I don't say these things Stop.
It's OK.
With the way you're carrying on, anyone would think you were dying or something.
[chuckles] [phone rings] DI Cadi John.
Yeah, OK.
I've got to go - work.
Don't stay out here too long.
[sea birds squawk] [indinstict radio chatter] [water thunders] [indinstict radio chatter] Yes, please.
Thank you.
What have we got? Young woman, early 20s I'd say.
Head trauma.
Looks as if she's been washed downriver.
Suicide? I don't know.
Pathology will tell us more.
I thought you were off today.
Sam rescheduled the scan last-minute, some work of thing of hers, so it's next week, now.
It's a lovely thing.
[distant phone ringing] I've just spoken to pathology.
They think our victim might have been alive when she went into the water.
Obviously, we'll have to wait for the PM results to confirm.
She drowned? What about the ligature marks, the abrasions on her wrists? Sustained prior to death, possibly from being restrained.
Shackled? Their words, not mine.
So she was held somewhere.
For how long? They are not prepared to say at this stage, but we could be looking at months, not weeks.
Possibly even longer.
[distant phone rings] [speaking in welsh] [sheep bleating] [zip squeaks] [phone chimes] [she exhales] [machine clanks steadily] [clanking continues] [clanking continues] [light clinks] [locker slams shut] [distant siren wails] Missing women - open cases stretching back ten years and more.
I've narrowed the search down to women of roughly the same age and height as our victim.
I've also been in contact with social services.
And? They said they'd look into it when they had the time.
Erm Previous offenders? On release and still living in the area.
With a narrower timeline, I'll be able to refine the search.
No, this is great.
No problem.
Thanks, Alice.
What? I didn't say anything.
IN DEEP VOICE: "No, this is great.
" So jealous.
Like you wouldn't believe.
We do not see things the way they are, but as we are.
Now, Christopher Columbus on his voyage to America saw three mermaids, describing them as females who rose from the sea.
Now, did Columbus imagine these mermaids because of his interest in the world of fantasy, or did he actually see them? We do not see things the way they are, but as we are.
That is, we cannot see the world as it truly is, but rather as moulded by our individual minds, meaning our past experiences will inform our present perceptions.
The implication being that each one of us here today has six senses, and that sixth sense can be found deep within one's self.
Are you OK? Hmm? You look like shit.
Yeah, I'm just knackered.
Are you not eating? No, I don't feel like it.
Pass it here, then.
So, tonight Tonight? Party, Kai's place.
Oh, I don't know You promised.
It's just that I've got this essay deadline.
Fuck the essay.
We need to have some fun, get totally shit-faced and do something stupid.
Hmm Please, for me? Don't make me go by myself.
I'm shy.
Shy? Please? Please? Please? All right, all right, I'll go.
[she chuckles] [phone rings] [he takes a deep breath] Hey, take a look at this.
Mali Pryce, 16 years old, went missing April 2011.
2011 Troubled home life, truancy, drugs, shoplifting Reported missing by her mother.
Her father, Alan Pryce, did three years for ABH in 2002, released in 2005.
No prizes for originality.
Look at the photo at the back of the file.
What do you think? Do you have a current address? We can get one.
Iawn, Ows? [distant dog barks] [speaking in welsh] [dog barks] [door closes] Eh? Dad [he whimpers] [metal creaking] [metal creaking continues] Thanks.
Thought of any names yet? If it's a boy or a girl? Yeah, we haven't narrowed it down, but we're thinking Matthew, maybe, if it's a boy, and, Sam, she likes Ella.
Oh, yeah, Ella's nice.
Try not to look too enthusiastic.
What? No, it's fine, it's good.
You know, if you're going to lie, you should tell your face, cos it's giving you away.
I don't know, I guess I'm just feeling a bit What? .
[phone rings] [speaking in welsh] [she laughs] [machine whirs] [machine whirs] Dyl! [machine whirs] Dylan! [machine turns off] [she sighs] [dylan breathes heavily] Have we spoken to the victim's social worker? Do we know if he's still in the area? We have an office address for him, and he's next on the list, actually.
Where are we on the house-to-house strategy? We are working on the assumption that she was held within a five-to-ten-mile radius of where she was found.
There are deep abrasions on the soles of her feet.
Pathology think that they were made just before death, from running, maybe trying to escape.
She was alive the whole time? Mm-hmm.
There will be questions asked, lots of them.
We need answers soon.
We've screwed up once - let's try not to do so again.
All right, let's go and see them.
OK, we've got a lot to get through, so phones off, please.
The body of Mali Pryce was found this morning at 5.
15am after a call from a member of the public directed officers to this location, Pantwern.
Mali Pryce disappeared in April 2011.
A MisPer inquiry was actioned at the time, but there was no evidence to suggest that she'd been abducted.
[bird screeches] [dogs bark] [dogs bark loudly] [man mutters inaudibly] [dogs bark] [bird squawks] [door creaks] [floor creaks] [thumping] [flames crackle] [speaking welsh] [metal clanks] Rhodri Moss? Yes.
Sorry to trouble you at work.
That's OK.
We're here about an old client of yours, Mali Pryce.
We understand you were her social worker.
When was this? Mali was referred to your office in October 2010, six months before she went missing.
Ah, yes, Mali - troubled girl, had been excluded from school, picked up a few cautions as I recall.
Shoplifting, drugs Had an interesting home life.
Can you remember the last time you saw her? Sorry, I gave a statement at the time when Mali went missing.
Why? Has something happened? We found her body this morning at Pantwern.
We're treating her death as suspicious.
God That's awful.
Poor girl.
I wish I could be of more help to you, but unfortunately Mali was just one of many troubled souls to have come through my door.
I'm sorry.
[phone rings] Hello? When? OK, OK, OK.
Are you OK? Yeah, I've got to go, sorry.
No worries.
I'll drop you off at the station first.
What happened? He fell in town - another seizure.
Someone found him, thank God, and called an ambulance.
Where is he now? He's in his bedroom with Elin.
He won't eat anything.
He's so pale.
[velcro rips] God, first the medical brigade and now the constabulary.
How are you feeling? I fell over.
I had a dizzy spell, that's all.
I'm fine now.
You need to rest.
I can hear the rumour mill cranking up from here - "Ex-chief of police drunk and disorderly in town.
" They won't think that.
I'll go and calm Bethan down.
Don't keep him talking too long - he needs his rest.
She's annoyed because I went out on my own.
When I came to, she was there in the hospital, glowering at me, face like bloody thunder.
You should listen to her - she knows what she's talking about.
Open that window, will you? It's so stuffy in here.
[he coughs] Oh, I've got to keep going, Cad.
I can't just lie here waiting for the end.
It's not in my nature.
Just no more amateur dramatics, OK? So, the call this morning? It must've been something juicy for them to call you at that time.
[she exhales] Abduction case.
A young girl went missing in 2011, and we found her body this morning.
It looks like she might have been held somewhere.
Held somewhere all this time? Bloody hell.
Have you identified her from the MisPer reports? We did, yeah.
Cause of death? Waiting for pathology to confirm.
Is it still Phillips? No, Morris.
Morris I don't know him.
Is he any good? Yeah, she is.
Anyway, I shouldn't have told you any of this.
You'll be brooding about it all night now.
I know you.
Once the job gets into your veins, it never leaves you.
Right, you need to rest.
Stop thinking and get some sleep, OK? Oh, Cad, throw that soup down the toilet, will you? Tell them I ate it - it'll make them feel better.
[siren wails] [phone rings] [speaking welsh] [she pants] [creaking] I went back through Mali Pryce's record, the shoplifting charge, the drunk and disorderly Mali's charge sheets reference a second girl, Sara Dean.
Mali Pryce and Sara Dean were arrested and cautioned on three occasions together, but there's no mention of this girl having ever been questioned when Mali went missing.
Do we have an address? We do.
Well, let's speak to her.
She might remember something.
And what about Mali's mum, Catrin? Any joy there? She's been informed.
She was traced to an address in Bristol.
And where are we with cause of death? Anything from path yet? Nothing yet.
Still waiting.
Story our lives.
How's your dad? Yeah, he's OK, yeah.
False alarm.
Anyway, it's late.
Go home.
- We'll talk in the morning, yeah? - OK.
- I don't want to think about it.
- Well, that's the problem.
He's not going into a home.
I'm not saying that, but things are going to change.
His medical needs will change.
He's going to need palliative care.
Listen to you This is Dad we're talking about, not one of your patients on your rounds.
He's deteriorating, Beth.
He'll be in pain, lots of pain.
[she sighs] Can you talk some sense into her, please? Have you spoken to Dad about this? Do we know what he wants? It's his life, it's his death, his decision.
Oh, that's really helpful.
Thanks for sharing that.
Basically, you have no opinion whatsoever.
Why am I not surprised? What's that supposed to mean? It's just that we've been dealing with this a lot longer than you have, that's all.
Yeah, and I came back as often as I could, you know that.
I gave everything up.
I sold my flat and put in for a transfer to be here, to be here for Dad.
Well, aren't you the hero? Uh If you've got something to say to me, Elin, just say it, yeah? Can we not do this now? Please.
This wine is horrible.
[Bethan laugh] I know.
Dad keeps buying it.
He thinks we like it.
It's bloody hideous.
You know what he's like.
Once he gets an idea in his head, there's no shaking it.
[loud dance music continues] Really? Oh, my God, no [muffles dance music continues] [knock at door] [knocking intensifies] [loud dance music plays] [heavy knocking] [loud dance music plays] [she exhales] [knock at door] [music inside continues] [she pants] Meg? Megan? Megan, wait.
What the fuck? Where are you going? Megan, stop.
Leave me alone! Megan Just fuck off, will you? [man speaks welsh on the radio] [switch clicks] [speaking welsh] [people speaking welsh on the radio] [metal clangs] [dogs barking] [dogs grunting] [dogs munching] [Megan whimpers] [traffic rumbles] [water pours] [she exhales] [gate clangs] [punches thud] [he groans] [he groans] [dogs barking] [she spits] [he whimpers] [dogs barking] [punch thuds] [he groans] [he breathes heavily] [door opens] [door slams] [he sighs] Two girls, similar age, similar build, and both go missing within a ten-mile radius of each other.
[speaking welsh] You know, Cadi, you could show a bit more interest.
Seriously, Elin? I'm fine.
There's no need to fret.
[speaking welsh]