Hidden/Craith (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

Mali Pryce, 16, disappeared April 2011.
She was being held somewhere.
- For how long? It's possible that we're looking at months.
Maybe longer.
They've found her.
Your sister.
They've found her body.
I know you did it.
Say something.
Marc? Just leave me alone.
Geraint and Anwen Richards, Llinos Evans' foster parents.
They got in touch in March 2007 to report her as missing.
This wasn't the first time Llinos ran away.
She had a history of running away from foster homes.
She was with the Richards family for seven months before disappearing.
I'd like to draw your attention to the bracelet Llinos is wearing.
This photo was taken a few days before she went missing.
If we look at the bracelet we found on Mali Pryce's wrist yesterday the resemblance is clear.
Do you think it's the same one? A word to the wise.
Despite them being similar, don't read too much into it yet.
This style of bracelet is popular.
It's crucial that we go through the MSP files of these two girls.
Take a second look at statements, check names, times and dates.
See if we can find a connection between the two.
The house-to-house team have visited 30 homes in the Pant Wern area.
But we don't have any leads yet.
We've prepared this press release.
We've kept it short.
We won't release any information about Llinos Evans yet.
How sure are we about this? Two girls, around the same age, dark hair, they disappear within ten miles of each other.
It could all be a coincidence but I'm not so sure.
We'll need more than a gut feeling and a silver bracelet before we face the ACC and Deputy Chief Constable.
Let's focus on Mali Pryce for now.
Find out her history.
We have an address for a school friend, Sara Dean.
They were cautioned together for theft before Mali disappeared.
Let's see what she has to say.
Are you better? When you come home tonight I want that cellar of yours scrubbed clean.
And don't bring any more of your whores here, right? Sorry.
- I don't want to hear it.
I've heard it all before.
I've had enough.
I can't believe I got you as a son.
You're my punishment.
Look at you.
Weak, dirty.
If I had my time again I'd drown you at birth.
When you'd be too small to know any better.
You've lost a button.
Remind me tonight and I'll fix it.
You'd better go or you'll be late for work.
Hi, we're looking for Sara Dean.
- She's through there.
Sara Dean? Are you sure it's Mali? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I always thought she'd ran away.
We're trying to create a picture.
A picture of the weeks after she disappeared.
What she did, where she went.
We spoke to her father, Alun Pryce.
He said things weren't great between her and her mother.
They argued about some boyfriend.
Ieuan Rhys.
He was older than us.
Mal and I would skive off.
We'd go to his house.
He had vodka, pills, skunk.
Later on, Mali and Ieuan would disappear together.
They'd go upstairs.
Sometimes, they wouldn't bother leaving the room.
Why didn't you say anything when she disappeared? I thought she'd ran away.
Mali was different.
She was different to me.
She did what she wanted.
She didn't give a fuck.
The stealing, drinking, Ieuan.
I followed her everywhere.
I just wanted to be like her.
Once, I went over there to Ieuan's house.
I went to meet Mal.
She wasn't there.
It was only him there.
And I don't know what happened, but I wasn't trying, it just Afterwards, I didn't feel like Mal.
I felt ill.
Mali found out what I did.
It was a week before she disappeared.
I thought she hated me and I didn't blame her.
I was 16.
I was expecting Ieuan's child.
What could I do? Go after her? I was stuck here.
But Mali Mali was free.
That's what I wanted to believe.
It wasn't true, was it? She didn't go anywhere, did she? She was forgotten.
There you go.
Sorry to disturb you.
We're going from house to house in the area.
We're making enquiries.
I'm Constable Ryan Davies.
This is Constable Mari James.
We'd like to ask some questions.
I don't know if you've followed the news but we found a body in the river near Pant Wern yesterday.
On Monday the 16th, did you see or hear anything unusual? No.
Did you notice anything? Strangers or strange people? No-one comes this way.
Do you live alone? No.
My granddaughter and son live here.
What's your son's name? - Dylan.
Where's your granddaughter's mother? Gone.
She left.
How old is the girl? - She's ten.
Does your son have a partner or girlfriend? What's that got to do with you? We're trying to find out if your son was here on the 16th, that's all.
He was.
We'll need to speak to your son.
Is he home? - No.
He'll be here tonight.
I don't know when.
He works shifts at Carn Ddu.
Alright? I think we're done here.
Thanks for your time.
She was all sweetness and light.
It takes all sorts.
You're telling me.
Hey, Isabel.
Fine, thanks.
Is Mam home? Do you know when she'll be back? Is she working late tonight? No.
It's okay.
Don't do that.
It's not important.
What? No, everything's alright.
I'm getting used to the course after Freshers'.
Is that Charlie? Yeah.
I'm sure he isn't missing me at all.
No, everything's great.
Hey, there's someone at the door.
Yes, tell her I called.
Here we go, the fucking sheriff's come to town.
Would you mind? Looks like you're doing alright.
You too, big balls.
Will this take long? Do you know why we're here? I can guess.
Is this about Mali? We understand you used to know each other.
We knew each other, yes.
She would hang around the estate.
Her and her mates.
Sometimes, they'd both come over.
We'd have a laugh if you know what I mean.
Did you know they were 16? If there's grass on the wicket Girls that age are all the same.
Give them a drink and talk shit with them they're like bitches on heat.
Were you at all worried when she went missing? I didn't give a fuck.
So you didn't go to the police or get in touch when she disappeared.
Are you serious? Do you remember where and when you last saw Mali Pryce? I'd forgotten about the bitch until they found her body.
Did you hear from her after she disappeared? Did she call or get in touch? Why would she? Did it cross your mind that she left after what happened between you and Sara Dean? You've been talking to Sara.
She's always had a big mouth.
There was only one way to shut her up, and I didn't use my hands.
If your cock is as small as your brain I'm surprised you can keep anyone quiet.
I like her, Ows.
She's tough.
Did anyone else come to the house when Mali and Sara were here? I don't remember.
People come and go.
Customers, you mean.
Business associates.
- Okay.
Did any of these business associates show any interest in Mali? What? A 16-year-old stunner in school uniform? What do you think? Do you remember any names? - I'll make you a list, shall I? Look, you can walk around pretending you care what happened to Mali.
But when she disappeared, you did fuck all.
All she was to you was a council house slapper who'd done a runner.
If there's nothing else, I've got shit to do.
You two got on well.
What can I say, I've always liked idiots.
It's why I like you.
Keep an eye on him, will you? I thought I told you to stay away.
We're just making some enquiries.
Police Liaison should speak to you about what's happening.
Mr Pryce? Has someone been to see you? - What did he tell you? Why didn't you tell us Mali and Ieuan knew each other? You and I both know that had nothing to do with what happened to Mali.
It's important we know these things so we can build a clearer picture.
When can I have Mali back home? They won't give her back.
- I'm sorry, these things take time.
You're sorry.
Is that meant to make me feel better? Take him home.
Go home.
Come on, Dad.
They're not worth it.
Give him a fucking break, he's just lost his daughter.
He lost her years ago, mate.
Thank you.
15, please.
Hiya, Dad.
What are you doing? You're supposed to be resting.
I'm just sorting these out.
I've been meaning to do it for ages.
I've got nothing better to do with my time.
- Dad.
The second-hand book seller will take some of these, won't he? The rest can go to the charity shop.
I don't know.
They're fussy about what they take now.
Oh, yes.
I forgot.
No-one reads these days.
You look tired.
Why don't you lie down? After what happened yesterday, we don't want a repeat performance.
You know what Elin said.
I'm fine.
Don't you worry.
I just want to do this.
I just want to do this.
- Alright, okay.
I haven't come to nag.
I'm here if you need help, alright? Have you eaten something today? - Yes.
Have you taken your tablets? - Yes.
All of them? - Yes.
It's very quiet here.
Is that from Cadi? Her handwriting is awful.
When was this taken? She looks about 12.
You'll have to show her this when she comes home.
Are you okay? No, I'm fine.
Just, um No-one knows what can happen from one day to the next.
You go through your life worrying about your children.
You want them to be safe.
And to be happy.
You always think there will be time.
Yes, well we're all here now, aren't we, Dad? That's what's important.
I'm going to make supper.
You don't have to eat it now.
You can eat it later.
Megan? What the fuck? I was worried about you.
What happened last night? Nothing.
Are you okay? I messaged you.
Sorry, my phone wasn't on.
You could have texted to say you were okay.
Why did you leave like that last night? I didn't feel well.
I needed some fresh air.
I have to go, I've got a seminar.
What are you doing later? Library more than likely.
I don't know.
I've got that essay.
Are you sure everything's alright? You can talk to me about stuff, you know.
Anything - Yes, I know.
I'm alright.
I'm just late.
Well, text me later if you want to do something.
Hi, Els.
What's up? What are you doing tonight? Do you want to come round to our house? I can't tonight, sorry.
I've got too much going on.
I don't know when I'll escape.
Okay, when then? I don't know.
Tomorrow, maybe? Okay.
Have you spoken to Dad today? No, not yet.
It's been hectic here.
You know how it is.
How about you, is he okay? He seems alright.
But who knows.
He wouldn't say anyway.
You know, Cad, you could show a little more interest now and then if you want.
Are you serious, Elin? Do we want really want to do this now? Sorry.
I'm knackered.
Tomorrow night then.
Yes, tomorrow night.
Ieuan Rhys.
I've been looking into his background.
The people he mixes with, his record, his time in jail.
He did eight months for theft ten months for stolen goods, drugs, assault.
The list goes on.
We've also found an address for Geraint and Anwen Richards.
Llinos Evans' foster parents.
We've spoken to Anwen, his wife.
She said her husband died in June last year.
The 8th of June.
She didn't tell us much else.
Was she asked about the bracelet? Yes.
She doesn't ever remember seeing it on Llinos.
That's frustrating.
Is there anything else? No, that's it.
Okay, I'd better I'll let you carry on I don't know if you know but some of us are going out on Friday night.
You should come if your free.
It might be fun.
Let me think about it.
Jesus, Marc.
- Why don't you answer when I call? Why are you ignoring me? - Are you following me? What the fuck were you doing, going to the police? They came to see me at work.
Do you know how that make me look? You should have thought of that.
I could lose my job.
- You need to leave me alone.
You love this, don't you? Fucking with people's lives.
Turns you on.
Fuck off, Marc.
Just watch yourself.
Fucking bitch.
Hi, Mam.
It's me.
I was in the library.
Everything's good.
The course is great.
Yes, I'm really enjoying it.
Yes, I'm making friends.
I told you I'd try.
No reason, I just wanted to know how you were, that's all.
No, I wasn't upset.
I don't know why she said that.
I know she wouldn't lie.
I know it's my choice to be here.
I'm not being snappy.
Text me a time and I'll call you.
I didn't hear you.
You were sound asleep.
I didn't want to wake you.
What happened? Did you finish early? They gave me the afternoon off.
I like this finishing early and coming home for a nap business.
I could hear you snoring down the road.
What about tomorrow? Same pattern? Meetings all morning, court in the afternoon.
How's the case going? Are you any the wiser? I don't know.
I don't think so.
I thought it was your father.
If you'd phoned to say you were coming, I'd have made you supper.
What is it? What's wrong? Sorry, Mam.
I didn't know where else to go.
It's okay.
Come here.
You can leave the pattern on the plate.
I'm starving.
- Bethan made it.
I didn't think you'd made it.
Someone had to start making use of this kitchen.
And it wasn't going to be you or Elin.
If God wanted me to cook, why did he create takeaway? How do you feel? How do you feel? Oh, you know.
A few aches and pains.
Just enough to remind me I'm on the way out.
I see you've kept yourself busy today.
You've rearranged the front room.
Where did all those bloody books come from? Why did I keep them all these years? We collect rubbish.
All we really need is clothes for today and clothes for tomorrow.
Nothing else.
You always travelled light.
I remember watching you.
It was years ago.
You were just a little thing.
You can't have been more than seven or eight.
You were moving stones in a stream.
You were trying to stop the water from reaching the sea.
Every time you tried to hold it back it changed its course.
It would overflow.
It would find another way.
You were furious.
But you kept fighting.
Two forces of nature competing against each other.
I knew then that nothing would hold you back.
Sometimes, I think how it would have been if you'd stayed if you hadn't left when you did.
It was hard after you'd gone.
I feel as if I've have missed out on your life.
You see, Cad, the problem with a stream is that it pushes everyone and everything out of its path.
I wasn't trying to shut you out.
I just I've never felt the need to put roots down somewhere just to feel like I'm home.
I'm happy doing what I'm doing.
I know that.
A word of advice.
Dying old men talk some sentimental nonsense.
There we are, sermon over.
I won't tell you not to work late.
You won't listen.
Goodnight, love.
Watch that road.
Ring me when you get home.
I will, thanks, Mam.