Hidden/Craith (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 1

What's your emergency? Police.
One minute.
How can I help? Send someone to Bronyfoel Estate, 52 Harris Avenue.
May I have your name, please? What's happened? Have you had an accident? 52 Harris Avenue.
Just send someone.
Mr Elis? Mr Elis.
DCI John.
I'll be there now.
It's always darkest before dawn.
If you're going to kill someone, that's the time to do it.
I thought I heard you.
How can someone forget how to sleep? I know it won't happen before going to bed.
It's so stupid, like forgetting how to breathe.
And the wine helps because ? It's company.
I'm on a late shift, anyway.
I was so sure this was the right thing for everyone.
You did the right thing.
It was always going to be difficult.
They'll come round.
It's nice having my big sister home again, anyway.
We'll see how you feel in a few months.
Sorry, but I have to go.
See you tonight.
What do we know about him? Geraint Elis, retired teacher, lived on his own.
Who found him? OK? Go home.
We had a routine call at the end of our shift.
- Who phoned? - He didn't give a name.
Have you spoken to the neighbours? Isn't it a bit soon for that? Is it a problem for you? - No.
- Good.
- Was the call from a mobile? - Kiosk.
- Local? - Just outside Blaenau.
It's been secured.
Forensics are on their way.
Yes? Sam, I'm working.
I can't hear you.
There's not a lot I can do.
I'm in work.
I have to go.
- Everything all right? - Yes.
The baby threw up.
A health visitor is going over.
I'm looking for the SIO.
You've found her.
DCI John, Cadi.
- Rachel West, pathologist.
- DS Owen Vaughan.
- Nice to meet you.
Shall we go in? - Yes.
Get Despatch to send over a copy of the call.
Get a coffee.
You look like shit.
Let's get out of here.
- I'll fix it one of these days.
- If you say! Your mother said not to buy this place.
Why didn't I listen? You never listened to her.
That's why she liked you.
I had another one in yesterday, wanting to charge his car.
I told him, "They're pumps not plugs.
" Things change.
It's all right for city folk who can charge every five minutes.
What are we meant to do here? We'll have a cuppa at ten, and one of those out of date biscuits.
Go away, Dad.
They've found him.
It'll give people something to talk about.
You're quiet, Connor.
Not eating? - I don't want anything.
- There's nothing here, anyway.
There are cops everywhere.
- Did you take them? - What? His fags.
- No.
- Kel! Where's the fucking coffee? - Why do you put up with him? - With what? - Who is he this time, Auntie Kel? - And you can fuck off, too.
- Let's go.
We'll be late.
- You tell them.
- Oi.
What do you think you're doing? - Dinner money.
Kel! Where's the fucking coffee? OK.
Thanks, bye.
- Heard anything? - Not yet.
What about the kiosk? They've lifted four sets of fingerprints.
They're checking the database for a match.
- And the cigarette on the landing? - Forensics are on it.
I did a background check.
He didn't have a record.
Elis phoned the police often over the past 14 years usually to complain about children throwing stones, stuff like that.
Did anything come of it? No arrests.
A few local children had a warning a few years ago - told to stay away from the house.
- Do we have their details? One lad joined the army, and we're trying to find the other.
- What else do we know about Elis? - Not much.
He kept himself to himself.
Did they send the call? Yes.
- 999.
What's your emergency? - Police.
One minute.
How can I help? Send someone to Bronyfoel Estate, 52 Harris Avenue.
May I have your name, please? Sir, sir? 52 Harris Avenue.
Just send someone.
What do you think? Young, emotional.
It's possible he killed him, or knows someone or something.
He doesn't want much to do with it.
Geraint Elis's daughter's address.
She's the only close family I found.
Can you send the sound clip to be cleaned? Are you getting out or what? - I hated the fucking place.
- Why hang around? Business.
Yes? - Or you've got fuck all else to do? - Oh, yeah.
See you.
Good of you to make an appearance, Mia.
- You're welcome.
- Sorry? Nothing, Miss.
And so, Mr Wells.
It's an impressive CV.
Structural engineering and you worked in Oman for a few years.
You're overqualified for what we need.
I just want to work.
You haven't worked for almost three years.
That's what it says.
Why not? A sabbatical? Illness? I just want to work.
You've been in employment from when you were 19 to 32, then nothing.
I'm only trying to get a clearer picture of your background.
- Mrs Jenkins? Rhian Jenkins? - Yes.
Detective Sergeant Vaughan and DCI John.
Can we come in? Your father's body was discovered in the early hours.
We have reason to believe he was attacked.
I'm sorry.
I realize it's a shock.
Mrs Jenkins.
When did you last see your father? I hadn't spoken to him for years.
I know what you're thinking.
We're not here to judge.
You can't help someone who won't help himself.
He was a teacher, is that right? Yes, a chemistry teacher.
He loved it, it was his life.
Sorry to have to ask.
Do you know if anyone bore a grudge against your father someone who'd want to hurt him? No.
Did he ever mention problems on the estate? - Problems? - Children.
My father never talked about anything.
He was a very private man.
Can I see him? I saw him a few weeks ago walking in the rain.
I was driving.
I could've stopped.
I didn't.
I carried on driving.
OK! I asked you to read the poem giving special attention to the themes and structure.
Can anyone tell me what the measure is? The iambic pentameter.
Well done.
"Remember me when I am gone away.
" Can you hear it? The rhyming pattern underpins the themes the cyclical nature of life.
Christina Rossetti was in her teens when she wrote it which is remarkable.
What is the poet's main message? Jess? She asks people to remember her.
Do you have a different answer? No.
I have a better answer.
Enlighten us.
It's about how thinking about the dead makes the living sad.
The dead don't know if we remember them or not.
So grieving is a waste of energy.
Mia's right.
On the one hand, the poet asks to be remembered but also asks to be forgotten.
- Mia, a quick word.
- Hold on.
See you in a minute.
How did you end up in the north? Change of scene.
Death's the same everywhere.
It must be hard sometimes.
Cases involving children are hard.
But you learn to look after yourself take a holiday every now and then.
Trauma to the face and bruising on the left maxilla.
The neck wounds suggest some sort of strangulation.
Thank you.
There are tears on the upper body and some broken ribs.
Thank you.
It took time then.
It was violent.
He suffered a lot.
It'll be hard to determine the exact cause of death.
I should be able to say more when we open him up.
What about the time of death? We'll have to see.
The water didn't help.
We'll do our best.
I'd better get started.
Hello? Anyone home? Hiya.
- Big night? - Didn't sleep a wink.
What? I hate it when you look at me like that.
- I saw Rhydian yesterday.
- Oh? I was buying food.
He was looking at the ready meals.
- How was he? - Fine.
- Can't you get through this? - It's over, Beth.
None of this none of this helps.
- What are you doing here? - Dad's things.
- What? - Sorry, but we need to sort it.
Why? It isn't healthy to live in a limbo.
We have to deal with things.
Dad wouldn't want this.
- Have you discussed it with Cadi? - I've tried.
She's so busy.
You're both busy.
It was months ago.
I have black bags in the car.
I thought I'd start on it.
Beth's here.
She wants to go through Dad's stuff.
OK, let her, if that's what she wants.
I can't deal with this now.
We agreed to discuss anything to do with Dad or the house.
What's there to talk about? Beth's right.
It has to be done.
Dad didn't worry about stuff, about things.
They meant nothing to him.
Please, there's no point falling out over this.
He'd hate that.
I have to go.
We'll talk later.
We've tracked down the other lad.
He was 13 when uniform spoke to him.
He says he didn't go back to the house.
They were fooling around, he said.
Trying to goad the old man.
Why Elis? There was a rumour that he was interested in children.
Is it true? There's nothing on his record nor in the house.
The story started when he retired.
A man who lived on his own like that was an easy target.
Have you spoken to the school? Contact them.
Rhian said her father often walked from the estate to town.
Check with traffic about his last movements.
The press are clamouring for information.
- Are there any suspects? - Not yet.
- Who called? - He was young, frightened.
The sound clip is being cleaned.
We've spoken to social services.
Alys is contacting local youth clubs.
We need to proceed with caution.
Of course.
Your father would be proud that his daughter's a DCI.
All right? I'll take the bus home.
- Someone has to look after him.
- Look after who? I'm going home on the bus.
See you later.
Don't start.
I didn't have time to go shopping.
Too busy fucking Prince Charming.
"The police want to discover the caller's identity, a young man.
"They urge anyone with information to contact them.
" We're going to the lake, bring weed.
I wasn't headteacher when Geraint Elis was here.
I was still working my way up.
I knew him as well as anyone.
What do you mean by that? Well some would say he was an eccentric.
Teaching was his life.
Why would he retire at 59 years of age if teaching was his life? There was an incident that was never resolved.
A troublemaker a boy with problems accused Geraint of touching him interfering with him.
Was it ever proven? - Was it ever proven? - There were no witnesses no evidence.
It was Geraint's word against the lad's word.
The headteacher thought it'd be easier if Geraint left.
Easier for who? It was a difficult period.
There was talk of taking special measures.
What was the name of the boy who made the accusation? His name's Karl.
- Karl Lewis.
- Does he still live locally? I don't know.
Pupils like Karl don't keep in touch.
If we still have his address on file I'll ask the office to e-mail it to you.
Well, thanks for you help.
I was sorry to hear about what happened to him.
Once such an accusation is made it's terrible to suspect someone.
Tomato sauce with chips, not chips with tomato sauce! Tell him, Con.
You heard her.
I have some news.
Drumroll, please.
The shop has given me two extra shifts which means we can go on holiday after all.
Oh, yes! Mia wants to know if you want to go out.
It'll do you good.
Go out with your friends.
- Thanks.
Anything else? - No, thanks.
If you want me to get anything in for you just let me know.
You looked very smart this morning.
Were you going somewhere special? No.
We're closed.
- What's this shit? - Maggots.
Fucking hell.
For fishing.
I've always wanted to ask you what happened to your face? Does it hurt? Pity.
You'd be quite pretty otherwise.
We're closed, the till's closed.
- Give me some fags.
- The till's closed.
Then I can't pay for them.
What's wrong? Are you scared? Mia.
Leave her alone.
Do you like the little checkout girl, Connor? No, I didn't think you did.
Let's go.
I'd better go home.
What a world to bring a baby into.
I don't know.
It has its share of wonders.
It's so easy for parents to mess things up.
- Are you going home? - Yes.
See you in the morning.
DCI John.
You don't have a life, either.
I suppose not.
We need to do something about it.
At least I had poor Mr Elis's company.
- Any findings? - The toxicology was negative several broken ribs broken left wrist and wounds to the skull.
- What killed him? - Asphyxia due to drowning.
I think he was held down.
Held down.
There was foreign DNA under his fingernails.
It suggests he fought back against his attackers.
Was there more than one? Yes.
The initial blow to the head happened on the landing.
I'd say it was a prolonged attack ending in him being put in the bath.
There would definitely be two, maybe more.
I'll e-mail the full report in the morning.
If you happen to pass call in.
You don't have to bring a body.
Take it.
Take it.
What's wrong? Take her.
I'll die if I don't get to bed.
Come on! Come and get us! We did it.
We fucking did it.
How does it feel to be dead, fucking paedo? Eh? - Let's go.
- No.
Are you with us or what? Do you know what? Something's been on my mind all day.
What? How did the cops find out about the old man? Stop the car.
- I'm taking Mia home first.
- Please stop the car.
It was you, wasn't it? You phoned the cops.
- Why did you do that? - What the fuck?! - Stop the car, I said.
- Stop the car.
I didn't give our names I just said where.
Now what? He shouldn't have done that.
No, please don't! Please! Please don't!