Hidden/Craith (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

The only name we have is Karl Lewis, Mr Elis's former pupil.
Of course I worry, after what happened to that old man.
I'll shut the bastard up for good.
Say sorry first to get him back on side.
We didn't do anything.
We're bigger than this.
What are you talking about? You need to be nicer to me.
(BELL CHIMES) Mia? Are you in there? Stop playing games.
Open the fucking door! It starts in half an hour so get changed.
Liam! Your best jumper's on the bed.
- I don't think I can.
- You're coming.
- Mr Elis deserves that.
- I can't find it.
Use the quiet time to think about how you've behaved recently.
Good morning.
You're not talking to me now? Look, I messed up last night, all right.
I had a good time, thanks for asking.
I made you a brew.
It's probably cold by now.
(CAR HORN) See you later.
What time will you be home? I'll start the car.
It's cold outside.
The window's frozen.
Rhian? I'm coming.
We don't have all day.
We'll leave in five minutes.
Keeping busy? We're going to Blaenau.
There's a memorial service for Geraint Elis, the old man who died.
You could come with us if you wanted.
No, thanks.
I'm not religious.
Nor me.
Dad wants to show his respect.
It's terrible the way he died but it has brought people together.
Tragedies do that.
Everyone will be there, just to show we sympathize.
No, I said.
I just thought I'd ask.
- Is he coming? - No.
Sorry about last night.
I don't know what Sam was thinking.
No need to apologize.
You've every right to spend time with your daughter.
No pressure or anything but she'll compare every other man to you.
A terrible event has brought us together today.
I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone present as I offer Rhian and Ifan our deepest sympathy.
Well may you ask what words of comfort could be offered.
Look around you.
Despite the sad fact that it took a tragedy to bring so many of you here you're surrounded by people who wish to comfort and sustain you.
As Jesus said "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
" Geraint Elis was shown no mercy.
Every single one of us failed to look after him failed to look after one of God's children.
We'll share the burden of guilt.
This is not a time for secrets.
It's a time to speak the truth.
It's not a time to protect the guilty but to find and reveal them.
Anyone who has any information must perform their Christian duty and share that information.
We stand alongside Rhian and Ifan and with DCI Cadi John and DS Owen Vaughan as they carry out their work.
It's a great shame that such an incident led to you being here.
The first hymn is 467 "On life's tempestuous sea I sail.
" It's good to see so many here.
- I hope it's some sort of comfort.
- Where were they when he was alive? No-one spoke to him.
Even the church members turned their backs on him.
I let them.
Hopefully someone will come forward with information.
Is that the purpose of this circus? I appreciate how hard this is for you.
You've no idea.
I'm constantly being told how I should feel or act.
Thank goodness they've no idea what I really think.
Liam, run to the shop to get gravy granules.
You'd like a Sunday roast, wouldn't you? - Can I have sweets? - OK.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Is Lois here? We're just about to eat.
You'd better come in.
It's your turn to lay the table.
You can't ignore me when I'm in the same room as you.
I can try.
Can't we talk about this like adults? When did you ever treat me like an adult? I'm sorry if I've handled it badly.
Your father and I made a joint decision.
Did he want you to go? No.
Something had to change.
Maybe when you're older Don't patronize me.
You speak for me, decide for me then ask me to act like an adult.
When were you going to discuss it with me? Why do you think I'm here? Because Cadi failed to do your dirty work.
- Cadi? - She came to see me yesterday.
Don't pretend you don't know.
I didn't.
- What did she want? - For me to give you a break.
That's Cadi for you.
She turns up and expects everyone to listen to her.
Food's ready.
I'm not hungry.
Thanks for that.
- How was the service? - OK, thanks.
Put it in the charity box.
All right? Connor.
- Yes? - Can you come down a minute? Connor.
Can we talk please? I have something to ask you and I want you to tell me the truth.
What? Whatever the answer, whatever you say we can work something out.
I'm not just asking as a mother, but as a friend.
What do you want to know? Just ask the fucking question.
Geraint Elis.
Do you know something about what happened to him? Is there anything you're not telling me? Why do you ask? Answer the question.
I don't know anything about what happened.
Are you sure? You're not eating, not sleeping.
You've been like this for weeks.
Of course I'm fucking sure.
I can't believe this.
Drugs, then.
If it's drugs, it's OK.
Just tell me.
Don't touch me.
- Do you owe someone money? - Stop it.
No-one tells you how to do this.
I'm just trying my best.
But I love you and I hate seeing you like this.
Remember how we promised to stick together? - I was only a child.
- Never mind about that.
Speak to me.
I can help you.
Look at me, Connor.
Stop! Does it involve that girl you've been seeing? For fuck's sake, Mam! Let it fucking go.
(PHONE) - Hiya.
- When were you going to tell me? Lois.
I'm sorry.
I was trying to help.
You've made things worse.
- You've seen her, then.
- Yes, just now on my way to work.
I could've done without it before a 10-hour shift.
I thought she'd speak to me.
Well done.
As if things weren't bad enough.
- El, I'm - Don't.
I'm her mother.
What do you know about teenagers? The next time you want to help, just don't.
(SIREN) PC James.
- Did you speak to the youth worker? - Yes, this morning.
And? - He didn't have a lot to say.
- The centre closed over a year ago.
- Why? - A lad committed suicide.
He stepped in front of a train.
How old was he? - 15.
- What was his name? - Sorry, we didn't - OK.
He gave a DNA sample.
We're waiting for Karl Lewis's results.
Alys, can you arrange a meeting with the youth worker? Ask nicely, uniform has already spoken to him.
I'll do it now.
- What's wrong with you? - Is Mia here? Upstairs.
What the fuck have we done? I can't cope with this.
Everything's so fucked.
I hate it.
We didn't do anything wrong.
He was ill.
He was sick.
We stopped his suffering.
I wasn't expecting to see you.
I phoned a few times but no answer.
No credit.
Thanks for the food.
No problem.
I know it doesn't look like it, but I'm sorting things slowly.
- Where are you living? - I'm renting a house.
- How many rooms? - Three.
Living there on your own? You know what it's like after you've shared a cell.
It's nice being on my own.
Yes, sure.
Cuppa? I have milk now.
- Please.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) Aren't you going to see who's there? Come back later.
- Why? - My mate's here.
See you later.
Who was it? A bloke collecting money.
Oi! Stay away from my friend.
What are you talking about? Your mate, is he? Fuck off.
Everything all right? Do you know him? No.
He needs to learn some fucking manners.
The kettle just boiled.
Some other time.
Don't fuck things up for yourself, Paul.
See you soon.
Answer your phone.
Gwilym Scott was the boy who stepped in front of the train.
Gwilym's foster parents moved away six months ago.
The neighbours haven't heard from them since.
What did they say about him? A lonely boy, insecure, no friends in school.
The signs were all there.
But the same old story, no-one saw it coming.
It took some persuading but I've arranged that meeting.
- Here's the address.
- Thanks.
I keep thinking about what we did.
It's as if I wasn't even there as if it happened to someone else.
I can't forget his smell.
It feels like everyone's looking at me as if they can see it.
And Mam I lost it.
I pushed her against the wall.
Does she know? No.
Dad used to beat her all the time.
I hated him.
The way she looked at me.
She was terrified as if she could see exactly who I was.
What if I'm just like him? A monster.
Look at me.
Look at me, Connor.
You're not a monster.
What happened happened.
No-one found him.
No-one looked for him for weeks, no-one cared.
And now they're placing flowers outside his house.
They went to church to feel better because it was their fault.
We killed him.
Are you in or out tonight? What do you care? Only asking.
I was thinking of making supper.
You're OK.
- Fuck.
Will they find out it was us? They go to every house, it's routine.
What can you tell us about Geraint Elis? We're OK.
Do you trust me? Connor, tell me you trust me.
I trust you.
What did you tell them? I made everything better.
Let's get out of here.
You're quiet.
I'm eating.
I don't mean now.
You've been quiet for days.
What's going on? What do you mean? Something's going on up there.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) - What are you doing here? - We're going out.
- Now? - Yes.
I'm going out.
It's still my car, remember.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Mr Rhys? I believe you're expecting us.
I don't want to be rude, but you're wasting your time.
I told them everything I know.
Different questions get different answers.
- We understand you're a youth worker.
- I was.
I ran the youth club until it closed.
We're heading the investigation into Geraint Elis's death.
He contacted the police several times claiming youngsters were harassing him.
We want to know if there's a link.
I've Googled you, DCI John.
Sorry? Your Dad was high up in the police, middle class, nice house knew all the right people.
It didn't stop him from sending the wrong man to prison.
We're not here to judge.
No? You know nothing about these kids about their lives, the dangers they face.
I was one of them.
If you want to link committing a crime to social poverty look at the houses, parents on drugs and alcohol children being sold drugs, being used sexually.
They come to school hungry and dirty.
- We understand the link.
- Do you? This is how you think.
If working class kids throw stones at an old man's window - it means they killed him.
- A man died in tragic circumstances.
It's our duty to find out who did it and why, so it doesn't happen again.
That doesn't make us the enemy of the people.
Can I ask a couple of questions, please? When you ran the youth club, do you remember any troubled children? - They were all troubled.
- OK, I'll rephrase the question.
Were any of them particularly troubled? I protected the youngsters without judging them.
They were in a safe place and not hanging out in the bloody quarry.
Do you want their names? You didn't do a good job of protecting Gwilym Scott.
He killed himself 18 months ago, stepped in front of a train.
Remember him? Of course I fucking remember him.
(PHONE) A man was murdered.
If you have any information it's your duty to share it.
(PHONE) Mr Rhys, it's a simple question.
Is there anything associated with Gwilym Scott's death that we should know about? It was a tragedy.
That's all.
There's nothing else to say.
OK, thanks.
OK, I'll tell her.
We have a witness who saw Karl Lewis at Elis's house around the time he was murdered.
Where are we? You'll see.
You've got problems.
Let's go.
You stay here.
- Suits me.
- Leave the lights on.
Connor, come on.
Do you remember Dylan Harris? - Was this where - This is where he brought the girls.
This is where he kept them did things to them.
They think if they tear it down everyone will forget.
Can you feel it? Close your eyes.
Something that evil leaves a scar that never goes away.
Harris was a monster.
You're nothing like him.
We're not like him.
Is Karl in? He's working.
- Not according to his shift pattern.
- He swapped shifts with a mate.
DS Vaughan.
An arrest warrant has been issued for Karl Lewis.
Send an unit over to Cwm Teigl.
Mia? I'm here.
(DOG BARKS) (HEAVY BREATHING) You can trust me.
I'm telling you, you can trust me.