High Fidelity (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Track 2

Lovin' you Is easy 'cause you're beautiful Makin' love with you Is all I wanna do Lovin' you Is more than just a dream come true And everything that I do [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
Is out of lovin' you Making a playlist is a delicate art.
It's like writing a love letter, but better in a way.
You get to say what you want to say without actually saying it.
You get to use someone else's poetry to express how you feel.
And then there are the rules.
It's gotta be entertaining.
You gotta tell a story.
You can't be too obvious but, you can't be too obscure either.
You can't double up on songs by the same artist, unless, of course, that's your theme.
Anyway, a good compilation, like so many things in life, is hard to do.
We'll put that on the "maybe" pile for now.
Uh, hey, Rob.
Um, wh what are you up to? Just makin' a playlist.
Oh, cool.
Well, what's it for? You know, I'm thinking of taking a road trip, so.
Um, I don't want to interrupt you, - but I think you'd better come through.
- What's up? We need a ruling.
What's, what's going on? This person who's clearly never been on the internet is trying to buy a fucking Michael Jackson album for her boyfriend.
- Shit.
- It's his birthday.
- Which album? - Which album? Off The Wall? Do you guys have it? [SIGHS HEAVILY.]
Yeah, we have it.
We do.
Um I'm very sorry, but I don't think I can sell that to you.
Oh, okay.
Oh, but those fuckin' horn charts on Workin' Day and Night.
All right, all right, yeah.
Fuck it.
Fuck it.
Let's do it.
Okay, great! Hold up, hold up, hold up.
So this man gets a pass for horn charts? I'll give a pass to anyone who's scaled Mount Olympus, Cherise.
- They were Quincy's charts, anyway.
- ROB: Exactly.
How does it benefit society to hold Quincy's genius hostage just because the dude that sang over his shit ended up being a full-blown child molester? - Allegedly.
- LEWIS: Whoa! Where'd you get that from, Rob, huh? From fuckin', fuckin' "Convenient-Opinions-R-Us"? Okay, you still listen to a dude who raps in a MAGA hat, so Are you fucking serious? [LEWIS CHUCKLES.]
Having shitty politics and a second-grade understanding of American history is a tiny bit different than being a goddamn child molester.
- Allegedly.
- Jesus! Kanye West has a mental health issue! You don't think Michael Jackson had a fucking mental health issue? Okay, cool.
Great, great, great.
So this is what I'm gonna do.
I'm just gonna pop on some Charles Manson, and we can all just vibe out to that.
- That sound cool for you? - Charles Manson made music? Why, would you like to buy that for your boyfriend, too? - It's actually oddly good.
- It is.
- You know what, Simon - But, Cherise, what if the only artists that we were allowed to listen to were inarguably nice people, right, with, with unassailably perfect ethics? We'd have to destroy every record in existence except for - Bono.
- Phil Collins.
- Michael Stipe.
- Sufjan Stevens.
Hey, can you guys sell me the record? How does that work here? [CHUCKLES.]
You guys figure this out.
See you, Lewis.
Yo, you guys should just shoot for it.
- Fine.
- Fine, come over here.
BOTH: Rock, paper, scissors, and - [CHERISE GRUNTS.]
Anarchy and chaos bombs come and shake the ground Horror world collide might die with the thunder sound I'll break it down with fire rounds Rolling through to lay you down Pound for pound get up in your ass Slash, buck and a half Reap what you sow when the guns start blazing Full time motherfuckin' maniac [EXHALES SHARPLY.]
Givin' birth to my seeds Meet the children of the corn Yo.
I'm out.
Lock up, okay? - You're leaving? It's Friday.
No drinks? - No, man.
Seriously? - I'm going home.
- Why? You'll be fine.
Change it up.
Yo, does she seem sadder than usual or is it the sweater? Sweater.
Oh, my God, you about to cry.
Weren't you about to do some work? [DAVID BOWIE'S MODERN LOVE PLAYING.]
The most important track is Number One.
It's gotta be familiar, but also unexpected.
But most importantly, it's gotta make you feel good.
I know when to go out I know when to stay in - Get things done - "I know when to go out.
I know when to stay in.
" I catch a paper boy David Bowie really had his shit together.
I'm standing in the wind But I never wave bye-bye ROB: Okay, here's what I got.
Ziggy Stardust, Hunky Dory, Let's Dance, Aladdin Sane, and Station to Station.
What about Blackstar? I know, I thought about that, but what am I gonna do, - not have Station to Station? - MAC: Oh, my God! I can't believe you'd do that.
You told me Blackstar was the best record of the last 20 years.
- I know - How he "burned out" - instead of fading away.
- I know.
I said that.
You're right.
How he "absorbed the best of his modern influences "while still maintaining the core - Oh, is that what I sound like? - of who he was as an artist.
" - Is that what I sound like? And how he "used his death as reflexive creation, and invited us in the innermost private experience a human being could have.
" - Rude! - And how "the drums were the baddest thing ever.
" - The drums were sick.
- Oh, my God, I was rooting for you.
Stop! I gotta go stir the sauce.
- Why can't it just be "Top Six"? - Very funny.
- MAC: Do you want some more wine? - ROB: Yes, please.
- MAC: There you go.
- Thank you.
The, uh, The Kills are playing a show at Music Hall tonight.
You wanna go? Oh, uh, yeah, I mean, I guess I could hit pause on the Bolognese.
No, that's okay.
We'll stay.
We'll stay in.
It's gonna be a shitshow anyway.
I'd rather just hang with you.
I mean, I don't, I don't know if it's gonna be a "shitshow.
" It's gonna be a show.
There'll be people there.
That's kinda part of the whole show thing.
I mean, do you wanna go? It's very good.
Thank you.
No, no, we'll stay in.
We'll stay.
MAC: Okay.
All right, well, um, in that case, I'm gonna go slip into something a little more domestic.
- MAC: Uh-oh.
- It's gonna be hot.
- It's gonna involve sweatpants.
- Oh! - And granny panties.
- Uh-oh.
- Oof! - Oh! I think the ball's on the bed, but the chain is at the cleaners.
Modern Love Walks on by Modern Love Gets me to the church on time [MUSIC STOPS.]
CHERISE: Well, we tried.
So what, you gonna go to DeSalle's tonight? Oh, maybe.
Or might, you know, change it up.
There's an underground catstep show in Red Hook.
- The fuck! - SIMON: It's a sub-genre of filthstep, hasn't really caught on yet, but you know, it could, someday.
- You? - Oh, I'm changin' it up fo'sho.
I might check out this house party in Bed-Stuy, but that could be lame.
Or there's this experimental dance group that my homie Bodhi's in.
But you know what, as I say that shit out loud, it's probably gonna be wack as fuck, so I don't know.
I may actually go check on Rob.
She's been kinda something today.
She's always a little something.
Yeah, I don't know.
She's started smoking again.
She's been listening to Minnie Riperton.
She's been working on this playlist, said something about a, like, "road trip.
" She just seems kinda something.
- Minnie Riperton? - Uh-huh.
Track two.
There needs to be an element of [PROTOTYPE BY OUTKAST PLAYING.]
Because what you're saying here is: keep listening.
There might be more here than you thought.
How'd you get in the building? You still have my key.
I keep it for emergencies.
CHERISE: Whoa, speaking of emergency.
Yo, what the fuck, Rob! You need a maid! Ooh, OutKast! Amen, sister.
Hey! Is is this all for the playlist? - It is indeed, yes.
- CHERISE: Yo, I gotta tell you the truth, I like Sad Rob.
Now, Sad Rob has good taste.
You know, you really shouldn't keep them piled up like this, 'cause it gets really pressured.
Oh, no, you gotta get King Curtis on your playlist! - A must.
A fucking must.
- What's up, guys? Oh, uh, we're gonna go check out this guy Liam's show at DeSalle's.
It's sort of like Unknown Mortal Orchestra meets Frank Ocean kind of vibe.
but not like Channel Orange Frank Ocean, more like Blonde Frank Ocean, with, like, just this large hint of Jeff Buckley.
Yeah, I I think I'm good.
I think I'm gonna stay in.
She's busy.
All right, well, listen, we about to rip this shit up.
So, you know what, if you just want to stay here and die alone Cherise, we're just we're gonna get out of your hair.
- Come on.
- Yo, what is this shit? It's fire.
- ROB: It's fucking wine, Cherise.
- Mn-mn.
It's fucking unicorn juice.
It's delicious.
Thanks for stopping by, kids.
SIMON: You got it.
You know where we'll be.
See you sometime.
CHERISE: Love you.
Mean it.
I need to change it up.
Tonight is about quiet contemplation.
Tonight I go deep.
Tonight I go Prince deep.
MAC: Babe, dinner's ready.
I'm just gonna run down to the bodega real fast.
What, now? Yeah, we're out of cat food, so I, I'm just gonna run down.
You know dinner's, like, ready.
Yeah, I'll be back in a minute.
- CARLOS: What's up, Rob? - What's up? You meant the world To me Um Liza Minnelli.
Huh? - You were doing so well.
- Did I say the password? - CARLOS: Yeah.
- So sell me the fucking pack.
Hey, Carlos, can I ask you a question? You think you're gonna get married someday? Yeah, probably when I'm grown up.
Can I get another one, Nick? NICK: Big night out, huh? Yeah.
I do have a cat.
NICK: Cool.
- GIRL: Yeah, me too.
- NICK: You got it.
I spend my days Crying over you Yeah, I need to get out of here.
Hey! Ten minutes and 27 seconds.
- Pay up, sucker.
- No, you said under ten minutes.
Yeah, and that includes the tenth minute.
I've decided it's actually easier for me to pay you than to argue with you.
Hey, yo, Rob, you do know that that's not supposed to be an outside sweater, right? [CHUCKLES.]
Next track.
Ooh baby You couldn't have done a worse thing to me If you'da taken an arrow And run it right through me, ooh - CHERISE: Mm, mm.
- CARLOS: What's up, Rob? - ROB: What's up? - Cool sweater.
Unpopular opinion, Carlos.
But thank you.
Can I get a pack? I know.
I know.
I am a failure.
Should I just put this on your tab, or? Yeah.
This one's on you, baby.
Oh, man, we're coming in at, like, a solid six today.
Really? Yeah, six.
Six and a half even, if I'm being honest.
- Yeah, I'll do six and a half.
- CARLOS: Yeah? Six and a half? All right, we're gonna go with six and a half, Carlos.
Sh I don't smell shit, like, at all.
Actually, you're lucky because today it's got a little fishy top note.
I'm not feelin' it.
But it has an accent of, um, what is that? What is that? - Like old lettuce? - CHERISE/SIMON: Old lettuce.
- Old lettuce.
- Old lettuce? Okay.
ROB: Thanks, man.
Next track.
I've heard of him.
Sounds like a punk rock dude, right? From Galilee, yeah.
Galileo - Oh, what up, Turner? - TURNER: Chillin'.
Ooh, shit, I'm gonna be right back, y'all.
Hold on for me.
Yo, T, hold up! Hold up, hold up, hold up.
This road Is gone take us back now So is there a theme to your road trip playlist? There's no road trip, man.
Yeah, I know.
So the theme is? Love, I guess.
Cool, yeah.
That's classic.
They say my child I ran into Mac.
Oh, shit.
When? Um, the other night, before my date with the Vest.
So so Mac's back? Yup.
He's he's back.
Okay, what's on it? Is it any wonder Prince, Ariel Pink I'm on the fence about that one.
Ooh, Durand Jones & The Indications.
That's an excellent choice.
- I thought so.
- You got a closer? No, and it's killing me! - Yeah, closers are tough.
- Closers are tough.
So, you gonna send it to him? No! God, no, no, no.
It's like, um it's like therapy, you know, for me.
It's good.
Makes sense.
Yo, Cherise! Come on, man! All right, all right, hold on.
So so how was it, you know, seeing him, running into him? You know that scene at the end of Braveheart where they rip all his entrails out, and he's like, "Freedom!" But it's like a positive thing, you know, because he, like, inspired his people or whatever? Yeah.
Like that, but without the silver lining.
- All entrails, no freedom.
- Yeah, exactly.
Pizza delivery, motherfuckers! - ROB: Hmm! - That good shit! [ROB CHUCKLES.]
When I met you, I admit, my first thoughts was to trick You look so good, huh, I suck on your daddy's dick I never felt that way in my life It didn't take long before I made you my wife Got no rings and shit just my main squeeze Comin' to the crib even had a set a keys During the days you helped me bag up my nickels In the process, I admit, I tricked a little But you was my bitch [INDISCERNIBLE CONVERSATION.]
And I admit, when the time is right, the wine is right Hey, did you hear they're closing Rafaela's? Another one B's the D.
Oh, I swear to God, they close this down, whoo, I'm losing my shit! They close this place, I'm burning the neighborhood down.
We're not just being dramatic.
This is the spot.
I used to DJ here for years.
I've been to more sick shows here than I can count.
It's just one of the only places that feels like old New York to me.
Plus, Me and Mac had our first kiss here, so there's that.
- What's up, dude? - How you doing? - How you doing? - I'm good.
Like you want me to Is that Boyz II Fuckin' Men? Mm-hmm.
I'll make love to you Like you want me to And I'll hold you tight All through the night I'll make love to you When you want me to And I will not let go Till you tell me to 'Cause tonight is your night And I will do you right Make a wish on your night Anything that you ask I used to hate this song.
Now I kinda love it.
I'll make love to you Like you want me to And I'll hold you tight All through the night I'll make love to you - There you go.
Thank you.
- GIRL: Thanks.
- Enjoy.
- Amazing set.
Fresh as fuck, man.
Has anyone ever told you you remind them of Jagwar Ma? I'm sorry.
He likes to impress people with his musical knowledge.
Does he? Do you? Well, listen, man.
Keep going! 'Cause it's working.
All right, you guys, let's get out of the line.
Uh, you like records? - Records? - Albums.
Records? Oh, records, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Yeah, records.
She has a record shop! - SIMON: Championship Vinyl.
- CHERISE: Three blocks away! - SIMON: Yeah, we all work there! - CHERISE: You should come check it out! - All right, let's - Yeah, cool.
Yeah, I will, for sure.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- Um, so just so you know, it's called Championship Vinyl.
- ROB: Okay.
- "Championship Vinyl.
" I got it.
Thank you.
- I enjoyed your set, man.
- Cheers.
Thank you.
I'm Liam, by the way.
- Oh, I'm Rob.
- LIAM: Cool.
Let me give, let me give you the record and a couple buttons.
Yo, can we get three whiskeys? Dude, why'd you have to tell him about the shop? The fuck are you talkin' about? I I didn't think it was classified information.
We have no customers.
I thought that was a bad thing, not a business strategy! Hey, you guys wanna go see Hot Chip DJ? I'm about to get the location.
We know the location: 2007.
The fuck.
I go out every night I gotta go.
And sleep all day You guys are the best.
Our little girl is better.
That's an excellent choice.
Since you been gone Closers are fuckin' tough.
It's the last thing they're gonna hear, and thus, the only thing they're gonna remember.
So you've got to bring your message home.
It's been so lonely without you here [THUNDER RUMBLING.]
Like a bird without a song [CAT MEOWS.]
I'm sorry.
Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling Tell me, baby Where did I go wrong I could put my arms around every boy I see But they'd only remind me of you Mac.
Where the fuck have you been? I was at the bar.
You stink of cigarettes.
I needed to think.
I found the ring.
- Why didn't you just say something, Rob? - I am.
I'm That's what I'm doing.
It scared the shit out of me.
Yeah, I can see that.
But we could've just talked about it, no? All the flowers that you planted, mama In the back yard I'm not scared.
So, listen, um, let's get married.
If you're still into that idea.
I'm super into that idea.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
He said, girl, you better try to have fun - Yeah, I am.
- No matter what you do But he's a fool 'Cause nothing compares Nothing compares to you [SONG FADES OUT.]
- More coffee? - Yeah, no, I'm good.
Don't worry about me.
Still enjoying my allotted half cup of coffee, so - You over it? - What, the miracle of life? A little, yeah.
I'll bring mimosas to the hospital.
I'm gonna need something stronger than fuckin' mimosas.
- So, listen.
- ROB: What's up? Something I wanted to talk to you about.
Is that why we're having brunch? We never have brunch.
I told you brunch was weird.
What? Mac moved back to New York.
We had dinner with him the other week.
I was just trying to be civil.
I'm not trying to be like "friends" again or anything, but Nikki thought you should know.
We thought you should know.
- Right.
- Well, first of all, thanks, guys.
But I, I already know.
I ran into him on the street.
Oh, shit.
How was that? Mmm, kinda like Braveheart.
Never mind.
Um, it was fine.
It was good.
We caught up.
No problem.
It's all good.
And, yo, Cam, you do not have to get in the middle of this again, okay? It's not your problem.
And there's no problem.
I know there's no problem.
I just I wanted you to know that I have your back.
I know that.
Thank you.
It's all good.
It is all good.
- It's cool he's back in town.
- CAM: Okay.
So you're not gonna kill yourself or anything? No, I'm not gonna kill myself.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
And honestly, we were both so "whatever" about that Lily girl.
I'm just gonna go to the bathroom.
You idiot.
- She just left, didn't she? - Yeah, definitely.
What fucking Lily girl! Ooh baby You couldn't have done a worse thing to me If you'd have taken an arrow and run it right through me Ooh! Ooh baby A bird in the hand is worth two flying But when it came to love I knew you'd be lying It could have been a finer fling Would have been a major attraction With no other thing Offering a note of distraction Come on, get up, get under way And bring your love Ooh baby You wouldn't have found a more down hero If you'd have started at nothing
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