High Seas (2019) s02e07 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [theme song playing.]
We found this necklace next to the body.
It's my sister's.
We can do nothing else here.
I knew my sister was dead but I didn't expect to find her this way.
There is no doubt that your sister was shot.
Did she suffer? I hope not, but we'll have to wait for the forensic report.
We arrive in Rio de Janeiro the day after tomorrow.
You should get some rest.
Of course.
Thank you.
What will happen to Fernando? I said that I find myself in the awkward position of having to arrest your husband.
You have no proof, Varela.
We have found Rosa Marin's body on this ship.
And we have a witness who says he arranged to meet her here that night.
I don't think Fernando arranged that.
We will need to investigate that in due course.
For now, he's the main suspect.
You're wrong, Varela.
I hope you're right, miss.
[knock on door.]
Come in.
Is something wrong? We found the body of a woman.
It was hidden behind the nymph in the main concourse.
Based on the condition of the bones and tissue decomposition, we can ascertain that she's been there for two years.
We're assuming it is Rosa Marín.
Her sister identified a necklace found next to the body.
So it was true.
The receptionist says Rosa Marín came to meet you.
I told you the man is lying.
He didn't see me.
He admitted as much.
Well, I I think he's telling the truth.
That he boarded the ship with Rosa Marín, then waited for her, but never saw her come out.
Now we know why.
I said I'd investigate, - no matter who was responsible.
- This is absurd.
We never met on the ship.
We found a bullet casing next to the body.
I must ask.
Do you have a gun? Yes.
Yes, of course I do.
- May I see it? - Of course.
I have nothing to hide.
It's a different caliber bullet than the one we found.
I told you.
I didn't kill anyone! What if it was a different gun? Why should we keep taking you at your word? You hit Miss Casandra in her cabin.
She was on the verge of discovering the truth.
That's not true either! I was with my sister the night she was attacked.
Tell him.
They'll believe you.
Go on, tell him.
You're my brother and I love you.
But this is very serious.
What are you saying? Natalia.
That I can't lie.
I wish you had been with me that night.
GUILTIES But you know that's not true.
As highest authority and state representative, I place you under arrest.
I shall show you the courtesy of holding you in your cabin until we reach land.
Come with me.
This is a mistake.
A grave mistake! You're wrong! [knock on door.]
Fernando! - [Varela.]
Let's go.
- Where are you taking him? [Varela.]
He shall remain under guard in his cabin.
You will have to share a cabin.
You've done so before.
Don't worry, we'll be in Rio de Janeiro the day after tomorrow.
Get some rest.
It's late and we can discuss everything tomorrow.
Let's go.
- Captain.
- Yes.
While this matter is being resolved, I'll take care of the shipping company.
Understood? I'll bear it in mind.
How are you? Very well, see? They treat me like a king.
You do own the prison, after all.
- We've come to ask something.
- Ask something? You? - I don't believe it.
- That's enough, Fernando! What happened with Rosa Marín? [Carolina.]
We believe that whoever killed her knew about your affair.
- No one knew.
- You might think so.
But Francisca had heard something.
These things start out as rumors and end up being an open secret.
Look, Fernando there's someone else on this ship who needs to know what happened to her sister.
And she deserves to know.
My sister agrees with me.
A man who buys two passages to leave with a woman and get away from everything isn't planning to kill her.
You were planning to leave? But I don't understand.
What about the company? And our wedding? What about our wedding? I love you, Carolina, you must know that.
You do but were leaving with another woman? You must believe me.
I never stopped loving you.
Fernando, help us.
Who benefited from Rosa's death? [Carolina.]
Who had interest in us getting married? Since that person wasn't you! - [Casandra.]
Who would want to hurt her? - [Erich.]
Rosa followed her heart.
But sometimes she didn't appreciate the risks involved.
What do you mean? It can be very dangerous for a woman to drive a wedge between a couple.
Do you mean Carolina? Carolina knew what was going on between Fernando and Rosa, - and she kept a letter for two years.
- A fake letter.
But Carolina didn't know that.
Are you accusing her? Is that it? You asked me who had a reason to kill Rosa, and she did.
Thank you.
How are you? I don't know.
Sad on the one hand, but also relieved because I know she will finally rest in peace.
If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask.
If you would like to take your sister back to Spain, we can help.
Do you really want to help? Let's find whoever killed my sister.
Well, we need to think about who benefited from Rosa's death.
Well, if she hadn't died, Fernando would have broken off your engagement after it was made public.
And I would have become the subject of gossip and a laughingstock.
That's right.
It would have caused a scandal.
- What would have changed? - My sister was highly ambitious.
And this ship held enormous sentimental value for her.
She would have been involved in decisions about the company.
And who would that harm? The majority stakeholder.
Good afternoon.
I'll have what she's having, please.
Thank you.
I never offered my condolences for your husband, Aníbal.
You're not suggesting we contact him, are you, my dear? Any time.
A double.
Good day.
I'm not sure this is right.
It's not.
But there's no other way.
Good afternoon.
And where did you learn this? I'm learning a lot on this voyage.
So I see.
Too much perhaps.
We'll be in trouble if anyone comes.
I don't even know what I'd say.
This is Aníbal's contract with the company.
- There's something I don't understand.
- What's that? A figure that doesn't make much sense.
Aníbal's investment seems too high in relation to his shares.
But why would Aníbal do such a thing? Unless he thought it'd be profitable.
I don't know, Eva.
[rattling nearby.]
Let's put all this away, please.
Let's go.
[phone ringing.]
- Hello.
- [Fernando.]
It's me.
Is something wrong? Other than being locked up for something I didn't do, yes, something is wrong.
I see that for all your suffering, you haven't lost your sense of irony, brother.
I know the truth about Aníbal.
I've kept quiet because you're my sister, but perhaps it's time to talk.
You don't scare me.
No one will ever be able to prove anything, so use your energy to save your own neck, Fernando.
What are you doing here? She didn't deserve that.
I know.
Pierre, calm down.
Clara was an angel who never hurt anyone.
Pierre, I understand your pain.
And I assure you that I also deeply regret her death.
Do it.
[door opens.]
Officer! Put the gun down before someone gets hurt.
Let's go.
Don't complicate matters any further.
You were about to ruin everything.
All I want is for that woman to pay for Clara's death.
- I understand, but there are other ways.
- What do you mean? You're on her side.
- You mean because of the money? - Is that what you call blackmail? One moment.
By giving me that money, she admitted her own guilt.
- I don't understand.
- It was all a trap set by me, because I knew there was no proof against her.
But I knew what had happened.
- How? - If you relax and stop acting like a fool, Natalia will be arrested as soon as we reach port.
I have the money she gave me.
It was the proof I needed.
Calm down and go to your cabin.
[door opens.]
Have you already arrested him? Arresting him isn't the best idea, believe me.
You don't expect me to live in fear on my own ship.
That madman might try again at any moment.
I've spoken to him and talked him into letting things lie.
Arresting him will only stir things up and that could be worse for you.
I need you to hand over your gun.
You can't be serious.
I won't give it to you.
Then I shall have to confiscate it.
It's not your gun and you don't have a firearms license.
Hand it over voluntarily or you'll be committing a crime.
Thank you.
It's the same caliber as the gun that killed Rosa Marín.
I can't believe you'd dare accuse me.
No, not at all.
I'm stating an interesting fact.
I see.
In any case, as you know, that gun belonged to my husband.
I know, but anyone could have taken it.
Isn't that so? [Eva.]
Aníbal was in Vigo on the night she died.
He arrived in the morning and left that night.
Your sister arranged to meet someone on the ship.
She'd have believed it was Fernando.
But it might have been Aníbal.
There is someone who can tell me more.
I'll be right back.
Do you still think I did it? What? I didn't kill your sister.
I know.
I wouldn't blame you for thinking that.
Carolina, I'm sorry to have implied it.
I was very upset.
But I know you're not capable of such a thing.
What are your feelings for me? And for Fernando? I don't know.
I love Fernando.
But I don't know if I can forgive him.
And you well I've never felt so close to anyone before.
- But - You're confused.
I understand.
If one day you decide I will be here.
Excuse me.
May I? I suppose so.
I'm not expecting anyone.
That must be by choice.
A woman as beautiful as you must have many admirers.
I already had one, thanks, - and he was a disappointment.
- [Arturo.]
I warned you.
Sebastián is like a balloon.
Pop it and there's nothing inside.
Don't mention that fool.
Hearing about him makes me furious.
I'll go get some air to see if I can simmer down.
It'd be a pleasure to join you.
- Careful.
- I'm sorry.
I'm just not used to these shoes.
Are you sure about this, sir? - It's not the first time I've done it.
- Play with marked cards? It's a helping hand.
And this is an emergency.
Go on.
Before Arturo realizes his keys are missing.
Aníbal invested too much money in the company.
What do you mean, too much? The sums in question had to be high.
Perhaps he was expecting to get additional benefits somehow, I don't know.
But how? I have no idea.
He always had a hand in things he didn't talk to anyone about.
Is there something else? Fernando admitted he was going to break off the engagement.
He was going to leave Carolina for that woman, Rosa Marín.
It might have spoiled Aníbal's arrangement.
He had a reason to kill her.
I heard rumors that Fernando was having an affair with that woman and spoke to your father about it, but he told me not to get involved.
But how could father have done nothing? Why did he allow Fernando to deceive her? He already had a deal with the Nazis.
He would have had other things on his mind.
Carol, he must have had a reason not to tell you.
Not only did father not tell me, he encouraged me to marry.
Eva, I don't understand.
Yesterday, father said he didn't like Fernando.
How would Father benefit from you marrying him? He'll have to explain that.
Why did you want me to marry Fernando? Why didn't you tell me he was cheating on me? If you never liked him, why did you want me to marry him? Fernando was a good match.
For you and everyone else.
Is that all you care about? Carolina, wait a moment.
Father? Father? He's burning up.
- Eva.
- [Eva.]
I'm going to get help.
- They must have brought him his food.
- Don't worry.
And calm down, you're making me nervous.
How can I stay calm when I don't even know if this will work? What? Don't you trust me? But you're the ones who got me into this.
Trust me.
I'm a doctor.
I know what I'm doing.
[phone ringing.]
Will you answer it? Yes? Hello.
It's you, Captain.
Very well.
I'll go right away.
I'm going to the hold.
Someone has been taken ill.
I can't do anything here.
He needs a bed to lie in, at the very least.
Do what you need to do, but do it here.
This is an animal cage.
- I'm a doctor, not a vet.
- [Santiago.]
He is extremely dangerous.
He attacked one of my men.
But he isn't well enough to do so again.
He's very sick, Captain.
He'll die here.
In the infirmary, he'd have a chance.
[Carlos coughing.]
Please, can't you see it's only humane.
Take him up.
Watch him night and day.
I understand your concern.
It was irresponsible, Captain.
It was a matter of conscience.
Rojas said it was a question of life and death.
Your nieces didn't help.
My nieces.
He's still their father, after all.
But Rojas is desperate and my brother has almost certainly talked him around by promising him something.
He is well guarded.
Nothing untoward will happen.
Unless your brother starts something.
And he will.
He will try to escape, and not just that.
He will try to escape with the gold.
Pedro, the gold is under lock and key, in my safe.
Guard that case carefully, Captain.
Your 50,000.
And another 50,000.
A lot of money.
Is it? Are you certain? Goodness me.
If he finds out he's being tricked, he'll crush him.
Don't worry.
It'll all work out, Verónica, you'll see.
I'll give you a chance to take that 100,000 and leave through that door.
Take it.
Did I say 50,000? Sorry, I meant to say one hundred and fifty thousand.
Show your hand.
Four of a kind, knaves.
I warned you.
Four of a kind, queens.
Did you think I wouldn't notice you'd changed the deck? I changed it after you.
Let's say we played on an equal footing.
We both cheat.
It's just that I do it better.
I'm sorry.
Who would have thought it? A body hidden between the walls of the ship.
Fortunately, we arrive in Rio tomorrow.
- Yes, fortunately.
- Fortunately.
Excuse me one moment.
I need to speak to this gentleman.
I'm doing you a service.
Excuse me.
I admit it's amusing to watch you beg.
But I feel sorry for you because you keep losing.
- Do you know what this is? - Yes.
You're starting to lose your mind.
You should rest.
It's all I have.
Now that my brother has died, I'm the sole proprietor.
The estate has been in your family for generations, hasn't it? That's right.
Didn't you have some kind of pact not to sell it? I'm not selling you Los Nogales, Arturo.
I know you love the place but you could never afford to buy it.
So what are you playing at? I'm not playing.
I'm offering to make an exchange.
The boy means that much to you? It would seem so.
Do you think he will try to escape? Father? Perhaps.
I don't think he's given up on the gold.
But how would he escape? They'd catch him.
The gold is in the captain's safe.
How would he get it? When you met Fernando, Father was already in business with the Nazis.
The gold they paid him with can't just be taken to a bank.
It's the ship.
It's the ship.
What do you mean? Father wanted you to marry because of the ship.
What better way to get the gold out.
If you didn't marry, he'd lose that option.
And he must have made an agreement with Aníbal.
That's why he invested so much, he knew he'd get a share of the gold.
- And how did the gold get onboard? - My uncle brought it on board.
With Francisca's help.
You don't have a fever.
Are you sure we can trust that sailor? We have no other choice.
The tender is ready.
- What about the gold? - Sofía is taking care of it.
- How will she do that, if I can ask? - We don't have time to chat now, do we? Not yet.
Excuse me? I need help moving the patient, please.
[door opens.]
Open the safe, Santiago.
What are you saying? I said open the damned safe and don't waste my time.
I won't do that.
Very well, then I'll go into the corridor and shoot the first person who passes by.
Is that what you want? Is that what you want? The first person to go by, dies.
[door opens.]
Come, please come.
This way, come.
Where is it? I don't know.
I don't know.
- I put it in here myself.
- Where's the gold? I'll kill you.
I don't know.
Where's Sofía? She should be here by now.
We can't wait any longer.
Someone will miss me and they'll start looking.
Stay right there! Don't try anything, Rojas.
I warn you.
Where is my father? We took him to the infirmary and he's escaped.
- What are you doing? - Where's the case with the gold? - What are you talking about? - Don't act the fools, where's the money? The captain has it.
The captain has it in his safe.
I'm losing patience.
Am I going to have to kill one of you? Who would rather die? The older one will visit the tomb? Or will the younger one miss her big sister? We don't have the gold! You have to believe us! We don't have it! - [Carlos.]
Put the gun down.
- It's not in the safe, they have it! Father, that's not true! We don't have the gold.
Please, Father.
Put the gun down.
I'm not leaving without the gold.
The important thing is to get away.
If we don't go, they'll kill us.
What use will the gold be to us then? Don't do it.
It'll end badly.
There's no other way out.
And now, please, stay here.
[alarm wailing.]
They know.
The whole crew will be here.
There they are! They're sounding the alarm, - I can't help you.
- Stay here! Get in! Stay there! - And you? - Get in.
Come on, go.
- [Rojas.]
And the gold? - There is no gold.
But, how can we leave without the gold? You're not going anywhere.
Lower the tender! [Santiago.]
The gold just disappeared! My father doesn't have it.
He said they had to board the tender.
I don't know.
They spoke as if everything was ready.
They must be in the ship's boat.
All hands on deck! Stop, and that's an order! Don't move, Captain! Stay there! Keep lowering the tender.
Carlos! Carlos! - Don't worry! - It sways a lot! It'll all work out.
Don't move! What are you doing? Don't do anything stupid.
We're going to get out of here.
- Quiet, quiet.
- Give me the gun.
Give me the gun.
You know you can't do it.
You're not capable of it! - [gunshot.]
- No! Father! They made me do it.
Man overboard! Cut the engines! Father! Get the floodlights! They made me do it.
- They forced us both to help them escape.
- Take him inside.
He still has a pulse! - Help! Please do something! - [Santiago.]
Bring a stretcher! He hasn't regained consciousness.
I've dressed all his wounds, but he's critical.
I don't know if he'll survive.
Captain please let the doctor come.
The doctor just shot him.
Do you really think he's inclined to help him? [nurse.]
I don't think the doctor can do much.
I've thought it over again and again.
The gold was in the safe.
It's apparent that this was always about the gold.
My sister had absolutely nothing to do with the gold.
I don't doubt it.
But she inadvertently got in their way.
And they got her out of the way by killing her.
We've overlooked one small detail.
It wasn't your father who brought the gold onto the ship.
Or Aníbal.
It was my uncle.
If you would excuse me, I shall withdraw to the bridge.
We're all thinking the same thing.
Who has the gold now? [Doncella.]
I've finished.
Do you need anything else? No, nothing.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music playing.]