High Society (2010) s01e01 Episode Script

She's Flying Solo

My name is Tinsley Mortimer.
All the right friends in all the wrong places People call me a socialite.
Yeah, we're going down It really is a rat race in the New York social world.
It's about society, power, fame, influence.
Everybody wants to be on top.
Do you have any idea how much money you're running through in your trust fund? Give me my money.
All the right friends in all the wrong places - That's rude.
- I do not respect you.
the best parties in New York.
It's where everyone wants to be.
I'm standing up-- I'm standing up for my friend! What are you doing? New York society, it's a cutthroat world.
You never know who your friends are.
People are jealous of me because I'm smart, and I'm pretty.
You look like a trash bag.
A lot of people consider me the sexy social.
I love my body.
I've got assets and I like to show them off.
I was trying to save you, Tinsely.
Tinsley is risking everything.
Hey Yeah, we're going down High Society 1x01 She's Flying Solo I'm about to take you into a world where not everything is as perfect as it seems.
This is the first time that I've ever been single.
Right now, I'm actually moving in to my own apartment-- a new place all my own.
I can't believe that I'm moving from the upper east side.
And anyways, my life is a clean start right now.
This one's really cute.
It's very me.
It's girly.
Alex is my best friend.
She's a lawyer and married to a successful Wall Street guy.
and she is just right there for me.
Tinsley's moving from a life that she knew for the last 15 years, to a new life.
And I really want to help her get back on track.
I definitely want to wear Marchesa to the Marchesa event.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
The event we're going to is for Georgina Chapman, who is one of the designers of Marchesa.
- Hi.
How are you? - Hi, baby! Hi! - What's up? - Hi.
- Yoow what I mean.
- It was lovely to meet you.
I love Harvey Weinstein.
He's great.
He is married to Georgina Chapman.
Harvey is one of the most famous movie producers in the world.
Tinsley Mortimer just got here.
She's flying solo.
You know she got separated? They got separated.
This is really the first big thing that I've gone to since the whole divorce story broke.
If you Googled me - Tinsley! - Tinsley, one more time, please.
this is what you'd see-- Tinsley, right here.
A girl probably on a red carpet somewhere, front row at Fashion Week, or at a party in New York, who all in all is pretty lucky.
So how did I end up like this? I married Topper Mortimer, my high school sweetheart.
His great-grandfather was the president of Standard Oil.
We had the perfect apartment on the upper east side.
I started getting photographed Hey! and designers would send over their most amazing dresses for me to borrow when I would go out.
I launched a line of handbags that I designed.
From the outside, this is what I wanted you to see.
But the real story was not such a perfect picture.
I just filed for divorce.
It is the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.
Topper, his family just hated that I was out there getting photographed all the time, because in the old world of New York society, you're only in the papers when you're born, when you're married, and when you die, and that is it.
That was definitely something that put a lot of pressure on my marriage.
Where'd you get this bag? This is one of my bags.
Honest to God, I need that hybrid bag for my clients.
Oh, who-- Doou still work with Eva Longloria? Eva Longloria, Kathy Griffin, Kristen Wiig.
Well, can you get them to wear some of my bags? Yes! I would love to come up and see the whole collection.
I'm going to give you a little bit of business advice.
The girl you're rolling with Right? should be carrying your bag, too.
Oh, my God! You're in trouble.
I should! Oh, my God, is that Tinsley? She's by herself.
This is the circle of people who are part of this crazy new chapter in my single life.
Together? Whew, I'm all anxiety.
I'm Dabney Mercer, and I'm Tinsley's sister.
Dabney is family, one of the only people I can really trust.
She even works with me on my handbag line.
What we do is Tinsley and I go to the factory in New York.
We get the samples made for the bags, and then they make tons of them and sell them in all of their stores.
So, where are we going? We'rgoing to my friend's little underground party.
Hopefully we'll get into some trouble, and-- I always get into trouble.
My name is Paul Johnson Calderon, but everyone calls me PJC.
My first real relationship was wIth Tinsley's brother-in-law.
Paul is someone I see out at events all the time, an's really good friends with my sister.
He used to work for "Vogue", and is always written up in "Page Six" for his crazy nightlife.
My nickname in New York is the King of the Bowties.
- Cheers, guys.
Whoo! - Yeah! I've been to rehab twice now.
I'm still drinking.
I do whatever I want.
I want to have a family, I want to have a book published.
Like, I just desperately want to be loved.
I'm just coming off of a huge "Page Six" scandal where I was accused of lifting some girl's purse.
There was surveillance footage, pictures of it on the Internet.
"The Village Voice" compared me to Winona Ryder and Lindsay Lohan.
And to be honest, that purse was like my Paris Hilton porno.
I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm a boy watcher This guy name Malik So Chic, he took me to this party.
I'm not having fun here.
If you're going to buy me a drink, I'll stay.
I met this kind of cute guy there.
We started making out.
I'm a boy, I'm a boy, I'm a boy watcher I'm a boy watcher I'm over it.
I'm sorry.
I do what I want when I want.
And if you don't like it? Peace.
Can I talk to the manager, please? Now.
No? Now.
My name's Jules Kirby and I'm from Manhattan.
I think people are jealous of m because I'm smart and I'm pretty.
s Kirby and I'm from Manhattan.
I don't have a censor button.
I have homes in France, St.
Barts, Thailand, a place in London, places in New York, obviously.
Jules is a well-known party girl in the New York social scene, and some people are impressed because they think she has a huge trust fund.
She just moved into the Empire Hotel with my sister, since they're both between apartments right now.
My friends do tend not to be homosexuals, fat, or Jewish people, and black guys.
I only like white guys.
I use the n-word sometimes.
But I really think it should be okay to say.
My dream is to work for the United ations.
I had a serious issue yesterday.
Are you ? It's your job.
Living with Jules was definitely very difficult.
I was hoping that it would just be sort of a fun, light-hearted experience.
Obviously, there's, like, a recession going on, people should be, getting jobs deserve it, not some idiot.
Could you just apologize to them, please? No.
I will not apologize to them.
Just make it better for right now, please? No, I will not make it better for right now.
I didn't realize, though, how disrespectful she is to people.
Okay, Jules, you need to speak with them right now, and tell them that you're sorry, you've just been angry about things today.
Jules, you need to do this right now, or else we need to be packing our bags this evening.
- It's serious.
- Hello? Just do it.
Apologize, Jules.
I'm not calling them.
Give me-- This bitch with my life.
I wish she was dead.
She's like the queen of the dregs of society.
I mean, he's a disgusting, vile human being Where is she? I'll kick her .
- Hello, Mother.
- Hi, sweetie.
You look great.
How are you? My mother came to town to visit me and we went out to The Russian Tea Room to have high tea.
Honey, I'm very proud of the progress you've made.
I really am, Paul.
He went to rehab.
I am confident now that when he goes out, he only has one glass.
Cheers, guys.
- Whoo! - Yeah! He's looking for a serious relationship.
I mean, I would love it if he met someone like Anderson Cooper.
Talk to me, dear.
I want to get my own apartment.
And for me to do that, I'm going to have to ask you for $50,000.
So this is why I was invited to the city? Well, no, I also like to see you, Mother.
I don't know if you have any idea how much money you're running through in your trust fund.
You've gone through 200,000.
Well, I didn't realize I was coming today to have tea with Mussolini.
You know, you've got to get a little bit more responsible, honey.
All right, Mother.
How do you think your grandfather built wealth? I will think about it.
I think I should just get it.
It's my money.
Give me my money.
Today my mom is coming over to my new apartment for the first time.
Because I'm leaving my husband, my mom is really, really upset with me right now.
I'm Dale Mercer, and I'm an interior designer, and I'm Tinsley's mother.
The first time I saw Tinsley's new neighborhood, which is in the midtown, all I could think is "What are you thinking?" I do not get how she left her wonderful apartment on the upper east side, which I had just decorated.
Their initials are even the same-- Topper and Tinsley.
It's just like it was meant to be.
- Hi.
- Hi, honey.
- Hi.
- Well - Um, yeah, so-- - It's different.
The apartment I mean, it was empty! You know, the furniture from the other place is all coming here.
You can't-- You're not taking all of it? Mom, that's my furniture.
I bought that stuff.
Honey, you're going to clean him out.
He has the apartment.
If it were up to me, I would like them to get back together.
And, I might add, I'm going to do everything I can to see that they do get back together.
My mom doesn't understand, I wasn't happy in my marriage.
You're just listeninto Topper.
- You're not listening to me.
- Because I hear one side.
Because I'm not talking to you, because you're being really mean to me.
No, you're not talking to me, because your friend told you not to.
See, this is where you've just, like, almost lost your mind.
I'm sorry, because you really sound stupid when you say that.
My mom is not happy because I started dating somebody new.
His name is Casimir, and he's a German prince.
He became a really, really great friend to me at a really difficult time in my life.
This prince, he knew that Tinsley was married.
He made himself more than a friend.
He's reading her e-mails.
Tinsley's being monitored.
I'm dating, you know? What's wrong with that? Tinsley I cannot understand why Tinsley finds some attraction to this person who's living in London.
I've got to go.
Don't be photographed with him.
Do not.
Do not.
I took my Jameson on the rocks and I just chucked it.
Paul is going to be in jail or a suicide.
Hello, Mother, darling.
Have you given any thought to what we talked about before? I asked my mother for $50,000, and she had to think it over.
Paul, I've decided to give you $25,000 from the trust.
All right, so half of-- I wired the money today.
Oh, my God, I got so excited when I got the money.
I literally was, like, calling up all my friends.
Hannah, babe.
It's Paul.
Call me immediately.
I have such good news.
Get your ass to the Royalton right now.
I don't care how much it costs.
I got a suide at the Royalton with my friend Hannah.
Hi, can you connect me with one of your personal shoppers, please? I called a bunch of designers, and department stores, and had them send me stuff up.
Just send me as much of the line as you can send me.
And you know what? I'd also like to have a bubble bath drawn for me.
So could you send somebody up to do that? I kind of went a little out of control.
Ooh! Got a little package for you.
- You guys enjoy.
- Thank you so much.
Yeah, see you.
- Oh, look at this.
- Yeah! - How do I look? Good? - Hello? Enough.
Grab that and let's go.
Okay, yoys.
Tonight we're going too to an AIDS benefit, a charity event where they're having an auction.
So I was auctioning off one of my Samantha Thavasa bags.
cool with Paul? Paul? I just don't get along with him since he stole from me.
Paul blatantly lied to me to my face and stopped being my best friend because he stole from me.
Can we talk abouJules K? - Jules whack-ass Kirby.
- Jules Kirby.
When my relAtionship with my first love was unraveling, Jules Kirby made it end quicker than it should have.
She was telling him lies about me, and you know what? I took her phone and I found out that she was a friend.
"People need to know that you were arrested "in the Hamptons.
"You burneyour parents' house d, anu pretended to have cancer.
" Jules faked cancer because her parents had cut her off and she needed the money Jules faked cancer She's like the queents of the dregs of society.
What did he steal from you? He stole my phone, my BlackBerry from-- I spent the night at a friend's house.
I woke up and my phone was gone.
I think that Paul's just a disgusting, vile human being.
I think that he's delusional.
"Why are you even in my life?" Die in a fire, I don't care.
Toucan Sam, huge-nosed, beak-faced bee-yatch.
I don't give two about Jules Kirby.
I wouldn't on her corpse if she was burning to death.
- Just drive-- - Aah! You need to learn how to drive.
He stole other things from other people as well.
Like, he stole credit cards from friends.
I don't know.
I was confiding in the girls, but Tinsley wasn't paying attention.
She's a little bit self-absorbed.
What? Tinsley's older and divorced and dressing like a teenager.
Do I hear 100? - 300! - 300, thank you very much! Sold! - Oh.
- What? Stop.
Stop! Stop.
Paul When I saw Jules Kirb, unfortunately she was with my friend Dabney, and I ignored Jules on purpose.
Yeah, he talks crap-- It's uncomfortable to be in the middle of two close friends that have kind of a big issue.
All right, guys, I'm buying a round of drinks.
What do you guys want? After the auction, I threw an after party at Apotheke.
My mother gave me $25,000 and I kind of went nuts buying drinks for everyone.
Would you like a shot? A shot? I would love a shot.
- What's your name? - Tommy.
- Tommy, you're really hot.
- Nice to meet you, Paul.
Oh! - I am a model.
- You must work out.
- I do.
- Oh! It's all real.
I promise.
I believe it.
I want to see it.
I want to see it.
Oh, my God! I met a really cute guy.
My goal in life, other than to, like, be popular and cool, is to have a family-- children, and a husband, and a home.
Jules shows up with Tinsley and Dabney, and I was just, like, "This is my after-party.
" She's annoying.
I hate that she's even here.
I want to kick her ass.
He told people I had cancer, and I told people that we went to the AIDS benefit for him.
I heard her say some comment about me, like, oh, like "klepto" or something like that.
I heard you were talking about me.
Stop, Paul.
Talking about somebody, then walk out of here.
Why don't you burn down another country house? Oh, wait you don't have .
Paul is really sad.
I honestly think he's going to be in jail or a suicide.
I don't know what's going on.
She just seems, like, weird.
It's not my situation.
It's Jules and Paul.
This was a bit too much for me.
This is probably the reason that I don't go out downtown and don't stay out too late.
Where is she? I'll kick her ass.
Things got nuts.
Yo, I will kick that bitch's ass.
Watch me.
I took my Jameson on the rocks, and I just chucked it.
Ow, ow, ow! Woman 2: What happened? Two inches before it hit Jules' face, she moves out of the way, and it went right into Alex's eye.
I was mortified.
I need to tell that girl I didn't mean to hit her.
ant to hit you.
Seriously? I called 911 because this guy is so destructive, what he's doing.
He needs to go to jail, finally.
That last thing I need is to be in a situation where I'm reported about where police are coming to a night club.
I was, like, "Let's get out of here now.
" Then I jumped in the limo.
The sirens were coming and the two cop cArs had the limo pinned in.
I was scareD.
I was really scared.
We all just ran out of the limo, jumped into a cab and went to Avenue.
You know, all in a day's work.
I know how to get myself out of a situation like that.
Today is a very, very difficult day for me.
I'm going to pick up my furniture from my old apartment.
I can't believe that I'm at the stage where I'm moving my furniture out.
I mean, it's just shocking to me.
I have changed, I have changed Topper was there while the movers were there moving it out.
God, you know, how did it get this far? Like, this really is happening, you know? Like, we're really separating from each other and getting a divorce.
It's just, you know Tscue you She's making a terrible mistake in her life, and she's risking her reputation.
I don't know where I am right now.
I'm kind of lost.
I have to really just figure out what it is that I really need and what I'm looking for.
Coming up this season You're a mean girl.
If you don't have a tough skin, you are not going to make it here.
- You're a socialite.
- Everybody is going to try to bring you down.
Are you really saying that-- - No-- - No, you're not! We will never be friends now - No-- - No,I wish I had a vagina.
I would kill all of these bitches.
I'm starting to, like, fall in love.
I was trying to save you.
I just want my mommy back.
You're causing a scene.
- Did she get kicked out? - Please go.
My whole world is really just crashing down on me.