Highlander (1992) s02e01 Episode Script

The Watchers

He is immortal.
Born on the highlands of Scotland He's not alone.
There are others like him.
Some good, some evil.
For centuries he's battled the forces of darkness with holy ground his only refuge.
He cannot die, unless you take his head and with it his power.
In the end, there can be only one.
He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
"Here we are, born to be kings" "We're the princes of the universe" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world" HIGHLANDER 2x01 "THE WATCHERS" I think I've had enough, Mac.
Let's go home.
Whatever you say it's fine for me.
A guy can hang in here for a bit.
Mac! Mac! Come in, Duncan MacLeod, Earth to MacLeod.
Hey, come on, man.
You've hardly talked about it since Darius died.
I know it's tearing you up.
I've seen a lot of people die, Richie.
Yes, but you hadn't been friends with most of them for three hundred years.
All you do is stare at this It's like an obsession, Mac.
I'm Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod.
I am Darius.
You won't need that.
So, my old friend.
How are we today? Are you ready for a game? Or are you afraid I'll finally beat you? What's the matter? Sometimes being a Catholic priest is easier than other times.
Anything you'd want to talk about? Would that I could, my friend.
Would that I could.
- It's a book of some kind of mythology.
- What kind of mythology? It speaks of battles, gods and Immortality.
It's a book of observations on who we are.
What we do.
So it's like a history book? Whoever wrote it was a historian, yeah.
The secretary of a secret order of men who observed us, but did nothing to interfere.
That's why we didn't know about them.
Darius! Darius! He left this for a reason.
Okay, so that's fine, what's the reason? Is this is it our zip code on the back cover here? I mean, what's this 27NJS? I don't understand.
Please, let me go! - Greasy bastard.
- Please, no.
- What? - Let me go.
Leave him alone.
Hey, I'm talking to you, corkhead! Maybe you'd like to take his place.
Oh, look, I don't really want much to give advice, but my friend has had a bad week, - you know what I'm saying? really bad.
- It's going to get worse.
Stay out of this.
Finish him, love.
Get up! Get up! Get up, come on! Come on, get up! Come on! - I'm going to kill you.
- Oh, I don't think so.
Come on, come on! Come on, come on! Come on, did you see? Mac! Enough, Mac! Enough, enough.
Let's go.
All you have is a few numbers and a couple of initials.
How do you know it's our zip code in the States? What else could it be? Maybe it's a phone number he didn't finish writing, or the beginning of an address.
He would have left more if he could.
Even if you're right, a zip code doesn't narrow it down very much.
- How are you going to find them? - Well if I go there maybe they'll find me.
It goes over there, it's for the exhibition in Lyon.
That's all this is about.
Is that what Darius would have wanted? I can't ignore this, Tess.
When are we leaving? My flight leaves in the morning.
Mine too.
We're either together or we're not.
Well, I was wondering if you could help me.
I have this book Sorry, do we know each other? Oh, maybe maybe I can help.
It's all right, I'll take care of this, go ahead.
I'm an antique dealer and I came across this book, but I can't tell much about it.
I'm afraid it's not worth much in this condition.
Well, I'm really just curious.
Beautiful illustrations.
Probably the work of monks.
Yeah, perhaps Ever seen it before? No.
I I might be interested in buying it.
Really? I thought you said it wasn't worth very much.
It's for me.
I have a a weakness for beautiful things.
- I'm sorry, it's not for sale.
- I'd give you a fair price.
Thanks, anyway.
Look, if you change your mind, I'm Joe Dawson.
Have a nice day.
- I'll take two.
- What? Aren't you selling something? In the case No.
Oh, funny.
I could've sworn that you were.
My loss, huh? - Yeah, no problem.
- No, but you see there is you see, I promised the little lady some laser surveillance gear you know, so she could keep an eye on the kids.
Stay down! Stay down, please.
Oh, does this come in pink? Who are you? Talk to me! You'll know soon enough, Duncan MacLeod, of the clan MacLeod.
- So you do know me.
- We know all about you.
Don't look so surprised.
I probably know more about you than you know about yourself.
Do you? I can tell you the time and place you became Immortal, the name of your first love, but that's not important.
What is important, is that you care about Immortals, and you don't kill for pleasure.
How about for revenge? For that, I'd have to be your enemy.
And I'm not.
Is that what you said to Darius? Darius, the great general who became a monk? I hope the Immortal who killed him rots in hell.
He was killed by a mortal.
How do you know? Because he was beheaded on holy ground.
No Immortal would ever dare break that rule.
If you knew so damn much about us you should know that! I want you to start with the blinds and the windows.
- How come I got to do this stuff? - I guess you're just lucky.
Go on.
What? There was a guy here just one second ago.
Now he's gone.
For as long as your kind has been around, we've been watching.
And no Immortal has ever discovered you? Why would they notice another face in the crowd? I mean either one as extraordinary as mine.
And this? It's one of our Chronicles.
It disappeared five hundred years ago.
Somehow Darius got it.
It's a It's part of a record we keep of Immortals.
- So you can hunt us? - No, no! We observe, we record, but we never interfere.
Why not? Well, too much of man's history has been lost.
And when you get through all of life's crap, the only thing that matters is the truth.
We want the truth about Immortals to survive, not a bunch of old wives' tales.
Great rap, Dawson.
You expect me to believe that you've kept quiet about us for all these years? Look.
If we had revealed your secret in more superstitious times, you can imagine the witch hunts? I don't have to imagine.
And today, you'd probably end up on page three in one of those supermarket rags next to the two-headed monkey, and I'll be in a straight jacket.
You say you refuse to interfere, but you have! We would have never hurt Darius.
He was one of our great hopes.
Why should I believe you? You've been around for four hundred years.
You'd feel it if I were lying to you.
You can always kill me.
But between you and me, I hope you don't have to.
That's good, that's good.
Just like that.
Just like that.
Hey! Be careful with that.
These things don't bounce, okay? You know what I'm saying? Thank you.
Right through there.
Thank you very much.
Hey! What is that? I hate that one.
Put that back on the truck.
Richie! I'm just kidding, Tessa.
Well, we are just about done unloading.
We'll set up tomorrow.
It's too late to start now.
Very good idea.
It's exciting, huh? Being home.
Yeah, I suppose.
Tess, what's the problem? I wish we were coming back for another reason.
Oh, come on, now.
It's a it's kind of like being married to a cop or even a super hero.
I mean there's quite a bit of stress placed on a relationship like yours.
I mean, sure, you could have gone for some normal guy, you know like a dentist.
You know, comes home at the same time every night, and tells you about Mrs.
Goodman's bridgework and abscesses and he'd make you floss three times a day but only with the unwaxed stuff, but something tells me that you weren't cut out for that.
What was I cut out for? I don't know, maybe something more the Mel Gibson type.
He'll be okay.
He always is.
Don't turn around.
From 1453 to 1535 he was in Moscow.
Then he went to the Scottish Highlands.
Spent most of the seventeenth century in Italy.
We then lost him until New York, about eight years ago.
Now, your kinsman Connor MacLeod, he did us all a big favor when he got rid of him.
Here, look at this.
This shot glass was used by a gunfighter named Oakey.
He got drunk when he shouldn't have and lost his head.
Iron Horse was a medicine man for three generations.
He was beheaded by a cavalry officer during the massacre of his tribe.
I know.
- You all right? - I'm fine.
The signs are just part of the fun, Caleb.
Whatever gods made you and me made us different First I take your Quickening.
Then I take your woman.
Not this time, MacLeod.
Your Quickening's mine! Duncan.
- You were there? - One of us was nearby.
All these things are from the Northwest.
We have many more at other locations, You're why I'm here, MacLeod.
I've been tracking you for fifteen years.
Should I be flattered? We know there can be only one.
Could be you.
- It could have been Darius.
- Not his fate.
Fate didn't kill him, you did.
One of his killers had the same tattoo.
That's not possible.
You know you're lucky her father is the boss.
Uncle Joe.
- Sorry.
- Dad loves him.
So what brings the triumphant graduate here? Let's not overdo it.
A B.
doesn't exactly secure my future.
Ah, Lynn, this is an old friend of mine, Duncan MacLeod.
I couldn't help overhearing.
Congratulations on the degree.
Dad's throwing me this graduation party.
Only he forgot to send out the invitations.
I'll be there.
It's cocktails at five.
And, can I borrow my fiancé for a few hours? - I can't.
- Of course, you can.
I think we have some things we need to talk about.
Nothing that can't wait.
- But - You heard the man.
Go on, go on, Robert I can handle the store.
Come on, let's go.
He's slow but I love him anyway.
Come on.
Come on! I hope I don't find out you had anything to do with Darius' death.
Come on Tess, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
- Why did you do that? - Better safe than sorry.
- But you're not sure - If I'm wrong, the insurance will cover it.
If I'm right, those just might be the guys who killed Darius.
So, now, what? I don't know, but if they were after us, they're after him.
- Well, then we've got to warn him.
- How? We don't know where he is.
Oh, man, this is just great, just great! I mean, he's there, they're there, we're here, and nobody's anywhere.
You ever think of running for Congress? What's up? If we're not going anywhere, we might as well stay here.
Tessa, that's ridiculous.
We've got to do something.
There's nothing to do but wait and keep trying to get Mac on the phone.
You just wan to sit here? We can't go back to the store.
They may still be there.
All right, all right.
Waiting is just not my thing.
So I've noticed.
Tess? Richie! Great, another window.
Where are my friends? Did Dawson send you? Damn you, it doesn't have to be like this.
Give me the book.
Get out.
So you spoke to one of them? That's never happen before.
I had to.
He thought we were trying to kill him.
- And what did you tell him? - That he was wrong.
When MacLeod left you, he killed one of our men.
That's impossible.
He could have misunderstood.
He didn't misunderstand, Joe! He didn't care.
We've been watching MacLeod for centuries.
Well, people change.
It's Duncan, isn't it? Yeah.
Hello Lynn.
Hum Just looking for Joe Dawson.
I think he's in the balcony with my dad.
I'll make sure you don't get lost.
Come on.
- No, it's - Oh, come on come on.
Do we know where he is? - Not at the moment.
- We've got to find him.
Uncle Joe, look who's here.
I thought you guys might know each other.
I'm afraid not.
James Horton.
I'm delighted to meet you.
- Is that how you killed Darius? - I'm unarmed.
You hate us, but you expect us to behave honorably.
Why is that? When you kill me, others will come, to continue what we have begun.
I am not your enemy.
This isn't about mortals.
We have our own fight.
Don't you understand? We've always understood.
We will never be dominated.
No one wants to dominate you.
Liar! We know about the Gathering! Do you sense evil in me? Talk to me! - Tell me what you know! - It's about power! There is nothing greater than the power of man! James Horton, pleased to meet you.
Duncan MacLeod.
I just got back from Paris.
How nice.
What brings you to this part of the world? - I was looking for someone.
- An old friend? No, my old friend died.
Darius! Darius! That's too bad, but these things can happen.
To anyone.
Okay everybody.
Let's get real here.
- What do you mean? - It's obvious you guys know each other.
- Wrong.
- Why don't we just take a walk? Why don't you go to hell.
Hey! Stop it! Wait! Leave him alone.
Please! Stop it! Please - Daddy? - I'm all right, I'm all right, Lynn.
- What the hell was that all about? - Why don't you ask your father.
- He won't tell me.
- Neither will I.
- Mister Horton? - I'm on the balcony.
Come on out.
How was the party? Fine.
Lynn's sleeping.
She was anxious when you didn't come.
MacLeod put one of our guys in the hospital, but I lost him.
- Don't worry about it, Robert.
- Maybe he left the city.
He was here, tonight.
He's come to destroy us.
And he won't stop unless we stop him.
What if we're wrong? - What do you mean, wrong? - Maybe they aren't all bad.
It doesn't matter if they're good or evil, Robert.
They're here to dominate us.
They will fight for the right to rule us.
And one day that is what they would do.
- That's not what Joe thinks.
- But Joe is is a hopeless romantic.
- MacLeod has killed people.
- Or maybe he had to! He could have killed me.
He didn't.
I think - He said it didn't have to be like this.
- This is the way it is.
For you.
Not for me.
I'm done with it.
Now! - What would you like me to do? - Nothing.
I'll hell with Joe.
Maybe you're right.
It's good to question.
It's a sign of acting intelligence.
That's why Lynn is so fond of you.
- No! What, what, what? - There's still no answer.
I think I dozed off for a minute.
What time is it? Morning.
I've been calling all night.
Mac hasn't come home.
This's been the crummiest night of my entire life.
Except maybe the prom with Mary Ellen Howicki.
She go waist on a lemon gin, puked all over the ladies can.
I'm going back to the store.
Tess! The store? They'll be watching it And Duncan will be looking for us.
If he calls, we have to let him know what happened.
And besides, I'm tired of being afraid of these guys.
I'm not running anymore.
Uh! Sound like my old coach, trying to get us fired up before the big game.
- Did it work? - Sometimes.
But mostly we just got our ass kicked.
- Where is Tessa? - So now you're going to kill me too.
- Where is she? - I really don't know, MacLeod.
- I believed in you.
You killed one of us.
- I didn't kill anyone.
- You're lying! - Cut the crap! This is happening right under your nose.
You're not stupid, maybe you're just blind.
Why don't you tell me what I'm supposed to see.
How about a softball coach who runs a death squad on the side? - You're talking about James - No, I am talking about Gunga Ding.
Don't you get it? Horton killed Darius.
Darius died in France! James was in Germany, on business.
Check his passport.
He was in Paris, trying to take my head.
Together with the other killers he recruited from your "Watchers.
" If you believe that, why trust me? I might be with them.
You would have tried to kill me in the alley yesterday.
And I think those two men were watching you, not me.
Besides, like you said.
I've had a little more experience judging men than you have.
So what are you going to do? We had a fight yesterday when we left the store I wanted him to take me to lunch, and he put me in a cab and sent me home.
He said he had something important to do.
And I shouted at him that I was important.
I'm sure it was nothing to do with that.
He must have lost his balance.
Maybe had been drinking.
I am so sorry, honey.
I am so sorry.
- Hello? - Where are my friends? So, it's you.
Excuse me honey.
- And what makes you think I know? - Because all this stinks of you.
- Look, why don't we meet and discuss this? - Where? - Darrow's Wharf.
It's on third and - I know where it is.
He's not coming.
You bastard! His friends were safe.
You ordered their deaths.
Friends of my enemies are my enemies.
What's the hell is this? You were going to use this to kill him? Are you crazy? It's not state of the art, I agree.
But it's affective.
What you are doing is totally wrong.
It betrays everything we stand for.
- I have thought about that.
- And you felt nothing? I felt like a doctor watching a cancer grow.
- But they aren't all evil, James.
- I leave nothing to chance.
He's here.
Jack! Jack! - Sorry, They couldn't make it to the party.
- MacLeod, he doesn't know what he's doing.
Shut up! My brother-in-law is very well-liked in our organization.
When the other Watchers find out you murdered him unless you'd like to make a deal your life for his.
- You'll kill him anyway.
- Like you killed Robert.
Sometimes in war innocents get harmed.
I believe the generals call it collateral damage.
Is that what Robert was? Collateral damage? Daddy? - What are you doing here? Get out! - What? Go home, now! Go home! No! Don't, no! Let him go! Please, please don't Let him go! Please let him go Stop it! Stop! No! Oh, God Please Don't! Oh God, please, stop Please, stop! Stop! Don't! Another time.
This will slow you down a bit.
MacLeod! Lynn.
For Darius.
Why? Secret societies, mortals trying to kill us I mean, you're never going to know where it's coming from! Yeah, thanks for the happy thought, Richie.
They'll be back, won't they? Maybe, not today.
"Here we are" "We're the princes of the universe" "Here we belong, fighting for survival" We've got to be the rulers of the world.
"I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival; no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of the world"