Highlander (1992) s02e07 Episode Script

The Return of Amanda

He is immortal.
Born on the highlands of Scotland He's not alone.
There are others like him.
Some good, some evil.
For centuries he's battled the forces of darkness with holy ground his only refuge.
He cannot die, unless you take his head and with it his power.
In the end, there can be only one.
He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
"Here we are, born to be kings" "We're the princes of the universe" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival, no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world" HIGHLANDER 2x07 "THE RETURN OF AMANDA" Berlin - 1936 "When you first saw me" "you thought you could use me" "Strut me up and down the Strasse" "Cheat on me, abuse me" "Well Mister, the tables have turned" "You've fallen under my spell" "I get to wear the crown" "That you reserved for yourself" "Hey, mister, I'm nobody's sister" "Leave Berlin while you can" "You thought you filled the bill" "But I need a real man" "Your stories were charming" "And your suits were Seville" "You dance like the Kaiser himself " "You gave me a thrill" "Strut your stuff somewhere else, Mac" "This girl is busy today" "The boys are lined up around the block" "To all the boys I say" "Hey, mister, I'm nobody's sister" "Leave Berlin while you can" "You thought you filled the bill" "But I need a real man" - Well, Heinrich, have you been a bad boy? - Very bad.
Show me how bad.
Beautiful work.
You've made me very happy.
Later, my Liebchen.
Heinrich! Stop! Nothing.
Play something.
- Stamina's improved.
- Yeah, I lasted a whole few - seconds more this time.
- Don't worry, it'll come.
- I hate this outfit.
- All part of the discipline.
Come on, let's do it again All right, you're mine now.
Faster! Outside! Retreat! What does he want? Me.
Your move.
I'll say this, MacLeod.
You sure know to treat a girl.
God, I hate this machine.
I'd never get used to it in the first place.
I spilled it everywhere.
I like it, Duncan.
It's really you.
Don't get used to it.
What do you want, Amanda? You mean besides you? You know, it's been ages since we've seen each other.
It was last year, in Paris.
You know, you're really good.
I should let you get away with it.
You know what? I'm gonna toss a coin.
Heads I let you go.
Tails I call the police.
Okay? Oops! Well, it wasn't the sweetest job I've ever pulled, but it worked.
Where the hell's MacLeod? I should've known this was a set up.
What? I help you steal the book, MacLeod takes my head and the two of you live happily ever after.
Okay Zak, old pal.
if that's what you wanted let's get this over with, once and for all.
My pleasure.
I was saving this for MacLeod, to slow him down.
but as they say all is fair in love.
I knew you'd come.
Why, you missed me? Why try to save her, MacLeod? She's betrayed you before.
It's not smart to stay out of jail.
All right, maybe things just slip my mind every once in a while - And into your pocket.
- Nobody's perfect.
Do you want to know the real reason I came to see you? Surprise me.
- Because I heard about Tessa.
- Don't press your luck, Amanda.
Look, Duncan, I know we weren't exactly friends, but I do know she loved you.
And, I just thought you know, maybe you could use the company.
Thanks for the warm thought, but I'm doing okay.
Maybe not You know, It's not good to be alone with these things.
I think maybe I could help you forget about it.
What are you thinking? Actually I was wondering where you were going to stay tonight.
Of course I had a room standing by, but I didn't think I needed it, MacLeod.
I can't believe this.
What ever happened to good old-fashioned hospitality? Guess it went out with covered wagons and hoop skirts.
You know, you won't let me change, you really expect me to steal, don't you? I expect sharks to bite too.
Don't take it personally.
Room service.
I really thought we used to have something, MacLeod.
I guess I was wrong.
Oh, spare me, Amanda.
You don't do the hurt woman very well.
Well, it was worth a shot.
But I really do like you, Duncan.
Let just play house for seventy or eighty years.
If you come up I'll show you my achings.
Amanda, look, maybe maybe in the future we can get together, have a drink and laugh about old times.
I can't wait.
Damn! Listen! - Leave me alone! - No! No, where are they? - What are you looking for? - Hey! - Leave the lady alone.
- Back off, pal.
It's none of your business.
Unfortunately, it is.
Come on! - We lost them! - Let's check every door.
Come on.
They're gone.
- How's your arm? - I'll live.
But it's more than I can say about you.
- Who were those guys? - I swear on my mother's grave You don't have a mother! Good! Sometimes I wish I could be like them.
- No worries, no fears - No one chasing after you Why won't you believe me? I've never seen those guys before in my life.
Funny, they seemed to know you.
I don't know what they could be after.
Maybe is one of those little things that slip your mind.
- You know, like gold bars, crown jewels - Would you lay off? - I haven't made it since Paris! - artifacts, maybe.
Funny, I'd think you forgot Paris! Well, I remembered.
Besides, you think if somebody where chasing me, I'd come running after you? It wouldn't be the first time.
DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Even the children around here are watching.
- It's cold out this time of year.
- Yeah.
It's a good season for traveling.
Berlin has become dangerous.
Well, getting in it's easy, getting out is the hard part.
Then we better hurry.
We do not have much time.
We'll met at the Domino.
- You have to watch your temper, Werner.
- It's only a poster.
Anyone could report you.
They may have already.
If you saw what's going on here, day after day It draws too much attention.
We can not risk that.
How can I stand by and do nothing? Berlin is becoming an asylum.
And the inmates are running it! What you're doing is important, Werner.
- How can I help? - I need travel papers.
- Describe the subject.
- Five-eight, grey hair, brown eyes.
Make him an English tourist, retuning home to see his sick wife.
- Papers I think are not too difficult.
- I need them tonight.
Then someone wants him out very badly.
Who is he? Your job is to deliver the papers, Werner.
Can you do it? Yes, if I hurry.
Then, let's get started.
MacLeod? It is you! Amanda.
I'll catch you up.
What are you doing in Berlin? Trying to see the sights before they're all gone.
I could show you a few that aren't in the tourist guides Thanks for the offer, but I'm all booked up.
From what can I see, you must be pretty busy yourself.
I'm never too busy for you, MacLeod.
There's this guy watching you, you know? There usually is.
Big ape with a scar like a highway? Must be a close relative or friend.
He's a cop.
Don't worry.
We had a little trouble here last night.
It's nothing to do with me.
No, it never is.
It's been really nice seeing you, Amanda, but I have to run.
Not until you tell me where you're staying.
- And why would I do that? - Because I'll scream if you don't.
- She works for you? - Amanda? No.
She only works for herself.
But you seem to know her very well.
It's a long story, Werner.
- You don't want to know.
- Yes, but I do.
She saw us together.
I need to know if she can be trusted.
The answer is no.
But she won't betray us, either.
I always wondered what it would be like to be English Now you're gonna get your chance, professor.
Just take the vital ones, they're gonna be watching for us.
The vital part isn't there.
It's here.
Do you know anything of physics, Herr MacLeod? Just the old fashioned kind.
I kind of left off at alchemy.
Just a bunch of numbers for most people.
But it's a map we can follow to the heart of the atom.
Maybe to the secrets of the Universe.
Or maybe the secret is somewhere else.
You don't think science knows the answers, do you Herr MacLeod? I'm not so sure it knows the right questions, herr doctor.
- How well did you know Heinrich Faase? - Who? - The man who was killed at the Club.
- Him? Hardly at all.
I heard you were his lover.
Me and that sweaty little man? Hardly.
He was just a regular who liked to tip big, that's all.
- Did he tell you how he made his money? - No.
- You will accompany me to the station.
- All right.
But can't we figure somewhere more exciting to go than that? What did you have in mind? Whatever you have in yours.
A man with a scar is so sexy.
I never kiss on the first date.
Can anyone follow your research? The theory is so new.
But who knows, with a little luck and these papers, perhaps.
Now nobody is gonna follow your work.
Gentlemen, gentlemen! What is this? I mean, what are you doing? Now, that's physics, professor.
Come on, let's go.
- Amanda, what are you doing here? - What do you think I'm doing? - I'm taking you up on that offer!.
- What offer? There wasn't one.
Now why don't you go back and sing your heart out for somebody? Professor.
No, I can't.
I sort of quit tonight.
Who's he? - Nice seeing you, Amanda.
- Listen, MacLeod, I'm in a bit of a jam.
Could I at least use your hotel room tonight? Be my guest.
But I have to warn you the room service stinks.
Come on, professor.
You're right, the room service stinks.
- You're late.
- Yeah, these things take time.
- Where's your friends? - Safe.
You have the papers? Whoever you're taking out, they don't like it.
The roads are crawling with police.
Then they'll be covering the borders too.
Werner, can you manage a small plane? This is not so simple.
The plane, yes, I can manage, but these are tense times.
Without the proper code for the air traffic controllers you'll be shot down.
Then get me the code.
I'll fly it out myself.
We're talking about genuine Luftwaffe codes here, MacLeod.
That will take real money.
Whatever you need.
Do it.
I don't know.
How do you know that will fly all the way to England? Because I've done it before, professor.
Look at it as a kind of physics.
The old fashioned kind.
Come on.
But it doesn't look very safe.
Safer than staying here.
Don't worry, professor, another ten minutes and we'll all be safe.
- You have the codes? - Of course.
Money is a great communicator.
So you're the one, everybody is looking for.
- It's not your problem any more, Werner.
- No, you're right.
It's yours.
Your flight's been canceled, MacLeod.
What they buy you with, Werner? Cash? Gold bars or perhaps is one of those tacky uniforms they like to wear? They did not buy me.
War is coming.
You will fight for your country, I will fight for mine.
- And mine will win.
- Don't count on it.
Enough! Move! Don’t' touch me.
I've hurt women before.
- MacLeod! - Get in there.
Go! What are you doing here? - You can't leave me like this! - There's only enough room for two.
- MacLeod, please, they're gonna kill me.
- Can you fly this thing? Yeah, are you kidding? Just make sure he gets to England in one piece.
Here! What about you? Somehow I'll manage.
Just get out of here! I'll never forget this.
Yes you will! Go! Probably those two from the hotel are part of them.
So now you're telling me you think these guys are watchers? - They might be.
- Great.
A bunch of mortals who have known about us for centuries How can you be so calm about this? Because there's nothing I can do about them.
They've been around longer than I have.
This gets better all the time.
And all they do is watch us? Sometimes.
Sometimes they kill us.
Perfect! I mean, at least with Immortals we can feel them coming, we can be ready.
How do we know who these guys are? They have tattoos So do millions of other people.
Where exactly are these tattoos? Are they here? No.
What about here? No.
- Could they be here? - No, no.
Not there.
No? Do you really want to know who they are? They're right here.
- I could get used to this.
- What, for about three or four days.
No, I'm serious.
Sometimes I think about settling down.
Getting a place of my own, with a little garden I've always wanted a garden.
- What are you laughing about? - I'm not laughing.
Want some wine? Yes, you were.
No, I wasn't, I was smiling.
There's a difference.
Can't a guy just smile? No, not you.
You never do anything without a reason.
I bet you think that it's funny that, I'd want to have a normal life.
- Right? - No, you can do whatever you want.
- You're damn right I can.
- Well, I'm glad we've gotten that settled.
Strange that you never did mention about that time in Berlin? I don't wanna talk about Berlin, I wanna talk about why were you smiling? - Have you always been like this?.
- Just answer the question.
Why can't I just smile? You know, I mean, I'm happy.
We're safe for now.
I just made love to the most devious, scheming, deceitful beautiful woman in history.
Do you really think I'm one of the most beautiful women in history? - Mac! Shake.
- Hey.
How're you doing? Good.
I slept like a log last night.
How about you? You sleep okay? - Yeah, fine.
- Good, good, that's really good.
See, cause I was afraid you might be a little tied up.
- Tied up? - Yeah, exactly! I mean, you know I'm thinking, Mac.
We're both men of the world here, your make your own decisions, who you choose to sleep with, that's entirely your business.
- I used to think so.
- Look, Mac, don't get me wrong.
I mean, she is a very, very fine looking woman, extremely hot.
Purely on a level of physical attraction, one to ten, she's what would you say off the scale.
I mean, I'd probably even be tempted myself.
In theory, of course.
You see, Mac, I'm not quite sure how to say this Richie, I understand what you're saying.
But frankly, it's none of your business.
I know, but see, Mac, friends take care for each other.
She's a crook.
She's setting you up for something.
And I thought she wanted me for my mind.
HARRY KAUFMAN FINE ENGRAVING Amanda! So, Mac, where is she? Oh, still leaving the back way, uh? I guess she probably just went shopping with my credit card.
MacLeod, how did you find me? Shopping receipts.
Oh, you shouldn't have.
You couldn't keep away, could you? Why should I? Diamonds are a girl's best friend.
- Not when they're stolen! - I came here out of professional interest.
- I would never rob the place - Of course no.
- Your friends again - There must be a way out of here.
They went out the back.
Harry, come here.
Move it forward.
Freeze it! That's him! - That's the son of a bitch I want.
- I never saw that guy before today.
The women hits town.
Wants an engraver who can keep his mouth zipped.
Our informant hears, we put you under surveillance.
A little later she shows up here.
Where are the plates, Harry? She didn't have them with her.
She was just checking me out.
She wanted to know if I could change the dates.
If that's all you can give me, you'd better grab your coat.
It's a long ride downtown.
Oh, look, I did what you wanted.
I called as soon as she showed up.
- Is he one of them? - No, he's not.
Wait a minute! She called him something It was MacLeod.
Yeah, that's it, it was MacLeod.
Keep this to yourself.
Yeah, right.
- Duncan, I swear.
I don't know anything.
- Swear? Every time you swear you get me into more trouble.
What little scheme is ongoing now? I didn't know they were cops.
- MacLeod, why won't you believe me? - Experience.
- Well, I wasn't there to steal diamonds! - Okay, you were there to fence them.
Look, just this once, don't you think I could be innocent? - This has nothing to do with diamonds.
- Then why is the FBI, after you? I can answer that.
I could have taken out a warrant, MacLeod, but paperwork is so messy.
- What do you want? - You like home movies, MacLeod? - Not particularly.
- You'll love this one.
It's you two just before you killed my partner.
Oh, he's dead all right.
Dead as a doornail.
Well, I didn't do it.
I mean, I couldn't have, I wasn't even close.
- He was still alive when I left him.
- I don't think the jury's gonna buy it.
If you were going to arrest us, you’d have done that already.
Smart man.
This little tape here puts you both in prison.
You being the accessory.
Without it, Jeffries is just another episode on unsolved mysteries.
What do you get out of it? Two plates for counterfeit hundred dollar bills.
Word is they've been around since before the Second World War.
Why am I not surprised? You ask around for an engraver to change the date, people talk.
Either I get the plates, or you go down.
What's it gonna be? State Street Bridge, the access road.
We'll need some time.
You've got two hours.
Don't even think about running.
There's no place on Earth for a cop-killer.
MacLeod, I - I'm gonna have that exit sealed off.
- Duncan, I worked hard for those plates.
I dragged them all the way from Berlin and I'm not gonna give them to some cop.
What you want to do, spend the rest of your life running or in jail? - No.
- Then shut up.
Don't you tell me to shut up.
We How do you know you can trust that guy? We can't.
- I told you I'm not a thief anymore.
- So you turned to counterfeiter instead? I ran out of money, what else I'm supposed to do? Oh, a job was out of the question.
Could you get serious, MacLeod? The only way to go straight was to print more money.
and all I had to do was get someone to change the dates.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Print more money? Counterfeiting and honesty they don't work together, do they? Don't be so picky, okay? My heart was in the right place.
- You're ready? - No.
But let's do it.
- Let's see the plates.
- The tape first.
- Is this the original? - Yeah.
- Just what the doctor ordered.
- I feel we don't see you again.
You're right about that.
Walk along the edge.
I don't suppose we could skip this.
I didn't think so.
People died for those plates.
Still are.
Who goes first? If you're going to do it, do it.
No! It's all right.
Get on with it.
More random violence.
I feel terrible.
Welcome back.
It was worth it just for the kiss.
- Did you get it all? - Every second.
Nice doing.
Let's go.
Even without the unidentified bodies prosecutors feel the counterfeit plates and the anonymous video would be enough to lay several charges against special agent Palance, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder and fraud.
- We'll be back with more details later.
- Okay guys, I'm out of here.
Well, then - take good care of yourself.
- I will.
You too and what you did Amanda it took guts.
Thanks, Richard.
I'll catch you later.
- Bye.
- By, bye.
- You know, this really really hurts.
- What, where you got shot? No, giving him the plates.
They weren't yours to lose in the first place.
Uh I love it when you get angry with me, it's so more fun to make up.
Are you sure absolutely sure that you don't want to play house for seventy or eighty years? - You are impossible.
- Not for you.
- Like I said, it's not the right time.
- I know, I know, I know.
But it was just one more shot.
Oh, well, we'll always have Paris.
Yeah, London and Rome and Tulsa See you, MacLeod.
Got a bus to catch.
What? It'll still be there in the morning.
"Here we are" "We're the princes of the universe" "Here we belong" "fighting for survival" "We've got to be the rulers of the world" "I am immortal" "I have inside me blood of kings" "I have no rival; no man can be my equal" "Take me to the future of your world"