Highlander (1992) s03e07 Episode Script

The Lamb

He is immortal.
Born in the Highlands of Scotland, 400 years ago.
He is not alone.
There are others like him.
Some good, some evil.
For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness with holy ground his only refuge.
He cannot die unless you take his head and with it, his power.
In the end, there can be only one.
He is Duncan MacLeod-- the Highlander.
Here we are Born to be kings We're the princes of the universe I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world What do you mean, you don't like it? No, no, no.
I never said I didn't like it.
I just said it's not my thing.
Richie, there's nothing in the world like an old wooden kedge.
Oh, sure.
You know, painting, scraping the hull, cleaning the barnacles.
And that's before you hit the water.
Have you never wanted to stand at the helm and feel the wind in your face? Oh, sure I have.
Doin' 90 down the I-5 on top of 1200 c.
's of bored-out Harley.
Last of the red-hot romantics.
Richie, a wooden boat is alive.
It speaks to you.
Well, so does fiberglass, Mac, and it says, "Low maintenance.
" Aren't you gonna buy it? No.
Hull's full of dry rot.
What do you mean, "No.
Hull's full of dry rot"? You knew that all along.
You made me come all the way down here and never even wanted to buy the boat.
I can't believe you.
It's all part of your training.
What? A little more culture in your life.
Culture? What are you talking about? It's an old boat.
You still don't understand what it's about.
What don't I understand? An old kedge is-- Be careful.
Don't be afraid.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.
- That's what you all say.
Look at me.
My name's Duncan MacLeod.
Give me your hand.
Come on.
Let's go down.
What's your name? Kenny.
It's gonna be okay, Kenny.
It's all right.
Where is he, Mac? You're looking at him.
So, where are you from, Kenny? Wisconsin.
You're a long way from home.
Is that where it happened? Yeah.
Four years ago.
I was 10.
My mom and dad took me out for my birthday.
A drunk driver hit our car.
When did you know? When I woke up.
There was a sheet over me.
I could hear the policemen talking.
They said it was too bad I was dead.
- What about your folks? - That car was all on fire.
So you ran? Yeah.
Did you meet any of us? Sometimes.
They mostly tried to kill me.
Then I met Frank.
Frank was nice.
He showed me how to fish.
You make it kiss the water, just like it was alive.
Keeps the fish interested.
And then you drop it on its tail.
Want to give it a try? It's tough.
There's all this line everywhere.
Well, patience, Kenny.
That's what it's all about.
You know, Frank, if you hadn't fount me, someone would've killed me by now.
Don't you worry about that, pal.
Long as you're with me, no one's gonna hurt you.
Come here.
Why don't you show me what you can do? Okay, nice and easy.
What did you do over here? Frank! Frank, I got one! First time? Okay, okay.
Kenny, now bring it in real easy.
I can't.
He's pulling too hard.
That's 'cause you gotta get him real tired.
You gotta play with him.
Watch this now, okay? Now, this last part is real tricky.
Okay, Frank.
I'll get the net.
He's a big one, Kenny! He's a big one! Where's Frank? Dead.
Some guy cut off his head.
I thought you guys would kill me too.
You don't have to worry about that.
Yeah, it's okay, bud.
You're gonna be fine.
This place is cool.
These things all yours? Yeah.
Can I touch 'em? Go ahead.
Mac, he's just a kid.
I've never seen such a young Immortal.
You won't see many others either.
Why not? He just told you.
He's not big enough, and he'll never be strong enough.
So how's he gonna survive? Any way he can.
It's all right.
We're nearly there.
Let's go.
You lads have been through a lot today, but we must take this bridge.
Are you with me, men? Yeah! The Reds may take the battle, but they'll not take the war.
We must not falter.
We take the bridge and we hold it.
You can't.
There's a column coming down the road.
If you try taking it now, they'll cut you to pieces.
I'll take no advice from a man too cowardly to wear a uniform.
There's not glory in having your men slaughtered like sheep.
Go back to your Negroes, abolitionist, and leave the fightin' to men! What the hell do you think you're fightin' for? Bugler! This is madness! They'll be waiting for you.
They'll cut you to pieces.
Your next word will be your last! Bugler! Forward! Cowards! Stand and fight! Sir? I know you're not dead.
You can't be.
You're like me.
You're just a boy.
I'm one of you.
What do we do? The battle's past us.
Give me your hand.
Did you see a Negro woman and a man? No, sir.
This is not place for a boy.
Even one of us.
Come on.
You can stay here tonight.
We'll find something better for you in the morning.
Um, I get really scared sometimes.
That's all right.
You're safe now.
What's that? Oh, that's Anne.
Don't worry.
She's a friend of mine.
We're going out tonight.
You're leaving? Don't worry.
Richie's coming over to stay with you.
Oh, and, Kenny, be careful what you say in front of Anne.
She doesn't know about us.
You look great.
Oh, you have company.
Oh, that's Kenny.
I'm his cousin.
Second cousin.
I didn't know you had family in town.
I'm from Wisconsin.
He's visiting.
Well, hi, Kenny.
I'm Anne.
Is this your girlfriend? I'm working on it.
So, is, uh-- is Duncan showing you a good time? Well, he just got here, but I think we should go.
Um, it's really none of my business, but isn't he too young to be staying alone? Here, boy.
Duncan, are you all right? Yes, I'm fine.
Can you look after the boy for me? Of course.
I've gotta go find the others.
Where are they? I lost them in the battle.
Don't go! Please! I have to.
You'll be fine here.
This house has sheltered more than you can count.
But we should stay together.
We're two of a kind-- brethren.
Yes, we are.
But I have to find those people I left out there.
They won't get north without me.
I want to stay with you.
There could be others around.
There always are.
You'll be safer here.
I'm safer with you.
Not where I'm going.
I'll be back for you.
That's a promise.
I want your head.
You must die.
How do you stand it? Stand what? Knowing you won't get any older.
Well, I try to think about the good things.
Like what? Like, uh, I'll never have arthritis.
Like I get to keep this hair forever.
It's different for you.
You're almost a grown-up.
If the crash hadn't happened, I'd be older too.
A lot older.
Yeah, about 14.
Look, Kenny, it happened.
You gotta stop beatin' yourself up about it.
I really like this place.
I'm surprised I've never heard of it before.
Oh, it's only been open a couple of months.
So, how long is, uh, your cousin staying? Uh, excuse me.
Can I have a drink, please? Okay.
I'll have a red wine.
And a single malt, please.
What? Your cousin.
How long is he staying? Who? Kenny.
Kenny! My cousin.
Yes! Are you feeling okay? I'm fine.
Uh, well, two, three weeks.
I'm not sure, really.
Shouldn't he be in school or something? He's on vacation.
It's a public-- private school.
So-- So.
I've never been there.
Tell me what it's like.
Uh, it's, uh, very nice.
They, uh, raise cows.
They make cheese.
You know? Yeah, I know.
You must-- Thank you.
You must be pretty close to Kenny's parents.
Well, I have their son.
Yeah, you do.
All right, then tell me about your family.
Well, they'd seem really old-fashioned to you.
Oh, I'll bet they're fascinating.
What does your father do? He's career military.
Or was.
And your mother? She was married to my father.
All right, Kenny.
Maybe you're never gonna have some things, but you might live 1,000 years.
As a 10-year-old.
Perfect! I'll be a kid all my life-- always running, always hiding.
Never'll be able to fight worth a damn! Even small guys can fight.
I'll tell you what.
How about I show you how to handle yourself? Really? You got it.
All right.
Give me five.
Right on, brother.
- Duncan.
- Maybe.
I'm gonna be right back.
If I'm not, get your butt out the back door and don't look back.
You got it? All right.
Who the hell are you? I'll be the one asking the questions.
I'm Dallman Ross, if that means anything.
Not to me.
Where is the boy? Get outta here.
You don't know what he is.
No, but I know what you are.
I don't want to kill you.
Please just get out of my way.
Not a chance.
You're a fool.
I'll be back.
Next time, I'll have him and anyone else who gets in my way.
Did you get a chance to see him? Richie scared him away.
I told you, he said his name was Dallman Ross.
Any idea why he's after you? Because I'm little, easy to kill.
There's nothing else? Nothing.
Kenny, we got lucky last night.
Richie and I won't always be there.
He'll come again.
Richie said so.
He'll kill me! Then we'll have to find a way to keep you safe.
I know a priest that runs a church school.
You're sending me away? I don't want to live with a priest.
You know about holy ground? Then you know it's the only place they can't come for you.
- Are we leaving today? - No.
We'll go tomorrow.
Tell you what.
Today's your day.
We'll do whatever you want to do.
- Can we go fishing? - Sure.
So, is this where Frank brought you? Yeah.
I miss Frank.
He showed me how to cast-- everything.
Why don't you teach me? Sure.
Where do we start? First, you gotta put the rod together.
You're good at this.
Well, I've got a good teacher.
I'll go get some feathers for the flies.
- Some feathers? - Yeah.
Frank taught me.
It works every time.
Duncan, did you know that every day you fish adds a year to your life? Frank, I got one! Here.
Watch this now, okay? Now, this last part is real tricky 'cause you can't bring him in too fast.
Okay, Frank.
I'll get the net.
He's a big one, Kenny! He's a big one! Patience, Kenny.
You know what the Chinese say? Every day you fish adds another year to your life.
You think so, Frank? So where are the feathers? I couldn't find 'em.
What's that? Lunch? Oh, strictly backup.
I'm sure a couple of tough guys like you can outsmart a few tiny creatures with the brains of a flashlight.
Hey, Kenny.
You know, I can't remember the last time I went fishing.
Matter of fact, I don't think I've ever been fishing.
Maybe you can teach me.
I said I'd teach Duncan, not you.
Hey, Anne's a friend.
Your friend, not mine.
Is he okay? Yeah.
Let's try that again.
You want to talk about it? Talk about what? You know what I mean.
Why did you treat Anne that way? It was supposed to be the two of us.
Kenny, Anne's trying hard to be nice.
What's the problem? I just don't like her, okay? Well, I do.
Got it? Huh? Okay.
What? Richie's gonna be upstairs.
He's gonna be staying with you for a while.
What for? Because.
-You sure it was Dallman Ross? - That's what he said.
Ross has been a school teacher since the American Revolution.
He started wandering about 20 years ago right after his wife was killed.
This is not the kind of guy that would try and whack a kid.
Well, do me a favor.
Look into it.
I want to know where Ross and Kenny met before.
All right.
Okay, so somebody comes at you from behind.
What are you gonna do? Right.
No, that's no good, Kenny.
You gotta really twist that foot.
You gotta be quicker.
It's no good.
I'm too small.
It's okay.
You gotta keep trying.
Let's do it again.
What's the point? Look at me, Richie.
I'll never be able to drive a car, never be old enough to have a woman.
I'll never be able to fight worth a damn! Oh, man.
I can't do anything right.
It's okay, Kenny.
It can happen to anybody.
Look, uh, why don't you just go relax, chill out and take a break, And I'll clean this up, we'll get back to work, okay? You gotta trust me, Ken.
You gotta hang in there.
You'll get the hang of it.
I didn't know I knew how to fight until Mac taught me.
You just gotta keep at it-- you know, keep working.
I guarantee you'll get it.
The first time I tried it, I ended up on my can.
If you can believe it, the second time too.
Kenny, I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, but sometimes you just gotta trust someone.
Hey, guys, what's up? Mac, how you doin'? I'm just, uh, teaching Kenny here a few things.
Learning a lot? Yeah.
Maybe we should use something else though, huh? Hi.
How are you? Better now.
I was just making some tea.
You want some? Actually, I just swung by to see if maybe Kenny felt like doing something.
- Why don't you ask him? - I don't.
Now, aren't you just a little bit too young to be such an old grouch? He sleeps with a lot of women, and you're not the prettiest.
He had one here last night.
Like that.
Okay, Kenny, look.
We got off to a really bad start yesterday, so what do you say you and I take off, just the two of us? - Why? - Because I want to.
What do you say? I don't think that's a good idea.
Kenny shouldn't be on his own right now.
He's not gonna be on his own.
He's gonna be with me.
I thought maybe we'd go to the park.
How about we go together? Well, he's my responsibility.
Kneel! The Union line's a half mile over.
Stick to the river.
I'll meet you there.
That looks like fun.
I don't have a skate.
Well, maybe you can borrow one.
Is MacLeod around? No, not yet.
What's up, D.
? This boy you found-- this Kenny-- Yeah? He's big trouble.
How much trouble could he be? He's just a kid, Dawson.
Yeah, right.
How old did he say he was? Ten.
Fourteen, really.
Try more like 814.
That's impossible.
He's a kid, Dawson.
You know, he's a little kid.
That's what everyone thinks.
That kid has outlived a lot of Immortals.
No, it can't be.
He's not strong enough to fight.
Let me guess.
When you found him, he was hiding somewhere.
He was scared.
He was crying.
He said an Immortal had killed his teacher.
That's his M.
When people let their guard down, that's it.
Are you sure about this? Everyone who's taken Kenny in has one thing in common: They're dead.
Duncan, you know, uh-- Forget it.
He's your family, and I have been known to open mouth and insert foot, so-- I think we need a rule here.
Rule? Yeah, that you never have to hedge with me.
All right.
I think your cousin is one heck of a troubled kid.
He's had a tough life.
Had to grow up fast.
Uh! Get off me! Help! Someone get him off me! What are you doing? He wouldn't lend me his board.
Wait for me over there.
Now! I'm all right.
You're gonna be fine.
Take it easy, okay? Okay, you'll be fine.
You know, there's a terrific child psychiatrist at the hospital.
I can get Kenny in right away.
I'll think about it.
All right.
I really think he should see someone.
I'll talk to him.
Good idea.
I'll just wait over here.
I'll see you later.
So, you wanna tell me what that was about? I told you.
He wouldn't lend me his board.
That's not good enough.
Well, I don't know.
I guess I just lost it.
He's come for me.
Come on.
I'm due back at the hospital in about an hour.
I can make that call.
Let you know later.
Don't leave it too long.
Where are we going? To holy ground.
You'll be safe there.
Now, you sit on the steps and wait until I get back.
What about you? I'll take care of this.
Go on.
- Dallman Ross? - Yes.
- And you are? - Duncan MacLeod.
Come for the boy? So, he has two of you protecting him now.
One, two, the answer's the same.
He's using you, MacLeod, just like he used me.
He can't be allowed to live.
I've chased him for too long.
I can't let anyone get in my way.
I'm not your enemy, Ross.
Leave the boy alone and walk away.
I can't.
- You're dead.
- Why? - He killed my wife.
We treated him like our own son.
We loved him.
This one's on me.
But you leave the boy alone.
Watch your head, MacLeod.
Don't trust him.
MacLeod? I'm sorry.
Ross was a good man.
He was no better than the rest of us.
He was there to kill Kenny.
Well, he had a reason.
This Kenny is evil, MacLeod.
Old evil.
Then so are we.
Eight years, 800 years-- Makes no difference, Dawson.
He's doing what we all do.
He's fighting for his life.
Mac, he's a lying little bastard.
He sets up people who try to help him.
He has to.
That's the only way he can survive.
He thinks every Immortal is his enemy, so he kills them before they kill him.
Let me ask you something.
What would you do? I don't know.
Yes, you do! What have you been doing all this year? Knitting? You've been learning to fight so you can kill, so you can survive.
That's all Kenny's doing.
He wants to live.
There can be only one, Richie.
You know it, I know it and Dallman Ross knew it too.
What about his wife? It's the same for all of us, Dawson.
It makes no difference-- man or woman.
His wife was mortal.
Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
She kept Kenny from killing Ross.
She died for it.
Come on! Are you okay? Yeah.
I think so.
Get back to the dojo.
Where are you going? Stay with Richie.
No! Duncan, I'm all right! Leave it to the cops! Help! Please! There's a man.
He's after me.
He's psycho! Kenny! Kenny! Maybe you should pick on someone your own size.
I don't have time for this.
I know you're here, Kenny.
Come out, and we can talk about this.
Why Anne? She was no danger to you.
She was in my way.
I hate it when people get in my way! Like Frank Brody? Brody would've protected you.
Ross would've protected you.
I can protect you.
For how long? Such a small boy.
Such easy prey! All of you would've taken my head eventually.
There's no other way.
It all comes down to one thing, MacLeod.
In the end, there can be only one.
It might as well be me.
Kenny! Duncan! Are you okay? Fine.
What happened? I'll tell you later.
Would you promise me something, please? We're up to that, are we? Maybe.
I'm starting to like you.
And I don't want to go to work and find you stretched out on one of my gurneys.
So would you please leave that Rambo stuff to the police? Next time, I'll try and be more careful.
Thank you.
So, where is Kenny? I sent him home.
Oh, great! I mean, I know he's your family and everything, but didn't you just once feel like just smacking him one? I can't believe I said that.
Did I just say that? Yeah, you did.
You'll let me know how he's doing? Sure.
Medicinal purposes? Mmm.
It has been one hell of a day.
Yeah, it has.
So, um, we're up to that, are we? Maybe.
Here we are We're the princes of the universe Here we belong fighting for survival We've got to be the rulers of your world I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings Yeah! I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world