Highlander (1992) s03e21 Episode Script

Finalé (1)

He is immortal.
Born in the Highlands of Scotland, 400 years ago.
He is not alone.
There are others like him.
Some good,some evil.
For centuries, he has battled the forces of darkness with holy ground his only refuge.
He cannot die unless you take his head and with it, his power.
In the end, there can be only one.
He is Duncan MacLeod-- the Highlander.
Here we are Born to be kings We're the princes of the universe I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world What have we here? A psychopath, hmm? I could kill you.
But I prefer to use you.
We go tonight? You didn't think I'd leave without you? That's my boy.
Now what are we supposed to do? We await our benefactor.
For what? Is he gonna bring us wings? Shut your mouth.
It's about time.
What now? Now you die.
All this? Just to kill me? Give the man a cigar.
Why? You don't even know me.
I know what you did to MacLeod.
He sent you.
Let's just say I owe him.
You couldn't leave your little friend behind? Not friend.
Weapon! Brilliant.
Brilliant! Amanda.
I gotta hand it to you, MacLeod, you got a memory like an elephant.
What are you doing here-- besides making a fashion statement? Isn't it great? It reminds me of the old days.
And to answer your question, I'm here to make you dinner.
I have a '71 Montrachet, a Chateau Lafite '61, a '54 Yquem-- basically everything but a '68 Camaro.
Amanda-- Caviar, truffles, chanterelle, and my favorite, smoked goose.
And I know what you're thinking, but I think we can find a way to work it off.
What are you doing here? I'm just here to make dinner for an old friend.
Um, by the way, what happened to your lady friend? You know, the, um, doctor? Her name's Anne.
And that's none of your business.
It's a shame.
We have to dump these, eh, eh? What a champion of the obvious you are, Nino.
Yeah, I know.
Would you say we're about the same size? - What do you want? - Your wallet, your car, your clothes.
You're insane.
So what do you think? Not bad for potluck, huh? You haven't lost your touch.
Great wines, two-and-a-half-star dinner.
So why? Why what? Why are you being so nice? I am, aren't I? Come on, Amanda, give.
What do you really want? Just to make you happy? Why? So you won't kill me when I tell you what happened.
I broke Kalas out of jail.
What's the point? How long are we gonna drive around here? Until I tell you to stop.
That one.
Run him down.
Run, ya bastard! Come on! Here you go.
Oop! Up and over! Oh! Nasty tumble there.
Why can't I do him? You remember prison, Nino? What happened there? Who are you? You won't be needing this.
But I will.
No! So good.
Oh, it's been so long.
Would you just say something to me, MacLeod? Anything.
You know, get mad, throw something.
At least yell at me.
And stop doing that! There's no point.
It's already done.
You know, this sounds crazy, but I was really trying to do you a favor, you know.
I was trying to get Kalas out of your life.
Two guards are dead because of it.
I'm sorry! You know that wasn't supposed to happen.
Nothing's ever supposed to happen.
You should have left it alone.
I know that now.
But I kept thinking about all the times that you came through for me, and I thought now it's my turn.
To do what, die for me? You stay away from him! You can't fight for me and I won't allow you to die for me! Do you understand? Salam.
Oh, this accursed heat! It must be noon already.
It is 9:30, my friend.
Still the cool part of the day.
What's the use of that thing? Counting minutes when we have forever? It is all written, how long any man has is in the hands of Allah.
Besides, you Europeans invented the minutes.
Here, there is only morning, noon, and night.
Patience, my friend.
The desert teaches you that, if nothing else.
We leave for Tunis in the evening.
Even we can't travel far in the midday sun.
This is hot! What do you want to drink that for? I want something cold! You miss this Scotland of yours? Aye! Where it rains incessantly, and the people of your tribe eat grass? Oats, Hamza.
They eat oats.
And, aye, I could do with a bloody cold Highland ale right now.
What? Do you not approve of my customs? Who can say? It is not for me to judge.
Perhaps one can enjoy eating the flesh of pigs and drinking vile concoctions.
A Moor.
A killer.
Hamza al Kahil.
I have that honor.
You have traveled a long way.
And you move quickly, for an old man.
Keep a civil tongue in your head, if you want to keep it.
Look how I shake.
My breath comes in labored gasps.
What courage! What bravado! Who is this fool? I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
Does he always speak for you? Forget him.
He is too young for you to be concerned with.
I am old enough to take his head.
I don't sleep with virgins and I don't kill children.
Not here.
We are not alone.
- Then I will take it elsewhere.
- It is not your concern.
We will meet in two hours.
The square in the Old Quarter.
He will be there.
Because if he is not, I will come for you.
Any time.
Who is that camel dung? Xavier St.
Christian name for a Moor.
He has been many things.
Soon he'll be dead.
You will show him what Damascus steel can do.
Finish your tea.
And then get the horses.
It is time for us to go.
- You're going to run? - Would you rather I commit suicide? But I've seen you fight.
You're good! Not as good as Xavier.
A man must know his limitations if he wants to survive.
We leave now.
Lose him in the desert.
Then you ride alone.
Xavier was right.
Youarea fool.
You are too young.
You have never fought one like this! And he hasn't fought one like me.
Not all is written, Hamza.
Ride on if you must.
But I will stay.
May Allah be with you.
And with you.
Xavier! Are you gonna keep me waiting all day? Such rudeness.
It must be Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
Aye, it is, you arrogant, pompous boor.
Ach, no-- it's Moor, is it not? I was expecting Hamza.
Wrong again.
Just how old are you? Are you a Christian, or do you paint yourself blue and bay at the moon? - What do you care? - Just wondering what god I'm going to send you to.
Look to your own.
Your challenge was to me, and I accept.
But I am ready! It was always my fight.
It is done.
Look and listen, my pale friend.
Your time will come.
Why? Do not tell me it was written.
Because I cannot allow a friend to die in my place.
Remember me.
MacLeod! MacLeod! It's me! It's Joe Dawson.
Joe, back off.
There's someone else.
I'm sorry for the reception.
I wasn't expecting you.
Yeah, well, I wasn't expecting to come, not until this morning.
What brings you to Paris? I called him.
I know you wanted to see Methos, but 6,000 miles is a long way to travel for a social visit.
Yeah, well, it's Watcher business.
It really doesn't concern you, Mac.
I mean if it did, I would tell you.
It's all right, Joe.
I've got my own problems right now.
I don't suppose this problem has a name, does it? Kalas.
Well, he's in prison.
Not since last night.
Come on.
This is the best you could do? They know the streets.
They don't talk.
And they don't mind killing.
First installment.
MacLeod has a barge, just across from Notre Dame.
As for killing, leave that to me.
So what do we do? You follow him.
I want to know where he goes, what he does, who his friends are.
Especially her.
Why get your own hands bloody? I don't get it.
Do you know what a Philistine is, Nino? Phil who? Silly me.
There are certain things one has to do oneself.
The Colon-Segur '61? Excellent choice, Monsieur.
A marvelous year.
It would do Chef Breaux's lamb more than justice.
Unfortunately, we do not have it.
What about the '59 Pichon-Lalande? Magnifique.
But we sold the last bottle yesterday.
The '54 Lafite? Why don't I leave it in your capable hands? It would be my pleasure.
Ah, Monsieur MacLeod.
If you'd care to wait-- No, I wouldn't.
You should have stayed in prison, Kalas.
Time's up.
Oh? You think so? Look around, MacLeod.
We don't do well in crowds.
Then we'll take it outside.
Wrong again.
My show.
I'll decide when the curtain goes up.
No, no! No, no! Get in there! Get in there! Nino, what the hell's going on? Bugger! Get in the car! Idiot! What was that about? It's a long story, Maurice.
You have to get out of town.
Impossible! The restaurant.
It can wait.
Forget going home, forget your toothbrush, just get as far away as you can.
Maurice is not one to leave a friend in trouble, and I think you have trouble.
Now's not the time to be heroic.
Whatever it costs, I'll pay for it.
Are we friends? Then don't insult our friendship.
I don't need your money.
Do you have somewhere to stay? In the south.
For a good man, you seem to have many enemies.
Perhaps one day you will explain why that is.
I'm sorry, Christine, but Don is dead, and nothing you do will bring him back.
I know how you feel.
- Do you, Adam? - Yes.
You're bitter and hurt and you miss him terribly.
I miss him too.
Why wouldn't you? He gave you and your damn Watchers more time than he gave me.
And it was my time, Adam! You have a right to be angry, to grieve.
Oh, you bet I'm angry.
At you and your ugly little secret society.
Don didn't think it was ugly.
He thought our work was important.
Your work killed him.
Now this-- this thing is free.
He'll live forever and my husband is dead! And all you do is watch.
Immortals are part of history.
They are part of the truth.
Don was interested in the truth.
Don't tell me about the truth.
I trusted you.
I confided in you, both of you.
Well, now I'm going to end it.
I'm going to lift up the rock so everyone can see.
What are you saying? You want the truth? I'm going to tell the truth.
I'm meeting the editor of theTribune.
Tomorrow, the world is going to know about Immortals.
You'll destroy everyone.
The good, not just the bad.
There are no good ones! It's evil, all of it.
They are not all like Kalas.
You'll be destroying me, too.
I'm one of them, Christine.
All this time.
You're one of those things.
Pretending to be one of us.
Christine, you've known me for years.
Get out.
Get out of my house.
You're finished, all of you.
That went really well.
What were you thinking about? I wasn't thinking.
I was improvising.
By cutting yourself open.
Guess it took you 5,000 years to figure that out.
Disappointed in me, huh? Aw, come on, give me a break, will you? What did you expect? Einstein? Freud? Buddha? Forget it.
I'm sorry, Joe.
I'm just a guy.
I guess next you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus.
Look, what we have to worry about is what we're going to do about Christine.
I'm not sure we have to do anything.
She is about to let loose in a major newspaper! With what? You got all Don's files.
Every one.
I wiped the computer clean.
He didn't keep anything at home.
Christine's only got her word.
People living forever, running around cutting each other's heads off with swords.
Who's gonna believe her? It'll be filed away with alien abductions and Elvis sightings.
Well, just in case, I think I'd better follow her.
You're certain it was Christine Salzer? Yeah, I checked with the building manager.
Have you told anyone else about this? What, about creatures who live forever? Not yet, but I'm sure the boys'll get a good laugh out of it.
Really? I don't think it particularly funny! Nino.
Yeah? Fetch me another.
This one's broken.
All right.
Well, well, well.
I think I've hit the jackpot.
There you are.
You rotten bastard.
I hope you burn in hell.
I wish you hadn't seen that.
I'll bet you do.
You know, whatever you're thinking, Christine-- not gonna bring him back.
It'll make me feel a hell of a lot better.
Please give that to me, Christine, for everyone's sake.
Go to hell.
Listen, Danielle, I'm looking for Kalas.
Have you seen him lately? I don't know where he would be.
To tell you the truth, I don't care.
Guy gave me the creeps.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
What about his friends? Friends? He doesn't have any friends.
So what's this about? He owe you some money or something? Or something.
What about the bartender? Maybe I could talk to him.
Gerard? I don't think he likes you.
Do you care? You want his phone number? No, his address.
I want to surprise him.
42 Rue La Guerre.
Apartment seven.
Amanda! MacLeod! - Are you trying to get killed? - Me? I thought you were Kalas.
What are you doing here, anyway? I came to hear jazz.
You know, American music-- Coltrane, Winton, Miles.
All right, I came looking for you.
All right, I came for Kalas, but you can be really irritating sometimes.
- Yeah, and you can stay out of this.
- Look, he is my problem too.
Yeah, ever since you let him out of jail.
Wait a minute.
That is below the belt.
I know that I messed up and I have to fix it.
- You can't keep cleaning up after me.
- Amanda-- No! I'm not quitting.
Either we do this together or we do it separately.
It's your choice.
Ooh, you're irritating.
Gerard, are you home? You're wasting time.
Let me do it.
Aren't you glad I came along? Thrilled.
It's got that lived-in look.
Yeah, lived in by a pig.
You know, slobs leave things.
Even if he's not home, he may have left something.
He's home.
Or was.
Well now it's got that died-in look.
Get back! MacLeod! Ugh! Oh.
Oh, damn.
I hate when this happens.
Let's go.
You know, it's morning.
We've been looking all night.
I'm really tired.
We're not going to find him.
Our one lead back to Kalas and you killed him.
I told you I didn't kill him.
No, he just fell on his gun.
Yeah! And it went off just like that.
Just like that.
Got it.
Guy on the right side, red scarf? No, left side, black jacket.
Try not to kill this one.
Amanda! No, wait! Found me.
Ooh, that must hurt.
Now, sunshine, let's have a little talk.
What next, a little tea for two? Don't tell me.
You're together, right? Well, you're not gonna hurt little ol' me, are you? Oh,merde.
Believe me, this'll hurt you a lot more than it'll hurt me.
I know you're working for him.
Where is he? Damn it! You said you wiped everything.
You had all the files! IthoughtI did.
Well, apparently not.
What the hell was that, anyway? Don and I were working on an interactive database.
All our records in one handy easy-to-access file.
Well, that is just perfect.
The wonders of modern technology.
What, something funny? Yeah.
You sound just like Don.
He loved books.
Hereally hated computers.
I-- I never even thought he knew what a backup was, let alone how to make one.
I'm glad you can laugh when you know your life is just about to be turned inside out! Empires rise and fall, Joe.
Remember the old Chinese curse.
"May you live in interesting times.
" Well, things just got really interesting.
That's one way of putting it.
Something going on? Kalas has Amanda.
You know, we've got another big problem, Mac.
You know the Watcher business that we were handling without any help? Yeah.
She's got it all? Immortals, Watchers, the histories-- everything.
But this could start a panic, witch hunts.
Half the governments in the world will be hunting us.
I've got every Watcher in France out looking for her.
For thousands of years, Joe, you've kept this a secret! What the hell happened? Don't blame Joe.
So which it is, am I dead or am I bait? You'll be the first to know.
I don't get it.
What is this thing you have with MacLeod? There are greater gifts than immortality.
You see this? MacLeod destroyed my gift.
So now, I'll destroy everything he cares for, everything he loves.
MacLeod doesn't love me.
Really? No.
Let's forget about MacLeod.
I can be very flexible.
Very tempting.
But I spent centuries in a monastery.
You're wasting your not inconsiderable talents.
Watch her.
Don't talk to her.
Don't touch her.
Bait! You think she's still alive? He could use her against me.
But he likes to keep his victims dangling.
One way or another, he'll contact me.
Yeah? Yeah.
It's for you.
Come on.
You know this is bad for my circulation.
Can't you loosen them a bit? Don't listen to her.
Never mind.
I guess it kinda slipped.
-You stay put.
-Relax, my hands are still tied.
- See? - I told you to stay put.
Now where am I going? I'm just going to stretch my legs.
You touch me, and I touch you! Do you mind if I sit? My appointment's in 15 minutes.
You're not going to talk me out of it.
You realize what this'll do.
I mean, not to the Watchers-- the Immortals, to the world.
That doesn't matter.
This is evil.
People have to know the truth.
Let go of me.
I am begging you, Christine.
You can beg all you want.
It won't stop me.
Don't make me do this.
Try to understand me.
I can't let this happen.
I don't have any choice! Neither do I.
Please! Joe, don't do this.
Well, life as we know it is over.
Do you know what you just allowed to happen? Yes.
Then why? MacLeod, why did you save her? He didn't save her.
He saved you.
And here we are We're the princes of the universe Here we belong fighting for survival We've come to be the rulers of your world I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings Yeah! I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world