Highlander (1992) s06e12 Episode Script

To Be

Not too shabby.
Four hundred years old, and all the parts still work.
What can I say? You bring out the best in me.
Is that the best, or the beast? It's good to see you.
So, um, anyone special or new in your life? No.
You? Oh, same old same old.
It's hard to find someone you, uh, click with.
- You feel comfortable with.
- Someone attractive.
And decent.
Well, basically decent.
Yeah, who has a sense of adventure.
But in life, or in bed? Absolutely.
Somebody who makes me laugh.
Likes to travel.
Uh, travel, travel.
What time is it? Oh, God! What are you doing? I'm getting dressed.
Dressed? What for? Beats going naked to the airport.
Airport? Yeah, you know-- where they keep the planes.
I've gotta catch a red-eye to Cairo.
- Cairo? What for? - Um, I gotta see a man about a camel.
Oh, Amanda-- I didn't have time to tell you.
Besides, I just came by for a drink.
Gives a whole new weight to the meaning "layover.
" Oh, baby, don't pout.
I'll be back soon.
MacLeod, I told you I have to go.
No, you don't.
Let's get this over with quickly, okay? I've got a plane to catch.
Not anymore.
I'm about to make a slight adjustment to your itinerary.
Hey, Kong, you really got that walking-upright thing down, don't you? The lad's a bit touchy about his ancestry.
MacLeod! - Help! - The more you struggle, the more it's gonna hurt.
Come on! He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
Born in 1592, in the Highlands of Scotland, and he is still alive.
He is immortal.
For 400 years, he's been a warrior, a lover, a wanderer, constantly facing other Immortals in combat to the death.
The winner takes his enemy's head and with it, his power.
I am a Watcher, part of a secret society of men and women who observe and record, but never interfere.
We know the truth about Immortals.
In the end, there can be only one.
May it be Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander.
Here we are Born to be kings We're the princes of the universe I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world Now, wait a minute.
You're tellin' me that this chronicle is wrong, that it was Marcus Audelius that took the head of Titus Marconus, and not Peter Gaicus? I had a tidy little sum wagered on Marconus too.
Had my eyes on a little summer place outside Herculaneum.
Yeah, but why would his Watcher lie? Oh, come on, Joe.
You know how it is.
You don't want to admit to your Watcher buddies that your guy's been whacked by some sniveling little weasel like Audelius.
You make up a story that he's been aced by the greatest swordsman in Rome.
Nah, I don't know, man.
I don't know.
Hey, you ask, I tell you.
And, incidentally, it wasn't outside the Forum, either.
It was, um, it was in the vomitorium.
In the vomitorium? The place you went to vomit.
They actually did do that? You eat a 17-course meal where the main garnish is honey-coated ants and peacock brains-- We ate, we drank, we vomited.
But it doesn't say anything in this chronicle about him dying in a vomitorium.
Is that how you'd wanna go down in history? - We're having company.
Hey, Mac.
What's up? Or, should we say, who's up? Liam O'Rourke.
Now, I'm willing to overlook your working for their side, MacLeod.
Their side? I thought it was our side.
You know what I mean.
The bloody English.
I thought we were all fighting against the bloody Nazis.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
London needed a good kick in the arse.
I don't believe this.
If the Nazis had taken England, they would have left Ireland in peace.
Yes, and you would have been left in a slave labor camp, if you'd been lucky.
Moot point, MacLeod.
Now, we asked you here to join us against England.
- The answer's no.
- And you a Scot.
Have you forgotten Culloden? Don't even.
Don't what? Bring up that the English butchered over 2,000 Scots in a matter of minutes? Oh, yes, I know, because I was there.
How much killing will it take, how many funerals, how many widows before you understand what you are doing will accomplish nothing? It will create nothing, and it's not gonna solve anything.
Tara sometimes forgets that we Immortals have a different perspective on history.
Yes, well, I think it's time to learn from our mistakes.
I believe it's time to order another round.
Sit down.
Sit down, MacLeod.
Come on.
Lovely, isn't she? The face of an angel, the heart of a lion.
You've turned her into a fanatic who's gonna get herself killed.
And she only dies once.
Look at these people, O'Rourke.
They're not monsters, they're heroes.
They died by the tens of thousands to stop Hitler.
Not that one.
That one spent the war killing Irishmen.
British Commander Allan Broderick.
Arrives every week at the same time, sits at the same table, orders the same meal, reports to the Office of Irish Affairs.
Guess we'll have to forego that round.
Why? Got a train to catch.
TheFlying Scotsman, as it happens.
But by all means, MacLeod, let's continue this outside.
Have you lost all conviction, then? I've just lost my taste for innocent blood.
We have to go.
What's your hurry? Are you late for something? Actually, I'm right on time.
My mother was in there! They're English.
They're dying! Exactly.
You did this? You killed all those people? Their commander's hands were red with Irish blood.
What about your bloody hands? With us or against us, MacLeod.
Stop it! Liam, stop it! Liam, stop it! - Hurry! The police will be on us! Go! Go! No! I won't go without you! Go! Not without you! No! They were arrested, convicted and given life.
So why pick on Amanda? I mean, his beef is with you.
It's an eye for an eye, Joe.
Tara spent the rest of her days in jail.
O'Rourke could have escaped, but he stayed there until she died.
How romantic.
But very impractical.
I've got to get Amanda out.
It's my fight, not hers.
Where are you going? Well, I'm kind of fond of the little vixen myself.
Okay? Yeah.
Keep in touch.
Catch you later, man.
Okay, come on, come on.
Hello? Yeah, hi.
It's Joe Dawson.
Joe, it's 2:00 a.
I know it's late.
I'm sorry.
What's up? It's important, all right? I got a name for you.
It's O'Rourke.
Spell that.
It's O'R-O-U-R-K-E.
Joe? Dawson? O'Rourke.
Dawson! I know you don't wanna hear this, but she may already be dead.
If he wanted her dead, he would have killed her outside the barge.
Please tell me that's not written in blood.
It's Amanda's lipstick.
That's a nice touch.
I'm gonna phone Joe, see if he's come up with anything.
He won't be there.
Why not? It's from Joe's bar.
Oh, first Amanda, now Joe.
I see a very worrying pattern developing here.
This is where it stops.
Don't go, MacLeod.
I have no choice.
That is existentially inaccurate-- All right! I will come with you.
It's his rules.
The note says alone.
Rules? What rules? You think O'Rourke is taking Amanda and Dawson to play by some set of rules? - He'll kill them.
- Yes, and he will kill you too.
Not if I can help it! It's his game.
This is where this conversation ends.
Don't go, MacLeod.
It's a trap, MacLeod.
MacLeod, your pants are on fire.
Doesn't matter what I say, does it? Well, I've only been alive for 5,000 years.
What would I know about it? I'm getting them out.
Are you playing the hero here, or are you being the martyr? Whatever it takes.
Whatever I have to do, I'm keeping them alive.
People die, MacLeod.
Immortals die.
But not because of me.
Not anymore.
I think you mean good luck, don't you? Of course that's what I meant.
Sleeping Beauty awakes.
How are you? I'm just peachy.
My head is doing cartwheels.
Say hello to Tweedledee and Tweedledum.
I trust you're comfortable.
You know, now that you ask, no.
I hate these drapes.
And these handcuffs? They're just really tacky.
You should drag yourself into the '90s, Paddy.
This S-and-M stuff just isn't P.
It's just her way of breaking the ice.
And that's mine.
Brave Amanda.
And such a pretty face too.
I wonder how MacLeod's face will look as he watches you die.
You all right? Mmm.
MacLeod? MacLeod! MacLeod? No games, MacLeod.
One word, and they're dead.
Is this any way to treat an old friend? We were never friends.
You let them go, or you die right here.
I think not.
Brian! Tom! Sorry, MacLeod.
The damned leprechaun caught me by surprise.
We're all right, man.
They have nothing to do with this.
As much as Tara did.
You gave her that bomb, O'Rourke.
Whatever hell she went to, you sent her there.
Tom? Shoot the woman and take her head.
- Jesus! No! You kill her, he dies right here! Then they're both dead before my head hits the ground.
- Shoot the old man.
-Wait! No way out, MacLeod.
You can have me.
- MacLeod! - Keep out of it, Joe.
My life for Tara's.
I'll lay down my sword.
- You tell him to go to hell! - Shut up, Joe! Please! Come on, O'Rourke.
What do you think? Blood for blood? And in return? Your sworn oath, on the memory of Tara, that when I'm dead you let them go.
You have it.
I want to say good-bye.
Put down the sword.
You okay? So, what's the plan? For God's sake, MacLeod, you can't do this.
No one else dies because of me, Joe.
Tell her I love her.
It's all crap, MacLeod.
The whole damn thing.
I'll see you around.
-You bastard! You lying bastard! Kill him! -Kill him! - Get down, Joe.
- Damn you! Die, you bastard! Kill him! Bastard! Duncan I love you.
I'm so tired of killing.
MacLeod! Over here, MacLeod.
Fitz? Is that you? In the flesh, dear boy, so to speak.
Good to see you again.
But Kalas killed you.
Y-You're dead.
Well, I might say I've seen you looking better yourself.
Am I dead? Well? Try not to think of yourself as dead.
More, um, metabolically challenged.
You know, um, handicapped.
Come again? Like in golf.
Golf? Yes! And you're the ball.
- I'm the ball? - Yes, and you're rolling down the fairway.
Down the fairway.
- Now you're getting it.
- I'm not even close to getting it, Fitz.
- That's because you're not being the ball.
- What are you talking about? You've definitely left the tee, but you're not yet on the green! What? Look, try and follow me on this.
A bunch of us were sitting around the 19th hole this morning.
What? What? Where? Where? And you-know-who came in.
Asked for me specially, he does.
Well, first I was flattered.
Thought it was something important, big, you know.
Something requiring my special talents.
Right hand of God and all that, you know.
You're telling me you're an angel? Well, why can't I be an angel? Is there a point to all of this, Fitz? Is there a point to all of this? - Yes, is there a point to all of this? - Course there's a bloody poi-- Of course there's a point to all this, and I'm looking right at it.
It's you! Me? What about me? Well, forgive me for saying so, MacLeod, but it seemed to us up there that you were about to give up your life.
It was either my life or theirs.
Oh, come on, MacLeod.
I've seen you get out of many a tight spot that seemed well nigh impossible.
What made this one so different? Been a tough few years, has it? Fighting.
Always bloody fighting.
Trying to save the world.
Yeah, and nothing ever changes, does it? Did you really think you'd change the world all by yourself? Fitz, forget about the world.
What about Richie? What about Tessa? What aboutyou? If it wasn't for me, you'd still be alive.
Come on, MacLeod.
Come on.
There's something I want you to see.
Come on, MacLeod.
Look, for once in your life, you mule-headed Scot, would you please do something I tell you? Come on.
It'll be all right, laddie.
Blood is gone.
Good trick, eh? Works wonders with red wine stains too.
Where are we? Look for yourself.
Still in France? Very good.
Ten out of ten.
Recognize anything else? You like that? Nice couple.
So what? Oh, you're sweet.
Take a closer look.
Amanda? Bingo! That's not Amanda.
Amanda's back-- back th-there somewhere, with O'Rourke.
Not this Amanda.
This Amanda never met you.
Doesn't even know you exist.
Of course I exist.
Not in this world.
Here there never has been a Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod.
Never has been, never will be.
Why am I here? You've been given a gift, dear boy.
Trust in the gift.
I can't sense her.
You're not immortal here, MacLeod.
Still, you kind of get used to it.
At least she found someone she loves.
Pity it's not her husband.
That'sher husband.
You're kidding.
Take a closer look, if you like.
Don't worry.
They can't see us.
Not unless I want them to.
It gets more interesting.
Trust me.
What are those? Bearer bonds.
Three million dollars worth.
What's he doing with them? Stealing them, of course.
Does Amanda know about this? Is the Pope a Catholic? I don't believe this, Fitz.
Where is he going? Home to deliver the loot.
Her plan? Yes.
Poor Allan, up front, used to be such a decent chap.
Did all the right things-- Rotary, Kiwanis.
Used to visit his mother regular.
He even rescued a cat from a tree once.
Positive choirboy.
So? What happened? Amanda happened.
He fell for her hook, line and sinker.
God help him, the poor bastard.
Well, looks like we're home.
Darling, I'm home! Damn.
He's early.
Don't-- Later! Go.
Pretty tricky.
Darling? You were right, honey! So it worked.
Like magic.
You're amazing.
So, looks like the same old Amanda to me.
Not quite.
Wh-- What's that? Poison.
She wants to murder him? Yes.
And at $3 million worth, that's 30% more than her last husband.
No, no, no.
I know Amanda.
She's a thief, not a murderer.
You knew Amanda in your world.
This is Amanda here.
But how? Well, the usual way, you know.
Small steps.
Then one day she slipped, and you weren't there to catch her, MacLeod.
Duncan! You are the best man I know.
You make people better-- you know, people like me.
People who didn't give a damn about anything in their whole lives until you came along with your big, brown eyes and your Boy Scout rules.
I have to stop her.
Amanda! Amanda! Excuse me.
Doesn't quite work like that.
I'm afraid Allan's fate is already sealed.
No, no, no.
How do I get to her, Fitz? To easy money.
Something wrong? To my beautiful wife.
Come on! Tell me! - You really are serious about this, aren't you? - Yes! Your turn.
Well, if I were you, I'd use the front door.
I'll get it.
I'm sorry to bother you.
My car broke down, and I'd like to borrow the phone.
Not a problem.
Come in.
Thank you.
I don't know what happened.
I took it to the mechanic yesterday.
Well, no wonder.
Wait a few minutes and try again.
I hope I'm not interrupting anything.
What? Oh, no, no.
Where are my manners? Can I offer you a drink? Oh, thank you.
Duncan MacLeod's the name.
Good to meet you.
Allan, you didn't tell me we were having company.
Surprised me too.
MacLeod, this is my wife, Amanda.
He's having car problems.
Duncan MacLeod.
Uh, I hear it's your anniversary.
Thank you.
Champagne, Mr.
MacLeod? Wha-- Oh, my.
What the hell are you doing? - Spider.
Black widow, if I'm not mistaken.
- Female kills the male.
- And then eats him.
I didn't see anything.
No harm done.
I'll just fetch a broom.
I want you out, or I'm calling the police.
Go ahead.
They can analyze what's inside the glass.
How much? It's not about money.
Darling, it's always about money.
So you name your price, or you haul your tight little ass out of here.
Did you forget everything Rebecca ever taught you? Never heard of her.
Your teacher.
She believed in you.
Like I still believe in you.
I don't understand.
I don't know what's happening.
I don't know who you are, and I don't know how you know about Rebecca.
Will you help me? Will you do me a favor? Yeah.
Say hello to Rebecca for me.
You're not gonna shoot me.
Why not? Intruder breaks in, kills husband.
Faithful wife gets the drop on him.
I really should thank you.
It's actually much neater than poisoning.
Come on, let's go! Move, move, move! Come on! Amanda! You've got a gun! And you have a broom.
I win.
- No! - Freeze! -Drop it! Don't move! -You're covered! - Freeze! - No, I don't-- -Right here.
Come on! Move! Let's go! Get over here! Now! Watchers? - Amanda! Great Scot, MacLeod! No pun intended.
Do get up.
What happened? Why'd you take me away? Did they kill Amanda? They killed that Amanda, yes.
Did you know that was gonna happen? Look, don't blame me.
Blame the Watchers.
The Watchers? Yes.
Where's Dawson? He'll stop this.
Joe? I know you? We've met.
Whatever you say, mister.
Hey, maybe you got a little money for an old buddy.
All right.
You fill the hat, you get a song.
Yeah, uh-- Fitz.
Yeah, okay.
Your call.
How about "Stand By Me"? How about somethin' else? Okay? You said it was my call.
It meant a great deal to a good friend of mine.
Nobody stands by anybody.
He did.
It's been a long time.
I don't remember.
Just give it a try.
Okay? When the night Has come And the land is dark And the moon Is the only Light we see Look, I said it's been a long time.
I just don't really-- Hey, sounds great to me.
No, I won't Be afraid No, I won't Be afraid Just as long As you-- As you-- Stand-- Stand by me.
It's all crap.
The whole damn thing.
But it couldn't have happened.
Not to him.
But it did.
The Watchers stopped watching and started killing.
Joe would have stopped them.
Well, he tried for a while.
Then he did what anyone else would do when they were outgunned and outnumbered.
He gave up.
Joe Dawson doesn't give up.
Joe Dawson! Joe Dawson! Joe, stop! Come on, Joe.
I need your help.
You got me confused with somebody else.
I can't help anybody.
You're a Watcher.
You're the reason I joined.
We've got to stop the killing.
When will you get it through your thick Highland skull that you were much more than his friend? For 20 years, you were his inspiration.
Damn it, there's nothing I can do! There is if you want to! Do I look like I want to? Get behind me, kid.
What's going on? I'll take care of this.
Who are they? No! Horton's alive? And killing.
And anyone else who gets in his way.
I believe your line is, "You murdering bastard.
" Something you'd like to share? Why? Because, like you, Joseph, he didn't know what the Immortals really are.
They're perversions of nature, abominations in the eyes of God.
Just what are you? The only reason I spared your life, Joseph, is because you're nothing.
You're no one.
It's a little late to become a hero.
Buy yourself a drink.
Hey, how'd you get in here? Horton send you? You have to stop him, Joe.
Who the hell are you? That doesn't matter.
You can't let this go on.
Get real, mister.
What the hell can I do? That-- The Watcher that Horton killed? Terry Rafferty.
What about him? He believed in you.
Yeah, and look what it got him.
- You did what you could.
- I did squat! Joe, just trust me.
You're not a Watcher.
You're not an Immortal.
Not that I would trust either one! But you know about me and Horton.
What the hell's your angle? -What's in this for you? -There's nothing in this for me.
Just let me help you.
Too little too late, buddy.
Will you look at me? I am nobody.
I am nothing! No, no, no, you're not nothing, and you're not nobody.
After 'Nam, the Watchers, they gave you back your life, didn't they? Don't let Horton take that.
You are a dangerous bastard, aren't you? You really wanna help me? Yes.
Buy me a bottle.
The Watchers are gone, pal.
So am I.
Joe, there was a young Immortal named Richie Ryan.
What happened to him? Go to hell! I must say, you look a mite peaked, dear boy.
Maybe a wee dram will fortify you for the next leg of your journey.
No, I'm fine.
Well, you could've fooled me.
You look like you've just seen a ghost.
Just a friend of mine who's trying his hardest to be dead.
Then that should tell you something.
You're needed, MacLeod.
You do make a difference.
And if you can't see that-- Well, if you can't see that, then I'm out of a job.
Just what do I have to do to convince you? Tessa? And here we are We're the princes of the universe Here we belong fighting for survival We've come to be the rulers of your world I am immortal I have inside me blood of kings Yeah! I have no rival No man can be my equal Take me to the future of your world