Highlander: The Raven s01e02 Episode Script

Full Disclosure

Hey, Nick.
I've been looking for you.
I know you.
You're a ghost.
Nick-- No! You're dead.
Just like her.
Look, I heard you left the force.
And I was just wondering if-- I don't know.
If I could do-- I mean-- Go away.
Are you still here? No.
Not anymore.
See ya around.
What? Nothin'.
You've got a problem? Just some drunk.
My wallet.
Take it! Sorry, old man.
That's not what I'm here for.
Stop! You're welcome.
She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
Ambulance is on the way.
I want you to hang in there, okay? I lost him.
How is he? Not great.
Neeolsh chee.
"Neo chee"? What is that? What's he saying? It's Navajo.
Are you all right? I'm tired of people dying on me.
Oh, you're bleeding.
What was that stuff he was saying? I didn't really hear.
"Neo chee.
" You said it was Navajo.
Could have been.
You speak Navajo? You gonna be all right? Sure.
Could be worse.
You piss on me and my department.
Now you're comin' in here giving me advice.
You read the statement, Captain.
I'm not on the job now, Nick, so you got 30 seconds.
The old guy gave up his wallet.
They didn't even take it.
They didn't have to shoot him.
Let's call it 20.
It wasn't a mugging, okay? It was a hit.
Oh, thanks for the analysis, ex-Detective Wolfe.
We'll just have to handle this one ourselves.
Oh, come on, Carl.
Old Indian guy killed downtown.
This case will be on the bottom of the pile before the corpse is tagged.
You know that.
You wanna play cop so bad, why didn't you take your shot? Oh, you call that a shot.
I call it a bribe.
I put my ass on the line for you, Wolfe.
I told 'em downtown you'd make a great lieutenant.
I take the heat, and what do I get in return? Two dead cops.
And you walk away.
Well, time's up.
We're done here.
I'll trade you the heat for the nightmares.
I just got off the phone with the caterers.
I have the guest list down to 34.
It shall be a small but robust celebration of my 50th year.
I'm sorry I'm going to miss it.
Miss it? You wouldn't dare! Oh, darling, I simply have to.
Mario Cardoza's in town, and I will feel a lot safer on another continent.
So it's hasta la vistatime, baby.
And, uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't we celebrate your 50th a couple of years ago in Majorca? I don't recall.
Why don't I just disappear? You were dead, damn it.
Quite the little icebreaker, aren't we? N-No, answer me.
Look, you were really drunk last night.
I was sober when you were shot.
I saw the bullet hole.
I saw the blood.
Something I want to show you.
This is a Kevlar vest in a pleasing earth tone hue.
You had no pulse.
But, Doctor, do you wanna feel? Can I help you with something today, or are you just browsing? Hey, Nick, look-- I wanna tell you-- I'm really sorry about your partner.
I didn't get a chance to tell you before, and I'm really sorry.
About last night-- Oh, look, you don't have to apologize.
Apologize? What the hell are you talking about? - What are you talking about? - I'm talking about those two strange guys.
Didn't you notice anything strange? Strange? Hmm, you mean, like one of the guys wore $300 shoes and his partner wore a Patek Philippe watch, white gold band, platinum face, manufacture retail about, uh, 16 grand, not that those guys would ever pay retail.
- You mean that kind of strange? - Yeah, exactly.
Isn't that what the well-dressed mugger's wearing these days? If you knew it wasn't a mugging, why didn't you say anything? Because it doesn't matter what I think, and as I recall, you're not a cop anymore.
So what? So what do you care? Uh-- What? You're either a cop or a cop.
Johnny Tanner? It'll be so much easier when we all wear bar codes.
Nice to meet you too.
Nick Wolfe.
Don't you get the newsletter? Your buddies have already been and gone.
Someone puts a bullet in your grandfather, you don't seem to care.
And you do? Old Indian gets mugged, bites it? Come on! So unless you're running for mayor, I'll see you later.
I don't think it was a mugging, you little prick.
I think he was murdered.
And what the hell do you know about it? Something he said before he died.
A couple of words.
What words? Forget it.
Hang on! Later, kid.
- You speak Navajo? - Get real.
Too bad.
But my computer does.
I'm a beta tester.
You play with little video games? No! Like fail-safes, firewalls, digital security.
Like a hacker.
Hey, man, you're talking to an artist.
An artist? Okay.
Let's see you do something with this, Picasso.
This is it? Phonetic spelling.
Best I could do.
Type it in, see what you get.
Type? How old are you? Neeolsh chee.
"Neeolsh chee.
" Searching.
Match found.
Red Storm.
Red Storm? Oh, Lucy, would you please give it up? Amanda-- I'll have to kill you.
You're the boss.
Exactly, dear.
I really admire you, Amanda.
Do you? You're so much stronger than I am.
If I were you, I could never leave.
The guilt I would feel-- When Nick investigates Cardoza, and Cardoza finds out-- 300-year-old master assassin versus cute, mortal ex-cop with tight buns and green eyes-- Blue.
I can see what a fair match that is.
Will you please just be quiet? I can see why you wouldn't be concerned.
I know that look.
Come on.
Oh! If I thought that you were leaving because of me, it would break my heart.
Grazie, Mario.
Kill anyone lately? The day is still young.
Uno momento.
Amanda, please.
For old time's sake.
I'm not thirsty, thank you.
Mmm! Not very nice of you, crashing my party last night.
Ah, who knew? It was a dark alley, a helpless old man.
Not exactly your style, as I recall.
Now and again, things get personal.
Well, just curious, was it something, uh, he said? Something he saw-- me, 50 years ago and last week in the restaurant.
So? A guy like that doesn't give up until he gets some answers.
And then he became dangerous, like all mortals who know our little secret.
Red Storm? Computers don't lie, only people.
Doesn't make sense.
What does? It's Pop's.
I got all his stuff.
This is Walter, your grandfather? You ever heard of the Navajo Code Talkers? In World War II, the Japs were breaking every code we had until my grandfather and a couple of his pals started rapping in Navajo.
Poor bastards never had a chance.
He was Military Intelligence.
Yeah, until the '50s.
Then suddenly he became the wrong shade of hero.
You said you still had his things.
Let me see those.
- Something? - No, just receipts.
See ya.
Maybe not.
Oh, yeah.
Okay, genius.
Let's see you do something with these.
Who was that, that man with the left hook? Who was that? That was just some drunk, Mario.
Just some drunk that you rescued? Mm-hmm.
You're getting a little old to be turning over a new leaf, are you not? Well, everyone can have an off day.
You know, something tells me I should take your head right now and be done with it.
Now, is there any reason why I shouldn't? I just had the carpets cleaned? Oh, I've always liked you, Amanda.
You should come by the restaurant Thursdays.
I make gnocchi.
It's a tradition.
Please don't get in my way again.
I'd hate to have to kill you and your friend.
All your friends.
Oh! I'll get you cognac.
Pixel enhance.
Not bad.
Lucy, unpack.
I will be back.
Something to share? So how does it feel? What? Doing something completely unselfish.
Are we having the same conversation? You're gonna warn Nick about Cardoza.
So? I knew it.
I know that underneath that conniving, egotistical exterior-- Careful.
beats the heart of an honorable thief.
Lucy, that must be your influence.
Yes, I like to think so.
Now what's the plan? What plan? I'm assuming that since you're going up against Cardoza-- who's only killed, what, 200, 300 people, not to mention a few dozen Immortals-- that you have some sort of strategy in mind.
I haven't got a clue.
Just trying to keep Nick alive.
Well, you'll think of something.
You always do.
I wish I had your confidence in me.
Tout a l'heure.
You're still here.
Nothing slips by you.
It's amazing.
I thought you were leaving town.
Are you in a rush to get rid of me? Let's go for a walk.
We have a spike on the security net.
Taste that.
Too much garlic do you think? No.
It's delicious.
To me, there isn't such a thing as too much garlic.
- And the spike is? - It's you.
He's hacking all the intel systems looking for a match.
They were sanitized years ago.
And he also has a web page asking for information.
Ah! I hate the Internet.
Do we know who it is? Not yet.
But he posted an e-mail address for replies, so we can trace him.
Well, get it done, could you? And the church? Should we postpone this? No.
The hit goes ahead as planned.
You concentrate on your target; I'll concentrate on mine.
That's right.
You ever been there? Uh, maybe.
Maybe? You don't know if you've ever been to Warsaw? Yes, I have been there.
When? Is this leading somewhere? The old Indian guy who was murdered-- you ever seen him before? No, I don't think so.
Really? Well, that's funny.
'Cause he's seen you.
Buon giorno.
You should try the veal paprikash.
It's perfect.
I'm not hungry.
You could use a few more pounds.
How is everything with the world today? Everything is perfect.
It all went smoothly.
In fact, without a hitch.
I simply love modern handbags.
They're so roomy.
I could always rely on you, Amanda.
I made the switch, 30 seconds in and out.
No one will ever know the difference.
No, they won't.
Now, Mario, about that other little matter between us.
Hmm? I'm crushed that you don't trust me.
I don't trust anyone, Mario.
It's a lot of money for a vase.
It is Ming, but it's not classic Ming.
Well, you know, I'm a generous soul.
You son of a bitch! Come on, honey.
Let's get out of here! A bomb? That wasn't in the deal.
No one was supposed to get hurt, you bastard! Scruples from a spy and a thief.
What next, a conscience? Do sit down, Amanda! - You really should try the veal.
- I don't like being lied to.
Well, you have two options-- you can take the money, leave town, or stand by your principles and face the consequences.
So, do we have dessert, or do I kill you? Huh? Anybody home? - This isn't me.
- Who is it then? How the hell would I know? People fake pictures all the time.
Oh, come on.
You're gonna have to do better than that.
No, I don't.
See ya.
Can I just have one straight answer, please? Okay, look, um-- Everyone has a double, right? And? That's it.
The hell it is.
Your name is on the back of the picture.
And who the hell is Mario Cardoza? He's nobody.
Would you please get your phone, please? What? Jackpot.
I think.
Except it doesn't make sense.
- At least not on this planet.
- What do you mean? - Not unless this guy's Dick Clark.
- Speak English.
Our guy, Cardoza, the one in the picture from 1952? I ran his name on the Net, and I got another picture from 1996.
Guy won some cooking award.
He's got some restaurant down on 4th Street or something.
He looks the same.
The same as he did in '52? Incoming.
Black Mercedes? All the way out here? Man, did they take a wrong turn.
Johnny, what is it? What do you see? Talk to me, Johnny.
Who is it? Who's there? Oh, man! What's going on? - I'm toast.
- Johnny, get out of there! What's goin' on? Talk to me, damn it! On the way! Damn it.
This is my fault.
Look, maybe he got away.
From this? Where's Cardoza? That's not a good idea.
Nick-- Would you wait? Just wait! - You can't do this.
- Watch me.
You have no idea what you're getting into.
Oh, please! I was a cop for 12 years.
Nick, he's immortal.
Mario Cardoza is immortal.
Like me.
- Don't you ever tell the truth? - I want you to listen to me.
Cardoza's immortal.
He's been alive hundreds of years.
You can't stop him.
If you shoot him, he gets back up.
If he shoots you, you're dead forever.
You're insane.
What am I gonna do to make you believe? Wait! Amanda! Amanda! You were right.
I didn't have a vest on when I was shot.
I was dead.
No pulse.
No brain waves.
I was dead.
Truly dead.
Okay, you were dead.
Only you just didn't stay that way.
Is that it? No, I'm immortal.
You're certifiable! Gimme the gun.
I hate this part.
What are you gonna do now? Shoot me? Not exactly.
No! Amanda! No! Amanda! No! You crazy bitch, what did you do? How dare you! No! Why? Well, I know chivalry's dead, but how about a little common courtesy? You okay? Mood lighting? On the table.
The church.
The target descends the stairs at 6:00.
Precision is essential.
I need a clean kill.
That's not a problem.
And the lucky winner is-- One more thing I need to know.
And that is? Who I'm workin' for.
For half-a-million dollars you can remain ignorant.
It's your party.
That it is.
That it is.
Where are you going? As far away from you as I can.
Well, I just proved to you that I am an Immortal and you're gonna go work out? Stay away.
Well, don't you even want to talk about it? Nick! Nick.
Look, it's not like I kill myself for just anybody, okay? Lady, what you're sellin', I ain't buyin', all right? Wolfe! Johnny? - How'd you find me? - Federal conspiracy.
- Come again? - Your Social Security number.
You've got six credit cards, two parking tickets, and a neighbor with a really, really big mouth.
- Uh-uh.
- It's okay.
He's a friend.
It's okay.
Just take it easy.
A friend? I'm sitting at home minding my business-- then you come knocking.
Two hours later, my place is toast, and I'm running through the woods with Beavis and Butt-head firing at my ass.
-And now you want me to take it easy? -Why don't you put the gun down? - What are you doing with her? - I think I'm insulted.
She was in the picture, you know, with Cardoza-- This is the, uh, computer genius? The gun? Oh, for Pete's sake.
Look, hi, my name's Amanda.
I think we should go have a nice, little talk over here.
Why me? So tell us about the dirt you dug up on Cardoza.
Oh, that.
Uh, smoked.
What did you find out? Well, the guy's a hitter.
He caps people for cash.
He's on the most wanted list in five different countries.
Wait a minute.
The guy's a hit man? Who's he here to hit? Who's in town? We need a-- Newspaper.
Front page, boys.
Seems Cardoza is a major benefactor for the church.
6:00 tonight, I think he's there to assassinate the cardinal.
Okay, wait.
If Cardoza has a double, and you have a double-- - Don't go there, darling.
- Take it easy, kid.
How are you, my son? What are you doing? They blocked the street for the cardinal.
Hey, Aaron, how are you, man? Stop the cardinal! Everybody freeze! Police.
How could I have been so stupid? What the hell just happened? That hit was never meant for the cardinal.
It was always meant for Cardoza.
Say what? Think about it.
It's perfect.
What better way to recreate yourself? Half the policemen in the world are looking for him.
Now he's got a street full of witnesses who'll say he's dead.
Feds close the book on the case, and our man's in the clear.
Not yet.
What, are you gonna tell them that he's immortal? Look, you're a stressed-out cop.
You just quit your job.
You're living on the edge.
They're gonna have you in a psych ward by the end of the day.
A man who can't die.
Not by a gunshot.
No one would understand.
Give 'em a chance.
Maybe if you explain-- No, you see.
We would make them afraid.
People already feel mortal enough.
If they knew about us-- I think they'd kill us.
At least the lucky ones.
Why risk telling me? I'm not sure.
Nick, what are you doing? He's immortal.
He had an old man killed.
Now, I'm goin', with or without you.
You are so pigheaded, obstinate and selfish.
- Have it your way.
- Look, all right.
Uh, I'll go with you.
But I need to do one thing.
What? Uh, Sister.
Is there a ladies' room here? Left at the entrance.
You gotta be kidding me.
Now? A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.
Got your page.
The car's around the corner.
There's a flight leaving for Rio at 11:00.
Uh, we're not going to Rio.
Then Paris, 12:10.
I have you an aisle seat on a wide-body.
There's even movies you haven't seen yet.
Look, Lucy, I want you to go home.
Our bags are packed.
They're in the trunk.
You heard me.
Does Nick know what Cardoza is? Yeah.
Then you've done everything you could.
Not quite.
Amanda, don't go after him.
You know, you're old enough to be my great-grandmother 24 times over.
And your point is? I still feel responsible for you like I'm-- Ah! Let's not get too maternal here.
Your sister.
Look, gimme the car keys, or I'm gonna hot-wire the car.
Be careful.
We'll see you later, cookie.
Well, you better, cookie.
I hate the morgue.
The dark, the damp, that smell.
I know what you mean.
Well-- This should take care of expenses until you arrive in Zurich.
Why's the kid still alive? It doesn't matter anymore.
Dozens of people will swear they saw you murdered.
No one knows you're immortal.
Now no one knows I'm immortal.
- Lucy? - Nick! Amanda? Lucy! You going somewhere, Mario? Well, I hated to die and run, but the future beckons.
So what are you waiting for? You.
I was hoping you'd show up.
- Should I be flattered? - No, you should be afraid.
You lied to me.
Your friend's a cop.
Used to be a cop.
I'm sorry, Amanda, but you will never get to taste my gnocchi.
Gnocchi-- What the hell was that? That, my dear boy, is called the Quickening.
Does it always happen? Only when you win.
And him? He lost.
I can see that.
Why'd you do it? Nick, just because I'm a thief doesn't mean I'm a bad person.
Maybe I had something to prove.
To me? To myself.
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