Highlander: The Raven s01e09 Episode Script

Cloak and Dagger

Let me go.
Trouble with smart guys is they don't talk much.
Trouble with stupid guys is usually the same.
Now, tell me: Which one are you? There is nothing else.
"Please"? Did you hear what he said, Dieter? "Please"? Are you lookin' for sympathy from me? You sold out your country, your own people.
Why are you doin' this? I've done nothing.
I can make him talk, sir.
No! Maybe that's a good idea.
Not him.
I think he's heard about you, Keller.
Listen, my friend.
You can make this real easy.
All you have to do is talk to me, whisper sweet names in my ear.
-That's all.
-I swear to you.
There is nothing else.
What do you want me to say? Thanks to you, two of our best are dead.
Now, who else did you name? I had nothing to do with it.
You gotta believe me.
So, I see our comrade is still playing the role of grieving traitor.
He's told us everything he knows, sir.
Are you sure? - Positive.
- Good.
- Kill him, Bert.
- Sir? Now.
There's been a mistake.
You gotta believe me.
A gift for my prot? g? .
Reward for a job well-done.
There's been a mistake.
No! Bert? Bert, honey, are you all right? I'm fine.
Good thing I'm not the jealous type.
What are you talkin' about? You were screaming Ludwig's name again.
Who is he? He's nobody.
Come on, sweetie.
Talk to me.
Why don't you go on up? I'll be with you in a sec.
Would you please tell me? I'm fine.
It was just a bad dream.
Honey, I'm worried.
You're drinking too much.
You've started smoking again.
I don't know what to do.
She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
I'm really happy you're letting me buy you lunch today.
Don't gush, darling.
It isn't a date.
Give me a chance.
You don't even know me.
It's not like we spend much quality time together.
Did you ever think there might be a reason for that? Here we are.
Said the spider to the fly.
What are you talkin' about? You getting to the point.
So much for small talk.
All right.
There's this house.
Nice lot.
Great view.
Except that I'm wondering what it looks like on the inside.
Sounds like you need a good Realtor.
It's not for sale.
I was tempted just to walk up and check it out, but the owners installed this security system.
State of the art.
Be a true challenge for ya.
No, thanks.
I'm not in the break-in for hire business anymore.
That's very perceptive of you, but let me tell you: The job pays quite well.
Maybe I'm not making myself clear.
- How's $25,000? - Only if that's a down payment.
- How's 50,000? - Why don't you go home and break into that piggy bank of yours, and possibly, we'll talk later.
One more thing.
This gig involves a really close friend.
- You have friends? When did that happen? - What if I told you there was a law firm investigating a group of cops, making a case against them? Where do I sign up? Trying to prove corruption, bribery, obstruction of justice, the usual.
Dirty cops? Oh, my God.
What a news flash.
What if I told you that one of those cops was an ex-cop? Nick? Corrupt? I don't think so.
Oh, really? How long have you actually known Nick? Long enough.
You do know that he killed one of his peers? A Detective Ferris, I believe it was.
That was self-defense.
Well, we know that, but certain things might get misconstrued, especially by a D.
who wants to be mayor.
Like Nick's leaving the force under suspicious circumstances, his consorting with a famous criminal.
No offense.
Get me in.
I'll find this so-called evidence and destroy it.
How noble of you.
You don't wanna help Nick? It's his ass, not mine.
Does he know about this? No, and he shouldn't.
Come on.
Nick's a Boy Scout.
He still believes that justice is blind.
Can I ask you a personal question? Mm-hmm.
What's the story between you and Nick? I mean-- Oh, Catherine.
I was just passing by, and, uh-- Catherine, this is Amanda.
Amanda, this is Catherine.
Amanda does some consulting work for me.
- Well, I'm sure she's very well qualified.
- Well, thank you, Catherine.
You're in the security business? Securities, yes.
Innovative technologies.
- I make recommendations.
- Oh.
Got any hot tips? Sure.
Buy low.
Sell high.
And I guess you should know when to cut your losses.
Why don't you take a seat and join us? I wouldn't want to interrupt.
Oh, don't be silly.
I was just leaving.
Uh, deadlines.
Is your clock ticking? The sooner, the better.
Nice to meet you, Catherine.
Come here.
After all those times you disappeared on me, I swore that you-- Joey, you're ruining my lipstick! Oh, come on.
Baby, you look great.
Now, come on.
Let's not keep the preacher waiting, huh? My mother's gonna kill me.
Don't worry about your mother, because I'm gonna tell you: We're gonna make her a grandma.
She's gonna be making me rigatoni for the rest of my life, huh? Let's do it! All right.
- Well, you heard the lady.
- I did.
- I've decided I'm gonna do it.
- What did Nick say? - Nick is out of town.
- You're crazy.
Nine out of 10, Myers is lying.
Yeah, but what if he's not this time? I can't take that risk.
Come on! A high-powered attorney's house? This guy doesn't have enough office space? He has to keep his records at home? And what if you get caught? Who do you think's gonna take the fall? Please.
I can do this in my sleep.
Besides, he's gonna be with me.
- He's playing you.
- This is the most important day of my life, Joey.
I wanna hear you when you say, "I do.
" Okay.
In that case, do you, Joseph McCormick-- Is that your real name? McCormick? What? Come on, Joey.
He's a minister.
-We gonna start this marriage lying to God? -God? You think he's God? You think God would take a job in Vegas? Joey! It's Poletti.
Joseph Vincent Francis Poletti.
I see.
Do you, Joseph Poletti, promise to never run out on two million dollars' bail again? - I-I-I-- - Uh-uh-uh.
- Joey? - What is this? Put your hands above your head.
Do it.
You don't know what you're getting yourself into, pal.
Don't flatter yourself.
- Joey! - Get him! - What'd I just say? You made the bail bondsman happy.
If he's happy, I'm happy.
I can't believe how you nailed that Poletti guy.
I was lucky.
? ? ? ? Whoa.
There's more here than we agreed on.
- Take it as a down payment for the next job.
- What next job? A guy who stole the plans for a new gun prototype has split to Mexico.
You wanna go? Mexico? No, thanks.
Come on.
You should go.
It's a paid vacation.
Then you go to Mexico.
I can't.
Some Indian diplomat is coming to town.
The firm's been hired to provide security, so-- You all right? Yeah.
Why? You seem a little jumpy.
I'm fine.
Just busy.
That's all.
Why don't you take a week off, take that nice lady of yours someplace? Wish I could, but, see, I gotta do this job, so-- Yeah.
Hey, come on.
I'll buy you a beer.
Maybe another time.
Stay out of trouble, Myers.
Late night jog? I'm sorry.
Didn't mean to wake you.
Be sure and say hello to her for me.
What? Amanda? I told you.
It's business.
Yeah, right.
Security business.
Sneakin' around in the middle of the night with a bleached blonde.
Catherine, you know what I do.
I'm not so sure anymore.
We've been through this.
Three months ago.
Things change.
Hey, I love you, Catherine, and I promise this will all be over soon, okay? It better, or we'll be over.
The property's surrounded by ultra-sensitive motion lights and detectors.
The interior has a multi-source laser detection system.
Heat sensitive? Yes.
Even if you could walk on the ceilings, the lasers would pick up on you.
Well, I can break that if you give me a time limit.
It's three minutes, without the owner's digital prints.
Lasers, radar.
You don't pick easy ones, do you? Hey, a picket fence and a watchdog, I could've handled solo.
What are you doing? Ordering Chinese? Attempting to break the code.
and two from column one.
Come on.
Come on.
All we need now is to disable the interior alarm system.
Can you do it? Break-ins are us, darling.
I hate to ask, but what in the hell is that piece of junk? This car carries a heat-sensitive microfiber.
I'm gonna send it into the house by remote.
When it hits its mark, I'm gonna raise the heat above body temperature, and that'll be our cue.
the hottest thing in the room, which won't be us anymore.
That's brilliant.
I have my moments.
- We're basically in.
- Let's go.
Remote? Here.
The real trick is not to wake anyone with things going bump in the night.
Come on.
We can get a clean view from over here.
Here comes the last train to Clarksville right on time.
Now what? Come on, my pretties.
See? Wow.
I'm sold.
The file's upstairs.
Stay put.
I'll meet you back here.
I'll check the back.
Don't be clumsy.
Three minutes.
Come on, Ludwig.
It's over.
Where is it? It'll never be over.
Thirty seconds.
We're done.
Did you get what you needed? Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
The new irrigation project for drought-plagued India.
Haleh Chandra, shown arriving in town today, is expected to speak out against the project.
Chase MacAffee, reporting live the news as it happens.
Where the hell were you? Everything's fine.
Fine? You didn't have to wait up.
Well, it's the last time.
I'm moving out.
I'm all done now.
It's over.
No more secrets.
Just like that? I don't think so.
Cat, you gotta trust me on this.
Please? Why the hell should I believe you? Because I love you.
Then prove it.
Let's go away somewhere, just the two of us.
No work.
No secrets.
I'll pack.
We'll take the first plane out in the morning.
Wait a second.
Slow down.
I knew it! Look.
Give me 48 hours-- just one more job, okay? Afterwards, we go wherever you want-- you pick the place.
And when we come back? My work will never come between us again.
That's a promise.
Please? Please? Ohh-- Did you find Basil? Yeah.
About two seconds before he left on vacation, and he simply loved the painting I liberated.
In fact, he loved it a lot.
I wouldn't go spending any of this if I were you.
You might need it to post bail.
What are you talking about? No good deed goes unpunished.
I can't believe it.
That is the house! You have to find Basil.
That etching put you at the crime scene.
He's gone.
I don't know where he went.
Then contact Myers.
# I crawled from the window to the door - Oop.
- Didn't you ever learn to knock? What? In a garage? Who made up that rule? -My garage.
My rules.
- Sorry.
I'm trying to find Myers.
Why? Because I wanna kill him.
Sounds good to me.
Son of a bitch set me up.
Murder? It wasn't supposed to happen that way.
He told me there was this law firm who was preparing a case against you.
- He was gonna destroy all the evidence.
- What evidence? Bribery.
Obstruction of justice.
- You actually believed him? -Turns out the dead guy wasn't even a lawyer.
Myers just used me to break into the house so he could kill the guy.
- You were trying to help me.
- Would you just tell me where he is, so I can wring his little neck and this can all be just a memory? Where are you going? To find Myers.
This is not your problem.
You just made it my problem.
Don't touch anything.
I'm sorry.
I can't hear you, Amanda.
What? Just listen for one second.
Why is it always your job to take care of everybody? Oh, don't think of it as a job.
Think of it more as a-- a hobby.
Very profound.
Now, where is he? Tell you what.
You look after the Immortals and leave the rest to me.
Nick? Who are you talking to? Okay.
Just-- If he calls in, would you have him-- would you have him get ahold of me? Nick.
And, Catherine don't worry.
Who are you talking to? Nick! Nick! You know, you are the most stubborn, pig-headed man I've ever met.
I have been called worse by better people.
All right.
I want you to tell me where Myers is.
I know he's your friend.
Why? Because he set me up.
Why is it you agreed to help him? Does it matter? To me it does, yes.
All right.
Well, uh, the moon was blue and my Venus was in retrograde.
Why does anybody do anything? You never trusted Myers.
Well, I also waltzed with Machiavelli.
I didn't trust him either.
What kind of felony did you commit for him? As I recall, it had something to do with a gondola, the Grand Canal and a dwarf named Antonio.
Just give me his address.
You never thought anyone was gonna indict me.
Because you were innocent.
What does that have to do with anything? Myers is right.
You are a Boy Scout.
And you're a thief who put her butt on the line for an ex-cop.
What can I say? I'm a paradox wrapped in an enigma.
Although I look much better wrapped in mink.
Why can't you just ever be straight with me? Nick, I don't have time to go into the finer points of truth, justice and the American way.
I've lived long enough to see good men get shafted.
I don't wanna see it happen to you.
You don't owe me anything.
I don't think I do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Now, what's his address? Forget it.
Wait a minute.
What about a little quid pro quo here? I mean, I help you, you help me? You owe me on this one.
That's exactly why I'm gonna take care of this myself.
We're finished with it.
Come on.
About an hour.
What the hell's with you? I see you've read the paper.
Anything interesting? You're ruining my sweater.
Let go of me.
In a minute maybe.
Are you crazy? Not crazy enough to set up someone for murder.
- It's not like that, Nick.
- Oh, that's right.
That's why you wanted me to go to Vegas.
So I wouldn't interfere? You don't understand.
- You have no idea what you're talkin' about.
- Well, make it clear.
- I really needed to get into that house.
- So you could kill the guy.
It was self-defense, Nick.
- He had a shotgun on me.
I swear it.
- I like this guy already.
Ever heard of the Stasi? Yeah.
East German Secret Police.
See, I knew 'em from the inside.
Till the Wall came down, I worked as a double agent.
The guy I shot, he was no industrialist.
His name was Ludwig Weiss-- living under an assumed identity.
He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of men and women.
I was his prot? g? , or so he thought.
You're late.
Five minutes.
We're not in Germany anymore.
No need to be overly punctual.
Yes, well, it's this Western life.
It taints us.
It broke my heart, what you did, betraying me like that.
Tell me.
What do you think would happen if the contents of this file were made public? I could speculate what certain people might do if they knew who you really are.
- Were.
- Were.
- I can live with that.
But you did name names.
- How many of these names-- that is, the ones that survived-- are out there looking for you? I'll ask you again.
What do you want? Your security firm will be providing protection for a visiting Indian diplomat, a Mrs.
Ohh, you still have it.
May I? I'm touched.
She's very outspoken in her views, I'm given to understand.
Sadly, not everyone shares them.
Are you asking me to assassinate some Indian diplomat? You used to be good at it.
Are you out of your mind? I can't do that.
But we're counting on you.
Why else do you think your security firm was given such a lucrative contract? You've made so many mistakes, Bert.
Some of them could be deadly.
For both of us.
Now, give me that file.
You don't think that's the original? - Besides, killing me won't change anything.
- It'll make me feel better.
Now, give me that file.
I'm unarmed.
That's always been a problem for you.
- People change.
- Not you.
But I've made contingency plans, should I be mistaken.
Drop the gun.
It's been a long time, Keller.
Contingency upon contingencies, as we were all taught.
Some of us better than others, it seems.
And when the Curtain fell, I thought I made a clean exit.
Why do they wanna kill Mrs.
Chandra? She's speaking out against some massive dam project planned for her homeland.
She claims it'll destroy the environment and displace millions of people.
Hey, with millions of dollars invested, why not? Exactly.
But that's why I needed those files.
I thought if I could save myself, I could save her.
How selfishly noble of you.
But now Ludwig's dead.
It's over.
Two birds with one bullet.
You must be livin' right.
See, I can't go to the police.
There are people out there lookin' for me.
I'd be signing my own death warrant.
Plus, Amanda would be arrested as an accessory to murder.
Yeah, but you'll clear her, right? I'd love to do that, Nick, but I can't.
Well, I'd love you to do it too, and you will.
I go down, she goes down with me.
It's up to you.
What was I thinking? Of course you'd side with him.
I did the research, Amanda.
Stasi, the man known as Ludwig Weiss? You don't wanna know about this guy.
He was a monster.
So because you've decided he's a bad guy, it's all right for Myers to have murdered him? It wasn't murder.
It was self-defense.
Nick, I read the paper.
Ludwig had two bullet holes in his jammies.
I was there, for God's sake.
I didn't hear a damn thing.
Don't you think it's convenient that Myers had a silencer when he was "forced" to defend himself? I have a question.
I'm really, really curious.
If you were still a cop, would you just let him walk? Don't pretend to know my conscience.
You're not up to it.
You would have his ass stapled to the jail cell by now.
What is it you want from me, Amanda? Nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
You got it.
It's because of you.
Me? What does this have to do with me? He brings Myers down; he brings you down too.
You think he's protecting me? Didn't we have a little talk about you listening in on my conversations? I just wanna give you a phone message.
Basil? Is he back? He sold the etching.
To whom? Oh, some guy who was just asking a lot of questions.
But he sold it to him anyway.
What do you expect? Basil wouldn't let some small matter like trust interfere with his making a profit.
Well, did he even get a name? Nope.
But his security camera did pick up a license plate.
It's okay.
You're gonna be okay.
All right? Stay with me.
Will you give us a minute? You're not serious? Please? Let's talk a little bit about blackmail.
Catherine! Catherine! Hey, Nick.
I hate him.
Sounds like you're having a bad day.
Just one? Is he in? Yeah, but he can't be disturbed right now.
He's with his associate.
Maybe I'll disturb him anyway.
What is with him? What do you mean? He's having bad dreams.
He's waking up in cold sweats.
He's smoking.
What is going on? Have you been with him all day? No.
He picked me up at the grocery store about 15 minutes ago.
What about around noon? No idea.
Why? Nick, you're not holdin' out on me too? Listen, if I find out anything, you'll be the first to know, okay? The etching.
That's what I'm talking about, and don't pretend that you don't know.
I got a very good description.
"A weasel with a fake smile and a desperate wallet"? You could ask nicely.
You saw me take it, didn't you? Yeah.
Maybe you'd like to put this back where you found it, hmm? What's the catch? No catch.
I just wanted to make sure that nobody can trace it back to you.
Just tell me one thing.
What kind of schmuck would steal such an easily traceable item from a murder scene? Huh? Maybe next time you won't leave dead bodies laying around.
- Pleasure workin' with you.
- Bert, never-- and I mean never-- Whatever.
One cop's dead.
One's in I.
I'd like some answers.
Have you met Amanda? Look, Amanda was just about to leave.
Where were you today? Where'd you find this? Around noon, where were you? With Catherine, having lunch.
Really? Well, you must still be hungry, 'cause Catherine said she ate alone.
You two must have a lot to talk about, so I'm gonna just go.
I don't think so.
I think you should fill me in too.
What do I know? We might as well get it out in the open.
How much trouble the two of you can get into in two days.
Well, it's a talent we hone.
Can we please get back to the problem now? Yes.
Obviously somebody tried to frame me today.
Whoever it was was probably after the documentation we discussed.
Please tell me they didn't get it.
Hello? You know, Ludwig was like a father to me.
You don't recognize my voice.
And we were so close.
I'm crushed.
And if I say no? You know better than that.
Consider this a friendly reminder.
Our agreement still stands, so don't disappoint us or we'll definitely disappoint you.
I really appreciate what you and Amanda are doing for me.
I know.
And I wanna say I'm sorry.
Are you developing a conscience on me? Hey, it happens to the best of us.
Take a look.
That's Keller.
- How old is this picture? - He hasn't changed much.
The guy smokes like a chimney, carries a Luger and likes to use it.
- Anything else? - Yeah.
He limps.
I thought guys like this disappeared when the Wall fell.
It's called capitalistic progression.
They've given up torturing their citizens for more practical pursuits, like makin' money.
You tell me who pays them, I'll tell you who they serve.
You're doing the right thing, you know? Do you think so? It's the end of the road for me-- I'm tellin' ya.
Change your name.
Start again.
How often can you do that? You think I was born Bert Myers? You'll be alive.
You'll have Catherine.
God only knows why she puts up with me.
How's it coming? Twenty minutes.
You're late, Amanda.
You must be confusing me with someone who works for you.
- Gotta love her.
- Maybe later.
Here you go.
Is everything ready? Uh-huh.
Are you sure? Would you relax? You're not supposed to let them see you sweat.
Didn't they teach you that in spy school? Time.
Good luck.
You too.
Thank you, guys.
I know I've been a-- Schmuck? I know this is none of my business, but-- Then don't ask.
I just thought I'd mention it.
What's the story between you and her? She's way too old for me.
What do you mean? How old can she be? You'd be surprised.
Which is the human one.
You do realize that as far as I'm concerned, that is of paramount importance.
Your guys in position? Uh, the businessman.
Bicycle delivery guy.
Needs a haircut.
The newlyweds.
The usual suspects.
I'm ready on this end.
- Should be any time now.
- Amanda? - All set.
- We're up.
Limo's here.
We're good to go.
Madam Chandra, this way.
Get down! Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on.
We've got the shooter.
We're all clear.
Madam Chandra is safe.
Good job, everyone.
You! Happy to see me, Catherine? Let go! - Amanda? - Where'd that come from? Amanda-- the limo.
You stay here.
You okay? Fine.
She went that way.
- "She"? - Myers sure knows how to pick them.
Sure does.
Well, aren't you gonna say something? What do you expect me to say? "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"? What a lie it all was.
Not all of it.
Come on.
We had some fun.
The sex was great.
- I was your assignment.
- Contingency upon contingency.
Contingency upon contingency.
Don't take it personal.
Ludwig's dead.
Why'd you keep goin'? Why? Because it's what I know.
Come on.
We can make a deal here.
Let me go, and I'll destroy all that evidence against you.
Come on.
You kill me, you'll be killing yourself.
That information is still out there.
You need me.
Say hi to Ludwig.
I'll join you both when I get there.
Put it down.
Get out of here, Nick.
This is none of your business.
Nick, don't let him kill me.
She's not worth it.
She betrayed me.
Don't do this.
I'm doing the world a favor.
You kill her, your life is over! Nick, help me, please.
Put it down.
You've won.
I've lost everything, Nick.
No, you haven't, but if you do this, you will.
It's not worth it.
- Please.
- To me, it is.
She forgot her flashlight.
I'm sorry.
Just came by to say thanks.
Hey, you all right? Bike's coming along nicely.
What's up? Catherine obviously-- She, um-- anyway.
Ballistics matched up her gun as the murder weapon.
You know, the cop at Ludwig's estate? - Yeah.
I'm sorry.
- I'll just get out of town for a while, stay low till the smoke clears.
Will you thank Amanda for me, please? I, um, knocked this time.
I heard you.
I'm sorry.
No! I got it.
I thought I might find you here.
I was just tellin' Nick, uh-- - What's that? - Photos.
Few things you might be interested in.
- Where'd you find these? - "Need to know," Myers.
"Need to know.
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