Highlander: The Raven s01e15 Episode Script


Good evening, Mr.
Workin' late again? Not for much longer.
Good night.
She is immortal.
A thousand years old and she cannot die.
A creature of legend like the raven, a thief who stole the sun and the moon.
They sent a warrior to bring her back.
He found her.
Together, they brought back light to the world.
I was a cop.
To me she was just a thief, another day on the job.
But she wasn't-- She changed my life, changed everything.
And both of us knew from that moment on, nothing would ever be the same.
My company is in ashes.
When they stole that briefcase from my safe, they stole everything I have.
I want it back.
I'm confused about something.
The police are investigating the arson, but you didn't tell them about the theft.
For 25,000 up-front, 25,000 on delivery, you don't get to ask.
Well, you have a nice day.
You know the way out.
Myers said you were the best.
I'll pay whatever it takes.
What it takes is for you to be honest with me.
It is not illegal.
It's plastic.
Like plastic explosives? No.
The kind they will make airplanes from.
A new polymer-- resistant to heat and stress.
So light, you'll have to tie it down.
So whip up a new batch.
I can't.
The prototype was destroyed in the fire.
Ten years.
Millions in development.
My bankers and stockholders smell the only prototype is gone, and my research is burnt to hell.
- Hmm? - Right.
Your investors bail.
Your stock goes through the floor.
- You got any clues? - Nothing.
Garrett, don't lie if you don't do it well.
- There was a woman.
- There always is.
She disappeared the night of the fire.
You got an address? Yeah, but it won't help you.
Why? She was living with me.
Name's Talia.
Talia Bauer.
I must be going.
Feel like working? You know I'm on my way to Tahiti.
Have a nice trip.
Now, look.
If we were on a beach and you were a guy and I was a girl, what would you think about this? Where's the rest of it? Ah, perfect.
I'm gonna need a bodyguard.
No can do.
I'm on the job.
Someone stole a briefcase.
Talk about overkill.
Actually, real professionals.
Used just enough explosive power to melt the inside but not enough to damage the structural integrity of the building.
Did you take a correspondence course? Six months on the bomb squad.
And then what? I became attached to these.
Let me guess.
Negotiable securities? Diamonds? Plastic.
As in credit cards? As in plastic.
Have fun.
Did you enjoy yourself,mon coeur? Ah, pure joy, Frederick.
And, uh, what's your pleasure now? Well, you did promise me a glimpse of those adorable family jewels.
I could never say no to you.
I think you have guests.
This way.
Oh, dear.
Fear not.
I'll protect you.
You're very brave, but let me do the talking.
My friends-- They are no friends of mine.
Nor do we want to be.
Look at him.
A stuffed shirt with ruffles masquerading as a human being.
People, please.
Take this and go in peace.
Peace? And let this leech grow old and feed off our people's blood? I am Frederick, the Duke of Chambord.
To the guillotine! Frederick, shut up! Honor requires I do not.
Mon coeur.
The animals have won.
And you warned him.
He was so young.
He was an enemy of the people.
He was the people's enemy, and now he is not.
- And now it is between us.
- Oh,mon coeur, it is between you and Lady Guillotine.
Take her! To the guillotine! You know her? No.
But she holds a sword really well.
What about this crest? What about it? Crest.
Sword fighting.
Tight pants.
Come on.
It's not that big of a leap.
It is from Tahiti, darling.
I'll bring you back a coconut.
You know, the last time I was here, you couldn't see the Eiffel Tower.
Of course, it wasn't built yet.
- What are you doing here? - I just came to visit an old friend.
Ah, that's cute.
Is that what I am? You look great, Talia.
I love your hair.
And yours is so neat.
Tell me.
How is the revolution business? Blown up any buildings lately? Well, some of us have a purpose in life, Amanda, and others-- Are just thieves.
I'm expecting a guest shortly, and you will not be here.
So why don't you just tell me what this is about and get out? I'm trying to keep you out of prison, Talia.
This is a first-class ticket to Tahiti.
The plane leaves tonight, and I suggest you be on it.
Really? Hey! Hey, you there! Wait! Stop! I'm a friend of Garrett's.
I just wanna talk! So what's the big-time rebel doing dating a man from theFortune500? Poverty was one of the virtues I got tired of.
Well, I could see why revolution wouldn't pay as well as stock options.
Don't make jokes, Amanda.
It doesn't suit you.
Do you know how many times I've died? How many years I've wasted in prison for them? And nothing changes.
Speaking of prison, would you like me to help you pack? I'm not going anywhere.
If Nick is looking for you, he's going to find you.
Then that's his problem, isn't it? Talia, he's a friend of mine.
Then keep him away from me.
You owe me at least that.
Yes, I do.
All right.
Why don't you give me the briefcase, and I will leave you alone.
I can't.
It's a piece of plastic.
What's the big deal? Plastic? Is that what Garrett said? Very good.
Well, I guess he couldn't tell you the truth.
Which is? The case contains a vial of blood, Amanda.
- My blood.
- What? How much do you think the secret of immortality's worth? What are you talking about? Garrett is a great chemist.
If anyone can bottle eternal life, it will be him.
And if he does, it will be the beginning of the end.
For all of us.
If you're looking for Tahiti, it's due south.
I was gonna tell you.
Before or after I got shot? What happened? No, no, no.
Don't change the subject.
You brought it up.
Let me guess.
Talia's an Immortal, and you knew her from before.
Well, who can really say that they know their fellow man? Or woman.
So you're not friends? Friends? No.
And you wouldn't tell her that I'm on her tail? Maybe I do owe her one teensy-weensy favor.
So what's the favor? Oh, nothing.
Just the kind you owe when someone saves your life.
It's bit cold here and damp.
A night with the rats in the dungeon will shut you up.
We'll see how smart your mouth is when your head's on a pike.
Stop! I won't be taken alive! Leave her! She was trying to escape! Drop your weapon.
This one won't die so easily.
Dagger! You think you're clever, don't you? But when you die here, you die forever.
Don't do this, Talia.
It's out of my hands now.
Listen to them.
They're crying out for blood, and blood we will give them.
Why are you doing this? You know what I am.
You're a blind cancer like the rest of them.
It is true.
I do belong to a privileged class like yourself-- the Immortals-- but I do not deserve to die like this.
If you say so.
I am innocent.
Just like your duke.
He was harmless.
Harmless? He was a murderer.
I found a young girl in the snows last winter, half frozen.
There was nothing I could give her myself, but I carried her to your duke's door, begging for food and blankets.
In return, they had me beaten.
The child died.
I am sorry.
So you see, no matter if you're innocent.
You die anyway.
Oh, but I am no more a member of the aristocracy than you are.
My first death-- I was that little girl.
I was murdered for stealing a loaf of bread.
Stop! Thief! Stop! Stop there! And when I became an Immortal, I was taken in by a lady, an aristocrat, who became my teacher.
Leave her.
She saw past my rags and my coarseness and my fear.
Are you an angel? Not quite.
I'm Rebecca Horn.
Can you use a sword? And read.
Just as you will.
What for? Books are for monks, and women don't fight with swords.
You seem to know everything about everything.
I know what I need to know.
Tell me.
Who's a better thief? That isn't going to be enough anymore.
Your life is about to change.
How? More than you can imagine.
She gave me the only home I ever knew, and I repaid her by stealing from her.
You wouldn't want to leave without this.
I don't wanna fight ya.
I can't fight ya.
Then give back the crystal and stay.
Finish what you started.
Rebecca taught me to fight, to survive, but more than that, to believe in myself.
She taught me to forgive.
She taught me to be the person I am.
Enough? Put up your blade.
I think you could've won.
- Maybe.
- What now? More books? No.
No more books.
No more lessons.
I've done as much as I can.
What are you saying? That I have no more to teach you, Amanda.
It's time you were on your own.
There's more to learn.
I'm not ready.
Yes, there is more to learn and places you must go, but-- but I can't take you there.
Rebecca! Rebecca! Amanda? You must hide me, quickly.
What's wrong? There is a man.
He's pursuing me.
A man? What sort of man? Has he challenged you? For three days and nights I've been running, and he always finds me.
Is he an Immortal? Did I train you all those years for nothing? Coming here is no answer.
But I thought you said holy ground is our refuge.
And so it is.
But you can't hide here forever.
Nor can you run here every time you meet another Immortal.
Rebecca, please.
I can't.
I'm not good enough.
Will you run all your life? Choose your ground, choose your weapon and face what is to come.
In a thousand years, I've lived as a peasant, a duchess, a slave-- And now you die as a noble! But surely you've seen the pattern of these mortal wars.
This revolution shall pass, and nothing will have changed.
You're wrong.
The world will change.
History will be made.
But it's their history, their world, not yours and mine.
Fight me, kill me, but not like this.
Talia, we are immortal.
We're not sheep to be led to slaughter.
Spare my life.
And in return-- What could you possibly have to offer me? If not in this lifetime, then in the future perhaps.
Someday I promise to repay you.
The guillotine demands payment now, Amanda.
How much more blood will you spill trying to warm a frozen child? Leave her! Stop right there! - Did you mean it? - Yes.
- Then I'll hold you to your promise.
- Anytime.
Come on! There she goes! After her! Hey! She saved my life.
Very touching.
Right out ofMasterpiece Theater.
I was just trying to give her a chance to explain.
Let her explain to me.
She-- She's not in there.
I-- I told you she's not here.
Indulge me.
Hello? Told ya.
Shouldn't you be on a plane to Tahiti or something? Oh, would you just forget about the briefcase? It's not what you think.
I'm listening.
It's not plastics.
It's blood samples.
Talia cut herself, and Garrett saw her heal.
So he found out she was an Immortal.
Then he went on this Frankenstein trip.
He drugged her and took more blood, and now he's looking for the miracle cure.
The-- For death.
You know, it's the '90s.
Cloning, D.
Spice Girls.
So what's the going rate for immortality? That's what she asked.
Where's the blood now? Bottom of the river.
Talia dumped it.
You know, I've known Talia for over 200 years.
Would she lie about this? Absolutely, if it served her.
She's also quite capable of using explosives and taking out a couple of guards.
On the other hand, Immortals don't have a lock on violence and dishonesty.
Oh, that's for sure.
It must be difficult for you.
What's that? Well, you know, dealing with us, operating in our world-- the rules, the immortality.
It's the same world, Liam.
Do you think so? Yeah.
I mean, Immortals-- Some are good.
Some are bad.
I mean, they're just like the rest of us, right? Most of them are just trying to put one foot in front of the other and survive another day.
You might be right.
Maybe all we do is live longer.
I sometimes think that we waste our gift though.
Do you ever wonder what you'd do if you were immortal? Yeah, I've thought what it'd be like to be in the Crusades or to mix paint for Michelangelo or to spar with John L.
But I mean what would you do with your time if right now, this very minute, you learned you were gonna live forever? Ah, forget it.
Come on, now.
Would you be the Masked Avenger or the greatest crime fighter the world had ever known? Or would you spend the next hundred years finding a cure for cancer? Uh, depends on the day.
You're not gonna let me off the hook, are you? No.
I guess I'd try and be more like Beethoven or Michael Jordan.
I see we're not ambitious then.
You want the truth.
Maybe just try and perfect myself, you know-- become a better me.
Spoken like a man of wisdom.
But I've often wondered why we don't do more, become more.
I mean, we have all this time, all this opportunity.
So why aren't we Einsteins or da Vincis or Mozarts or-or-or Hawkins? Maybe genius isn't a function of time.
Maybe-- Maybe it's an act of God.
That's very good, Nick.
Did you ever think of becoming a priest? I can honestly say that I never have.
What's your next move? Uh, find Garrett, see who's lying.
What if it's Talia? If it's Talia, I'll deal with it.
Nick, I have known Talia weep over the death of an old woman she hardly knew.
And she killed her.
She's a dangerous woman.
I'll bear that in mind.
I've gotta go.
Got a christening in half an hour.
God bless, Nick.
I need it.
Oh, and, Nick, nice talkin' to you.
This better be important, Wolfe.
What the hell's the problem? It's real simple.
If somebody screws with me, it pisses me off.
I already told you.
About plastics.
I remember.
Wanna try best two out of three? Doesn't matter.
I already know what's in the briefcase.
You found it? My God, where is it? Gone.
Gone where? Talia threw it in the Seine.
She couldn't.
Well, she did.
Sorry for the bad news.
I'll be sending back your money.
So she's dead? Dead? What are you talking about? One drop of that stuff-- God help me.
The Seine? How many others? Wait a minute, Garrett.
What are you talking about? It's okay.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
You'll be fine.
No time.
There's no time.
What's in it? Death.
Four hours of interrogation makes me cranky.
I can see that.
There was something else in that case.
What? Like a free toy surprise? Like something deadly.
I think I need to give you that ticket to Tahiti.
I think you're really tired.
You think I'm crazy.
I think you're creatively enhancing the situation, imagining things.
My imagination killed Garrett? It could be totally unrelated.
He had no idea she was immortal.
Then why did he take her blood? He wasn't worried about blood.
It's about time.
I tried to get you at your home, but you had company.
Carries a nine-millimeter.
Not to worry.
I'll take care of him.
Like you took care of Garrett? Why'd you kill him? All is better than half.
Our deal was with him.
Well, obviously it's not anymore.
I'm tired of dealing with errand boys.
Where's the general? He doesn't appreciate showin' up in the headlines.
The bomb.
The murder.
But the merchandise is worth so much more now there's only one sample.
We were promised discretion.
The general has reduced his offer.
Now, why don't you just march right back to your happy little dictator and tell him the price has just doubled.
Extortion is never a healthy way of doing business.
Twelve hours, or the item goes on the open market, mate.
Why does this feel like deja vu Dickens.
She loves the classics.
Ah, correction.
Old boyfriends.
I'm hungry.
You hungry? Aha! Just as I suspected.
What is it? Champagne and a vat of caviar.
Viva la revolution.
What are you eating? Caviar.
Pay dirt.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
So butch.
Just like she said.
It doesn't make sense.
Why would she throw out the vial and keep the briefcase? Maybe she was lying, and maybe she put it somewhere else.
A Brockton 704-- titanium lining, graphite hinges, random tumblers and a fail-safe detonation lining.
Are you flirting with me? Ah, my best time: six minutes, 14 seconds.
Time's up.
Comfortable? Uh, yes.
I'm winning.
You must be Nick.
Got some bad news for you.
Should I sit down for this? It's Michael Garrett.
He's been shot.
My God.
That's terrible.
I was angry, but I can't believe he's dead.
He's not.
A couple of flesh wounds.
No vital organs.
He's a lucky man.
He's resting at Saint-Luc Sanitarium.
They say he'll be fine.
- Good.
- We thought you'd be pleased.
And you-- How are you today? Hospital food will kill you.
You're good.
Now let me guess.
While I'm here, Amanda's searching my place, right? You get an "A" for intuition.
Thank you.
I'm bettin' that's not truth serum in your hand.
You want the truth? Oh, yeah.
I already told Amanda.
Oh, yeah.
You mean about the blood.
I don't think so.
You fill in the blanks.
Garrett Pharmaceuticals.
Let me see.
- Probably a virus? Bacteria? - Nerve toxin.
A laboratory accident that ended up being worth millions.
That's why you killed him.
He got greedy.
Wanted me cut out.
You shoot me, I drop it, and everyone in this building is dead within 24 hours.
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe I shoot you, you drop it, and I catch it before it hits the ground.
Pull the trigger.
I hate to waste a bullet, but okay.
- What? - Didn't anyone ever teach you proper phone etiquette? - Amanda, not now.
- Fine.
Then I won't tell you what I found in Talia's safe.
- What'd you say? - It's pretty weird looking.
I'm going to find out what it is.
Amanda, whatever you do, don't open it.
- Don't what? - Open it.
- Open it? - No! I said don't! No! No! Don't open it! So what now? So now we know who was telling the truth.
Your friend Talia is a murderer.
I'm not trying to protect her-- You could've fooled me.
Have you ever heard of the longbow? What does that have to do with this? The longbow was really the rage at one point in time until the flintlock blew it off the map-- no pun intended.
And then, of course, they identified the atom.
Need I go on with this little story? Every weapon ever invented has been used.
Thank you.
We need to find someone who can neutralize this stuff.
Today's good guy becomes tomorrow's villain.
I've seen it happen a lot.
In a weird way, it happened to Talia.
I think I know someone.
Myers? You don't trust anyone, do you? Almost.
Hello? No.
I'm sorry.
She's in Tahiti.
- I want it back, Amanda.
- We have a really bad connection.
I'm sorry.
No one else could've got into that save you or me.
A life.
And I choose Nick's.
Sorry I'm late.
Places to go.
- People to kill.
- Uh-huh.
Did you bring it? I would really love to have kept my word, but I can't do it this time, Talia.
- I gave you your life.
- Innocent people would die.
How amusing to hear you moralize.
I don't commit genocide for hire.
If you can't get power, get rich.
That's a nice rallying cry for the common folk to get behind.
So a few thousand people get killed-- Like Toynbee said, the masses are asses.
Nothing changes.
You were right.
People change.
We are not people.
We're immortal.
Talia, there's still things worth fighting for.
Are there things worth dying for? I wonder what they'd think, so close to death and yet so ignorant of it.
If I don't press this button in three minutes, va va boom.
Those people are innocent.
Haven't we already had this conversation? Since you care so much, give me the toxin.
I'll take that.
Go! Hurry! We have a score to settle.
I should have let the guillotine do it.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Get everyone out of here, now.
But where are we supposed to go? Oh, Mother.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Me too.
It doesn't have to come to this.
You could walk away, Talia.
You could keep your promise.
Come on.
Be white.
That was wrong.
White's wrong.
We don't want white.
I owed you a life.
I'm giving you yours.
Just walk away.
He's doing it.
- You owe me.
- Not anymore.
So then it just went poof, you know? Poof? Well, that's the technical term, but the point is, there's no more nerve toxin.
And no more Talia.
Hello! When did you get to be so modest? Didn't know I was.
Headlines, babe.
Well, I had to get out of there before the cops showed up.
"Nick Wolfe, Anonymous Hero.
" Sounds like a business card.
Well, you try and explain it.
"You see, officer.
It was like this.
"It was a Immortal revolutionary who planted the bomb.
"She was only in town brokering a deadly nerve toxin deal.
If you look now, you might see her being beheaded on the Left Bank.
" Anonymous it is.
What time does your flight leave? I'm not in the mood anymore.
We won.
You're allowed to be happy.
But if it weren't for Talia, I'd be dead 200 years.
If it weren't for you, there'd be a lot of people who were dead.
Besides, if you can't bring the girl to Tahiti, bring Tahiti to the girl.
Stop trying to cheer me up.
What's in this? You don't wanna know.
Is it flammable? Closed-Captioned By