Highschool of the Dead (2010) s01e12 Episode Script

All Deads Attack

1 Target information acquired! We can confirm that four DF-21s were launched from the Tonghua Base in the Jilin province Sea of Japan Sea of Japan Sea of Japan Sea of Japan right before the Trident warheads hit! Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Maritime SDF - Aegis Escort Vessel Kongo Kongo Kongo Kongo Kongo We have targets A, B, C, and D.
(Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) (Combat Information Center) Even though monsters are all over the world System to BMD Mode! Begin firing at the target designated by the CIC! Commence fire! Fire! 10 seconds until we intercept! 9 8 7 6 5 4 Standby! Our SM-3 shot down target A! Kirishima and USS Shiloh shot down B and C! But there's one left! That's Curtis Wilbur's target! Dammit! What's going on over there?! US Aegis Destroyer US Aegis Destroyer US Aegis Destroyer US Aegis Destroyer Curtis Wilbur, this is Kongo.
US Aegis Destroyer US Aegis Destroyer Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Curtis Wilbur Why haven't you fired yet? Do you read me? Do you read me? International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station International Space Station There's one left.
Where is it headed? Don't tell me it's the US.
No, it's Tokonosu Airport Tokonosu Airport Tokonosu Airport Tokonosu Airport Hey, what just happened?! What was that light just now? Aren't you an officer? Explain this! It's simple.
After today, the nights will be truly dark.
Yureta Genjitsukan Nakushita Mama de As I lose my shaky touch with reality, Gareki no Youni Tsumikasanaru my emotions pile up like fallen debris Kono Kanshou wa Doko e Yuku Where do they think they're going? Tsuieta Kibou Kakae With my crushed hope in tow, Akai Ame o Harai Hashitta Muchuu ni I frantically ran straight through the bloody rain Kuzureta Kanjou no Hate ni After my emotions come spilling out, Nani o Miru what will I see? Nani ga Aru What will I have? Mada Shiranai I still don't know Hakanai Subete no Mirai wa But in this silence, Tada Muon ni Me no Mae ni all of the fragile outcomes Hirogari Tsudzuketa are laid out endlessly before me Yay! I remembered it! Definitely! No mistake! What is it, Sensei? I remembered my friend's phone number! Your friend? The one who had the guns and the Humvee? Yeah! She's definitely alive! She's part of SAT, the Special Assault Team! Anyway, gimme your phone! Uh okay? Let's see Here's 1 Here's 2 Here's 3 Want one of us to do it? Don't bug me or I'll mess up! Hello? Rika! Awesome! You're alive! Isn't that nice, Sensei? Takashi I was so worried! Yeah, now I had a lot of trouble, but Save that for later.
Where are you right now? My place? Oh, no.
It's not safe there anymore.
Uhm, we borrowed your guns and some other stuff That's fine, but where are— Hello? Rika? What's going on? This light Impossible Miyamoto, try aiming your dot sight.
Huh? Why? Just do it.
Your gun uses an IC.
Well? Do you see the dot? Uh I don't.
So it was Hey, Takagi.
What's up? Hey, what're you doing? Hurry it up! But the engine What is it? We lost power and now all of the computers are dead! Someone! Please help! My husband's pacemaker seems to have broken! Why is the engine stalling right now Don't screw with me! Sensei! Up front! What the Hey This is bad My phone's dead.
We need to stand guard! Hell no! Hey, don't run! What kind of man are you?! Shit! Electromagnetic pulse? An EMP attack.
Also known as HANE.
High Altitude Nuclear Explosion.
When a nuclear warhead explodes in the upper atmosphere, the gamma rays make electrons get repelled from atmospheric particles which causes the Compton Effect.
The flying electrons get caught in Earth's electromagnetic field and emit an electromagnetic pulse over a wide range.
That effect is lethal to electronics.
The electromagnetic pulse gets transmitted through antennas and fries integrated circuits.
So basically, right now We can't use electronics! So we can't use cell phones? Not just phones, but computers too.
Cars won't work either.
The power plants are probably dead too.
There there.
EMP counter-measures have been taken, but only for the SDF and a small part of the government.
Is there a way to fix this? Dad? The cars might be able to work if you change the fried parts.
There might be some cars that still work because electromagnetic waves have little effect on them Of course, classic cars should still work.
Go check immediately.
Yes! SAYA! Huh? You have done well to keep your head on during this chaos! That is admirable! Da— The barricade! Don't follow! Don't follow me! Hurry! Close the gate! Defense group, assemble! Do not let those corpses inside! Commander! Are we abandoning the people outside?! We shall lose everything if we do not close it now! DO IT! One got through! I got a gun Told you I'm the best shot here in my pocket.
Woah, sorry buddy.
My bad! Commander.
I have brought your weapons.
Mommy~ Use this, Saya-chan.
A L-Luger P08 Holland Model! I don't know how to use this thing! And why do you even have a gun?! Because I attended an executive self-defense course while I was working on Wall Street.
I might even have better aim than your father.
You'll teach her how to shoot, right, Hirano-kun? Okay, Mommy! Uh, no.
She's not my mom.
Yes, Ma'am! T-They're Isn't this bad?! H-Hey Commander! Escape! Please escape! Get back! Save me! Someone save me! Stop! Calm down! Let's talk about this! I'm sure if you got medical treatment at a hospital Your illness You're hopeless! I tried my hardest to save you! Die, dammit! You heard me, die! DIE! Hold the gun straight Aim at their chest And fire! Kohta-chan! There's no end to this No kidding.
The longer this gets dragged on, the worse it gets.
We don't have enough bullets, either! Commander, I checked from the 2nd floor.
The people we deployed to the neighboring area have yet to be attacked.
They might be able to reinforce the door.
We shall break through this mob and head to the neighboring area! Men who have the will to fight, assemble! Women and children who wish to live, gather in back! Darling Dad, if we barricade ourselves in the house— There is no meaning in protecting the house! The iron gate was run down.
Even if we stay in the house, they will just force their way in and we will be eaten! You have your filial piety, do you not, Komuro-kun?! Falter not.
Embark upon your own path! Yes.
My daughter is yours for safe keeping.
Dad! The hell is that supposed to mean?! Mom? Soichiro-san and I have a duty to perform, Saya-chan.
It's our selfish desire as your parents to leave you in Hirano-kun and Komuro-kun's hands.
And the guilt we feel about this isn't something we'll forget.
Please, don't make this harder than it already is.
Mom Auntie? You're a good girl.
My daughter is a good girl too! Listen to what your elder "siblings" tell you, okay? Now Go! Dad! Mom! I love you! Throw the dynamite! Okay! Mad-san! He's not here? Ojou-sama! Don't just pop out of somewhere! You're in luck, ojou-sama.
This was built to withstand EMP attacks! And it's got triple copper plating! Owner must be a damn maniac! So this car works? Yeah, but I need some time to repair the damage.
Then all we can do is wait here, correct? Incoming! Soichiro-san.
If this keeps up, it'll be a stalemate.
You are One fine woman! Now let's go! Sensei! Good job! Woooow! Why're you dazing off? That's how the author wrote me Yeah okay! Get in the car! Okay! This is our Alamo! Didn't the Alamo fall? Don't wanna hear it! Rei! You okay? Let's go! Oh, yeah! Too bad I can't have a little more play time with this sucker You're good to go! Thanks! It's moving! Guys! Come back! Get on, Mad-san! The woman of my dreams is with you guys.
Stay alive, Saya-ojousama! Here we go! Now then It's show time! How we're getting out of here? Our only option is over there.
Huh? That's too narrow! Keep it up! Saeko! Have they left? Yes.
Our daughter is with other loving young people.
Now I have nothing to worry about! I think we'll be okay Please just don't say anything.
Takagi-san! What? Keep it together! Hirano! You— It's okay.
Hirano is Kohta is correct.
Anyway, doesn't the engine sound weird? Well, this car is in bad shape.
Where are we headed? As far as you can take us.
Rei and I need you to help us look for our parents.
Afterwards, we'll look for your friend.
Okay! We will be at the highway soon! So many Good grief.
This is such A pain in the ass! Bokura wa Chiri ni Natta Shooting Star We are shooting stars, turning into dust Yureru Chokotto Crazy Day on this unstable, semi-crazy day Sekai wa Mou Blood Shuuru Sakende The world is screaming with blood, never ceasing for 58 seconds Gojuuhachi Byou no Keiken Ano Toki Kimi ga Waratte Kuretanda You put on a smile for me back then, Hashitte Sakende Karappo ni Natta so I could run and scream until there was nothing in me I wanted to attain freedom in this forsaken world, Owatta Sekai de Jiyuu o Etai no ni Namida Kareta Sora wa Ao Katta but the sky was still blue and my tears dried out Kotae wa Nakatta Jibun Igai ni wa as I realized that I could only find the answer inside me Itsu no Ma ni ka Boku wa Tsukanda I had unknowingly grasped what I wanted, Yume o Utau Imi o the reason to sing out my dream Asayake ga Kuzureta The dawning light turned to dust, and although the world is still warped, Keitai mo Ikareta Mama Dakedo Boku wa Sekai o Utau yo I will sing it forevermore That day marked the beginning of the end of our world.
And there was a possibility that everything else had already gone to hell.
Even so No.
Because of that, we