Hightown (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

The Best You'll Feel All Day

JACKIE: Previously on Hightown
Remember when I was your snitch?
OSITO: Tell you what I'm driving,
make it easier for you when
you tailing my ass.
- Fucking following me?
- What are you doing?
- Tell me where Krista is!
Plymouth Rock Motor Court
in Bourne fucking cunt.
You know anything about a girl
named Krista Collins?
I think she might know something
about that thing happened out in Truro.
JACKIE: You know what?
I'm gonna leave a note.
- What the fuck?
Did you tell someone where I was?
My friend died. Fucking saw it, too.
But, Scotty, you can't tell anybody.
- Yes.
- I am back, motherfuckers!
- And I fucking found her, man.
- What?
JACKIE: I found Krista.
I went to rehab. I'm sober.
- Really?
- How about dinner tomorrow?
Like a date?
- Still not fucking you, Ron.
- Ah, your loss.

SINGER: I thought a
lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm awake ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine
that you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking
about the things that you said ♪
Vacation, just another love-in ♪
Vacation, I hope you love me ♪
Vacation, would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave ♪
Without saying good-bye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪

[GRUNTS] Oh, God.
Ugh, dude, why are you naked?
I'm a hot sleeper. What?
[GROANS] Fuck.
- Sorry.
I feel like shit.
Ugh, did I do anything last night,
that I ought to know about,
like in front of Hunniker?
STARK: You don't remember?
What do you mean I don't remember? What?
Let's just say, nice rack, Jack.
No. Oh, fuck, no, no, no, no, no.
What happened?
You put your tits on the bar.
- Oh!
- You were a fucking animal.
- Fuck me. Fuck!
- I'm just fucking with you.
Jesus, you really don't
remember shit, do you?
- You're just
You know what? You fucking asshole!
Hey. You were fine.
Hunniker gave you a second chance.
You got your job back. You're invincible.
Must be nice to be a pretty girl.
[GROANS] Shut the fuck up.
Oh, God.
Ugh, so what you got going on today?
- You want to
- Oh, Jesus!
Go get some breakfast, maybe we hang out,
you know, weather the storm?
No, just go home, Ron.
- Can I take a shower first?
- No.
Oh, fuck. No, no, no. Oh, fuck me!
Damn it, I was expecting
an important call.
Hey, it's okay.
I got a trick for that.
SINGER: Sitting in the basement ♪
Sitting alone ♪
Saw you in my sleep last night ♪
Wish you were home ♪
And I cut my hair, I feel the same ♪
Masturbate, I feel the same ♪
Hope you're okay, I feel the same ♪
Hope you're okay, I feel the ♪
SINGER: Same ♪
Same ♪
Same ♪

Spoke with you last night,
do you still hate me? ♪
But you were upset, I miss you lately ♪
But I felt calm when I woke up,
let's just forget it ♪
Found my head, I won't regret it ♪
And I get in my van, I feel the same ♪
Fed my dog, I feel the same ♪
Hey, Frances
[SIGHS] Give me a Bloody Mary.
SINGER: Same ♪
- SHAW: So Delgado, AKA
- Osito.
- Osito
- RAY: Yes, Counselor.
Works at O'Donnell's Auto Services.
No. Well, he's not actually
employed there.
We believe that's where
he gets his vehicles.
And the residence?
Kathleen O'Donnell's residence,
his girlfriend.
And he lives there?
Stays there sometimes
we think.
So you want to bug a residence
Delgado doesn't live in
and a private business
where he doesn't work?
Yes, and we'd also like to, uh,
put a state wiretap on his cell phone.
I don't see any judge
signing off on this.
Well, why don't you tell me
what a judge will sign,
and I'll just make sure it's in there?
No shortcuts, Sergeant.
You need to show exhaustion.
Pole cams, controlled buys,
trash pulls let me see your work.
Okay, listen, with all due respect,
this guy's a fucking killer.
I don't have time to exhaust
every possibility.
You DAs are so concerned
with batting .1000,
you're not even willing to
take a fucking swing, are you?
You're a good investigator, Ray,
but your reputation in the DA's office is
that you're not effective
on the witness stand.
What are you talking about?
Juries love me.
No, they think you're an asshole.
Do your job, Sergeant, then you
can tell me how to do mine.
- You know what?
- Thank you for meeting with us
on a Saturday, Amanda.
You ever hear the expression
"you catch more flies with honey"?
Just once I'd like to see a DA
stick their neck out like
we fucking do every day.
No, seriously,
you keep pissing off the brass,
and one day,
they're gonna give me your job.
Yeah, Sergeant Alan Saintille
has a nice ring to it.
You know what? Go fuck yourself.
So now what?
We show her exhaustion.
SINGER: Once I had my dreams ♪
But all of that is changed now ♪
The truth begins inside out ♪
- The truth is not that comfortable ♪
No ♪
Well, lookee here.
J to the Q, holding it down
at the P and J, huh?
Hey, what's up?
Not much, you?
- Just fucking say it.
- What?
I know you see me drinking this beer.
Oh, shit, that? I didn't notice.
[SCOFFS] Yeah.
It was just a work thing last night.
It got a little out of hand.
That happens, but you got
to get back on the horse.
The judge is gonna fuck you for reals.
A felony DUI's no joke.
Look, tomorrow we're gonna get together.
We're gonna start working the steps.
Yeah, listen, about that, I got
a lot on my plate, all right?
I got my job back.
I ju I can't do AA right now.

Are you still on that Nancy Drew tip?
I told you, I already found her.
Nancy Drew, my twat.
You talk to her?
No, not yet. My phone's dead.
Yeah, so, like, uh, where is she?
You don't have to pretend like
you still care about this, okay?
- I get it.
- All right, fine. Whatever.
- Take care of yourself.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Listen, I got a date
with Devonne later tonight,
and I need a little something
to get me back into fighting shape.
You got any blow?
Jackie, I'm your fucking sponsor.
No, no, no. I fired your ass.
So now you're just Junior,
and you're a drug dealer.
So deal some fucking drugs,
or I'm gonna get 'em somewhere else.
Nice try.

SINGER: I'm trying to protect ♪
My unity ♪♪♪
- Hey, Frances, one more?
- FRANCES: You got it.
RAY: Hey, Javi.
It's Ray Abruzzo.
- RAY: You got a problem here.
- Yeah, I'm with a customer.
I'll be with you in a second.
You take your time, man. I got all day.
Your Jeep should be ready in a few days.
All right.
Hey, what's up?
"What's up"?
Emmanuel Delgado, that's what's up.
Osito uses your place
as his personal rent-a-car,
uses your fleet to deal drugs, mule,
commit a couple murders.
You know what I'm talking about.
All right, you want me to break
it down real simple for you?
I'm State Police,
which means wherever you go
in this whole goddamn
Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
I can fucking find you.
I'm the tip of the spear, motherfucker,
and I'm pointed right at you.
What the fuck you looking at?
You know I got ICE on speed dial, right?
You want to start pulling green cards,
we can go that route.
You see what they do these days, right?
Kids in cages?
Yeah, that's some fucked-up shit, man.
So, yo, here's the scoop, Javier.
You, you work for me now.
You tell me when Osito comes and goes.
You tell me what car he's in
and who's in it with him.
And you do that, maybe,
just maybe you stay out of jail.
Oh, man, I'm fucking you
one way or the other,
and it's up to you if I use lube or not.
Push a man hard enough,
he's got no choice
- but to fight back.
- Hmm?
Maybe break some little dealer
kid with that thick-dick act,
but you come at me that hard
you know I got to tell you
to go fuck yourself.
So go fuck yourself.
And don't come back without a warrant.
Hey, it's your loss, my friend.
See you later.
So you distract him with your
best asshole impression?
I tried.
How we coming with the surveillance cams?
ALAN: Almost done,
and Kathleen's place is up already.
All right.
JUNIOR: Hi, I'm Junior, alcoholic.
Uh, y'all hear from me every week,
so I'm gonna keep it short.
Things are all right.
I'm getting back with my girl,
seeing my kid again.
So it's good.
You know, that's what
I do it for, family.
So I'm bigger than myself.
It's not like I'm out here alone,
you know, floating in space.
If I was, you know,
it wouldn't matter, I could use.
So what?
But I'm not, so it's pretty-
it's pretty fucking good.
Anyways, we got another
speaker. Give it up for my boy.
Name is Osito
and I'm an addict.
ALL: Hi, Osito.
GUARD: Meeting's over. Come on.
- GUARD 2: Let's go, ladies, move out.
- GUARD: Let's go.
GUARD 2: Back in line.
You too.
OSITO: Yo, this AA hustle is tight.
- Even got my felon ass up in here.
It's not just a hustle.
We're carrying the message.
Enough. We need to talk
about this witness shit
that Scotty told you about.
What do you think, J?
I-I don't know. Uh, some chick talking?
No big thing.
And you?
Probably nothing.
You're half Haitian, right?
Is that why you're so fucking stupid?
I'm locked up,
and even I know that bitch
is running her mouth,
said she saw some fat-ass
black guy shoot her friend.
Sound like anyone we know?
Huh, pendejo?

You're right.

We fucked up.
We're gonna fix it.
F-fix it how?
What the fuck does that mean?
[STAMMERS] We can-we can talk to her,
you know, tell her to keep
her mouth shut.
Oh, shit, is he for real?
Get her off the books.
It's done, padrón.

And this one won't float.
FRANKIE: No, fuck that.
Serve her ass with a hot shot.
Junkie ODs on The Cape,
cops barely even notice.
What about that lady
asking questions in the rehab?

You could do that, too.
Wait, ho-ho-hold up. "Too"?
No, that's crazy.
That lady, she-she ain't nothing.
How do you know?
Got people in rehab, looked into it.
Turns out it's a lady I know
a fishery service agent.
She's nobody, fucking crazy bitch.
You don't need to do anything about that.
Just take care of the one thing,
and the other isn't even
a problem anymore.

Just the one.

Kizzle's inside
on some bullshit assault thing,
so take him.

No fucking way. I'm not going.
You, like, six steps behind, bro.
You the one that's gonna do it.
She saw me pop her friend.
You think she gonna let me into her room,
take some junk off of me?
- It's got to be you.
- No, I'm not a fucking killer.
Yeah, but you a dealer.
You think you never gave
someone the bag that took them out?
Dope fiends be chasing the high
that's gonna put them under,
chasing that fire.
It's gonna happen sooner or later.
We just fast-forwarding
her life a couple weeks.
You need to get it into your head
that this is what's gonna happen.
You fucked up last time,
and this right here,
this is your chance to make it right.
So you best be saying
"please" and "thank you."

I'm looking for a party.
[SCOFFS] Dude, you got the wrong girl.
You do Greek? Huh?
Pay extra for Greek.


MAN: We're not the good ones.
We're the bad ones.
Take me in the party with the flavors ♪
Doing all the par-party favors ♪
With them Life Savers ♪♪♪
[SNORTS] Fuck yeah.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Mm, mm, here you go.
Thank you. [SNIFFS]
Uh, and let me get a
let me get a shot of Jack.
Haven't seen you in a while.
Yeah, yeah, I've been laying low,
but, you know, sometimes I
decide that cocaine smells good.
SLADE: Oh shit.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, girl.
So we gonna still hang later, right?
Of course.
SLADE: All right, cool.
- Okay.
- Oh.
JACKIE: Who's that?
That's my roommate's friend.
She just came up from Brooklyn.
I forget her name, though.
Something basic.
- Karen.
- That ass, though.
Who you telling?
But she's coming to my place later,
so you already know.
- Hey.
- WOMAN: Throw me another one!
What you doing later?
- We're going out tonight.
- Pop, pop, pop.
- You want to come?
- Uh, I'm on my way to see Devonne.
We got a thing planned.
What's this, tequila?
She took your ass back?
Yeah, what are you talking
about? Why wouldn't she?
WOMAN: My number!
Ah, fuck,
I don't have my phone. What time is it?
Shit, shit, shit. I got to go.
All right, well, peace.
Tell your girl I said hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait.
Let me get another gram.
God damn it. This shit is low rent.
Wrong cords and everything.
Go to Best Buy.
Oh, hell, no. I got a kid thing, man.
You can't do it?
I got to meet with a CI.
Hey, Patty.
How you doing?
You want to help out with a case
while I chase something down?
SINGER: Hit me with the,
"Life got me tired" ♪
I should get away from you, I know ♪
I know ♪
I don't even know why, though ♪
High hopes, I fall for the cycle ♪
High, low, I'm on, on a spiral ♪
Love me, wide open, then leave me ♪
I don't, I don't even know
why, though ♪

I just want to put my weight on you ♪
Switch it, smoke it ♪
RENEE: Great to see you.
See you next time, okay?
- Looking forward to it, okay?
- Okay.
Are you happy to see me?
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
I want to talk to you. Come, sit down.
SINGER: I know I shouldn't,
I'ma wait on you ♪
I don't even know why, though ♪

Good shift, huh?
What's that supposed to mean?
- What? Nothing.
- Mm-hmm.
- You being weird about this?
Me? No.
Okay, 'cause you can't
be weird about this.
- No, I'm not being weird.
- Okay.
SINGER: Feel like it's holy ♪
What did you want to talk about?
Have dinner with me tonight.
Are we allowed to do that?
You know what I mean.
Let's just say it's not encouraged.
But who cares, right? It'll be fun.
Yeah, I can do that.
Why don't you pick me up at 8:00?
- Okay.
- Okay.
SINGER: Smoke it, I'ma sway on you ♪
I know I shouldn't, I'ma wait on you ♪
[SOFTLY] I want you to fuck
the shit out of me tonight.

I can do that.
SINGER: Switch it,
smoke it, I'ma wait ♪
See you at 8:00.

JACKIE: Hey. Hi.
[SMOOCHES] You look amazing.
Sorry I'm late. My phone's dead.
I hope you weren't trying to call me.
Um, I hear that they've got
really good steak here,
and they oh, they-they've got
these, uh
[SNIFFS] This, uh, lava cake thing.
It's fucking awesome.
[SNIFFS] Wow, it's really fucking fancy.
I am such an asshole.
What are you talking about?
No, you're not. You're amazing.
- [SCOFFS] Look at me.
I put on heels. I put on makeup.
I put on makeup,
thinking about how you changed,
how nice it was all gonna be,
how I always knew the day would come
when you cut it all out and fly right.
And just for a second,
I even let myself be surprised
that you are completely fucked up.
No, no, no, no. I'm not fucked up.
It's fine.
I'm not mad, not at you.
You've been telling me
for years who you are.
I'm the one who hasn't been listening.
Babe, hey, I
it's-it's just that I got a lot going on.
Remember that thing about the
girl on the beach and all of that?
There was this other girl
- Just stop.
- Hey, listen.
- It's serious.
- Stop!

Excuse me. Can I get the check, please?


Okay, yeah.

Hey, shot of Jack, please?

RENEE: Look, I'm already
dressed. You're really going to
Come in.
- No, you know what?
Forget it.
Thanks for nothing.
What's going on?
My mom's a cunt.
She, uh, changed her mind
and said she can't take Frankie, so
You got anyone else?
Not on a Saturday night, so
[SIGHS] Sorry, all right? I fucked it up.
I'm sorry, Ray.
Look, if you're gonna yell,
just-just yell, all right?
I don't I don't do
the silent-treatment bullshit.
Huh? What? I'm sorry.
I was just looking for a plan B.
And there it is.
Dirty Dancing playing in Chatham.
You want to go see Dirty Dancing?
Yeah, movie in the park.
We can bring food.
- With Frankie?
- Yeah.
Is-is that appropriate?
I don't know. I've never seen it.
You've never seen Dirty Dancing?
- No.
- Ever?
- Ever.
- Oh, my God.
- What?
- Well, we have to change that.
Um, baby, how do you feel
about going to see a movie
with me and Uncle Ray?
Is it a girl's movie?
No, no, totally for boys.
It's about dirt.
[SIGHS] Jack and Diet.
Oh, you're drinking again.
I'm not drinking. I'm "dranking."
[SIGHS] I'm so tired of
this lesbian fucking drama.

I got a good job. I got my own place.
Compared to some of the
raggedy-ass dykes in this town,
I'm a fucking catch.
[CHUCKLES] I'm not gonna argue with you.
I mean, I get it. I get it.
I'm not a good girlfriend.
I couldn't give her what she wanted.
Could you imagine me
putting a ring on it?
- But that's what she wanted, I guess.

I hurt her a lot.

I don't know why I do that.

Are you asking me?
- SINGER: Love my shake ♪
- Give me a shot.
SINGER: Shake, shake, shake ♪
Love my shake, love my shake ♪
Shake, shake, shake ♪
Love my shake ♪
Shake, shake, shake, love my shake ♪
I tried to explain to her
that I had a lot on my plate,
and Devonne's not having it, you know?
She's stuck on this narrative
of what I did
and whose fault it is.
I know what I did.
I got scared, and I pushed you away,
because if I push you away
and you come back,
it means that you really care.
And you always come back,
but this time you didn't.
I-I just went too far, and I hurt you.
[SNIFFLES] And I'm sorry.
And I know that it's fucked up.
You don't know what it's like
to wake up every day
and know that you're a piece of shit.
But I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna change.
I promise you, I am gonna change.
I'm gonna do the right thing.
I'm gonna do the right thing
because I love you.
I fucking love you, okay?
Call me back, all right?
Fuck, you can't.
All right, I'll try you later.
SINGER: I'm shaking ♪
Thank you so much.
SINGER: I'm shaking, I'm shaking ♪
I'm shaking, I'm shaking ♪

- Shaking, I'm shaking ♪
SINGER: I'm shaking,
shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Shaking, shaking, shaking ♪
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hello?
What the fuck are you doing?
Yo, chill out, bro.
That's my drink, you sloppy bitch.
Oh, fuck.
I'm sorry, man.
- MAN: No, she did not.
- Oh, it's a drink.
Hey, hey! Don't fucking
- MAN: Yeah, you better
Get off me, man.
- MAN: [GRUNTS] Get that
- Get off of me!
Get off! Let me go!
Get your hands off me!
- MAN: You're high, bitch.
- JACKIE: Get your hands off!
Let me go! Get off of me! Get off me!
Fuck you!
MICKEY: Sylvia.
SYLVIA: Yes, Mickey?
They're in love.

- They so are.
MICKEY: And if he doesn't answer?
SYLVIA: Oh, lover boy.
[SIGHS] This scene is perfect,
except he's about to do air guitar.
RENEE: Don't do it, Patrick. Don't do it.
RAY: No, don't!

- It was a sweet move.
Yeah, okay.

How's that?
BOTH: Love ♪
Oh, this?
BOTH: Love is strange ♪
Well, it's, uh it's a milkshake.
So it's great.
- Hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

You just never eat whatever you want?
- Nope, never.
- Hmm.
- Being good sucks.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
- It does.
when you're with me
I want you to pretend
like it's Christmas morning,
and you can have whatever you want.
SINGER: No, no, ♪
BOTH: They think loving ♪
You know what I want.
- Hmm?
- BOTH: Money in the hand ♪

Your sweet loving ♪

Oh, fuck, that is good.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm.
It's good. Mm-hmm.
BOTH: When you leave me ♪
Sweet kisses I miss ♪♪♪
Frankie Jr
come finish your nuggets, please.
Aw, Mom.
Hey, hey. It's okay.
He had a few already.
All right.

Thanks for tonight.
Of course.

Yo, this isn't the way.
We got to go off Cape for a minute
to New Bedford
get us a little something
to help us sleep this chick.
What is it? You-you keep
looking in that rearview.
A cop's sniffing around the garage.
Want to see if they got a tail on us.
A cop? You didn't say anything
about that to Frankie.
Frankie knows there's cops.
Ain't no thing.
No, no, no, man. If-if cops are after us,
we got-we-we got to chill out.
We can't do this right now.
First off, ain't nobody gonna know shit.
She just gonna be an OD.
Second off, cops hanging around
is exactly why we got to do this.
- Mm-mm. We got to lay low.
Man, if we went and hid
every time there was heat,
we'd never get anything done.
What you think, dealing was free money?
This is the job, son.
- Grab onto something.
- Huh?
Look behind us.
Anybody else turn?
- No.
Learned that shit from The Godfather.
Now strap your nuts on for once.
You over here acting like
a bitch-made sissy,
and we about to go see
some real gangsters.
We going in there. Don't say shit.
These Cape Verdean
motherfuckers don't play.
Shit, these are Frankie's guys
in New Bedford, aren't they?
You're taking me to meet the connect.
Shut the fuck up, or stay in the car.
SINGER: That's all we need ♪
What up, Charmaine?
Hey, O. What you doing here?
And who's the white boy?
Aileen, get yo ass back inside.

So who is he?
Don't worry about it.
I need to see your uncle.
MAN: Charmaine, let the man in.
Ah, what brings you to New Beige?
Ain't time to re-up.
OSITO: Needed a favor.
What you need?
Oh, it's all good.
Them girls know better
than to run they mouth.
I need a taste of that
pure fire y'all fuck with.
Not a whole package, just a pure taste.
You stepping out on Frankie,
looking to make a change?
'Cause, you know, we can do that.
No, that's not it.
I just need a little bit
of that stronger than strong.
All right, I got you. [SNAPS FINGERS]

You know, we hooked up
with up that carfentanil now
straight Chinaman shit.
You ain't even gonna need a lot.
Just enough to kill a dope fiend.

So what, is it "bring
a white boy to work" day?
He harder than he looks.
Are you?

Fuck around and find out.

He said, "Fuck around and find out."
All right, then. [SNIFFS]
Be careful with this.
Okay, girl, you did your bit. Go on.
She right, though.
Cops be dropping
just getting it on they skin.
And that's cut.
You shoot it pure, that's it.
What I owe you?
Call it a professional courtesy.
You think about what I said, though.
You know, you want to move weight
with somebody who ain't locked up,
you come see me.

I'll think on it.
Let's go.

Folks on the Cape is soft.
White boys practically shit they pants
when the come to the hood.
We ought to get down there and take over.
- Yeah.
- Come on, man.


JACKIE: Hey, this is Jackie.
Do your thing.
Hey, this is Krista.

Krista Collins.
You came to see me, and
um, I don't know why, and I don't
I don't even really care, I just
If you want to help me
that's awesome.




Jackie, what are you doing here?
If I call my own number,
can I check my voice mail?
- What?
- Like, if I
Can I use your phone
to call my voice mail?
Do you know your voice mail password?
Uh, no.

Maybe you should go home.

Yeah, maybe.
Maybe. [SNIFFS]
My phone's dead,
and I'm waiting on a phone call.
I'm sure it's probably fixed by now.

Yeah, okay.
Yeah, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.
I'ma head out.
I think she needs a line for the road.
Road line.
SINGER: We have so much love ♪
- And I want you to know ♪♪♪
I got the phone.
I'm holding the phone out.
I'm like, "Bitch, you think I give
a fuck about your marriage?"
And I for real, I thought
he was gonna, like,
crack my head open, right?
But I don't move, and it's high noon
in fucking Bourne.
And the phone is ringing,
and he just goes,
"Plymouth Rock Motor Court, room 40!"
- SLADE: Oh, shit.
- You broke him.
- I fucking broke him!
- SLADE: So-so wait.
So-so-so that so you found her?
Yeah. No. Yeah, I mean, like
[STAMMERS] I found her hotel room
and I left her a note
and I told her to call me.
- Did she call?
- Well, my phone is dead.
Oh, yeah. Wait.
What if we go to Bourne?
How far is Bourne? What if we go get her?
- We could go get her.
- KAREN: Rescue
- Rescue mission!
- KAREN: Rescue mission.
- Rescue mission.
Slade, what do you think?
I don't know, man. I don't know.
- Rescue mission.
- Rescue mission.
All right, all right, fuck it.
- BOTH: Yes!
- Rescue mission.
- KAREN: Yes.
- Yeah! Call a car.
Krista Collins, we got you, girl!
- SLADE: That's right!
- Rescue mission!
- SLADE: Rescue mission!
- Rescue mission!
[WHISPERING] Hey, Renee.
Hey, is he, uh oh, is he?
RENEE: Oh. Oh, shit. Yeah.
- Here, give him to me.
- No, no, no, no, no.
Better to let him finish. I
don't want it to get everywhere.
- I'm sorry.
- It's so not your fault.
It's so not your fault.
I mean, it's just kid pee, you know?
Kid pee's not even that gross.
Okay, all right, I think he's done.
- I think he's done.
- Yeah, I think he's done.
Pass him to me. Come here, buddy.
Oof, there we go.
- Okay.
Um, I'm gonna hose him off,
and, uh, then I'm all yours.

[MOANS] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

JACKIE: Rescue mission! Rescue mission.
- I don't have underwear on.
JACKIE: You did not just say that.
- KAREN: Yes.
- SLADE: No, she didn't.
- KAREN: Yeah.
- Let me have some of that, man.
- KAREN: No.
- Let me have s
give me some, you little bitch.
You puke in here, it's $500.
No, no one's puking in your car, bro.
It would smell better if we did.
- SLADE: Ain't fucking matter.
Um, how much farther is it?
Um, I have to pee.
JACKIE: Not too much farther.
SLADE: So-so what?
So you're just you're just
gonna knock on the door?
- Yeah.
And then what?
I don't know. I'll figure it out.
Yo, you can't smoke in here.
Why? It's just a piece-of-shit Corolla.
It's a fucking Civic.
You know what? That's it.
You're smoking. You're
drinking. I can't have it.
Yo, what the fuck?
You and your freak-ass friends
get out of my car.
Fuck you, man. Take us to Bourne.
- I said get out of my fucking car!
- I said fuck you, man!
- Out!
- Hey. Stop.
Fuck, man.
JACKIE: You know what? Ugh!
Suck my dick, motherfucker!
SLADE: Wait.
Where are we even at, anyway?
Uh I'm not really
I'm not sure. I think we're close.
- How close?
- Fuck.
JACKIE: Uh a few miles.
KAREN: A few miles? I have to pee.
And the bars about to close soon.
Wait. What time is it?
Almost 1:00.
Wait. When do bars close
in Massachusetts?
- 2:00!
- 2:00.
What kind of Puritan bullshit is that?
I know, right? [LAUGHS] Stupid shit.
What are we doing?
Let's go back to
let's go back to P-Town.
- Yeah.
- I'm-I'm gonna get the car, okay?
- KAREN: Fuck.
I don't even have service.
Let me try over here.
It's just a few
It's a few more miles. We could walk.
We could just walk.
KAREN: Hey, are you coming?


Room 40.
Knock on the door.
Tell her Scotty sent you.
- Give her the shit.
Yeah, okay.
You just need to stick around long enough
to watch her shoot it.
Wait. What? W-Why do I got to
stick around now?
No more loose ends.
If we're not 100 the bitch is dead,
something could go wrong.
So you just need to make sure
she goes to sleep.
Just this time, she doesn't wake up.
Nobody cries, nobody cares.
You good?
- I said, you good?
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
The fuck you waiting for?

Special delivery from Scotty.
You're not Scotty.
Yeah, I know, but he sent me
with a present
on the house.

Come on in.

So what does Scotty want?
I'm Scotty's supplier.
He's got a new batch,
trying to get the word out.
Free sample.
You're full of shit.
Is this full of shit?
All you got to do
is shoot some right now,
tell me how it is.
How'd I get so lucky?
[SCOFFS] I mean, you're in a hotel.
It's just convenient is all.
All I need to know is
what you think of it.
Why don't you do it yourself?
I'm clean, about 3 1/2 months.
For real?
I just got out of rehab myself.
I thought it was gonna
stick this time, but, uh
shit's been fucked up.
You have no idea.
It's working for you, though?
So far, so good.
That's great, man.
I'm gonna go back next week. I
It's got to stick one of these times.
Yeah, you ought you ought to go back.
I just get tired of it, you know?
Like maybe going to meetings every day
isn't the best way
to forget you're a junkie.
Yeah, but you're not supposed
to forget, right?
You're supposed to process it.
Get down to the causes
and conditions, you know?
Yeah, I hear you.
One day at a time.
One day at a time.
But, like, not today.
You sure? I can get someone else.
- It's
- Fuck that.


You really just gonna watch me shoot up?
Yeah, just long enough
for you to tell me how it is.

You know I'm not gonna fuck you, right?
Even after I get off, I'm not into that.
Yeah. Yeah, fine by me.
Just just try it out,
and I'll-I'll bounce.
No, you know what?
Maybe-maybe you ought to leave.
I-I don't want to get high
in front of a sober dude.
- I'm cool.
- No, you're not cool.
You're freaking me out.
Why do you want to watch me?
What are you gonna do?
- I'm cool. Just shoot it.
- No, you're not cool. You know what?
- Just leave. I don't want to do this.
- We're good!
No, I don't want to do this,
free taste or not!
- Okay, just relax.
- Just get the fuck out, all right?
- I said get out!
- Okay. Okay!
- Get the fuck out!
- Okay, okay.

Oh, my God.
- Help!
Can't even give a free junk to a junkie?
Get the shot.
We got to do this the hard way.
- OSITO: Come on, do it.
- JUNIOR: Okay.
OSITO: Come on, stick her.
- OSITO: Push it in!
- Fuck, the needle broke.
Man, let's get out of here, please.
- JUNIOR: Wait. Osito!

best get the fuck up out of here.


I know that shit was fucked up.
I ain't gonna act like it wasn't.
But you handled it like a soldier.
But you're not a soldier, not yet.
You know, I was 15
the first time I did someone.
You believe that?
Barely hair on my nuts.

I was riding with my brother
riding shotgun, just cruising.

And my brother seen this dude
just chilling in his car.

He didn't even give me time to think.
He just put the cohete in my hand,
told me to go off.


I can still see everything

How his face went away.

I had dreams about that motherfucker.
I couldn't tell nobody about it.
Gangsters don't have nightmares.

But you know what?
Fuck that.
Nightmares let you know
you're not a psycho.
'Cause when that dark shit come
and you let it come and you let it go
that's when you know that you a soldier.
That's when you prove what you made of.

And for a while,
you're gonna wake up
every day thinking

"I'm a killer."

"I'm a killer."

And one day

You gonna wake up, and
you gonna think about breakfast.

And life goes on.

You just need to remember
what you fighting for,
handle your shit.

You good?

[SNIFFLES] Yeah, I'm good.









Yeah, Abruzzo.
I know where that is.
[GROANS] Fuck.
KRISTA: Hey, this is Krista.
Krista Collins.
You came to see me,
and, um, I don't know why,
and I don't I don't even really care.
I just if you want to help
me, that's awesome.
RAY: Hello.
Hi. Is Krista there?
RAY: Who's this?
JACKIE: Jackie Quinones.
RAY: Jackie Quinones?
Yeah, who the fuck is this?
Jackie, this is Ray Abruzzo.
[LAUGHS] Oh, fuck. Ray, you found her.
It's about time. What'd she say?
She see the guy?
RAY: Krista Collins is dead.

I'm sorry.

What-what do you mean? What?
When did she die?
RAY: Maybe 1:00 a.m.

Oh, fuck!

RAY: Hello?

Oh, fuck.
RAY: Hello?
RAY: Did I lose you?

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