Hightown (2020) s02e01 Episode Script

Great White

Previously on "Hightown"
My name's Jackie Quinones,
National Marine Fishery Service.
I'm the one who found
Sherry Henry on the beach.
And I went kinda crazy after that.
Hi, I'm Jackie. I'm an alcoholic.
So you want me to be your sponsor?
- Yeah. Would you do that?
- Yeah.
I told you about the body on the beach.
I need to look into that.
Sherry Henry told me so much about you.
Who do you think put
your cousin Jorge in Concord?
How's your baby mama holding up?
- It's gonna be 300.
- State Police.
Just got you for prostitution.
- I just wanna talk to you.
- I'm not a snitch.
I talked to Frankie's baby mama.
She gave me a description
of a huge black male
from somewhere else.
That's Frankie's lieutenant, Osito.
I need to know if any cops
been coming around.
- Yeah.
- I want you to get close.
I know about Sherry, Junior.
I know you dumped the body.
I can't help you
if you don't talk to me.
I don't want your help.
The shit that Junior took
was a mix of dope, carfentanyl.
First case on Cape Cod.
I think I got a line on Frankie
and Osito's supplier, Wayne Grassi.
The carfentanyl connection.
Y'all wanna tell us
where you keep the stash?
Fuck off.
State Police! Hands up!
I will help you, too, if you play ball.
I'm listening.
You heard what uncle said.
People here are soft.
We're gonna take over.
Ray Abruzzo, you tell that
peckerwood I don't forget.
You keep pissing off the brass,
and one day,
they're gonna give me your job.
Renee Segna told me
how you've solicited her
for a sexual relationship.
You're suspended without pay.
We're dropping the charges
against Frankie Cuevas.
We can't have this coming out at trial.
I wanna help. Fishery
Service liaison to the Narcotics Unit.
I'm gonna make sure you spend
the rest of your life in a cell.
I think I'll leave
without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪
I should've been born on Halloween ♪
No, 'cause you didn't. I would tell you.
I'm a good friend, I would tell you.
So are we doing this or what?
- See ya, man.
- I don't know.
Come on.
I mean, I'll do it, I don't care.
Guys, this is stupid.
I mean, it's freezing. It's
What if we promise not to tell
anyone your dick is small?
Yeah, no, it's-it's not that.
It's just cold.
- Okay, all right.
- Bro.
I'm wasted, I'm doing it.
Don't wuss out.
I'm not wussing out.
Okay, let me
Let me check Sharkster, okay?
We're, like, totally
getting eaten by sharks.
No, I think we're good, actually.
There's only been, like,
two sightings all of October.
Shark season's almost over.
All right, well, I'm going in, so
Fuck it, dude.
Yeah, fuck it.
You ready?
Oh, wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait.
Let's take a picture.
Of course.
- All right, good?
- Let's do it!
I still don't see anything.
Be patient.
I don't wanna be patient.
It's fucking Halloween.
It's only three o'clock.
Yeah, three o'clock on a Halloween.
That's, like,
five o'clock on a regular day.
What are you, 12?
What do you care about Halloween for?
We're gonna tag some sharks,
and then we'll go home.
Why are we obsessed
with sharks all of a sudden?
Because they're beautiful,
majestic creatures, Jackie.
Oh, jeez.
Administration wants
all the great whites geo-tagged
before our next tourist season.
You're getting paid to be out
on the boat either way.
What do-what do you care
what you're doing?
Come on, Ed.
Well, Linda did ask me to stop
and get some Baby Ruth, and you know
CVS will be crazy if I go too late.
It'll be crazy.
Let's wrap it up!
You got any big plans for Halloween?
Let me guess, you're gonna be
a Goblin Pussy?
You get it?
You're gonna be gobbling pussy?
And we're done. Hello? HR?
Fine. Whatever. Like you're so PC.
Hey, uh, seriously
you gonna be good tonight?
'Cause, you know, I just can't
I-I can't do that again.
I'm gonna be good. I promise.
You don't have to worry about me.
I promise.
Whoo-hoo! ♪
Ow! ♪
All the cities that we burned down ♪
Turns out I'm very hard to kill ♪
After all the damage we've done ♪
Turns out I'm very hard to kill ♪
Hey, Chief. Happy Halloween.
You expecting any trouble tonight?
Nah, tourists are gone,
everything's boarded up tight.
I think I got it under control.
All right.
Jack, take it easy tonight.
So yeah, I got 50 days today.
And that's a fucking miracle.
I mean, I don't
I don't come from people
who get sober, you know?
I don't think I even knew
what that word meant.
I mean, my dad's been
fucked up my whole life.
Um, but he's cool.
He is who he is. This isn't about him.
I don't have to take
his inventory anymore, right?
Um, yeah, but for me,
sobriety's been good.
It's been good.
The last 50 days have been good.
I mean, it's been hard, you know.
Most of you knew Junior.
you know, and I feel like
I feel like I could've done more,
should have, you know.
You know, he was
He was like my brother.
But he was also one of us.
Um, but here's the thing.
I don't think he'd want me
to dwell, you know?
I think he'd want me to
I think he'd want me to keep moving.
Because you're-you're either
moving away from your last drink
or towards your next one.
Or something like that, I forget.
I don't know. Vince told it to me.
He's always giving me lectures.
Um, yeah, so
anyway, thanks.
Thanks for my sobriety,
and thanks for my life.
It's all I got.
You sounded real good up there.
But how you really doing?
Ah, Jesus. Here it comes.
You get yourself a sponsor yet?
Did you start your fourth step?
You know I got shot?
And I'm working two jobs now? I'm busy.
Ain't nobody in P-Town working one job.
Me and my husband
have five jobs between us.
Oh, my God, I love you,
but have you ever considered
Codependents Anonymous?
I've been a proud member
of CoDA for 17 years.
Of course you have been.
I'm sorry. You're perfect and I suck.
I have somewhere very important
to be, and I gotta change.
Ha. Never change, baby.
Is getting real low ♪
Baby, look around ♪
Look around now ♪
Don't tell me to think about it ♪
Won't stop me ♪
Don't tell me to think about it ♪
Don't make me lose my way ♪
'Cause I've been hearing
enough about it ♪
Won't stop me ♪
Yeah, I been hearing enough about it ♪
Don't make me lose my way ♪
Yeah, I been hearing enough about it ♪
Don't make me lose my way ♪
Yeah, I been hearing enough about it ♪
Hey, girl.
Yeah, yeah ♪
Don't make me lose my way ♪
I need a drink. I'll be right back.
Don't tell me to think ♪
Don't tell me to think ♪
Don't tell me to think ♪
Hey! Fred!
Jackie! How you doing, girl?
You know, rent is due tomorrow.
Don't tell me to think ♪
Thank you for shopping.
All right, cool.
Mrow! Richard Simmons!
Yes, please.
I haven't been touched in months.
Oh, come on, I don't believe that.
Look at those buns.
Oh, don't tease me, girl.
These buns are tired.
Listen, baby. Can you do an eight ball?
- For you?
- Yeah.
Well, since you're such a good
customer, that'll be $300.
Hey, look, can you give me your number
for when this place closes up?
It's gonna be a long, cold winter,
- you know what I'm saying?
- Yeah.
I know, it's gonna be fucking miserable.
Here, call me.
All right.
Yeah, and this is where Daddy
catches the bad guys.
- And break room over there.
- Oh.
Office down this way.
Okay, Sergeant Alan Saintille.
- Uh-huh.
- That looks good.
- Got a nice ring to it, right?
- Mm.
What the hell is this?
Hey, Patty.
You put this newspaper on my desk?
Lieutenant Smith did.
He said something about the headline.
I don't think he liked it.
What's happened, Alan?
Frankie's cousin got released too.
Not a good look for us.
I don't think I'm gonna
make it to lunch today, baby.
Okay. No problem.
No problem. You go get the bad guys.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
Fucking Ray.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I fucking love that.
I love you.
I love you, baby.
I want you to come for me.
Ah. Yeah, right there.
Come for me.
I'll come for you.
I'll come for you.
I'm coming for you, Ray.
So how you doing today, Ray?
I'm good. Doing good.
You look tired.
I didn't sleep well.
Are you still having
nightmares about Renee?
Are you still having thoughts about her?
Look, you can lie to me all you want.
But I highly recommend
that you don't lie
in your disciplinary hearing.
If you want your job back,
you have to admit
that you're a sex addict
and convince your bosses
that you're in treatment.
And this right here, talking to me,
is the treatment.
Yeah. I think about her.
But when I do that, it hurts.
So I try not to.
So then what do you do?
I go to work.
I go running.
I eat ice cream.
You know things people do.
And how are you managing
with your sexual compulsion?
I'm-I'm good. I'm doing really good.
Haven't even jerked off
since I got suspended.
Is that because you don't
want to or because you can't?
What is that?
What did you just say to me?
Are you trying to kick me
while I'm down?
It's an important distinction, Ray.
Trying to understand.
Okay, well, then I-I think I could.
If I wanted to.
But if I did, I'm gonna
think about her, so
you know, I do-I do
something else instead.
Because it hurts too much?
Yeah, yeah, it hurt yeah.
I wanna push you a little harder.
How are you feeling right now
about what happened with Renee?
Right now? How am I feeling right now?
Right now.
I feel like someone
kicked me in my nuts.
And you don't have nuts,
but trust me when I say
that fucking hurts.
And it hurts for a long-ass time.
It's like the pain's
gotta work its whole way
through your body.
And it just takes for-fucking-ever.
And I'm sick.
And I feel sick all the fucking time.
That's how I feel.
I'm sorry. I really am.
Fuck my feelings.
I'm-I'm here.
I'm-I'm seeing you.
I'm doing the things
that you asked me to do.
I don't even I don't even
come near Renee
so I can get my job back.
'Cause I need my job back.
It's the only thing
that's gonna make this right.
It's the only way
I can stop Airbnb-ing my house
and move out of my fucking basement.
You hear me?
I really need you to hear me,
and I really need you
to write that down in your
recommendation to my bosses, please.
One step at a time, Ray.
I wanna talk a little bit
more about Renee.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hell is this?
Making a case in P-Town.
I bought off this guy Greg three times.
That's enough
for a search warrant, right?
You don't go off on your own
and make a case.
There's protocol.
That's how you and Ray did it.
That's not
This is way outside
of your scope of duties.
As Fishery Service liaison,
you're assigned to us one day a week
and on call for female-assist
strip searches.
Pussy duty.
- Excuse me?
- Sorry.
It's just that
Frankie's been out of prison
a month and a half,
and we haven't done shit.
Haven't done shit?
We put Frankie's supplier,
Wayne, away in Concord,
and you put his lieutenant,
Osito, in the hospital.
So, Frankie's operation is hurting.
The Cape is quiet.
Three different CIs told me
they drove all the way
to Fall River to buy dope.
We did that.
Let me ask you something straight up.
You on some kind of revenge
trip for your boy Junior?
'Cause that personal shit
ain't gonna work for me.
No, I am not. That is not it.
I just wanna make good cases.
You know this guy?
Frankie's cousin Jorge?
Yeah, I helped put him away.
He's a crazy motherfucker.
Well, then maybe we should
set up, like, an undercover
One day a week.
On call for female-assist.
And when I need your help making a case,
I'll let you know.
Yes, Sarge.
Oh, look, it's Jackie Quinones.
What's wrong?
Uh, I got a thing going on in P-Town,
but Alan doesn't wanna hear it.
We're the only two females on the unit.
What you gotta understand is,
they're never gonna
give you any respect.
Well, then what the fuck?
The only way to get anywhere
around here is to make a case.
An undeniable case.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Yeah, well, you gotta learn
how to play the game.
You can't bring it to Alan.
He's still making his bones as sergeant.
Next time you have a lead,
bring it to me.
I'll run it up the chain,
and we can work it together.
You know, girl power.
Yeah, okay. Girl power.
We got a body. Nauset Beach. Let's go!
It's okay, you can ride with me.
Aw, shit, someone got Coco.
Who's Coco?
Collin Connor,
AKA Coco, AKA Cousin Fucker.
Man, fuck your underage cousin one time,
get stuck being called Cousin Fucker
the rest of your life.
You guys know him?
Yeah, low-level dealer.
He's been around as long as I have.
I'm surprised
this didn't happen earlier.
He's a rapper too.
Him and his homeboys
got some videos on YouTube.
RIP my boy Eddie ♪
Poppin' pills like confetti ♪
You can't step, you ain't ready ♪
And you know my girl
she gives head-y ♪
Yes, sir!
Classic, right?
Hey! Sergeant Saintille!
What is this, a fuckin' dance party?
Sergeant Calhoun.
We were just saying we know
this jackass from way back.
His name is Collin Connor.
Oh, thanks.
We already found his license,
but good tip.
Anyhow, uh, thanks for coming out,
but this is clearly a homicide,
so body side's got it.
He's a known dealer, so, uh,
drug side should be involved.
Oh, like drug side was involved
in letting Frankie
and Jorge Cuevas out of prison?
- That's immaterial here.
- Listen.
I would hate to see one
of your guys slip and fall
and end up with their dick inside a CI,
so we're gonna take it from here.
So that's it? We're just leaving?
Yeah, 'cause your boy Ray fucked us.
Green. Medium.
Welcome to Emerald City.
Green, come with me.
Let me see what I have in your size.
What's with the green suits?
Green uniforms are for
the new Drug Diversion Unit.
Otherwise known as easy time.
But ain't nothing easy about the time
that you're about to do.
You shot a cop, man.
You're lookin' at the hardest
fuckin' time there is.
And we're gonna make sure
you feel every second of it.
Fuck outta here.
Hey, fish.
You're coming with me.
Set our eyes west ♪
Chase the sunset ♪
Hint of wine on my breath ♪
And you got your hand on my hand ♪
Lips to my ear ♪
Whisper "Switch to fifth gear" ♪
I will, hey, look ♪
Cosa Nostra in a Testarossa ♪
Pull me closer baby, don't let go ♪
Get away from where we came from ♪
Where we'll end up I don't know ♪
We got the whole world ahead
and the old world behind ♪
Nothing in the rearview
but wasted time ♪
Steal my heart
I promise I won't tell ♪
Oh, sorry, let me
get this outta the way there.
Thank you, Carmina.
Think she fancy now.
You think about that thing, Larry?
You got it, Frankie. No problem.
- Jefe!
- Chuleta.
You ready to have
some fun tonight, papi?
Hell yeah, boss, you know I'ma be all up
in them titties and booties.
We ain't guiltless ♪
Lord our witness ♪
Pray forgiveness
but don't turn around ♪
Your kiss excites me ♪
Yes, bitch.
I ain't seen your flat ass
around here in a minute, baby.
Where you been?
You know, Frankie doesn't
want me to work,
and besides, it's just
really time-consuming
planning a wedding.
The fuck.
Look at that rock!
Melanie, honey, can you
bring us a bottle of Dom?
Lucy, you fucking cunt, I'm home!
Yeah! Papa!
You're looking great, primo.
No, man, come on.
I'm still fucking ugly, man.
But look at you. You look good, man.
What, are you bench-pressing cocolos?
Yeah! Let's go!
Do you mind?
Yo, listen up.
Yo, give me a minute, pendejos,
then you can go back
to your free drinks.
Yo, okay, so
I just wanna say much love and respect
to this man right here,
my cousin Jorge Cuevas.
He stood tall, he did his time,
and he didn't say shit to anybody.
That's how a man does it.
And now we're all gonna
pick up where we left off.
I love you, primo. Welcome back.
I love you, cousin.
As far as motherfuckers go,
I don't care about you,
but if you makin' me money, we're good.
So let's have fun tonight,
and try not to make babies, Chuleta.
Why you call me out?
Cheers, bitches.
- Yes!
- Yes!
There she is!
My future sister-in-law.
Mm. Jorge. Welcome home.
You know, Renee's the reason
why I'm standing here a free man.
Oh, stop.
I mean, seriously.
When push came to shove,
this woman right here
used her motherfucking head
to help her man.
I mean, this girl, she sucked it up,
did what she had to do.
Fuckin' swallowed that pride,
you know what I'm saying?
So let's raise our glasses
to fucking Renee.
Come on. We got business to discuss.
Thanks for, uh,
sucking that cop's dick.
Oh, yeah.
I'm telling you, we got problems.
No product, no people,
and cash is running low.
We got 20 camellos waiting
in the other room to earn.
We got people.
No good people other than Chuleta.
What happened to Osito?
He's in prison.
Just got out of the hospital.
Got shot by some fed,
and now his leg is infected
or some shit.
He gonna die?
Not from the leg.
You know what I'm saying?
The motherfucker told me some
bullshit story about Kizzle.
I don't trust him.
Okay, well,
I'm gonna let you handle that.
I'm gonna take care of
straightening out the camellos.
No problem.
Supply's the real problem, papi.
Wayne's out.
Fuckin' supply, that's what
you're worried about?
I was just in the joint with Wayne, man.
It's all good.
We're handling it.
He got people out there.
Tomorrow I'm gonna take care
of that first thing.
Pero right now
I gotta have some fun.
Okay, papi.
Tomorrow, okay?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, not so fast.
I like you.
Yo, get the fuck outta here
with those fake titties.
Come here, hon.
What's your name, baby doll?
Daisy. Like the flower.
What's yours?
You don't know my name?
I know you're Jorge Cuevas.
But I'm gonna call you Daddy.
Ooh, yeah, I like that.
Come on, sit on my lap.
I haven't been this hard
in 18 months, girl.
Let's see what we can do about that.
Ooh, ah.
So what was the deal with that kid Coco?
- You knew him?
- Yeah, yeah.
I arrested him and his cousin
a few years back.
The cousin he fucked?
No, that was his other cousin.
This cousin was a coke dealer
from Harwich.
So, uh, were you on the crime scene?
Yeah, why?
Ah, just wondering how it's
going for you on the unit.
It's good.
I mean, I like the work.
It's great getting off the boat.
But, um, Alan's not letting me do shit.
Gotta hand it to him,
he finally made sergeant.
I can see him enjoying it
a little too much, though.
Nah, Alan's all right.
He's just got a stick up his ass.
- How's the new Velekee?
- Lieutenant Smith?
I don't know, pretty much
like the old Velekee, I guess.
You know who's amazing? Leslie Babcock.
That's my fucking girl.
- No. Uh-uh.
- What?
You gotta watch out for her, okay?
Leslie will stab you in the back.
Or maybe you just
got problems with women.
Oh, me? Look who's talking.
Fair enough.
All right, I'm gonna go.
I'll see you tomorrow.
- All right.
- Hey.
- What?
- You good?
I'm good.
Hey. Another chardonnay.
Coming right up.
So how you doing?
I heard you used to be a cop.
No, you heard that wrong.
I am a cop.
So, you know,
I've never been with a cop before.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Why start now?
You're letting him bring Daisy home?
Baby, he's been away for a long time.
I don't want her in my house.
Right there, right there, right there.
Yeah. Okay, come on. Let's go.
- Okay. Vamos.
- Let's go.
Hurry up!
Sleepover. This is so fun!
Oh, man!
- Altoid?
- No.
- I can drive.
- You can drive?
Yeah, I can drive.
What is it?
I mean, I'm just
just wondering
how long he's gonna be here.
As long as he wants. He's family.
- He doesn't like me.
- That's not true.
He's just never gotten to know you.
He still thinks of you as a kid.
You mean he still thinks of me
as a junkie whore.
Don't talk about yourself that way.
Well, it's true, isn't it?
I mean, that's what I was.
Look at you now.
You're a queen.
You're my queen.
What was that thing with the manager
tonight at the club?
Oh, that, uh, we're gonna be
doing some business out of Xavier's.
What, did you make him
an offer he couldn't refuse?
No. I like him.
Actually, this involves you too.
I want you back in the club.
I thought you didn't want me
to dance anymore.
Not dancing.
I want you to be the assistant manager.
Who's gonna be the manager?
- Really?
- I need your help.
I need people in there that I can trust.
Besides, you always said you wanted
to get to know the business better.
This is a great opportunity for you too.
I wish you would've
told me first, and I
I don't really wanna go back
to that shady-ass place and work.
I just thought that when you got out,
things would be different.
I really just want
a normal life, you know?
No, that's not what you want.
What you want is to be filthy
How did I get so fucking lucky?
So you play this
the way we talked about.
Be honest, be humble,
but you don't admit anything
they don't already know.
And remember, it's a formality.
You're in the club here.
They don't wanna shit-can you,
so you just gotta give them
a few good reasons not to.
Hey, Jackie.
Hey. How you doing?
Yeah, I'm all right. I'm all right.
Jackie, this is Wally Heath,
my union rep.
Wally, Jackie Quinones.
Character witness.
Nice to meet you.
So, we doing this or what?
Let's go.
Sergeant Abruzzo,
we have conducted an investigation
into the incident with Ms. Segna,
and we have concluded that that was, uh,
uh, an isolated event.
Is there anything you'd like to say?
I've been on the State Police
for 18 years,
most recently as sergeant
of the Cape Cod
Interagency Narcotics Unit.
Thank you for your service.
I want you to know that I love my job.
I love the fact
that I've been given the power
to make good cases.
Cases that put bad people away.
But I have taken advantage
of that power.
Something my father said to me
when I was young,
he-he taught me two things,
that men are men,
and women like to be chased and caught.
Now, for him, in his day,
he called that being a ladies' man,
but times have changed,
and I understand that now.
The power dynamic
between me and Ms. Segna
meant that the relationship
was never entirely consensual.
And I would like to apologize to her
and to this department for any
harm that I might have caused.
I've also come to realize that I
have issues. I have a disease.
But I am seeking treatment,
and I am
I'm looking for a way
to move forward.
And I want you to know
that I'm 100% ready
to resume my full duties as
a Massachusetts state trooper.
So thank you.
Thank you, Sergeant. Thank you.
And now we will, uh
We'll hear from your character witness.
This is, uh, Agent Quinones,
uh, the National Marine Fishery Service.
Let us please recognize
the conspicuous bravery
of Agent Quinones in the line of duty.
Hello, hi. Um, yeah.
I met Ray Sorry, Sergeant Abruzzo
A few months ago when we were
both investigating a homicide.
At first, I thought he was an asshole.
A lot of people think that.
He's intense.
But he's intense
because he gives a shit.
And, uh, I-I know he-he's made mistakes,
but he-he made them in the name
of putting away
a drug trafficker and a murderer.
Now, that doesn't make it right,
but it is important.
And speaking as a woman,
Ray has never been anything
less than professional with me.
I'm proud to call him a friend.
Thank you, Agent.
And now if there's nothing else,
I think we should conclude this
Actually, I have a few more
questions for Sergeant Abruzzo.
Counselor, do we really
have to keep going
with the dog and pony show?
I've got a report
from-from a Dr. Sheila Larkin,
and she strongly recommends
that Sergeant Abruzzo
be reinstated on the condition
that he continue with his treatment.
Major, there's
another character witness.
A 30-year veteran of the force
who will testify
to a pattern of problematic
behavior with women.
Captain Lou Jones
of the Auto Theft Unit.
The events that I will refer to
began on July 4, 2013,
at the Mass State Police Picnic.
On that day,
Ray Abruzzo violated my personal trust
and that of my wife, Gloria.
Sorry it didn't go your way.
You okay?
Man, that sucked. I'm sorry.
But also, did you really send
dick pics to that dude's wife?
On your work phone?
Okay, sorry. Sorry.
So what are you gonna do now?
You know what? I'm gonna be fine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I'm gonna live a normal life.
Do normal-people shit.
Get a job that ends at five,
no one's trying to kill me.
That doesn't sound too bad, right?
I always wished I had more time
to spend with my kid.
Maybe I'll do that.
That sounds good. Really.
- Shit.
I'm-I'm so sorry, man. I gotta run.
Oh, no, no, no, I get it.
No, you gotta go.
Please don't kill yourself, okay?
I'd feel like a real shithead
if you did that.
No, no, no!
Hey, Trooper, let's get
social services on the scene
- to help with the mother.
- No! No!
This is a fucking shit show.
Yup. You okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Hey, Saintille. You ever seen this?
Looks like you're gonna need
a bigger boat.
Man down! EMTs!
Nobody touch that bag!
We need Narcan! Everyone out!
- Come on. Let's go.
- Everyone out!
Let's go! Everyone out!
Let's clear it out!
Clear it out.
Let's get hazmat in here.
Mrs. Howland, tell us
what happened to your daughter.
Is it true there are
three teenagers inside?
Mrs. Howland, please, speak to us.
My-my daughter is dead.
My beautiful daughter,
Anna Elizabeth Howland.
I want you to write
that name down, okay?
What are you gonna do about this, huh?
I read the papers!
You're letting the drug dealers
out of prison?
What's that about?
How many more kids
on the Cape have to die?
What's your response to her?
What are you gonna do?
What does this have to do
with Frankie Cuevas?
Fuck me.
Well, this is a fucking nightmare.
We're still wiping egg off
our faces from Ray Abruzzo,
and now we have three kids
Three wealthy, photogenic kids
Dead from accidental OD.
So here's what needs to happen.
We need a win, and we need it quickly.
We need to find out who sold it,
where it's coming from,
and we need to shut it down.
You like the Cuevases for this?
You're asking me what I think?
I think you're the goddamn sergeant.
You should figure it out.
You heard LT.
Get to goddamn work.
A word, sir?
Look, I was at the house,
and it was bad.
All right, the kids, the soccer mom.
Like you said, the optics suck.
Who are you again?
Oh, sorry. Jackie Quinones.
Fishery Service liaison
to the Narcotics Unit.
Well, Quinones, I have a call
with the colonel
in about three minutes,
so will you please tell me
what you want?
Something that'll make
the unit look good.
Something that solves
two problems at once.
Additional man-hours,
and an additional full-time officer.
And who do you propose
for this additional officer?
- Put me in, Coach.
- Right.
You're not even State Police.
State Police has a woman problem.
That thing with Ray
blew up a lot of people,
including Lieutenant Velekee.
You could do worse
than a female officer commended
for her conspicuous bravery
in the line of duty.
Sir, I'm a fed, I know
all the players on the Cape,
and not for nothing,
I know drugs and drug addicts.
I would be an asset.
- What about your agency?
- My boss is easy.
A big operation comes up over there,
I could still lend a hand.
It would be on a probationary
basis, of course.
Yeah, no, of course. Of course.
I could ride with Babcock.
Three months.
We'll reassess after that.
Excellent. Thank you, sir.
Shut the door on your way out.
How's the leg?
How you think?
It's fucked up.
Sausage, egg, and cheese, right?
So you just came by to bring me a snack?
Came out to ask you about
the, uh, extra-strength dope
killed three kids in Chatham.
This, uh, Frankie and Jorge's way
of, uh, getting back in the game?
Maybe cutting some carfentanyl
into the product?
How the fuck should I know?
Motherfucker, you want
my help with the DA?
You best start telling me what you know.
I'll tell you what I know.
I shot a cop, and I'm fucked.
I ain't getting outta here
in less than ten years,
and you know it too.
So it ain't about what I can tell you.
I could tell you a lot of shit.
But it's about what you could tell me.
What do you want?
I wanna go to the Drug Diversion Unit,
do that easy time in green.
I could look into that. Possibly.
But I'm not giving you anything
'til you give me something.
Well, then it looks like
we're at an impasse.
You can get out of here with that swine.
I ain't trying to piss off
these Nation of Islam motherfuckers.
I'll reach out
to my colleagues in the DOC.
It will be 100% dependent
on the quality of
the intelligence you provide.
I take your ass to dinner,
you best start putting out.
This one is incredible.
- You think?
- I love it.
But doesn't matter what I think.
You have to feel it.
You don't think it's too much?
It is classic.
I just want it to be perfect, you know?
- Jesus!
- Wow! Ho-ho!
You look amazing. Look at that dress!
Right? That's what I said!
I mean, look,
I don't know nothing about fashion,
but the one question
I do have is, like
white, really?
Seriously, Jorge? Seriously?
Do you You have to ruin everything.
Like, what-what are you even doing here?
I-I-I can't I don't have time
for your shit today.
- I really don't.
- I mean, w-w-what did I say?
I mean, it was just a question.
I mean, fuck's the matter with you, man?
You're so sensitive.
What are you,
on your period or some shit?
Oh, my God, I'm not
on my fucking period, okay?
- Unreal.
- Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck.
Yo! Jackie!
Brought this for you.
Um, listen, so I-I-I wanted
to talk to you about something.
Oh, shit.
She did something nice,
so this must be bad.
No, no, it's not bad, it's just
I'm not gonna be
on the boat for a while.
You just got back on the boat.
I know, but I
I have this opportunity
to do something important.
Something real.
What we do isn't real?
No, no of course it is.
I didn't mean tha
I'm going full-time at the other gig.
At least for a few months.
Do they know you're very recently sober?
No, and it's none
of their fuckin' business.
I know. It's my business.
Because I'm the one you're gonna call
when you end up in the pokey.
- The pokey?
- Yeah. The pokey.
Not the hoosegow?
You fuckin' mocking me?
Cape's changed since I was a kid.
Used to be just a nice place to live,
nice place to bring
your family in the summer.
This drug shit, you never saw it.
Oh, it's-it's everywhere, Ed.
The whole country. Not just here.
Yeah, but why do you have to be
the one to go after it?
I don't know. I just do.
Fuckin' Jackie.
Hurry the fuck up, man.
I need to call my lawyer.
Fucking rat!
- Bitch!
- Hey!
All right. All right. All right.
Frankie says chingate, Gordo!
Frankie Cuevas!
It is time ♪
Hey, Officer.
Can I get another chardonnay?
It is time ♪
It is time ♪
Oh, oh ♪
It is time ♪
For stormy weather ♪
For stormy weather ♪
For stormy weather ♪
So you cool with us riding together?
Yeah. But just so you know, I drive.
It is time ♪
It is time ♪
Hey, man, what's up?
Hey, pal! I'm gonna go see a guest.
Where the fuck am I? Montego Bay?
The Jamaicans stay here
on four-month visas.
No one fucks with them,
so no one fucks with us.
You gonna let me in or what?
My Uncle Wayne told me
you might show up.
What do you want?
Me and your uncle been tight
for a long time.
I was just up with him in Concord.
I know where you been.
Answer the question.
You fucked up down here.
You got some of that fire
from New Beige,
which is all good, except it turns out,
you can't handle your own business.
What you mean, I can't
handle my business?
Well, for one thing,
you don't got people.
- I got people.
- Who, Coco?
He got shot up in his car,
and if you got no camellos,
you got a distribution problem.
I know about Coco.
I got other people
selling for me 'sides him.
Well, that's your other problem.
Someone sold some of your shit
to three white kids up in Chatham.
They fucking OD'd.
Now all the cops on the Cape
are trying to find out
where they got that dope.
So what you trying to do about it?
Me and my cousin, wanna be your partner.
I got a partner.
Yeah, she got a partner.
That's cute.
Girl power, right?
Thing is, we got a problem too.
Your uncle going away
fucked up our supply.
As far as distribution goes,
though, we got your back.
Anybody gets pinched,
it's one of our people, we handle it.
So what do you say?
I like working with people
who ain't been locked up.
The fuck outta here, girl.
You're in the wrong business, then.
I'll sit down with you and your cousin.
See what's what.
Okay, cool.
I'll set it up, give you a call, okay?
That's cute.
Sharks are gangsta.
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna find ya ♪
So we find who's selling
Great White, and then what?
Then we fuck 'em up.
I'm kidding.
Don't worry, I'm not a psycho.
Maybe I'm a psycho.
Maybe I'm just gonna put
a bullet in Frankie Cuevas.
Put one in Jorge while you're at it.
I'm gonna meet ya I'll meet ya ♪
I will ♪
Drive past your house ♪
And if ♪
The lights are all down ♪
I'll see who's around ♪
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna find ya ♪
I'm gonna get ya ♪
Get ya, get ya, get ya ♪
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna win ya ♪
I'll get ya, I'll get ya ♪
One way or another ♪
I'm gonna see ya ♪
I'm gonna meet ya ♪
Meet ya, meet ya, meet ya ♪
One day, maybe next week ♪
I'm gonna meet ya ♪
I'll meet ya-ah ♪
And if ♪
The lights are all out ♪
I'll follow ♪
Your bus downtown ♪
See who's hangin' out ♪
One way or another, I'm gonna get ya ♪
Where I can see it all ♪
Find out who you call ♪
One way or another I'm gonna get ya ♪
Where I can see it all ♪
Find out who you call ♪
One way or another ♪
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