Hightown (2020) s02e07 Episode Script

Crack is Wack

[JACKIE] Previously on Hightown
- If you help us, I can protect you.
- What do you wanna know?
[RENEE] If Frankie finds out
about us, we're dead.
[RAY] I'll never let anything
happen to you,
but you're gonna have to trust me, okay?
- Love you.
- I love you too.
[OSITO] What up, Charmaine?
I need to see your uncle.
If you wanna move weight, come see me.
[VERNON] Yo, check it.
[JORGE] When I'm fucking
threatening you
You fucking shot me!
[RENEE] Gonna ditch
the car at the airport.
He needs to disappear
like he never fucking existed.
- [OSITO] Everything all right?
- Just some car problems.
Maybe I can help. I'm a car guy.
[JACKIE] I love you.
Come on, Jackie. That was too much.
Don't you have anyplace else to be?
Happy Thanksgiving, flaca.
You want a beer?
People who you saw.
Me and you, we gonna take over.
[CORONER] 13-year-old, dead on arrival
of acute opioid overdose.
I thought a lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm away ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine ♪
That you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
that you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
the things that you said ♪
Vacation just another love-in ♪
Vacation I hope you love me ♪
Vacation would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave
without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪


This where the Pilgrims landed?
It's a bunch of freaky white people.
Know what those freaky white people are?
Dollar signs.
Yeah, I guess.
You see all this stuff?
It's gonna be ours.
We're gonna own this whole place.
You see that giant statue thing?
Who gonna own that?
I don't know, who?
We are, dumbass.
Who's gonna own that T-shirt shop?
We are. [LAUGHS]
And what about that motherfucking ocean?
Who's gonna own that?
We are. Naw, wait. Just me.
I'm gonna own the motherfucking ocean.
That's right, bitch.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Going home for the holiday?
Home? The fuck is that?

[RAFAEL] Twenty-four, 36, hut, hut!
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
Fucking classic, flaca! You okay?
I think I peed myself a little.
[RAFAEL] Fucking lightweight.
That's what happens
when you only see your old man
once a year.
- Oh, fuck you.
- Go ahead. [LAUGHS]
All right, one more time.
I almost had it.
No, no, no, no, no.
I got serious coin on the game.
Let's get you changed and head
to Sully's for the second half.
- Vamos, let's go.
- [JACKIE] Yeah, okay.
Let's go. Twenty-two, 21, 36, at it.
Here is something
you can't understand ♪
How I could just kill a man ♪
Here is something
you can't understand ♪
How I could just kill a man ♪
Sorry that I had to get ya ♪



[CALLIE] You should have used a mix.
Those are gonna be lumpy.
Okay, just stop. I'm not done yet.
- ♪
[CALLIE] Who's texting you
on Thanksgiving?
[RENEE] No one, Ma.
Why don't you go sit down?
Dinner's almost ready.
- I'm good.
- [FRANKIE JR.] Whoosh.
Ow, stop.
Out of the kitchen, please.
Go play with Daddy.
[FRANKIE JR.] Look, Daddy.
The fuck is wrong with you, huh?
Didn't you hear Ma tell you to stop?

Hey, hey, hey. It's okay, buddy. Okay?
But you should listen to me
when I tell you to stop, okay?
It's okay.
You need to relax.
You need to handle your son.

[ALAN] And Lord, thank you
for our health
and our jobs
and the roof over our head
and the food on this table,
and bless the hands that prepared it.
- Mm-hmm.
- And Lord,
thank you for the people in this room.
- And the support of family
and the love of a good woman,
and Father, I'd like
to also thank you
Hey, you're gonna roll
right over into Christmas prayer, then?
Good bread, good meat,
good God, let's eat.
- [WOMAN] Okay!
It's time. About time.
You said no phones.
It could be work.
Sorry, I gotta take this.
Yeah, it's been in the cell
phone lot for three days,
so we ran the plates,
and when I got the registration back,
I was like, "Oh, schnap,
I should call you guys".
Appreciate it.
Known drug dealer like Jorge Cuevas.
Said to myself,
"Something ain't right here".
[ALAN] You said you had footage
of the night he drove in?
[COYLE] Oh, yeah, that's where
it gets interesting.
Just dropped the vehicle off and left.
Never even stepped foot
inside the terminal.
[ALAN] If there's only one
person who I know that isn't,
it's Jorge fucking Cuevas.
Has it been checked?
Well, no, sir, we don't
have a warrant yet.
I think I I think I hear something.
There might be someone trapped inside.
Get me in there now.
- Hey.
- [OFFICER] All right.

Here you go.

God damn it.
Yeah, I want a BOLO on Jorge Cuevas.
I need that right away.

Hey, Daisy, happy Thanksgiving.
What's up? You good?
Give me a ring, girl. It's Jackie.

Ahh this is it, man.
[RAFAEL] No time-outs, down by three.
No way these hijo de putas
pull this off.
I've been killing myself at my job,
trying to get the bad guy,
make everything right.
But, like, maybe some things
just can't be right.
Maybe sometimes you just need
a drink to deal with that.
I mean, maybe that's why cops drink.
You fucking hear any of that?
I heard it all. Your job is hard.
You deserve a drink.
Psst, oye.
Yeah, exactly.
And you know what else?
Fuck Leslie Babcock.
Yeah, fuck that bitch.
Hey, I'm the only one
who can call her a bitch.
Fucking bitch.
- Mary!
- Hey!
Mary, this is my kid, Jackie.
Jackie, meet my friend, Mary.
Oh, shit. I've heard so much about you.
I doubt that.
[MARY] What I mean is, I can't
wait to get to know you.
I just gotta use the head.

That's who you're fucking now?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey,
watch your language.
Does Mom know?
It's not like that. Hmm?
Me and your mother
we have an understanding.
We accept each other for who we are,
and I accept her.
But do you still love her?
Your mother is like the sun.
Too much is not good for you,
but you can't live without it.
Fuck, that's actually kinda beautiful.
How come no one's
ever loved me like that, huh?
I mean, no one accepts me for who I am.
I fuck up, and it's just like,
"Peace out, Jackie. See you never".
Hey, hey, don't say that.
That's not true. Everyone loves you.
Who? Who loves me? Not Leslie Babcock.
[SCOFFS] You said she was
a fucking bitch.
I lied. I'd die for her.
Well, a lot of other people love you.
Oh, yeah?
"Oh, yeah?" What the fuck? Huh?
Check it. Huh?
Mira. You know how much shit
I get on the docks for this?
But I don't care. You know why?
Because I fucking love you.

You did that for me?
Who else?
I ain't gay.
I fucking love you too.
Oh, my God, interception! Interception!
Oh, fuck, I won! I fucking won! [LAUGHS]
Whoo! Let's get this party started.
Yeah, you know what we're gonna do?
We're gonna pick up my winnings,
and we're going to Petey's.
Rafi's got money in his pocket tonight.
We going to Petey's.
Winner. Whoo! Let's go.
Wait, who's Petey?

Man, I love this shit.
It's so stupid. [LAUGHS]
Mm. Want some?
No, I'm good, bro.
They gave me extra white meat at lunch.
Good to be king, huh?
You know, it's all
about the lean protein.
Delgado, with me.
With you where?
Nurse wants to see you.
Get that workout.
Go and get it, boy.
[OSITO] Happy Thanksgiving, girl.
Inmate, what kind of game
are you playing with me?
I ain't playing no games with you.
Then why is there a Ford Explorer
parked in my driveway?
You said you needed a car.
I was helping out a friend.
[JANELLE] You're an inmate.
Do you have any idea
what would happen to me
if someone found out?

Where I come from,
if we cool, we cool.
I hook you up. You hook me up.
Dominicans are like that.
Sounds like a nice place to come from.
[OSITO] It was.
Then my mom sent me here
to live with my Haitian relatives,
give me a better life.

In the DR, I was too Haitian,
but with my mom's family,
I wasn't Haitian enough.
I was just a dumb kid from
the island, scared to death.
Best part about America
was the drive-throughs.
What's that got to do with a car?
I don't know.

I guess I just wanted you
to know that I'm for real.
I'm not just some convict.

I know what it's like to struggle,
to be poor, to not have shit.
So as long as I'm in a position
to help my friends,
you can believe I'ma do that.
I appreciate you
trusting me as a friend,
but I can't keep your car.
And I wanna be clear,
just because you helped me
doesn't mean I owe you anything.
I never said you did, Doc.
That's all, Delgado. Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.


I heard a rumor the unit
is being searched tomorrow.

You should go now.

Hey, Uncle Wayne.
[WAYNE] What's up, girl? How you doing?
Where's your sister?
She couldn't get up off the couch
to come see my ass for Thanksgiving?
I guess you didn't hear yet.
Aileen's with my mother and father now.
It was an accident.
She got stung.

That's hard.
[CHARMAINE] Too hard for me.
It's my fault.
I fucked up.
[WAYNE] What are you saying?
I'm done.
No more talking that shit.
You done come too far to quit now.
She was my life.
The fuck am I supposed to do now?
[WAYNE] Girl, do you know
what you've accomplished?
Hmm? You run the Cape.
I've only ever talked
about doing that shit.
I don't even care no more.
Listen to me. You came up hard.
Nobody ever gave you
nothing, not even me.
Whatever you got, you got on your own.
Sometimes in chess, you lose a piece.
That don't mean you quit
playing the game.
That just means that you got
nothing left to lose.
You're invincible.
So if you go quit now, whatever you got,
whomever you lost,
it was all for nothing.
You are top dog.
Don't nobody got what you got.

You're motherfucking invincible.
All right?

Hey, Sarge.
What's going on over there?
Still sitting on Charmaine's house?
No, Bill spelled me
so I could grab some lunch.
Quinones with you?
No, she's still sick.
Hmm. All right.
What'd you get on the search warrant?
No drugs inside the house.
No sign of Charmaine.
Girl's in the wind.
And there's something else.
Jorge Cuevas's car was found
at the airport this morning.
It's been sitting in short-term
parking for three days.
You think he went somewhere?
[ALAN] I have no fucking idea,
but I'm about to find out.

The turkey's not too dry.
Maybe it's Uncle Jorge.
I'll get it.
Can I help you, Officer?
Yeah, welfare check. Is Jorge here?
Sorry, he's out.
Out where?
Who is it, Frankie?
Hey, Renee, nice to see you again.
How you doing?
You happen to know
where Jorge is, by chance?
[FRANKIE] Don't you have
anything better to do today?
It's Thanksgiving.
[ALAN CHUCKLES] Actually, I do,
but here I am, playing fucking Columbo
'cause your cousin's car
has been at the Hyannis airport
for three days and counting.
By the way, he's not the one
who parked it there.

Either one of you know
who it might've been?
No. Why would we?
[FRANKIE] Go inside, baby.
Food's getting cold.

Don't ever involve my family
in your bullshit.
You got questions, you ask me,
or you ask my lawyer.
Second of all, my cousin
is a grown-ass man,
and he can do whatever
the fuck he wants.
And last time I checked, so can I.
So I'm gonna go back in,
finish my dinner,
and join my beautiful family
and watch an American football game
on my very expensive TV.
You should do the same, Officer.

What was that all about?
Don't worry about it. Keep eating.
I need to see Charmaine.
As soon as possible,
and I want you there too.

[RAFAEL] So you sure
he has good stuff, right?
You said he did?
Wrong address, Rafi.
Welfare office is a block over.
No handouts today, Petey. Mira.
I'm flush, and look
who I brought: my kid.
What? Fun.
We're just a couple
of fun broads out on the town.
Please, proceed.

And I was like, "Okay, well,
since I'm just a deckhand,
why don't you just give me a hand job?"
That's so stupid, but it's so funny.
[MARY] See? You're funny, Rafi.
[RAFAEL] Right, right?
Whoo! Choo-choo!
[RAFAEL] Gonna ride that train
all night long.
[MARY] Whoo.
You got some fucking caboose, girl.
What did you say?
Hey, that's my daughter, bro.
Show her some respect, man.
[PETEY] It's a free country, snowflake.
I can say whatever the fuck
I want in my own goddamn house.
[MARY] Play nice, Petey,
or she'll throw you in the clink.
She's a fucking fish cop, you know.
You a cop?
She's a fishery service agent.
I was asking her.

Are you a fucking cop?
Yeah, I am.
So cut me another line,
or your degenerate ass is under arrest.


I always say,
blue lives, they matter.

Why don't you do one of this, fatties?
It's all for yourself, little baby.

[RAFAEL] Oof. Shit.


Yo, let's roll back to the house.
Come on. It's a party.
Five more minutes.
[JACKIE] No, let's go now.
[RAFAEL] Yeah, yeah, all right.
We'll take another eight-ball
to go, all right?
And throw in something extra
for pissing off my daughter.
Yeah, throw in something for me.

All right.

[RENEE] It's me.
Come in.
[RAY] Hi.
We have to be quick.
- I'll make it work.
- [RENEE] Okay.

Mm. Wait, wait, take me to the bed.
It's a couch right now.
Okay, take me to the couch.

Nice to see you too.
I wish I didn't have to leave.
Well, did you guys have
a good Thanksgiving, at least?
Yeah, was fine.
What's wrong?
It's just some drama with Jorge.
What kind of drama?
Jorge took off, and Frankie's worried.
What do you mean, he took off?
He went AWOL, and your old partner
came by the house,
and was asking questions.
Wait a minute.
Alan came by your house?
Why, do you think that's a big deal?
Sounds like it.
Well, what do you think's going on?
Do you think
I should be worried, or
How should I know?
I'm not a cop anymore.

Well, if you still know
people, you know,
maybe you can ask around.
I mean, I'm sure it's nothing,
but Frankie's being a freak.
I'll make a few calls.

Thank you.

I can't believe you still have
this piece of shit.
[RAFAEL] I paid a lot of money
for that, eh?
She had a crush on
some bougie girl in her class.
Just had to take piano lessons.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, Jenny Sobel.
She had True Religion jeans.

[MARY] Come on, it's too early
for Christmas carols.
I need another beer.

I think it sounds nice, flaca.

Let's turn this party up!
Yeah, baby! [SCATTING]
Come on, baby.
You guys are fucking crazy.
[RAFAEL] Whoo, whoo! [LAUGHS]
Whoo, baby! [VOCALIZES]
[JACKIE] Man, I gotta get
some sleep, man.
I got important shit to do tomorrow.
Told you, I'm part
of this this big case.
I even got my own CI
if she ever calls me back.
She will. She'll call me back.
Shooting star ♪
Ah, I'm so fucking glad you came, girl.
I missed you.
You don't know how much.
Maybe I just needed to get away.
Everyone needs to come home.
What's that?
It's a little bonus from Petey.
Is this crack?
Mm-hmm. [LAUGHS]
Who smokes crack?
What is it, the fucking '80s?
Crack is back, Jack.
Oh, shit.



I guess nobody gives
a fuck that I'm dead.
[PETEY] Fuck off.
- [RAFAEL] Why are you being a dick?
- [PETEY] No, man.
[RAFAEL] Yeah, you're being a dick.
I open my home to you,
I show you a good fucking time,
and you're being a dick.
[PETEY] No more freebies.
[RAFAEL] Look man, you know
that I'm good for it.
Yeah, he's fucking good for it!
You know that!
- I'm good for it!
- [PETEY] No. God
Yo, what's going on?
- [JACKIE] Hey!
Hey, hey, what's happening?
Hey, Jackie, my baby.
Mi'ja, where you been?
[LAUGHS] I'm so glad you're here.
Listen, do you have 80 bucks
I could borrow?
Okay, so-so here's the thing.
We're dry, but the party's still going.
Petey's holding,
but he needs to get paid.
Uh I got a few dollars.
But you see, he likes you,
and he doesn't care
that you're into girls.
I mean, he likes it.
just hang out with him
for a little while.
Ask him if he wants to go see your room.

Don't fucking look at me like that.
You've been partying on my dime
all fucking night, okay?
Now it's time to
it's time to chip in.

That's all I got.

Thank you, baby.
Love you.
Petey, I got something.
- [PETEY] What?
- [RAFAEL] I got some.

[LOUDSPEAKER] This is a lockdown.
Hands against the wall.
[VERNON] Bro, we're fucked.
- [GUARD] Let's go! Get up, let's go!
- Tranquillo.
Against the wall!
Let's go, right now!
Get up! Come on!
Right now.
Face the wall.
Face the wall. You know the drill.

You too.

Turn the fuck around.

Bro, how the fuck did you do that?
I have my ways.

You sure you don't want a drink, baby?

[CHARMAINE] What's so important
I'm missing Black Friday right now?
[FRANKIE] Let's go to the office.
We can talk here.

Excuse me, gentlemen.
Thank you.

My cousin's missing.
So tell me one more time
about the last time you talked to him.
You think I fuck
with your fat-ass cousin?
Fuck you.
We're not finished.

Until I figure out what happened,
we're gonna lay low.
Shut down for a while.
The fuck we are.
Excuse me?
You gonna lose people in this business.
That's the business.
What we can do now
is keep on keeping on.
I don't like it.
You want out, I got a
hundred motherfuckers
lined up to take your spot.
But you need to say something right now.
The circus don't stop
for just one clown.

Okay, Renee will take over for Jorge.
No more fuck-ups.
Of course. I'll make sure of it.
I'll be in touch about the next pickup.

What the hell?
I'm taking over for Jorge?
Time for you to step the fuck up.

Hi. Ray Abruzzo.
I got an appointment.
Ray Abruzzo to see Agent Anay.
Jesus fucking Christ, look who it is.
[FELIX] Put on a suit
and everything, huh?
Oh, yeah. Well, I wouldn't wanna offend
anyone over here at the DEA.
Too late for that, Ray. Close the door.
Looks like you're
doing good for yourself.
How's the gang?
Uh, pissed, Ray.
Everyone here is still pissed.
I spent a fucking year trying
to hook up the Cuevas cousins,
and you let them out.
And now they're back in business.
I know.
Is-is that why you've been
calling me about Jorge,
some sort of penance?
Well, I got a hunch.
- A hunch?
- [RAY] Tell me this.
Jorge Cuevas
is he on paper with the DEA?
No, he's not a snitch,
at least not with us.
We tried to flip him and Frankie
while they were still inside,
but no dice.
- Why?
- He's missing,
and you and I both know a guy like that
doesn't just disappear without help.
You guys been watching him?
That's small time.
We've set our sights much higher now.
New York?
Yeah, we believe one guy out of New York
is responsible for half
the fentanyl or carfentanil
on the East Coast, major operation.
What if I told you
I could help you get them?
Ray, stop.
I'm serious. I got people, Felix.
Wait a minute. Got an idea.
What if
we set up a new task force?
Steve Brown at state.
I'll head up the DEA side with Elwood,
and you
can fuck off now.

That was a good talk, Felix.
You helped me more than you know, buddy.




Hi, Vince?
Uh, it's-it's Jackie.
Jackie from the meeting.
Hello, Jackie from the meeting.
How you doing?
I don't know. [LAUGHS]
I had kind of a-a rough night.
You wanna talk about it?
Um, I mean, not really,
but that's what
I'm supposed to do, right?
It's just, uh,
I think I hit a bottom,
like really this time.
And like, maybe, I should
start doing the program,
actually doing it, you know,
and, like, dealing with all my shit.

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know what I'm talking about.
But, I wa
I was thinking maybe
you could be my spons
Who is it?
[LESLIE] It's Leslie.
[QUIETLY] Oh, shit.
Hey, Vince, I'm so sorry,
but I-I can't talk. I'll call you back.
I hope so.

Hey, it's you.
[LESLIE] Yeah, it's me.
Where the fuck have you been?
It was Thanksgiving.
[LESLIE] Why is your phone off?
Oh, shit. I'm sorry.
It died last night.
Are you okay?
[LAUGHS] Not really, no.
I mean, I saw my dad, and it got weird.
I still haven't wrapped
my head around it,
but I'm so glad you're here.
I-I've been fucked up
about everything and I just
I didn't actually I didn't come here
to talk about all that.
I came here because
Jorge Cuevas is missing,
and we need to talk to Daisy.

Oh, okay.
Uh, she's she's
not returning my calls.
Well, you better fucking find her, then,
because shit's going down,
and by the way,
next time you're gonna be out
for three days, call me.
Call Alan.
No, you're right. You're right.
I fucked up. I'm sorry.
Look, if you wanna be a cop
as much as you say you do,
get your shit together.
You're right. Thanks.

And glad you're not dead.
Yeah. Yeah, me too.

I'll see you tomorrow.
Find Daisy.
Yep, on it.


Come on, Daisy, pick up.

[RECORDING] The mailbox is full
and cannot accept any messages.
Oh, fuck.
Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Daisy, hey it's Jackie.

Oh, Daisy.

Hello? Anyone home?

- Oh, hey.
Hey, there, kitty. Hi.
What's your name? Hi.
Where's your mommy, hmm? Want some food?
Cat food

What are you doing here?
I had to see you.
I wanted to say thank you.
I know you didn't have to do
what you did yesterday.
Yeah, well
if I'm in a position to help my friends,
I'ma do it.


Please go.
I'll see you soon.

- Hey.
- [RAY] Hey.
[RENEE] I got your text.
What's going on?
I got some bad news.
I made some calls about Jorge,
like you asked.
My friend at the DEA says
he's working for them.
He's a rat, Renee, a snitch.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
He's Whitey fuckin' Bulger.
Fucking dick.
I knew he was a piece of shit.

So this is
this is really bad for Frankie, right?
Yeah. Yeah, but here's the thing,
they're gonna be coming after you too.
I didn't I didn't do anything.
Why would they do that?
[RAY] No, no, no don't.
Don't play the helpless victim
here, Renee.
Loot at the ring on your finger.
You're engaged to Frankie Cuevas.
You manage the business
that him and his cousin
launder drug money out of.
Okay, stop. You're freaking me out.
I'm not trying to freak you out.
I'm trying to help you
get in front of this.
What does that what does that mean?
It means you gotta assume
you're already a target.
I mean, if you
Oh, fuck.
[RENEE] What?
First thing the DEA is gonna do
is put a tracker on your car.
You think there's a tracker?
[RAY] Go check.
Check the back wheel well.
Over there.
You see anything?
[RENEE] Yeah, I see, like, a
a little black box thing.
Black box? Yeah, that's them.
Holy shit.
Oh, so
so th-they've been
fucking following me, then?
- It looks like it.
- What if it's fucking Frankie?
What if he found out about us, or
No, no, no, it's not Frankie, okay?
If Jorge's working
for the DEA, it's them.
I want you to think, now.
Does he have a beef with you?
Fuck. Fuck.

How long?
How long have they
been following me for?
I don't know. It might be a while.
So, like, what?
What, are they gonna
are they gonna take me to jail, Ray?
Hey, relax.
[RENEE] What? No. Fucking relax.
What's gonna happen
to my kid, Ray? No
[RAY] Hey, hey, I'm trying to help you.
I'm trying to help you.
Just stay with me right here.
Stay with me right here. Listen to me.
I'm gonna help you.
Okay? I'm gonna help you. I got you.
First things first, we're gonna
leave the tracker on your car.
That way, they don't know
that they've been made,
and it buys us time, all right?
Stay with me right here.
You need to start gathering intel
on Frankie's operation
from top to bottom.
I'm not a fucking informant, Ray.
[RAY] Hey, listen to me. This is it.
Do you want out of this or not?
Tell me right now.
You give the feds what they want,
and then you turn around,
and you ask for immunity.

So what good is immunity if I'm dead?
[RAY] Do not talk like that.
I'm not gonna let that happen to you.
You gotta trust me.

Trust me.

I got you. It's you and me.
- [FRANKIE] Where were you?
- Jesus!
You scared me.
I was just running some errands.

We need to take a ride
right fucking now.

[RAY] Jesus, Jackie.
- Whose cat is that?
I think Daisy's dead.
Yeah, my CI. You got any milk?
- Only almond.
- [JACKIE] Milk, milk, milk.
Hey, that thing's not
gonna pee in here, is it?
I had a dream about Daisy,
and she was dead.
[RAY] Okay.
So I went to her apartment
and looked around
[RAY] In the dream.
No, no, no, no, no, no. In real life.
- Fuck, Jackie.
- [JACKIE] Listen to me.
She left her cat and her birth control.
No one goes away
without those two things.
So you had a dream your CI died,
you broke into her apartment,
and you stole her cat.
What if I bring the cat to Alan?
I should. I should, right?
We can prove that Daisy's missing,
and we can open up a case.
Come here, kitty!
- Come here, kitty, kitty.
- Jackie, I don't think
you should bring anything
to Alan like this.
- Like what?
- [RAY] Well, first off,
you look like you could haunt
a fucking house.
Fuck you.
You're drunk, Jackie.
I'm not drunk, you dick.
Why you gotta be
so judgmental all the time?
- I mean, look at you.
- [RAY] What?
In your fucking basement,
like some kind of bum.
I'm the cop, Ray.
I got the badge. What do you got?
[RAY] You're right.
I got fucking nothing.
But what do you got?
All you have is this theory.
And if you go up to Alan
like this, all half-cocked,
this thing's gonna blow up in your face.
I don't wanna see that happen to you.
So the best thing you
can do is sleep it off
and go talk to Alan in the morning.
I fucked up, Ray.
I got drunk, and I did
some other shit too.
I know. I know. It's okay. It's okay.
Don't worry about that
right now, all right?
Let's just get some Zs.
Then we'll think about it
in the morning, all right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Zs. I'm gonna go home, get some Zs.
[RAY] Yeah whoa, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
I'm not letting you go out
there and get another DUI.
Okay? So you're gonna stay here, okay?
What, with you?
Look, you take the couch.
I'll sleep on the floor.

Really? Are you sure?

I'm just I'm too wired to sleep.
[RAY] I know. Just close your eyes
and give it a try.


Feels nice.

- Ray?
- Yeah?
Will you lie down with me?


We can make out a little,
but no dick stuff, okay?
Shut the fuck up, Jackie.
Get some sleep, all right?

Where are we going?

What are you doing?

Frankie, what's going on?
It's about Jorge.

[RENEE] What is this?
Frankie, what are we doing here?
Go on.


Go around the corner.

Go in.

Jorge is dead.
What? What makes you say that?
This is his go bag
for when things get too hot.
What does what does that prove?
[FRANKIE] He would never
leave without it.
Somebody killed him.

I can trust you, right?
Why even ask?
It's just us now. You understand?
Yeah. Yeah, I understand.

Who do you think killed him?
I don't know
but I'm gonna find out.


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