Hightown (2020) s03e01 Episode Script

Good Times

[JACKIE] Previously on Hightown
For me, sobriety's been good.
I'm working with
State Police moving on up.
Things are a little bit different now.
I'm a free man.
[RENEE] Jorge, welcome home.
Thanks for sucking that cop's dick.
[MARKSON] You fraternized with a CI.
[SMITH] You're suspended.
I'm not cut out for this normal
life fucking killing me.
Will you be using the New York connect?
Supply is my responsibility.
- Partners?
- Partners.
Welcome to Emerald City, brother.
[JANELLE] I'm Janelle,
your physical therapist.
- You fucking shot me!
He needs to disappear
like he never fucking existed.
Jorge's dead.
- What?
- [FRANKIE] This is his go bag.
He would never leave without it.
[RENEE] I need you.
Charmaine's in New York
right now re-upping.
How the fuck do you know that?
- Renee told me.
- [ALAN] We got Charmaine.
I want my job back.
I can bring you Frankie Cuevas.
[SMITH] As soon as the paper
clears, you're back.
I'm setting up on the New York connect.
I'm coming back as sergeant, Alan,
and you're going to Body Side.
Homicide, this is Saintille.
He heard a rumor Jamaican
cleaning ladies buried a body.
Jorge underestimated her
and look what happened to him.
Even I didn't see that coming.
Is there anything you need
to tell me right now?
I'm pregnant.
[GUARD] Your bail's been paid.
[RALPHIE] So you ready to meet my uncle?
King of New York?
Osito said "what's up"! [GRUNTS]
I need a bathroom.
Stop! Stop, Charmaine!
They've been searching
the woods and nothing.
There's going to be an investigation.
- She has impulse issues.
- Fuck
I will be requesting a new partner.
[BARTENDER] You deserve a drink.
I fucked everything up! Fuck!
I ain't gonna sell nothing to a cop.
Just let me in.
Come on in, Officer.
I thought a lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake
Just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm away ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine ♪
That you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew
That you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about
The things that you said ♪
Vacation just another love-in ♪
Vacation I hope you love me ♪
Vacation would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave
Without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out
Some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪


[BOY] Race you in!
[GIRL] Mom and Dad said
don't go swimming
before they wake up.
- I don't care. I'm going in.
- Wait for me!
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
We should get Dad.
[GIRL] I think we should go look.

[BOY] Don't. Don't do that.
Don't do that!
What the fuck?
Ugh. Where am I?
The beach.
[BOY] By the Seven Seas Motel.
You guys seen my-my phone
or wallet anywhere?
[JACKIE] All right.
Have a good one.
Stay cool.
[RAPPER] Go berserk ♪
Watch these bitches work
Watch these bitches work ♪
Money fallin' from the ceiling ♪
To the dirt, to the dirt ♪
She was tunrt down
So she popped her a Perc' ♪
Nah, bro. Nah, nah, nah, nah.
You get better pussy
in the majors but not more.
There's mad hos in the Triple-A.
- Where is this chick?
- I don't know.
She's all over the fucking place
till I actually want to see her.
[RAPPER] Threw some Franklins
Then direct her like Kirk ♪
[PERSON] Look. There.
[RAPPER] She got double Ds
She got double Ds ♪
And she fuck With Duke Deuce ♪
Them double Ds, double Ds ♪
I fuck with stripper hos
And they fuck with me ♪
And they fuck with me ♪
Come here.
Now, what you boys want?
Missy! Help!
- Fuck.
- [LIL SAL] Hurry, Missy!
- She's getting away!
- I fucking know.
[LIL SAL] Missy, let me in!
Go, go, go, go!
- Shit.
- Go, go, go, go!

- Shit.
You want to go ♪
But think you should stay here ♪
Can't touch my toes
But I can be a savior ♪
I know that it's been said before ♪
But I'll say it again
Louder, for sure ♪
I made a promise
I might've messed up ♪
I said I'd be there
But I'll play dress-up ♪
I know if you just hold my hand ♪
Then you'll understand ♪
'Cause all I wanted was your voice ♪
[JACKIE] Have you seen my car, Bunny?
Oh, honey.
Oh, wait.
Actually, you think
you could call me a Lyft?
And we know ♪
You want to let go ♪
[SMITH] After we arrested
Charmaine Grasa
back in December,
we were able to pull tolls
from her cell phone.
You mean after you arrested
Charmaine Grasa
but then before you lost her
a few days later.
[SMITH] Yes, Major Markson.
As I was saying,
phone records identified
Ralphie Patsis as her New York connect.
We believe Ralphie is also supplying
to Emmanuel Delgado, AKA Osito.
But the real target is
Ralphie's uncle, George Patsis.
Can we please fast-forward
to the good part?
I just want to know
when I can make arrests.
Oh, we're close, sir. We're right there.
How close?
Well, it's a federal case,
so it's not only our call,
but we've partnered with the ATF,
and the IRS wants in now.
- [MARKSON] Yeah?
- This asshole
he's bringing in dozens of containers
from China every month.
On paper he makes 85G,
but his house is worth $6 million.
So, you know, go fucking figure, right?
So we're close, Major.
All right. Carry on.
[MARKSON] Let's start
having these briefings weekly
from now on, huh?
Yes, sir.
Agent Quiñones.
Thank you for joining us.
- Sorry.
- Get the fuck to work.
You got your job back, Sergeant.
Do it.
[SNAPS FINGERS] Close the door.
I'm gonna ask you
one question right now.
Are you fucking serious, Jackie?
I know. I'm sorry.
You're gonna be late for
your first day off desk duty?
During a debrief with the Major?
It won't happen again. I promise.
It's just my car was stolen.
What? In P-Town?
- For real?
- Yeah. I mean, I think so.
You think so?
You think your car was stolen?
Or did you forget where you parked it?
Really, dude?
I get pee tested, like, every other day.
If I was partying, you would
literally be the first person to know.
I had to ask.
Okay, want me to start over?
I'm gonna start over.
Welcome back to the field,
Agent Quiñones.
You are off desk purgatory,
and I absolve you of your sins,
my child.
Poof. [SNAPS FINGERS] See? It's good.
Yeah, I won't let you down, boss.
Anything new on the search
for Charmaine?
[RAY] U.S. Marshals
aren't gonna find her
unless she does something stupid.
Yeah, she won't. Fuck.
So, like, what do you got
me doing for work today?
I need you to go up to Boston
to deliver a subpoena.
Cool, cool.
No car.
I'll pull a trooper
off the road for you.
Fucking Driving Miss Daisy over here.
[RAPPER] I been getting money
In the trap house, hustlin' ♪
If you want to get it, you
Can get it, no discussion ♪
Playin' with my money ♪
Now, you got to appreciate
that big V8 engine.
There's a reason
why police use this car.
I like it, but I got to run it
by my wife
before I pull the trigger.
Just don't forget to mention
it's got the highest
safety rating in its class.
[RAPPER] Mess around and I do ♪
[RAPPER] Loose lips sink ships ♪
I ain't heard what you said ♪
Mask up, mask up ♪
No, you can't see my face ♪
Mask up, mask up ♪


[OSITO] Ralphie, what's up?
Nothing. What's up with you?
Gonna send somebody down your way,
pick up those things from the spot.
[RALPHIE] Oh, yeah? What time?
- Eight o'clock.
- Okay, yeah.
It's okay. Just tell me what you want.
I will give you anything you want.
Just tell me what it is.
- Okay?
It's okay. It's okay.
Does she want a bite of my waffle?
No, she can't have that yet, baby.
Put it down. Go wash your hands, okay?
Shh, shh, shh.
It's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Oh, hey. How you doing?
- She won't stop crying.
Okay, give her to me.
Give her to me. Give her to me.
- [RAY] Come here.
Oh, Scarlet. Yeah.
Yeah, how's my little baby girl?
Yeah, how's Oh.
- Huh?
Oh, look at that.
Who's got the magic touch, huh?
- Hey, how are your nipples?
- Horrible.
All right, well, I got you
that cream you asked for.
Want me to rub it in there for you?
Yeah. No.
No sex for six weeks.
Besides, I am disgusting, so
- No.
- [RENEE] Mm-hmm.
No, you're my beautiful baby.
- [RAY] Hmm. How's that?
- Mmm.
- So amazing.
- [RAY] Yeah?
- Yeah.
Oh, right there.
[RENEE] No. No, don't stop.
Got to go, baby. I'm sorry.
- No.
- I'm sorry, baby.
No, you-you just got here.
Yeah, I-I know, but it's work.
- [RENEE] No.
- It's work.
No, I've barely left the house
in a month.
I miss you.
Okay, I miss talking to grown-ups.
What about that mom support group thing?
- Mm.
- You know, you could go there.
You could make some new friends.
What do I have to talk about
with a bunch of housewives?
I don't know.
I mean, aren't you a housewife now?
Bye, Scarlet. Bye.
[RAPPER] Yo, yo ♪

[VERNON] Well, I heard
this motherfucker got a shit bag now.

You got something to say?

I said
I heard you got a shit bag now.

Just get the fuck
out of my face, pendejo.
Yo, I was gonna finish
this motherfucker off.
But I dead-ass feel sorry
for this nigga.
[GUARD] You two know
the rules 30 feet apart.
No stress.
I was just saying hey. [SMOOCHES]

[GUARD] Move it along, shit bag.

[SHAW] Seems our murder case
against Frankie rests
entirely upon the testimony
of Ramon Sanchez, AKA Chuleta?
Is that all the Homicide Unit
has come up with?
Well, Chuleta was present
during the murder of Chin
and dug graves for Chin and Houston.
He's a strong witness.
Well, what does he say about
the murder of Jorge Cuevas?
Well, he says he has no knowledge of it.
- But it's not like Frankie
would run around bragging
about killing his cousin.
Give me one reason not
to withdraw the Jorge charges.
I'll give you two.
Chanise Bailly and Carmina Watson,
both of Jamaica.
I got a tip that they helped bury Jorge,
presumably on the order of Frankie.
But they disappeared
back to Jamaica right after.
And thus far, the Jamaican authorities
have been unable to find them.
But maybe if
the District Attorney's Office
could, you know, put some pressure
on the State Department, we could
I'd prefer to find a witness
within the continental United States.
Keep looking, Saintille.
[ALAN] Oh, boy.


Fuck me.
Lil Sal.
We're her first
possession charge, right?
Remember that? We popped her
in front of her mother's house.
Fuck you doing here?
What? First murder in six months
I wouldn't miss it for the world.
First murder?
I've been going to, like,
three overdoses a week,
thanks to these knockoff pills
going around.
They're pressing meth
that look like Adderall, huh?
- Fentanyls look like Xannies.
- Hey, I know.
I know. I'm working on it.
This New York case
is a bitch, all right?
So you gonna call
your boy Osito about this?
My boy? What the fuck you mean?
I just mean you're the one
who cut him the deal, right?
Putting your boy Frankie away,
who was only out because of your ass.
Who the fuck are you
Can you put your fucking dicks
away for five minutes?
Show a little respect
for the deceased, huh?
- Just talking about the case.
- [CALHOUN] And?
Well, Lil Sal here
is an independent contractor.
So she's in Frawley territory.
I'd look at Owen Frawley.
[CALHOUN] Who the fuck's Owen Frawley?
Up-and-coming dealer.
Osito supplies for him.
Shane Frawley's nephew.
Shane Frawley? From Southie?
Not just of Southie.
Got 30 different businesses
across the state.
Just bought that Go-Kart place
out on 28.
We think his nephew is behind
all the pressings going around.
Sounds like an avenue
of investigation to me.
Miller's up.
You take second lead, all right?
Good luck with that.

[OSITO] You looking
for anything in particular?
We got a sweet warranty
on all our certified pre-owned.
Hey, look at you.
You're looking nice, spiffy.
Uh, Lil Sal Rangold turned up dead.
Any idea who might have did it?
Sal who?
Maybe it's that, uh, Frawley kid, Owen.
Never heard of him.
You never heard of the guy who's
pressing your dope into fake pills?
No, but that sounds fucked up.
Well, I tell you what,
I might have something
you want to talk about.
Frankie's trial is coming up.
Thinking we got a common
interest keeping him inside.
So you got, um, any information
on the murder of Jorge Cuevas?
Doesn't matter. I ain't a snitch.
You're the reason why Frankie
got arrested the last time.
Nah. I got no problem with the man.
Is that why your cellmate
stuck metal in his gut?
Prison makes you do crazy things.
Good thing I got out.
You got out on bail.
And bail is not out.
Still got a trial hanging
over your head.
Hey, well, I got
the best lawyer money can buy.
My trial's pushed.
But you can't push it forever.
We'll see.
But right now I'm a free man.
So, unless you need a car,
I got nothing for you.
Talk soon.

What was that about?
Owen put some lead in old girl.
I'ma go see about it.
[RAPPER] There I go can't slow down ♪
Give me the crown
And I'm ten toes down ♪
Ain't nothin' funny I'm not no clown ♪
[RED CHUCKLES] She was all,
"Missy, Missy, let me in!"
And Missy was like, "Fuck, no, bitch.
You about to get your head hollowed in."
[OWEN] All right, man, I'm loose.
Bro, set me up.
- [OSITO] Owen.
We need to talk.
About what?
Aah! Base hit.
About Lil Sal.
- Stand-up triple.
- That shit's not a good look.
I had a cop come see me.
Yeah, well, some greedy bitch
is selling on my block and gets got,
she probably had it coming, right?
And I told you about those pressies.
That shit brings too much heat.
[OWEN] Fucking junkie's gonna do
what a fucking junkie's gonna do, man.
Who am I, the Surgeon fucking General?
- Ohh!
- Over the Green Monster, bitch!
Should have called that one, kid.
Should have called that one.
Well, to what do I owe this pleasure?
Your nephew's bringing some heat.
- Oh, yeah?
- [OSITO] Yeah.
There was a murder.
Murders are bad for all of us.
And Owen don't listen.
He's a good kid, and he earns.
The boy needs limits.
Now, either you handle this, or I will.
I never had kids not that I know of.
My only sister passed a few years back.
- She's Owen's mom.
- So the fuck what?
You want me to feel bad for you?
No, I want you to think twice
before threatening my family again.
You hear me?
It's just business.
If he wants to keep
doing business with me,
he needs to chill out.
You want to keep getting that good pack,
you need to make this right.
I'll speak to him.

it's really Chuleta's testimony
that makes your situation untenable.
Then we find Chuleta, and we get
Please, I'm begging you
not to finish that sentence.
However, hypothetically speaking,
if you wanted a more creative defense,
there are options.
But they cost money.
How much?
I'd say 100 grand would get you
just the right amount of creativity.
I could get it done for five.
Payments need to be made
at the highest level.
It will take time.
Now, I can get that process started
while you find the money.
But the state has frozen your assets.
There's still Jorge's go bag.
I've been through the discovery
files it doesn't exist.
It was at the club
the night I got arrested
with almost 300K in cash and product.
So prove those motherfuckers stole it
and get my case thrown out.
It takes a lot to surprise me
in regards to police malfeasance.
But in this case,
I'd be very surprised
if they stole your money.
Well, if they didn't do it,
someone else did.

That fucking puta.
Hi, I'm Renee,
and I love being a new mom.
I love being locked inside
with a baby
who is literally eating my body.
And I love not sleeping.
I mean
I would kill for my kids. It's
It's just Scarlet's dad is never home.
Frankie Jr.'s dad is away
like, forever.
And, I mean, it's not like
I miss my old life exactly.
It's just
I don't know.

[RAPPER] Money, pussy Money, pussy ♪
Money, pussy, money, pussy
Money, pussy ♪
Honey pussy, honey pussy ♪
Honey pussy ♪
Honey pussy, honey pussy Honey pussy ♪
I got that honey ♪
Oh, my God. What are you doing here?
Uh, I just, uh, came for a quick visit.
I hope that's cool.
Yeah. Is this
- Yeah.
- Baby Scarlet?
Oh, hi.
- Hi, baby Scarlet.
- [COOS]
I've seen you on Insta,
but you're even cuter in person.
She's so perfect.
[RENEE] Yeah, it's, uh
it's amazing.
Well, I hope so
because I'm having one, too.
- Oh, my God. Congrats.
Yeah, it happened really fast,
but I met this great guy.
We decided to go for it.
He's really different from my ex.
That's amazing.
I'm really happy for you.
So are you the manager now?
Yeah. Yeah.
After everything went down
with-with Frankie and all that,
I was sort of the last man standing.
That's great.
- [DONNA] Thanks.
- Yeah.
So, like, can I get you
a Coke or something?

Actually, could you get me a job?
I mean, uh [CHUCKLES]
I-I didn't
I didn't really mean
to say that, but, um
but, yeah, I mean, I could
I could be your assistant manager.
Oh. I-I already have one.
Okay, yeah, um
But the thing is, um
I need to get out of my house,
and I need to make my own money,
and I need to do something for myself.
And-and this is
this is the only real job
I've ever had, so, um
I'll do anything.
[LOLA] Excuse me,
but Taffy flushed one
of her big-ass tampons again,
and the toilet overflowed.
Fuck you, bitch.
How do you know it was me?
[DONNA] Okay. I'll deal with it.
My God.
Donna. Hey.
I could manage the girls.
You know, I-I know
how to handle stripper drama.
And-and I know
how to make a schedule, and
You know, I could be the house mom.
I need this.
I'm gonna tell you what you told me.
This place sucks,
and it'll eat your soul.
But I fucking hate stripper drama, so
welcome to Xavier's.

Hey, back from Boston.
You need anything?
No, no, you're good. You can go.
Hey, uh, the pee test lady's here.
Yeah, okay. Uh, cool.
Yeah, I'll go do that.
See you bright and early tomorrow.
You know the drill, Agent.
Yep. Thanks.



Okay, you're good.
Have a good night.
[JACKIE] Yo, Ron.
Yo, Ron!
Oh, wassup?
- [JACKIE] Yeah, so, like,
I was wonderin',
did we hang out last night?
We did, right?
'Cause I can't find my car
or my phone
[CHUCKLES] or anything.
Jackie, I haven't seen you since Friday.
Jesus Christ, this is
the last thing you remember?
No, no, no, no, no.
It's just-it's just a little fuzzy.
Uh, I remember we were hanging
out at Camp Dune.
Yeah, and then you wanted
to score coke off some guy,
and you wanted me to drive you.
That's when I got the hell out of there.
You should've fuckin' driven me, then.
I wouldn't be in this shit.
Well, we're here now.
Let's go get a drink.
We can invite Ed.
You know, he really misses you.
No, no Ed. I cannot deal
with him right now.
But I do need a ride.
[PERSON] Can I help you?
Oh, Jesus.
- What? You know me?
- She can't remember shit.
It's a two-day blackout. [LAUGHS]
I'm just trying to find my car. [SIGHS]
You got any information
about that or?
I mean, I don't even know
when I was here.
You and the other girl
checked in Saturday.
What girl?
You know, your lady friend.
You got a picture or something?
Yeah, actually.
Zeke on day shift,
uh, he knows all about editing,
so he made a what do you call it?
A supercut.
I've been showing it around.
[JACKIE] We need to get fucked up!
Mm, there's you guys checking in.

[LAUGHING] "I'm with stupid."
Shut up.
We got a bunch of fuckin'
noise complaints that day.
[JACKIE] Oh, okay. All right, thank you.
I think we got it. Stop playing.
Look, do you know who the girl is?
Nope, you checked in under your name.
Well, did I drive my car here?
Did she take it?
I just need to know what happened.
Do you think I sit around taking notes?
But the maid did find
this stuff in your room.
Thank you. Fuck, thank you.
Thank you, Ronda.
Thank you.
[RON] Good on you.
[JACKIE] Oh, shit.
[RON] Oh, dude, she's hot.
- Man, that's not the point.
Fuck, why does this shit
always happen to me?
Yeah, I got no idea.
It must be one
of life's great mysteries, huh?

Hey, all right.
Okay. You're okay.
Come on, let me buy you a drink.
I mean, did I think I was gonna
find somebody
- like you on Love Island?
Mm-mm. No, I didn't.
- [PERSON] No, I feel the
- same way. It's like
- [RAY] Hey.
[RENEE] Hey.
[WHISPERING] Where's everybody?
It's a miracle.
They're both asleep at the same time.
- Come watch Love Island.
What, um, what happened
at the mom group thing?
It was good.
Yeah, the, um, leader girl
said that me time is really important,
so I asked my mom to watch the baby
for a few hours tomorrow
if that's okay.
Yeah, of course it is.
Hey, I just want you to be happy.

So how was work today, Janelle?
You break some poor dude's
spirit in the PT room?
I don't break people. I strengthen them.
Mm, is that what you did to me?
Among other things.

This is nice.
Hey, I'm I'm sorry.
I got to take this.
Real quick.
[OSITO] Yo, what's up?
Hey, man. Can you tell your runner
I'ma be late 30 minutes?
And you still got to take her
to the other place?
Nah, nah. I got the shit with me, bro.
What the fuck? You ridin' dirty?
Yeah, I had mad errands to run,
and I got to be in the city
by, like, nine now,
but it's just this one time.
It better be.
- Shit.

[RON] Dude, look at it this
way you get so much pussy,
you can't even remember it all.
It's just not fun anymore.
What, pussy?
My life, my job.
[RON] What the fuck happened?
On Friday, you were so stoked
to be getting off of desk duty.
No, I mean, I am, but
ever since we put Frankie away
I don't have a white whale.
I mean, we got this big case
in New York,
but it's just not the same.
And putting Frankie away didn't help.
I mean, the people that
he killed, they're still dead.

I don't have a white whale.
I just got regular whales.
- You're so stupid.
It's work.
That's why they pay you to do it.
Well, sorry for wanting to be inspired.
Also, since Leslie got transferred
[RON] Transferred?
Didn't she get demoted
down to Highway Patrol
'cause the two of yous lost that chick?
- Jesus, man.
What, are you trying
to make me feel worse?
Oh, my God.

Hey, where you going?

Thank you.
What is this?
Can't listen to you whine anymore.
It's fuckin' Molly.
What idiot sold you Molly?
You look like a fucking narc.
Well, you literally are a narc,
and it's never stopped you,
so just fucking take it.

[PERSON] You guys, what the freak?
Hey, this is Detective Diaz, NYPD.
Just picked up a kid, Ralphie Patsis,
for a hit-and-run.
When I ran him, your name came up.
Thought you'd want to know,
we found three kilos
of heroin in his car.
Oh, no. [SNIFFS]
kick him loose.
I got a lot riding on that kid.
I'll owe you one.
Get the fuck out of here
with "I'll owe you one."
[LAUGHS] You're lucky I even called you.
- Fuck!
- What's happening?
- I got to go.
- What?
- I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry, baby. I got to go.


Come on.
- Abruzzo, what the fuck?
- [RAY] I'm sorry.
- I tried calling.
But listen, our entire case
is about to go down the drain
unless we make a decision right now.
Yeah, a decision about what?
Ralphie Patsis just got picked
up with three kilos of dope.
The moment his uncle finds out
he's in custody,
he's gonna get spooked,
he's gonna blow up the whole operation.
All right, so what do you want?
I want to go get him.
- Right now, tonight.
I need an arrest warrant.
I need a warrant
to search his residence.
Listen, we already got him
on the tax stuff, okay?
And we can tie the three keys
from Ralphie to him.
We have other threads going.
If we can get in his residence,
we can find stuff
to tie everything together.
Yeah, that-that might work.
It might not.
You might just blow your wad
on a bad arrest
and then fuck six months of work.
But if we don't go,
we definitely fuck six months of work.
Major, I leave right now,
I'm there before sunrise.
Yeah, okay. Fine.
I'll call the AUSA, get you a warrant.
[RAY] Thank you. Thank you.
I'm gonna alert the team.

[MONÉT] On top like a toupee, top ♪
Might find me a new bae, you ♪
Give me lemons make Minute Maid, yum ♪
Bitch, I'm Beyoncé ♪
What that bitch say? ♪
Bitch, I'm Beyoncé ♪

Bitch, I'm Beyoncé ♪

Bitch, I'm Beyoncé ♪

[DISTORTED] Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck!
I got to go to New York for work!
Jackie, you're rolling balls.
[LAUGHING] I know!
I know, but something big's going down,
and if I'm not there, I'm never
gonna hear the end of it.
Wait! You know what I need? I need coke!
It'll keep me awake.
Yeah, that's what you fuckin' need.
Also can I borrow your car?
Absolutely fuckin' not.
[SINGER] I'm 37 ♪
And so ashamed of getting high ♪
You got this. You got this, baby.
You got this.
[SINGER] Squad cars
screaming down the block ♪
You got this!
Come on, baby! [LAUGHS]
Bitch, you Beyoncé!
[SINGER] Nothing to believe in ♪



[OFFICER] Police, search warrant!
[OFFICER] Get your hands up!



Hands up!
Ray! Put your hands up, motherfucker!
Put 'em up!
[OFFICER] Hands behind your back, now!
- [OFFICER 2] Down, down!
- [OFFICER] Put your hands up!
- [OFFICER 2] Down, now!
Stop resisting!
George Patsis,
I'm Sergeant Ray Abruzzo of
the Massachusetts State Police.
Did you say fuckin' Massachusetts?
Anything you say can
and will be used against you
- in the court of law, pal.



Early this morning,
the Mass State Police,
in conjunction with the ATF and the IRS,
executed a search warrant at the home
of Mr. George Patsis of New York.
Yeah, that's Mass State Police, bitch.
[LAUGHS] Suck it, DEA.
We believe that Mr. Patsis was the head
of one of the largest fentanyl
and carfentanyl rings
in the country, and we'd like
to thank our partners
Hey, hey, this guy
was in his tighty-whities
in the laundry room trying
to destroy an encrypted laptop.
We got him. We got all his China shit.
- We got you, motherfucker!
- Fuck you.
- Got you, motherfucker.
- [OFFICER] Yeah!
A word, Sergeant?


Look, I know what you're gonna say.
I broke the chain of command.
And I got impulse issues.
I was gonna say you're a toxic asshole
who thinks your shit don't stink.
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
- But who cares what I think.
You got us a win, and now
the colonel has got a twinkle
in his eye for Ray Abruzzo.

He wants us to head up another
long-range case with the Feds,
and our special agent in charge
over at ATF
has someone he wants to use
as an undercover.
All right, who's the target?
That's up to us, but I was
thinking Emmanuel Delgado.
Yeah, but Osito
he's smart and paranoid,
so I wouldn't recommend
going directly at him.
What about Shane Frawley?
I did hear he was on the Cape now.
And his nephew Owen's in
the drug game. I mean, that
that's your back door to Osito.
Come up with an ops plan.
I'll have the undercover come in.

[GUARD] Cuevas, you got a visitor.


You're disappointed
because I don't look
like my pictures I knew it.
I'm ecstatic because you look
exactly like your pictures.
I can't believe you finally called me.
I've dreamt about this
since the first time I saw
your picture in the paper.
Then it must be you who's disappointed.
Seeing me in here, dressed like this.
No, not at all.
You're perfect.
So, um, I'm a little nervous.
What would you like to talk about?

Show me your tits.
[FRANKIE] You heard me.
No, don't look at them.
Look at me.

I've-I've never done anything like that.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
I didn't tell you to speak.

I want you to touch your pussy.


Oh. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

[FRANKIE] You're a good girl, Rachel.
[GUARD] Hey! No contact.

Soon I'm going to ask you
to do some things for me.
Is that okay?
Hi, it's Renee.
Yeah, I know it's been forever.
Um, anyway, uh,
I was hoping you could fit me
in for a quick blowout?
Oh, my God, thank you.
Okay, I'll just throw on some clothes,
and I'll be there in 20.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you, Jorge.


Shit's all fucked up.
We only got about two days
of product left.
We need to find a new plug fast.
That won't be easy.
That's why they call it work.
- Hey.
- [RAY] Hey.
They found my car in Fall Brook.
Jesus, that place is a shithole.
I know, right?
Couldn't they have dumped it
somewhere on the Cape at least?
Uh, you mind if I take off?
Nah, not at all. Get out of here.
Quiñones, come back for a second.
That was a really good job today.
Sergeant Abruzzo.
- Yeah?
- I'm Sarah Keegan.
I was assigned to the unit on a UC case.
I was told to report to you.
Sit down.
you ever worked undercover before?
I just got out of the academy.
Graduated in June.
Yeah, you're young.
And, uh, I was expecting someone
with a little more experience.
You should know my uncle
is the SAC over at ATF.
He called Lieutenant Smith
to have me placed.
You know, that's like my boss's boss
on this investigation.
That's that's good to know.
I know it's weird, but, look,
I graduated top of my class.
I've been around cops
my whole life, and
for what it's worth,
I'm gonna be awesome at this.
I'm sure you are.
Do you want to start tomorrow? Great.
And I don't know if you know this,
but we just made a major arrest
this morning down in New York.
I did my homework.
I know all about you, Sergeant Abruzzo.
Oh, okay. Good.
That's good. Um
welcome to the team.
Amazing. So excited.

[JACKIE] I'm Agent Quiñones.
You called me about the car.
[OFFICER] It's here,
but I got to warn you,
she was rode hard and put away wet.
[JACKIE] Fuck me.
Fuck me.

Way I figure, some crackhead
probably lived in here
till they ran out of gas.
You better check
you have enough to get home.

I got a can in my trunk for emergencies.
- Let me grab it.
- Thanks.


Ugh, come on.

[OFFICER] Here you go.
This ought to do ya.
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