Hightown (2020) s03e03 Episode Script

Fall Brook

[RENEE] Previously on Hightown
You tested positive for marijuana.
- You're off the unit.
- Fuck this, man.
You have better coke to sell,
sign me up.
[RACHEL] I'm Rachel.
Let me know if you ever need some help.
Hi, Rachel. Got your number from my mom.
Maybe you could babysit
tomorrow morning.
Oh, my God, I did it. It worked.
You're amazing.
- [JACKIE] You know this girl?
- Her name is Veronica.
I met her through Swayzee.
[SWAYZEE] Get the fuck out, bitch!
[EMMA] Swayzee, what is happening?
Emma, I need to talk to you. Emma.
These are our new targets:
Shane and Owen Frawley.
Osito was supplying the Frawleys
until we took out New York.
Back the fuck off my blocks,
or there's gonna be war.
Get your shit together.
We're going to war.
[RAY] I got you for assaulting
a police officer.
Fitzy here is gonna introduce
you to Owen's boy Red.
Came here to ask about Veronica.
- Why? Are you a fucking cop?
- No.
[EMMA] Poor Veronica.
So sad.
I thought a lot of things about you ♪
I stayed awake ♪
Just thinking about you ♪
But now I'm away ♪
You had to stay ♪
Tomorrow's a day of mine ♪
That you won't be in ♪
I tried to say I was just having fun ♪
But I really knew ♪
That you were the one ♪
And now that I'm gone ♪
I see I was wrong ♪
I should have known all along ♪
That time would tell ♪
A week without you ♪
I should forget ♪
Two weeks without you ♪
And I'm still thinking about ♪
The things that you said ♪
Vacation just another love-in ♪
Vacation I hope you love me ♪
Vacation would you think of me? ♪

I think I'll leave ♪
Without saying goodbye ♪
I think that you know the reason why ♪
What if I was to stay? ♪
Would things turn out ♪
Some other way? ♪
I'll never know anyway ♪

[KALI UCHIS] You don't really know ♪
What you got yourself into ♪
Boy, you think you know ♪
But it just ain't that simple ♪
- I don't got the time ♪
[KALI UCHIS] You should ♪
Read between the lines ♪
'Cause you're skimming ♪
Through the pages ♪
It's really looking dangerous ♪
You don't really know ♪
What you got ♪
I want to take a swim.
I want to watch you take a swim.
[KALI UCHIS] I don't got the time ♪
You should read between the lines ♪
'Cause you're skimming ♪
Through the pages ♪
It's really looking dangerous, this ♪
When I'm driving in your car ♪
Make me feel like ♪
I could do anything ♪
But I do not have the drive ♪
I'm in desperate need of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪
Oh, when I'm driving in your car ♪
Make me feel like ♪
I could do anything ♪
But I do not have the time ♪
I'm in desperate need of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪
Of your speed ♪



- I think you were, uh,
having, like, a weird dream
or something.
Shit, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to fall asleep.
It's just, uh
why did you say "poor Veronica"?
I didn't say that. [SCOFFS]
Can you just tell me
where I can find her?
Nice try, but I don't really
give my friends' info out
to random fucking strangers.
[JACKIE] Look, it's not like that, Emma.
We had a crazy weekend together,
and when I came to,
she had taken off with my car.
I mean, that does sound like my
girl. [CHUCKLES]
No, I'm not pissed about
the car, all right? It's just that
when I got it back,
I found her shirt in it,
all fucking bloody.
Yeah, I know, and I'm scared.
Here's the thing.
Veronica Levoie can handle herself.
Look, I know this sounds crazy,
but I need to know that she's okay.
I need to get eyes on her.
If she's good, then fine.
But if not, I have to help her.
Okay, I'll call her. Okay?
[JACKIE] Thank you. [SIGHS]
She must've forgot to pay
her phone bill or something.
Okay, well, can you just
take me to where she lives?
Damn, bitch. God.
Did no one ever teach you
the magic fucking word?
- Please?
- Uh-uh, the other one.
I never did get that $200
from last night, so

[AMANDA] So, Frankie's lawyer
likes to take a lead pipe
to the prosecution
during cross-examination.
[ALAN] This we know.
Yeah, I could use a little help
prepping a witness.
Of course, but I already started
working with Chuleta on that.
Not talking about Chuleta.
Take a seat, Sergeant.
As you know,
impugning the state's witnesses
is Frankie's best strategy,
so we need you to be ready.
You know I've been on the stand before.
[RAY] Okay, you know what? Fine.
Let's get it over with.
I got work to do.
Police work. Remember what that is?
- Catching the bad guys?
Okay, then.
When did you start having sex
with Frankie Cuevas' fiancée?
I'm sorry. What?
You think Carlisle's
not asking that question?
Well, you let him ask that,
and then you object,
and we move on.
I'll object, the judge will overrule,
and you'll be forced to answer.
You're gonna have to answer questions
about your sexual relationship
with Renee Segna.
- Fine.
- Which of your other CIs
did you have sex with?
None of them.
Not Sherri Henry?
No, not Sherri Henry.
I want to know who told you that.
Was it him?
I'm not the one
answering questions here.
This is bullshit. You know what this is?
Personal bullshit between me and him.
You just can't take the heat, can you?
- I was born in the heat.
- [AMANDA] I've got this, Alan.
This is not about us.
It's about Frankie Cuevas.
His lawyer is gonna say you threw it
at Frankie's stripper girlfriend,
knocked her up,
and then cooked up some bullshit case
to make an honest woman out of her.
He's gonna paint you
as Mark Fuhrman with a hard-on.
And if it works, if he walks
it's on your
fucking shoulders, Ray, again.
Who the fuck are you
to talk like that? Look
You're gonna pay the fucking bill, Ray.
[AMANDA] All right, enough. Enough.
[CHUCKLES] This was a mistake.
Ray, you and I will be talking again.
- Without him.
- [AMANDA] Yes, without him,
but get used to this.
Frankie Cuevas is a killer.
He's got more bodies on him
than we'll ever know.
He's the bad guy.
It's him.

[KING VON] Let's get straight to it ♪
Ain't tryin' to talk let's do it ♪
[] play crazy ♪
In this [], we shootin' ♪
The opps be sick they losin' ♪
All these guns we got we use 'em ♪
He got caught that boy was stupid ♪
Gun got dirty, hurry up ♪
Get a new one ♪
[], you don't wanna get into it ♪
Let's get straight to it ♪
Ain't tryin' to talk let's do it ♪
[] play crazy ♪
In this bitch, we shootin' ♪
The opps be sick they losin' ♪
All these guns we got we use 'em ♪
He got caught that boy was stupid ♪
Gun got dirty, hurry up ♪
Get a new one ♪
[], you don't wanna ♪
Get into it ♪
You got something to say, boy?

Yeah, that's it.
Run to papi, you little bitch.
[OSITO] What's up?
Bro, white boys is up and running.
[OSITO] Who?
Vanilla Gorilla
definitely got a whole storefront up.
I told them what happened
if they stepped to us.
Um, they stepped.
All right, well, me and Lucky are on it.
Keep your head up.
Figure for some blowback.
- All right. Bet.
It's like we thought.
White boys is the ones that's doing it.
Now we gotta figure out
how they doing it.
[LUCKY] Check it.

Let's see what we can see.

Be right there, Rachel.
- Hey.
- Hey, Renee.
Expecting someone?
A new babysitter.
That's right.
You guys got a new addition.
Ray's at work.
Well, um, actually, I'm here to see you.
Well, the DA asked me to reach out.
For what?
Getting you ready for trial.
That wasn't part of the deal.
I never said I'd testify
against Frankie.
We want to get you ready in case, uh,
his lawyer gives you a call.
Frankie may want you to testify for him
about the beginnings of the
relationship for you and Ray.
No. No way, and I don't
I don't have to testify.
I have immunity.
Well, actually, immunity revokes
your Fifth Amendment rights.
You and Ray need to talk.
You should be ready for what's coming.
Fine. I'll reach out.
[ALAN] Good, um, I'll tell
DA Shaw to expect your call.
Things good?
You and Ray?
Couldn't be better.
[ALAN] Glad to hear it.
Congratulations again.
See you around, Renee.

Fitzy's late.
CIs are always late. Get used to it.
Got your lipstick mic on you?
[SARAH] It's, uh
[RAY] Yeah, just, um,
leave it in your purse.
I can hear everything that's going on.
Hey, uh, what if they
uh, like, offer me drugs?
Officially, state police
troopers are not allowed
to use narcotics
under any circumstances.
Unofficially, I'm your partner, okay?
And I got your back.
Got it.
[GROANS] Here he is.
Hey, Fitzy.
You're late.
Yeah, my bad. I had some, uh,
business that needed my attention.
Yeah, okay. What do you got for us?
Uh, Red's kicking it at a house party.
He told me to come through.
That's great, actually. You two
ride together. I'm gonna follow.
All you gotta do
is introduce Sarah to Red.
Just be like, "She's cool."
She'll take care of the rest.
All right. Let's go.
Hi. You must be Rachel.
Uh, come in. Come in.
Um, thank you so much for coming.
Um, I'm Renee, and this is Scarlet.
Hi, Renee. Hi, Scarlet.
I'm Rachel. [CHUCKLES]
Um, you just you already know that.
Well, anyway, what a gorgeous house.
And this one could be
on a grape juice bottle.
[RACHEL] Oh, I'm sorry.
I just meant, like, those adorable ads.
[RENEE] Right. Yeah, thank you.
Um, okay,
so she goes down
for her first nap at ten.
Uh, give her a bottle when she wakes up.
And then I need you guys to go pick up
Frankie Jr. from camp at three.
And then, um, just maybe
some light cleaning.
Yup, no problem.
You're a lifesaver.
I just, uh, got a lot going on.
Well, looking at you
whatever it is,
I'm sure you can handle it.
Okay, yeah, let's, uh
let's give it a shot, you know?
I mean, why not?
Oh, yay. [LAUGHS]
Yay. And I mean it.
I am here to help,
so now get yourself to work.
You have nothing to worry about.
Right? Nothing to worry about.
Okay. Okay. I love you.
Okay. Thanks, Rachel, so much.
Bye, Mommy.
- Bye, Mommy.
- Bye.
Bye, Mommy.


White trash ♪

Don't call me that ♪

White trash ♪
Don't call me that Baby ♪

You know I love you, baby ♪
But don't you think that maybe ♪
The way you talking to me ♪
Would send a chill right through me ♪
White trash ♪
Don't call me that ♪

[OSITO] Are they fucking serious?
Dumbasses riding around
in a dumbass car,
didn't even notice
that they got followed,
and one Gerber Baby-ass
white boy watchdogging
Owen stash house, and he
ain't even got a chair.
[LUCKY] The Frawleys are sloppy as hell.
It's like they want to get took.
And we gonna take it.
But we gonna take it smart.
[SINGER] Whoo ♪
See us roll up ♪
Roll up, we next they can't wait ♪
Roll up, we get tore up ♪
What? We are the bomb ♪
Oh, shit.
[FITZY] That's Owen right over there.
I didn't know he was gonna be here.
Brought the whole crew out ♪
Show them to now ♪
Whoo, boom, boom, boom ♪
Whoo, boom, boom, boom ♪
Yeah, you mellow too out ♪
- Hey, Red.
- Hey.
Did you catch the Sox?
Yeah, Martinez is a fucking retard.
- Who's that?
- Yeah, who's that?
[SARAH] I'm Sarah.
I even walk and talk.
All right. What's good, then?
I'm just kicking it here for the summer.
- She's cool.
- No doubt.
Welcome to the Cape.

So how you two know each other?
We're play cousins
from when we were kids.
My mom and his are tight.
We're not together.
Yeah, no shit.
Want to come have a beer or something?
Yeah. Bet.
What was your name again?
Um, I'm Fitzy.
Bye, Fitzy.

- Okay.
Oh. Oh, my goodness.

What do you think?
Pretty hot, huh?
He likes them blonde and obvious.
He likes them slutty.

- [JACKIE] Which way?
- [EMMA] It's over here.
It's better
than the last place, trust me.
It's this one. It's right here.
[CLAPPING] Rise and shine, bitch.
What the fuck?
What happened to the girl
who lived here?
I don't know. Manager says
he hasn't seen her for a while.
She was late on her rent for four days,
so he told us to throw
all her stuff in the dumpster.
And you did it?
[EMMA] Well, fuck you, then, bitch.
Emma. Emma, wait.
Where's the dumpster?
Oh, God. [GROANS]
Fucking pisses me off, you know?
Who the fuck is she,
throwing people's shit out?
You don't just throw people's shit out.
They need their stuff.
[JACKIE] Hey, is this her stuff?
[EMMA] Shit. Yeah.
Oh, my God, V's gonna be
so fucking pissed.
She likes to keep all her shit
pressed and perfect.
Oh, my God, that's Mr. Lumpo.
Veronica's mom gave him to her
when she was little.

Nothing. You're just kind of
freaking me out, okay?
[JACKIE] Emma, what? Tell me.
Look, I don't know what else
to say other than I'm standing
in a fucking dumpster trying
to find this girl, okay?
- I am here to help, Emma.
- All right. All right.
Look, we both know that Veronica's got
sticky fingers, right?
What'd she take?
I don't know. Something from a trick.
I don't know who or what it was, but
that was last week.
I haven't seen her since.
Did Swayzee know if she robbed the guy?
You lift something off a trick,
yeah, your pimp's gonna find out.
What'd he say?
He said, "I'm gonna
fucking kill that cunt."
- Shit.
Shit. Shit.
- [JACKIE] Don't sweat it.
- [LIPPMAN] Oh, no, no, no, no.
- Emma.
- [LIPPMAN] You make me run,
I'll make you pay.
[SMILEY] Hands where I can see them!
- [LIPPMAN] Put your hands up.
- Hands where I can see them!
[SMILEY] You show me your hands!
Emma. Emma.
Come on. Get out of there.
I'm going, man. I'm going. Cool out.
[LIPPMAN] Get your hand on the car.
[SMILEY] You, over there right now.
All right, cool out. I'm a cop.
I'm cooled out. You're a cop?
Then you know what to do.
All right, all right, all right.
Do it now. Hands down on the hood.
Spread your feet. Spread your feet!
[LIPPMAN] You got any spikes on you?
[JACKIE] No, man.
I get pricked, you get pricked.
I don't have any needles.
I'm telling you, I'm state police.
- [LIPPMAN] Yeah.
- [SMILEY] What's this?
- [LIPPMAN] Give me that.
- Give me that.
- Hey, Lippman, check that out.
[LIPPMAN] What we got here?
Where you keep your stash? Huh?
No, no, man. We're clean.
What you got?
Oh, shit, Mike.
- Oh, no. I killed it.
Hey, think I'm gonna have
to clear a board over this?
Let me see here.
My name is Jackie Quiñones, all right?
I'm working out of CCINU undercover
under Ray Abruzzo, okay?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You can ask
Did you say Ray Abruzzo? [LAUGHS]
I-I did detail
with that son of a bitch back
you guys can get her off.
You can get your hands off of there.
- You're good.
Did he ever tell you the banana story?
That-that's my story.
So what brings you
to Fall Brook, Jackie?
Uh, I'm looking for a sex
worker named Veronica Levoie.
This was her last known address.
- Veronica Levoie.
- [SMILEY] Huh.
No, doesn't ring a bell, huh?
- You?
- [SMILEY] I don't know her.
We'll keep an eye out for her, though.
Piece of advice, Jackie.
Next time, check in with the PD.
You can ask for Officer Lippman.
I'll help you out.
- Thanks.
[LIPPMAN] Take care of yourself.
You girls have a nice day.
Pick that up, will ya?
I fucking knew it.
I fucking knew you were a fucking cop.
I'm sorry I lied, all right?
I just didn't think
you'd help me out if
Yeah, you're fucking right,
'cause fuck the police.
- Hey!
- God, fuck.
Emma, look at me. Look at me.
I am going to take care of it,
all right?
I am gonna find Veronica,
and if Swayzee hurt her,
I'm gonna take care
of that too, so can you please
just tell me where I can find Swayzee?
You're the cop.
You figure it out. Hmm?
Sure. Yeah, okay.
I get it.
[LAUGHS] Look at you.
You think you can save the
fucking world. Is that what it is?
Well, you're fucking wrong,
and you're wasting your goddamn time.

[SINGER] Uh, we got one night only ♪
Put your money where your mouth is ♪
'Cause I don't think ♪
You really want this ♪
One night only, put your ♪
Money where your mouth is ♪
Taffy, my office.
[SINGER] But I ain't heard
Nothing, yeah ♪
Put your money
Where your mouth is ♪
You gonna give me another lecture?
[RENEE] Lock the door.
What is this?
[RENEE] Sit down.
So I caught you selling in the club.
All right, and I told you
I didn't want you
peddling that shit in here.
Renee, I'm not. I
[RENEE] This however, isn't shit.
This, this is pure
pharmacy-grade fish scale cocaine.
This you can sell in here.
I know what you're thinking, and
[SIGHS] this isn't a setup.
It's a business offer.
It's just, you were being a total C-unit
about it the other day.
No offense.
None taken.
Look, let's just say that,
uh, I've seen the light
and I am so sick of men
breaking off little crumbs for us.
And yeah,
I was Frankie's girl,
and you know what that means?
That means I can do this shit as
well as anyone, so why not me?
And you're not gonna get anywhere
selling lap dances and nickel bags,
so let's fucking do this.
You buy from me and only me.
You can work it out with the other girls
selling to customers.
No one else knows I'm with you.
You're never late on my money,
and you pay for what you snort.
How does that sound?

[OWEN] Turns out, the batboy, right,
this little fifth grade fuck's
been pinching all our gear,
like, our cleats and balls and whatnot.
[SARAH] What the fuck?
Did you call the cops?
[OWEN] Fuck the cops.
Me and the first baseman,
we took him in the shower
and smack, smack.
[LAUGHS] Oh, my God,
you're fucking hilarious, Owen.
[OWEN] Split his head open.
- Fuck.
- Yeah.
[OWEN] Mm.
You are one down chick.
- That's how I do.
- Mm.
I like that guy's shirt.
You friends?
Word. Yeah. That's Primo.
One of the boys.
Him and him, they kind of look alike.
Are they brothers?
[OWEN] Tommy?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're brothers.
They both ride with us.
- Where'd you get that?
Did your mother give that to you?
Father give that to you?
[SARAH] My mother gave that to me.
Jackie, what, they got
they got phones in rehab now?
Oh, come on, Ray. Give me a break.
Ah, I thought I was giving you one.
Look, I'm working
on something big, okay?
Like, murder big maybe.
I don't know. I just need
your help real quick.
I got shut out
of the police database and
That's 'cause you're not
currently a police officer.
Look, I just need a last known
on a Fall Brook pimp named Swayzee.
Get the fuck out of here.
Ray, come on, man.
I really need this. Please.
[RAY] Jackie, if I was making
a list of things you need,
it would be 100 lines long,
and not one of them would be
finding a pimp named Swayzee.
Ray, I'm telling you, this is important.
You just don't sound good.
I'm good. I'm fine.
I'm fine, man. I'm telling you.
This is just it's some crazy shit.
I just need your help.
Jackie, I got an undercover
in a dangerous situation.
I just don't have time
for this right now.
[JACKIE] Ray, I didn't even
Okay, so just take care
of yourself, please.
[POOK] Goddamn, Janelle.
Bet you got that wet-wet, right?
Yo, come fuck with this woo real quick.
Yo, shut the fuck up.
That's no way to talk to a lady.
Man, get the fuck out of here,
sniffin' around Osito's leftovers.
All right, Pook.
That's your third strike.
You're done talking for today.
I believe the doctor is done with you.
And I can take care of myself,
thank you very much.


[VERNON] Me and you
ain't got no business, cuz.
[FRANKIE] Maybe you got
no business at all.
Huh, cuz?
I hear the white boys
took all your customers.
Shit, I'm good.
I don't think you are.
'Cause your boy Osito is
too busy getting his dick wet
to take care of business.
Janelle, right?

You need to get the fuck out of my face
with that bullshit.
[GUARD] Back it up, Cuevas.

[SARAH CHUCKLES] So you got me here.
What now?
[OWEN] Yo, can I tell you something?
Just a straight fact?
[SARAH] Yeah. Anything.
[OWEN] Yo, your tits look amazing.
- My tits
- Mm-hmm.
Are amazing.
[OWEN] I think maybe I should
see them naked, hmm?
Yeah, if you keep doing that,
you just might.
Hey, hey.
Give me a minute.
- Mm.
- Okay?
Don't make me come looking for you.

Hey, Ray?
Are you still out there?

Tell me I'm doing a good job.

Hey, I'm glad you're out there.
It makes me feel safe.

[ALAN] Chuleta,
it's Detective Saintille.
Room service.
So look, DA Shaw's getting real serious
about this trial prep shit, all right?
I need you to seriously tell me
if you know anything
about what happened to Jorge.
Now, hold up, man.
First thing first. The fuck is my Xbox?
- Xbox?
- [CHULETA] Yeah.
Do I need to remind you why you're here?
You're on the hook
for accessory after the fact
on two bodies.
Or is that three?
Fuck out of here with that shit.
I already told you
Frankie didn't kill Jorge.
[ALAN] Really?
Do you have any information
on anyone who would've killed Jorge?
No, I don't
but I got, like, a-a theory.
Let's hear your theory.
She hated that motherfucker.
She looked at him
with those poison eyes.
You see Renee kill Jorge?
You hear Renee say or anyone else say
she killed Jorge?
So all you got for me
is poison eyes.
I'm telling you.
Well, I'm glad, uh,
you gave me that tip.
You just fucking
broke the case wide open.
Don't know why I didn't ask you sooner.
I am taking these beers back,
and fuck your goddamn Xbox.
Fuckin' moron.

Hey. What's up?
Like, uh, I don't mean to criticize,
but I was looking at the schedule.
I saw you put Taffy on Friday
and Saturday nights
for the next month.
Our money nights.
Yeah. Uh-huh.
I mean, she's sweet and all,
but don't you feel like
she's more of a lunch shift,
- "any port in a storm" type?
Come on, I'm not trying to be mean.
It's bad for her too.
She's not gonna earn
the way the other girls do.
- Oh, my God, what's wrong?
- [DONNA] I'm sorry.
It's the stupid fucking hormones.
It's just, sometimes it's sad
looking at these girls.
Like, this is really what
they have to do to make money?
Come here. Come on.
It's okay.
Okay, Taffy, is gonna be fine.
Okay? I got this.
You don't have to worry about any of it.
Trust me.
I do. I do trust you.
God, I'm so fucking glad you're here.

[SINGER] Dirty touch ♪
Quench my thirst ♪
My favorite drug ♪
One more dose ♪
One more, one, one one more ♪
One, one more dose ♪
[RED] Yeah, the bottom line is
- he's gotta go.
- [TOMMY] He's gotta go?
What the fuck's that supposed
to mean, he's gotta go?
[RED] You know what the fuck it means.
[TOMMY] Fuck that fat spook.
Osito wants a drug war.
We got Snoopy, Phil,
Jean-Genie, Reg
[OWEN] Dog, come on.
Jeez, get some yayo in you,
all of a sudden, you can't shut up.
Business can wait.
[SARAH] Business?
You're a businessman?
Uh, don't do that.
Don't be cute. Don't be cute.
- Don't be cute?
- No, no, no.
Cute's not your thing.
- You're fucking hot.
[OWEN] That's what you are.

You about it, hmm?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
[SARAH] Yeah. Let's go.
Where the fuck are you going?

[OWEN] Now, show me those fucking tits.
Oh, no.
[SARAH] I thought you'd never ask.
[RAY] Fucking trick. Fuck.

Yeah, that's good. [MOANS]
- [OWEN] Yeah? You like that?
[OWEN] Oh, my God,
you're so fucking hot.
[SARAH] Oh, and you're so fucking hard.
[OWEN] Yeah. You like this right here?
[SARAH] It's so big.
[OWEN] I know, baby.
Come here and squeeze it.
Oh, yeah.
- [SARAH] You like that?
- [OWEN] Mm-hmm.
Feels so fucking bad, man.
[SARAH] Yeah, that's it.
[OWEN MOANS] Fucking God.
[SARAH] I want to see
how fucking hard you can come.
[OWEN MOANS] Fuck me.
[SARAH] Come on, baby. Show me. Show me.
- Let's you and me be friends.
- Oh, oh, crap. Oh, crap.
You got a gun, friend,
somewhere on your person?
Left front pocket.

Oh, crap.
Yo, Milkcrate what's up?

No, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no.
- No, what?
You're going to kill me.
[LAUGHS] How you know that?
You didn't wear masks,
so you're gonna kill me.
[CHUCKLES] What kind of mask
is gonna hide me, hmm?
But that don't mean I can't be sly.
I can be sly as a motherfucker.
So you can tell Owen everything
you saw here tonight,
or you could tell him something else.
What do you mean?
Maybe there was no theft.
Shit, maybe we weren't even here.
Maybe you threw your smokes
in the wrong pile of rags
and then
If I tell Owen the whole stash
burned in a fire,
he will beat my ass.
Yeah, but if you tell him
we took down the stash,
he's gonna beat your ass too,
so either way,
you getting your ass beat tonight.
But my way, we slide you
a brick for your trouble.
You tell Owen there was a fire.
He does the Riverdance on your ass.
You spend your 30 Gs.
[OSITO] Hurry up, man.
You're taking too long.
How-how do you know I won't take a brick
and tell Owen anyway?

'Cause then I will fucking kill you.


Hey. Excuse me.
Hi. How are you?
You're not a trick,
and I don't have the time.
I, uh
I just I just want
to ask some questions.
You can ask. Don't mean I'ma answer.
Um, I'm just trying to find out
about this pimp Swayzee.
So you know him.
You work for him?
I work for myself.
I been out here 30 years.
I make my own money,
and I buy my own junk.
You know where I can find him?
[BABY] You don't find pimps, girl.
They find you. [CHUCKLES]
Trust and believe.
Do you know any of the girls
who work for him, like a Veronica?
You think I know every girl
in this town turning a trick?
Bitch, please.
Okay, look, um
there's this girl that works for him,
and she's been missing.
I'm really worried about her.
You seen her?
[JACKIE] What?
Of course you be out here
looking for a white girl.
Excuse me?
Are you looking
for who killed Maxine McLean
or any of the other girls
that's been good and gone?
White girl miss one appointment,
and you call out the dogs, huh?
Hold-hold on. Hold on.
Who's-who's Maxine McLean?
Google it, bitch.

Emma, I made a mistake, okay?
I shouldn't have lied to you,
but this shit is fucked,
and I think you're the only one
who can help me find Veronica.
You know what? Fuck it. I'm coming over.
Hey, Emma.
- Oh, look who the fuck it is.
Fuck. Get your fucking hands off me.
- [SWAYZEE] Shut up.
- Emma.
Shut up. Shut up, you nosy
little fucking bitch.
You don't scare me.
Oh, yes, I fucking do.
I'm not going anywhere till you
tell me what happened to Veronica.
I told you I don't know
any fucking Veronicas.
Funny, 'cause I heard you said
you were gonna kill that cunt.
That what happened?
I don't know that bitch,
but here's what I know
about bitches like her.
Bitches like her,
they're all fucking thieves.
Bitches like her,
they take whatever
they can get their hands on.
They shoot it
in their skinny fucking arms.
And bitches like her end up fucking dead
every single time.
So what you're saying is,
she stole something from a john
and sold it for drugs.
Who'd she sell it to?
Stay out of my fucking business.
I told you once.
Next time, I'm gonna tell you
a different way.
Now, get the fuck out.

What's up?
Oh, shit.
Owen, that was Milkcrate.
We-we got a big fucking problem
at the stash house.
- What?
- [RED] We gotta go.
Fuck. Come on. Come on. Let's go.
I'll call you.


What the fuck happened?
What, did you light
the fucking place up?
[MILKCRATE] It was an accident.
I swear I just dropped my smoke.
[TOMMY] Stupid motherfucker!
[OWEN] Is it in there? Hmm?
Is the stuff still in there? Go get it.
[MILKCRATE] It's all burned up.
Go fucking get it,
or I will fucking kill you!

Owen, please. [WHIMPERS]


[LUCKY] Eight bricks. [SIGHS]
That'll do.
[OSITO] Let Vernon know
he can expect a package.
Tell the boys in the street,
start toolin' up just in case.
I gotta say,
now, if we going to war,
why go through all this?
Why not let 'em know what's up?
Burning it down means even if
they know we robbed them,
they don't know.
Like some psychological warfare shit.
Hey, yo, that's why
you the boss. [LAUGHS]
Let's chill for a minute.
I like the way that smells.

Are you gonna say anything?
What do you want me to say?
You know what? I'm not even too sure
what happened up there.
I'm on the inside.
Isn't that what you wanted?
You had sex with a target
on day two of an operation.
Do you know how fucked up that is?
- You had sex with Renee.
- Whoa, stop that right now.
- [SARAH] Why?
- That's-that's different.
Why? Because I'm a chick?
Besides, I didn't fuck him.
He was jerking off, so I helped
him with my hand a little.
If I fucked him, he'd be done with me.
Now he wants more.
I used my instincts.
And I didn't do anything
I didn't want to.
And I got some pretty good intel, right?
Look, you said you'd back
me up, that I could trust you.
Was that bullshit?
No, it's not.
I got you.
So will Lieutenant Smith
hear the tape from tonight?
No, if I label it as non-pertinent,
no one's gonna hear it.
Thank you.
Hey, want to come in and have a beer?
I gotta get home.
See you, then.

- [SARAH] Mm, you like that?
- [OWEN] Mm-hmm.
Feels so fucking bad, man.
- [SARAH] Yeah, that's it.
[OWEN MOANS] Fucking God.
[SARAH] I want to see
how fucking hard you can come.
[OWEN MOANS] Fuck me.
[SARAH] Come on, baby. Show me. Show me.

Yo, Petey.
God damn it, Petey, open up.
I gotta ask you something.
Petey. Hey, Petey.
Yo, did Veronica sell you some

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