Hijack (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Final Call

[ANNOUNCER] Dubai Delivery,
this is Kingdom 2-9.
Request clearance to London Heathrow.
[PASSENGER] Excuse me. Sorry. [SIGHS]
Excuse me. Sorry.
- Stop. Stop. Wha
- I've had a talk with check-in.
They said, "When you get to security,
they'll let you straight through."
Yes, please. You come.
Kingdom 2-9, good morning.
You have a Gulf Air flight ahead of you,
then you are next on
the runway 3-0 right.
You sound in good spirits today, Dubai.
It's my birthday today, Kingdom 2-9.
- [PILOT 1] Oh, well, happy birthday.
- [PILOT 2] Happy birthday, Dubai.
you wanna treat yourself,
try the restaurant at the Plaza.
Yeah, sure. If you wanna spend
your birthday going bankrupt.
I'm serious, Dubai.
Half a lobster for one.
You'll thank me, next time.
Well, a very good morning, everyone.
This is Captain Robin Allen speaking.
On behalf of myself and my
first officer, Anna Kovacs,
- I'd like to welcome you onboard
- Okay?
this Kingdom Airlines
flight to London Heathrow.
Cabin crew today is headed by
the very capable Deevia Khan.
Deevia and her excellent
crew will be on hand
- for all your questions and concerns.
- Sir, can you sit up, please?
- Flight time today is six hours
- [FLIGHT ATTENDANT] Good morning, sir.
54 minutes.
- [PASSENGER 1] I think we're down here.
- [PASSENGER 2] All right, this side here?
[ROBIN] Due to arrive at
London Heathrow round about
six minutes past 1:00 in
the afternoon, local time.
Weather en route's calm, clear skies
most of the way, including in the UK.
Ground temperature at Heathrow
right now is a mighty seven degrees.
- Just a couple minutes delay
- Don't say anything.
while the final few
passengers make their way onboard.
- We should be pushing back
- Philip!
- [PHILIP] See what I can do.
- any minute now.
You okay, love? Do you want a pill?
Sorry, love. I'm
old-fashioned. Can't help it.
[ANNOUNCER] Any remaining passengers
- for flight KA29 to London Heathrow.
- [AGENT] Sorry.
Please make their way to Gate B15.
- [AGENT] Thank you.
- That's any remaining passengers
[AGENT] Quick as you can, please, sir.
- Oh, right.
- Thank you.
That's great. No hand luggage today?
- Ah, no. Just this for my wife.
- Okay. Great.
No, wait! Wait! Wait, please.
No, wait. No, no, wait. No, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- Sir, the gate is now closed.
- Please.
- Sir, I'm sorry.
It's already onboard. My
My luggage is already onboard.
- Sir, I'm sorry.
- Please. [STAMMERS]
Miss, how bad can it be?
[AGENT] Okay.
- [PASSENGER] Thank you.
- [AGENT] Okay.
Let's go.
[CHILD 1] Stop! Just stop.
Look, there's a space.
There, David. That's ours.
[CHILD 1] Stop! You're doing my head in!
You don't get one.
So Sorry, love?
The lockers, it's not
like they're allocated.
They all belong to all of us.
We're entitled to 'em as
much as anybody else is.
No, yeah, I know. I'm just saying
And there's four of us.
It's not just us and our fruity water.
- We've got kids.
- [CHILD 2] I'm going to tell Mom.
- I hadn't noticed.
- [PARENT] Enough.
Sir, if you'll let me. There's
some space further up the plane.
[GROANS] Thank you. [SIGHING]
Right. Just do that.
[ROBIN] Well, folks. I'm
told we're just boarding
our final few passengers,
and then we'll be on our way.
Morning. Morning.
I'll get back to you a little later
during the flight with any updates.
In the meantime, I will leave
you with Deevia and the team,
and we wish you a safe
and pleasant flight.
- Morning.
- Hi, there. Yeah, just under there.
Hello. Right, just here, on this side.
Hey, by the way, weren't you
meant to be flying transatlantic?
Wanted to be with my boyfriend.
Oh, is that what they call
sugar daddies these days?
How's your love life, Arthur?
Still drowning in offers, or
have things finally settled down?
- Here. There's room in first.
- Ouch. Okay.
Sir, we're about to push back.
I'm sorry, but my wife's
a rather anxious flier.
We couldn't help notice a pair
of empty seats in business class.
Sir, take it from me, that's
not gonna get you anywhere. Okay?
Back to your seat, please.
I did. Just.
- Right there, sir.
- [PASSENGER] Ah, thanks. [STRAINS]
Make the trade. Yeah. I've got to go.
For a lucky lady?
- The other way around. From a lucky man.
- Let me. [SIGHS]
- Thank you.
Cabin crew, doors to automatic
and cross-check, thank you.
Kingdom 2-9, you're clear for
departure on runway 3-0 right.
[ROBIN] Thank you, Dubai.
Enjoy your special day.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
What does that leave, exactly?
than a man should admit.
[FLIGHT CONTROLLER] Safe journey now.
[STEWARD] In the unlikely event
of the aircraft having to
make an emergency landing,
you'll be told to adopt
the brace position.
If we need to evacuate the aircraft,
please follow the emergency
lighting to your nearest exit,
taking nothing with you.
[STEWARD] Your cabin crew will
now point out your nearest exits.
- Slides will deploy
- from these emergency exits.
- If the aircraft lands on water
life jackets are beside
or underneath your seat.
Place them over your head,
and tie them securely, like so.
These should not be inflated
until you exit the aircraft.
During the flight, all devices
should remain in flight-safe mode.
During takeoff and landing
- Hey.
Can you turn that down?
- Please.
[STEWARD] Your luggage should
be stowed in the overhead lockers
- or under the seat in front.
Now, please. Sit back,
switch off and stow
your electronic devices
and prepare for a relaxing
flight with Kingdom Airlines.
please take your seats for takeoff.
[ANNA] Stabilize. V1.
[DAVID] This is us. Look.
We go all the way up
here, right over Europe.
This thing shaped like a boot is
I It It's Italy.
Then we carry on across this
bit, and where's that, Fred?
Can I play Mario Kart now?
That's home!
Seven hours all that
way, that's all it takes.
Yeah, in a bit.
Do you know the internationally
accepted code for caffeine?
Once for seat belts, twice for coffee.
How does he take it?
Why are you asking me?
- Like I said, I'm old-fashioned like that.
- Thanks.
When do they come round
with the champagne?
We got off on the wrong foot.
Hugo. Marketing.
UK start-ups in the UAE, it's
actually a very interesting area.
What about you?
Let me guess. Banker. No, properties.
Sport, maybe?
One of those agents who makes
a disgusting amount of cash.
Enjoy the movie.
Or whatever it is you're gonna do
that doesn't involve speaking to me.
Okay. [SCOFFS]
- [ANNA] Flight deck.
Hey, it's Arthur. Got your coffee.
Hey, guys.
Listen to R & B I suppose, but
Is that
I don't know.
You all right, darling?
[WHISPERING] I found something.
Is it real?
You're asking the wrong man.
[PASSENGER] What do I do?
[STAMMERS] Okay, I'll go tell someone.
Somebody in the crew, they'll have
a a whatsit, a thing they do.
- [STAMMERS] A procedure.
- That's right.
Want me to come with you?
- Do you want to?
- I can come.
Maybe we should wait. [SIGHS]
Keep it low-key, yeah?
What's your name, darling?
- Naomi.
- I'm Marcus.
You stay there, Naomi.
I'll be straight back,
tell you what they said.
[ARTHUR] Morning, ladies and gentlemen.
We have now reached
our cruising altitude.
Our in-flight refreshment service
will commence shortly with drinks,
followed later in the flight by
lunch, prior to our landing in London.
Everything okay, sir?
I need a very quick word, please.
A very quick word with my nephew.
Um, sorry, you're not
actually allowed in first.
One minute and I'll be gone.
Thank you, darling.
[DEEVIA] Sir, wait.
You're not allowed in
[MARCUS] Problem.
One of our lot left a round in
the toilet, and some girl found it.
We bring it forward.
That's my call.
Yeah. That's why I'm here, to
advise you to make the call.
The plan was three hours.
Plan's gone to shit.
They think I'm up here
reporting it to the staff.
Cabin crew.
Right. Well, go back and you
tell them you reported it.
And you tell them they
said it wasn't a problem.
How's that not a problem?
Because, Terry, it belonged to
someone who's allowed to have it.
Like a soldier or something like that.
And if they don't buy it?
That's the five-minute warning.
Go out the back wearing that
and make sure every
one of our lot sees you.
And whatever you tell the girls,
it's only gotta hold for five minutes.
We go on Jamie's call like we practiced.
- [TERRY] Thank you, darling.
- [DEEVIA] No problem.
Long story short, we're okay.
Turns out there was some sort of
routine security check before takeoff.
Happens about once a week, apparently.
And one who was on board, one
of the Dubai security boys,
asked to use the toilet.
- [NAOMI] And that's how it got there?
- [TERRY] Yeah.
They're all armed, see. Foreign
police. It's not like London.
So they weren't worried?
Didn't seem to be. Not
like the four of us, hey?
I told them that and all.
I said we'd had a moment.
One thing she did ask more seriously
was for us not to repeat any of this
in case it causes any
Concern. No, of course.
So, wait, some guy gets on the plane.
He's got some sort
of [WHISPERS] gun.
He goes to the toilet, and
that's how it got there?
It just fell out? That's
what you're saying?
- No, darling, that's what they're saying.
- Mona.
I don't get it.
Listen, I went up there, I told
them. That's what they told me.
And they didn't seem worried.
- But
- [TERRY] That's the point.
That's the important thing.
Thank you, Marcus. Honestly.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
[NAOMI] Why would they lie?
That's not what I'm saying.
I just want them to explain.
- No. No, Mona.
Think about it. You can't just
bring bullets on to a plane.
[GUARD] Next, please.
They want you to come home.
Tell your boss you're not feeling
well and come home right now.
- [IN MALAYALAM] What for?
- [SENIL] Gala!
What for Senil?
- [PASSENGER] Did I say anything?
- Just like she's allowed to watch a film
- and him and all of those other
- Yeah. They're on headphones.
He would be on his headphones,
but the headphones that fits
his game are in his suitcase.
There was no room for that,
remember? Because of all your bags.
- All my bags?
- Yeah, you went shopping.
[SCOFFS] One thing.
Which you put in our locker.
You know what, I'm not saying anything.
I'm not having this conversation.
You started the conversation, love.
- No, I'm saying nothing.
- Yeah, you don't sound like it.
[MOUTHING WORDS] What are you doing?
You know how you said that
that thing in the toilets
was nothing to worry about, yeah?
E-Excuse me?
The object in the toilet.
The item.
- [ARTHUR] Item?
- It might not have been him that he told.
[MONA] And you said there
was nothing to worry about?
Start from the beginning for me.
Nice and slow, okay? What
was the item that you found?
You want me to say it?
- It might help.
- [MONA] You want me to say it out loud?
Unless you wanna draw
me a picture. Yeah.
How can I help, sir?
Sorry, yeah, I, um,
didn't get a washbag.
Well, you don't get a washbag.
Only on the overnight flights.
- So no one's got a washbag?
- Mmm. No.
He said not to do this.
She's just thinking
about health and safety.
Look, what did you find?
Look, madam, if you
think it's important,
- you need to tell me what it is.
- Don't.
Thing is, we don't want
people to, you know
- What?
- Panic.
Everybody down!
- Down! Down!
- [HIJACKER 1] Remain in your seats!
- [HIJACKER 2] You! Down!
Get down! All of you! Get down now!
Do not move!
Sit the fuck down!
Stay in your fucking seats!
Oh, geez. [WHIMPERING]
- [HIJACKER 1] Do not move!
- [HIJACKER 2] Stay the fuck down!
[HIJACKER 1] Don't be fucking stupid!
[HIJACKER 2] Stay calm!
S-Sit down. Face the front.
No, you fucking don't.
Everyone stay calm, and
no one gets hurt, okay?
Kai, do you want some milk?
So Detective Daniel
gets to sleep over now.
You don't call him that, Kai.
So, what are we? Are w
Are we all flatmates now?
We spoke about this.
[INHALES DEEPLY] It's okay. I get it.
Great bike, by the way.
Thanks. I decided to get one
that's fixed onto the floor.
Go on.
So that you and your mates
can't pull me over for no reason.
That's a good joke. I like it.
- No joke.
- Kai.
And you don't like it.
Everybody, listen! This
is how it's gonna work.
Nobody makes any noise.
Nobody makes any trouble.
And nobody gets
seriously fucking injured.
[PASSENGER 1] Did you
hear that? That's Arabic.
- [PASSENGER 2] She's speaking English.
- She is. She's English.
someone is speaking Arabic.
Phones, tablets, devices.
The Wi-Fi's off. There's
no need to be a hero.
- Hey. Hey, what's your name?
- Amanda. Yeah. [INHALES DEEPLY]
- Amanda?
- Amanda, just breathe, all right? I'm Sam.
- Listen to me. Drink that.
- Okay.
- Look, you're like me, yeah?
- Hmm.
Got family? Loved ones?
We got one job to do right now.
- Just get through it for them. All right?
- [HIJACKER] Back in your fucking seat.
Well, I can't see anything.
Explains why no one's answering.
I'm sure I heard something.
Try calling the other galleys.
Oh, come on. What
difference does it make?
- Oh, mate, it's all right. It's
we've g we've got an incident.
We've got a major incident
Wait, wait. Slow down. I
can't hear what you're saying.
They've got control of the whole
plane. They've [BREATHING HEAVILY]
[BREATHING HEAVILY] They've got guns.
Colette Fisher.
Dubai, this is Kingdom
2-9. Dubai, can you hear me?
Kingdom 2-9, you can't keep away.
[ROBIN] Dubai, we have a possible
security incident on board. Stand by.
Whatever's happening out
there. We cannot open that door.
Correction, Dubai. That's a
definite security incident on board.
Definite security incident on board.
We all know the score.
If they're Arab or anything
like that, we take 'em on, yeah?
We've got no choice.
That's not a good idea.
Oh, you wanna let them crash us
into some capital city, is that it?
[SAM] Oh, come on. Is that
what you think's gonna happen?
[SCOFFS] I have no idea, pal.
No. Obviously.
Yeah, but I'm not gonna
wait and find out, am I?
So, what are you gonna do?
You gonna just attack him?
No one's asking you to join in.
You'll get yourself killed.
Listen, if you've not got the balls,
- all you have to do is say.
- [HIJACKER] Phones, tablets, devices.
Come on.
Thank you.
I-I haven't got it. Listen,
you c you can have it.
It's just, it's in my seat,
and this isn't my seat.
She She put me in
this seat, remember?
- [PASSENGER 1] Okay, now. Let's go.
- [PASSENGER 2] We're doing this.
Listen. Listen, guys.
No one is asking you to make
this call. No one. All right?
Just because you speak the loudest
doesn't mean you've got
anything better to say.
It doesn't mean you've
thought this through.
- There's nothing to think through.
- No, there is.
You just haven't thought
of it yet. All right?
Look, this plane took off from Dubai,
so there are people on this
flight that only speak Arabic.
So, if you're gonna hijack a plane,
- Arabic's a language you need to speak.
- [HIJACKER, IN ARABIC] Handheld devices.
It doesn't make you a suicide
bomber. It just means you're prepared.
Phones. Tablets.
The Wi-Fi is off
so no need to be a hero.
Until you know who these
people are, do nothing.
It's not gonna work.
They won't let you in. Not
if something's happening.
That's right.
That's the rule.
That's right. That's why
you're gonna convince 'em.
Flight deck.
Um, they want access to the cockpit.
That's not possible.
I know that, but they've got guns,
and, um, they're not
they're not giving up.
No, we understand that.
We understand that,
but that's why we can't
open the door. You know that.
- She's saying no.
- She?
- First officer.
- Talk to the pilot.
- He'll say the same thing.
- The pilot. Now.
[COLETTE] I I need
to speak to the captain.
Captain speaking.
They want access to the cockpit.
You know we can't do that.
I know that. I've said that.
Talk to him about last night,
about what it meant to you.
The Plaza.
How do you know about that?
Say it was magical. Say every
trip to Dubai is magical.
- Robin.
- 'Cause you get to be together.
Because you love him.
Robin. [SIGHS]
Tell him you love him.
Robbie, they know.
Say it!
I love you too, Colette.
Either he opens that door,
or I pull this trigger.
[CRIES] He's gonna kill me.
Please, just open the door.
He's gonna blow my head
off. Please. [CRYING]
If it doesn't open, we kill this one
and do another one and so on, yeah?
If they take control of this plane,
they can fly it anywhere,
do anything with it.
No. No. You
- I [STAMMERS] I don't want to fight you.
Don't make me fight you.
I don't want to fight you.
- Anna. Anna, s Anna, s stop!
S-Stop. Listen to me. Listen to me.
I'm going to open that door, okay?
If you try to stop me, I will hurt you.
You fight me, I will
fight you, and I will win.
happens, whatever you think of me,
I'm opening that door.
- No. [GROANS]
Oh, my God. [BREATHES
SHAKILY] Oh, my God.
2-9 is a British A330
now entering the Bahraini airspace.
We'll have contact with it for
another 20 minutes, maximum.
[ROBIN] Dubai, this is
Kingdom 2-9. Do you copy?
Kingdom 2-9, go ahead.
[ROBIN] Dubai, I can report the
incident has now been resolved.
[ROBIN] That is correct.
Uh, I'm happy to say
the entire thing was a false alarm.
We're sorry for any anxiety.
Kingdom 2-9, you said you
had a definite incident.
"Definite security incident on
board." How is that a false alarm?
Uh, it turns out there was a
[STAMMERS] It was just a
couple of drunken passengers
trying to make a sick joke.
Uh, we'll be notifying Heathrow
to make sure the police are there
to question them on arrival.
We can do that for you.
- Negative, Dubai.
- [FLIGHT CONTROLLER] It's no problem.
[ROBIN] Uh, thank you, Dubai,
but I think we've wasted
enough of your time already.
In that case, you're
now leaving our airspace.
We wish you a safe onward journey.
Kingdom 2-9, copy.
Good. Now turn off the Wi-Fi.
They said there's no Wi-Fi.
If there's no Wi-Fi, then
why take everyone's phones?
Uh, this is a [STAMMERS]
300. I usually fly the 200s.
Here, look.
You did that.
[CHUCKLES] You're disappointed?
No, I'm, uh [SIGHS] I'm relieved.
[CHUCKLES] Now you have to
do all the paperwork too.
For the plane that cried wolf.
[AGENT] Senil?
Gala? Gala?
It's just gonna take a
bit of time. That's all.
Well, you've been saying that
for months. What does he expect?
I'm sorry. Not helpful.
You ready for your interview?
I think so.
You're gonna be great.
It's gonna be fine.
You're gonna have an amazing day.
What is it?
[DEEVIA] "This is your
cabin crew speaking.
This flight is now under the
and irreversible control
of those who have taken charge.
All means of communication with
the ground has been severed.
outside of this aircraft
is aware of any issues on board.
The captain and cabin crew have decided
full cooperation is the
best and only way forward.
If you stay calm,
stay in your allocated
seats, and do as instructed,
there is nothing to stop this flight
continuing exactly as it normally would.
Resist, however, and
Resist, however, and not only
will you be severely punished,
but so too will other innocent
passengers chosen at random
as an example to the rest of the plane."
Take it from me. That's
not gonna get you anywhere.
"Ladies and gentlemen, this flight
is now six hours from London.
Six hours and this will all be over."
I told him. We spoke about it. I
told him not to get on the plane.
Dad wouldn't lie about
something like this.
All right. So, he's on a
flight back from Dubai, yeah?
You got a flight number?
[KAI] No.
But Mum will.
[DANIEL] They'll probably want
everything you have, every detail. Okay?
- W-What does the message say?
- Kai.
It's important.
Dad says, "I'm flying back.
I need to come back to
London for work meetings."
Mom says, "Stop playing games."
Dad says, "I take off at 9:12."
Mom says, "Do not get on that plane."
Then, an hour ago, Dad says, "Too late."
Then Dad says, "Incident
on board. Serious.
But I'll get home. I love you."
"I always will."
- Get back!
- It's okay.
I'm just doing as she said,
going back to my allocated seat.
[HIJACKER] Sit the fuck down!
- Stop! What are you doing?
- [SAM] I'm just getting my phone.
Right, I promised you I'd give
you my phone, and here it is.
What, you come up here just for that?
And to make you an offer.
What exactly does your
dad do for a living?
It's difficult to explain.
He gets brought in by big companies.
If there's a merger or takeover,
it doesn't matter where,
they bring Sam in at
the end of the process,
'cause when it all kicks off
Sam's the best at handling it.
Handling what?
The negotiation.
Now Now, listen to me, all right?
There are, like, some
200 people on this flight,
and most of them will
do exactly as you say.
- That's right.
- But, let's face it,
there are some who will kick off
and who'll cause you problems.
- Sit down.
- [SAM] No, no.
Let me just tell you where I'm at, okay?
Let me tell you where I'm
at with this, all right?
I don't care about any of those people.
I just wanna get home to my family.
So here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna help you.
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