Hijack (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Brace Brace Brace

Okay. [SIGHS] Delete a flight plan.
- Turn autopilot off.
Altitude to 3,000.
- [PASSENGER] Stay down!
- Who was that? Who was that?
Come on, tell me! Tell me! Who?
I don't know.
- [PANTING] You're sure she's not with you?
- [KATE] Somebody needs to help him!
- No?
- [KATE] Help him!
[STUART] What?
- They're coming to kill you.
- [COLETTE] Who?
- Some random woman, she shot him dead.
- [COLETTE] She shot who dead?
Who did she shoot?
We're gonna need you.
[SAM] You can't kill them all.
Give me the gun.
That gun is the only gun that's loaded.
All right? That's what
I think. Y-Yes? Right?
What should I do?
[PASSENGER] Cable tie
his fucking feet together!
- [KATE] Put it down!
- Put it on the ground!
- [PASSENGER 2] Help me!
[KATE] Just put the gun down!
Give it to me before they take
it off you and kill you with it.
- [JONTY] Give me the gun!
- [PASSENGER 2] I can't
Give me the fucking gun! [PANTING]
- Move! Move! Get down!
- [PASSENGER 2] No! No! No!
- Where are you going?
- [JONTY] You're blocking me.
- Move out the fucking way!
- Come on.
I'm tired of you fucking with me!
- Come on!
- Let's go!
[EDDIE] We've got to get
through the door hatch.
- [JONTY] Stop fucking with me!
- [GRUNTS] Move!
Back. Back, back, back!
You have got no idea
who you're dealing with.
I'm not joking, mate! Time
to let someone else have a go!
It's all right. It's all right.
Oh, I don't know who I'm
dealing with? You don't!
No, mate. This gun is the
only gun that's loaded.
This gun.
So now you listen to
me. This hijack is over.
It's over!
We have a different
problem. A bigger problem.
But we've got less
than an hour to fix it.
[SIMON] Yeah, I get that, Tina, but
it's not the only plane in the sky.
Yeah. Yeah. And when we have that
information, we'll let you know.
Okay. We're confirmed on the bubble.
That's a 25-mile exclusion
zone around Kingdom 2-9,
the moment it enters our air space.
[CARMELLA] That's seven minutes.
Let's have all the London airports
keeping a runway free, please.
Stansted is our preference
if they give us any choice.
- Stansted already standing by.
- [CARMELLA] And Bristol?
It won't have the fuel for Bristol.
Not after its Hungarian detour.
- [ALICE] Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
Are you still trying every
mobile on the manifest?
Trying everything we can.
Then if we make contact, we're
handing it over to the RAF.
- Simon, this is my flight.
- It's a military situation.
- It's a commercial aircraft.
- They've already scrambled jets.
I'm not talking to the jets,
am I? I'm talking to the plane.
Alice, I'm not gonna
argue with you about this.
Aw, thank you. I'm glad about that.
Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
[ALICE] Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
[GARY] Tell her.
- Gun down. Do what I say.
- Get off him. Get back!
It's over, Jay. They know
it's not loaded. It's over.
Just give it here. All
right, listen to me carefully.
Find the woman that's the
head of the cabin crew.
Tell her to find that doctor in Economy.
Go and help her colleague
that's been shot. Got it?
All right, you.
- Call her and tell her it's over.
- What?
Tell her that the passengers
have control of this plane
and if she doesn't come
out there in 60 seconds
[STUART] It won't work.
I told you. She's not one of us.
No. She has to be, okay? This
can't happen twice in one flight.
He doesn't mean it like that.
He means whoever she is, we
don't know. We've not been told.
"Not been told." [SCOFFS, SIGHS]
Come here. Tie 'em up.
Whatever happens, we restrain
the rest of them. Agreed? Yeah?
All right. Come on. [SIGHS]
[KNOCKS] Come on!
- [SAM BANGING] Can you open up?
[ALICE] Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
[ALICE] Kingdom 2-9, this
is London. How do you read?
[SUPERVISOR] Well, there was always,
always gonna be more to
this. There had to be.
you want to break two men
out of prison, whoever they may be,
you don't need to hijack an airliner.
You just kidnap the
governor. Or a guard.
Now, this this here
is known as a "bear raid."
- A what?
- A bear raid. "Bear" as in the animal.
Yeah, there was a major short trade made
the moment the markets
opened this morning.
So, they hijack the plane
- then leak it to the media.
- Mmm.
Not a major outlet that
we've put under blackout
but some trigger-happy financial
journo who goes straight onto Twitter,
and before you know it,
shares in Kingdom Airlines are
falling faster than the plane itself.
But if a share price is
dropping don't you lose money?
Not if you bet the other way.
Hijackings don't exactly do much
for an airline's share price.
What's the best outcome for the OCG?
Oh, financially?
the best outcome for them
is the worst outcome for the plane.
A crash?
The worse it is, the
more they make. [SIGHS]
- [DANIEL] Marsha, hey.
[SIGHS] Listen, these guys,
they're serious operators.
I need you to be careful.
I need you to look after
yourself and look after Kai.
Is he with you?
[MARSHA] He's gone to his dad's
place. At least, I think he has.
[DANIEL] Think. Is there
a-anything suspicious?
Anyone call at the house?
Any strange calls or anything?
[SIGHS] There was one.
From who? Marsha, from who?
- What did they want?
Marsha, what did they want?
They wanted me to confirm Sam's address.
What's happening?
- [STRAINS] Keep him down.
Tie him up. Tie him up. Quick.
- [DEEVIA] No, it's locked.
- It can't just be locked.
- [DEEVIA] That's the system.
- So, what if the pilot gets locked out?
Then there's the first officer.
- Well, this is her bag.
And there's no ID, but
she's clearly a mum,
'cause there's, uh, pizzas,
yogurts, family shop.
She is a mum.
She is. And she she told me she
wants to get back to her family.
- What's her name? Uh, it was
- Well, what seat was she in?
Opposite me. Um
- Amanda. Amanda.
- [DEEVIA] Quite sure?
[SAM] This is good. That's our way in.
Amanda, it's Sam. Look, you-you
don't need to speak, okay?
You don't have to talk. You
don't have to tell us anything.
[SIGHS] All I ask is that you, um
Just want you to hear us
out, okay? That's all we ask.
Can you keep this line open?
[SAM] Amanda. Amanda.
Come on. Amanda.
- [SAM] It's me, Sam.
- [PASSENGER] Look. On the map.
- [SAM] Come on, please.
[SAM] Just talk to the police.
It's been doing that for
the last five minutes.
[SAM] Amanda?
This is now a code one situation.
Kingdom 2-9 has changed its heading.
Repeat, Kingdom 2-9
has changed its heading.
[ZAHRA] What do you
mean changed its heading?
- Changed it to what?
- [ALICE] Kingdom 2-9 was due to arc south
- to Heathrow
- Hello?
but is now heading
directly for Central London.
And, uh, Alice, is that
definitely intentional?
It cannot be anything other
than completely intentional.
- Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
- I have RAF command.
- They've okayed a Quick Reaction Alert.
- [ALICE] Kingdom 2-9, how do you read?
[LYDIA] That's two Typhoons airborne.
- Thank you.
- Kingdom 2-9, my name is Alice.
- You'll then have five minutes
- Please identify.
to give an order or not.
[REPORTER] Government
unlikely at this stage
to confirm anything publicly,
but one would imagine
usual protocols will apply.
Houses of Parliament,
The Shard, The London Eye.
- We're talking about a massive
and urgent evacuation
of key sites in its path.
[NEWSCASTER] Could you give us
a picture of what would be
That's affirmative, over.
- Hi.
- [OFFICER] Hello.
- This your property, sir?
- [CHUCKLES] I wish. I'm just working here.
Working, as in?
[CLEANER 1] Cleaner. The, uh
The owner, he does short-term lets.
Uh, the last lot had
some sort of house party.
Only we had a 999 call from a
landline registered to this apartment.
This apartment or this building?
[OFFICER] This apartment.
Twenty minutes ago.
[CLEANER 1] I don't think so, mate.
[OFFICER] I wouldn't make it up.
[CLEANER 1] I'm not saying
you would, but as you can see,
nothing doing here.
Do you wanna come in?
No. No, we'll check
some of the other flats.
Probably some kind of mistake.
[CLEANER 2] Check this out!
[CHUCKLES] His son.
Hiding the whole time.
[CLEANER 1] You'll
never guess what, mate.
Daddy's on the telly.
Look. Look.
- I'm looking.
- No, there. Look.
[KACEY] Oh, my God.
[NEIL] There are 200
people on that plane.
If it strikes Central London,
it would kill twice that again.
You can't say that.
[SIGHS] The choice is simple.
- There is no choice.
- Either we let it go, or we stop it.
We shoot it down while it's over
water. But not over the capital.
- The Prime Minister decides.
- No, she acts on advice.
She will make the statement,
but let's be clear,
the decision is ours.
Our phones. Where are they?
- Everyone needs their phones back.
[SAM SIGHS] She's right.
- [DEEVIA] Needs to phone home.
- [SAM] She's right.
No, she's not.
- Where are they?
- [STUART] She's wrong.
- You f Where are they?
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- [SAM] It's okay. Stop that.
- Tell her!
what? Why? Why no phones?
'Cause they'll all tell
the ground what's happening.
[STUART] They'll know that we
don't know who's flying the plane.
When they hear that,
they'll shoot us down.
- Right?
Due to the deviation over Hungary,
Kingdom 2-9's fuel levels
are dangerously low.
[ALICE] Uh, an endurance
This is Flight Path Control.
Is that Kacey Turner?
Kingdom 2-9, once again, how do you
This is Alice Sinclair. Who
am I speaking to, please?
It's, um, Sam. Sam Nelson.
[ALICE] Sam. I'm an air traffic
controller assigned to your flight.
I'm aware of your situation,
and I want to help you.
[SAM] Okay.
I need to speak to the captain.
The captain is unavailable.
- [ALICE] Unavailable?
Mmm. There was
[STAMMERS] an incident.
He-He got injured.
[CLICKS TONGUE] Then I need to
speak to whoever is flying the plane.
The o-other pilot
- First officer.
- [SAM] The The first officer
[ALICE] Is she flying the plane?
[SAM] Yes.
Okay, Sam. Listen to me.
If me and you are gonna
get along, I need the truth.
All right.
One more time. Is the first
officer flying the plane?
[SAM] No, because you
have eyes on the plane.
You're gonna see it for yourselves.
Alice. Come on, give me the phone.
The woman at the controls
is not the first officer.
Good. So, who is she?
[SIGHS] Um, her name is Amanda.
She's a passenger, a mum. [STAMMERS]
That's all we know about her.
[ALICE] But why is she flying the plane?
[INHALES DEEPLY] Sam, listen to me.
No one wants those jets to do
anything but leave you well alone.
But in order for that to happen,
you're gonna need to talk to me.
Yours are not the only
lives in danger here, Sam.
Yeah. Um, well, she
[SIGHS] she killed the pilot.
Locked herself in the
cockpit and we can't get in.
We cannot stop this plane.
[PILOT] Kingdom 2-9,
this is Trojan formation.
I have been authorized by
His Majesty's government
to take lethal action
if you do not respond.
Kingdom 2-9, please acknowledge.
- We shoot it down.
- We can't.
- The best outcome for them
is the worst outcome for the plane.
We cannot stand by and watch
it crash into the capital.
I cannot be part of that decision.
- No? Well then, let it be mine.
I'm Home Secretary. It's over
London. It can come from me.
- [PERSON] We need you back in.
- [NEIL] I've had my turn.
I've also just let two
of the most wanted men
in the country drive out of prison.
So I am damaged goods as it is.
I mean it. If I'm wrong
I'll take the hit.
[PILOT] Control, this is Trojan.
Moving into position.
Awaiting your command.
Plane is still hijacked. It's
still heading for Central London.
Passengers have no way
of stopping the plane.
RAF Command need your call.
You have the PM holding.
[LYDIA] Right now.
Prime Minister.
We stay clear.
We evacuate key sites.
But we do not, cannot act
against our own people.
If that
If this is wrong, or
weak, then this is on me.
But that is the advice
you are being given.
Thank you. Understood.
That is a negative. Repeat, that
is a negative. Do not engage.
[SIMON] You heard her.
Get your jets to back off.
Trojan, this is strike command.
Pull back and maintain visual.
Copy that. Maintaining visual.
[ALICE] Sam, are you
there? Can you hear me?
Sam? The jets will not engage.
Sam, can you hear me? Are you there?
- The jets will not engage.
- [SAM] Um
[ALICE] Sam, can you hear me, please?
- The jets will not fire.
- Um, yes. I can hear you.
- Good. Sam, are you near the cockpit?
- Uh, why?
Because we've still
gotta land this plane.
Come. Come on. Let's go. Come on.
We're meeting the helicopter in an hour.
With every penny the shares
drop, we make another 18 million.
Jesus. How much do you need?
Look, it's dropping
three points a minute.
How much do you wanna turn down?
- No, she needs an answer.
- And we need to make some money.
We're not here just to pay people off.
Don't go soft on me now.
[REPORTER] For those
of you just joining us,
we are continuing in our
coverage of the KA29 story.
Now with detrimental
effects upon the markets
- with drops in share prices
across the travel industry.
Kingdom Airlines themselves, of course,
- and other associated stocks.
It's unclear at the moment how long
these stocks will continue to fall,
- but it's concerning
Detective Daniel?
Are you okay, Kai?
Listen, if you can hear me,
there's some serious stuff going on.
But I'm I-I'm on my way over there.
You're at your dad's, yeah?
I'm coming over now. Okay?
[DANIEL] Kai, your mother
wants me to come over there now.
No. No. Please. I'm okay.
Um I'm coming home anyway.
I'm gonna get on my bike.
The one I was on this morning.
[KAI] The bike that
I was on this morning.
And I'm gonna ride as fast as
I can, and I'm coming back home.
[DANIEL] Okay, mate. You ride sensibly.
Make sure no one pulls you over. Okay?
- Fuck me.
- [COLETTE] Take one. Turn it on.
If you can work out who it belongs to,
then try and get it back to that person.
Pass it on. Pass it on.
[KACEY] I can't see mine.
Mine's got a blue case.
- Okay. All right.
- Try that one.
So, if we can't be shot down,
then we're handing the
passengers back their phones.
[ALICE] Sam, the
priority is the cockpit.
Kingdom 2-9 now too
far north for Heathrow.
No obvious airport in sight.
- Sam, the cockpit.
- [SAM] Look, I can understand
- Whoa, whoa.
- [ALICE] Sam?
- [PASSENGER] She'll never talk to you.
- [ALICE] Sam, you there? Can you
- She'll never say anything.
- She's been told. They'll have her family.
- [SAM] Hang on, Alice.
They'll be holding them hostage,
so she does exactly what they say.
How do you know that?
Because they've got my family too.
They wanted the guns brought on board,
and I had to do it or they'd
they'd shoot my partner.
They've got my partner right now.
Why you?
- Sorry?
- Are you Are you with them?
- No. No No!
- Co Come in here.
- No!
- Just Just stand there.
- [STAMMERS] Are you with her? No?
- No.
So then why you?
Because he's clean. If he gets caught,
we just move on to the next guy.
Why you? Who picked you?
Who the fuck are you?
[BREATHES HEAVILY] I'm a trader.
I'm the one that did the deal.
What deal?
What's he talking about?
What deal?
[JOHN] She needs an answer, and
we need to leave. So we close it.
Not yet.
No. Now. They'll be here soon. This
place is gonna be fucking crawling.
- Wait.
- Just give me the phone, will you
You fucking fuck off!
We lie low, until the plane
crashes. End of conversation.
Change of plan. We do this early.
- Devlin.
- [JOHN] Make the trade.
They make their money, and it's
over. It's just about money.
- And then they kill us?
- No.
What, they crash the plane
just to get rich? What?
That's the thing. It
should be over by now.
As soon as we're over London,
it's meant to be finished.
That's what I don't understand.
[WHIMPERS] Call me back, Mum. Please.
[CRYING] Go on.
I don't have anyone, okay?
I don't have anybody to call.
Call Mum. Oh, Mum. Oh, Mum. [WHIMPERING]
Hey. I'll sit here, eh?
Hands up if you've got some
coloring-in stuff in here, eh.
- Yeah, you both have, haven't you, hon?
- [DAVID] Yeah?
That'll keep us occupied, won't it?
Daddy and I love you so much.
We are proud of you.
We are proud of what
you do with your life.
you've got to see this.
"Happy birthday Elodie."
Her daughter. Of course.
- [ALICE] Sam, the cockpit. Sam?
- I I'll call you back.
- No, no. Sam, please don't
Give me that.
Amanda, we know about
Elodie. We've got your phone.
He said he'd call me back.
[PANTING] Anyone come into Flat 30?
- Flat 30?
- Sam Nelson's flat.
You seen anyone walk in there? Anyone?
- A kid.
- A youth. Eighteen. Sam's boy?
Oh, and some cleaners. Two of them.
- Hey.
- [ZAHRA] Sam Nelson.
He's your partner's ex. That's
how this whole thing started.
He's the only person in
touch with the ground.
He just hung up on Air Traffic Control.
He's not involved.
[ZAHRA] The trust
needs to work both ways.
He's not involved.
Based on?
Based on the fact that the OCG
have got Sam's boy up there.
Zahra, I need backup at Sam's flat, now.
- What's your name?
- Kenny.
Kenny, come with me. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
Marsha? I'm here. Stay away,
okay? I'll call you back.
Amanda? Amanda? Amanda! Hey.
Move out of my way!
[DEEVIA] Stop. Please,
go back to your seats.
It doesn't make sense,
everybody being in here.
I tried to stop them. [BREATHES HEAVILY]
- We're kicking it down.
- Yeah, too right.
We smash it down. All of us. Even
him. We've got no fucking choice now.
- He's right.
- [GARY] Eddie, come on. Get them out.
Right, where we going?
- [NASIR] Just get these here.
- I'm gonna have to move your hands.
- [DEEVIA] He doesn't need to be untied.
- [GARY] Open up!
- Move out the way!
- [DEEVIA] It's not gonna work!
- [JONTY] Move out the fucking way!
- Fuck. [SIGHING]
Passenger flying plane is
confirmed as an Amanda Taunton.
Aviation Consultant.
Used to be in the Navy.
[SIMON] Altitude's still dropping.
Kingdom 2-9 is set to
reach unmaintainable height
over West London. Paddington, Kilburn.
If "unmaintainable height" means
crashing, just say crashing.
- Crashing.
- [NEIL] Uh, but when though?
[ALICE STAMMERS] Four minutes.
But if it's intentional,
it could be any second.
[HUGO] Help! We need help in here.
- Keep them out the way. That's it.
- [DEEVIA] It doesn't make sense.
- It's not gonna work.
- [NASIR] Move out
- Move!
- Stop it.
- [DEEVIA] No. It's steel. [GRUNTS]
- Calm down, please. Just wait. Just
[HUGO] Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Do you think it's her?
[AMANDA CRYING] Sam, I killed a man.
- Oh, listen, it wasn't your fault
- But I shot him. [SNIFFLES]
And he was a dad. He
was a man with a family.
Amanda, they've got
your family. All right?
They've got your family.
Isn't that right? Yeah?
You do exactly what they
say, or they kill Elodie.
- I'm right, aren't I? Amanda?
Um, and this?
What I'm doing right now? This is
what I do for a living. All right?
I do this in business.
I, um I close deals.
I I get people to do
exactly what I want them to do.
I find ways
- to make them change their minds.
All right? But I can't do
that here. Do you know why?
Because if my kid was in danger,
I would not open this door.
If my family was in danger, I
wouldn't open the door either, okay?
But these people out here,
they need to know something.
They need to know what's happening,
so they can speak to their families.
- Hear their voices. Say goodbye.
Amanda, we, um We
know about the deal.
Yeah? The deal?
So they get the deal, then what?
Amanda, they get their
money, and then what happens?
They send a message.
And they say that they've done
it. That the the deal is done.
And then once I get the
message, that's when I land.
- So we do land?
- [EDDIE] Yes!
- Only if I get that message.
[SAM] And if you don't get the message?
I-If the message doesn't come
through, what happens next, Amanda?
Then I crash it. [BREATHING HEAVILY]
I fly into the middle of London.
Otherwise, they kill
Elodie, and they kill Tom,
and I'm sorry, I won't let
that happen. [BREATHES SHAKILY]
[NEWSCASTER] But one would imagine
usual protocols will be in place.
Houses of Parliament,
the Shard, The London Eye.
We're talking about
- Ah, ah, ah.
- a massive and urgent evacuation
of key sites in its path
- Think of something. It's your job.
- [SAM] Hey
- Battering down!
Amanda, that noise,
there are these people out here
and they're trying to get in,
but we can stop that. You
and me. Right now. Okay?
I I'm sitting right opposite
one of the-the main hijackers,
and he's told me something. And
it's something I need to tell you.
I don't want to, but I
feel like I have to, okay?
It's something about Elodie.
Amanda, he's told me
that whatever happens
- they're gonna kill her anyway.
Okay? That's who these people are,
and that's what they're gonna do.
Amanda, listen to me, okay?
They will make sure
she is not a witness.
All right? Whatever you do,
whether you crash this plane or not,
that is what is gonna happen, okay?
So, I can get these people out of here.
You can land this plane. We
can do this, okay? All right?
And you [SIGHS]
y-you will save everyone else.
[NEWSCASTER] They said
the air travel industry
Face the fucking front.
Terrain ahead! Pull up!
- Terrain ahead! Pull up!
- [WARNING SYSTEM] Sink rate. Pull up!
- [SAM] Please, Amanda.
Come on.
- [SAM] Come on, Amanda. Please. Come on.
- [WARNING SYSTEM] Sink rate.
- Okay. Okay, Sam. But just you. Okay?
Only you because otherwise
they're gonna kill me.
Back up.
- Back up now! Back up!
- [EDDIE] Easy, easy, easy.
It's me or no one. Okay?
That's what she's saying.
Come on, open the door.
Don't. Don't, don't.
Don't fucking dare! Wait!
Quick as you can, mate. It's real.
Keep moving. Fire escape's at the end.
All of you.
I'm the only one here, mate.
Well, Kenny's just told me
there's a crew of cleaners in here.
Come on, guys, this is
not a drill! Keep moving!
Come on, mate. There's
an evacuation going on.
All high-rise buildings in West London.
Some kind of incident
involving a plane or something.
That's all I know.
We need to go down.
Armed police! Armed police! Get down!
[OFFICER 1] Get the fuck down!
- Hands where I can see 'em!
[OFFICER 2] Show me your fucking hands.
[OFFICER 3] Keep them where they are.
You all right?
- Good lad.
- [OFFICER] Target secured.
- Sam?
- [SAM] I'm in the cockpit.
We have access to the cockpit.
[SAM] We wanna land this plane.
[ALICE] Sam, I'm gonna
put you on speaker.
Yes. I'm doing the same.
That's gonna help us help you.
But mine will be the
only voice you hear.
You are my plane on my flight
sheet, and I'm gonna land you.
- Yes?
- Um, yeah. Sounds good.
Sam, I need your fuel level.
- Um, fuel level. It's, um
- It's there.
It's, uh It's-It's low.
It's It's in the red.
[ALICE] How far in the red?
- Flaming out. It's flaming out. [CRIES]
- It's, uh She said it's flaming out.
- [AMANDA] We're flaming out.
- [SAM] We're flaming out.
You're flaming out?
You've burnt all your fuel?
Yeah. We burned the fuel.
- Sam, I need your exact heading
- [SAM] Right.
- your exact altitude.
- We've got no fuel.
I don't know what she's talking about.
- Do you understand? Exact heading.
- [ALICE] Can she hear me?
- Can you hear me, Sam?
- What code What does that mean?
- Look at me. Okay.
- I can't do it.
- [SAM] Um
- [ALICE] Can she hear me?
- Can you hear me?
Listen to me. Alice, do me
a favor, listen to me, okay?
Amanda, she shot and killed the
pilot. Not because she wanted to,
but because they're holding
her family, all right?
They're holding her daughter,
and she needs some assurances
that she's not gonna go
to jail as soon as we land.
- Can you help with that?
- I can't do that. We don't have time to
No. Excuse me. Listen to me.
I need you to tell me
that there's someone there,
that is listening, that can offer
some assurances to the pilot.
Right now. Please.
S-Sam, if-if what you're
saying is true then
then Amanda will-will face no charges.
- Who is that? Sorry Sorry, who is it?
- I'm Neil Walsh, Home Secretary.
I repeat, no charges.
You have my word for that.
That That is a resigning matter.
- You hear that, yeah?
- Okay.
So, now you can bring this home.
- All right? Okay?
Okay, London, we are on
a heading of 315 degrees,
and an altitude of 1,500
feet. We are too low.
- [DEEVIA] Everybody in your seats.
- [KATE] Okay, kids.
- [DEEVIA] Seat belts on.
- Make sure that we're all safe.
Please, everybody, back in your seats
- Still not going inside.
- putting your seat belts on.
We're preparing to break
- What's going on?
- We've lost power.
- We've
We've lost power. We've
lost power! We've lost power!
Turn on the APU and ram air turbine.
You're gonna need to glide,
Amanda. That's all you can do.
- Fuck. APU.
- [SAM] All right. Can you do that?
Seat belts, on! Everybody
back in their seats!
RAF Northolt available.
6.9 nautical miles.
They can have units ready.
Fire, police and ambulance.
[ALICE] RAF Northolt is
available in 6.9 miles.
But what about a motorway?
- [ALICE] Forget the motorway.
- No, I can see a motorway.
[ALICE] Stop talking about
the motorways, Amanda. Please.
The target is Northolt, bearing
285, bearing 285 degrees.
Do you copy?
- [DEEVIA] Everybody back in their seats.
For Christ's sake, Philip.
You're not in fancy dress.
This is what you're here for!
We've held this together for seven
hours. Let's stick together now.
Kingdom 2-9, Northolt is ready.
That's a 5,000-foot runway.
- [AMANDA] That is not enough.
- It's all they have.
- [AMANDA] We haven't got reverse thrust.
- [ALICE] You're gonna need to turn
Did you hear what I said?
Drop the landing gear
as late as you can,
- or you won't make the runway.
- [AMANDA] Okay, I've got a visual.
- You've got one shot at this, Amanda.
I'm gonna need you to hold on
'cause I'm gonna bank left, okay?
Three, two, one.
- Hold on! [SIGHS]
- [SAM GRUNTS] Shit.
[VOICE WARNING] Banking. Banking
- [SAM] Oh, come on.
- [AMANDA] Hold on, hold on. A bit more.
[GRUNTS] Shit.
[WARNING SYSTEM] Banking. Pull up.
[SAM] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- [SAM] We're gonna make it.
- Okay, we're on finals!
Brace for impact!
Brace position, hands behind your head.
Make sure that your legs are down.
- We're gonna go down, okay?
- Yeah, that's correct.
- [VOICE WARNING] Terrain ahead. Too low.
- If this doesn't work, yeah,
tell Marsha she was right. I
shouldn't have got on the plane.
Okay, Sam I need you to
do something for me now.
I need you to lower
the landing gear, okay?
Pull the lever up and turn
it clockwise all the way.
Do it now.
When we hit the ground,
I need you to press
your feet onto the pedals
- as hard as you can, okay?
- Fuck. [PANTS] You got this, yeah.
- Head down, feet back! Brace!
- [COLETTE] Head down, feet back! Brace!
- [DAVID] It's okay.
[KATE] Just try not to panic, darling.
We're here. We're all together, okay?
Pull up. Pull up. Pull up.
Now. Now!
- [ALICE] Sam?
[SAM] We're down. We made
it. We're on the ground.
We did it. We did it.
[SIMON] Okay, okay.
Well done, everyone. But we
we still have a lot of work to do.
Let's get back to those
screens. Come on. Move it.
Great. Okay. Where can I help?
[COMMANDER] Move! Move! Move!
[OFFICER] Armed police!
Hands where I can see them!
Hands where I can see them!
- Everybody off the plane! Remain calm.
Everybody off the plane.
Leave your belongings behind!
- Amanda, I've got your, uh, your phone.
- Oh, thank you.
You, um, take her to the police.
She's not getting arrested. She's
gotta go and see about her daughter.
Sam, thank you.
Have we got everyone? Fred
She said not to bring that.
- She wasn't talking about families.
She meant for other people.
Right, mind the stairs then.
I'm not I'm not wearing them!
I'm not armed. I'm not armed. I'm not.
[EDDIE] He's one of them!
[OFFICER] Get him, now!
Fucking move! Get over there!
- Get on the ground!
- Elodie, darling, it's Mum.
Yeah. Hi, darling. Yeah,
it's okay. I'm coming home.
- Here. They gave me your phone.
- [SAM] Oh.
You all right?
- Yeah. I think so.
- Yeah?
What about you?
Well, I'm better than
I was five minutes ago.
It's down. They've landed.
Getting people off the plane now.
Thank you. I mean it.
While all of that was happening,
the school rang. Bobby's not well.
I thought Bobby was off school?
- Go, I will cover.
- [ALICE] Really?
- Oh, thank you.
Okay, Simon. I'll be 15
minutes, 20 minutes tops.
[ZAHRA] Yeah, there are,
uh, there are five names.
[STAMMERS] That's five hijackers.
I'm sending the information to you now.
Yeah. Passengers said there
was one killed on board.
That's correct. So four arrests,
uh, one female, three male.
Yeah, one female, three male, confirmed.
Yeah, the leader is in his
mid-forties, and he he has a beard.
[OFFICER] Yeah, affirmative.
Sorry. One second, everyone.
One second. I left something.
Sorry, I
Doors are shut. Suspect
back on the plane.
Does anyone have a visual on him?
All passengers away!
Sam, it's over, mate.
We're done.
- [OFFICER 1] Okay, move on the step!
- [OFFICER 2] In positions!
We need cover on those
I've gotta get Lewis to
the hospital, remember?
Come on. You can come with me!
[STUART] You come out now,
or I'll fucking drag you out!
Do you hear me?
[OFFICER] Another male with sidearm.
[STUART] There's no point!
[GRUNTS] It's over!
Come on, Sam. If I'm going down,
then you're going down with me.
You okay?
- [OFFICER] Freeze!
Throwing a gas! Go, go!
Move! Near the cockpit.
- Moving forward.
- [OFFICER 2] Get down!
Clear. Clear.
- [OFFICER 3] Cabin one's clear.
- He's here.
Pushing forward. Someone cover my
[SAM] He's here.
- [OFFICER 1] Get down. Get down.
- [OFFICER 2] Get on your knees now!
[OFFICER 3] Hands up
where I can see them!
Say cheese.
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