Hilda (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2: The Midnight Giant

1 Hilda Look, Mum.
The woffs are migrating.
Hilda, I've been thinking about those threats.
I'm working on that.
I know, but all this trouble has made me think how we're the only people for miles in this whole valley.
But that's what I love about it.
But wouldn't you like to have some other kids to talk to? I have myself to talk to, and Twig.
Let's take a little trip into Trolberg tomorrow and look around.
- Mum, no! - All I ask is that you keep an open mind.
- Oh, my head is so itchy.
- Let me check it.
- Do I have nits? - Not nits, nittens.
I think that's all of them.
Now, I dug up my old Pocket Guide to Trolberg.
You can take it on the trip tomorrow.
- Okay, how's your head feel? - It's not so itchy now.
Try to get some sleep now.
You again! I need my sketchbook.
There's no way I'm letting you get away this time.
We're moving.
Um, hello! Excuse me, sir.
Yes, little girl? Um, why do you keep coming here? I saw you the other night just standing and staring at my house.
It's kind of creepy.
- I'm waiting for someone.
- Who? An old friend.
The last time I was here, there was no house.
So, are you sure you have the exact right place? I'm sure.
I remember the way the horizon looked, the position of the river the way the air smells.
Some things seem different.
The hills have shifted.
But this is the place.
I remember.
So, why haven't they come? The details were set a very, very long time ago.
We would meet here at midnight, but, uh, perhaps I got the date wrong.
You don't seem like the kind of person to forget an important date.
If you ask me, you've been stood up.
I don't see the sense in coming back here night after night.
Something strange has happened, and I don't understand.
They've all gone.
Perhaps you're right.
Perhaps she has, too.
She? It was nice to meet you properly.
Now, how do I get down? Climb onto my hand.
Thank you for the advice.
Goodbye, little girl.
Okay, now this is interesting.
It says here that Trolberg was built right smack in the middle of land that belonged to trolls.
That's why they built this wall, to keep the trolls out.
City people are no fun.
That one's available.
Two bedrooms, parking, pets okay, close to playground.
- Sounds perfect.
- Are you kidding me? We'd be trapped in a house sandwich.
This could be your school.
Go ahead, explore the playground.
Fine, but I'll keep a low profile.
Wait! Where's everybody going? - Inside.
Break's over.
- What's break? A waste of time if you ask me.
Come on, David.
What's with that incredibly loud bell? It means time to move it or you'll be late and in trouble again.
Yep! Gotta go! Twig, it's good to be home, boy.
Mum, I'm telling you, those poor Trolberg kids live in fear of bells, just like trolls.
Hilda, it was just a school bell.
It's pretty normal, actually.
Ugh, you've let the Wood Man in again.
I bet we wouldn't have neighbors like this in Trolberg.
Exactly my point.
Civilized neighbors don't walk into your house without asking first.
- But he's like part of our family.
- No, I'm not.
- Can I have this when you move? - We're not moving! Okay.
Ah! It's been a long day.
Let's get some rest.
Have you seen a giant as big as a mountain roaming the valley? I don't come here for the conversation, you know.
Wait! You didn't answer me! Slow down! I really need to ask you some questions.
Look, there's this huge giant who keeps showing up, and I don't want to bother Mum about it, for obvious reasons, but I bet you could help me figure out what's going on with him.
You can pretend not to hear me all you want, but I know you can.
Come on, I know you know a thing or two about giants.
Oh, it's still you.
I saw you reading a book on giants the other night.
- You're very observant.
- Thank you.
It's unnerving.
Come in.
- Would you like some tea? - No, thanks.
That looks like soily water with sticks in it.
Why so interested in giants? I met one last night, a huge one, taller than the mountains.
Giants that big haven't walked the earth for an impossibly long time.
This is the book you need.
"The Giants of Old.
" These giants were the first things to live in these valleys long before people or guys like me.
But most people have forgotten Hey, that's my one! According to this, "it was crucial that one giant must, at all times, be sat atop the tallest mountain, a long-forgotten peak in the north.
There, he or she would gaze tirelessly into the black, guarding the earth from anything that might threaten from above.
Any young giant could be summoned as guardian, a duty that could last for millennia.
" Legend says that the last guardian to serve was this fellow: Jorgen.
But where did all the other giants go? Well, you see, everything started to get smaller.
People appeared and built towns.
Giants would accidentally step on them.
There were arguments, fights.
It just wasn't their world anymore.
So they had to leave.
But where did they go? No one knows where they went.
Some say they all just jumped as high as they could and drifted off into space.
So, my giant's been guarding the entire planet all on his own for thousands of years, and no one told him that everyone else was gone.
His friend was meant to meet him, but she's gone, too.
Poor guy.
He's all on his own.
The world became too small for his kind to live in anymore.
By the way, how are your negotiations going with the elves? How do you know about that? You're not the only one who observes things.
Well, Alfur has promised to take me to meet the king tomorrow.
So, barging in on your neighbors is your new thing.
I may have to move.
All right, boy.
You're on guard duty till I'm back.
Wish me luck with the king.
Alfur, let's go! Oh, uh I'd suggest dressing a little warmer, considering our destination.
How much further do you think it is? Uh, 1,500 elf miles.
Ah! Hilda, where are you going? Wrong way! Wrong way! Whoa! Whoo-hoo! Ah! What are you doing? Woffs are unpredictable! They migrate willy-nilly! Don't worry, Alfur.
Just let me know when you spot the Whoa! Oh! Ah, he's trying to shake me off! Oh, this is why one should never fly without a permit! Alfur, look! - His Majesty! - The king! Ah! The giant girl, sworn enemy of me and my people! But I'm not the enemy, I promise! Your Majesty, this is Hilda, and she would so appreciate a moment of your royal time.
No! I'm busy, busy, busy! My royal hands are full! You don't even have hands! Uh-oh.
Whoa! Hilda, I don't think we have time to There's a warmth coming from inside.
Hello! Hello.
Who's there? Reveal yourself.
I'm right here.
You sound like you're just a voice in my head, that's all.
No, I'm Whoa! Oof! Whoa! Oh, dear.
How long have I been asleep? The, the mountain is a giant! Oh, no.
Excuse me, are you looking for Jorgen? Jorgen? Have you seen him? Am I too late? I've waited for so long.
He's been coming here for days.
Why didn't you notice? I told him not to wait any longer.
The snow must have blocked my ears.
I'm so sorry.
Ah! - Oof! - Ah.
Got you.
You're here.
But how? Where were you on the nights I waited? My love, things got complicated after you left.
The little people came.
Everyone was fed up and decided to leave or hide.
But I couldn't bear to.
I came to the spot we arranged to meet not long after you left.
I sat down and waited and waited.
I must have fallen asleep at some point.
I'm so sorry.
You waited for me for 4,000 years.
Oh, um, young lady! Ahem, young lady! Young miss, in light of, um, recent events, I, the king, would like to declare the conflict between yourself and my people over.
You've shown yourself to be honorable and a proponent of peace.
I will speak to the prime minister immediately and inform him of the news.
- It's not official until you sign.
- Oh, I'm signing it this minute.
Oh, it's official! You're no longer an enemy of my people! There's nothing for Mum to worry about now.
What on Earth is going on here? I know this might seem weird, but I'm holding a castle, and this is the king, and, basically, we don't have to move! The house! Everything! It's gone, it's all gone.
They haven't even noticed what they've done.
We'll be all right, Mum.
For the fire in your new place in Trolberg.
Oh, thank you.
- I found this in the rubble.
- My sketchbook.
I certainly have no use for it.
It smells like troll spit.
I wish I didn't have to leave here.
I'm going to miss all of this.
I'll even miss you.
You know where to find me.
- That's very comforting.
- For you.
Hilda, I'm afraid we need to get going.
Hilda! Wait! Alfur! I've been up all night filling out the required paperwork for travel, and it's official! Look! "Northern Elven Counties Passport and Permission to Travel.
" I'm the first elf from these parts to visit Trolberg and file reports on life in the big city! And, if it's not too terribly inconvenient, I'd like to hitch a ride with you.
If you don't mind, that is.
Are you kidding? It'll be so nice to have a friend from home.
Hop aboard, Alfur.
Hilda, who are you talking to? Um I'll tell you on the drive.
Your name is a triangle Your heart is a square I love to see you Way over there Once I was happy You found it intriguing Then you got to me Left me waiting You make me feel like a fool Waiting for you Are you already writing your first report? - We just got here.
- Indeed.
I want to set down my first impressions while they're still fresh.
More humans than I've ever seen in one place.
Fascinating noises, and it's all very strange, but also exciting.
I think it just seems loud and crowded.
You can barely see the sky, the trees are too small for climbing, and they built a wall to keep out anything interesting.

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