Hilda (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Chapter 7: The Beast of Cauldron Island

[whistling in tune]
- [birds chirping]
- [theme music playing]
Hilda ♪
[woman vocalizing]
Tell me again what you're doing?
It's a type of magic Tildy's teaching me.
A way of forming a strong enough
understanding with a living thing
that one might form
a kind of mental connection.
With a sea anemone?
[deep breath]
I don't know if it's working.
- Oh, you should try it on Twig!
- [Twig whines]
Even if Twig was cool with that
I'm sure I couldn't.
Witches use it to form an
intimate bond with their familiars.
It's a good thing
your familiar can talk then.
[David] Guys?
- [indistinct chattering]
- There's something going on over there.
Now, now, please, everybody.
One at a time.
You prattle on about trolls.
The Lindworm of Cauldron Island
is pulling down ships
willy nilly in our harbor,
and nobody lifts a finger to help!
- [overlapping dialogue]
- So…
The Lindworm has been destroying
your ships, you say?
And no one has heard
your piteous cries for help?
His exact words were
“nobody lifts a finger to help”,
but close enough.
- So, what are you gonna do about it?
- [crowd grumbling angrily]
[Erik] Good sailors of Trolberg,
I, Erik Ahlberg of Trolberg Safety Patrol,
will lead a charge on Cauldron Island.
We shall capture the dreaded Lindworm
and make this harbor safe again!
[crowd cheering]
The Lindworm doesn't care about ships.
She likes plants.
Are you sure about that?
This mission requires the utmost courage!
- And boats.
- Boatloads of courage, you mean!
No, I mean actual boats, sir.
Well then, good people!
We'll need your help.
Rest assured, together,
we shall prevail over
the terror of the Lindworm!
- [crowd cheering]
- Now. Let's get to work!
- [crowd] Ahlberg! Ahlberg! Ahlberg!
- Wait! Please! Listen to me!
I know the Lindworm
and she would never destroy ships.
You're missing the point, children.
The Lindworm is a monster,
and I promised the people a monster.
Now excuse me,
but I have a mission to run.
Deputy Gerda, get me those boats!
Ugh! I wouldn't be surprised if Ahlberg
sunk those ships himself
just so he could make a grab for glory.
I bet there's no monster at all.
[Wood Man] I'll take that bet.
[all gasp]
Woodman? What happened to your body?
A monster snatched my boat.
Luckily, I used my head and escaped,
but my body is still out there.
I can feel something tickling
my feet right now.
It stopped.
So, Ahlberg is wasting his time going
after the Lindworm when there's actually
- a dangerous monster out there?
- I don't know if that was a question or…
We need to find out
who's really sinking those boats.
And warn the Lindworm about Ahlberg.
[Wood Man] And retrieve
the Wood Man's body.
That goes without saying.
Come on! We don't have much time!
We have to get Alfur and get out of here.
Frida, back me up. David, mind the head.
So, you and Hilda are old friends?
[Johanna] There you are.
- I was just getting ready for our picnic.
- Ah! Beautiful day for it.
Oh, sorry, Mom. I'd love to but I can't.
We have a, um, Sparrow Scout activity.
What activity?
- Um…
- Beach Clean-up.
Well, if it's an official activity,
you can go.
- Thanks, Mom.
- And Alfur, we'll definitely take you up
- on your offer of help.
- Wonderful!
[stammering] Wait… what offer?
Ha! No time to waste. Bye, Mom!
[Twig whines]
[Alfur] Hey, wait!
- What are we really doing?
- I'll explain on the way.
Ugh! Hilda, all this lying
is going to catch up with you.
[crab squeaking]
All right, Alfur. Give it a shot.
- [inhales deeply]
- [shell blows]
Wait for it.
Four… and a half to Cauldron Island!
Uh, please?
[laughs nervously]
Shall we?
- Aah! Hmm.
- [both chuckle]
[lively music playing]
[David whimpers]
[birds chirping]
[all cheer]
David, you and Alfur find the Lindworm.
Get her to safety.
What? Why me?
Because me, Frida and Woodman
are going underwater
to figure out what's really
attacking the boats.
One problem, Hilda.
We can't breathe underwater.
Well, I was hoping our friend
could help with that.
Don't worry. I speak water spirit.
[speaking indistinctly]
Wow! Thanks, Wood Man.
All right, young squire.
Who knows what mighty challenges
and grand adventures
we shall face in order
to find the Lindworm
It's right there.
[both screaming]
[Lindworm grunts]
That high pitched annoying voice
sounds familiar.
- [yells]
- [sniffs]
The elf!
I remember you.
You were with the blue-haired girl.
Yes! Yes! Listen,
we have to get you off this island.
There's this chap named Ahlberg
who thinks you were attacking ships
- in the harbor last night.
- That's impossible.
I was having a grand time
trimming my bonsai.
Uh, yes, but that doesn't change the fact
that people are coming
and we need to leave Cauldron island
right now.
I am a Lindworm and I live by a code,
which is to never back down from a battle.
They'll regret picking on
a fire-breathing dragon
who suffers from social anxiety!
What do we do?
If the Lindworm battles the Safety Patrol,
it will be a disaster!
I may have an idea.
No. No. That'll never work.
[seagulls squawking]
Wait! I have another idea.
[birds cawing]
[upbeat music]
Whoa! Look at that!
The bell.
[bell clangs]
[salt lion whimpers]
What is that thing doing down here?
I thought we stopped Ahlberg's machines?
He must have rigged it
to keep trolls out of the harbor.
But it looks like it's just being a pain
for all the creatures who live down here.
[Lost Clan] Heave Ho! Heave Ho!
Heave Ho! Heave Ho!
- Ah! Welcome, Bartel!
- Alfur!
- It is grand to see you!
- Mm-hm.
And thank you mightily for calling on
the power of the Lost Clan!
The Lost Clan!
Now, where is this battle
of which you emailed me?
- Actually, it's a fake battle.
- Yes, Bartel.
You see the Lindworm, over there?
We told her someone was coming
to battle her
and so she won't leave
until there is a battle.
- So, we thought
- Actually, it was my idea.
But I took notes.
The idea is you guys
fake fight the Lindworm,
lose and then the Lindworm
will leave with us
before the real bad guys get here.
David, my friend,
I think that is a wonderful plan
Again, the plan came from me.
There is but one small problem.
The Lost Clan lives by a code,
which is to never back down from…
[all] Combat!
[overlapping dialogue]
[Lindowrm roars]
- David, this was your worst idea yet.
- What?
[ominous music]
All clear!
All vessels reporting ready, sir.
Awaiting your orders.
I think it's time we paid
the Lindowrm a visit.
[ominous music]
- Found you a wand.
- Very funny.
What is this place?
- I will tell ye!
- [all gasp]
- [Wood Man] Easy.
- ‘Tis the remains of a pirate ship battle,
I am cursed to clean it up for eternity…
unless one of ye would like
to take on me curse instead?
- Not right now.
- Uh, no, thank you.
[Wood Man] That's a hard pass from me.
Eh, it was worth a try.
Excuse me, Mr. Sunken Draugen Captain?
- How can I help?
- While you were cleaning,
did you happen to see
what creature sunk the Woodman's ship?
Alas, I saw nary a thing.
But there have been…
Horrible noises that scare
even the likes of me.
- You mean the bell?
- No.
- Huh. I guess it went away
- [growling]
There it be!
[soft growling]
- Whoa!
- Hilda, wait!
- What is it?
- Maybe you can find out.
- Try your magic on it.
- Oh…
I don't know.
You can do it. Look…
it's safe.
[tranquil music]
[kraken screams]
[Frida panting]
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
I think… I did it!
Could you tell if it's the creature
that sunk the Woodman's boat?
Impossible, it's not big enough.
He's right.
But I think I know what might be.
We have to get back to Cauldron Island.
[Alfur] Stop fighting!
We need to get you out of here
before Ahlberg arrives.
Too late for that.
[ship horns honking]
[tense music]
Lindworm sighted!
- Fire harpoons, Deputy Gerda!
- Righty-oh!
Fire harpoons!
Wow. They are really bad shots.
[David] Stop! Please!
The Lindworm wouldn't hurt a fly.
I'm going to toast every last one of you!
[David screams]
It's taken a child!
I'll put a stop to this beast myself!
[David] Phew.
- [David yells]
- Huh?
Hold your positions!
I think we're too late!
[tense music]
[kraken roars ferociously]
[all screaming]
Cauldron Island isn't an island at all!
- It's a
- A Kraken.
According to legend,
it should be asleep for another 175 years.
What? I thought everybody knew that.
It must've been Ahlberg's bell
that woke it up.
[both yelling]
Look, it's feeding the boats
to its babies.
They're going to eat
Ahlberg's entire fleet.
[Wood Man] Um, not the entire fleet.
Those kids are picky eaters.
[Erik yells, groans]
Wood Man, you're made of wood.
And your ship,
the one the kraken attacked,
was also made of wood.
This is beginning to sound like an insult.
No. Look! The babies only eat wood!
There's an all-you-can-eat buffet
of sunken wooden ships
right around the corner.
The pirate ships!
And if we can get her there,
she'll leave these ones alone!
Hey! Kraken!
[Hilda] There's a load of wooden ships
this way! Pre-sunk!
[Kraken roars]
What do we do?
Lindworm! Lost Clan!
[David] You both said you would never
back down from a battle.
There's a battle that needs winning.
So, are you with me?
Uh… No.
Absolutely not.
- But your code says
- Ah, but there is a higher code
which is not to get into fights
I can't win.
- And furthermore
- Uh, excuse me, but um…
could we hear about the rest of your code
once we are off the back
of a ferocious monster?
[kraken roars]
Hop on.
- [screaming]
- [Lost Clan] Whoo!
[Hilda] Hey! Listen to me!
There's better food over there. Please!
What if I tried my magic again.
If I can get close enough to it…
[kraken roars]
Let's just get out of here.
[Hilda and Frida screaming]
[both gasping, panting]
- [yells]
- Frida!
[Hilda] Frida! Stay calm!
That's easy for you to say!
Use your magic! Let it know
that you don't mean it any harm.
Ah! I can't it doesn't work!
You can do it, Frida!
I believe in you!
[upbeat music]
[grunts, pants]
[Erik] Stay focused!
We've got it on the back foot!
This time, I won't miss!
No stop!
Look out!
Deputy! Get us out of here! Retreat!
You did it! You saved the day!
- Technically, mid-afternoon.
- [chuckles]
I guess I did, didn't I?
What happened?
Did you speak to it?
I'm not sure.
It was hard to make sense of,
[Frida] but I think I managed
to point her in the right direction.
[loud crash]
And I did get one bit of helpful info.
He's got something for you
[spits, growls]
Oh, never missed somebody like
I missed you.
[both chuckle]
Well, we better start rowing
if were going to make it back before dark.
Mom, I'm home!
- Sorry, I'm a bit late.
- Oh, that's okay. How are you?
I'm all right.
Find anything interesting?
- Hm?
- During the beach cleanup?
Any interesting finds?
Oh, um… Just the usual litter and stuff.
Oh, but David did find a shell shaped
like his own face, hah.
I told myself if she comes in here
and she just tells the truth…
I called Raven Leader.
- There was no scout activity today.
- [exhales sharply]
- Okay, but
- But nothing.
If you could let me explain.
That you lied to me and then disappeared
while there's a sea monster
attacking the harbor? I was worried sick!
[inaudible dialogue over TV]
Mom, you don't understand, I had to
You don't have to do anything.
You are grounded.
And you're not leaving this house
without me until I say so.
- [sobbing, muttering]
- [door slams]
[closing theme music playing]
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