Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e03 Episode Script

Heat Rash

May I, Andrew? Thank you.
- Item 8, the new phones.
- Oh, yeah.
Today hill street station will convert To the new 912 multiplex telecommunication system.
This integrated modular exchange Is designed to facilitate the work of the police officer, by incorporating frequency 'multiplexing' And 'uniselector' satellite attenuation Into one comprehensive, 'amplitudinous' system.
Personnel are asked to be patient, as installation will take most of the day.
Please don't use the phones unless you have to.
Item 9 is in regard To the ongoing torrid climatic conditions.
According to the national weather service, at 3:00 A.
this morning A cold front moving down from the arctic since Monday Encountered the low pressure gradient Stagnating over this city, and dissipated.
There's no immediate change anticipated in the weather.
Item 10 Is a memo from captain furillo.
No, ethics.
Those personnel under my command are expected To perform their duties as police officers In strict obeyance with the department's code of ethics.
Those who don't can expect instant suspension And possible criminal prosecution.
Oh! For those of you who are blind and deaf, we are honored to have among us the gifted thespian And person du cinema, John gennaro.
For the next several days, and is to be extended every professional courtesy.
And this does not include autograph hounding, spontaneous auditions Or gazes of a longingly sexual nature by a female.
- Joe! - Final item a personal request.
Which of you would be interested In attending my seminar at the academy as a guest lecturer? Sorry.
Oh, I got a pretty tight schedule.
I believe you will find the experience To be very, very rewarding.
All right, those, uh Those volunteering will be excused from duty for the afternoon.
Right here.
Maybe I can fit it in.
Thank you.
Leave your name with Leo on your way out, and I'll make my choices.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And hey Let's be careful out there.
Anybody know anything About detectives sleeping with child prostitutes? Anybody know anything about officers dealing stolen goods? If anything's out of line in this precinct, I want to hear about it now.
If anybody suspects anything, I want to hear it.
Check into both charges, ray.
I want to hear from you before I hear from internal affairs.
Howard? Comments? I've been talking about something like this happening for a long time, frank.
Henry, you've been quiet.
I'd consider the source, frank.
I'd say it's a pretty reliable source.
He was right about mort Sanders's house.
He was right about Bob Blaine.
This is a good precinct, frank.
Even if what hogan said did happen, they are probably isolated incidents.
I won't tolerate any of it, ray.
If there's even one bad egg up here, I want him found out and gotten rid of.
All right, let's get some work done.
Frank, I have four weeks' back vacation on my sheet.
Yes, Howard.
So I'm gonna take a long weekend.
As a matter of fact, I'm leaving in a few minutes.
Oh, hello, old sport.
Something more you wanted to say to me? I don't think so.
Look, Howard, the hell with friendship.
If you know something The medicos did a reconnaissance on me, frank.
Medicos? It appears a tumor the size of a 30-30 shell has deployed itself down my right drumstick.
Until they cut into it they won't know whether it's nasty.
Naturally they want to operate right away.
Nothing really to worry about, I suppose.
An old visigoth like myself I'll get through it.
You know Sanders, frank? South ferry? I never met him.
He had something like this.
Turned out benign.
That's encouraging.
They made him a beautiful artificial limb.
Is there anything I can do, Howard? Someone you want me to call? I'm a little afraid, frank.
Oh! Excuse me, sir.
I'm sorry.
Damn it, man, we're setting policy here.
Judas priest.
I'll be dipped.
We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store, corner people's drive, 124th street.
Man says he didn't want the job.
I didn't.
He was just going along on the interview to humor his partner.
I was.
I gotta hand it to you, man.
It's a slick come-on, playing happy hard to get.
How about you shut up, j.
? You don't know what you're talking about, man.
Morning, j.
Man, I got a spot on the dance card for you today.
Peanuts, j.
Move! Actually, I can't.
Hey, this is an emergency.
Can I get a lineup? Figuring that Hollywood commando is gonna make you his next leading lady? Why don't you do your lounge act for him, so he can see what real talent is? What are you looking at? Are you looking at me? Yeah.
Well, I don't want you looking at me! Look down here.
You see that nail? I want you to eyeball that nail.
I want you to get your face down there, and tell me if that nail moves.
'Cause if that nail moves and you don't let me know, I'm gonna rip your lungs out through your nose.
You, hair boy you got some interest in this? Hey, John.
John, my man look.
One small favor I got an outside line.
Could you make a fast call to my sister? And the maintenance of that equilibrium Is, of course, our prime interest here on the hill.
Of course.
Anything you can do like that will help us.
Got hung up.
Frank, Katy bambridge of the mayor's film board.
Good to meet you.
Tom petowski, production manager of street dogs.
Good to meet you.
How are you? We're just about through.
petowski is a realist.
I presume that means he's willing to talk to the gangs.
I'd like a meeting as soon as possible.
In the meantime, I'd be grateful For a short course from detective goldblume on turfs and gang strengths.
That seems to be the only thing about your city that Ms.
bambridge doesn't know.
Faulty education.
Henry? He's all yours.
Anything else we can do for you? We'd like to donate $10,000 for a youth project To be administered by your precinct.
Maybe we could get the very generous.
We'll give it some thought.
Well, we won't take any more of your time then.
Could we get that sit-down with the gangs this afternoon? I'm due back in L.
And, uh, captain, you'll keep my star under wraps, okay? I'll try, Mr.
Captain, I'd like an assignment with detective belker.
gennaro, you're already on night ride-alongs.
We've tried to give you a free hand In observing the day-to-day operations of this precinct.
Yeah, but you see that's as far as I'm prepared to go.
Stakeout and plain-clothes operations are dangerous.
We'd have no way of protecting you.
I'll waive personal injury.
I'm also responsible to the people on the hill and to my men.
Could I just spend time with him? I mean, is he always on assignment? I'll talk to detective belker.
Detective? Mr.
gennaro has made a specific request That he tour with you for the next four days.
Captain, please I got a meet set up for tomorrow.
Took me two weeks to arrange.
I couldn't be more sympathetic, Mick, but there's really no point in arguing.
I'm supposed to spend four whole days Giving some Hollywood dirtbag a girl scout tour of this precinct? Precisely.
Come on, spittoon face.
How many left? Six.
Why'd you get so many witnesses? Get off of me, j.
What's that mean? Means I want you off my back, man.
I've got a decision to make, and I can't nurse you through your hurt feelings, man.
Hey, Neal, I'm cool behind the Bahamas gig.
If it wasn't for my lousy jacket on account of drinking, I'd have had the job cold.
Can't see past your nose, can you, j.
? It's the Bahamas, you jerk.
The whole security force is probably gonna be black, see? But past that, I gotta listen to your racist rebop.
Racist? You could never be my assistant.
Hey, Jack, I took a bullet for you once.
Easier than working for me, my man, right? This job thing's got to you, hasn't it, Neal? You're scared.
What are you afraid of, man? Success? Walk away from me, John.
There's, uh, too much color in here for my racist taste.
Singh? Yes? This is for you.
What's this? Be there.
And in heat such as this, it is a commonly known fact That your basic African type Has a higher thermostat than your basic Caucasian type.
White people are simply not equipped.
You got that right.
Let's not talk about it.
What the hell You will you pull your vehicle Off to the right side of this roadway.
My license.
I'll hold onto it while you get out of the car And walk a line.
Look at the name.
Arnold r.
I think I can spell that, pal.
Now get on out of the car.
Officer don't you know who I am? You're the man who's gonna take a sobriety test or go to jail.
Now get out of the car.
You stupid jerk.
Hey, hey.
Now, before you get too Irrational about all this, that is councilman dirtweiler.
Councilman, huh? Yeah.
Police appropriations.
Councilman detweiler, you're under arrest for driving while intoxicated.
Now, you've got one second to get out of that car, or I'm coming in there after you.
Hey, potato head.
Tell your mama I had a great time last night.
Spin on it, grease ball.
I'm here.
Yo, Dudley.
Have you beaten the lice problem yet? Martinez, party of three.
Yo, mama.
If only I were a bar of soap.
Hey, hey.
My lawyers are gonna file suit so fast It'll make your badge spin, you low-ranking punk.
Officer, I'm speaking here.
False arrest, defamation of character, abuse of authority By the time I'm through with you, you'll be walking the graveyard beat through the projects.
You're gonna walk right now.
You're gonna walk in here and you're gonna sit down.
Thought you ought to know, lieutenant.
Me and renko just brought in a 502.
All right.
Refused a breathalyzer, scored about a g-minus on his attitude test, so we're running him right by the numbers.
The guy had an obnoxious attitude, lieutenant.
Hill, why are you telling me all this? The man was, uh, councilman detweiler.
Madre Mia.
Arnie detweiler just what I need.
Of all the people All right, just treat him like everyone else, ray Phone call, booking, bail.
By the numbers.
And pull his file, would you? My recollection is, this isn't the first time for the councilman.
Captain, you have a gang meeting down in roll call.
Thanks, Leo.
Anything else? Some of the men heard a rumor About Howard.
He's in the hospital.
What? The hospital? He thinks he may have cancer.
Forget it, lady.
Ain't no way you're bringing no gypsy boys up to 10-deuce and dekker.
I'm not sure I understand your objections, Mr.
102nd street and dekker is dragon turf, miss bambridge.
I think Mr.
Marcel is suggesting What I'm suggesting, miss lady, is we will run this honky flick out of town Before some gypsy boy skuzz gonna make a salary workin' my turf.
Go suck canal water, hershey bar.
Gypsy boys got a contract.
Hey, contract this, son.
petowski If I remember correctly, you have gang scenes Scheduled for Jefferson at utica Avenue.
Correct, captain.
It's a three-day night shoot.
Yeah, well, since that's d.
, why don't you simply let the gypsy boys work Jefferson, and transfer the dekker Avenue shoot? Sure.
It'd be easy to arrange.
- It will be arranged.
- It better be.
Uh, that's fine For the zimbabwes and the boat people here, furillo, but where does that leave us white folk? It leaves you white folks right where you belong Sniffin' bicycles.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
According to the shooting schedule, there is a crowd scene A three-day crowd scene in Delaware park, calling for over 120 gang extras.
Now, what do you say we give that To the shamrocks and the street lords? What do you say? Well, what do you say? I say we don't work for peanuts, that's what I say.
You get the standard 72 bucks a day, meals included.
You'll get time and a half for night work, and double time for weekends.
It's standard 72 beans a day everybody gets that, right? Right.
You got it, man.
Hey, I like that.
Sounds good to me.
I'm holding out For a love scene.
With Victoria principal.
Yo, furillo! Yes, Jesus? Before we get too ecstatic here, remember, we're talking about at least A $10 million picture here.
I mean, 72 bills and chump change Might buy some of these bozos for a day, but what's the neighborhood's cut besides parking problems? As with any location filming, Mr.
Martinez, a considerable piece of the budget Filters down to the community.
Hey! You save your trickle-down jive For the movies, Mr.
You know as well as I they will be transporting all those Hollywood heavies From some cushy hotels downtown.
People around here will be lucky If they get some doughnut money out of all of this.
That's right.
What we're looking at here Is your classic colonial explotations of the natives.
All right, let's go bottom line, Mr.
This is a union film.
I am not going to insult your intelligence by promising you jobs I can't deliver.
Hey, I understand labor problems.
But Mr.
petowski has authorized me To guarantee a minimum of 20 days employment As extras and technical advisers To up to 15 members of each youth organization at this meeting.
Do your multiplication, gentlemen.
$72 a day times 20 days I'll help you.
That's hardly chump change.
And no withholding.
Isn't that right, Mr.
petowski? Can't we rely on the good citizenship of these young men - To pay their own taxes? - Sure you can! And plus we stick it to uncle Sammy.
Hey! So do we make a movie, or what? This time only.
Councilman detweiler? I just got the chief's patented two-minute tirade on departmental priorities.
Among other things, he questioned the future Of a certain Italian precinct captain.
Kick him loose, ray.
You're free to go now.
Free to go? Thank you, lieutenant.
No hard feelings, officer.
You were only doing your job.
Captain furillo.
Our present circumstances excepted, captain, I do appreciate your guys out there enforcing the laws Zealous as they may be.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you That I will continue to support you in the council, and I don't take the least offense.
You don't take offense? Nah.
Need I remind you, councilman, that you were driving a vehicle under the influence? I have your sheet here.
You have been detained no fewer than six times In the past three years for the same offense Two of those involving accidents.
Enough, captain.
I just got an earful from the chief five minutes ago, so we're gonna kick you loose on this one, but you'd better believe me One more time and I don't give a damn if the governor himself phones.
I'm pushing you straight through the system.
Now you just hold on one I mean it.
You're a dangerous man.
You bet I am, furillo.
You don't ever want to find out just how dangerous.
Hey, captain.
I don't know what went down just now, but that bust was by the numbers, and councilman or not Forget about it.
Forget about it? Well, maybe I should just forget about the memo you put out this morning too.
Strict obedience.
Departmental codes.
Ethics by the book.
Grow up, hill.
We lost one.
It isn't the first time, and it won't be the last, so let's get some work done.
Right over here.
That's it.
What's the beef? Ask him.
He'll tell you.
The guy's 18 weeks delinquent on his phone bill.
I gotta take it out.
He says I can't.
He says I go through the door and boom He'll bust me with a ball bat.
Why don't you just wait until he ain't home? The guy's a weirdo.
He never leaves his room until the middle of the night, and then he goes out back and he goes through the garbage.
I been here six times.
Today I get the unit.
- Okay.
What's his name? - Smith.
Smith? Police here.
Hill street.
Please open up the door.
There's no power on this planet that can open that door.
You have a key? It's unlocked.
He's barricaded.
The barrier's been broken.
Yes, there's two of them.
They're coming in now.
One's very tall, with a kind of a militaristic-looking emblem on his headgear.
The other's a woman type seven, I'd say.
They're moving closer.
I don't know how much longer I can just keep on talking like this.
Please! Get word to nevil.
Tell him I'll hold on as long as I can.
I salute the vector bosoms of my mother.
Uh, look, Mr.
We've come to get the telephone.
Could you just, uh, tell us where it is? You'll never find it.
See, I I dropped it in a time warp - Between 1771 and 4 a.
- Here it is.
- Don't touch that phone! - Hey! No! That's enough.
See, they'll they'll never be able to find me if you take that phone.
Who'll never find you? Well, my spaceship Was damaged and, uh, so they had to leave some weight behind.
I volunteered.
We'll come back for you, they said.
We'll fix the ship and recross a half a million light years of space, and then we'll beam you up through the atmosphere.
But we'll call first, see.
I've been stranded on this spot for 10,000 years, but today's the day.
The rescue expedition is due to arrive and take me home.
- But they can't find me if I don't have a telephone.
- Ain't even connected.
I'm begging you.
Don't take my phone.
I'm I'm lost without it.
I now I'm lost in space! You're still thinking about Lou hogan? There hasn't been an hour in the last 18 When I haven't thought about it.
Is that why you were pacing last night? I owe you one.
You know I was the moving force behind the guilty decision In the board of rights.
If you had to do it all over again, would you vote any differently? No.
But I can't help questioning the process.
We handled the entire matter so bureaucratically Motions, testimony, transcripts, decisions.
We managed to overlook only one thing The human being at the center of it all.
I just know there was something more I could have done for him, Joyce.
I'm gonna regret not finding it.
It's my turn, remember? I didn't know you had a charge here.
I don't.
I took a room.
Is that right? Mmm.
Care to murder a half hour, captain? I'd like that very much.
Come on, belker.
Lighten up.
I'll tell you this, hair ball.
I got stuff took me two weeks to set up.
Tomorrow you find a new babysitter.
All right, but look Would you at least help me today? Look, besides the fact that you're keeping me from doing my work, I don't like the way guys like you play guys like me in the movies.
You know? Ain't real.
I'd like to find out what is.
Why? They'll probably change it anyway.
Listen I'll bet some of your best work Was loused up later on by prosecutors and judges, right? But does that stop you from trying? No.
Look at your feet.
So what about 'em? What are you wearing, you jerk? Sneakers.
I figured that's not sneakers.
That's $80 jogging shoes.
Where the hell are you gonna find $80 jogging shoes here on the hill? You'd be made undercover by every hype on dekker Avenue.
Besides which, that crap's got no lateral support.
So where can I get the kind like yours? You go to rosniak supply.
You ask monty for the high black tops by comet.
Local sleaze call 'em felony flyers.
How do you spell it? How do you spell it? Rosniak.
I I don't know how to spell it.
Can we talk some about stakeouts? What kind? I do one in a car outside a drug store.
All right, when you're working alone in a parked vehicle, you always want to sit on the passenger side.
Makes everybody think you're waiting for the driver.
All right, great.
What about What about if I had to do one right here? Long-term alley job.
You wanna bring along a broom Or a bottle of rotgut to share with the winos.
You don't want to make it look like you're standing around With your thumb up your nose.
And you never want to hang out too long near these heating vents.
How come? Makes you dizzy.
Hey, Leo told me once you spent two weeks In a salvation army collection bin on a dope stakeout.
That's how long the bust took.
You would not believe some of the things people throw into those things.
Where do you keep your gun? That's none of your business.
Got the subpoena? I'll serve it.
What do you think I don't know how to serve a subpoena? Who's there? It's detectives larue and Washington, hill street station.
Could you come to the door for a minute, please, Mr.
, uh, Redding? It's open.
Come on in.
Hold it! Get him! Got him? I got him.
Oh, man.
Look at all this powdered sugar here.
What were you doing, my man? Bakin' a cake? You stupid jerk.
We were just serving a subpoena.
Hey, hey, hey! He tried to kill me.
He's a maniac.
I swear to you Just leave me alone for a few more hours, and I'll be gone.
- They're coming.
- What happened? He ripped the phone out of the wall! I tried to stop him.
He hit me over the head with it.
I want this goofball arrested.
All right.
Look, Mr.
Smith, you're gonna have to put down the phone And come with us.
Nevil! Help me! Oh, I know, I know, you can't hear me.
But maybe someday you can pick up the waves of this loathsome planet.
All right, all right.
Whoa, whoa.
Joe, you're not doin' it right.
I left the howitzer in the car.
Smith, where's the spaceship gonna land? Huh? There's no room in here.
If you'd been listening to me, you'd know.
They're beaming me aboard.
Through the ceiling? Through anything.
Beams are highly utilitarian.
Think they could beam you aboard with handcuffs on? Bet they couldn't.
Of course they could.
Oh, yeah? Prove it.
Real good.
Let's go.
It's all right.
It's gonna be all right.
Okay, here we go.
Come on.
You want an ice? Not for me.
Come on, I'm treatin'.
I don't want any.
One cherry ice, please.
Can I ask you a personal question? Nope.
What's it about? Women or something? No.
What? How come you get off on biting people? What, do you want a ruptured kidney, nose bag? I don't get off on it.
It's a situational response.
See that guy? Yeah.
What do you make of him? Mid-20s, lives alone, maybe works in a library and, uh I don't know.
Busted him two years ago for rape-assault.
Get out of here.
Come on.
Gotta read the street, hair bag.
No way.
The guy looks like a school Read the street.
Huh? It's 102 degrees, and he's wearin' a coat.
Help! Help! Help! Help! somebody help! Get up, man, get up.
Go ahead.
Come on! You're under arrest, hair ball.
Get up! Now, move! Move! You're John gennaro.
Damn it, Mick.
I got a million questions racing around my mind.
Aw, come on, kid.
I got a lot of paperwork here, and it's all part of this bust.
All right, let's have dinner tonight.
What do you say? I don't know.
Come on, come on.
What do you say? Please? All right, I'll think about it.
I'll think about it.
Now will you please back off and give me some room? I get a phone call, don't I? One 10-cent call.
That's it.
And no intergalactic area codes.
He ain't calling his mom right now.
The phones are down.
What do you mean? Joe.
There's a million miles of space out there.
How do you think they're gonna find me? You think they're mind readers? Where'd you get this? This is an r-19.
They haven't made these since before the war.
That's for me! Yeah? Yeah.
Got ya.
There's nothing you can do to prevent it now.
I'm their next stop.
Uh, you two want to escort Mr.
Smith Down to b level launching pad? Fay, I thought we went over this yesterday About your not coming up here without legitimate business.
First of all, I have been trying to call you all afternoon, and a recorded message says your phone's disconnected.
And second of all, I am here on legitimate business.
My official police press pass.
I'm the new crime reporter for the eastside weekly advertiser.
The what? What kind of paper is that? Fay, you don't have any training to be a crime reporter.
Excuse me? Not only did I take journalism courses in college, I put in 12 years of postgraduate work sleeping with a cop.
So don't tell me I don't know the joys, the sorrows, the mean streets.
Mainly I answered an ad.
My boss he's a real nice guy, frank.
Now, there's not a lot of money to start with.
It's on an article-by-article basis.
But I think it's a great opportunity for me.
I admire your initiative, fay, but how in the world did you get a press pass based on that? What do you mean, based on that? Essentially, you're a stringer for a supermarket tabloid.
Come on, how'd you get it? Uh A reporter never reveals her sources, frank.
- It can't be.
- What can't be? Is that John gennaro? Yes, it is.
I don't believe it.
Want to meet him? Oh, would I.
Hey, Neal, wait a second.
You got a minute, man? I, uh I want to apologize, I guess, about the last couple of days.
The whole job thing, man What a turnaround.
It kind of knocked my metabolism off a couple beats.
No problem.
So, uh, what are you gonna do? I don't know.
Man, it's none of my business, but an opportunity like this does not come down the pike every day.
You're looking at 50 k a year, perks up the wazoo, more native Booty than any one man could handle.
Hey, it's Something to think about, that's all.
Hey, look, j.
, I never wanted the job in the first place, man.
It was your fantasy, not mine.
I wasn't lookin' to change.
So I'll think about it.
But you gotta give me some room, babe.
I just want you to know, whatever you do, I'm there for you.
I'll carry your bags, man, if that's what you want.
I'm tied up right now, Mrs.
furillo, but why don't we set aside a half hour tomorrow? We'll do it then.
Oh, I'd be most grateful, Mr.
John? Shall I come to your hotel? Great phone system, frank.
Been trying to get you on the horn for two hours.
Detweiler's gone, so what's the problem? What's the problem? Frank, are you losing it up here? First you go on some holier-than-the-rest-of-us crusade And Lou hogan blows his brains out all over half the newsprint in town.
Don't lay that one on me.
And not 12 hours later you haul in Arnie detweiler.
Now I learn, apropos the hogan situation, that there was something aromatic In those charges he was spraying.
Frank, my political bacon's in the fire here.
I am not gonna wear brown earmuffs on this one.
What are you talking about? I am talking about Henry Goldstein.
Goldblume, Goldstein whatever.
He's the detective who was bean bagging that 15-year-old.
Henry goldblume? That's crazy.
That's a mistake.
It's not a mistake.
You talk to Ralph MacArthur, one of Lou hogan's guys from the heights.
He and his partner arrested her twice Said that goldblume bedded her instead of busting her, then kept her in his apartment.
That's statutory rape, for openers, frank.
I don't believe it.
Get rid of him.
I'm not doing anything Until after I've conducted my own very thorough investigation.
It's open season on cops, frank.
The girl is due in court next Thursday.
You do whatever you need to do, but you get rid of him.
Car's waiting.
Oh, uh, just so you know, I legitimated your ex-tuna today.
You legitimated my ex-tuna? Your wife.
She came in right after our detweiler conversation, waving some half-baked shopping mall handout, demanding a press pass, of all the damn things.
I figured I owed you one.
Don't ever say I didn't do anything for you, frank.
Henry? My office.
And her name was Diane koslo.
She talked about her homelife.
If half of it was true, you'd want to die.
She was two days off the bus, and she was a lonely, frightened, hungry 15-year-old kid, and I took her home.
And? And she slept on the couch.
You took her all the way home so she could sleep on the couch? The whole thing was a judgment call, frank.
First thing I thought is, why bust a 15-year-old newcomer? All she could learn in juvie is the names of pimps and the best corners.
She had a shot at getting out.
I'm just sorry it looks like she didn't make it.
Why didn't you tell me this this morning? You might have saved some skin off both our hides.
You know how it is.
You hear something.
You want to think it can't be you, even if maybe you know.
Look, the first think I thought was, I'll get her in a halfway house.
Meadow wood house said in three days, so I kept her for three days and then I took her on in.
And when the Jefferson vice cops called a month later? I vouched for her.
They asked me if she was my friend.
I said yes.
How could you be so incredibly naive? You didn't know how any of this would look? Is that what it's about, frank? Appearances? Yes, unfortunately, to a degree.
I took in a scared, unhappy human being Who ate me out of house and home just like a stray dog for three days.
Frank, I always said that if my badge ever got in the way of my humanity I'd get rid of the badge.
Guess I just did.
Save you some trouble with the chief, anyway.
Take it back, Henry.
No, frank.
No, I can't.
They gave him something to look for.
Joe? I think we got a little problem downstairs.
What sort of problem? You're not gonna believe this.
What? He's gone.
He's supposed to be gone.
He's over to county.
Guy's pink sheet is still here.
See, nobody took him out of his cell, but he's not in his cell.
Okay, you guys yankin' my chain, or what? Nobody gets in or out of here without me knowing about it.
Well, he's gotta be somewhere.
If you ask me, it's astral projection Or a time warp.
Maybe reincarnation.
I don't believe it.
A tattoo on his nose? May I interest you in dessert? Another bottle of this.
I'm gonna have a cappuccino.
Katy? Cappuccino sounds great.
Thank you.
Mick? Uh, could I have a glass of hot water, please? - Sir? - No, that sounds great.
Uh, change my cappuccino to hot water in a glass.
As you wish, sir.
- So.
How was the meal? - Three stars Four, counting you.
Let me tell you something.
See, there's a lot of people in here They're staring at me because I'm a movie star, but this is the guy who they should be staring at.
This guy's the star, not me.
I think you're making detective belker uncomfortable, John.
Hey, it's true.
Mick You were unbelievable out there today.
You were incredible.
I mean, you should have seen him.
I'm in shape.
I can run but this guy's a cat.
I mean, he's like a predator the perfect hunter.
He knew the guy's moves before the guy knew his moves.
I didn't know what the hell I was watching.
A zen master.
Excuse me.
No, come on! Saluto.
- To my rabbi.
- What does that mean? That's when one cop teaches another cop which you're not.
I felt like one today, thanks to you.
See, you gotta understand.
I have this recurring dream.
I'm outside this house.
It's the middle of the night and I gotta get inside.
I mean, I'm telling you, it's life and death.
I gotta get inside, but there's no windows.
There's no doors.
You showed me the windows.
You opened the door.
You let me look inside you.
Man, I tell you, I feel like I know you for years.
What the hell's the matter with you? You know me for two days.
Some things you don't measure in time, Mick.
That's a lot of crap.
Big movie star.
Take a ride in a cop car, get yourself all pumped up And you go out and you make your movie, and then you go back to your big Hollywood swimming pool, don't you? I don't have a swimming pool, hair bag.
My life is up there on the hill.
And you just don't drop in for a few days and know me.
As dear a man as Henry goldblume is, are you going to let your personal feelings interfere with your job? I don't know.
I don't have enough facts yet.
But there's a kind of hysteria coming out of chief Daniels's office That I don't want Henry to become a victim of.
Though it may be too late already.
Could be for the best.
He's a fine man, but maybe he's too sensitive.
Oh? And I'm not? Are you suggesting Jewish men are more sensitive than Italian men? I think Italian men make sensitive waiters And precinct captains.
But as air conditioner installers, they leave a lot to be desired.
You're the one who lost the screws.
The window will hold it.
You think? Come on.
Just turn it on and come over here and get cool.
Cooler with the lights off.
Frank? Hmm? Tell the truth.
You think Henry had the hots for a 15-year-old? I don't know.
I'll find out tomorrow.
Maybe I better go check it.

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