Hill Street Blues (1981) s03e18 Episode Script

Life in the Minors

Previously on hill street blues.
Let go, I gotta cuff We'd have your Turkey-face for breakfast.
I'm right here, racist.
Come on.
Hey, Harley, turn it off.
You've got several hundred dollars worth.
- Of parking tickets in there.
- You can have.
The entire lot for $29.
- I'm pregnant, frank.
- Paul grogan.
The bells of St.
Mary! Sergeant esterhaus.
- That wasn't so bad.
- Yeah.
- Mr.
Tatum? - Yes, coffey could've killed him.
But it could've been the guy in the next cell, frank.
You bullied me into turning down this job.
And that I resent you for it forever.
Who killed my brother? And now, tonight, on hill street blues.
Whose side are you guys on, anyway? Relax, Joe.
We're just asking some questions.
The officer goes into the cell.
And then he chokes him.
I have a special cream.
It's made from the secretions of queen bees.
Secretions? I wanna make a life with you.
I want us to be married.
Item nine, people, this is important.
As of this morning, I.
The official investigation.
Of the in-custody death.
Of Lynn Tatum.
If you have any knowledge reflecting.
On the circumstance of this case, please avail yourself to the proper authorities.
If not, stay clear.
As far as the press in this matter, the suggestion is to approach them.
Only within the confines of a 50-foot pole.
Keep a tight lip.
Now, while we have nothing to hide, the chances of misunderstanding and misinterpretation.
In this potentially eruptive situation are considerable.
So let's not add to the tension, shall we? The importance of maintaining.
A calm and perceptive profile.
Is reiterated in a memo.
From captain furillo.
It reads, "the death of Lynn Tatum "can be expected to produce "an unknown amount of backlash in the community.
"I am certain that all officers under my command "who encounter such backlash "will respond to it with intelligence and forbearance.
"Above all, we must try to understand "the natural suspicion surrounding the incident "and do our level best to maintain.
Our professional relationship with the public.
" Now, as an addendum, keep clear.
Of the downstairs cells.
Until further notice.
There's a murder investigation underway there.
Be aware there's an outstanding warrant.
For Sonny Crockett, wanted for questioning.
In relation to the Tatum death.
Item last.
Today, detective belker.
Goes undercover to 137th and hurdle.
In an effort to apprehend certain cultural parasites.
Doing a fast and lucrative business.
In bootleg designer jeans.
He will assume the guise.
Of the classical poet, homer.
- Homer who? - As that of a blind man.
- Homer the poet? Backups are as follows.
Homer the wide receiver.
Barilla, smiljanich.
Detective belker will instruct you in your duties.
At the site.
All right, that's it.
Let's roll.
And, hey! Hey hey hey! Let's be careful out there? This place is pretty cool? Hi, Kristen, can I see you for a minute? Hold that.
Don't look right.
Don't look left.
- Yeah, just - Keep on walking.
Straight on.
That's ten country morning snacks Country snakes.
- Ten country morning snacks.
- Yeah.
- Five lumberjack specials.
- Wait wait wait.
- All right.
- And six galloping.
- Galloping fruits.
- Grapefruits.
- You got all that? - Yeah.
Okay, now, here is the money.
You sure you know where the place is? Yeah.
It's it's on the corner.
Of walk and don't walk.
Across the street from the intersection.
Where the signal, like, goes out.
Every time it rains.
Leo? Did I just see you assign.
That pre-limbic, single-helixed.
Mutoid to today's breakfast run? Yeah.
Hey, he's trying to get straight.
Yeah, I figure a little responsibility might help.
Judas h.
On horseback.
Don't you know, once he is on the street, that money goes directly into re-arranging.
The molecular chemistry of his cerebellum? I think you're wrong, lieutenant.
He's very determined.
I'm not hurting you, am I, Kristen? No.
That feels nice.
And now, see, we we roll the fingers.
Across the paper.
I don't like pipes.
- You don't? - They're so trendy.
That wasn't so bad, now, was it? Here.
Kristen, you're Your hands are so So soft.
Well, I have a special cream I like to rub in all over my skin.
- You do? - Yeah.
It's made from the secretions of queen bees.
Secretions? What part of your body skin.
Do you, rub this cream on? Well, I like to rub it in.
The undersides of my legs And then, sometimes, I like to rub it in all over my shoulders.
And sometimes I like.
To get it in my hands and kind of.
Rub it in between them, so it squishes out.
Between my fingers.
And sometimes I like to rub it Kristen, come on! I have to go.
Thanks for showing me how you fingerprint criminals.
Hey Alabaster skin, man.
Supple bosoms, up-tilted Mandatory five-year sentence.
Loss of pension.
Picture in the paper.
Goodbye, John.
I hope you don't have too hard of a day.
Dispatch? We have a 9-11.
Armed robbery in progress.
See surplus store.
Corner people's drive, 124th street.
Did you ever notice how the little pigeons.
Only perch on Amber lights? The traffic signals? Whereas your red and green are on the average.
Of 30 seconds or so every minute, the Amber lights up only a few seconds in-between.
The pigeons don't have to worry about it.
Glaring in their tiny little eyes so much.
Unit 2202.
Unit 477.
Request backup for domestic situation.
At 1906 Freeman drive.
Can you respond? 2202.
We'll take it.
Turn up the alley there.
Well, well.
Looks like we're gonna break up.
- A little tea party here.
- Back it up, renko.
Freeze! All right, up against the wall.
Come on.
Let's go.
He's rich! What you got here, boy? Smack.
Come on.
Let's go.
Excuse me, buddy.
Could I have your name? - Telephone number? - Hey, hey Hey, what do you know? Johnny, where were you last night when I needed you? - What happened? - I was robbed in my front yard.
Shot at in my living room, and mugged in my kitchen.
I gotta divorce that woman.
Hey, do you know I'm gonna make this guy my manager? He's already got me booked for five to ten at San Quentin.
Look at this.
You know what this is right here? This is 500 big ones in developmental capital.
Man, people have been coming up to me all day.
Trying to get a piece of the action.
Some of us can recognize talent.
Johnny, you're sensational.
You're a genius.
Take this, right? You go on down.
To paviola's over on Crawford drive.
You get a haircut, a manicure, a shave.
You get the works.
Then you go to Armando's.
Over on edgemont.
You get a suit.
Ask for Linda.
Don't let 'em give you anybody else, right? - Linda.
- Linda.
All right, Linda.
All right, then you go to rob's auto lease, and you pick up a set of wheels.
Hey, if you're gonna be a winner, sweetheart, you gotta look like one.
Johnny, I I don't know what to say.
I'll dance at your wedding.
Um You know any sick kids? I'll do the benefit.
I, um I mean, I owe everything to you.
And, you know, there isn't gonna be a day in my life.
That I'm not, you know, forgive and forget All right, hey, would you just can it, Vic? You're right.
Hey listen, you know how to tell if Godzilla's.
In the bathtub with ya? You can smell Cleveland on his breath.
Come on.
Of course I'm happy he's better.
I was just thinking that it might be better for him.
To spend a couple more days in the care unit, that's all.
Could you hold on for a second, mom? - Hi.
- Hi.
Where are you going? Check out a unit where else? Um.
Who's your partner today? Do you have a beat yet? Yeah.
My partner's bat Masterson, and we're going after them rustlers.
On the north range.
You're doing it again, Mick.
You're being a Jewish mother.
I'm gonna ignore it.
Hi, ma.
Everything okay, Joe? - Yeah.
- Good.
Captain says I.
'S gonna talk to me in an hour.
You go ahead and get reassigned, luce.
- It's okay.
- No.
I It's okay.
I got plenty of paperwork I can get done.
Really, no sweat.
They gonna talk to you? Three o'clock.
But don't worry.
I'm not gonna say anything that might hurt you.
There ain't nothing to say but what happened.
I'm just trying to do what's right.
No progress in locating Sonny Crockett, the biker.
We got a report that he cleaned out his hotel room.
Over an hour after being released yesterday.
And hasn't been back.
That's it.
Let's find out who his friends are.
What places his group hangs out.
Wouldn't hurt to put a description.
At all the local bars, too.
I say he's gone cross-country, frank.
Man on a motorcycle's about as mobile as you can get.
We got an a.
Out with the state police.
Mobile? Yes.
But also highly visible.
I think he's still in town.
Who's keeping an eye on Joe coffey? Officer coffey's on duty at the front desk.
I don't see that any useful purpose.
Would be served by watching him.
I'm not here to burn officer coffey at the stake.
I'm here to find out who murdered Lynn Tatum.
I have to say, the attitude at this precinct.
Has been less than satisfactory in moving it along.
In what way "less than satisfactory"? I need your interrogation room for interviews.
I was told I could have it if and when it was available.
Well, you have it for the whole day.
What else? I asked for coffey's work file an hour ago.
Ray? See to it that lieutenant shipman.
Has ready access to everything he needs.
No dragging.
We're cooperating in this 100%.
Yes, frank.
Anything else, lieutenant? No.
Not unless you know how to remove.
The knife in my back your people keep.
Putting there with their eyes.
Thank you, captain.
It is a bit past the breakfast hour, isn't it He might've got lost.
It happens.
Well, I decided not to wait myself.
Had a croissant with my cocoa.
Heroin, Leo.
Two buyers and a seller.
Names first.
- You first.
- Tell him your name.
- Name.
- Kinney.
What? Kinney.
You got a first name goes with that? Dennis.
Dennis Kinney, junior? Senator Kinney's son? How can I help you people? I came to see the cell.
I want you to show me the cell.
Where my son died.
I'm reverend banks from holy cross church.
I brought Mrs.
Tatum and her daughter here.
To see this place.
Because they can no longer.
Live in peace with themselves until they do.
Tatum, you don't Show me! I have a right.
I have a right.
To see Ma'am, I'm afraid that's not possible.
How many of you did it take? How many of you pigs did it take.
- To kill my brother? - Young lady, come on Don't you captain, this is Mrs.
Tatum, her daughter, and the reverend banks.
So you were in charge.
You were the man who let my son die? I'm sorry, Mrs.
I'm sorry for your loss - Sorry? - Look at him.
He's sorry! He wants us to believe that.
Tatum made a request.
To see the place where her son died.
I don't see that that would serve any purpose, reverend.
You don't want us to have.
Nothing! Whoa, that is not a good idea.
And leave him there all alone? Why would you just throw him in there.
And let him die? Ma'am, I don't know.
If you're familiar with the effect of the drug.
- Such as the one your son had taken.
- No! No! He was a good boy.
He made some mistakes, but he was gonna get over it.
You killed my brother! - What do you - Ma'am! It's not been established that any police officer.
Has killed anybody.
Reverend, could you help out here, please? Yes, captain.
I will.
But I'm only here as a witness.
And people are watching you, and we are here as a presence.
We're doing everything possible.
A boy died in this place.
How can I make you feel that death, captain? How can I make you feel it deep in your heart? My poor Lynn.
My poor baby! My I'm deeply sorry.
God You're gonna have to go, ma'am Mama! Murderers! Murderers! No Thank you.
- Hi.
- Hi.
What's your name, Sonny? My name's Archie.
What's your name? Tell me, Archie.
What do you know about sheep? - Sheep? - Sheep.
I don't get you.
You know, it takes 50 acres of prime grazing land.
- To feed one sheep? - Yeah? You know, it takes five square blocks.
Of this city to feed one blind man.
You're on my turf, Sonny.
So scram.
Beat it.
Hey, wait a minute.
If you're a blind man, how'd you know there was another blind man standing here? I heard you tapping your cane.
- I ain't got no cane.
- Yeah, smart guy? What's that right Scram, Sonny, before I call a cop.
Kinney and Mr.
Met you in a parking lot on 15th street.
At 7:30 this morning.
From there, you took them into an alleyway.
And sold them 20 nickel-bags of heroin.
For $200.
Correct so far? I upped the ticket on them.
I saw those two coming through the door.
When the police appeared, Mr.
Kinney pocketed the heroin.
Then the three of you attempted to escape on foot.
But were apprehended.
That's it.
That's exactly what happened.
I have to say, Mr.
dundee, I seldom see.
A client as confident about his situation.
As you seem to be.
Well, ma'am, there's justice in the world, and then there's justice.
This time out, I got me some of the justice.
You were seen taking the money.
You were seen handing over the heroin.
That's a matter of proximity, ma'am.
And those two boys was just as proximate as I was.
They ain't gonna go put some poor black dealer in jail.
If it means putting a senator's son there, too.
I'm gone.
- Hi, Joyce.
- Hi, Doug.
Don't mean to barge in.
Who's the suit? Douglas comstock.
Macio dundee.
Alleged felon.
I'm here to help out with Dennis Kinney.
All right.
- What is it, Doug? - In case you're considering.
Some kind of separate deal for your client, I think I should tell you that it's.
In your best interest to see six hours will bring.
Can you be more explicit? I'm working on a dismissal on other grounds.
Your Mr.
dundee will be included, of course.
I like that suit.
What, were they doing? Picking up a little diversion for spring break? No comment.
Clark? Joyce.
I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to make it.
I'm jammed through lunch.
I wanna see you, too.
Um how about drinks later? At the four oaks? About 6:30? Great.
Me too.
Counselor? - Business? - Hi, frank.
The Dennis Kinney situation.
I pulled the dealer.
Who, by the way, is anticipating an early release.
On a little upper-class justice.
We're doing Kinney by the numbers.
You mean he'll be out by 3:30 instead of 3:00.
Talk to you later.
I've gotta run.
Why did you bring clothes to Tatum in the holding cell? I felt sorry for him.
You felt sorry for somebody who assaulted you twice? He was sick.
What did he say when you brought him the clothes? He didn't say anything.
What did you say to him? I don't remember Something like "put these on" or something.
What've you got against blacks, Joe? What kind of question is that? I don't have anything against blacks.
I work with 'em every day.
You ever use the word "nigger"? Everybody has once in a while.
They use it.
Hey now, what has that have to do with this? How do you think you conducted yourself.
At the Tatum arrest? Like a police officer.
How'd it feel when you choked him out? Hey, what's going on here? Whose side are you guys on, anyway? Relax, Joe.
We're just asking some questions.
No, no, where do I stand with you guys? - You tell me that.
- This isn't a grand jury.
We don't decide anything here, Joe.
We just wanna hear your side of the story.
All right, all right.
I didn't feel anything.
I didn't hate the guy.
I didn't love the guy.
I just wanted to get him down.
I would've done anything to get the guy down.
Excuse us, gentlemen.
I would like to have a word with my client.
While he's in such an expansive mood.
- Are you my lawyer? - Yeah.
Well, where the hell were you? Hey, sorry, I should've gotten here sooner, but nobody told me I was gonna be defending Francis the talking mule.
Is there someplace we can go? Come on.
Come on.
Can't we do this out there? Why? Is there some incriminating evidence.
You didn't give I.
The first time? I was supposed to talk to them, right? What am I gonna do? You're gonna stop being a motor-mouth, which might be difficult in your case, but give it a shot.
I didn't do anything.
I got nothing to feel guilty about.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Look, let me tell you something, Joe.
I take a lot of these cases.
And even the ones where it's obvious.
That nobody did anything to anybody, they still end up in civil lawsuits or worse.
Now, look.
I am not asking you.
To do a single thing that doesn't go along with.
What you know to be the truth.
All I'm asking you is to play it smart.
Well, what do you want me to do? I told you, I want you to start.
By keeping your mouth closed unless I'm there.
You got one friend in life right now, and that's me.
By the way, the name is Sam weiser.
Let me ask you something, Sam.
Do you always conduct your interviews in the John? Well, in your case, yeah.
I want to give you a preview of what you're into.
Up to your neck.
It shouldn't have to happen.
To a guy like Joe coffey.
It just ain't right.
It seems like every time the least little thing.
Happens to a minority member in this town, some cop's gotta pay for it.
It isn't just that it happened to a black man, Andy.
There's the circumstances.
You don't think Joe coffey did it? No! Of course not.
Then circumstances ain't got nothing to do with it.
Somebody killed a prisoner.
In a police holding cell.
You can't expect people.
To just stand by and accept that.
- All right, just - Unit 2202.
Pickup on a want for questioning.
At junior's pool hall.
133 north utica.
A Crockett, Sonny.
Male Caucasian, age 29.
Just great.
A biker in a pool hall.
If there's anything worse than busting a biker, is busting one in a pool hall.
Now, you just wait a minute, pal! As one who is familiar and happy with the open road, I'm here to tell you that all these boys.
Are not necessarily all looking for trouble.
- Anything you say, renko.
- They've been bum-rapped by the media.
They've had these motorcycle pictures out in Hollywood.
They've had that Peter Fonda and that that communism You know, you're just crazy, you know that? Firing guns out the back of a pickup truck.
At two people on a bike.
Now, I have belonged to motorcycle clubs.
My personal self.
They are constructive, social organizations.
There is no need for this.
You are buying trouble.
You are announcing your need for trouble.
- By wearing that.
- What're you talking about? I grew up in a pool hall.
Let's go.
And let me tell you something.
You never forget the sound.
Of a business end of a cue stick.
Just before it goes upside your head.
All right.
All right.
You have it your own way.
But by my not wearing a helmet, I am showing a willingness to parlay.
That will incite trust.
You'll see.
How you doing there, big boy? Everybody just stand back out of the way.
While we get this guy out of here.
Stand back.
You too.
And then we'll be out of here.
What'd I tell you, man? Piece of cake.
Henry? Henry, I made a list of all the things.
Frank could have been talking about.
When he said I don't show enough.
Leadership ability.
Well, a list always helps to clarify your thinking, ray.
Could I show it to you, please? I want to take it in to frank.
Are you sure he was even questioning your leadership I put in this column, possible accusation.
And here, refutation.
Accusation The lieutenant failed to prevent press leaks.
At the time of the row house homicides.
Press leaks.
Were result of stolen arrest reports.
And it is express duty of desk sergeant, esterhaus, to keep unauthorized personnel from a squad room.
Well, I guess there's no harm in explaining that to frank.
The lieutenant failed to notify diablos.
Concerning may '79 gang summit.
That day, Rosa got her hand.
Caught in toaster oven.
I wasn't thinking straight.
Well Sounds like you and frank have a lot to talk about, ray.
Sergeant esterhaus, you have a phone call.
On line two.
Yo yo.
Check it out.
Check it out.
Chic divine, sweetheart.
Got the whole gig.
475 and change.
475 and change? Hey, terrific.
You beautiful guy, you.
Is he a guy or what? Listen.
I pick up a chick at lunch today.
Has the gall to tell me I'm a lousy lover.
I say, "sweetheart, don't be ridiculous.
" You can't decide something like that in two minutes.
" You gotta save this stuff.
It's what you're gonna get the big bucks for.
I know this guy.
Owns a club over on Baldwin? Yeah, yeah, Maury? Hey.
Larue, right.
Right? Right, right.
Listen, hold on to your hat.
I got a hot one for you.
There's a guy standing in front of me right now.
Who's got a two-day window of vulnerability, but you're gonna have to act now, or it's "see you at the rose parade.
" Hey, I'm telling you, this guy is smoking.
And, because it's you, I think I can arrange a deal.
That'll let you see a piece of serious change.
Ladies, this is officer schnitz.
He's gonna be introducing group "a".
To the intricacies of our.
Computer filing system.
The guy blazes new comic frontiers.
Every time he opens his mouth.
Okay, okay.
Hey, hey.
Don't rush me? Okay, you ready? Vic Hitler Junior.
What'd he say? He's, thinking about it.
Hey, excuse me, just a minute.
Hey, whoa whoa whoa where are you going? You stay right here in case he calls back.
Those of you lucky enough to find yourself in group "b".
Can follow me for a captivating explanation.
Of our computer terminal.
I'm supposed to be listening.
Forget that.
You wanna learn police work.
Out of a filing cabinet? I'm into something big.
You keep quiet about it, I'll let you in on it.
What is it? How'd you like to have a first-hand look.
At a stakeout? What kind of stakeout? Loan-shark.
It's a classic loan-shark stakeout.
You know, you might've studied it in school.
I'm supposed to be here now.
Yeah, but what about later? I mean, this could be a really late stakeout? Where? There is a green dodge Van.
It'll be parked on the north side of deckard, just off of edgemont.
Okay, rap on the back when you get there, okay? Here.
Here's five bucks.
Take a cab.
Only if you're interested in police work, now.
I mean real, undercover stuff.
Yeah, I'll bet.
I'm just gonna say three words, babe.
Boy, when are you gonna start listening? That is a pile of Turkey The day I can't take a pop in the head.
With a pool cue from some sucker looks like this, is the day I quit this You tell 'em the truth, man! You know what happened down there.
You saw it Not a good idea, at all! Come on, man.
Book him.
Have you ever heard officer coffey.
Make racist remarks of any kind? Joe? Get out of here.
Answer the question, please.
What do you want, Joe coffey's biography? Or you wanna know what happened in the street yesterday? We need to get all the necessary.
Background information.
Well, get it from somebody else.
I don't know his life story.
Ask me, he's a good cop.
And let me tell you something else, I don't like.
Your innuendos.
I don't like the way you guys come sniffing around - Officer bates - And let me finish this! I don't like your assumptions.
I don't like your wide ties.
I don't like it! You don't you don't even know Joe coffey.
You don't know.
Any of us here.
You come up here like.
You're spitting in our faces, like we're.
Some kind of garbage that goes around killing people Officer bates, that's enough! No, it is not enough.
And most of all, I don't like it because you get paid.
To hang out cops, and you enjoy it! What do you do? You notch your belt at night? You go home and count.
The cop scuffs on the wall? Did it ever occur to you, officer bates, you hate I.
For precisely the same reason.
The community-at-large hates cops? Do you respect people who hate you.
When they don't even know you, officer? Do you respect people who throw bottles at you? For doing your job? Had you ever heard officer coffey.
Make racist remarks of any kind? No, I have never heard him.
Make any racist remarks.
I'm delighted.
Things seem to have worked out.
- We've been very lucky.
- This time.
How many favors can you call? How many times can you bring out the tactical nukes? This whole sordid business is absolutely tragic.
Joyce, I have advised senator Kinney.
On more than one occasion to strike preemptively.
Go public.
Cauterize the situation.
Maybe even buy some sympathy.
The senator is understandably concerned.
About unhealthy publicity.
Needless to say, we all hope that.
Your, Mr.
Won't approach the tabloids.
I don't know anything about his inclinations, Doug, but I think I perceive yours.
I'm merely suggesting if there's any way.
We can sit down with him.
Just talk generally about helping him.
Put the pieces back together.
Doug, trust me.
Your best shot at keeping Mr.
Away from the papers is to simply shut up.
The moment you try to buy his silence, he'll be auctioning off the rights.
To the highest bidder.
I suspect you're right.
But it doesn't hurt to ask.
Clark's right, you know.
Clark? Word on the vine has it that you're taking.
A position with the justice department.
You couldn't ask for a better friend or mentor.
Than Clark Galloway.
I am betting you will go far.
Well, Dennis.
Let's go home.
Hey, you got some scotch tape? Hey, breakfast, man.
You know, it seems like it took forever.
I am gonna sue the briefs off that cheap bastard.
Which cheap bastard, faye? Municipal court judge.
Paul grogan.
You told him you're pregnant.
He had the unmitigated gall.
To suggest that I had talked myself into.
An hysterical pregnancy.
I assured him in no uncertain terms.
That there was nothing hysterical about the pregnancy.
- Is he gonna help out? - Help out? He won't even admit responsibility.
I mean, he kept referring to it as this alleged pregnancy.
And then he gave me the number of his cousin Milton, who runs what he euphemistically calls.
A pregnancy counseling service.
And then he offered me $2,500.
If I'd go see him.
I may have been born at night, frank, but I wasn't born last night.
The man's an abortionist.
And I don't have to review my position on that.
And then He had the nerve.
To say that if, in fact, this alleged pregnancy is false, I could keep the $2,500.
I told him that he could stuff.
The $2,500 up his alleged Fay.
Then I spent the whole rest of the day.
Going from one social service agency to the other.
Well, they told me that, unless my income is zero, I don't qualify for any kind of aid whatsoever.
In other words, frank, what they're telling me.
Is that I don't exist.
Maybe they're just trying to tell you.
You shouldn't have this child.
I have never felt so alone or rejected in my whole life.
Fay, I assure you, you're not alone.
And I'm grateful for that, frank.
What? What's the matter? I'm gonna be sick! Hi, faye! Whoa whoa, hey, faye, what's the matter? Nothing's the matter, Henry.
I'm pregnant, and I'm about to lose my lunch! Henry.
The meeting with reverend banks' group.
Will be at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon.
- Here? - No.
We agreed on.
The meeting hold at holy Christ church.
I contacted councilman majore's office.
He will be there.
Chief Daniels is a probable.
Good work, ray.
Really excellent on such short notice.
- I mean it.
- Thank you, captain.
There anything else? Yes, there is.
As a matter of fact, I wanted to talk to you about Excuse me, captain.
Sorry to interrupt, lieutenant.
We just got word that Mick belker's dad passed away.
- Mick doesn't know? - I don't think so.
- He's out on stakeout.
- Where? 137th, north of hurdle.
I'll go.
Ray, I'm sorry Maybe later this afternoon, or tomorrow morning? Of course, frank.
Hey, sugar.
How much money you got in that coin? Beat it, street meat.
$15, $17 I could steam-clean and press you for that Hey.
I gotta work, you gotta work, right? Are you really blind, sugar? Yes, I am.
This is for you, sugar.
- Move it.
- Hey! We got him.
Let's move! Wait! Give me back my change! Hey! You are busted, barfbag! Move him over, boys.
You the new backup, captain? Why don't you let them take him, Mick? Could I talk to you for a second? Sure.
Yes, sir? Mick What's the matter, captain? It's your father.
He passed away.
I'm very sorry, Mick.
It's good work.
We'll take over now.
Go see your mother, okay? Frank? I understand you guys picked up that biker.
That's good.
You're gonna need him.
Lynn Tatum's autopsy, frank.
Hot off the press.
He's dead.
Lighten up, kid.
You'll live longer.
Come on, Wally.
What does it say? All right.
It says Bite marks on his shoulder here we go.
Strangled from behind.
No bar burns on the back of the neck.
No fingerprints, ring, or jewelry marks on the neck.
Victim died from fractured cricoid.
In the first tracheal ring.
As advertised, Lynn Tatum did not die.
From what happened on the street, frank.
Are you sure? An injury like that, you lose air.
Can't breathe.
15, 20 minutes tops, you're dead.
Lynn Tatum from what happened in the cell, right.
To a medical certainty? 99%.
It's all there.
Black and white.
List of time, place, cause.
I worked hard on that, frank.
What's the bottom line, Wally? Bottom line.
They could make a case against your cop, frank.
Circumstantial, but It might float.
You'd better pray your witness.
Tells the truth good.
So the dude keeps giving the cop noise.
And the cop goes into his cell.
Can you describe the police officer? Yeah.
He's 6'2".
Black, curly hair.
He's a Guinea.
The officer goes into the cell Yeah, he comes into the cell, and the cop says, "shut up.
" So the dude pushes him.
And then the cop pushes the dude back.
And a cop whacks him.
And then he chokes him.
Cop chokes him with his fingers, or with his whole arm? With his with his whole arm, like like this.
About a half a minute.
From in back of the guy, or in front? From in back of the guy.
Which, if you ask me, the cop took more.
Than he should've, anyway.
So, so anyway.
Then the cop comes over to me.
The officer came into your cell? No, no, he points at me through the bars.
And he says, "you saw not a thing.
" You say you saw anything, and you're a dead man.
" Where was the prisoner Tatum at this time? He stumbled onto his bunk.
What was his condition? He was out.
I mean, the cop cooled him out.
Which, now, I guess you're telling me the cop croaked him.
All right.
What, if anything, happened subsequently? Later, they let me out, you know? 'Cause I'm in on a Hummer anyway, which is a false arrest.
All right.
When they came to release you, did the khaki officers.
See to Tatum in any way? Respond verbally, please.
No, I mean.
I mean, they may have look at him.
Something like that.
They didn't talk to him, anything like that.
It could be in your interests, certainly in ours, if you'd agree to take a polygraph.
Hell no, I ain't gonna take a polygraph.
What good is that gonna do me? Assuming what you're saying is true There's no reason for my client What happens if I get nervous? If I jam up? We have ways to discount Mr.
Alvarez, are we through? Because I have a 6:30 appointment in midtown.
All right.
We'll have further questions.
For Mr.
Crockett later.
Meanwhile, he'll be charged.
On resisting and assault.
I've gotta take it to the grand jury, frank.
The guy has nine priors.
He won't even take a polygraph.
Doesn't matter if the jury believes him or not.
I can't just sit.
At least wait for the final forensics.
Look, microfiber and the autopsy.
Will be in in the morning.
Tomorrow afternoon We have the autopsy.
Whatever happened happened downstairs.
As for identifying the murderer, it's inconclusive.
It doesn't change the fact that we have an eyewitness.
Who saw your man do it.
Now, tomorrow afternoon, I'm taking Crockett.
Into the jury.
Hi! I'm sorry I'm late.
No problem.
We got forever.
I had to feed my cat.
So, this is a stakeout? Yep.
Take a look through there.
What am I supposed to be looking at? They seem like a bunch of winos.
Hey, any one of them guys.
Could be a perpetrator.
D So, you ever like to take pictures? You and your boyfriend ever take any pictures? You mean, like, birthday pictures? Yeah, birthday or at night.
- At the beach? - Yeah, the beach, sure.
During the day or at night? You know, whatever.
- In a bathing suit? - Bathing suit, yeah, or whatever.
Whatever? No, we never took those kind of pictures.
Never did? You're funny.
Think so? - Can I call you John? - Yeah.
Hey, call me anything you like.
Well, I've been mature since I was twelve.
The men I'm interested in are always a lot older.
Than I am.
Yeah, well, you know, there's so much The more Older.
Listen to me.
I like you a lot.
But I have to be a virgin.
For the man I marry.
I can relate to that.
I can even respect that.
You can? Sort of.
That That doesn't mean that we can't.
Make each other happy.
I gotta go.
Have continued their investigation.
Into the circumstances surrounding the death.
Of Lynn Tatum.
Which occurred yesterday in a holding facility.
Of the hill street precinct station house.
Channel six has not yet been able to confirm.
What is believed to be a reliable rumor.
That the district attorney believes.
There is enough evidence.
To charge one or more police officers.
In the in-custody death.
I turned it down.
I told Clark that if I was.
Going to rotate my life 180 degrees, it would have to be for a job profile.
With a lot more human consequence.
Than anti-trust.
I also turned it down because of us.
Which still doesn't solve our problem.
I know.
Something's happened in the last few days, frank.
The man I love, the man I've known.
For the past four years, seems to have left town.
Look, I'm not nominating myself for any medals, Joyce.
But but I think you have to shoulder.
Some of the responsibility for the way I've been acting.
Me? I'm not the one making sleazy innuendos.
About where the woman I love and supposedly trust.
Was sleeping on her trip to Washington.
Or asking if I had a second-string lover.
When I just wanted to spend last night alone.
If I've been making innuendos, it's because, for the last three years, every time I've raised the possibility.
Of deepening our relationship, you made me feel I was pressuring you.
Then when I questioned you about this job, about what it might mean for us, you accused me of being jealous.
Joyce, you've let me know, time after time, that my feelings make you anxious.
That you don't want to hear about my needs.
That is not true.
I've tried my damnedest to balance things, and you're not giving me any credit at all.
What the hell do you call what we've had.
For the past four years? A shadow dance, a A series of accommodations.
Is that all you think, frank? No, not entirely.
I just feel things slipping away.
And I feel like you're ripping us apart.
Like you're you're throwing what we have out the window.
Frank, trying to have a professional.
And a personal life is hard.
It means sacrifices.
Don't make me the heavy because I try to strike a balance.
And and you've done it.
You've pulled it off.
But all you seem to want now.
Is is to maintain the status quo.
Joyce, people reach a point.
Where they're either going forward or they're going back.
We have to reach for something more.
Otherwise, what we have now.
Is just gonna turn sour.
Don't you think I've wanted to? Don't you think I've thought about it.
For hours and hours every night? Every night? I'm afraid.
I am, too.
Anybody with any sense would be.
I'm not talking about.
General misgivings, frank.
We've both been divorced.
Don't you know that I love you, for god's sake? I love you, too.
Frank, I just don't want us to lose what we've got.
That's the only thing I'm afraid of.
I love you, Joyce.
I wanna make a life with you.
I want us to be married.
I'm not saying no.
Let me wrestle with it.
Wrestle alone?
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